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Exclusive: Rohr’s Benin Can’t Stop Super Eagles’ Mission To Qualify For 2026 WC –Aikhoumogbe

Exclusive: Rohr’s Benin Can’t Stop Super Eagles’ Mission To Qualify For 2026 WC –Aikhoumogbe

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Andrew Aikhoumogbe believes Gernot Rohr’s Benin Republic doesn’t have what it takes to stop Super Eagles quest of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

Recall that Nigeria have been pitted alongside South Africa, Benin, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Lesotho in Group C.

Rohr once managed the Super Eagles before he was sacked in 2021 by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

However, in a chat with Completesports.com, Aikhoumogbe stated that he’s confident Nigeria will defeat Benin in both legs.

“Rohr may be hoping to stop the Super Eagles from qualify from the 2026 World Cup due to the way he was sacked by NFF despite helping the team to qualify for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

” One thing he must understand is that Nigeria’s pedigree in football is bigger than Benin and I don’t think they have the quality to stop the Super Eagles.

“There is no doubt that the game will be tough but I am optimistic we will qualify for the Mundial”

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  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    You are DISPLAYING your PRIDE and ARROGANCE towards a MAN (GENERAL ROAR) that knows the SE like the BACK of his HAND???

    No be DOWNFALL alry be that..

    I mean he was the LONGEST SERVING SE BOSS..

    you guys should have some RESPECT sometimes..

    I mean took our FOOTBALL to the most ENVIABLE HEIGHT during his REIGN…

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      Nothing will be sweeter than seeing that “Reserved-forAfricans” COACHING FRAUD Gernot Rohr beaten by the SE home-and-away.

    • Leave story alone I beg! Our boys will destroy Benin home and away. Benin my foot. Ghana stopped us, so Benin too wants to stop us abi? 

      My friend, you better focus on other teams and not Benin and SA. 

  • TALK UR OWN 11 months ago


    • Bobo Colorado Springs 11 months ago

      There was a lot of issues in the team back then and Angola took advantage of that to qualify. Players fighting players, players fighting the coach, and the NFA was in disarray. Nigeria was completely not organized, but we don’t have such issues right now.

  • This is the same useless mentality that makes these ex internationals feel that Nigeria can beat any International team even with NPFL players that are not up to the standard of international ball. Lol Ngwanu come make we see how far you people will go with NPFL players dominating the team seeing as though it is your mumu football pedigree that will make you beat Benin. Yeye USELESS PEPOO!!!!!

    • If you mugu’s repect our So called football Pedigree Why is a man who is a confam benchwarmer and have not played 2 full games of club football since 2022 still our captain?. unu nile bu anumanu MTCHEEW!!!!!!

      BUNCH OF JOKERS!!!!!!!!!

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      Dude, the last SE team that won the AFCON gad several NPFL. In fact, the championship-winning goal was scored by an NPFL player. Some of you really need to rid yourselves of your INFERIORITY COMPLEX! SMH

      • @9jaRealist where are those players today ?. Azubike Egwuekwe, Ruben gabriel, Godfrey Oboabona, Ejike Uzoenyi, Sunday Mba and Chigozie Agbim.

        Infact I remember clearly the Introduction of Ruben Gabriel in WC a year later 2014 once Onazi got injured caused our Midfield to collapse infact Ruben Gabriel was so far off the pace in that game it litteraly was like watching a school boy play against men. Keshi got so far in his belief that Local players could compete against International standard that it caused us to miss out on 2 consecutive AFCON Tournaments. Why don’t we learn from our mistakes.

        P.s all these players I have highlighted above what was there career trajectory after Keshi got paid by thier agents for thier inclusion and subsequent failed moves to Europe i.e Ruben Gabriel could not even make it in the Weakest teams in Scotland. Ejike Uzoenyi failed in common PSL. Guy rest Joor don’t let your patriotism could common sense BIKO!!

        • Agbo max 11 months ago

          My friend let me remind you something about Gabriel Reuben,did you remember the only goal he scored against Malawi that made us to qualify for the world cup , the goal made keshi to took him to world cup even though he was injured,Ejike uzoenyi was the best player during the chan championship so stop talking nonsense because you don’t know anything about football

          • @Agbo Max you still have not learned about ball, flash in the pan 1 hit wonders. It seems that what you people appreciate here you still have not answered my question. let me repeat. WHAT IS THIER CAREER TRAJECTORY SINCE THEIR ONE HIT WONDER PERFORMANCE. I mentioned Ruben Gabriel did not make it in Europe, Ejike did not make it in PSL all these leagues are above NPFL. even Sunday Mba (Who did well in AFCON) how was his career trajectory?

            @Agbo Max We work on consistency here, Which is very important in Football (Mr I know Ball) moreover, you still have not learned yet. what is my main arguement here INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. YOU CANNOT TAKE KNIFE TO A GUN BATTLE.

        • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

          @Ugo Iwunze, you seem to be mistaking coaches for Babalawos….LMAO!

          Players for the senior national are selected based on CURRENT form and not on some nebulous future “career trajectory”! Asking the same question you did – WHERE ARE ALL OF THE FIREIGN-BASED PLAYERS TODAY? Apart from Omeruo (a shrugging second division player these days), who was the youngest player on that squad, and Musa (a reserve player in Turkey),where are the others?!

          Meanwhile, if Keshi (a football icon that some Nigerian Oyibo-worshipers continue to insult) supposedly collected money from agents and WON the AFCON, then it’s a DOUBLE victory – a eIn-win! LMAO!! Keshi invested in developing home-based players by having regular home-based camps and playing friendlies, and it paid off for NIGERIA big time.

          Meanwhile, the “Reserved-for-African” Oyibo coaches that some you low self-esteemed natives worship and idolize just dit around on the fat behinds hoping that players developed abroad would bail them out of their professional shortcomings- and going by your own logic getting paid by agents for the likes Viv-Otabor, Marcus Abraham, etc. SMDH

  • Just maybe Benin can’t but NFF have been in camp since almost 6 months, fine tuning all available tactics to stop Nigeria. I think we should focus more on which formation to use on NFF rather than other teams in our group.

  • pompei 11 months ago

    Hahaha, in fact Glory, I’ve been racking my brain on just how we’re going to cope with NFF counter attacks.
    We have to watch them closely because NFF have dribblers that make Okocha look like a school boy. And they also have sharp shooters. Any FIFA money that comes in is shared IMMEDIATELY. No time wasted at all.
    Their main strategy to beat Nigeria though is nonpayment of coaches salaries and players bonuses. With that strategy, they will try very hard to ensure that Nigeria misses another world cup.

    • Oooooh booy brodaman Pompei. Their formation is defiling every counter strategy. But JEHOVAH God will intervene.

    • Hassan Tia 11 months ago

      I think Rhor cheats Super Eagles so that he can overrule on them; Rhor is sad till now by NFF dealing him with unrespect manner when he sacked without appreciation, he heard his sacking by one of his friend without hearing it by NFF chairman or football direction chairman; so I think again Rhor will put SE on his trap so that he intends to hunt Super chickens.

  • Lol! With 7 home based, 10 bench warmers, 3 inactive and 3 regulars?
    They are even thinking of adding 6 new players that can sponsor their own flights for qualifiers. 
    I’m even surprised that people keep calling Paseiro our coach. Who dash monkey Banana? It’s like you people have forgotten that we have no coach at the moment. (We are currently COACHLESS lol)
    …. You don’t know… you don’t know warris goin on. Lol!

    • Hahaha.. Haha. Yeah warris goin on?. Lol. This ‘team NFF’ does have a strategy of getting Nigeria’s national teams to focus on other opponents and while they are doing that, they finish them off from behind. You can easily see that reoccurring pattern from Stiff, heavy head Eguavoen statement, where he said Canada, Australia etc won’t be Falcons problem.

  • love most of your replies at least no arrogance because the eagles recently with nff not doing their job .nothing to write home about.

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Rohr no get level CSN should not post anything about him anymore until Benin game. Rohr is a bad news and not different from Peseiro. Funny coaches with zero technical attributes!!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Nigerians are so easy to distract and misdirect chaii! Which way Nigeria, how long will this country spend in this wilderness where the blind are misleading the blind!

    You are all here dragging about Rohr this and Eguavoen that, Peseiro here and picknik there- meanwhile we have great men with impeccable knowledge among us who are not even in consideration for our top jobs – no wonder Nigeria is wallowing and has been for a long time, by this showing they will for yet longer!

    Michael Emenalo, erstwhile Chelsea’s director of football is now the newly appointed Saudi Pro League’s director of football- this is a guy who’s seen it all and knows a lot about how football is and should be run in elite circles yet his name is never anywhere near the list of candidates whenever talk of the direction Nigerian football takes comes up- No all we hear from you lot is Rohr this and Rohr that
    Nna’s, mehn’s, women, boys and girls of Nigeria – there is a saying that Heaven only helps those who help themselves oh! Please let that sink in……

    This message is for our football administartors, journalists, leaders and every head in power of any capacity in that country from top to bottom – SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      Dude, Nigeria cannot afford Michael Emenalo. Abegi, cut your coat according to size and stick with the usual :Reseved-for-African” foreign coaches who cannot get a professional job in their own countries.

  • pompei 11 months ago

    Hahaha, NFF doings.
    Na original WARRIS GOING ON dey shele for area.
    I just dey laugh as they rained insults on Waldrum after he exposed them. Mumu dey call another person mumu.
    Awon onigbese iranu. All this nonsense will come to an end one day!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      My guy @ Mr pompei…
      Nna I tire for them oh!
      In fact NFF should be disbanded and all members bragged to court as Nigeria’s Fraud Fiends! NFF

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

        Sorry Oh! I meant dragged to court not bragged chaii!

      • pompei 11 months ago

        My borther, it will take a while, but eventually even person wey dey stammer will correctly pronounce his father’s name!

  • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

    “…..One thing he must understand is that Nigeria’s pedigree in football is bigger than Benin and I don’t think they have the quality to stop the Super Eagles….”

    Please, was this man in coma in 2006 when Angola beat us to the World cup ticket….??? In a group where we had Gabon, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Algeria (of that time)

    What pedigree is this one talking about.

    What was Togo’s pedigree when a national coaching green horn like Keshi qualified them for a world cup ahead of Senegal and Mali at the time….??

    Where does CSN get these people it interviews for this dry “exclusives” sef…???

    God forbid, but we are just “1 unfit Iwobi plus NFF’s incompetence” away from the next world cup. By then this over bloated ego will come crashing down. We still seem to not have learnt lessons in not overrating ourselves.

    • Marvelous Sunday 11 months ago

      Their arrogance that knows no bounds will soon disgrace them.

  • Hassan Tia 11 months ago

    I think arrogance will destroy Super Eagles with bad and weak coach and loser NFF, so the pudits and commentators must put a huge task on SE eyes on the group of World Cup qualifier, cause it will make SE to leave arrogance and complacency on tiny teams like Benin, Lethosto, Zimbabwe; but in African football there are not minnows teams or tiny team African teams developed on organized play and tight tactic, so SE coaching crew and NFF must know this advice.

  • Greenturf 11 months ago

    Nigeria will not qualify if they carry on with sharing out spots for local players.This method is futile,good-for-nothing and will lead us to dereliction.
    Another problem the team will have is the football authorities forcing unfit players on the coach who seems desperate to keep his job and the NFF taking advantage to make key decisions which are bad for the team.
    If this factors are not addressed,i’m afraid one or two underdogs in our group will leapfrog us to the crest of the table.

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      Dude, the last SE team that won the AFCON gad several NPFL. In fact, the championship-winning goal was scored by an NPFL player. Some of you really need to rid yourselves of your INFERIORITY COMPLEX! 

      • Coache 11 months ago

        In fact, the three times Nigeria won the AFCON, no player from Europe was among the scorers. In 1994, Amuneke was playing for Zamalek and scored two goals. In 2013, Home based SUNDAY Mba scored the winning goal….WHY ALL THE HULLABALOO against homebased?

      • Don’t mind those people that are just talking… Mba the Maradona. After scoring that goal he went straight to Bastia in France, from their to PSG and then to Real Madrid. He’s currently playing in MLS league lol!
        .. but please o! Can someone remind me or simply describe Sunday Mba’s pattern of play for me because somebody said it’s only whenever he wanted to score goal that we see him on the pitch back then?
        You even reminded me of Amunike’s goal too 29 YEARS AGO in the Final. He plays for Zamalek of Enugu back then, he was an hombased player and even back then our League was very poor compare to now that we are now producing the best in the world of football.
        Pls.. pack home based players full our team for the next match jare “Charity begins at home”

        • Dr. Drey 11 months ago


          They should have just said the 3 times we won AFCON, the entire team was homebased.

          This is the past glory we are talking about in which some of them are still living in.

          Since they are so confident in their homebased players, I challenge them to use our CHAN team to prosecute these World cup qualifiers then.

          Afterall, homebased players have been winning a whole AFCON for us……LMAOoo.

          Even countries with leagues that make our league look like training sessions are not clamoring for homebased players the way these one are.

          • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

            Perhaps people only have so-called “past glory” to love on since there is NO “PRESENT” GLORY to live on – LMAO!

            I mean there were 22 foreign-based players in the Oyibo fraud Rohr’s team that lost to mostly home-based Madagascar at AFCON, not to mention the Rohr team that lost to Central African Republic at home. 

            Hilarious ko, Hilary ni!

      • Greenturf 11 months ago

        So the national team will leave it’s best players just to satisfy calls from selfish agents and reserve spots for local players who can’t even qualify for CHAN competition and you want to use them to prosecute a world cup qualifier,are you being serious?Mind you the calls and inclusion of local players was the reason we didn’t qualify for both the 2015 and 2017 AFCON respectively.
        The overall quality of a team is obviously affected by the quality of the individual players.Better players make for a better team.
        A national team must select it’s best players to put itself in favourable condition to win games,i do not see the need or sense in weakening your team.For by so doing,you have made yourself vulnerable and open to defeat against opponents who ordinary should get beat.

  • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

    Here’s hoping the SE and NFF do not combine to disappoint us, because nothing will be sweeter than witnessing our SE beat that “Reserved-for-Africans” COACHING FRAUD Gernot Rohr (who cannot get a job in his own country) home-and-away. Soar Super Eagles!!

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      None of your current local coaches can even be classified as a coaching fraud yet…..LMAOoo.

      If Rohr is ‘reserved-for-africans’, I wonder what your loud mouthed entitled guadiolas are reserved for…..LMAOoo.

      I guess they are reserved for their living room couches, begging for jobs from the NFF to survive.

      • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

        @Dr. Drey, one of our so-called “local” coaches (by which assume your inferiority complex actually means indigenous coaches) won our last AFCON trophy?! What has Gernot Rohr ever won? And after losing his SE job, exactly how many offers did he receive from German or French (or European) teams? LMAO!!

        Reserved-for-Africans journeymen like Rohr derive comfort from the INFERIORITY COMPLEX of natives like you. 

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