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NFF Offers Jose Peseiro New Contract

NFF Offers Jose  Peseiro New Contract

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are in discussion with the Jose Peseiro over a new contract.

The NFF, according to reports are however willing to pay the Portuguese the same €50,000 monthly.

Peseiro previously earned €70,000 monthly but agreed a pay cut to lead the Super Eagles to the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

The 63-year-old’s last contract ended at the end of the AFCON 2023 finals.

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The former Saudi Arabia and Venezuela coach guided the Super Eagles to a second-place finish at the competition.

Peseiro has been linked to several coaching jobs since the end of the AFCON.

The Algeria Football Federation are said to have strong interest in him.

The Portuguese revealed this week that he has received at least seven offers from different national teams and clubs.

Peseiro said he will decide his future in the coming days.

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  • €50,000 offer by the NFF. Just one of the 7 offers he has received, including the rumored $90K by Algeria. The report even says he has sent in his acceptance letter, although he’s second choice for the Desert Foxes, who could still revert to their first, Petrovic if he accepts the offer.

    Hopefully, money is not a major deciding factor for Paseiro, otherwise, the NFF is out of the running for his services.

  • Tony K 2 months ago

    Let Pasero stay for continuity and experience with the SE team. I believe in another year or two, the SE will be an unbeatable, well drilled team with Pasero as Head coach.

    • @Tony K my friend Are you serious???????????????????/ right now another year or two?????? do you think we have that. so you want these players Osimhen and Boniface and Orban and Tella to miss out on WC ’26 maybe you didnt realise we have Important the most important legs of that qualifiers in June against Hugo Broos and Bafana Bafana WE do Not have Damn 2 years to wait.

    • @Tony K let me remind you if Leverkusen Win Bundesliga Which is increasingly becoming evident they will All those Players including a certain Nathan Tella will be hot cake and England will know he only has 1 cap for Naija if Nigeria miss out on WC and Tella gets called up by Southgate Its a done deal he will switch. That is just one of the many negative Ripple effects that will come about if Nigeria Miss out on our Back to Bck Word Cups!!!!!!!!!

      Don’t be clueless @Tony K bro it is easy to sit on your Keyboard and every 2 years type We are building another 2 years bla bla bla for how long do we talk that Rubbbish or in your world did we play in Qatar WC?? My friend Park well joor no vex me today biko!

      • pompei 2 months ago

        Iwunze, don’t call somebody else CLUELESS. Do you have a clue yourself?
        Just make your point without insulting people.
        This is the problem you have. Na so so insult full ya mouth.
        And you no dey hear word. You stubborn like malu. By now, you suppose to have stopped this your habit of insulting people.

        • @Pompei it becomes clueless is when someone starts suggesting the same thing every damn year for decades we must wait for two years when we have 2 strikers in the top 10 attackers in the world?.. not just that we also have other equally deadly attackers and players in Other positions. So with all this we must defend????. And some Start saying we should wait another 2 years to start bearing fruit?? when in actual fact we are ripe now and just need better guidance. The think missing out on another WC is an option????. WELL IT IS NOT!

          People should understand dynamics

  • Jacob 2 months ago

    Let him go we don’t need him.
    He is shy of winning trophies in his life.

    His tactics nearly turned Osimhen to goalkeeper with too much of a defensive approach. It is that same Osimhen that is banging goals for Napoli in less than a month after AFCON now with yesterday’s hat-trick 5 goals in 3 matches 5/3, can you imagine the efficiency rate?

    The NFF Should stop giving us trophy-less coaches in the name of expatriate to share dollars among themselves.

    Paseiro is not the answer and was not hired through due process and transparency with the right qualifications for a high class team like super eagles.

    • We don’t want him pls. What happened to our smooth sexy football like Arsenal? 

      Kick and run should be minimal and not every time where opponents can read our tactics. 


  • @Tony K our current Set of Nigerian Players are ripe and ready to dominate the World Cup ’26 and Nigeria as A FOOTBALLING NAtion or Self Proclaimed GIANT OF AFRICA cannot afford to miss out on 2 back to back World cups and the likes of Osimhen and Boniface need to be at World Cup where the best players will be showcasing thier stuff. Talking about 2 years Are you kidding me???

  • Nigeria should go for a better coach than Peseiro let me paint it to you people like this.

    If we had for instance a Hugo Broos as our coach if he had SE playing the way SA played us do you people think Nigeria would have won the AFCON. If your Answer is yes then you know we need a coach on that level.

    • Ezomo 2 months ago

      I thought u gona suggest another coach since Hugo is fixed already, I really Wana hear ur suggested coach or coaches as for Hugo forget it it’s a case close matter

      • @Ezomo Read other threads I have been suggesting Herve Reynard before he moves from French Women team to Saudi Arabia I have been singing his name since kingdom come. If not him then someone like a coach that will leave for instance a Congo DR for Nigeria SE in a heart beat a certain De Sabre it is just a matter of NFF being pro active and thinking out the box and the fans to be also on the same page and make meaningful suggestions

  • Ndubest 2 months ago

    I don’t know the one to believe again some news outlets are reporting he has quit already and complete sports is reporting NFF is negotiating with him. If he stays no problem if he leaves no problem. We move!!!

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 2 months ago

    The dog the wil get lost will not hear the whistle of the referee.either on the side of the coach or on the side of the football authority. .don’t let me be the lawyer to both sides.
    Hmm 50000 x 1400 70oooooom per month.dangote salary abi for football
    All worker salary in glass house in Abuja per month no pass 30m.
    If south Africa get result in Abuja wil dey allow him continue?.
    Wen caf ask him to register 27 boys he register 25 with sick middle fideer.only to get to competition and had to change to 6 3 1 Playing 5 o 5.
    Wil eagles go to 2026 WKup with 2018 guys .
    Wil coach be happy waiting for arrears of pay .
    It is dicey decision for nff and the coach to take .
    Reason y the nff wil conclude with a team of coaches from the local setting to qualify first for 2026 before getting a coach to handle the team . with minimal budget.. from the gain from Senegal afcon $4.5m: benefits.

    • It’s true, nobody is asking how the NFF is spending the $4 million Afcon runners-up money. They can’t claim match bonuses cos we know the FG already cleared that, along with Paseiro’s arrears.

      But FIFA will not allow anyone, not even the government, to check their books.

      • pompei 2 months ago

        This is why we need to petition FIFA to make an exception of Nigeria.
        Our own is too much. The NFF books need to be not only checked, but also audited periodically.

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    The coach hasn’t signed any contract with Algeria according to what I read somewhere.

    If NFF retained coach Paseiro, it shows that they don’t know what they are doing and Nigeria we pay dearly for this.

    As I said before, with Paseiro in charge, Super Eagles is almost guaranteed and may not qualify to Afcon and World Cup with the style of coach Paseiro play.

    I believe the secret behind this is that NFF will always prefer an average foreign coach so that they can share his salary.

    If NFF can not put Amunike there, then they should go for former South Africa coach. I can’t remember his name. Ptso or something. His an African and a well sound coach as well.

    Renard the former Zambia and Ivory Coast is also there for the job but NFF has asked him
    and he said no to Nigeria job the last time NFF contacted him.

    I believe he knows NFF inside out and may he doesn’t want to associate himself with corrupt people I think. He might change his mind now if they reconsider him.

    For the betterment of our nation, NFF should do the right by not consider coach Paseiro. Osimhen goal scorin grates has shown us that Oga Paseiro is a no-no to Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ezomo 2 months ago

      Don’t worry sir, it’s an obvious thing he is going to go, u guys will have opportunities of putting ur egbos, Manu garba, amuneke as u have always been suggesting it abi? And if another coach come in and ur dresser is not invited then u will continue from where u stop abi?

      • Omo9ja 2 months ago

        @Ezomo, I’m not here because of one tribe or the other but one Nigeria, one love. I don’t care if it is Yoruba, Igbo, or Hausa is going to reform our Super Eagles to our taste, as long as the coach can get the job done, that is what really matters to me.

        I am tired of these tokunbọ foriegn coaches that have been failing us when it matters most.

        It is high time we fail with our own and I believe we will with our own shikena.

        Don’t worry, Dessers will definitely be part of the team soon because he is scoring for fun currently. Mind you, it is not all about Dessers but our inform players must be invited to the national team.

        Please let’s welcome Amunike on board, and I believe our own we will understand our players more than these foreign coaches. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Edoman 2 months ago

          @omo9ja, you are always wrong. you will be wrong again and again. If Pj goes, as it very likely, he will go, Nigeria will miss the World Cup back to back. JP is the first coach to take us to the final in AFCON since Kashi took us to the final in 2013 and won.
          JP is now at the driver’s sit, he is in the current position where he can dump Nigeria for the peanuts he may be earning in Nigeria, or he can go for the big one and let Nigeria Agbaro coach to come in and take us back to where Nigeria football belong.

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    Peserio should throw this crap contract back in the face of NFF and move on. $50k p/m that will go unpaid for 7 months plus at the least, after returning from a 24 team AFCON with a silver medal and reaching 28th on FIFA ranking….?

    Peserio, leave when the ovation is loudest. Another country is ready to offer you 4 times the dog food NFF is throwing at you.

    Let the NFF go and get their local guadiolas that will drag us down once again, they are like pigs, no matter how many times you drag them out of shit and wash them, they are their followers will still love to go back into their pool of shit.

  • Bestsport 2 months ago

    Seriously and serially incompetent NFF from time immemorial. Alway making stupid and avoidable decisions and costly decisions too.. where the bloody hell is amuneke???? Where is seyi olofijana? Where is benedict ahkwebgu the austrian bomber? Where is the competent oliseh who lacks man management only? Oliseh could be helped In Man management skills abi? These and more are the competent Nigeria coaches. But I will choose amuneke and to be assisted by finidi, enyeama as goalkeeper coach, or rufai… incompetent Nff, una hear,?

    • Oakfield 2 months ago

      Hahahahah…just negodu??? Lol…wonders shall never for complete sports o…ikegwuru….

  • Stop paying in dollars Pls. Pat naira then he buy dollar if he want to

  • Akunde 2 months ago

    Please reject and go. A clever way of saying take or leave. Go goooooo

  • You people need to know football is not only goals n trophies..before that level discipline is number one, this time AFCON Nigeria players were highly disciplined in the pitch n that’s the reason played the final..note that, without Peserio even Ghana of AFCON 2023 will look better! Tryn will see..

  • Ezomo 2 months ago

    It’s an obvious thing he is gona go, he can’t have a better offer and and sit down wey salary dey take donkey years to be paid ND offers on ground are far far better than what nff Wan gives am

  • Bobby 2 months ago

    Let him go to Algeria and win the World Cup for them. The coach is not technically and tactically sound. A local coach from Ivory Coast who barely handled his team for less than one month defeated Nigeria.

    Amunike would do much better.

    • Edoman 2 months ago

      Please, Amuneke is called ‘Agbero’. He could not qualify Nigeria under 20 for Olympics. Of course, Oga JP will go for a better opportunity. If you are the one, won’t you go?

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

    Lol! South Africa that only won one game in the knockout stages. Lmao!! I don’t even care who will be the coach going forward, but I can guarantee you South Africa will not be the team to stop the SuperEagles. Hugo Broos had thrown a war chest at Nigeria and I’m sure the SuperEagles will take this match very seriously. 

    It is absolutely inevitable that we must reclaim the top spot in the group from the next window in June or else we should just kiss our WorldCup hopes goodbye. 

    If Peseiro accepts the NFF offer he’s most definitely welcome to continue his job as we will only get better. However, if he decides to take a better offer I can’t fault him. Nigeria can never really hire a top class coach anyway. 

    There are top class foreign talents that want to join the SuperEagles after the AFCON. We literally dragged our football out of 1982 in the recent AFCON and we want drag the SuperEagles back to that route again? No problem we will all be here to accept the consequences. 

    • Onwajunior 2 months ago

      Exactly!!! Don’t know why most ppl here want Peseiro to leave. B4 Afcon, I wanted him to fail and leave mainly bcos he wasted our friendlies playing the same players and not giving opportunities to others (always stuck with Uzoho). But that changed after our first match, when we drew 1-1 with Eq. Guinea. The number of chances we created and wasted wasn’t the coach’s fault but the players’. These guys were missing 1-on-1s, the coach won’t teach AC Milan, Napoli strikers how to convert chances. The team went on to the final, the coach crushed the target in his contract. With the connection, chemistry, bonding and all developed during the Afcon, it’s only normal to continue. And I’m very sure that if he continues we’ll qualify for the World Cup. I’m not sure any coach, both indigenous and foreign, would qualify us for the WC right now, anything is possible sha. But I won’t trade continuity sha. We did that with Rohr and paid the price. Now we are all calling to repeat the same thing. 

      • @OwngoalNigeria very simple his defend and Attack Tactic has been exposed in the semi’s already and will be so easy to contain again by SA and other teams for that matter if he is going to improve his dynamics then great if not then NO Knowing Peseiro he will use the same game plan as the saying goes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks if he stays I hope he proves me wrong if he doesn’t and Uses the same tactics as Finals of AFCOn then it is bye bye SE

        Me too by Quarter’s of AFCON I was rooting for him but after the torture of Semi’s and Finals I want him gone if that’s the only style of play he knows. And in his mind it works for him so expect him not to change and he doesn’t really understand the players at his disposals qualities yet which us alarming considering he has been with them for 2 years albeit only given room to select the best legs mid last year

        Either way from the reasons I gave above he has to go


  • Anthony Herr Usifo 2 months ago

    We don’t need paseiro or whatever he is called. He is mediocre at best .his tactics took a lots from players and we paid the price ib the final.
    THIS Coach before now has achieved virtually nothing and was sacked by Venezuela of all country .Ivory Coast just won Afcon with a indigenous Coach and I believe somebody like Anuneke can achieved similar feat.

    • Onwajunior 2 months ago

      Did you check his profile? Maybe check his profile before comparing him with Amuneke

  • pompei 2 months ago

    The Nigerian dilemma.
    When things start going well, someone somewhere will press the self destruct button.
    We have shot ourselves in the foot so many times, our foot is almost chopped off.
    Peseiro staying or going is not the issue. The issue is we need a coach that can use the players we have to get us results, a coach that can respond tactically to match situations.
    If Peseiro wants to stay, fine, but I think he needs help in the tactics department.
    If he wants to go, BYE BYE. Then let’s look for a quality replacement.
    NFF can’t tell us they can’t afford a good coach. Where is the Afcon silver medal prize money? Where is it? They should let us know. That money is there right now to get us a quality tactician. That’s what this team needs. That is what will take us to the next level.

  • Agbo max 2 months ago

    We want tinubu now everybody is crying, haven’t seen a foolish country like Nigeria, imagine calling a person that came second out of 24team tournament incompetent and calling for one that failed to qualify for under 20 as competent no wonder this country is suffering, many fools with little memories, still calling failures to come and handle super eagles, with all due respect pessiro is better than Amuneke one million times rubbish

  • Good point, but The Coach said he need a break just allow him go

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    Since most of us on this forum have agreed on Amunike as new Super Eagles coach then the case is closed.

    None of our ex players or local coaches have ever enjoyed working as a coach in the Super Eagles.

    Why treat these average foreign coaches as king? Nobody knows coach Paseiro before coaching Super Eagles.

    NFF has no choice but to listen to we patriotic Nigerians.

    NFF has to learn a lesson in Ivory Coast.

    A local coach who had no experience beaten our foreign coach with no experience.

    If we have to go by what happened in the semi-finals and Afcon final, then coach Paseiro has to go.

    The determination, luck, and commitments of our players brought us to the Afcon final, just like coach Rohr, who used our star players to achieve something in Africa.

    Hmmm. Coach Paseiro has never improved Super Eagles. He can’t build us a team the way it is kę because he has nothing left to offer us. One pattern of play from kick of the tournament to the end says a lot about the technical and technical aspects of coach Paseiro.

    Kai, I’m not here to downgrade Oga Paseiro and his employer, but I am very sure of what I’m saying. They can’t give us what they don’t have.

    If a local coach with zero experience could beat Oga Paseiro, then why not let the gaffer go jęję and give Amunike a chance to prove his worth?

    The majority carry the vote. Going by what the majority of us are saying today, NFF should not hesitate to hand over Super Eagles to Amunike period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Tony K 2 months ago

      No way for Amunike! Instead Paseiro should stay. He knows and have worked with the players and know what to tweak to get best results from SE players. This is not the time to experiment. Continuity and learning experience counts than going to bring a local coach that will not be respected by the players.

    • Onwajunior 2 months ago

      You’re on your own oh! We’re in the middle of qualifiers for multiple tournaments, and as you did last time, you want to lead us to miss out on another WC. This time it might even include missing Afcon as well.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Hahahaha…the same way the majority of you called for the head of Rohr to avert disaster only to destroy Nigeria’s football completely and drag us 40years backwards…..LMAOoo.

      Research has shown that Majority decisions are most times usually not the right decisions.

      Or have you not heard that majority will end up in hell fire on judgement day…..LMAOoo

    • How is FIFA rankings graded again? On improvement or non improvement? I have been one bad critic of Peserio but seeing him have the balls to drop his favorite goal tender or inform senior man his tantrums were enough, he got my respect and he stays. Amuneke discovered this, discovered that blah blah blah. Imagine Pioli saying Samuel should shape up now. Your local coach will not have such balls because all it would take is just one phone call to remain redundant in the team.

      Only 11 local African coaches have won the AFCON in 34 editions and 2 won it 3 times each. Foreign coaches will want to make a name for themselves. Peserio would have been the first Portuguese to win the AFCON and now that record is another motivation for 2025 edition. He will not take chances again.

      • @Sly Oga no day behave like say you no know say we got to finals by luck. And cost to our players health and bodies with that stupid tactics of defend for 90mins and counter. Look bro stop acting like you did not see Angola nearly expose us and SA do the same and Ivory Coast completely open our Yansh in that Finals. That tactic was meant to be a way to navigate the group after the scare of Guinea Bissau in Group opener. A Coach should go into a tournament with plan A B and C not just A for goodness sake.

        Who cares if he make his targets it would have been good if he did it with beautiful football and playing to the teams strengths not suffocating them with a tactic that was torturous to watch..

        Peseiro must Go!!!!

        Peseiro must go

  • Papafem 2 months ago

    Changing the coach now doesn’t make any sense to me. All of you shouting Amuneke, where exactly do you want him start from? Remember, we are in the middle of a tough qualifying series and y’all are shouting that the coach should be replaced. How?

    I’m not totally convinced about Peseiro. But on a second thought, I realize that his team wasn’t in anyway bad going by their performance at the Afcon. I also saw a team evolving to something new, something different, though not totally convincing yet, but has the capacity to develop into a deadly unit. They haven’t perfected that system of playing before heading to the afcon. It’s a team, a system, a style in progress, which if allowed to fully mature, could be highly devastating.

    Besides, Peseiro knows how disappointing missing out on the afcon title is. He knows Nigerians wanted the cup badly. He hasn’t taken any team to the world cup before. He’s still pained by those two drawn matches against Lesotho and Zimbabwe. So, he will be highly motivated to go all the way.

    Players understand his philosophy now. They are happy with him too. So, the best thing is to allow the group to continue growing. Bringing another person in now will throw spanner into their work.

    There is a fear factor going into any match against Nigeria now. We’ve earned that respect at the afcon. And with the return of Awoniyi and Boniface, two players we missed so much at the afcon, I believe the team will go places under Peseiro.

    • @Papafem changing the coach now makes perfect sense if you are going for Herve Reynard or Roger De Sabre. Who told you people that a sound coach cannot have an instant impact if the players buy into his philosophy. Actually it makes perfect sense to do it now. And give the coach the international friendly window before qualifiers to instil a bit of his footprint and philosophy on the team.

      I sometimes ask myself how you people understand football dynamics

      Or you think every coach operates at the same level? Is that what you really think?.

  • Or maybe you were In the bigbrother Naija house when AfCOn took place and you missed out on Ivory Coast winning the tournament after changing a coach mid tournament?.

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