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‘FIFA Yet To Clear Lookman, Process For Switch Ongoing’ —NFF

‘FIFA Yet To Clear Lookman, Process For Switch Ongoing’  —NFF

NFF has stated that England-born forward, Ademola Lookman, is yet to be cleared by FIFA to play for Nigeria and that the process for his switch is ongoing.

This is according to a statement released by the Communications Department of the NFF.


Born in England, Lookman is eligible to represent Nigeria through his parents.

The 24-year-old has featured for England at U-19, U-20 and U-21 levels.

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The NFF disclosed that Lookman was included in the initial Super Eagles provisional list for the 2021 AFCON, believing that the process of his switch would have been finalized before the tournament kicks off.

Also, the football body debunked reports making the rounds that interim coach Austine Eguavoen was the one who removed Lookman’s name from the final 28-man squad.

“The Nigeria Football Federation has stated categorically that Ademola Lookman of Leicester City FC OF England has not yet been cleared by World Football body, FIFA to represent Nigeria at International level. The process for his switch is ongoing.

“It is therefore incorrect for any medium to claim that interim Head Coach Austine Eguavoen is the one who axed the player from Nigeria’s final list of 28 for the Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021.

“However, his name was included in the initial provisional list with the believe that the process would have been completed before the commencement of Afcon.“

Lookman is currently on loan to Leicester City from Bundesliga side RB Leipzig.

He has scored three goals in 12 Premier League appearances for the Foxes this season and has five goals in 18 games in all competitions.

By James Agberebi

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  • There you have it

  • And when will FIFA finally clear him? By 2023? This is taking forever. I hope they make him available for us for the WCQ. This guy is pure gem.

  • Michel 5 months ago

    This guy no get luck at all, akpoguma own take 3 days but ur own don pass 4 years ,na when u retire dem go clear u?

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    There is obviously more than meets the eye in this matter, either they were dragging their feet or there is one kolofi or the other, either way very shoddy.

  • I said it, every body is just shouting, Lookman! Lookman!! why did they not add him to the list? see corruption bla bla, i asked a question has he be cleared by FIFA? There you have the answer. He has not been cleared. So how can he be invited?

  • GLORY 5 months ago

    @ NFF/ FIFA; must Lookman turn grey before he gets cleared to play for Nigeria? Evil people, you lots know yourself n whatever you are doing.

  • pompei 5 months ago

    So Lookman was included in the initial provisional list, without the NFF doing the basic due diligence of confirming that he had been cleared by FIFA?
    This is the kind of mind boggling incompetence that NFF ONIGBESE displays.
    That was how they fumbled by including the disqualified Shehu Abdullahi in the match day squad in the away game versus Algeria in the 2018 world cup qualifiers. Nigeria could have missed out on the world cup due to that colossal mistake.
    How are we sure it’s not NFF incompetence that is delaying this switch? What does it take for a player’s switch to be approved? Perhaps some necessary step(s) in the process is being missed by the NFF, and FIFA keeps kicking the application back to them to redo. That’s the likely scenario.
    If NFF ONIGBESE don’t know how to apply for player nationality switch, why not outsource the job to a capable third party?
    Here we go again, suffering, missing out on a wonderful talent, BECAUSE OF NFF INEPTITUDE!
    It’s unacceptable that Lookman and Ejaria’s switch is taking so long.

    • Mirah 5 months ago

      “The NFF disclosed that Lookman was included in the initial Super Eagles provisional list for the 2021 AFCON, BELIEVING THAT THE PROCESS OF HIS SWITCH WOULD HAVE BERN FINALIZED BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT KICKS OFF”

      Yes, we should be merciful on NFF atimes please, we know they are bunch of crooks but take it easy on them a bit

      • pompei 5 months ago

        What is the basis of their belief that the switch should have been finalized? Do they have a resident crystal ball gazer in the Glass House?
        The normal procedure should have been to confirm his clearance with FIFA first, before including him in the list.
        Lookman could have been included in the final list by Eguavoen. He would have come to camp, thinking FIFA has cleared him, and end up playing matches without proper clearance. If that happens, the match he played will be awarded to our opponents as a walkover. That’s how expensive this kind of incompetence is.
        I can’t take it easy with this kind of incompetence. I expect much better.

  • Larry 5 months ago

    All na scam..
    The kingpins at nff have already made their lists for ANC and WC. It is easy to suspect that some players are enlisted as monthly ATM for these fools at the helms of nff affairs..
    As long as Picnic remains nff president, all the old and undeserving players in the team are part of this Picnic Ponzi Scheme (PPS). They will continue to be invited at the expense of players of better ones like lookman, Desser, Akpo, and Amoo..
    The delay in clearance of Lookman should be investigated. The availability of lookman for SE means one of the PPS players will have to give way and a reduction in income for the cabal.

    • Here comes to insinuationist. Later he will lie that he never made a comment that claimed that Pinnick was receiving bribe from players. Nigeria see them now. They threw us into confusion with Buhari’s regime, then NFF. It is still not enough for their ego’s. Until a Yoruba man is employed as NFF President, then their mouths will be twisted, all in the name of “Omo wa ni yen”.

  • Lookman will surely be cleared last last because he does want to play for England again……He has seen enough of English tricks

  • People here are so pathetic its crazy. He doesnt want to play for Nigeria, thats it. You can get Bassey to switch overnight but cant get Lookman? Can people take a message? Obviously its a cover up for the rejection from Lookman. He plays with Ndidi and Kelechi, dont you think they probably asking him 24/7? Like Iwobi did to Philip Billing, in which Billing said he didnt want to play for Nigeria. Useless set of people, using free time to keep begging. “Please play for us. Please play for Nigeria. How come he is not cleared for the 12th time this year?”

  • Like I’m seeing vision, said it here yesterday that no sane coach will leave Lookman out of the squad, that’s it’s probably eguavoen don’t wanna gamble with in inclusion, sometimes we need to chill with this people, changing of allegiance dnt take this long but I guess Ademola case is dragging this long because he has previously represent england in all the age grade football .

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Lies upon lies but easy for Morocco and Algeria to get their boys. Only Nigeria takes years upon years to clear players…. FIFA English FA and NFF one of you are the criminals behind this.

  • Papafem 5 months ago

    Did anybody read an interview where Pinnick said British Prime Minister once joked with him at a FIFA function that it would be hard for England to lose British – born talents to Nigeria? Isnt this becoming a reality in the case of Lookman and Ejiara now? It’s been three years they’ve been on this boy’s case, why is it taking this long? .

    I suspect people at FA in England are deliberately slowing things down to allow that thief called Southgate to give him a call up to England. NFF should be aggressive in the pursuit of Lookman. Let them scream to the whole world and expose FIFA and FA’s hypocrisy. This is how we lost Ike Ugbo to Canada. They’ve cleared him. He’s gotten his Naija passport. They will invite him. That’s all we were hearing until news came from the blues that Canada has snatches him. It will only take a phone call from Southgate for this boy to change his mind. Don’t be deceived; he still Fancies his chance of playing for England than for Nigeria.

    • Mirah 5 months ago

      “he still Fancies his chance of playing for England than for Nigeria”

      Like every sane mind should, my brother. I’ll only believe this dude will play for Nigeria until it’s official, that case of Bukayo saka and Oliseh is still fresh in mind

  • Pure damage control, no sane coach or football authorities that will include an ineligible player in her list.
    NFF knows that they have been busted, and so they have to come up with something to salvage the situation.
    Lookman switch started in 2018 if am not mistaken, so how it’s has not been concluded now beats imagination. Rohr that included him in his provisional list knows better, he won’t be that daft to have included him if he is ineligible.

    • Golden Child 5 months ago

      God bless you my brother! NFF has to be the most corrupt organization in the country. Gernot Rohr would not include him in his list if it were not complete. Why did this statement from NFF come now? when Nigerians have watched the boy play and seen his recent scintillating performance then they now come up with this statement. If the boy was not performing, they would have been quiet.

      Switch started since 2018 and they feed fans with this crap! only the gullible would believe them.

      It is time that Nigerians get rid of those at the glass house, it is becoming unbearable.

  • Ikeben 5 months ago

    I don’t trust NFF, Sometimes they deny owing players or the coach, so they are not new to lies. I don’t think Rohr will list players that are not cleared. It seems that slot was reserved for one of the untouchables.

    We said it here, that Rohr’s was not the problem but NFF, so after Rohr has gone, untouchables remain. At the beginning of Rohr reign, we get the list around 2 to 3 weeks before a match. But after signing the 2nd contract, we start getting the List 1 week to a match. And names like Iwuala, Noble, Musa and co started showing up.
    NFF and Eguavon will be behind the dropping of cleared Ademola as reported by owngoal.com


  • Sunny 5 months ago

    This is a total coverup! Lookman was cleared a few months ago, trust me. He us only trying to secure a contract with LCFC, trust me. I knew they were going to spin it so that Lookman does not look bad. I guarantee that he will make the world cup playoffs once he has been assured of a contract by LCFC.

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    He and Ejaria have not been cleared bro, check nationally status on http://www.sofifa.com

  • Nff wonder shall never end when will nff stop lies.

  • pablo 5 months ago

    Amaju out. Dikko out.

  • Edoman 5 months ago

    They are all liars and corrupted. Money change hands under the table. Why sack Rohr only to bring in the worse coach for Nigeria. Why bring in average players from Spain second division and expect to beat Egypt with Ekong in the backline? Apologies to Rohr now and bring him back or Nigeria face shame in the hand of Sudan and others small teams in this AFCON.

  • How long will it take for a player to be clear i am beingginning to be uncomfortable with this lookman clarification of a thing is taking too long i wonder if nff is saying the truth other players that have been clear to played for nigeria has never taken this long while is lookman own different i think nff on their part are not serious about it if we loose this guy at the end of the day i will not be happy with nff.

    • Greenturf 5 months ago

      The Nff only started the application a couple of months ago.
      We were misinformed that he and Ejaria’s switch started long ago only to be confirmed by the football authorities they are yet to make any applications to that regards.
      Apparently,they have applied for their switch but not long ago.

  • Golden Child 5 months ago

    @Greenturf, with all due respect i am not buying it. there have been too many inconsistencies. One minute Amaju is telling you they have been cleared, the next minute it is Rohr stating that they are yet to be cleared and then Amaju agreeing to the fact that they haven’t been cleared. Only for Gernot Rohr to then include the players in his 40 man list.

    To now throw the cat amongst the pigeons, you are now stating that it was done a couple of months ago. Somebody is not telling us the truth.

    Gernot Rohr’s chief scout also came out to state years back that Lookman had applied for a switch.

    The incompetence at the glass house is at dizzy heights.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      It’s what we call Propaganda NFF knows the truth. They’re just telling us what they want us to know.

  • It’s now becoming obvious that nff are playing profit and politics with nigeria football i want to say if nigeria fail to get to afcon finals i think pinnick deserve to be sack.

  • NFF is obviously needed to be scrutinized, the inefficiency there is second to none,so switching of player’s allegiance in Nigeria favour is taking more than a year. How come Canada was able to snatch Ugbo from Nigeria,if his switching process was ongoing that time. Shambolic NFF. Football that is giving Nigerians a bit of happiness is being politicized and handling with levity hands

  • Guys i actually read something on owngoalnigeria i think probably something might be going on of which we super eagles fans we don’t know what is going on pls guys go to owngoalnigeria and read the article yourself.

  • @Chima, you have hit the nail on the head. It’s either NFF President Mr.Melvin Pinnick is completely lying to Nigerian to protect the interim coach Austin Eguavion or he is telling the truth to further show his incompetence as NFF Chairman, his act as a figure head at both CAF and FIFA. Because what has been his usefulness and benefits to Nigeria at FIFA or CAF since he assumed office? I have not heard of one. The most recent is the case of Enyimba Fc and Al-thihad of Libya in which he promised to intervene on behalf of Enyimba and press conference but nothing tangible was done until the club was unjustly eliminated by CAF politics. Like you mentioned, China, it has taken Algeria and others less time to clear their own players but it’s taken donkey years to clear our own and we claim we are well represented. For those who care to listen, Mr Melvin Pinnick has gone to those organizations to represent himself and not Nigeria because actions speak than voice. He has not done one single significant thing worth mentioning since assumed office but if know of one Nigerian please educate us on this forum. I am waiting and we are watching.

  • KENNETH 5 months ago

    Since those condemning the NFF on this matter, can you show us the procedure for making a switch. Since its that easy to do. Some of you just enjoy ranting here for no reason. They have come out to clear the air and you are still saying its a lie. Why don’t you travel to England and interview lookman for the truth. You guys should stop commenting like that mr over sabi dr dry. Stop being clueless and source for the right information.

    • @ kennth please read the comments very well before making comments. I said it is either he is lying…….or he is not doing his job properly and I adduced my reasons. If you have a better reason state it and I will agree with you. Stop making unwarranted comments like we are being clueless.I like making comments not using abusive words.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Dr.Drey must be your headache….LMAOOoo. Dr.Drey must be your nightmare…..That is why you can never survive without the mention of Dr.Drey…LMAoooo. You can’t even hide your jealousy any more…..LMAOoooo.

      You that you are cluefull and have the sources to the right information, give us the right information and tell us why the same Look man whom we were told since 3 years ago has applied for International switch by the same NFF hasnt been cleared till date.

      Explain to us how a player whom the coach had instructed NFF since 2018 to commence his switch is still not confirmed in 2022….LMAOooo

      Explain to us how two players who are not eligible and wouldnt still be eligible to play for Nigeria as at midnight of 30th December 2021 which is CAF’s deadline (today) would be listed in the provisional list for AFCON as if we dont have other eligible players elsewhere.

      Explain to us how NFF kept telling us lies since 2 years ago, that they are working on Ike Ugbo’s (and 6 others) switch to Nigeria only for us to hear he has switched to Canada. Explain to us how that was possible when FIFA statutes of players switches states clearly that Once a player has started a switch to 1 country, he cannot play for, or apply for switch to another country until the process of his first application has been concluded.

      Just as Olabode Samuel stated up there……It’s either NFF President Mr.Melvin Pinnick is completely lying to Nigerian to protect the interim coach Austin Eguavion or he is telling the truth to further show his incompetence as NFF Chairman

      Common sense you dont have….! I would have ordered some for you on amazon if it was sold there. Okponu.

      I have told you when sensible people are discussing on this forum, just do yourself some favor and shut your gutter, and wait for when your master is being bruised and battered here before you come and drag him out of the arena with your usual “dont mind them” junk.

  • Ako AMADI 5 months ago

    NFF was dragging its feet over Lookman’s clearance. The lad has started putting up sterling performances. Surely he’s now eyeing an England shirt.

  • I have a deep seated belief that Picnic is only at the NFF for his pockets and selfish interest. I may be wrong, but that is the exact impression I have about that man. From all indications, he is already working towards a third tenure. His third term moves alone, lends so much more credence to my belief.
    Lookman has not been cleared? Are you kidding me? How many times will Lookmam be cleared? NFF is only using Lookman’s switch for convenience. That is the truth. Lookman has been cleared. He was fully cleared in November. I personally sighted some of the signed documents last month. That he was not picked for AFCON is surely due to another reason but definitely, not because of FIFA clearance. That is why this statement from NFF is scanty without any details.If Lookman has not been cleared, why? what is stalling the process? at what stage is he in the process? etc. There are no answers to these in that statement.
    Lookman no longer has any problem with FIFA clearance, I tell y’all

    • Naija 5 months ago

      I don’t trust that man called Pinnic Amaju. He comes across as a dishonest person.

  • @Ocheroma Mma if truely Lookman has been cleared by FIFA, how come his profile has not been updated on her website? as shown in the link below

  • Lie lies lies. Musa is their God. Musa is there God. FUCK nff.bunch if Rouges. Don’t worry Musa will be our Key man with walking stick at 55 lol hahahahaha useless people