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Musa’s Appearance Against Lesotho Will Help Him Find New Club – Rohr

Musa’s Appearance Against Lesotho Will Help Him Find New Club – Rohr

Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr says his decision to use Ahmed Musa against Lesotho is to help him attract clubs in Europe that will be interested in signing him.

Prior to Nigeria’s qualification for the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations, the German tactician was initially criticized by some football enthusiasts for his inclusion of Musa in the 24-man list against Benin and Lesotho due to his clubless nature.

Speaking with a Lagos-based radio station, Rohr said that for as long as Musa is fit, he will continue to be part of his team.

“Musa could play because we only have 21 players with him we became 22.”

“So he could come in, he was fit and met the physical test. He’s in good shape and so, there was no reason not to allow him to play.”

“He’s the captain of the team and we want him to do it on the pitch and also we wanted to help him find a good club now,” he said.

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Sam k 4 months ago

    Clueless man.3mins of play will help him find a club after saying initially he won’t play

    • @ Sam k… Your father and generation are very clueless for insulting an Old achiever what has your generation and “clueful” father achieved with all his clues if not to shamelessly impregnate your mother behind the uncompleted building to have you?

      • kenneth 4 months ago

        Please share with us the success he has achieved, because last tie i checked he hasn’t won any laurel as a coach. Even as a player he was just fortunate to be part of Bayern Munich squad of the 70s. Abi qualifying us to tournaments and then not winning it is now considered achievemet

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        What is this?… Is Rohr your fada?

        Did anyone mention your dad’s name?…

        ARE YOU WELL?

        If you don’t know how to control your emotions, please don’t come online when you’re on your period. This herdsman like behaviour must stop.

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    When we say this man is now a card carrying member of APC… Some will think we are harsh. See the double standards he is orchestrating? So Super Eagles camp is now a rehabilitation centre right? When we have players like Peter Olayinka destroying Europa League being considered still as a fringe player… ROHR’S bag-carriers won’t see anything retarded about this sort of farce and favoritism now.

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    Coach Rohr’s drycleaners and bagcarriers are always quick to compare and beatdown the entire homebased players as not good enough and how our best players are all abroad, even comparing how our NPFL is shit compared to European leagues… but they will never see or expose how Rohr is acting like a politician inviting a player without club for almost 8months now and playing him which is far from bestpractices anywhere including how a national team coach in his native Germany will do things… or how Didier Deschamps, coach of the national team of his adopted country France will do things… if these Rohr’s vuvuzela bunch who always enjoy orgasm comparing our league to Europe, homebased to foreign-based but maintain a tight lip, when Rohr keeps acting against all professional ethics and playing politics allowing an inactive player dress-up and play… in this millennial 2021… then it is clear how all they stand for is double standards… We are struggling with shortage of real cover for Ndidi in the DM role because he still does not trust Shehu Abdullahi as you all know.. you have a former squad member and assistant Captain in Ogenyi Onazi who can still do a good job… and whose mates Umeruo, Ahmed Musa (Mr Nonplaying Captain who eventually played because the agent-coach is seeking to market him) are still being called upon… you wonder if some players are not more equal than others… fever-pitch favoritism goes on till this day in Super Eagles! You are using the national team to rehabilate certain chosen ones because you fear backlash from the political bloc of the nation they hailed from while telling others in same situation or better to go and play for AC Milan, Real Madrid or Manchester City before you reconsider them… later they will take a central defender and play him in defensive midfield or take another anointed chosen one Akpoguma and bench three high-performing and comparatively better full backs in Aina, Ebuehi and Awaziem, despite his petulance and rejection of Nigeria for years until he saw the writing on the wall that if he does not buy sense, he will remain in the wilderness thinking Germany will one day dress him up… Coach Gernot Doppel Standard Rohr! We are seeing through your high stakes politics daddy… Lol.

  • Bomboy 4 months ago

    Dr. Drey has not replied you guys because today is Good Friday. The guy will come for you as soon as he is through with his prayers.

    Let me go offline before then.

    • JimmyBall 4 months ago

      @Bomboy… Hahahaha. You the fear @Dr.Drey… I dey here the wait for am… hahaha. We the use wetin them the preach the take check them. We have template for player invitation guidelines wey my friend @Dr.Drey don stamp for this forum since but na their camp the turn blind eye when the gaffer comot new one to use… Lol. If it’s by Rohr then it should fly even though it violates acceptable statutes! Doppelganger according to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu… use body-double when no one is watching if it does that job with minimal
      risks of exposing reality.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      There’s only one Dr. Drey. All others are my wives.

      O, but the way… Rohr is still incompetent.


  • Eldridge Cleaver 4 months ago

    Musa should find a new club before the world cup qualifiers or else Rohr will have no choice than overlook him altogether for future matches.

  • Oakfield 4 months ago

    @jimmyball and gang, the question is: did he give a good account of himself during the match? Yes. Did his inclusion affect the chemistry of the team? Absolutely no, but yes positively. Does he still have what it takes? Yes. Will he get a club soon before the world cup? Of course, yes. Will he be included in the world cup squad? Yes, bcs he still has what it takes. Will your APC mechanic coach be incharge through out the world cup qualifiers? Yes. Does he have the backing of the nff president? Yes!!!!!!! Will he take us to the world cup again? Sure! Has he set an indelible mark in nigerian football, one that has not been set before by any coach in history?? YES!!!! (Make them look for a coach who will make qualifying for tournies with games to spare look like inter house sports for us). Is the team making progress? Yes, very remarkable one for that matter!!! So you can see, your tantrums are utterly baseless but will rather continue bringing u Heart aches. In fact, they are a nuisance here. So, Sit tight and enjoy the ride while it lasts bcs u may never have it this good again.

    • JimmyBall 4 months ago

      @Oakfield… Anybody even a retired player can come in and do what Musa did in 3minutes.Just go in and run allover the place within 3minutes. A Lesotho player charge him just little and he tumbled down unto the turf. That’s what happens when you are not active… We will be watching. Let him go and sign short contract with Eyimba, Rangers, Plateau United or Kano Pillars. If he is still not active again and he gets invited when world cup qualifiers start, let him be from the same councillorship ward with Buhari… We will shout Rohr down and give him 1000°c heat. I will always clamour for any player who is active because if I see your ability, where you play is of little factor to me. I love and always clamour for Shehu Abdullahi, despite playing in Cyprus because he is good. If Musa continues idle and unattached… it is then some of you will see that we dont joke around with the only remaining glue still piecing Nigeria together in reality.

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        Are you done ranting….??? Good. Ngwa open Microsoft word and type Rohr’s sack letter na…..LMAO.

        Musa has earned every privilege and indulgence he is getting right now…..even if we have to feature him for 3mins to get a club, we are indeed glad to do so…he has served the national team and the national team will serve him…..the way the national team has served the previous captains before him….and if you like mix otapiapia with zobo and drink….LMAO…. certain things will remain constant…..the captain of the national team will get his much deserved 100 caps, Junior Ajayi will never set his foot in the SE camp and Olayinka will get his chance when there is space for him. Keep on ranting…..LMAO….na you wey nor fit name common starting XI wan dictate to coach who to invite and who to play…..LMAO

        • JimmyBall 4 months ago

          … Hahaha. The camp commandant that keeps changing the goal post. Tomorrow when someone from zamfara score 15/500 for national common entrance and is given a slot in Kings College Lagos, while another one who scored 450 from Anambra or Ogun cannot get a spot at the same school now… na people like una go the shout nepotism and favoritism. Musa has a reserved spot for being inactive as a professional, yet a heavy weight in Europe like Olayinka or Atiemwen of Croatia Zagreb must wait when a place will be available for their likes… The same people who draw-up player invitation criteria, you must play top 5 league, you must play Real Madrid are the same ones who become confused like a policeman who has seen N100 naira in a driver’s pocket on the road when it’s time to apply their own law… We the watch una and all the hypocrisy wey una the hide under! Very soon… Mr Nonplaying Captain be hired to start washing the team’s jerseys after training if he must continue to ride the bus without professional merit… We the watch una!

          • kenneth 4 months ago

            Jimmy you get tie to dey reply that hypocritical parrot. You just dey give am undeserved attention. You have said it all, it is now obvious that the national team is now a political avenue. So not playing for a club but keeping fit is now a yard stick to be called to the national team. I bet if its one of those home based coaches that did this, people like parrot mouth and his cohorts will be saying all sorts of garbage here. By the way Nigeria has thousands of fit players in other leagues that needs to be invited then. Wait till world cup qualifier, he will bribe a club just to get into the national team. nonsense of the highest order. Were this not the same people saying Keshi and co collected bribe to give undeserved players a chance in the national team. I can as well conclude that is what our PE teacher is also doing

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          Hhahahahaha….Ethnic and Religious bigots are on the prowl….they are still barking while the senile PE teacher and his team are making records and pushing for higher ground…..LMAO. Some people just never get tired of being humiliated with the ‘loser’ pie shoved down their throats time and again….LMAO

          What is being done for Musa today is not even up to what Westerhof did for his captain Stephen Keshi and his most influential key midfielder Thompson Oliha in 1994. Keshi was injured and clubless….Westerhoff still took him to AFCON so he can still be able to get a club b4 the world cup….same with Oliha…..and lo and behold….they both did.
          An unfit, long injured and near clubless captain of the then SE Dan Amokachi was taken to 2000 AFCON by Bonfrere Jo….just to help him retain his ‘international’ player status and get his career back on track, given his contirbutions to the national team circa 1998 to 2000.
          An unattached Shorunmu was taken to 2002 AFCON by Amodu and was even still our 1st choice goalkeeper even after recovering from a head incidence….all so he could get his club career back on track ahead of the World cup in the same year.
          A worn out and rebellious captain, Joseph Yobo was brought back to the SE by Keshi just to reward him with his much desired 100 caps. SE captain Mikel Obi was brought back to the national team by this same Rohr in 2019 for very similar reasons…..to enhance his chances of making a permanent return to mainstream europe.

          Heavens did not fall all these times…..of course none of those names are northern muslim names. Musa the CURRENT SE captain plays 3 minutes vs lesotho and tribal/religious bigots and racists are rolling on the floor bcos Musa is a northerner and a muslim …..LMAO. Its even shocking a so called ex-footballer doesn’t know the place of, and indulgences the title of National team captain bequeaths on whoever is occupying such position…..LMAO. He is even mentioning Onazi who has been out of the team for 3 solid years now for rehabilitation….LMAO….what brazen show of ethnicity…..LMAO. This is 2021 and some people who will come here a brag about living in Europe since the days of King Henry VI cannot still rise above cheap ethnic and religious bigotry….LMAO

          @Jimmy and his dog…..when you are done with your rants, pls look for a very strong rope at the back of your house or one of your old ties and do the needful…….LMAO. There should be some good spot around your kernels from where something hang.

          Your 1000C heat has not gotten Junior Ajayi, Onazi or Olayinka anywhere close to the SE…..LMAO…..so if you like increase it to the temperature of hellfire, it will still not stop Rohr from repaying HIS CAPTAIN’s loyalty with loyalty.

          And just incase you have forgotten….Im sorry to be a bearer of bad news…..but players from the top leagues will continue to be prioritized for invitation into the Super Eagles…..LMAO. And if you like rant till tomorrow…there are only 22 places to be filled ahead of the next AFCON. Ahmed Musa’s place as captain, even on a wheel chair remains untouchable….LMAO. DEAL WITH IT…..LMAO.

          His isnt the first and wouldn’t be the last to be so honored.

          Ahmed Musa…SE captain and ace winger…..96 caps, 15 goals and as many assists…2022 AFCON here you come…….LMAO. Anybody wey nor like am, make he go form in own super eagles….LMAO.

          Mr Gernot Rohr…our senile mechanic and PE teacher…..pls carry go….we dey your back. Make people wey wan entire hell fire for ya matter make dem go ahead….LMAO

          • JimmyBall 4 months ago

            @goalpost shifting camp commandant… the one who says national team is not a rehabilitation centre for players with dwindling career fortunes… is it not interesting that the Coach Rohr is actually revealing that his a coach-agent? The same reason why he continues to shut the door on some popular and deserving players… he is now a marketer who wants to use the national to such clandestine moves… After una go disturb Keshi wey the rest in peace already say him been the sell players… Has Rohr not Confirmed he is also now in the business? Lol… Let Musa not go and sign Eyimba, infact Eyimba won’t even take him except he wants to go and be washing training jerseys for the new boywonder… Anayo Iwuala! Which position Musa won play for today Super Eagles? He can’t go near anywhere on the flanks… attack don pass him head with the likes of Moffi, Osimhen, Sadiq, and poacher-extraordinaire… Paulinho Onuachudinho. Hahahahaha… If Musa like make him no pick race go sign Plateau United or Kano Pillars and get busy… the next time he shows up in camp unattached again we will just load sweaty-training jerseys and give him to dryclean for active players… Hahahaha. The life cycle for national team players for most serious nations is 10years,Musa started with Eagles in 2011 coming in against Guinea Conakry… With new talents and really young players of Nigeria descent turning up everywhere these days.. he knows he is also going over his crest now… One love. Small Lesotho player charge am the other he tumble for ground, make him no tidy him self until we come against real African bullies… that one na back, them go the back am for pitch…

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    Oh yes, who don’t like better thing kę? Musa deserved that kę.

    That is what I call in side life, anything can happen.

    Therefore, Oomanimumitayin kę Oga Rohr. Oh sorry, you don’t speak Yoruba. Mr. Pastor Dr.Drey or Oakfield, open section 419 for me, oya read am for him and interpret that for Oga Rohr.

    Many thanks to you my pikins. That’s okay my pikins.

    However, I am very pleased with Oga Rohr on this. That shows that he values Musa and his service is still very important to the entire team both on the pitch and off the pitch.

    All the ex and indigenous coaches should add man management to their skills.

    The tournament in Cameroon will be Musa’s last Afcon while his last tournament which is the world cup in Qatar.

    For that reasons, he should find a local club for now and when the better deals come up in few months to come by God’s grace then he will not be out of shape.

    “He’s the captain of the team and we want him to do it on the pitch and also we wanted to help him find a good club now,” he said.

    I appreciate you a lot Oga Rohr. Please continue like this and you have my back as long as you are doing the right thing at the right time.

    We, the patriotic Nigerians are the core fans of Super Eagles because, we are representing Nigeria and the national teams of Nigeria.

    We all like better things and we can’t wait to be crowned Afcon champions in Cameroon.

    You know I love you so much Oga Rohr but that doesn’t mean I won’t tell you the truth oo which your fans hate to hear. Kobahakaba? Abi no be so ni?

    Bia, the unity among the players and the coaches is very good and I love that. Thank you once again Mr. Mechanic lolz. As long as you fix the Super Eagles for us, I will support you 100%.

    Musa, I wish you the best of luck. Don’t worry, the better offer will come. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 4 months ago

      E be like say d jazz wey dem do you against rohr don dy leave u small small. That’s a very good development you know but hope say dem no go go trigger am again. You have infected one of your deciples (jimmyball) with this deadly virus, he needs ur help asap. You people cannot continue being a nuisance here.

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        No disrespect, but if Omo9ja can still have small sense like this, then some people just need to be sold as slaves to Tuaregs in the Sahara desert….LMAO. That’s how pathetic their own situations are….LMAO.

  • AKO AMADI 4 months ago

    Rohr is using a qualifying match to find a club for his non-playing captain.is this not nepotism, even granted that the opposition as already dead and buried?

  • Yinkus 4 months ago

    Oga Rhor has made it known that he wants to help Musa. He did not hide it so let us allow this topic to go. Before now super eagle have always been in need of musa and He has salvage situation for us on so many occasions. This time around Musa actually needs eagle to get His career back on track. Don’t forget not so many players will get this kind of previledge and if you happen to get this previledge it show that you have done something so great in the past.

    Other young players both invited and yet to be invited players with age on their side will definitely have opportunity one day and very soon.

    So let us allow Musa to be.

  • I believe we can do better. Coach lied to us and some of de defend am. So to tell lies don dey acceptable now?

  • Greenturf 4 months ago

    It’s a very controversial decision.In Europe,latin or central America a professional footballer not playing football won’t get an invite let alone playing in a tournament playoffs irrespective of your past achievements,it’s indeed a strange decision but in this part of the world especially Nigeria this things can happen.
    I do understand Rohr’s position on this matter.He needs Musa for the world cup playoffs and Afcon tournament in January next year.Musa’s experience and productivity when in form is unmatched at international level and the coach needs Musa to be ready for the tasks ahead hence giving him game time to stimulate his chances of securing a club.
    Apparently,the coaches intentions are good and in the long run Nigeria will benefit from this decision though as strange as it may seem,but should Musa fail to secure a club I do not think he would get another chance with the super eagles,this is as far as it can get.

  • Igwilo Joe 4 months ago

    In that case let him invite Enyeama mikel and others if he thinks he is doing the nation good, for me he is just practicing federal character of zonal representations which is too bad for the game

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    …this is the best analysis regarding coach Rohr about face regarding the Ahmed Musa situation… lol. Hahahaha… #GoalPostShifters!