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‘Finidi Deserves Our Trust’ — Adepoju Backs Former Teammate To Get Super Eagles Coaching Job

‘Finidi Deserves Our Trust’ — Adepoju Backs Former Teammate To Get Super Eagles Coaching Job

Former international Mutiu Adepoju believes Finidi George is the right man to lead the Super Eagles.

Finidi was in charge of the Super Eagles for the recent friendlies against Ghana and Mali.

The former winger is among the coaches, who has applied for the Super Eagles coaching job.

Adepoju claimed his former teammate has what it takes to lead the Super Eagles.

“With only two games under his (Finidi’s) belt, his record of one win and one loss is not bad at all,” Mutiu told Flashscore.

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“He has a lot of room for improvement. I firmly believe that these Super Eagles will prosper under his leadership if he gets the job.

“It would be a serious mistake to judge Finidi solely on our defeat against Mali. When José Peseiro was the coach of the Super Eagles, did he win every game? Finidi deserves our trust so that he can cultivate the confidence necessary to build on our current base.

“I expect improvements in all aspects of the game. This is a friendly match and the first two matches under Finidi’s direction. I think he has identified the areas that need correction.

“We were victorious against Ghana, but unfortunately we suffered a defeat against Mali. This means that we have achieved a victory in two games, which, in my opinion, is not a bad result for the Super Eagles in general.

The Nigeria Football Federation is expected to name a substantive head coach for the Super Eagles next month.

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  • No You Ex footballers should just Shut up. Because you Played for SE does not give you a better voice than us besides you people keep giving the worst Solutions. I have come to realise that footballers all of them ex alike are not as passionate as we fans are footballers take football as a job not religion like us. So we should not rely on thier suggestions. WHat faith Mumu Adepoju after the guy shambolically un did the efforts he made against a weak Ghana side without the likes of Kudus and Partey??. oh is because Finidi is your friend you are willing to bury Nigeria right fools don’t realise that SA is progressing better than Nigeria now and If we miss WC becuase of SA we will and should not open our mouths to ever cll ourselves Giant of Africa, We will cripple our football and take it. to the depths that we may not recover from. the NPFL player rubbish debate will start and all the confusion will just come again and we will descend to obscurity these June Qualifiers is so much bigger than Nigerians realise and will be key for our Football going forward. I have said my own oooo

    Oga Adepoju Mechie onu gi there mumu.

    • Mindurbusiness Olaosenikan 3 weeks ago

      Finidi has done enough to get the job.

    • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

      @Ugo my friend,you don’t have to call senior man Mutui mumu to make a point biko…

      • Greenhurf. I wonder o. I wonder why we have to abuse to pass across a point. I wonder. I also wonder what offence mutiu has committed to warrant such. All because he passed across his point.

        I am even surprised Ugo said we beat a Ghana without partey and kudus. Speaking lightly about our victory. Very surprising.

        Well I wonder what kudus and partey are in world football that we can’t beat them if they are there. I am surprised Ugo did not talk about the fact that we were with about eight of our starters too.

        Again Nigerian fans are beginning to die before they are killed. They are beginning to bury themselves before they die.

        So south Africa that can’t beat Andorra is now a team that should get us scared.

        I said it before afcon. If it is afcon I don’t get scared. If it’s Africa I don’t get scared.

        You can be scared of South Africa I have gone passed that.

        We almost won afcon despite all the fears Nigerians out forward. I wonder why one loss will always throw us into fear more every time. As if South Africa is Brazil or Argentina.

        Mtcheww. I am waiting for the white coach that will perform the magic for us. It’s so bad we had to lose pesero. We could have built on his experience and lessons learned. Now finidi that would have just continue something we are trying to push away because of the magical foreign coach. We keep our fingers crossed.

    • Ezomo 3 weeks ago

      U can aswell make ur point without insult, particularly to someone who knows far better than you in soccer. That was his own opinion, make ur opinion without insult

    • Sunny 3 weeks ago

      Ugo, I have always maintained that you are an illiterate bigot. Now, I am adding rude, insolent brat to you appellation. Do you even have a job? You are always on this forum, spewing tribal rhetoric all day. Go get a life somewhere.

      • @Sunny you are the biggest Okponu way day this Forum How has Tribalism got to do with anything.. I know your Type. You are the type that will allow himself get bent over by Nigerian Government and get taken advantage off and not say Nada. You think say I send whether you feel I am Insolent. I don talk ma own finish. If Nigeria kid around and dance tune of sentiment in this critical Period of our Ball we will descend to Obscurity. We are At a Crossroads now you know what that means It means we are at a point where the Decision we make in a critical period can be either Dire or Great… IF Nigeria play around now we will cripple our ball and we may take a while to recover.

        All Yansh Lickers Like @Sunny I nor Send Una. I will say what Needs to be said

        • Sunny 3 weeks ago

          @Ugo, senseless bigot. Check your various posts, even this one. You made mention that players from the North are a flash in the pan. Most of your advocacy is for igbo players only. You are so empty headed that you do not know the difference between being a bigot and an objective analyst. You definitely unhinged and you need some help mentally.

    • TALK UR OWN 3 weeks ago

      ** NOTE: We should not deceiving ourselves in this country because of the way things work for other countries (e.g. Democracy work well in America, S/Africa, Ghana but it doesn’t work well in Nigeria).
      EVEN when Keshi won AFCON in 2013, he failed woefully to qualified for next AFCON due to bad management(Pinnick VS Giwa), sentiment, jealous, hatred towards some players (e.g. Yobo, I.K. uche, V.moses).
      What matters most is to move our football forward & not celebrating FLUKE WINNING again. We struggle/manage to beat CIV by penalty in group stage. But E/guinea beat CIV 4-0 convincingly.
      *** KESHI WON AFCON IN 2013, BUT WE CANNOT BOAST OF PLAYERS, THE TEAM FOR THE FUTURE (for instance: Sunday MBA, Uzoenyi, Oshaniwa, Agbim are nowhere to be found in future football). AND NIGERIA FAILED TO QUALIFIED FOR NEXT TWO CONSECUTIVE AFCON.
      WHAT A SHAME!!!!
      **** WESTERHOF WIN AFCON IN 1994, BUT NIGERIA CAN BOAST OF FUTURE FOOTBALL (for instance: Oliseh, Okocha, Amokachi, Amuneke shine for future football).

  • Bestsport 3 weeks ago

    Amuneke Emmanuel is the right way forward, even if he has offended or stepped on some important people tows but he has a sound UEFA PRO LICENSE QUALIFICATION and he is a fellow Nigerian… getting a white man now is and will be a disaster because of lack of time to bed in and before he knows all our players and their names first then Nigeria will lose or draw some games to be out of contention. So amuneke whether they like it or not… Eguavoen was dubiously given the job after rohr ill advise and stupid decision sacking close to a major tournament and amuneke should have been choosen instead of Eguavoen but Nff stupidly mess up right decision as usually as they do.. now can or will they learn? Amuneke time is now.. there is no time again. Meanwhile we have a very useless and corrupt Nff technical incompetent committee!

    • Alex07 3 weeks ago

      God forbid Amunike. A poorer choice than Finidi.

    • Big Boss 3 weeks ago

      Anyone who advocates for Amuneke is a very foolish person. That person is best friends with mediocrity. What’s the matter? Are you people stupid? Can’t you f**king see that this man is a serial failure in the senior team? If it’s not that it’s not good to curse, I would have prayed for divine wrath on those people and media alike who keep pushing for the desperate Amunike as if the SE is his father’s right. Those who champion his appointment based on his “success” with Tanzania are oblivious that it was a fluke success, having to need Lesotho not to win to qualify and the thing about fluke is that it does not last long. This is evident in the string of losses that he recorded at the Mundial. The Tanzania FA wasted no time in sacking the failure. He got a job with an Egyptian side and they wasted no time in demoting him to the Academy. Is this the person we want for the SE? If unintelligent motherf**kers argue that he deserves to be selected because he won the U17 Cup, he is the first to win it and what happened aftermath? He failed to qualify for the next U17 and failed at the U20 teams. A report on ScoreNigeria said that the same Mr Failure, Amuneke was accused of sabotaging the team while he was an assistant to Egunevon which cost us the World Cup. Is this the b**tch that you want the NFF to hand over the team to? Are you lots crazy or what?

    • Monday 3 weeks ago

      Some of you come online to chat trash. Listen, As a matter of fact, thats if we are talking facts, Amuneke is the poorest of them all in terms of performance rating as it’s even easier for you to consult Google to know Eguavoen did won an Afcon medal, Afcon bronze, making him the tallest living local coach. Not with the local club side where he won Federation Cup with Enyimba, that shows having been in the trenches and seeing it all. What has Amuneke won besides the underage cadet? This is a vital question that can’t be gloss over. It’s clear Amuneke likes coaching Super Eagles but the stake are too high and against him and besides, the NFF is not ready for an inferior trial since the team already has a coach though in an interim basis, Coach George. They love him and did voice out. NFF members on their own should be ready to win and lose with our indigenous coaches. To buttress my position, president Tinubu body language and otherwise is the patronizing of indigenous goods and services. Super Eagles top job isn’t an exception going forward. And to Coach George, we have supported the NFF to appoint you as the substantiate coach of SE which will happen in few days to enable the boys concentrate on June, WorldCup qualifiers, you would need to work on the attack besides Osimhen to avoid what happened last timeLookman, Boniface, Ejuke would’ve enjoyed Coach Eguavoen’s call up. Where is Amooo? Get him to beef up the midfield in pair with Iwobi, Yusuf

      • Big Boss 3 weeks ago

        You started well but ended foolishly. By the time your local coaches are done with all, maybe you’ll be mourn-day.

        • Charles 3 weeks ago

          How many world cups won by your foreign coaches, abi aren’t we no longer Nigerians? NFF has mo option than to appoint a local coach and George is clearly poles ahead in the race to clinching the Super Eagles top job.

        • Mindurbusiness Olaosenikan 3 weeks ago

          You are so right @Charles. Finidi is the best.

      • Oga Monday youmade some good Points however , you and who have endorsed Coach George for SE job??? are you a senior Member of the Corrupt Glass house??.. You also Mention Amoo are we talking of the same Overweight Amooo who is a subject of sex scandals and terminanted contracted for Club the same guy who have only played 8 league games since 2022 that Amooo?

        When I say that Nigerians just comment based on what they hear online this is what I mean the same Nigerians will be commenting thinking they are doing good meanwhile all they are doing is digging our darling eagles deeper down the rabbit hole, one comment after ther other.. SAD and these are the same guys when the list is released for SA games will come and start asking where is Musa. No man you people are stuck in the damn past. Incase you have not noticed Mali beating Nigeria is a clear indicationof how Far we have falling as a footballing nation thanks to guys like NFF and @Monday above. What the damn Hell AMOoooooo! Are you fu’=-=;ing Kidding me?

      • @Monday Are you aware that coach Peseiro failed in starting Yusuf ahead Onyedika when I said before AFCON that Onyedika is better than Yusuf I got attacked. Yusuf like most players from the north are flash in the pan players 1 good game 20 bad ones to follow exactly like his Oga Ahmed Musa. Abeg Jare Make we hear word with your Yeye Calamitous Yusuf. the Guy is not SE material and almost cost us the Semi final game against SA and was woeful and punching above his weight in the finals when Introduced.

        Yusuf benefitted from Peseiro over cautious nature and having seen an insight into Coach Peseiro because of his Stint with SE i can see why he was never a successfull coach the AFCON final and Semi final made it clear. Nigeria current generation can do well in tournaments if the right personel are selected with a PE coach however with a very good tactician like Herve Reynard or Hugo Broos (SA Coach) Oga We will dominate. @Monday Please bro you people are doing our football no good with your Medicore and quite frankly Annoying Write ups

        • Moses Inyang 3 weeks ago

          Give the job to a sound foreign coach – Toni conceiciao,pesseiro,mosimane or that guardiola assistant PLEASE

        • Ugo, if Yusuf is bad as you put it despite the fact that he had been playing in Europe for many years now, then it means uche and ademola are very terrible. Because before afcon they were not really doing well with eagles despite having lots chances.

          Who gave troost ekong the chance before afcon. He won afcon best player. Even bassey with eagles before afcon.

          So I am sorry to say Mr Ugo you are wrong to label Yusuf has not good. You praised onyedika, while not taking anything away from the guy ( I don’t crush players or label them as useless) how many fantastic games has he had with eagles.

          Yusuf is not a bad player. He is till useful for eagles. Very useful.

  • Fatlee Okos 3 weeks ago

    Trash indeed. In fact, you said it all. He should go back to coaching course before dreaming of forcing himself to write application letter coaching, nonsense!

    • Dele Ashitu 3 weeks ago

      The first application letter from an empty vessel making that loudest noise. – Herr Amuneke, lol!

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

    Since I started watching football, this will be my first time seeing a coach sub just two players while having more than 13 players on the bench in friendly Games. I felt bad for Simon, but since when did Moses Simon become our top striker? Especially against big Malian defenders. You and who endorsed Finidi? We appreciate him to continue with his assistant role under another better foreign coach. No local coach I repeat no local can qualify us for the WorldCup against Hugo Broos. I know we can beat Benin republic any day, but with a local coach going to face Rohr?? If we can’t afford a good foreign coach in the region of $100k a month after receiving $4m for the AFCON we should just start preparing for 2030 WorldCup. 

    • You’re very right @AY. The goal of friendlies is to test not just different tactics but also players. You yanked people from their clubs in Europe and had them fly over to Morocco only to dump them on the bench as spectators?

      Despite the shameful loss to Mali, fans could have been compensated to see Finidi make the allowed number of substitutions and allow Ojo, Bashiru, Uzoho, Tella, Umar, etc play at least 20 minutes each. Even Lookman had only 10 minutes or so, despite making the team of the tournament in CIV. It’s confusing.

      And when did Simon become a striker? Finidi overworked him playing him in an unnatural position which led to his season-ending injury. Paseiro has already done his damage, handing us only 2 points out of a possible 6 (throwing away 4 precious points against minnows Lesotho and Zimbabwe). Finidi has now added another disadvantage, ensuring one of our most dependable players will likely be out of the June clash against SA. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot.

      Let NFF publish the names of the applicants or shortlist of 10. They should carry us along. They should tell us the dates of first interviews, 2nd interviews, shortlists, criteria, etc. We don’t want any abracadabra like Pinnick did with Paseiro’s appointment. They should also let us know what’s happening with our $4m Afcon silver prize money. They can’t tell us they can’t afford $100K salary for the next 2 years at least. Gusau, Olajire, Aisha Falode, etc should not think we’re mumu. We’re watching. If not for FIFA’s intervention, they would have cheated the girls after the women’s World Cup last year. Now they’re trying to share the $4m loot among themselves and tell us they don’t have money to hire a $100m-worth coach.

      Maybe Finidi should focus on his Enyimba job for now. We need 101% quality and the time to start is now. Even if Amuneke doesn’t head the coaching crew, he could be one of the assistants or not. He has African national team coaching experience and could become valuable to a foreign manager who’s never coached in Africa. I don’t have any personal interest in Amuneke. I just believe in him, even if other forumites don’t.

      Even if Amuneke doesn’t make the cut, NFF needs to speed things up. June is almost here. A new coach might start giving excuses of familiarization if he’s employed late and too close to the WCQs. He loses and he’ll start saying he;s building a new team and hasn’t had time to inculcate his philosophy or tactics – like Paseiro said for a long time before the Afcon.

      • Choke 3 weeks ago

        George has the support of the fans to continue in an upgraded manner. That’s the Chief Coach of the SE. It ends there.

  • Larry 3 weeks ago

    Finidi doesn’t deserve any support because he has showed how wicked and disgusting he could be.
    He has showed that he learnt nothing working as assistants to Pesseiro. He was just there eating, May be drinking ogogorp at AFCON. It should have been obvious to him that players like Awaziem, Bruno, Onyedika, aonuachu, Uzoho and Omeruo have nothing to give to the team.
    You can’t start sluggish and ball losing Payers like Iwobi,and Kelechi
    can’t be starting a match together. One of the reasons we got exposed at AFCON power. These two made the team loose balance
    Pesseiro has learnt a lot about our players. The reason why he was able to change the formation when the main striker was not scoring.
    Finidi doesn’t deserve to be in the team even as assistants because the two matches have exposed his irrelevance to the team.
    He is a compromised and dishonest human, who would reward mediocrity at the expense of hardworking.
    The fingerprint of mediocrity and favoritism are obvious in his team
    selections for the two matches.
    Why was to Bundesliga player Tella not giving a minute? Is Finidi trying to protect the interest of Kanu alliance with Chukwueze?
    Why was Fisayo not considered for the two games ? Does he think that if Fisayo impresses as a playmaker it will affect the interest of JJ and his underperfoming nephew Iwobi ?
    Why benched a top 11 African player Lookman for underperforming Kelechi who dey chop bench well for EFL team.
    Why picked zero impact Onyedika ahead of AFCON performer Yusuf
    If clueless Finidi who is a better candidate than serial failure Amuneke could fall apart in this manner, then both should not be considered even for assistants.
    At this juncture, I would support the reinstatement of Pesseiro or hiring if another foreign coach to be supported by highly loyal and trustworthy Nigerians who have demonstrated some level of success. This is where Oliseh name will always be the first. He had a good output with SE but got frustrated by the nff, he won the best coach award in Europe, he would not give Room for mediocrity. Ameobi/Olfin/Utaka/Egbo can also be considered.
    If the nff is honest with the requirement for the job, no way cluelesd Finidi and serial failure Amuneke will make it to even Assistant coach position.

    • Mindurbusiness Olaosenikan 3 weeks ago

      Finidi tried his best.

    • Onero 3 weeks ago

      You made real valid points but ended badly by suggesting that Oliseh should be considered.
      What has Oliseh won as a coach? And why is he still jobless without taking a club or national team job?
      NFF should consider to sign a contract with a high class and disciplined coach who can manage the ego of the eagles without favoritism of any sort. That should be a foreign tactician black or white because football knows no color

      • Larry 3 weeks ago

        Can you name any local coach with a better record than Oliseh ?
        In 2015–16, was appointed by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) the National Team Chief Coach of Nigeria (Super Eagles of Nigeria) where he made an impressive statistic of; 14 Games (Only 2 losses) 19 Goals scored, 6 conceded.

        He qualified Nigeria to the CHAN tournament in Rwanda, qualified Nigeria to the Group phase of the 2018 world cup Qualifiers and on his first game as Chief Coach of Nigeria in an AFCON qualifier managed a draw in Tanzania. He resigned as Nigeria’s national coach at about 2:28am on 26 February 2016 exactly a month to the team’s encounter with the Pharaohs of Egypt in the AFCON qualifiers. He was barely 8 months into his stay as manager due to contract violations, lack of support, unpaid wages and benefits to his players, Asst. Coaches and himself.

        • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

          Hahaha….nice try.

          Kindly add the facts that he got booted out of CHAN in the group stage (1st time ever), accused his own players of using juju on him and refusing to even shake hands or touch any of them…and ran away with SE 4 points behind Egypt in the AFCON qualifiers and needing 2 back to back miracle wins vs Egpyt for Nigeria to stand any chance of qualifying for 2017 AFCON….in other words the coward abandoned the team when failure was imminent under the guise of contractual violations…LMAOoo

          NFF still violates contracts and owe wages till date, so we don’t need a coward who will use that as alibi to abandon the team escape his own failure when it becomes imminent.

          Did I also add that he retired 3 of the very best we had at that time…practically the spine of the team, because they were the leaders and outspoken ones in the team and his pride can’t stand outspoken players…LMAOoo

          Oloseh should steer clear of the SE go and get a job elsewhere. His coaching umbilical cord isn’t tied to the Nigerian national team alone.

          • Larry 3 weeks ago

            No need to argue for or against your personal opinion. The subject matter relates to local coaches role in the Super Eagles. Oliseh has a better record than Amuneke and Finidi combined. He is more technical and innovative in his approach. He is more presentable but just like other local coaches, he needs to improve his management skills
            I’ve been consistent with my justification for a technically sound and affordable foreign coach.
            It won’t be a bad decision to have Oliseh as one of the assistants with a main assignment of improving the team’s midfieldi, fighting spirit, and shooting from distance. Also, Oliseh won trophies as a player and obviously learned one or more things he could add to inspire a team to win a competition.
            Carl or Rufai can be hired to help GKs.
            Clueless Finidi and serial failure Amuneke should not be allowed in the corridors of the national team.

          • Dr. Drey. You said it all about oliseh. A coward. A poor player manager. A hot tempered person. He helped us to push the best goal keeper Africa has produced till date away from the team prematurely ( this one pain me)

            Oliseh is intelligent but he needs to start coaching again. He needs to learn how to handle relationship

          • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

            Lying Narcissist, coming here to rubbish OLISEH, a misanthropist you are.

            @christian ministry, abeg don’t come here and be saying nonsense and believing lies with no facts.

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    I earlier joked that our problem was Finidi’s bia bia.
    His IRUNGBON is not the problem. Our problems are several, and one of them, a big one, is POOR FINISHING.
    We have strikers banging in goals all over Europe every week, but when they wear the Naija jersey, it’s another story.
    With better finishing, we could have won the last Afcon. We would have beaten Ghana by a wider margin, and we could have played a draw with Mali, perhaps even beaten them. We created more chances than Mali, but they took 2 from theirs, while we took a big fat zero from ours.
    If we had beaten Mali, Finidi’s job would not be hanging in the balance today. I’m not advocating for Finidi, but the fact is we created the chances, we just failed to score.
    Just look at Kolawole Dessers in the 2 friendlies we just played. Kolawole could have had hattricks in both games. But all he has to show is a goal from a penalty Iheanacho allowed him to take.
    We all saw how wasteful Osimhen was at the Afcon. He has the lungs, he has an incredibly high work rate, the best in the world in my opinion. But his finishing is so poor. His rivals like Mbappe, Kane, Haaland don’t have his lungs and work rate, but they are all much better finishers.
    Our strikers are poor finishers.
    Having said that, the finishing problem is not just from the strikers. It’s the whole team. The only player on the pitch who does not have goal scoring responsibility is the goalie. Every other player should be able to score goals if the opportunity comes. But alas, poor finishing is all we see. They won’t even shoot at goal from distance. They want to pass their way into the opponent’s box.
    When teams meet a brand like Nigeria, they will usually park the bus by playing 8 or 9 men behind the ball. Passing into the box becomes more difficult for us in this scenario. Shots from distance, free kicks and corner kicks then becomes the route to goal. We are poor in all these areas.
    Finidi played in a generation were the players were very good at long distance shooting. Still remember Finidi’s left footer against Morocco in the 2000 Afcon, a cracker from around 30 yards that flew into the Moroccan net. If Finidi is to continue with these job, perhaps he can give these boys tips on long distance shooting techniques.
    The boys have to be brave and take responsibility. Lots of goals come from goalie errors and deflections. But if you don’t shoot, you don’t score.
    This is the 911 problem we have now. Our finishing needs to improve.

    • Lord AMO 3 weeks ago

      Well said sir.

    • Thank you pompie. Always giving valuable analysis. I mentioned this before afcon. We lose lots of goals. I wonder why. We all blamed pesero for his style at afcon but our team was one of the teams that created more chances. I wonder why we are not burying them. This problem has been there even since Rohr days.

      It’s interesting to note that ndidi has not scored long distance goal for us. Uche scored one in a recent friendly. When was the last time iwobi scored for us. Oshimen messed up with goals at last afcon. He would have been the highest goal scorer by far.

      Pompeii I also love your analysis of the Mali match and Ghana match. I love s team that is efficient – make good use of it’s chances in a game. It’s so clear our super eagles is not efficient. This brings us to why is this so. This brings us to continuity.

      A coach can do an assessment of what is happening and do something about it. It’s very clear to me that these coaches are not dull. Pesero surprised all of us at afcon. We all said he was a dullard. Finidi break a poor record against Ghana. We saw how his team set up. It may not be perfect but he would surely learn and improve.

      I once said what has worked for us is to allow a coach to stay with the team for a longer time to understand the team, make mistakes and correct them.
      Though I was surprised by dessers missing easy chances but I won’t condemn him. Because this guy is a proven scorer in Europe. It’s just that his chances will be limited in the team.

      Nigerian fans stop dying before you are buried. We will qualify for the world cup if we allow finidi to continue from where pesero stopped. I am sure of this.

      • Mindurbusiness Olaosenikan 3 weeks ago

        #Christian Minister, You spoke well. Finidi is the right man for the Super Eagles job. Let him continue.

    • Onwajunior 3 weeks ago

      I agree with you that we have a problem with finishing. However, we can only have that problem if we create chances. Under Peseiro, it was obvious because Peseiro was all about attack, apart from the Afcon where he took a conservative approach after our first game. With Finidi, the case is different. He doesn’t have what it takes. The 2 friendlies he executed are enough to see what would happen if he took over. We didn’t create that many chances to begin with compared with how we used to, he didn’t even use the subs that were available to him and there was no clear pattern. Do you know how scary it is that Mali defeated us without much effort? I mean did you watch the match? Mali didn’t struggle at all, it didn’t look as if they were playing at their best. If we make the mistake of a local coach at this time, honestly, we won’t qualify.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

        To be honest that’s what scares me to the bone marrow. Mali didn’t even get out of gear one. They were just sitting waiting for us to make mistakes and they punished us devastatingly. Apart from the miss by Simon that cost him a bad injury and Dessers one on one with the keeper we didn’t create that many chances while Mali took advantage of their two chances. I have no idea why Tella and Bashiru were not tested. Apart Kelechi no player can dribble his marker one on one. Jees goodness me we need a no looking face coach for the remainder of the qualifiers if we want compliment our AFCON success. 

  • Mindurbusiness Olaosenikan 3 weeks ago

    We shouldn’t just write off Finidi because of one meaningless loss. High calibre Ex- internationals want him. He is far better than other candidates. Let us emancipate ourselves from colonial mentality, no more White coaches. Nigerian coaches for Nigerian teams. Finidi will qualify for the world cup with games to spare.

    • Onwajunior 3 weeks ago

      This is the first time I’m seeing you here so you probably came here to write this for your gain and not Nigeria’s interest. Maybe, you’d benefit personally from Finidi. We know those who are true fans and regulars (Deo, Drey, Kenneth, Omo9ja, Jimmy, Coach, Edoman, Pompei, Pappafem, AYphilly, Christian Min., field marshall, monkeypost, Ugo, and the rest) here and we value their input…not you

      • Edison 3 weeks ago

        Onwajr, you are an uneducated bushman. So other people can’t comment here again because you and the people you mentioned are regular here? What an idiotic comment! Typical corrupt Nigerian mentality!

      • Edison 3 weeks ago

        Onwajunior, your comment makes no sense. So other people don’t have the freedom to comment here again because you and the people you and the guys you mentioned are regulars here? Typical corrupt Nigerian mentality! With your corrupt mentality, who are you to even criticize Finidi?

      • Edison 3 weeks ago

        Onwajunior, your comment makes no sense. So other people don’t have the freedom to comment here again because you and the people you and the guys you mentioned are regulars here? Typical corrupt Nigerian mentality! With your corrupt mentality, who are you to even criticize Finidi?

        • Who even ask am? Dotted national are full of noise and always losing out… Ask peter ubi, lo

        • Onwajunior 3 weeks ago

          Lol…even the blind can see thru ur agenda here. It’s very easy. We know you and @Mindurbusiness are the same person, trying to act as if you have support. Ur agenda is very clear….ur first comments on CSN are “… Finidi is the man”, “… yes let’s go for Finidi” Finidi this Finidi that Amuneke is not good. You didn’t even hide it and didn’t even invest any effort in masking ur true agenda. I’m a corrupt Nigerian bcos I want a foreign coach, who won’t favour any tribe or dance to NFF/Nigeria’s politics? That shows how shallow you think. I’ll leave the uneducated part bcos I don’t want you to commit suicide.

          • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

            Ogbeni shut up, Dr dry, pretending to be someone else. Leave the poor guy alone and let him say his mind. He is not a narcissist like you. Come here to dish lies.

    • Yabaoh 3 weeks ago

      arakrumbie – you are a warped demented moron! You are a slimy snake and your head will be bruised by the foot of the man! asinwinrin!

  • ABDULRAZAK 3 weeks ago

    If we make the MISTAKE of giving the Super Eagles job to Finidi or any of the other pretenders, WE WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR THE 2026 FIFA World Cup. Before Stephen Keshi took the job with the Super Eagles, he had coached and qualified Togo for the 2006 World Cup and coached Mali at the 2010 AFCON. We should not equate the big boss with all these local coaches, please.

    • Patrick 3 weeks ago

      We need a competent foriegn coach.we do not need an inexperienced local coach. Finidi can work as an assistant to the incoming foriegn coach.

      • Hassan 3 weeks ago

        Tribalism is a disease Nna peoples need to work on. Walahi, if Finidi is better than wuna own, he will continue having already been on the saddle as the local coach. Sorry though.

  • Score Nigeria
    Mali seal Finidi fate with 2-0 win over Super Eagles
    Score Nigeria Reporter by Score Nigeria Reporter March 27, 2024 12:31 am
    What is the verdict on Finidi as Super Eagles coach?

    Mali may well have dashed the hopes of Finidi George heading the Super Eagles top coaching post on a permanent basis after they handed his team a 2-0 defeat tonight.

    Les Aigles of Mali profited from a horrendous defensive mistake by the Super Eagles to take the lead on 18 minutes through striker Bilal Toure.

    They doubled their advantage late in the friendly in Marrakesh, Morocco, when they finished off a fast counter attack as Nigeria chased for an equalizer.

    Finidi was handed a chance to stake a serious claim for the Eagles top job after Jose Peseiro did not continue after guiding the team to the AFCON Final last month.

    He won his first friendly last week against Ghana 2-1, before the capitulation against the Eagles from Bamako tonight.

    The NFF are expected to soon announce a new head coach for the country’s football team.

    Substitute Cyriel Dessers failed to put away Nigeria’s best chance of the night in the 64th minute, when he sprinted clear of the Mali defence and came face-to-face with Mali goalkeeper, only to shoot well off the target.

    Dessers was a replacement for Moses Simon, who was rushed to hospital after he suffered what looked like a serious injury in the 31st minute.

    Super Eagles starting XI (3-5-2)

    Nwabali- Omeruo, Awaziem, Ajayi – Osayi-Samuel, Jamilu Collins, Ndidi, Onyedika (Ademola Lookman), Iwobi – Moses Simon (Dessers 32), Iheanacho

    Tags: Finidi GeorgeInternational FriendlyMaliNPFLSuper Eagles
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    Onyedika picked ahead of Alhassan as Finidi lines up strongest Super Eagles XI vs Mali
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    Score Nigeria Reporter
    Score Nigeria Reporter
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    Moses Simon undergoes surgery tomorrow
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    Super Eagles shift focus to 2026 World Cup qualification
    The NFF wasted the FIFA window by not seizing the opportunity to run the rule on new players like Igoh Ogbu,Akor Adams,Gift Orban,Chuba Akpom,Onuche Ogbelu,Yira Sor ,Tolu Arokodare ,Elijah Adebayo etc. Out of the two new players called up, Gabriel Osho withdrew while Benjamin Tanimu ,who players in lowly Tanzanian league,was used in the first game against Ghana. Apart from trying out new formations , friendly games are used to test new players. If you fail to call up new players for friendly games,is it during the competitive fixtures that you’ll invite them? The NFF should name a permanent coach for the Super Eagles immediately and preparations for the World Cup qualifiers in June should begin in earnest.

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    Friends, those of you that kindly take the time to read my posts already know where I stand on the coach issue.
    Left to me, I would break the bank and hire an elite coach for the SE. Names like Pep Guardiola, Xabi Alonso and Jurgen Klopp may be out of our reach, but names like Unai Emery, Nuno Espirito Santo, Roberto Martinez, and several others can be persuaded with competitive offers. I really believe this.
    And I don’t want to hear “THERE IS NO MONEY”. I don’t want to hear that!
    Where is the $4m Afcon money? Ok, part of it was used to pay off Peseiro. WHERE IS THE REST?
    That money would be best used to get the best coach possible. Then Finidi or any other local coach can understudy the coach hired. This is my preference.
    But we all know NFF ONIGBESE will keep claiming they are cash strapped.
    If we invest the Afcon money in getting an elite coach, we would likely qualify for the world cup and get around $20m in world cup appearance fees. So our $4m initial investment pays for itself 5 TIMES OVER.
    I don’t know how our officials think. Why not use this money to get us to the world cup, so you can have more money to steal later? Abi?
    A consecutive failure to qualify for the mundial would be devastating for Nigerian football. Let’s do everything possible to ensure we qualify. Remember, we have only a couple of months before the next world cup qualifiers!!!

    • Helius 3 weeks ago

      Money no dey cos dollar don come down abi u don forget say CAF no dey pay in Naira

    • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

      Chai Pompeii….May God bless you. I thought I was the only one thinking in that line.

      We have about 24 or 26 months or thereabout to the world cup. We can use $4m to get very good coaches within the $100k-$150k salary bracket.

      Target no 1 for the new coach will be at least a Silver medal at 2025 AFCON which should fetch another $4m or more.

      Target no 2 will be qualifying for world cup which will fetch nothing less than another $20-$30m.

      But when you have cattle herders, failed barristers and civil servants administering football, running it with a profit oriented business model will be rocket science.

      And don’t tell me peserio was paid off from that $4m. The presidency ready approved N12B for the payment of outstanding salaries and allowances of the SE b4 the AFCON. Or am I missing something…??

      • Pompei 3 weeks ago

        Using a $4m initial investment to rake in $30m or more. That’s good business. They can even steal the rest after paying coaches and players. We won’t even notice, because we will be busy celebrating the good results.

        • Pompie and drey. You guys are economist. Wonderful economists.

          Getting a top rated coach will be the only reason I will back down on finidi continuing with the job.

          But if we will go and bring a white man failure again or a white journey man then It won’t make any sense to me.

  • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

    Nigeria can’t pay any coach above $80k…

    • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

      Yes….we can’t pay above $80k because we have theives and dullards as football administrators.

      Our afcon price money alone should pay a coach $150k for the next 2 years.

      And by the way, was Lagerback (the one Odegbami, Bassey and Co in the Presidential Task Force, went to get us from a London hotel in 2010 under the guise of touring Europe in search of a world cup coach) not being paid $200k per month all that time he was with us…?!

      When we start having sensible people run our football, paying $150k per month for two years to potentially earn upwards of $35m will not sound like a bridge to far in their ears.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

      So which means you actually have no trust in the so called your own? Lmao!! Even if it’s a $50k coach they can afford we prefer a foreign coach. 

  • Ralph 3 weeks ago

    Even KANU who has no interest in Coaching turn up today and decided to coach the SE , these ex player will still come out and say he has what it takes.
    Finidi has what it takes to lead the team, based on what? what he has achieved with Enyimba ? Or Amuneke, because he won with U17 and has done nothing since then.

    We dont need all this try and error.
    If the NFF dont have the capital to hire a formidable foreign coach then they should come and clean and say it, then we will all know we are going for a local because of lack of fund so we all rest on that.

    Moreover, on this local coach issue, if we are going to hire one, then these ex players cannot be the best local coaches we have in this country. NO, most of these guys are not even coaching and you will see them applying for a National Team Job, I dont understand this.

    • Pompei 3 weeks ago

      If NFF say they lack funds, then they should give a detailed account of what they did with the Afcon money. To the last kobo!

  • Sunnyb 3 weeks ago

    Headmaster, shut up, and speak the truth, I talk am,the truth is coming out gradually, Lookman confronted the useless tribalist coach about not giving him enough  minutes, Tella and Dele benched fior two games, but this foolish coach was busy parading average players, thunder will fire anybody advocating for  finidi to lead the Eagles, I’m very serious I hate that stupid ogogoro drinker.. finidi, Amuneke, and others, these guys are from the same school of thought, ethnic will be use in selecting players, same thing they’re  accusing Bosso for. 

    • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

      @Sunnyb… agreed Finidi messed up bigtime with his weird selections eveb starting a player of Lookman’s calibre from the bench… but if you call Finidi tribalist that may be incorrect because I want to believe he is IJaw and I don’t know which player he fielded that is from Rivers State except Nwabali.

      But I agree with you… Finidi may have sealed the fate of jostlers like Amuneke as he showed he does not have what it takes the manage the team in fairness and play players based on form. I am disappointed he didn’t play Bashiru, Tella and Only gave our current best player Lookman few minutes from the bench.

      I was shocked to see him pair Moses a winger with a usually slow Iheanacho who isn’t known for pressing in a 2man twin attack. The current Super Eagles don’t even need perpetually unimproving players to start games for us. It’s clear Umeruo is finished and need not be invited anymore likewise Awaziem. In their place callup any two of the duo of Osho when fit,Jordan Torunarigha and Igho Ogbu.

      We should still work hard to go back for Tosin Adarabioyo and Eberechi Eze especially when they get left out of the England team to Euro 2024. Such omission will be a good spur to go get those boys who are outstanding in their positions. It is very clear we still don’t have good ball players and carriers in midfield.

      • Amadi 2 weeks ago

        Hmmmm, aren’t this comment tribalist in nature. You could be a yoruba man and calling an ibo player slow.

  • Is high time you guys stop this, as an ex player, you have seen it all, yet you still don’t know that Finidi lack the capacity to lead the supper eagle? I smell politics else I don’t expect you to raise this chorus.

  • This is not the time to learn on the job. The stakes of qualification for the 2026 world cup are very high.
    When you have an important project to deliver, you go for the best hands available. You don’t take a gamble.
    Both Finidi and Ammunike will be mistakes at this point in time.
    Go for the tested and proven coach with a decent track record in the person of the South African, Pitso Mosimane.
    Let’s lay aside all sentiments.

  • Obviously, papilo is episodic in his comment.

  • chuks haifa 3 weeks ago

    Anyone saying there’s no money in Nigeria or NFF don fall mugu. Whenever they are shouting there’s no money, look into their cronies bank account and find stolen money. Finidi has shown that the class of 94 are like a secret cult that protects each other,whether the outcome is good or bad. There interest comes first and not the interest of Nigeria. Same thing with NFF officials. No love for Nigeria only personal interest. Nigeria can comfortably pay for a world class coach and take our football higher. Only a mugu or fool will believe Nigeria has no money. If we don’t go for the best coach, just kiss world cup qualifications bye. Who will suffer most! NFF!

  • Larry 3 weeks ago

    Finidi has further exposed the issue with local coaches. Favoritism, tribalism, and corruption.
    You could see that he only gave opportunities to players who are related to him through his mafia group or are likely to entice him with gifts. Tella, Lookman, Fisayo, Yusuf, and Umar no dey give shishi, the reason why clueless-ogogoro master didn’t consider them.
    It won’t be wrong to assume that his selection of players has created divisions in the team with some players expressing their frustration for a lack of respect.
    Considering their performances at AFCON and the friend matches, players
    Like Awaziem, Bruno, Jamilu, Omeruo, Uzoho, and Onuachu have nothing to offer the team.
    Onyedika, Iwobi, Kelechi, and Osayi should be alternative options.
    It is clear that the foundation of the team includes Nwabali, Ekong, Semi, Aina, Bassey, Zaidu, Onyeka, Ndidi,Lookman, Osi, Awo, and Boni.
    Pesseiro has given his replacement at least 9 players to build from. Major addition should include younger and effective players like Ogbu, Osho, Fisayo, Tella, Akinsemiro,Obinna, Orban, Ndah, Tijani,and that young lad in esperence,
    No need for clueless Finidi and Serial failure Amunike on the national team. They are both divisive elements that lack the moral and mental discipline to unite a team.
    The nff has enough money to invest in the team by hiring an affordable and technically sound foreign coach to be assisted with highly disciplined local contents like Ameobi, Olofin, Ikeme, Nssien and Utaka.
    Enough of these 94′ mafias and gangsters!!

  • Golden Child 3 weeks ago

    Nigeria we hail thee! We just never learn in this country, we continue to go round in circles. Our major challenge in our football are our ex footballers, they are stuck in a time machine. Dinosaurs all of them! They makeup a good number in our technical committee, they are part of the backroom staff, they are pundits et al. Collectively they contribute nothing!

    The SE project is not rocket science but sadly this current NFF and these ex SE will kill our football, they have no clue. We have a present crop of players that we can galvanise into a proper unit but with such vision less leadership, it will all come to nought.

    Here is how I think we can stir the fortunes of rhe SE around.

    1. A SWOT analysis should be conducted by the incoming gaffer. He should identify the STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS.
    STRENGTH: What is working in our team? We have some of the best strikers in world football today and team harmony is evident.

    WEAKNESS: We have one of the worst midfield in the continent. This was evident when we played a defensive 343 formation at the afcon. Sadly , coach after coach have refused to address this obvious problem. Also, Nigerians should not be carried away with the heroics of Nwabali because we are one injury away to unreliable Uzoho. We had the opportunity to try out okonkwo in this international window but fluffed our lines as usual. Okonkwo is trained by one of the top clubs in world football and is currently on loan at Wrexham at a very competitive English championship league but instead we decided to stick with an inactive goal keeper in a Cyprus league who has repeatedly let the entire nation down time after time, no be juju be that?

    OPPORTUNITIES: Have we taken advantage of the opportunities available to us ? The answer is No. Is the currently NFF monitoring the situation of Eze and Olise for possible inclusion into the team? There are no signs they are looking in that direction. How about the attacking midfielder that plays for portimonese, have we tried to poach him? He currently plays for Bulgaria u23. I am sure the dude will pick Nigeria ahead of Bulgaria. What are the handlers of the team doing, they keep on with iwobi in the attacking midfield position and consistently his performances are underwhelming. How about Lesley Ugochukwu, a player on the fringes of a starting position in a top club like Chelsea. Having a player like that will place less demand on Ndidi and he is young so there is great room for potential. How about Samson Tijani , I would have loved to see this young man in these recent friendlies but alas, we continued with undeserving and underwhelming Onyedika. The crop of strikers in the SE need a proper midfield behind them.

    THREATS: The major threat is the NFF, how on earth did a finalist like Nigeria end up playing Ghana and Mali whilst Ivory Coast plays top European teams? Can they ensure that the remuneration due to coaches and players are payed promptly. Can the NFF Technical committee and leadership eliminate interference in team selection and can all our aging heroes be excused from team selection? A lot of Ifs.

    This is the first thing the new coach must conduct before embarking in the herculean task of managing the SE.

  • Beryl 3 weeks ago

    Hey guys, let me bust your heads. Super Eagles Coach: It Is The Turn Of The North. From daily trust…. Lol

    • Onwajunior 3 weeks ago

      Lool…You know I thought u were kidding, so I googled it. Mehn!!! Nigeria is another planet I swear.

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