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Morocco Vs Spain Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Round Of 16

Morocco Vs Spain Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Round Of 16

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match between the Atlas Lions of Morocco and La Roja (The Red One) of Spain at Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan.

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  • Sixteen minutes into this encounter and Morocco have held their own admirably thus far. Being the only African team left, the Atlas Lions carry the ambitions of the entire continent on their sturdy and flamboyant shoulders.

    All African teams in this tournament did quite well. Ghana, Tunisia, Senegal and Cameroon all produced scintillating moments but Morocco now have the chance to step it up a notch.

    Good luck!

  • Morocco are sowing the dragons teeth with their risky manoeuvres of playing it out from the back.

    They got away with it early, they should learn from the cautionary tale.

    • Half time and the best African team is holding on firm against a star studded Spanish team and may spring a surprise to win the game in 2nd half.

      The Morrocan coach is good and have neutralised Spain’s passing and movement game that most Spanish oppositions find difficult to deal with. Goodluck to Morroco in the next half. You have done Africa proud.

  • respect is reciprocal 2 months ago

    With what have seen so far of Morocco no matter win or lose they have held their own. Their style of play brings me to the debate that most west africa team lack creativity in play, to me it is not true modern football does not require a standing 10 distributing passes here and there , what west African lack is organisational play which turn any player in position to a creative player. this styles requires upward movement, speed and lightness on the ball . most west African players are too heavy . Morocco Algeria Egypt and Tunisia play pressing football that produces creativity . 

    someone suggested NFF should hire a Japanese coach because they focus on organisational play , one good thing about this style is it doesn’t rely on individual skills . personally I don’t see any of our local coaches giving us the kind of result we need 

    • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

      Great comment RIR. I truly like the idea of a Japanese coach to improve our natural speed and strength. I also hate the idea of our SE begin games against certain opposition by just giving up attacking play and being made to chase and defend passes all match long. What about South African Coach Pitso, formerly of Ahly? I think he will also make a good coach for the SE until one of us is able to take over. But this Morocco game is a plus for African coaches.

    • Naija 2 months ago

      That style of play also enforces teamwork. A few African teams killed themselves through selfish play with individuals that want to score at all cost even when they are in tight angle.

      • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

        On point. It is worse with SE, they all want to score, no good crosses for strikers to attack. Wingers want to dribble from center field through the wings and try and come in and score instead of crossing the ball for our strikers. I am hopeful that the SE will rise again. The footbal standard in African has improved. None of the five countries from Africa at this WC can claim that they will qualify again because the opposition is waiting and very capable.

  • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

    Great game. Penalty time. the japanese failed yesterday because they were too scared. I hope Morocco is different now.

    • Morroco have won it and into the Qtr finals. Fortune favours the brave and the best African team at the tournament have proven their worth. They stuck to their game plan and stun Spain after beating Belgium- FIFA no 2 ranked team- in the group stage.
      Bravo Morroco!

  • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

    Awesome awesome Morocco. Up Morocco, Up Africa, Up African coaches!!!!!!! Yea

  • Greenturf 2 months ago

    Great team Morocco!The best African side the true Brazil of Africa!

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Why are u giving Ghanas title to Moroccans lol

      The real Brazil of Africa is of course Ghana 

      Morocco is Morocco period 

  • Thank you Morocco….

  • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

    Tell it on the moiuntain, Morocco will qualify for the Semi. If they play like they did today and all WC long, I don’t see Portugal or Switzerland beating Morocco. I just saw their potential Semi opponent, France or England, and I make bold to say that Morocco will be in the Finals.

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      They play unbelievable football exudes so much confidence.They have played this way all through the tournament.
      Absolutely,I hope they go all the way through.

      • What most of us here have been saying. Yes it’s possible but very difficult to defend your way to any major trophy or success. Because one small lapse and all that defensive work is gone. However when you learn to play on the front foot and look to attack your opponents one it keeps your players engaged and it’s much harder to loose concentration when you play pressing attacking football. Even when Morocco were pinned back you could see they were always trying to venture forward. 

        This made Spain wary of going full throttle attack mode when they had to worry about being exposed on the back end. Like you said confidence in your game is key. If you have to chop and change your style because of every opponent then it will be very difficult to settle into a defined style of play. Pep and Klopp look to impress their style of play regardless of opponent. That was what the Champions league winning Bayern side had that this Hansi Flick German side lacked hence they were knocked out. But again i understand that is not always possible so if can’t impress your style of play with confidence next best thing is sit back soak up pressure and hope to counter attack. 

  • Congratulations Africa!

    Morroco have made us proud. Anything else from here is Dreamland.

    Caf messed up big time by shifting the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations forward. It would have been great to see these fabulous Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Tunisia and Morocco teams strut their stuff at the Afcon so soon after the completion of this world cup that they all left a lasting impact.

    Despite erratic global weather conditions, it should not be impossible to for a West African team to hold the Afcon in the summer.

    Anyway, today belongs to Morroco, well-done to the Atlas Lions!

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Salary sharers, how market?

    • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

      Pompei, where you waka from? Which one be “Salary sharers”? You go kill person.

      • pompei 2 months ago

        George, you no know Africa’s number one salary sharing experts?
        Make dem no vex, come share your salary with you ooo.

  • Greenturf 2 months ago

    I love the number 17 Boulal,Saiss and Amrabat

  • Glory 2 months ago

    Morocco the NEW AFRICAN PRIDE. Soooooo happy. Morocco has made my day. That Goal keeper is going to be such priceless commodity in the coming transfer window. A big big Congratulations to Morocco. We will continue to support Morocco and hopefully they will get to the final and eventually win this eluding Cup for Africa.

    • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

      Amen and Amen. Even the commentators her in the US are taking note of Africa. When I stopped by a Mexican Store after dropping my children at school, I was watching the game on my phone and the sales lady asked me who I was supporting, I said the Africans and she kept quiet. I told her Africa needs to win today. I am so happy they won.

      You can see what doing things on merit accomplishes. The Morocccan coach won the CAF Champions League and was drafted to the National Team and look at what he has done. The SE must be on the merits. Nigeria is blessed with talents home and abroad and the best legs must be allowed to shine. Stop owing Coaches salaryThat way, if they fail to perform or meet target, fire them.

      • Glory 2 months ago

        Nice one @ Omoko. Nigeria as a nation is blessed but pockets of Nigerians are PURE DISGRACE, ever greedily chasing selfish ambitions instead of collective national interest.

      • Also helps to have a vision, believe and stick to it. See how they fired the coach that qualified them because they did not like his style of play which was what caused him to fall out with Ziyech. The Moroccan federation understood that dynamic and went with this their indigenous coach who from all indications understood their DNA and style of play. Like Brazil coming to play defensive football. You can hire the best coach in that regard and they won’t succeed much because their DNA is the samba attacking style of play.

        Nigeria will only rise again in football when administrators understand this fact. Then build the enabling environment to nurture the talent that will bring it to fruition. Personally I’ll still play with a mobile no.10 maybe even two if I have a solid defense and good DM. Then use the mobile players and ball position on the pitch as a reference point for all other players positioning and ball movement. We all saw the difference Brazil had playing with Neymar yesterday versus when they didn’t. Nigerian football needs a hybrid of European organization with the African talent and flair to come tops. It will be very difficult to beat the Europeans at their style of passing game. 

    • pompei 2 months ago

      When Morocco did well in 1986, they also had a great goalie named Badou Ezzaki.
      For them to have given Belgium and Spain such a tough time shows what they are made of. They could very well go all the way.

  • Now, it is official. Names don’t play football. Anyone is beatable only that Nigeria will still not get the memo and look out for fearless warriors to boost the super eagles. We can only dream for Morocco. Portugal has not exactly lit up the world cup but Switzerland is the dark horse.
    However Morocco for the semis. Bet against that at your peril

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Morocco is good enough to better any of Switzerland and Portugal.
      When you have a Biloul number 17,and Ziyech number 7 in attack you have a great forward and with the compliment of other qualities in the team there’s a chance Morocco could go all the way through.

  • Glory 2 months ago

    Morocco beating this Spanish team gives real hope for a semi final place for AFRICA, as any of Portugal or Switzerland don’t look the quality to stop Morocco.

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Well this Portuguese team I have seen this first half against Switzerland is a beast of a team João Felix is unbelievable wow!I can’t put my money on Morocco to beat Portugal.

  • Muhammad Faheed 2 months ago

    Morroco played without star players and they won. Today I was bitter because Nigeria is so full of talents.Shame to Nigeria players, shame to NFA, shame to the Ministry of sport, shame to those who use tribes and nepotism to ruined sport in Nigeria, and shame to any man or woman who celebrate mediocrity in our land. Devil of all manner will kill those who support brain dead leaders in Nigeria. God will finish anyone who mobilise against a better Nigeria. God will send His arm of nature to destroy those who put perpetual tears on the faces of Nigerians. In Jesus name.

  • Ndubest 2 months ago

    Congratulations Morocco. Congratulations Africa. Morocco is indeed a top quality team. I jubilated as if Nigeria has won world cup. Respect Abeg. Semi-final is loading and who say they may not reach final. Anything is possible. A team that conceded only an own goal in 4 matches cannot be written off. You have shown that everything is doable. We are gradually getting there. Nigeria wake up and be counted.

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    Those who sow in tears shall reap with joy. Morocco reaping the fruits of the same things some of us suggest here.

    Did anyone see any Moroccan player rushing to exchange jerseys with Spanish players….??? NO

    They were either born or all play in the same leagues or at the same level as the Spanish players.

    Why would Yassine Bono, the best GK in the Spanish league be jittery about facing Spanish players in a penalty shootout.

    They never at any point felt inferior….neither did their coach who was born, bred, raised, groomed and schooled in Europe feel inferior to the Spanish coach.

    If Nigeria were to be back to back winners of chan and produce 1 African club cup finalist for 5 consecutive years like Morocco, some people would have placed a ban on foreign born or foreign based players…..LMAOoo.

    They have not even achieved anything locally, they already want to foist their mediocre homebased players and coaches on us….LMAOoo

    Get us a local coach, get us a local coach….not like the ones who have not coached a total of 3 years all their careers, or the ones who cannot reach group stages of CAF club competitions.

    Congratulations Morocco.

    This is the reward of doing everything right, from administration to player/coaching recruitment to facility and infrastructure development.

    Soup wen sweet….Na money and sabiness cook am.

  • George Emeka Omoko 2 months ago

    Dr. Drey, abi your name na Muhammad Ali, which one be “If Nigeria were to be back to back winners of chan and produce 1 African club cup finalist for 5 consecutive years like Morocco, some people would have placed a ban on foreign born or foreign based players…..LMAOoo.” That na knock out. Laff wan kill me.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      My brother. I’m merely saying the truth as it is as I’ve always said it. This Moroccan team is practically as European as any European team can be….even down to their coaching crew. Over 80% foreign born….despite have one of the best leagues in Africa and despite delivering for 5 straight seasons on the continent.

      Yet they’ve ensured their best (most of whom were born I Europe and are playing in the top leagues) represent them without discrimination.

      Our “owns” cannot every reach group stages of CAF competitions, yet some deluded folks think they should run the national team…..LMAOoo

      In this life, there no worse type of deceit than self deceit.

      Show me any local coach who has 10 years senior level coaching experience and has won the CAF Champions league like the Morrocan coach and I will personally pay for media campaigns to have him installed as a SE coach..LMAO

      “Our owns” my foot.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      To think this morrocan coach is just 47 years old, yet already has about a decade of coaching experience says alot.

      Someone should ask our lazy exinternationals what they were looking at when people like Mr Regragui in his mid 30s was already dishing out instructions from the touchline….for them to carry their empty CVs and start laying claims to the SE top job as if it’s their fathers’ property.

    • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

      Nice one @George. Xxx

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    But our NFF technical committee especially Bassey wants to reduce the numbers of foreign born in SE. Not because they meant well for us is due to sentiments, tribalism and corruption.