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Iheanacho Guns For 22nd Goal, 44th Win In Premier League; Aina, Ajayi Target 1st Win

Iheanacho Guns For 22nd Goal, 44th Win In Premier League; Aina, Ajayi Target 1st Win

Nigeria forward, Kelechi Iheanacho will be hoping to score his first Premier League goal of the season tonight when he travels to Elland Road for the first time since he started playing in England.

The former Golden Eaglets star who will be hoping to get his second start in the competition this term when Leicester City play against Leeds United will also be seeking his first Premier League goal against the newcomers to the top flight in England.

The Nigerian has scored once against Leeds but it was in a League Cup game at the King Power stadium where he scored the Foxes’ first goal in a 3-1 triumph in October 2017.

Currently Nigeria’s eighth most lethal striker in the Premier League,a goal for Iheanacho tonight will be his 22nd,four short of the 26 scored by Victor Anichebe who sits as the seventh top scoring player in the competition.

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While Iheanacho will be busy chasing his 22nd goal in the competition,Ola Aina and Semi Ajayi will be seeking for their first win when Fulham and West Brom confront each other tonight at the Craven Cottage.

Aina has started the Cottagers’ last three games and looks a sure bet to start tonight in London where he will be hoping for his first Premier League win of the season.

Ajayi on his part has started five of The Baggies’ six games and will be looking forward to not only making his sixth start in the competition,but also secure his first maximum points.

By Oluyemi Ogunseyin

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  • Kingston 4 years ago

    I pray you start, to prove to Rodgers that you deserve a place in the starting 11. at least side by side with vardy

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Iheanacho the Nigerian hawk in front of goal …. Your talents have never been in doubt. Carry go…..

  • Taiwo 4 years ago

    Can’t this young man just leave Leicester for rodgers..

  • Greenturf 4 years ago

    Can’t believe Leicester city made three forward changes and our Nacho wasn’t even considered.To compound the situation Vardy was subbed out for Mogan a defender instead of Nacho in the closing minutes,with Leicester coasting away in a 3-1 comfortable lead.

    Nacho is really a faithful servant.Making himself cheap and gullible,I do not blame Rodgers rather the young man who does not know his worth.

    Apparently,Newcastle was keen on signing Nacho before the start of the season,but he rather opted on clinging to Leicester even as a squad member,that’s outrageously strange!

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      This is part of the pain of wanting only players playing for top 5 leagues of this world… The situation Iheanacho faces will make him not only loose confidence in himself but also form… regardless of the league a player is playing… gametime is very valuable. A player who knows his worth will quit a team that he is only considered not good enough and free himself from bench-warming roles… We saw what bench-warming did to Iheanacho some two seasons back… Let’s continue inviting players warming bench to Super Eagles after all ours is just a bunch of average players not good enough in top clubs… When I said I will call Junior Ajayi and use him ahead of Iheanacho it’s because of confidence and club activity… I get am before no be property. As far as player is in a supposed big club we invite him even though he warms bench at club… Top 5 league and big club players… na una biko!

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Is it only Junior Ajayi you will call up…? Why not add Micheal Ibeh who is playing in burkina faso league to your list of call ups….LMAO. Afterall it doesnt matter where they are playing.
        I thought you said you played football to the HIGHEST LEVEL….so you even know say football get levels…..LMAO. Was the level of the lobi stars where you claimed you played the same level with NYSC camp football…? Was the level of MSV Disburg wey we nor see your name for their roaster the same level with Lobi stars…? The phantom injury which you cooked up as the reason you name was conspicuously missing in the sqaud lists of the clubs you lied you played for, why was it easier for you to play football in Nigeria with it, why couldnt you be able to use it to play in places where the level of football is higher. Jobless ex-internationals want us to dump players who are facing Thiago silva, David luiz, Zouma, Bailey calibre of defenders everyweek in europe for people who are facing abdul kabiru, abdelshatta, el ganary dem in egypt and still struggle to hit double digits in all competitions every season….LMAO. You really know football…..LMAO. Infact na you be nobel laurette of football….LMAO

        • JimmyBall 4 years ago

          @Dr.Drey… Hahaha. You don push my career come enter talk today again. If even it’s a trial match I played for MSV Duisburg, FC Thun… atleast I reach somewhere. I arrived Europe at 29years but officially I claimed 24years… My years in Nigerian league already afflicted me serious injuries… that’s why you did not know so much about me… It should interest you that I played with David Tyavkase and Louis Otanwa. Louis Otanwa left for Eyimba FC of Aba shortly after David Tyavkase… I remained at Makurdi because I was studying also with playing professional football… leave me to lie to my God. Comment on the substance of my post… It was about Iheanacho’s bench role at club and how I feel Junior Ajayi also deserve a look in… I will never get into insults with you again but you are free to continue!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Oga…I asked you a simple question…….Was the level of the lobi stars where you claimed you played the same level with NYSC camp football…? Was the level of MSV Disburg wey we nor see your name for their roaster the same level with Lobi stars…?

            If you played league football successfully with injuries in nigerian league, why did you fail ordinary trials in Europe if the level of football were the same…..so you can see even trials is a higher level than Nigerian league level….of which Bundesliga level is still on a higher level than a trial match.

            A striker that struggles to score a paltry 10 goals in 45 matches in Egyptian league will not even make matchday sqaud in the EPL. League pass league. A certain collins Mbesuma scored 30 goals or so in one season in South African league….he was snapped up by Harry Redknapp in Portsmouth, the guy nor play total of 5 matches for Portsmouth in 2 years before dem offload am. League pass league…..football get levels…..we dont want substandard level players in our national team.

            Instead of answering the simple question, you resumed your usual tales by moonlight. From playing at the highest level, it has turned to trials…dont worry continue to name all the people for benue state sports council and benue born footballers wey you know say dem be your teamates…….LMAO. There’s nothing as disastrous in this life as self deceit. LMAO

            Wen you and your co explayers become coach, you can discard all the top quality league players in the SE and even invite street footballer street footballers.

      • JimmyBall 4 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… You can continue your scouting mission to India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh as you have started for Super Eagles already… You have posted some here and nobody hounded you as it’s your own view… contribution to this forum is free. Why will I not call Junior Ajayi? Is he not a Nigerian and still young at that? Again… You must learn to respect people’s views and choose not to comment if you feel the impulse to attack an opinion as usual. It’s my opinion parley… I am not forcing it on anyone. In my fake ex-footballer myopic eyes according to you… I feel just like Amuneke that Junior Ajayi can bring in something different from the usuals that we are accustomed to. I will shout it a million times… If regular action and quality as well as good contribution is what Nigerians want… in the eyes of JimmyBall, Emmanuel Amuneke and Jonathan Akpoborie… Junior Oluwafemi Ajayi offers a new dimension to our forward… atleast in the current Super Eagles if not maybe Paul Onuachu, I don’t see any guy from our midfield to attack that can head the ball yet like Junior Ajayi… for once we can have someone with a good sense of positioning to get at the end of our corner kicks and deadballs that we often don’t know what to do with them… I am speaking my own mind without forcing it on anyone. I have been amongst the few on this forum who feel Onuachu is not a bad striker despite most pushing for him to stop being extended callups for often playing poorly… Now Coach Rohr whom we have sworn to allow freehand has called him up again and some forumites have gone noughts that Rohr must be tamed to stop forcing Onuachu on us… even you @Dr.Drey has often mocked me about a continuous support for Paul Onuachu… So how come I did not read your contribution regarding Rohr having to call him up again? Hahaha… I respect Coach Rohr and thank him for extending another deserving callup again to Paul Onuachu… Our problem is not Onuachu but that our other forwards should start playing for the team… no one player performs magic on the pitch. Surely we are not blind how Victor Osimhen is uncharacteristically finding it hard to score at Napoli that even Gattuso has noticed he is being starved… Yet unlike Paul Onuachu some of you said Victor Osimhen goes to look for balls from midfield himself to utilize and Score if starved of service. Has that stopped working for him at Napoli?

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahahahaha…I definitely will continue my scouting mission to bangladesh, afghanistan and cambodia. I’m sure the its beginning to sound ridiculous to your ears now seeing that actually where a player plays matters….only that your pride is hooking you in the throat….hahahaha…it is too big to swallow. I will dig out more Nigerian players from Hongkong, Nepal, Haiti and Jamaica…… They are Nigerians too and have something to offer too. The league where they play does not matter. Their goals/assists and playing records too does not matter….so far they are getting regular action in those low quality leagues where they face low quality opposition, they are better than all the rest playing in competitive leagues in europe put together. EVERY NIGERIAN PLAYER MUST play for the SE. ROhr must call up at least 50 players every time to give EVERBODY opportunity. TO HELL WILL HAVING A STABLE TEAM. F**K stability….F**K cohesion….F**k the quality of the league where they play and the level of competition at which they are operating in these obsure leagues. I dont know who best a players quality is judge other than the level of competition he faces on weekly basis. As HIGH QUALITY as you thought you were in your fictitious football career, you quality was tested when you took it to where they play real football and you failed. We dont want players who quality has not been tested and proven at the top in our SE. You cant be starting every game for Alahly in league that is not even in the top 20 in the world and be scoring 11 goals in 45 matches when a player is playing the last 15 minutes in LCFC in a league that is ranked no 1 in the world and still gets the same 10 goals in 26 matches and claim you are a better player.
          We will not let people who have no job destroy the good job being done in the SE at the moment with PR jobs.

          Tell your co-ex-internationals (LMAO) to wait for their turn wen they become SE coach, they can throw away all the players playing in England, Germany, Italy etc populate our national team with players from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Niger, Burkina Faso and NPFL, let us see if even Benin republic will want to engage you in a friendly match.

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… Allow me sleep. You just want quarrel. I won’t give you one today… hahaha! Sorry to disappoint you.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…so you even dey sleep…?LMAO. I nor know o. because you don spend 72 straight hours for this place dey defend agitation for players from Bangladesh wey still dey struggle to score 10 goals in season come SE. After all football na football….league na league. Answer simple question you dey tell us how buhari take impregnate Manchester united….LMAO.
            You and you jobless ex-internationals never baff.

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