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Iwobi Set For Everton Exit Amid Ancelotti Overhaul

Iwobi Set For Everton Exit Amid Ancelotti Overhaul

Alex Iwobi could leave Everton this summer as Carlo Ancelotti look to shift a number of fringe players to restore balance to his squad, reports Completesports.com.

Iwobi has failed to much impact at the Goodison Park since his arrival from Arsenal last summer.

The Nigeria international scored once in 25 league leagueappearances for the Toffees last season.

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The arrival of James Rodriguez, Abdoulaye Dacoure and Allan have pushd him down the pecking order at the club.

Iwobi was not included in the matchday squad for Everton’s 1-0 away win against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

According to mirror.co.uk , Everton may decide to cut their losses and clean up spance in the squad, with interest in loan signings after spending heavily again this summer.

The Merseyside club take on Salford in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday (today).

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  • greenturf 4 years ago

    Iwobi leaving Everton is a great news for the super eagles as well his faltering club career.

  • Professor 4 years ago

    Iwobi should just leave and go improve himself if he still want to be relevant…

    And by the way, Why is Eze not wanting to play for Nigeria?

    Abi na shakara dey worry am.

    • Dammi_enni 4 years ago

      Abeg leave Eze. His Nigerian fans were initially saying he want to secure a big money move to the EPL first before committing to Nigeria, however the transfer has been made but he has not agreed to have the change of allegiance process started. Infact, according to a rumoured recent conversation with Nedum Onuoha, the guy is presently not considering Super Eagles at all, preferring to wait for the three Lions of England.

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    @GLORY, Oga wey claim to get Football sense… hahahaha! Shey you now realize that you are the one that lacks football sense now. You don’t claim to love a player when he has being playing badly since last season yet you come attacking everyone saying this pure truth by saying we don’t love him and are “weather fans”. You don’t let so-called ‘patriotism’ becloud your sense of reasoning thereby failing to admit the Truth.

    As for Iwobi, we that truly love you suggested this already and hope to see you back on the pitch with a championship club sef. Just to pick yourself up again. All the best

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      @ Chairmanfemi, he clear say common sense far from you. Infact na Chairmansenseless fit you. Lol. Read @ Greenturf write-up, make small sense enter your brain. ABI your motor neurone no get fuel? Maybe Ikpeba too no know wetin e dey talk. Right from day one I spoke against Iwobi moving to Everton, so leaving has always been my prayer for him. His talent is bigger than boring Everton and you wey claim to get sense probably only for how to mix shnap n agbojejedi, you come get sense pass Brazilian coach Tite and all other coaches wey recognise Alex The king Iwobis talent. Spend some good money and buy better drink to nourish your sleeping brain instead of visiting all the under brigdge one shot spot. Lolz

      • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

        A mad man is never settled. From one point to another. Changing the topic from Iwobi had a very bad season last term and needs to improve to Coach Tite praise Iwobi. What’s the correlation?? Do you actually know how to read and understand?? Abi am replying one kid stuck at home with COVID 19 break in Primary 1.

        Arguing with this drunkard kinda person is a waste of time cuz you will keep on creating stories where there are none. Simple and clear. Iwobi ad a bad season. He is not showing signs of improvement. He needs to move out.
        How can somebody say Iwobi moving to Everton has always being a bad move?? Are you well?? Do you really know this person we’re talking about?? Were you expecting him to move to Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barca?? Moving to Everton was a very good move for Iwobi only that he failed to maximize the opportunity to Develop from there. Just imagine Iwobi picked up last season, he will be playing alongside James, Allan, Richarlson, Doucoure now but For wia…lol. He’s still doing Flashy lifestyle..leemao

        Oga Glory, go and sleep abeg if you are so dumb.

        • GLORY 4 years ago

          The talk of an idiot constantly swinging like an old father clock. @ Chairmansenseless, you will need matterass companies to empty their warehouses to dry up your waterlogged brain.

          • GLORY 4 years ago

            The correlation is different managers with different idea of how they like their players

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    onething i liked about chelsea moses is that he never toletated bench roles at all, not even for chelsea. he always moves on loan. when he noticed distrust from coaches. i advise iwobi should follow. could be westbrom or fulham, can also be scortland teams like rangers or celtic. even the greak, ukraine portugal russia or italian sides are not bad too. in respective of how your coach feels about you. you must not feel thesame, after all its your carear, get a team a start playing consistently. Biko

    • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

      Na you dey talk sense biko. Making excuses for an underperforming Iwobi is the height of madness. The same Everton that Yakubu and Yobo thrived is now not good enough for Alexander the Fake. I like Iwobi. I wish him the best. I am grateful for his contributions to Nigeria but Iwobi does not have 2 heads. If he continues to be a Carabao Cup player in the week and bench warmer on weekends then he can kiss his Super Eagles starting 11 slot goodbye. We have too much talents to be relying on Carabao cup players. Anybody who says I don’t like Iwobi is mad. I love the guy and I wish him every success. But he needs to sort his club career out. Everton is a decent club. If we are peddling out best number 10 to relegation threatening clubs then something is definitely wrong somewhere. To fail to admit that Iwobi needs to improve is tantamount to going out of your house without any cloths on.

  • Professor 4 years ago

    Wetin dey happen with Eze playing for Nigeria na…

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Can u ask a better question as a professor??? I mean, a more important question?????

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Most times, a player might be having a bad time at his club all bcs the manager doesn’t like him or his style of play, hence, vice versa. Take a look at moses, he looked like an outcast before conte came and when the latter was around, he looked like the loved kid all bcs the coach loved him and his style of play. In fact, conte had to create a niche for him where he’d maximize his talent and operate effectively whilst contributing to the progress of the club. The same couldn’t be said when he left Chelsea, moses immediately returned to his outcast position until he was given a life line by the same coach that loved him all the way from inter Milan where he gave a very goood account of himself, playing week in, week out in all competitions including the almighty champions league. Iwobi’s problem is not really a performance issue but a case of not being liked by the gaffer. A case of not being fancied by the gaffer. A case whereby the coach doesn’t like his style of play and ultimately a case of not being favored! He had this same issue some time ago when he was at arsenal. He proved his critics wrong by posting a good performance with the national team that led so many to begin to wonder if it was the same iwobi that played for arsenal. Fans began to ask why he couldn’t replicate the good run with the national team in his club side (arsenal). This good run was bcs rohr knew how to use him effectively to get results. Some coaches are not managers and hence do not have the time and talent to study players and discover how best to nurture them and get desired results. His story wouldn’t have been the same if he were still playing under arsene Wenger. In fact, the moment Wenger left arsenal was the beginning of his travails.

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