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How Africa Can Win The World Cup -Amuneke

How Africa Can Win The World Cup -Amuneke

Former Super Eagles winger, Emmanuel Amuneke has reiterated that Africa can only win the World Cup if they develop the young generation and lay foundations for the young ones to be in a position to be able to compete

Amuneke made this known in an interview with FIFA.com, where he said that Africa has the potentials and talents to match their European counterpart with the right mindset.

The 1994 African Cup of Nations and Olympic gold medalist also noted that Africans must avoid talking too much but do the talking on the field of play.

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“Over the years, people have said ‘Africa is going to win the World Cup’ and I agree but we cannot win the World Cup just by talking. We have to develop the young generation and lay foundations for the young ones to be in a position to be able to compete.”

“I think the only way we Africans can do better, is by going back and developing our players. It is true that we have a lot of great players playing in Europe, doing very well but, of course, we also have to think about those playing in the country, how we can aid them to become much better players and how we can develop them.

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  • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

    Progressive thinker.

    • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 weeks ago

      @ E Samuels. Amuneke and Siasia are progressing thinking people. You are right.

  • God bless you Amuneke.

    When Nigeria is ready to win competitions they will bring you in to coach super eagles.

    I pray NFF wakes up on time.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      He doesn’t necessarily has to be the main coach, but he can function well in other development program for the team. Herve Renard is the one for this but like I said Amuneke, Siaone and one of these great ex-internationals whom has one way or other proved themselves to have a winning DNA, can be a part of the backroom staffs to create a formidable circle. You can imagine how the dressing room will be like and Shoromu be brought back to replace the low IQ Agu. Winning a world cup is very possible as soon as the rightful is done. For now let’s be enjoying Qualifications!

      • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 weeks ago

        You are right @Samuels. Well said.

      • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

        But you still have to qualify before winning the world cup.
        You have listed those that have failed in the past to qualify for just the nations cup and under 20 world cup respectively.

        • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

          Is qualification new to us? When did we become Togo that qualified for one world cup and seems to be their greatest achievements and they’re celebrating till date. Most of you defines the average goalsetters that has left African to remain under achievers. Imagine a world cup that has existed before some of our fathers were born we are yet to taste victory till 2021. If we continue thinking like this regressive groups we will never progress! I have reduced conversing here because as Thornton Wilder stated “The world is filled with foolishness leaving the few wise ones at risk of contagious”.

      • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

        2010 – 2011 Siasia + Kalika + Salisu + Shorunmu – FAILED to qualify for ordinary AFCON

        2016 – Siasia + Amuneke + Yusuf + Shorunmu – FAILED to qualify for ordinary AFCON again

        Those are the people that will win world cup for you. The same way your ISAAC SUCCESS is the striker we need in order to reach the semifinals of the world cup.

        A good Samaritan needs to help your family soak your brain in bleach and wash it clean.

        • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

          Accuser of the brethren failed to state their positive achievements. Siasia has done more good than average. And he is far better than your Ladan Bosso and co. You are just a Child that talks too much when you start taking responsibility you’ll be wise. That’s all I have for you today!

        • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

          Siasia took silver at the u20 world cup, silver and bronze at the Olympics despite the wickedness of the NFF. Siasia won the U20 Afcon, Siasia plays beautiful attacking football. With Siasia the pressure is Zero even the few times he lost I still feel good about the positive football being witnessed.

          • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

            As I said earlier, A good Samaritan needs to help your family soak your brain in bleach and wash it clean.

            You think Super Eagles is U-Super Eagles right…? you think AFCON is U-AFCON and world cup is U-World cup where 35 year olds will masquerade as 18 years olds…?

            Siasia FAILED in ALL senior teams he was given to handle. There was no hiding place…..it was no longer 35 years olds facing teenagers….it was now 35 years old facing their fellow 35 year old. No hiding place to use old men to bully young boys.

            He FAILED to qualify for AFCON twice. He RELEGATED JUTH FC and Bayelsa Utd. He inherited Heartland FC that was 2009 CAFCL runners up and finished bottom of the group in the 2010 CAFCL. Heartland were almost headed for relegation that season too until the management of the team quickly discovered this one is only good at using age cheats for underaged competitions and he was quickly booted out. I dont know what other evidence you need, to see that his only successes are at age-grade tournaments. As your eyes are blind so also your brains are rotten.

            Once again, people who couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON are the ones that will win World cup for you….cant you see how wise you are…? Imbecile

            Small boy calling somebody else a child.

            I’d rather talk too much and be respected for talking sense all the time, that being recognized as a fool and filthy liar like you.

            I hope you also felt good in 2012 and 2017 when we shamefully couldn’t play at the AFCON

            To call you a daft idiot is a compliment.

  • HASSAN Tia 3 weeks ago

    There are many factors you didn’t mention captin Amuneke these factors are as follows:-1- developing game administration and how to adminstrate the football in the country like how to administrate the leauge,clubs,players,refrees, football adminstirators,coaching and how to provide to them to be a quality coaches,how to construct fasilities and how to build academies and how to develop them.Nigeria foot ball needs many things to develop and to be a quality team in the World; I think NFF administors should enact a law or laws for clubs to public sharing compnies and have to impose on them(clubs) to be a professional clubs and any player in them to be also professional also administrators;the clubs must have a special stadium also jimaniziuom with developed facilities, have also attched pitch or playground, also have special craft,have special academy in order to provide the club with good and talent players;the leauge must be professinal one, the leauge devided to a premier one , second leauge,third leauge, fourth leauge belongs to the small districts in the cities and towns all these leauges must be professinal with good funding for thier clubs,these clubs can be sponsored by a capitalist man who have all rights to sell any players in his club to any outside country like European clubs or Aribic clubs, this philolosphy allows the sponsor or owner to be exist still at the club with these temptations.Finally NFF must enact a law that any premier leauge player if he would like to join European club he must join a big club in a big leauge like English,Spanish,Italian,French,Germany,Portugal and so on in order to enhance his quality then he can benifit himself and his country Nigeria,in lower leauge like fourth one the player can join small leauges and small clubs as his based club or his will to join any club. Also there is a big problem face Nigerian national teams espcially Super Eagles this problem is a pattern of play or style of play;Nigeria in many temperories can’t lift the trophy in Afrcon. Three time with Cameroon this resulting of weak pattern of playing,Super Eagles lack a defensive pressing and combative style of playing so any rival can press them from the midfield and defence then he can score goals on them(SE),so the successive style of playing is a defensive pressing and combative playing , this needs from SE technical crew to train them serouisly on a defensive and pressing style,then the can lift a trophy or compitite a quality team in World Cup final…

  • I dey laugh ooooooh!

    Is it on millet/maize pitches that Africa will win WC? African FAs have failed to develop the infrastructures for the sports, but yet people have lofty ideas of winning the WC. Why can’t we focus on addressing the basic issues and laying the necessary foundation?

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      If you can’t start making change by speaking then be quiet and leave those who believe. I can’t do I can’t do syndrome is really fucking the continent and when people start speaking so the pressure gets to the people at the top of affairs then negative people shut them down. I’m coming hard at you guys sometimes not out of pleasure but out of pain of what you guys have reduced the continent to be and still fooling out of ignorance till date and emerging in plenty.

      • This is just wishful thinking, my friend. It’s one of the symptoms of schizophrenia — thinking is dissociated with reality. Don’t you know that some schizophrenic patients think they are Emperor Napoleon of old? Because of our unbridled wishful thinking we’ve let Singapore to overtake us, we’ve let Malaysia to overtake us, we’ve let Brazil to overtake us . . .
        But people like you would rather we continue dreaming and fooling ourselves. Go on, then.

        • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

          Ask the senseless drunkard for how long has Nigeria been calling itself the “Giant of Africa”. Ask him if it has made Nigeria a giant of Africa now in 2021. Faith without work is DEAD.

          Action they say speaks louder than voice. You dont build something on nothing. Countries that win the world cup dont stumble on it. They win it after years of planning and goalsetting, after years of laying foundations and putting infrastructure in place.

          You want to win World cup and you don’t have a permanent training camp for all your national teams. You want to win the world cup and you are still playing on water logged pitches, you want to win world cup and you cant pay your players bonuses for 2 solid years. You want to win the world cup and your league teams still struggle to qualify for group stages of continental competitions.

          That is how to really win the world cup. Countries that have won the world cup are currently exhibiting such traits.

          He wants to win the world cup with people who couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON.

          There is no medicine that cures foolishness, otherwise I would have purchased some for that arrogant for nothing fool.

          • @Dr.Drey on blazing guns ooooh…. I doubt if they will reply you, but while they are on the run lemme add some bullets… “you want to win the world cup and our 1st eleven are not playing in clubs that qualified for UEFA Champions League”
            Did you say Sanusi in Porto? our guys’ form is nose-diving so soon.
            Did you say Chukwueze? till we see what he brings to the table after injury.

          • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

            No be only Chris na Oyakilome, all of you are not different, you think is every nonsense that I have to read talkless of responding to. I only chanced on reading your comment and since it doesn’t add to progressive thinking I walker join you. I can’t come and be explaining a view to one who is a sheep to fool who’s level of contentiousness is just too pathetic to behold.

          • Dr Drey 3 weeks ago

            You have no crap to explain to anybody…you haven’t made any sense the whole day. Go and get help. Go and get someone to wash your brain clean if you have any. Then go back to school. You are OBVIOSULY not even literate enough to be leading discussions on a forum like CSN.

            People who couldn’t qualify you for ordinary AFCON are the ones that will win the world cup for you….LMAOOo. Please you can be this foolish for all I care, but please dont pass this sort of stupidity and empty arrogance to your innocent child(ren). They dont deserve such generational curse from you.

        • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 weeks ago

          Well said @E Samuels

      • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

        Mr big goal getter….why haven’t you set for yourself the goal of becoming the next UN secretary general. Or is that position too little for you…? Or since you lied you have 2 degrees in oil and gas economics and management, what about becoming the next OPEC chairman (if at all you even know what OPEC means…. LMAOoo)

        Let me give you a brief lesson in goal setting…..SMART…yes….SMART. that’s the key principle of setting and achieving goals. Go and read it up online.

        The R in the SMART stands for

        Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.

        There is hardly any sort of infrastructure be it administrative, technical, financial or political on ground now that can rival even those of small federations in Europe or the Americas. Your national team doesn’t even have something as basic as a training camp, a high performance center or home ground.
        The biggest clubs your current players, from all your player pool home and abroad, are playing for are Napoli, Leicester city and Villarreal and you want to win world cup…..and your roasted brain is telling you based on those resources available winning the world cup is realistic….. LMAOOOO

        Pls keep it up with your pipe dream.

        Why not also set your mind on becoming the next president of Ghana…Mr big goal getter….. LMAOOOO.

        Na mouth dem dey use win world cup.


  • Omo9ja 3 weeks ago

    Am so happy to hear from our world class coach Amunike.

    He is the man. Very smart, intelligent and reliable.

    He knows what to do. I believe that Amunike is the best for the job.

    He doesn’t talk any how.

    With what am seeing, Amunike, Egbo, Eguavoen and Ikeme will lead the Super Eagles to the next world cup if we qualify to world Cup.

    NFF knew this and they are trying to qualify Nigeria to the world cup first, that is why Super Eagles is playing in Lagos.

    We have Peter Rufai, Ike Shorunmu, Enyeama and Ikeme, they are all available to coach our young goalies.

    I said it here yesterday that we can win the world cup and Afcon if we have the right people in charge of the Super Eagles.

    I can’t wait to see Amunike and other ex players to take Super Eagles to the next level of football. NFF too are waking up. Nigeria is blessed kę. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

      Eguavoen are you kidding me??Was he not saddled with the responsibility of leading the super eagles in the past,what was his achievements?? Sometimes we just roll out names uneccessarilly

      • No, Eguavoen was hired towards the end of the qualification and he didnt do badly. Not forgeting the 5-2 bashing of Algeria in Algiers.
        What is Belmadi’s boy upto with the list of players for the upcoming matches?
        I hope the list won’t be flooded with inactive players and bench warmers at the expense of players who are playing regularly.

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

          I thought you’re part of the technical committee you should be able to tell us which players are active and inactive na???

        • Omo9ja 3 weeks ago

          It shall be well with you @Larry.

          You have spoken my mind.

          That is Oga Rohr followers for us all.

          I repeat, we can win the world cup and Afcon with this current Super Eagles team if we have the right people with the team

          However, we can luckily win the Afcon trophy under Oga Rohr because the players can achieve that for Nigeria but not the world cup because the gaffer believe Nigeria players are not good enough to win the world cup.

          The gaffer said it on here categorically that his team can’t win the world cup so, what are we talking about?

          The well being of the players is very important but at the same time, Super Eagles need a mindset to be able to achieve that.

          That is what is lacking in the team.

          Super Eagles need a motivational speaker who can bring the best out of our players.

          Africa did not have the best facilities no doubt but Cameroon came out great at the Italian 90.

          Senegal and Ghana also shocked the world and Nigeria did their best too.

          Nigeria won the first gold medals at the Olympic football event in 1996.

          My question is, did we have world best facilities before then? How about the well being of the players then?

          But just because Oga Rohr our world best class coach ever is in charge of the Super Eagles, Nigerians should just go to Qatar to make the numbers.

          I’m sorry, that won’t happen again.

          We can’t waste another ticket with Oga Rohr if we qualify to the next world cup. Instead, Amunike and co should go and get the job done in Qatar. At least if do not win it, we can compete with the best.

          We can win the Afcon and world cup if we discipline ourselves in Africa.

          We are still far from getting everything right in Africa because of the bad leadership.

          England and Holland to say the least that has what it takes, what did they achieve in football?

          I won’t blame Oga Rohr and his fans for this but Amaju Pinnick is the main problem of the Super Eagles for signing a (dabaru) “fraud” contract with the gaffer.

          What am waiting for is the next Afcon in Cameroon. After that tournament, we will know where we are heading to.

          For now, Oga Rohr and his followers should continue with their excuses. We are watching you all. Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

            Since you know more than the coach you should be able to tell us which players are active and inactive that should or shouldn’t be in the list. Awọn Oluya.

  • Coachie 3 weeks ago

    @[email protected]@Chris; In as much as i feel it is very pertinent to school some people here (which is what you try to achieve right), but i already gave up on them (they know themselves). It is their likes scattered all over our spheres of life in 9ja who have put us where we are as a nation right now. Lack of intuitive and scientific thinking in decision making both at the leadership and followership level. At times when you listen to some of our politicians talk on certain subjects of discourse, you will marvel how on earth did this one become a law maker. Sentiments, ethnic, political, religious inclined decisions above merit every where you look to. Even those who point accusing fingers at Buhari or Sanwoolu, just give them an office with a budget portfolio of 1m naira to manage, and you will see that these politicians they cause everyday on twitter are miles better than them.
    Just as Drey has said you cannot build nothing on nothing, football is not one of those spaces where we would go do 70 days dry fasting and prayers and expect a miracle to win you the w/cup. Another problem with us as a people is we don’t read and we forget history pretty soon. Even in our religious books, for God to come about most miracles, he will use something or a craft you already have in your hand to take over from where your efforts have ended. There was a rod in Moses’ hand before the red see could be parted, some dudes had 5 fishes and 2 loaves of bread before the 5,000 could be fed, there were these brothers who had a boat and net toiling all day to catch fish before the net-breaking miracle happened. What does Nigeria have and what structure has she put in place to win the w/cup. Check out the countries who have won the world cup (ditto with doing well at the olympics, it’s not just an happenstance), it isn’t only about the talents, it sure supercedes talent, there is the place of strategic planing, sporting culture, facilities, training, admin, political will, private sector participation, organized and well run league system just to mention a few.
    Abeg, make una go get sense jare.

    Make i go back to wetin dey bring in my 20 cents

    • Fidelis 3 weeks ago

      I don’t buy the idea that we should not start dreaming. I don’t think Amuneke or E Samuels are wrong to dream either. We have great strikers and wingers that can score against any team in the world what we need is to solidify the other departments and have a strong technical Coach. If you look at various strong teams in the world today they have at least one decent African origin player on the pitch.

      Chelsea has Mendy, Rudiger, Kante and Lukaku. Napoli is also trying the same thing with Osihmen Aguissa and Koulibaly at the starting eleven. At national side France is a beast with lots of African Origins led by Paul Pogba.

      My points above states that a black African nation especially Nigeria has everything to be world champions if we start considering it and start the development.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

        May your days be long Fidelis. The long term goal is what we are voicing, but some contentious group of people are just bent on spreading negativity and promoting their failures upon everyone. Trying to make people follow their backwards mindset of “I can’t do it”. Regressive bunch of Charlatans!

        • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 weeks ago

          Exactly my thoughts @E Samuel.. great minds think alike.

        • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

          Wretched fool…..since all the years you have been here wishing and lying and bragging that you are wealthy, has it resulted in you being wealthy….?? LMAOoo.

          France developed the Clairefontaine Academy in 1988, that academy produced Nicolas Anelka, Louis Saha, William Gallas, Hatem Ben Arfa, Abou Diaby, Blaise Matuidi, Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroud and national team top scorer Thierry Henry to name a few. Most/if not all of them were either World cup, Euros or Confederations cup winners by the year 2003. The academy was and currently is also used to house the national football teams of France and was the base camp for the France team that won the 1998 FIFA World Cup. That same Clairefontaine has continued to churn our more quality world-class players, culminating in another world cup in 20 years later.

          Germany did similarly after 2002 world cup, the DFB introduced the “Talent Development Programme”. At the initiative of Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder, DFB president at the time, 390 bases across Germany were set up where football talents worthy of being further developed are trained. We all saw the young team Germany presented at the 2010 world cup 8 years later and how they went ahead to win the world cup in 2014 (12 years later)

          We all know the amount of effort Spain put into developing their golden generation that won the 2010 world cup. They started in 1998 with their own program after they crashed out of the world cup in the group stage and within 12 years they won the world cup

          Pls show us the blueprint your FA has to win World cup…? Show us the strategic plan currently on ground…? Show us the developmental foundation currently on ground that can guarantee a world cup even in the next 10 years…..NONE. Nothing on ground….and a daft idiot like you is talking about long term goal….LMAOOoo. As at 2021 you have zero structures on ground and you think you will win the world cup even in 2042…????

          USA developed their own blueprint after 2006 world cup, today you have American players in Chelsea, Juventus, Dortmund, Barca, Man-city etc and other big clubs in Europe. The BIGGEST clubs your SE players are in currently are Napoli, Leicester and Villareal and you are beating your chest like a gorilla.

          Canada adopted USA’s blueprint in the year 2012 or thereabout, today they have developed players good enough to play in Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen, Arsenal, Rangers, Lille etc and they are still developing more

          Even Amuneke himself stated up there that “…we cannot win the World Cup just by talking…”

          Sit down in your cage and be listing coaches who cannot qualify for ordinary AFCON as those who will win world cup for you with ZERO foundations. Dont go and work hard…LMAOOO…be in your refuse dump and be sing about winning the world cup, because that is how those who have won it were signing.

          Countries like USA and Japan will win the world cup before any Nigeria smells it….no be curse.

          Below is the High performance center Morocco developed in/around 2016 – the most advanced national training centre in Africa. Top-modern facilities, which according to President Fouzi Lekjaa, will allow Morocco to “sit at the top of the continental and international scene” for years to come. Today Morocco has won CHAN back to back 2018 and 2020. Today a Moroccan club has competed in the final of at least one CAF competition every year since 2017. Mind you they are still constructing a far bigger (70,000 m2) and better training centre (at $9m)

          You want to win world cup but hotel managers are still chasing your national team out of their gym to go and train at the backyard of the hotel…..LMAOOoo. You are so daft, Mr Bean will look like an Einstein beside you. You are still owing bonuses for 2 years and owing coaches for 7 months in 2021. Dont worry ehn, by God’s grace to so-called “LONG TERM PLAN” will yield fruit by 2071

          Ive said it before that their is no medicine for foolishness otherwise I wouldnt mind ordering some for you. Your illiteracy, low intelligence quotient and lack of exposure is the reason why in 2021 all you can brag in public about is having forex accounts…..LMAOOoo. Useless village boy.

          Keeping on running your wide mouth here wallowing in your empty arrogance, ignorance and wishful thinking.

          If wishes were horses, beggars like you will ride too.


  • NaijaEaglesFan 3 weeks ago

    Our country is so screwed up to the point our people now only depend on wishful thinking. No amount of positive thinking will get you a world cup trophy. Like some wise men rightly pointed out,God uses what you have to make things happen but in our case we don’t have what it requires to win a world cup so God will not ignore the people who already showed him that they are ready to win the trophy by putting things in their respective places and are constantly working hard toward that goal.

    We hear our people say “God is a Nigerian”, some say “God of soccer” is with Nigeria. God is not just a Nigerian, God is a South African, a German, a Mexican, a Brazilian, a Japanese, a Saudi, God is world citizen and only assist those who put in effort not those sitting on their lazy behind waiting for “miracles”. Nigeria is not ready yet.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

    Eni rowo e Loju Ala ton dunu, ẹni ko tẹpa mọṣẹẹ ntori ebi. Person wey see money for inside dream abeg tell am to face his job because if not na hunger go kill am. Apologies to Chief Ebenezer Obey. Win WorldCup by owing players bonuses and coaches salary. Na so e easy to win WorldCup?? Win WorldCup by playing important WorldCup qualifiers on millet farms Lmao!! The only we can do is to present a team that can maybe by shedding their blood on the pitch they might reach the quarterfinals. Only 8 countries shares the WorldCup among themselves and when you look at the pedigree of those countries Africa has a long way to go.

  • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 weeks ago

    Nigeria can win the next world cup because of the world class players like Osihmen. Genot Roar is a world class coach.