Mikel Congratulates Former Club Trabzonspor On Turkish FA Cup Win

Mikel Congratulates Former Club Trabzonspor On Turkish FA Cup Win

Nigerian football legend, John Obi Mikel has congratulated his former club-side, Trabzonspor for winning theTurkish Cup for the 2019/20 season.

Mikel’s compatriot, Anthony Nwakaeme was an unused substitute as Trabzonspor ended their 10-year trophy wait by beating Alanyaspor in the Turkish Cup final on Wednesday.

A goal in each half from Abdulkadir Omur and Alexander Sorloth in the 25th and 90th minutes respectively helped Trabzonspor to secure
a 2-0 win over Alanyaspor.

Mikel and the club’s chiefs had issues back in March as a result of the Coronavirus pandemich crisis whereby the Nigerian wanted the side too stop playing games.

But the club wanted the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) winner to continue playing for them which he refused and they were forced
to terminate his contract.

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Inspite of the obvious bad blood between Mikel and Trabzonspor, the former Chelsea star has gone on the social media to congratulate
the club for their cup win.

The 33-year-old on Thursday posted on his verified Instagram handle: “Congratulations, Trabzonspor on winning the Cup final. well done, boys and the city deserve it”

The last time Trabzonspor won silverware was in 2010 when they won both the Turkish Cup and the Turkish Super Cup. Mikel is still
unattached despite being linked with a few clubs.

By Oluyemi Ogunseyin

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  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Yet another black coach with full Naija blood running in his veins has won a trophy in Europe as coach of Trabzonspor.

    “African Guadiolas” sit it their parlours, flaunting ‘ex-internationals’ toga and expect jobs to be thrown at them. When they dont get, they claim it is because they are blacks. Nobody will give you a job with an empty portfolio. Leave your comfort zones and go build yourselves from bottom to the top and stop waiting for the NFF to ‘develop’ you….Ask Emmanuel Amuneke, Ndubuisi Egbo or Eddie Newton how they did theirs.

    • Sure talk bro, I hope the other ‘African Guadiola’s’ can learn and follow suit by putting in the required effort necessary to attain greatness…

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      No, the african guardiolas dont need to bcos their oga and role model (the ex cricket international) thinks and believes that it is needless as long as they are ex internationals….lazy bunch of people.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahahaha…dont mind them.
        Even some ignoramus wannabes who never heard of player-coaches before in their lives also do not know Eddie Newton is actually of Nigerian Origin…I’m sure they will start arguing blindly as usual very soon…LMAO

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          Just as u predicted, one fool has fallen into that ditch below. Lol. We really have fools here.

  • Very funny, someone that has no attachement with nigeria, is now the new african Guardiola. Please NFF hire all of them, and lets see what magic they can perform. At least Coach Rohr is not working with any UEFA licence, but diploma in what we still don’t know till date

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Just look at how you’re making a fool of yourself over a very obvious fact. Ok, assuming he’s not a nigerian and has no attachment to nigeria, what about ndubuisi egbo???

  • Seems you derive pleasure in opposing an obvious situation, because I see to reason for this your comment.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..someone obtained diploma after 3-4 years in coaching school and ‘People who know more than BBC and Wikipedia’ are saying “diploma in what they still dont know”.
      Pls help us tell them that when you spend 3-4 years in training in a football coaching school you get awarded a diploma in Tailoring or Bricklaying….LMAO

  • Oni Bright 4 years ago

    @ade u b fool? Why u dey try play wit important issue about Naija football. If u dey ignorant my guy nor comment at all. Eddie Newton na Naija dude.

  • But wait o!….
    This @ Ade guy or whether na man sef; does your device browse atall??? Just asking pls…

    Do you know you are about to disgrace yourself in the public???

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Guys please take it easy on the guy, the Dude is here to learn, your guys should continue to educate folks like him about the round leather sport, scolding him would not help him. @Ade, bro next time pls  do ur research properly before coming  to this forum, guys here don’t play. They will turn you into Suya. Eddie Newton formerly from Chelsea has a Nigerian blood  in him.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha…here to learn…? LMAO.
      People who claim to know more than BBC, ESPN and Wikipedia are sure not here to learn. What do they have to learn from Nigerian media whom they claims are ALL LAIRS, yet they are stuck or CSN like maggots to decaying corpse arguing blindly all day long…?! LMAO

    • Bros where in my message did i say he doesn’t have Nigerian blood running in him. All i said was he has no attachment to Nigeria. Please be honest with your self. How many people ranting here even heard of the guy before. The guy for once has never requested to play for Nigeria. So whats the noise. If you interview him i bet he will tell you he has no link with nigeria

      • @ade “How many people ranting here even heard of the guy before?”
        Answer: it was Omeruo that first mentioned him when he signed for Chelsea back then.
        Named him among the people that made him settled quickly

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha…wannabees want to take CSN forumites for fools…in their eyes they are smart…the rest of us are dumb…we dont understand contextual and verbatim english grammar…LMAO Someone said he is a full-blooded Nigeria, they jump in like a hungry duiker to argue he has NO ATTACHMENT to Nigeria….LMAO. “Bros where in my message did i say he doesn’t have Nigerian blood running in him…All i said was he has NO ATTACHMENT to Nigeria” Abeg what sort of attachment is greater than blood attachment…? LMAO.

      The guy for once never requested to play for nigeria…LMAO. So Enoch Showumi, Ade Akinbiyi, Dominic Iorfa jnr, Tom Taiwo, Josh Onomah and other England based Nigerians with full Naija blood but never turned out for Nigeria too HAVE NO ATTACHMENT TO NIGERIA because they ‘never requested to play for Nigeria’….LMAO. Wannabees are trying to save face….lmao…they have seen fools they think they can goad…LMAO

      Mr Prove it….oya prove it that “..the guy for once never requested to play for nigeria…” LMAO. Show us proof that the guy never requested to play for Nigeria and where he ever denied he has no link with Nigeria…..LMAO….I still dey laugh oooo…!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Lol!! Sunnyb funny that. Yes oo we’re all here to learn only if they’re really ready to learn. 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hehehehehe..! I’m expecting them to come back and save face with something like “….Actually, I know that Eddie Newton has Nigerian blood in him, its just that I’m not a fan of people who dont declare it openly”….LMAO

  • Na who dem wan use as suya’s. They are all noise makers to me. Seeking attention, There chief liar who was ranting about coach Rohr winning this in the swiss league. Well even the Swiss Fa doen’t have it on record that he won. So please help us ask us which swiss league, maybe the one in there back yard. They claim Franz Beckenbaur was a player coach with cosmos, even there website listed him as an ex-player ( so maybe it is another Beckenbaur in his backyard). They claimed coach Rorh has a UEFA licence, all the man said is he took a diploma course for 4 years. So please who is stupid here. see am not one of the people who come here to say what i don’t know. So if the above accusations can be provided with facts. Then that should tell you who is a liar.

    Like i said, since they have won laurels in Europe, let NFF hire them to come and win World cup for us

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    CSN forum knows the empty barrels that make useless noise…the real attention seekers who have nothing in their brains but still argue things that are known to the rest of the sensible world. Ironically, the empty brains first heard the word “player-coaches” for the first ever time in their lives from the so-called ‘chief lair’. So if they have never heard such before and dont even know the difference between swiss league, swiss championship and swiss cup or dont understand as basic english as finalist medal winner, how will they manange to even know where to source information from…LMAO.
    Rohr does not have a UEFA license yet for 20 years (up till 2009) he was employed with several clubs in the top flight of 4 different European countries and coached in the UEFA cup and the UEFA Intertoto cup…..this ROhr of a guy must be the head of a mafia to have been able to pull such stunt without him or any of his clubs getting sactioned…..LMAO. But wait o…did dey not claim he had no coaching qualifications initially….LMAO…???

    “Bros where in my message did i say he doesn’t have Nigerian blood running in him…All i said was he has NO ATTACHMENT to Nigeria” …..LMAO
    Nice try, please try again latter…..!!!

  • They are back to make noise, the attention seekers, who want to rant to be recognize. But lie between there teeth with no facts, lmaoooo. And quick to twist peoples comment to satisfy there ego. Will not come here and be making assumptions. You free to have the last word. But don’t come here and lie to the forumites

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha….are you done making a fool of yourself…..LMAO.

      “…All i said was he has NO ATTACHMENT to Nigeria…” LMAO. Yet he is Nigerian by blood….LMAO. So who is the noise maker here…? who is the lair here…? who is the one making taking the rest of the forum for fools and making assumptions here…? “…How many people ranting here even heard of the guy before…”. Eberybody here is not as dumb and stupid as you. As you can see many people here have heard of Eddie Newton before and also know he is Nigerian origin and proudly identifies with it”. it seems you are the only one who had not heard of him before yet you wanted to argue since wikipedia cannot help your stupidity….LMAO. In your empty head, we dont understand English…LMAO.

      Oya prove that “..the guy for once never requested to play for nigeria…” na LMAO. Show us proof that the guy never requested to play for Nigeria and where he ever denied he has no link with Nigeria…..LMAO……Mr Prove it…Show us proof that Rohr has no qualifications and has no UEFA license yet he coached in the topflight of 4 UEFA countries for 20 years…..LMAO!

      You are regularly being busted here on daily basis with your lies and baseless arguements…..yet it still doesnt stop you from coming here to make a further fool of yourself….LMAO.

      ROhr does not have coaching qualifications….hahahahaha…..I still dey laugh….!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Lol!! They claim Rohr has no coaching license, but he coached WorldCup winners in Zidane, Dugarry and Lizarazu at Bordeaux. Please I’m waiting for the proof that Rohr has no UEFA coaching license and I’m also waiting for the proof that Edie Newton has no attachment with Nigeria. After all we’re all here to learn. Lmao!!! 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…..did I not foretell he will come back to save face with stories that touch the heart like “….Actually, I know that Eddie Newton has Nigerian blood in him, bla bla bla….” LMAO
      Oga ade…the onus is on you to give us proof that Eddie Newton has NO ATTACHMENT with Nigeria o. Show us proof too that “…. If you interview him he will tell you he has no link with nigeria…” LMAO

      We are here to learn mana….LMAO

  • @Drey ..Ade Akinbiyi played a friendly aginst greece in 1999, even showunmi played twice in 2004..

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Oh….Thanks @ Sean. I didnt know both eventually got to play for Nigeria. I only remember Showumi being handed a late invitation to the Eagles camp for the Unity cup when the team turned out with less than 15 players an Greg Etafia had to dress up as an outfield player. Thanks for the update.

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