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I Never Connected With Mourinho – Moses

I Never Connected With Mourinho – Moses

Former Super Eagles winger, Victor Moses has revealed that he failed to connect well with Jose Mourinho during his stay at Chelsea.

Moses impressed as a youngster at Wigan Athletic and enjoyed a solid start to his Chelsea career, racking up 10 goals and five assists in his debut season with the Blues.

Moses has spent the last one-and-a-half years away from Stamford Bridge with his last competitive outing with the Blues dating back to a Europa League game against BATE in October 2018.

However, the 30-year-old appears not to have convinced Jose Mourinho during his spell.

The Nigerian international, who is currently on-loan at Spartak Moscow told the club’s official website that Mourinho had a different opinion about him despite training hard.

“Without a doubt, Jose is a cool pro, I respect his merits. But it so happens that the necessary contact does not arise between the player and the coach.

“In the end, I tried in training, I wanted to play, but Mourinho had a different opinion.”

“Eden Hazard, John Terry … Oh, how many names immediately pop up in my memory! Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa. The Chelsea team is straightforward.”


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • pompei 3 years ago

    Victor Moses 24 years old?
    The guy is 30.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    If there’s anything that is certain about Mourinho….it’s the fact that lazy players cannot play for Jose. From goalkeeper to striker, you’ll rot in the reserves if you happen to be lazy. Maybe that is the “connection” Victor should have spoken about.

    • Abdul 3 years ago

      That’s harsh man. I don’t think Victor Moses was never a lazy man. Moreover, there will always be preferences with these coaches. That a player isn’t Mou’s kind of player does not translate to him being lazy. Or was Salah also lazy?

      • Adewuyi Olaosenikan 3 years ago

        Thumbs up man. Your own comment is spot on unlike most things written here. Victor Moses has always been hard working.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Maybe lazy not in terms of being harworking but rather in terms of not being able to give 250% as Mourinho would always want. Salah couldnt match the pace and stamina mourinho required of his wards and unsurprisingly had to seek gametime elsewhere. Victor in a decade wouldnt have played in a mourinho led team with his current style of play. You’ve got to have 2 balls and a half to get regular game time with Jose.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Drey… I see a furtile attempt at recovery and damage-control here. Smiles… your earlier comments were flatly dismissive as they were harsh on brother Victor Moses!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…..what damage….what control….LMAO…?? Of course that’s what you will see. A simple conversation involving Dr.Drey will always be a wrestling bout to you. Thats why getting one over Dr.Drey is a lifelong ambition for you….LMAO.

            The earlier comment was dismissive, so also is the latter, and this one you are reading is too….and they are all statements of facts, and I have no apologies for any. If there is anyone of them which is false…point it out. ‘I’ am not in the league of people who make fallacious statements on this forum.

            Its not a secret that ‘Lazy’ players cannot get playtime under Mourinho. Players who cannot work like horses cannot play under Mourinho. Players who cannot give 250% or shed their own blood or the blood of their opponents on the pitch cannot work under Mourinho. Even Gareth Bale was read the riot act when he initially thought returning to Spurs was gonna be a honeymoon….Mourinho told him point blank if he wasnt ready to give more than the rest he wasnt guaranteed gametime. The word hardworking is relative….You can work hard and yet not meet minimum requirements. Can Moses do a Serge Aurier, or a Lucas Moura, or an Essien, a Diarra, a Zannetti, a Pandev and so on…?? Those ones dont mind breaking any bagger’s legs on the pitch…including theirs. Ozil was always looking like he will collapse the next minute when Jose was at Madrid…he was made to work his butts off even as a 10. Even Harry Kane that is supposed to be a arrow-head, we all see how hard he works…more than 3 times as hard as he has ever worked under other coaches. Is it a surprise he has more assists under Mourinho than he has even had under other coaches…yet still does his primary duties of getting the goals…??

            Victor coming here to tell us about “connection” is an attempt to shy away from blatant truths….Lolz. Was there also no connection when he flopped at Liverpool…?? Was there also no connection when he flopped at West Ham…?? Was there also no connection with all other coaches he played under at chelsea, most of who chose to ship him off on loan every now and then?? What is the explanation for loan deals almost ever season since 2013 when he joined chelsea…?? Lack or “connectivity” or lack or “network”….??? LMAO

            Was there also no connection when he flopped at 2 world cups…?? Thank God for Conte in his life who had to craft and give him a position in which he can have cover both in front and from behind.

            Now he is at Spartak and they are not even motivated to renew his deal or sign him permanently…that says alot.

            Victor is not the type that plays with determination to “die there” as they say in Nigerian parlance, and those are the kind of players who can play under Jose. And even in a decade, with Mourinho coaching Wigan athletic, I bet Moses would still not be a starter under Mourinho….LMAO. He should tell us another story. This “connection” thing doesn’t cut it….It wasnt as if it was a one-off occurrence under one coach. It was always a constant K at the beginning of every season that V.Moses was not gonna be a first XI player at Chelsea Lolz. Hide from the truth all you can.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey… You are very right… Hehehe! Players dread playing under Mourinho because he expects them to have an in-built dynamo for a heart to go full throttle. No quiver… hahaha. I only gave you an early morning juggle! You know I can’t go a week without a friendly poke… I know you have been avoiding the Junior Ajayi stories here lately… It’s like Pitso Mosimane has blocked your direct line… Smiles! I see him hugging Junior Ajayi some days back for a good job done… Do you think he is still considering bringing in midfielders from ABSA Premier League? What’s the update mate?

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha….friendly poke my foot. You are surely the master of “recovery and damage-control”.
      There’s nothing to say about Junior even if he scores goals in the moon. We all know about the PR job. But what you fail to realize is that there is only but a limit to what PR jobs can achieve…Lolz. There will have to be a massive vacancy or a strong god-father somewhere for your boy to near our national team camp. We’ve got far better personnel in any position you might want to shove him. Even you know that….but I understand…. man must chop. Abi…?? So I don’t hold it against you.
      Go ask of Pitso from players like Tokelo Rantie, Kermit Erasmus and the likes…even our own Ejike Uzoenyi. Pitso giving you a hug is no guarantee man…..LMAO. He wont hesitate to jilt you for a better performer. He gives even his enemies a hug. Just be patient and wait till the end of the season man…you go shock….LMAO. The man is a through-bred professional…that is why Ahly went for him in the first place. Better tell your boy to up his game or watch his back….LMAO. Candid advice. The era of 6 goals in 45 matches as a forward is gone….LMAO

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