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France 2019: Super Falcons Secure Second Round Spot, To Face Germany On Saturday

France 2019:  Super Falcons Secure Second Round Spot,  To Face Germany On Saturday

Nigeria’ s Super Falcons will face Germany in the Round of 16 at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, reports Completesports.com.

The African champions will face the former champions in Grenoble on Saturday.


It is the first time in 20 years that the African champions will play in the knockout stages of the competition after they reached the quarter-final at the 1999 edition hosted by the United States of America.

With Brazil, China and Cameroon already qualified as the three best third-placed teams, the West Africans were hoping Chile failed to beat Thailand by a three-goal advantage in Rennes, which came through on Thursday.

Despite Chile’s 2-0 win over Thailand in final Group E game in Montpellier, Thomas Dennerby’s side claimed the last spot among the four best third-placed teams, on superior goals.

The African champions had lost 3-0 to Norway in Reims, but defeated South Korea 2-0 in Grenoble, before bowing to Les Bleues in their final Group A match in Rennes.

Mega Millions Naija

With Cameroon already advancing, it means that Nigeria will be the second African side in the competition after the elimination of South Africa from the group stages.

It is also the first time since the inception of the showpiece in 1991 that two African sides reach the knockout stages.

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  • Richie 3 years ago

    Nigerians and calculator things lol.
    Anyways, a win is still a win.
    These ladies worked really hard, that’s what I can really take away from them.
    All the best against the Female Mannschaft on Saturday

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Congratulations Super Falcons. I hope Super Eagles are watching. I’m proud of coach Dennerby and his team. This calls for a celebration. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Esuleke 3 years ago

      Yes omonaija the Supereagles are watching.

    • I hope you’ll be bold enough to come and comment when super eagles win their first match

  • Chudynak 3 years ago

    I hope they have learnt their lessons. We found ourselves in this precarious situation when we lost hugely to Norway in our first game. They should now be more focussed at this knockout stage

  • Well, they have tried. The Germans will have a field day that’s the reality.

    • t funny you think so. The same thing was said against France and only one mistake cost them the match. With all you have seen of the super falcoos you still think they are pushovers. That’s funny!

    • PapaFem 3 years ago

      Germany may possibly win, but they won’t have a field day. The team has improved a lot from the group that lost to Norway. And against Germany, trust me, it won’t be easy for both teams. If we maintain our tactical discipline at the back, and be decisive in front of goal, we can take the game.

  • Which one should I watch? Nigeria vs Burundi (6:00 pm Saturday) or Nigeria vs Germany (5:30pm Saturday)?


    • knet32 3 years ago

      To save you the dilemma, you’d rather watch Nigeria vs Burundi, because that’s a first of matches, while Germany vs Nigeria…is a last of the matches.

    • Mikey 3 years ago

      Saturday like no other….goal rush day for the Nigeria senior Team…as you witness shout of GOAAAAL from Super falcons…30mins later another shout of Goaalll from super Eagles…at the end na goal goal goal and goal…

    • Steve 3 years ago

      Falcons match is 4.30pm and not 5.30pm as you stated, so you still have time to watch full first half and some part of the second half before super eagles !!..I wish our national teams great success !!..go eagles , go falcons!

  • what’s the point. The Germans will still beat them. No need for high hopes. Cameroon keeps getting the easy teams

  • Ayodele 3 years ago

    Referees and the German tactical play plus  VAR decisions against Africans,Falcons stand no chance except the Divine decide to help Naija .

    • Pompei 3 years ago

      If it was only the German tactical play, I for still say nothing spoil. But come put Ref and VAR wahala join…..I’m just happy that the ladies at least made it to the knockout stages. If we play Germany the way we played France, we can make it. But any complacency or absent mindedness will be ruthlessly punished by the Germans. The one thing we are missing is finishing. The team creates chances, but lacks that finishing power upfront.

    • Patrick 3 years ago

      I believe in divine intervention. It was divine intervention that saved Nigeria. What was an ordinary collision between Chilean striker and Thailand goalkeper was made a penalty in order for chile to qualify but through divine intervention they lost the penalty.

      • Mikey 3 years ago

        did you know that the player that took the spot kick for the chiliean was a NIgirian(Omolara)you cant work against your motherland lolz…rather she paved the way for Nigeria …

  • Some times I try to ignore the obvious realities of FIFA official’s unfairness and bias during a match, but it keeps become too glaring to ignore.
    The matches of course BTW African nations and western nations is frost with so many questionable calls.
    I was surprise as it seem to me the officials wanted Chile to score today by all means: 7 mins added time?/for what!
    Even after the 7mins they would still have wanted them to play just to ensure Nigeria is eliminated.
    Well and good!
    They never succeeded.
    Ode to the Falcons.

    They should however be prepared to face not only the eleven players of their opponent but also the referees and FIFA.

    A happy day for Africans.

    • Pompei 3 years ago

      Fortunately, it worked out for us in the end. As you rightly said Iszy, the SF should prepare to face the Germans, the Ref, and VAR come Saturday. IF they think they are facing only the Germans, that will be an exercise in self delusion.

    • Steve 3 years ago

      I wonder where they got 7minutes from ?..thanks God for the cross bar , the match was tension socked , I wonder what super falcons where passing through in their rooms as the clock tick’s?.

      • Hahahaha
        Me too
        I was wondering how they felt.
        Oh our darling Falcons.
        Honestly I felt for them.

        Now I wish he attackers get their push right.
        Our defence may be jittery, but if the attackers can keep scoring goals or make use of the slight opportunities, they sometime may happen.

      • Hahahaha
        Me too
        I was wondering how they felt.
        Oh our darling Falcons.
        Honestly I felt for them.

        Now I wish the attackers get their push right.
        Our defence may be jittery, but if the attackers can keep scoring goals or make use of the slight opportunities, they sometime may happen.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Nigeria against Germany will end at 1 goal to nil. We know the winner our girls have done well but politics always carry the day. If fifa had known that Cameroon will win they would have allowed Scotland to win but God pass them now we have two Africans in the next round.

    Against germany if we use kanu ahead of Oparanozie we might cause an upset but the coach continues to trust her so i wonder where the pace will come from because Oshoala is not only isolated upfront alone but shes not 100% fit after the france match.

    Should the referee allow us to play our game i think Rashidat Kanu Ordega can use their pace and trickery to shock the Germans. This is a game of quickness so if Oshoala is not fit i hope the coach tries this 3 young busters and replace suspended rita with evelyn nwabuoku.

  • I find it difficult to believe that a lot of people still don’t watch football with an open mind, especially when it concerns the teams they support. The VAR and FIFA rules that majority are pointing to as means that FIFA uses to eliminate African teams, got Nigeria into the 2nd round.
    Scotland got knocked out because of VAR and the FIFA rule most people have come to hate. Ever since the Scotland – Argentina match, I have watched to see how many people will condemn that FIFA rule and come here to say Scotland was robbed. But I did not see a single person comment on how bad that rule was and how that FIFA didn’t like Scotland!. But people continue to accuse FIFA, using the VAR and the rule that, “you must stay put on the goal line when a penalty is played,” as an excuse.
    These are flimsy excuses that don’t hold water! People who continue to complain about the VAR and that rule are just engaging in nothing but self-pity!
    Nigeria squeezed into the 2nd round because VAR allowed Argentina to retake their penalty which they eventually scored. Additionally, I think thanks should also go to the Thailand keeper for making sure that one of her legs remained on the line when Chile took their penalty which was lost. If the Thailand keeper had stepped out of the goal line, the penalty would have been retaken (the VAR would have ensured it) and Chile may probably have scored.
    Nigeria should go and do their job against Germany and make sure they get enough balls into Germany’s 18 yard box, thus, increasing their chances of getting a positive VAR call. If they don’t do so, it will be nobody’s faulty if it goes the other way round.
    In this day and age, it is difficulty to cheat on the field of play because VAR is everywhere. Any wrong doing by any player will definitely be fished out. If most people complaining about VAR watch NBA basketball, they will understand that review of all play is part of the game and no basketballer can cheat and hope to go free.
    People need to start watching football with an open mind and not with sheer support of their teams alone!

    • Franklin 3 years ago

      exactly my thoughts

      • Dat has been d case with fifa and their referees. Dey want to justify their faulty calls with subsequent games. Y not inform the players these sets of rules be4 major competition starts

    • Pompei 3 years ago

      The issue here is not the rules. It is the application of the rules. Case in point…NIG VS ARG at the 2018 mundial. An Argentine player handles the ball in their box. Mikel leads Nigerian requests for a penalty. The Ref not only denies the request, but REFUSES to check VAR! How do you refuse a request to check VAR in such a crucial moment? If it had been a European or South American team, the Ref would surely have checked VAR. If it was a Nigerian that handled the ball in the Nigerian box, no doubt the Ref would have awarded a penalty immediately. The penalty we were eventually awarded was too clear to ignore. However, the main thing was Argentina also had the lead then. I doubt we would have been awarded that penalty if the game was nil-nil! If the rules are uniformly applied without bias, no problem. That would actually make VAR a very good addition to the game. What is rendering VAR a nuisance and ruining the game simultaneously is the human element….Refs making strange decisions that seem to favor one team over another.

      • Steve 3 years ago

        I agree with you ,surely is the application of the VAR rule by the referees that is the problem !!..When Norway was leading Nigeria in their first match , Nigeria had a conner and in that conner Oparanozie was held back by one Norwegian defenders , which surely was a pure penalty, yet the referee ignores it and the VAR officials refused to call her attention !!. .Nigeria could have leveled it up had it been that call was made .So the problem is not the VAR but those that interpret it , both the in field referee and VAR officials are to blame !!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Oga…first and foremost…it is not and has never been the mandate of players to request for VAR. It is the VAR referees in the control room who communicate the need to consult the VAR to the match referee. Check many VAR calls in this tournament and the past tournaments…its always not immediately after the incident has happened..its always about 20 to 30 seconds after…which means that the VAR referees first review the situation in the control room, before calling the attention of the match referee.
        Secondly, the incident in the NIGvsARG Match was NEVER a penalty…why..? Football rules state that if the penalty box, the ball touches any other part of a players body, before striking the arm…it is not a foul. The ball struck Rojo’s head before striking his arm. We saw same scenerios in other games of that world cup and a penalty was NEVER awarded. We saw it yesterday in CAM vs NZL… Cameroun’s 1st goal…the ball struck Ajara’s shoulder and then it struck her had….yet her goal was not disallowed neither was Ajara penalized even after checking VAR. Maybe Cameroon is no longer an african country.
        We see these same rules being implemented in top football competitions and leagues in europe without anybody complaining. But when we fall victim due to our own negligence and ignorance, we start blaming FIFA.
        Honestly…this FIFA is after africa talk is pure crap and smirks off sheer illiteracy.
        The SAME scenario that trinspired btw NIG / FRN also transpired in the ARG/SCO game….SMAE SCENERIOS….an unintentional foul…players gets a card…..VAR awards penalty….penalty missed…VAR checks and sees keeper off her line….keeper gets booked…..penalty retaken…..penalty scored. ARG draws the match and gives NIG a shouting chance….Yet NONE of these village people came out to shout that Scotland was robbed. Maybe Scotland too has become an african country.
        Now another one is claiming,….. “Dat has been d case with fifa and their referees. Dey want to justify their faulty calls with subsequent games. “……….thats preposterous to say the least. The same FIFA thats sends erring referees home from tournaments..? How does doing the wrong things in subsequent games make a wrong thing right…? So are u saying the ref against Scotland was wrong to award a penalty against scotland….? or are you saying the ref was wrong to penalize the keeper for stepping out of her lines…??
        CHai…I just dey shake my head.
        “If you want to hide anything from a black man, put it in a book”
        The competitions rules and regulations are there on FIFA website for FREE download. Some people really need to be school in the laws of football.
        Fifa even organizes seminars for all the teams before the start of every competition to update them on the rules of the game….still, when these rules are being applied we will be the 1st to be crying that FIFA hates us.

        • Pompei 3 years ago

          Well, I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one. But if you think about it, how can so many people be wrong? Look at the France vs Nigeria clip on youtube. Thousands of comments, all saying the same thing – the game was manipulated! All saying that FIFA appears to have some sort of bias against African teams! Of these comments, at least 90% were from individuals who are non-African. They can not all be illiterates, with village mentality, as you put it. As I said before, VAR itself has the potential to be a very good thing. The value in VAR lies in it’s unbiased, uniform application. My suggestion is that FIFA should borrow a leaf from tennis. At the US Open, if a point is contested by a player, the Umpire consults a software named HAWKEYE. HAWKEYE shows clearly for all to see if the ball is in or out. The decision is not in the umpire’s hands. The umpire can overrule and make decisions during a game, but if the player challenges the umpire’s decision, HAWKEYE is consulted, and the issue is settled fairly. In football, players are allowed to challenge a referee’s decision. When that happens, the referee consults the VAR officials, who then advise the referee to look it up. Two recommendations from me – the VAR replay should be on the stadium big screens so everyone can see, not just the ref! It makes no sense that only the ref can see the replay! Secondly, the decision should be made by a VAR software, similar to HAWKEYE in tennis. These two recommendations provide the INTERNAL CONTROL needed to ensure that VAR decisions are unbiased. If everybody can see the screen, referees will think twice before making an unpopular decision. As it stands currently, the referee has too much responsibility (power), and referee errors, intentional or not, are ruining the game, and raising suspicion of corruption within FIFA ranks.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Of course we can agree to disagree and also disagree to agree. That’s what epitomes the sound exchange of knowledge.
            First and foremost, i put it to you that thousands of commentators globally, including africans and non-africans have also absolved both the match referee and the VAR of any wrong doings. I just put to you 2 scenarios above….ARG/SCO and CAM/NZL both of them favoring Africans. So its an absolute fallacy to say FIFA is against Africa. Senegal benefited from this same VAR in the last U20 would cup too.
            Of course we cant rule out wrong calls by referees in football matches, but to say it is targeted at Africans alone is pretty unsagacious.
            I’ve followed the last two fifa organized tournaments closely and I must state without fear or fervor that officiating and decisions have been spot-on………infact to a fault sef.
            The fact that Korea’s equalizer against Nigeria was ruled out just because the korean striker’s FINGERS WERE OFFSIDE says a whole lot. Yet, I’m yet to see anyone come and condemn the officials of that game just because the result favored Nigeria. In the lead up to that first goal against Korea….Oparanozie “SEEMED” to handle the the ball, but we have all turned our eyes the other way because it favored us. Eventually, we became victims of the law due to our ignorance and we got punished and then we cry foul….Initially, you people claimed it wasnt a penalty…later tori changed to VAR shouldnt have spotted the keeper stepping out of her line (I dont know why we have VAR in the first place if it isnt meant to spot infractions during the game)….later it changed to there was encroachment by france players into the box (meanwhile it was players from both teams that encroached, and the encroachment didnt in anyway interfere with play)….Just 24 hrs later…same scenario from A-Z panned out in ARG-SCO match and y’all kept quiet..no complaints..of course the draw favored us. FIFA was not against AFRICAN teams then.
            Cameroon’s 1st goal against NZL had Ajara control the ball with her shoulder and her arm before burying it in the net…VAR allowed the goal, why…bcos according to the laws of the game if in the penalty box, the ball touches another part of a players body b4 touching his/her arm….it is not a foul. Nobody has said anything now o….it favored cameroon and they qualified for R16….FIFA isn’t against African teams. If the tables were turned and NZL scored such goals and knocked Cameroon out…aaahhhh…this whole forum would have been on fire.
            Do you know what that is called…HYPOCRISY..!
            The fact that thousands are saying the same thing doesn’t mean it is the truth. If the main stakeholders…players and even coaches…. dont know the rules of football (even when FIFA trains them on the eve of every tournament) how much more people who just watch in from of their TVs. Just like i said, i have read several reviews too including references to the laws of the game that states that the decisions where spot on. Its just impossible to post documents on this forum, i would have posted the rules i downloaded from FIFA website here for all to read and update themselves.
            Necessity is the mother of inventions….just as you have recommended, a better software can be developed to make decision making in football matches more accurate and transparent. But until then….the LAWS of the game remains that THE REFEREE IS THE SOLE AND FINAL ARBITER IN THE GAME OF FOOTBALL..!
            When we won Olympics (even before almighty won their first in 2016) FIFA wasn’t against Africa. Cameroon followed suit 4 years later FIFA wasn’t against Africa, We have won several u17 and u20 WCs FIFA wasn’t against Africa. The likes of Ghana and Senegal won games in the WC and got to Q/final…fifa wasnt against africa. Even out super falcons got to the q/finals of the WC in 1999 only to lose to Brazil via a golden goal FIFA wasn’t against Africa.
            Please lets go and work hard and improve our game as a continent and perform well and stop blaming fifa for our failures (and that includes updating ourselves about new revisions to the laws of the game). The law is the law and it must be implemented…no matter whose ox is gored..! The last time i checked, countries like Italy and Scotland who have also suffered from the laws are are not African teams.

    • Fine u are right drey. But my problem is not about the VAR reviews. rather, it is the decisions that the referies took after the views that bowfulls me to be honest to u my guys these fifa so call officials are bloody racist fools. For example look at naija vs argentina he watched the faul ball in the 18 yard disturbing the ball to reach an oponent ready to take the shot and that fool didnt give us penalties. That ref is not better than nigerian refs but fifa will not invite our ref to the turnament. A turnament we have participated in 6 occasions. Look at the falcons against france. ebere was looking at the ball. She is first to react to the ball. She was in front of her opponent the french girl trying to be super man came from behind and force her leg into a dangerouse play and she got cut by a defender who was only intending to clear the ball. there after she have watch many preasurising reviews by those racist ugly fifa faces as philipin she wouldnt like to lose are job she fall to the trap and gave that penalty with a second yellow. It means the defender should have watch the ball passed her and alow france to score. I strongly believe the french captain lost the first ball intentionaly and some of her head shots was verry unusual becos she knew the situation we where in bit they made her repeat the penalty. After the match she was nt very encited until a team mate came close and forced a smile on her face. 2014 matuidi delebrately forced out our best player (onazi) off the pitch via injury yet he was given a yellow. 2010 our favorite midfielder(sani kaita) was giving a red right in the front of the lines man who knew that kaita didnt touch him but only an attemt.he told the ref to give kaita red to favour greace. So on and so fort many cases. It high time africa federation begins to probe some of the referies. The europeans go to ref homes and drop treath letters on their brief box to treaten their lives in other to favour them. Maybe we should stick to continental games and forget abt FIFA infact FIVER

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    These fabulous ladies deserve that one more game at least in this tournament. We made it out of the group of death. Our display against France captured the worlds imagination. I believe the coach will adopt the same strategy against Germany and I will agree with @chima that Kanu should start in place of injured Oshoala. I don’t think he will bench Oparanozie because she’s the defecto captain of this team. She always makes herself nuisance to opposing defenders. Kanu will be my only change upfront while Evelyn Nwabuoku replaces Rita Chikwelu in the midfield. I’m just not sure if there’s a capable replacement for Ngozi Ebere. I think this is the climax for the SuperFalcons in this tournament, but this is the WorldCup where anything is possible particularly, with VAR. I can only wish them the best and I’m sure they will fight till the end. VAMOS ARRIBA SUPERFALCONS!!!!!

  • If fifa think dey can be doing ojoro. We know wat to do . Wen we reduce d German on d field by 2 and increase our player by 2 with black power let see wat wil happen. .who will have more power on d field on Saturday

  • our ladies all the way to the final and Eagles winning the Cup…..
    my prediction.

  • To beat germany is a task that must be done. All kukun shud report back to site with immediate effect. All genkos shud light d 24 hours red candle.all tetra shud hang in d air ready to enter d stadium by 19 26h tomorrow. Lastly d referree witsle shud be duplicated for this assignment.

    • Gergiev 3 years ago

      U think u ve poeer than us in Germany. Forgeeet it .we got talisman to count act on u ladies. We ve computerist dat wil reduce ur power Gergiev from east

      • Omode omogun ope left .geigver or wat u call ur self. U are a goner

  • Jensen Josh Conversions 3 years ago

    This is where the problem lies,Rita is suspended,Ebere also suspend…
    Who will hold the Dutch in the midfield?
    Rita is a box to box player
    The question is who can replace her perfectly? Who is as physical as she is?
    Ohale can cover up for Ebere while nwabuokwo patners ebi in the centre half.
    But our forwards are too lazy to the ducth defense

    But I wish then best of luck tho

  • Larry 3 years ago

    The coach needs to replace oparanozie with Rasheedat. Rasheedat’s pace and trickery combined with Oshoala’s skills will do the magic against Germany. Oparanozie has not done much to deserve a starting spot in this team. Kanu, Rasheedat and Oshoala should be our attacking trio.

    • Correct talk larry. If i was to be denearby i will play kanu oshola and rashidat in mildfied oparanoze and odega plus wan natural midfielder. Dem go win like dat

    • greenturf 3 years ago

      I wasn’t impressed with Rashidat all round performance in the recent AFWON in Ghana.
      She was so lethargic and uninspiring not surprise she has not been involved in games so far.

  • osaretin 3 years ago

    Sorry “VAR” is supposed to be call Video Assisted Robbery

    • Pompei 3 years ago

      My brother, the way VAR is being used currently, you got that right! Lol!!!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Criminally used the penalty against france was not shown from all angle and we were made to believe there was a contact we can’t even see i dare them to show that penalty from all angle. Anyway that is gone by lets go back to the prayer room that we don’t see more fake calls against Germany.

      Should Germany win fair i will salute them and walkaway thats sportsmanship but not any more dramas because naija girls are humans and not animals who you give cards for no reason stop their play but when they are fouled you ignore the calls. The only official that was pure was that against Korea the rest na rubbish.

      • China I cannot agree with u enough on this! You nipped it right in the boaardd.
        I thought I was the only one that noticed they never showed the supposed guilty act from all angles. I am sure they knew what they were up to. That is, get rid of this ‘black monkeys’ by all means. I perceive there was perhaps a slight infringement on the French player but hitherto am yet to find our or to know exactly where and how it was done. Sure they would not show us. But other infringements were shown from all cylinders.
        I would say that tackle was nothing more than a mere hustle for ball from both players and was not sufficient to ground a spot kick as held by the VAR and co.
        And in the likely event the officials deem fit to award it, the penalty kick was sufficient punishment for the player and not to give another card that culminated to a red card.
        Show us from all angles and and it would suffice us.
        I agree with Pompei who suggested the screen show be placed at a place where all spectators could also see and judge. I think this would put these bias umpires called VAR to a great check.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Iszy there is God every man shall account for themselves on that great day!

  • I wish super falcons and super eagles good luck today. My concern is the super eagles. Mr. Rohr should not repeat his mistake of late substitution. He should not underrate Burundi. He should not fail to combind Mikel and Iwobi in the midfield. We need an attacking football. We will surely miss Victor Moses in this 2019 nations cup.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Summary of Super Falcons’ 20 year journey to the knockout round of the WC
    So Nigeria were OUT (3-0 Scotland)
    Then In (Argentina 3-3 Scotland)
    Then Out (1- 0 Cameroon)
    Then IN (Cameroon 1-1 N/ Zealand)
    Then OUT (Cameroon 2-1 N/Zealand)
    Then IN(Chile 1-0)
    Then OUT/IN (Chile 2-0)
    Then about to be OUT (Pen. Chile).
    Then are now IN FOR REAL….!!
    Now I understand Nelson Mandela’s book “long walk to freedom”

  • Good morning pompei, I don’t know you but I think we have semblance in out thought pattern.
    I always look forward to reading your comments on this site. This is not because we have a common ground on issues. But because your suppositions are carefully analysed afore hand, and critically viewed to the letter. It is akin to my thought line as well. I think this is because u sit, watch and analyse matches.
    I sit in my office and watch most of these matches or in the comfort of my sitting room and I must say without mincing words I have a case, not against VAR but surely with the application of the rules by the referees, as rightly opined by my friend, Pompei.
    I was one of the persons who applauded the introduction of VAR into modern day football and saw that step as not only laudable but amazing, since this is gonno at least jettison the shortcomings of football vis-à-vis application of its rule; since of course by reason of human frailties or if u like, achelles heels, it cannot be perfect but at least near perfect.

    But this appears to me to be a total SCAM and a Facade, and it has brought to light the remote and immediate bias and fraud clustered in the FIFA ranks from the beginning.
    I watched this just concluded under 20 world cup too and I think African contestants must be near perfect or even invincible to be able to go pass any crucial match in this VAR regime. Any absentmindedness or mistake will be punished without looking back. A slight error can become very grave. See South Africa V. Spain penalty call. There was a guilty act but no guilty mind since it seemed the defender cleared the ball first before inadvertently striking the knee of the advancing opposition’s attacker. Of course no escape for Africa. Even the penalty against us, well may be a slight foul of the French player but could or may have been over looked if it were any of the FIFA beloveth.
    The VAR seem to me as an instrument in the hand of the mighty, a citadel of security and oppression, where the government of football can hide, however safely, to perpetrate without getting caught, the arbitrary measures and inarticulate major premises locked within their ranks against the governed, i.e the teams they have some what against.
    As someone rightly said, if they had contemplated that cameroun would out wit and out run New Zealand , they would not have applied the VAR to aid their counterparts( I mean the beloved ones)to have a draw.

    Now of course, Cameron miraculously went through, even if as a patriot of my dear country Nigeria, I was some how scared to be honest seeing that this might happen to be a blow to he falcon’s chances. I really didn’t not know where to put my money during the match. It appeared to me that I was neither for New Zealand nor Cameron. I would not mind, both of them drowning lol. I am first a Nigerian before an African.

    You could see how the officials by all means wanted the Chileans to win, 7mins added time? For what? There were no issues in the course of the match to warrant that luxury of injury time.
    Thank God for the Thailand goalkeeper who though not good, but stopped their threats, and stayed at the goal line. Perhaps they would have wanted them to play some more minutes if they could get a goal.

    Well, I do not expect much tomorrow from the falcons, the high flying germans are of course sth to reckon with. They are very skilled at Ariel balls and their height is intimidating. Coupled with the obvious bias for African teams and VAR, hmmmmm we cannot but keep our fingers crossed and prepare for the worse.
    Olu’s voodoo view is some how very comic.lolz.

    Well in foot ball any thing can happen.
    I will sit in the comfort of my house and watch and we shall be back here to analyse.

    N.B: please this is my opinion on the issues and I would respect any other dissenting view.

    • Pompei 3 years ago

      Great comment, Iszy. I agree with your sentiments, as you expressed. I join you in hoping for the best for the Falcons. Beating the Germans will be a herculean task by itself. Having to beat the Ref and VAR also will render the match a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. If the Ref is fair and just, then I fancy our chances, no matter how small they are. The keys to victory for us are tactical discipline, and taking our goal scoring chances when they come!

      • Thank u so much Pompei.
        I like to watch and analyse matches fairly.
        If they beat us fairly, I would give them a handshake and take a bow. That’s of course sportmanship. But not when wins are shrouded in deceit by racial sentiments.
        Our girls just need to have this mindset and avoid indiscipline especially in the box.
        This my whatsapp contact to Pompeii: +2318134040125.
        We can analyze matches if u want together from time to time.
        And surely we don’t have to have a common ground.
        I must also thank one Drey too for his dissenting opinions, however very maturely expressed.
        Thanks to complete sports for he privilege.

        I am waiting to see Gernot Rohr’s and his technical abilities in this nations cup.
        I how ever have a nagging fear against his competence. But he is white head what can we do!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Well said!

  • Heeee i love this infact the new name of the Germans is sorry,next round here we come

  • Pompei 3 years ago

    VAR is at it again…the Uruguay vs Japan game at the Copa America. Cavani had a shooting chance. He swung his right foot. A Japanese defender, attempting to block Cavani, also raised his foot. Cavani then hit the studs of the Japanese defender. Cavani, like South Americans usually do, started rolling on the ground like he had just been shot. The ref waves it off, and signals for play to continue. The Japanese goalie then hits the ball out, so Cavani can get some medical attention. The Uruguayans start to protest, mounting pressure on the ref to check VAR. The ref bows to the pressure, checks VAR, and points to the spot! Penalty for Uruguay! What was the Japanese defender supposed to do? He was within his right to contest for the ball, which he did. Cavani hit him, not the other way round. How is that a penalty? Essentially, the Japanese made a huge mistake by hitting the ball out. If they had continued playing, the Uruguay players would not have time to protest like they did! If VAR is there to provide evidential value backing up a referee’s decision, or helping a referee arrive at a decision, why should the ref be the only person looking at the VAR replay? It should be on the stadium big screen, for all to see. There are so many things wrong with VAR at the moment. The rules are faulty. The biggest problem is the human factor. No checks and balances to keep the referees on their toes. So the use of VAR is subject to human error, and worse! These problems need to be addressed urgently.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Hahaha i just checked this out even the commentator said it. Its a total disgrace to football honestly if you give my team a fake penalty like this i will not celebrate the goal.

      Like i said football is politics that is why the superpowers will surely dominate. I repeat again if Senegal men or naija women where Europeans they will win multiple world cups.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hahahaha….Its rather unfortunate…but that’s a biased report on what transpired. Lolz. What happened is in no way different from what happened in FRA vs NOR, ARG vs SCO, THAI vs CHI and NIG vs FRA……missing the ball but not missing the player….and the consequence is that a foul is called and the appropriate sanctions given. Go back and check, 3 out of 4 red cards issued at the last U20 WC was as a result of these kinds of scenarios.
    These are things players used to get away with before, (including shirt tugging in the penalty box and keepers coming of their line before a penalty) but no more VAR is here and there is no hiding place for such infractions anymore. Nowadays, just hold person shirt small or wrap your arms around an opponent or make any kind of contact without getting the ball in the penalty box and you’ll have yourself to blame
    You can argue that the Japanese defender had the right to contest for the ball which he did…but the downside is that he missed the ball and caught cavani with HIS STUDS…. Even the slightest of contacts get penalized now, with video assistance.
    The game between BRA/ ITA…just a slight body check and boom, penalty.
    Is Italy an african team…? Is Japan an African team..? Is CONMEBOL too now against Asian teams…??? LOLZ.
    The earlier we all get used to these things the better for us. What used to be harmless before now can be any team’s undoing.
    He who has ears let them hear…!


    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Was there contact or not…? Absolutely YES. Case closed…that’s all referees want to know now..and VAR is here to magnify it for them…LMAO

      • Tartan 3 years ago

        Oga drey you are a shame to admit lies to be true because of your ego i always see some sense in your write up but i am sorry my boss you are wrong here that was a bias call even the foul of Godin on the japan guy was more of a penalty. My brother stop the sentiments and join your people to air truth.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          hehehehe..dont worrry, one day…very soon, Nigeria too will benefit from this so-called “BIAS” the same way we benefited from the one that happened btw ARG /SCO and that is when I’ll hear wat all these cospiracy theorists will say. I bet you all will keep quiet the way youve all done after ARG/SCO and CAM/NZL matches. LMAO

          • greenturf 3 years ago

            I think people are likely to feel hard done by when it’s related to them and aren’t bothered when it’s not.I appreciate your efforts to educate people on the rules of the game.
            That notwithstanding,you cannot rule out politics entirely in global organisations FIFA notwithstanding aren’t perfect with links to corruption charges against her members.
            However,developments recently shows that this global body is working assiduously to improve the quality of the game as well create transparency and equality when dealing with member states which smaller football nations are the beneficiaries.
            Teams like Ukraine and south Korea made it to the final of the most recent under 20 world cup,i expect to see more of this developments.
            FIFA under Infantino is doing a good job.I think there’s improvement in the quality of the game as well credibility.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    I know they will say it is because he is a white man now. LMAO

  • @Drey, what do you have to say about the French player who started running into our box ahead of others before the ball was kicked during the penalty retake?

    • Mayowa 3 years ago

      Debo Dr Drey is a very stupid person even the cavani penalty he uploaded please click it is a short video and you will see that Cavan was rather the one who chipped his boot against the Japanese. It is very obvious that it is either Drey is a confusionist or he has mental problem. Your eyes are working well but skonskon don take your brain better check yourself.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaha…I have no reply for you….when you are done barking…you will crawl back into your kernel

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Encroachment was by both sets of players….French and Nigerian players…and that picture was even the picture of the 1st penalty that was missed not the 2nd one that was scored. (go back and see the full highlights)
      Moreover…the only penalty for encroachment is a retake of the penalty…not that the penalty opportunity will be turned over.
      Thirdly, the penalty can only be ordered to be retaken if the referee deems it that encroachment of the area was so much as to interfere with play.
      There’s never been a time when a ref overturns a penalty opportunity because there was encroachment into the area…the worst that would have happened to order a retake which the french would still probably have scored. As that analyst in the video above rightly stated..the ref was on point in awarding a retake for both the step off the line and the encroachment (by both sets of players).
      These are things we see everyday in the game of football….but because we are the victim now, we want to lay blames on everyone else to console ourselves.