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NFF Reinstates Salisu Yusuf As Super Eagles Assistant Coach

NFF Reinstates Salisu Yusuf As Super Eagles Assistant Coach

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have reinstated Salisu Yusuf as Assistant Coach of the Super Eagles.

Recall that Yusuf was found guilty of collecting bribe after he was caught on camera collecting N357, 000 ($1,000) from journalists posing as football agents who wanted him to select two players for the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN).

The act was shown in a documentary that highlighted corruption in Ghanaian football by the BBC African Eye.

However, in a press statement issued by NFF spokesperson, Ademola Olajire, Thursday, Yusuf is expected to resume his position with effect from 1st November 2021 on the recommendation of the NFF Technical Department.

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The statement added, “Highly respected for his match–reading ability, calm demeanour and proficiency in talent discovery and development, Yusuf, in his playing days featured for Rancher Bees of Kaduna and El-Kanemi Warriors of Maiduguri, among others.

“Yusuf’s return to the three-time African champions coincides with the closing stages of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying second round phase and the commencement of preparations for the 33rd Africa Cup of Nations finals taking place in Cameroon early next year.”

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  • Mercy 1 month ago

    I said it on this forum after our lost against CAR that since the nff cannot afford a new coach, the best thing to do is to sack Yobo and then recall Salisu Yusuf as Rohr’s assistant. Our football has been suffering alot since Yobo started as the SE assistant coach.
    Good one!!

  • Maurice Ekpan 1 month ago

    Are you serious? Nigeria has gone bananas. How do mean? What happens to the bribing case? That means, since has been able to get tired legs for the SE and had read matches despite the fact that Nigeria hasn’t won the Nation Cup, Olympic Cup, not even the World Cup under time reviewed, Yusuf has become highly respected for reading ability, proficiency in talent discovery and development. NFF our lawyers-falanas, we no go gree o!

  • Larry 1 month ago

    This looks fishy..
    Nff is upto something here..
    Technically, Salisu is a sound coach and highly qualified to be on SE bench.

  • Good move and far better than yobo, he has serve his deserve punishment and learnt from his mistake. We moveee, but I didn’t read anywhere of what become of our fashionista yobo though.

    • Stella 1 month ago

      Prevention is better than cure. I don’t think Yusuf has been tried in a law court. Assuming so, how does it sounds having an exconvict in such a sensitive position?

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Would you rather have an “ex-con” pilot with over 10,000 flight hours fly your plane than a non convicted novice who has never been in an airplane’s cockpit all his life….?

  • Shege luzzy 1 month ago

    The proud pinnick is actually a stooge and the NFF technical department a sham like a certain bubu and his cohorts.it is no news he was left off the hook of the EFCC in return for inviting Abba Bichi to the U17.The same powers that be want yusuf back and the heavens will not fall.If care is not taken Ladan Bosso will take over the SE because his depth in football knowledge is second to non.
    We never ready.

  • Once a bribe taker.

  • CandyZ 1 month ago

    Ole ni Yusuf, find another person with clean hands. He who come for equity must come with clean hands.

  • Presh 1 month ago

    Shame on the NFF.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    NFF once again indirectly and tacitly admitting Yobo is incompetent, a complete liability, not fit to sit on the bench of any of our national teams “yet” and appointed for parochial reasons.

    All those who were making noise about having 100caps and a decade long career in Europe as pre-qualification to coach the SE to Qatar 2022 can now graciously bow their heads in shame. Thanks in advance for complying.

    NFF didn’t even have the guts to give their boy even ordinary CHAN team to friendly invitational tournament with fellow home based teams of S/L, and the Congos in DRC….LMAOOooo. I thought they claimed he now has a CAF A license and has been a member of Rivers state coaches association even before his appointment…LMAOOoooo

  • KING TUOYO 1 month ago

    This is the best football news to come out of the country today. I believe Oga Salisu must have learnt his learn from the bribery scandal which lead to his removal from the Super Eagles coaching crew.

    Mr. Yobo has added nothing to the team since his inclusion. It’s a shame that the useless NFF could open their eyes to appoint him as a coach to the senior national team without the right qualifications and experience for such a huge job.

    It’s heartbreaking and sickening to know that since Yobo’s appointment by our NO FUTURE FEDERATION (NFF) led by over sabi President Amaju Peakmilk, the Super Eagles performance has being going down like the gully erosion eating up some land in the Southeast.

    With Salisu’s appointment, I hope to see a gradual improvement in future Eagles games which has being boring to watch.

    • Effiong 1 month ago

      When people begin to blame Yobo, I wonder if there isn’t an uterior motive. What has Yobo really done wrong that is necessitating these bull raps? Rohr has never been on holidays leaving Yobo to officiate, secondary, Yobo has always been on the bench assisting his coach in dishing out instructions to their wards during matches. This is evidential during the SE last game where he could seen almost standing up but because Rohr was right by the touch line, there wasn’t a way he was going upsurge towering presence of his master. Pls, stop. It’s like trying to give a dog a bad name.

  • SE fortunes will change for the better……since yobo entered that team things have been shaky for SE……It might be coincidence or it might be worked…….We don’t want to take chances because WC Qatar is a must for SE…….So yobo out.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Media reports even has it that the players complain Yobo gives them instructions which are direct opposites to the ones Rohr gives them. I guess that was one of the mandates given to him by his employers…”just go there and create confusion in the team”

      • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

        A couples of months back I stated how Yobo dishes out sideline intructions during matches simultaneously with Rohr in an unprofessional manner but people called me out and said Rohr is old and needs help screaming instructions out lol, whatever that is but we can clearly see that even NFF sees the need for some technical input from an experienced assistant. Yobo should handle one of the age grade teams so we can see what he is working with rather than hiding in that spot. If Yobo can be an assistant what stopped them from putting Amunike there in the first place. Atleast Amunike proved himself with some teams. NFF will avoid any individual who can question their authority by all means.

      • Effiong 1 month ago

        Liar spotted. Reference the media report or shut the crap. Another calling a dog a bad name.

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          Hahahahha….just tell us you are dumb and ask politely rather than making a fool of yourself.
          There is the reference you asked for. So who shoud SHUT THE CRAP now….? LMAOOoooo
          Useless Ignoramus.
          You want attention, you will get it.

  • Na now their eyes come open…..

    Why dem nor use their 100 caps coachie again?

    As WC QUALIFIES last round don approach, they want to do the right thing…..

    Yeye people

  • We don’t throw away the baby with the bath water.Salisu made a mistake no doubt, but I am sure he has learnt his lessons and we need to move on. We still need his coaching acumen.I pity Rohr at times.When things get tough, there is no one to converse with and correct things.All coaches do have a trusted side kick by their side.

    The NFF should second Yobo to Rivers United and appoint the current Akwa united coach as second assistant coach.

    • Edoman 1 month ago

      Salisu was trapped by the enemy-of-progress in our mix.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    I don’t think NFF is ready. When NFF is ready, the Nigeria Football Federation will replace Amaju Pinnick first then Oga Rohr, then, coach Agu.

    Having Oga Salisu back in the Super Eagles will destabilize the moral of the Super Eagles. First, the players will not respect the coaching crew because they knew the news surrounding coach Salisu Yusuf.

    Again, NFF is not ready yet. We don’t need a world class coach to coach Super Eagles.

    NFF should scrape the entire coaching crew if Super Eagles have to win something fabulous for Nigeria.

    The system is very corrupt and am not surprised that NFF opted for Oga Salisu again.

    Are you surprised to hear the news? Are you expecting Amaju, a former politician to do the right thing mba, he Pinnick is not transparent enough to be a leader.

    Locally, we have capable replacements for the coaching department but those that are ready to work collectively to bring the best out of the current Super Eagles won’t be given the the job.

    This is why we are seeing the likes of Aigbogun, Salisu Yusuf, Agu and Oga Rohr around our national teams.

    Something is fishy and I am pretty sure that if NFF continue this way, God forbid, Eagles may not win a tea cup.

    We are watching you all. Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I personally don’t see anything wrong with Coach Yobo. Is the thief the only assistant coach that can fill that position? Where is Garba ManU? What about promoting coach Finidi George? A thief has no honor and the might just be set up to international disgrace.

  • Larry 1 month ago

    This action is a clear validation of the technical deficiency of Belmadi’s boy. He is so bereft of ideas that his employers are exploring every option to prevent another thunder strike in Monrovia next month.
    It is becoming clear that Salisu was highly instrumental to the SE performances the last time. He left the team and the performance of SE under Rohrdeteriorated to all time low (many bad records created).
    Igiebor just corroborated Mikel’s comments about GR.. He said ” Rohr has nothing upstairs”.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

      Look at this fool. The same Nosa that criticized Keshi at the AFCON in 2013. Later dropped for Mba and couldn’t make the WorldCup squad under Keshi. If it’s a clear indication that Rohr is bereft of ideas why didn’t they just sack him and replace him with Salisu?? Belmadi ass licker find another excuse.

    • You fail to tell us these ones too…

      1) the first SE coach to qualify for WC with game to spare even after FIFA deducted point and goals from us.

      2) the first SE coach to move us all the way from 69th & 16th position our quardiolas dumped us to presently 37th & 5th.

      3) the first SE coach with the highest win ratio ever.

      4)The first SE coach with the highest wins in a single afcon tournament. 5 matches…

      5) the first SE coach to qualify us back-to-back to 2 major tournament with game to spare.

      6) the first SE coach to turn qualifiers for major tournaments to INTER HOUSE SPORT COMPETITION such that we no longer pray for DAKKADDA FC TO BEAT CHELSEA & TAIHITI TO BEAT BRAZIL BEFORE SE can qualify.

      @LARYY…. We’re waiting for for you to tell us these ones too….X

    • onwajunior 1 month ago

      These guys are crazy. Do they think it’s easy to assemble the team? Every unbiased SE fan could see what was happening under our local coaches. It was very clear that these guys were using the team for business, fielding players that aren’t even qualified to be anywhere near the SE team. Oliseh playing Onobi, Igboun and others ahead of Mikel, Obuabona and co. Rohr brought merit to the team, fielding best players in each position without being biased along ethnic or tribal line. At this point we can only replace Rohr with a seasoned foreign coach, and NFF that has been struggling to pay Rohr can’t afford such coach. Those campaigning for local coaches are doing so for their pocket and not for the interest of the SE. Local coaches would take us back to the days of “Super Chicken”, players’slots would be up for sale and qualifying for tournaments would be difficult.

      • Adeniyi 1 month ago

        Are we still not super chicken?

        I don’t care if the coach is local or foreign, just get a coach with strong tactical ability, someone who can harness the team’s individual brilliance with a positive team ideology like we found in Westerhof, Keshi and Jo!

  • Larry 1 month ago

    To Belmadi’s boy die hard fans..
    Please take time to reason before you make comments.
    Yobo Roar = you Blame Yobo for the performance
    Roar Salisu = you Hail Rohr for the performance..

    It is very clear that Roar is the weakest link here..
    Only a confirmed fool and delusional person who has been caught many times using multiple IDs will ignore the fact that their demigod is not the right person to lead SE..

    1. The first SE coach to record zero win in a year..
    2. The first SE coach to loose a 4goal lead.
    3. The first SE coach to loose to Cameroon in regulation time in 32 yes.
    4. The first SE coach to loose a match in Lagos in 40 years.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

      Hahahaha!! But you forgot to mention is achievements. Oluya!! It is inconsequential results that you can brandish all over the place like a leprosy stricken faggot. The last time I checked despite the loss at home in 40 years we are still on top of the group. In an home and away tie we won 2-1, but Belmadi asslickers will only come here to brandish inconsequential records Lmao!!!! I’m sure you’re the one who gave him a phone call to tweak his formation in the return leg. Keep deceiving yourself all over the place that a messiah like Amunike and other Fraudiolas that couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS are coming to take you to the promise land Lmao!! At least we’ve seen Salisu took the CHAN team to the final of the CHAN Tournament so he’s got the pedigree.

      • Edoman 1 month ago

        Agreed.Too many fools are parading themselves as the custodian of knowledge. They are not even aware that they live in fools paradise.

        • If Yusuf were to come from EDO or Abia his bribery case would have ended his career, what Nigeria is doing here is like Fifa bringing back the former President whose removal was tied to corrupt practices. Are we saying Yusuf is the only Nigerian coach that is qualified for that position? Wonders will never end.
          The most shocking part of this whole nonsense is the way some of you here have decided to turn this shameful act of the NFF into “YOBO BASHING” , My question is – was Yobo responsible for the match we lost to South Africa in Nigeria? was he responsible for the dismal performance of our team at the World cup, Are we saying Yobo was responsible for the knocking out of our team by Algeria at the last Afcon?. Shame on you all that are suffering from colonial mentality. I remember when Siasia only played a draw with Guinea we all forgot his past achievements and tore him to shred with the outcry for his sack and siasia was sacked. All through that saga nobody remembered his dutch assistant neither did anyone call him out the way we descended on Siasia. But today, we want to heap all the blame for the ineptitude of Rohr on Yobo that only join the team recently. Meanwhile, G. Rohr came with his trusted white assistants , they have been with him from day one, Oh! i be wan forget say dem be Oyinbo, SHAME ON YOU ALL, When Westerhof was hired as the coach of Super Eagles he came with Jo Bonfere as his assistant. Westerhof knew his own weakness in the area of match reading and changing of players during matches, so he brought Jo Bonfere to do the job for him but in the case of Rohr why did he bring his white assistants if they have nothing to offer. Rohr is under performing, and we should be patriotic enough to call him out for the sake of our FATHERLAND and not sacrifice one of our HEROS for the failure of a foreigner

    • You fail to tell us these ones too…

      1) the first SE coach to qualify for WC with game to spare even after FIFA deducted point and goals from us.

      2) the first SE coach to move us all the way from 69th & 16th position our quardiolas dumped us to presently 37th & 5th.

      3) the first SE coach with the highest win ratio ever.

      4)The first SE coach with the highest wins in a single afcon tournament. 5 matches…

      5) the first SE coach to qualify us back-to-back to 2 major tournament with game to spare.

      6) the first SE coach to turn qualifiers for major tournaments to INTER HOUSE SPORT COMPETITION such that we no longer pray for DAKKADDA FC TO BEAT CHELSEA & TAIHITI TO BEAT BRAZIL BEFORE SE can qualify.

      @LARYY…. We’re waiting for for you to tell us these ones too….

      • Larry 1 month ago

        @UBFE,although some of your records don’t add-up, you have my respect. Kudos for your constructive response and I hope the records will be enough for Roar to get a job from average African teams or teams rated below 70 in FIFA ranking by the end of the next Afcon holding in Jan.
        The conditions in his contract are very clear to the whole world. Win AFCON or ship-out

  • This guy again

  • Trial and error Pinnick. Every coach needs a tested deputy, not an apprentice planted for political reasons.

    Pinnick is constituting himself into one of the biggest nuisances in Nigerian football. While this is a long overdue move, my grouse is everything Pinnick does in the Glass House is for pure political (not footballing) reasons – including the ridiculous and political appointment of Yobo in the first place, with a paid pre-announcement PR kite-flying, contracted to respected sports columnists like Segun Odegbami (Ironically, it appeared to have ended up damaging Odegbami’s own reputation for objective analysis).

    I heard Pinnick is planning to go for another termm/election as NFF President so don’t be surprised with different appointments, agreements and contracts in the coming weeks and months. While fans will cheer and condemn some of these moves, for Pinnick and his board members, they’ll just be political chess moves to checkmates opposing powerful interests and grease his way back to power through the backdoor.

    Wallahi, Pinnick needs a coup d’etat.

  • GLORY 1 month ago

    Very very unethical bringing Salisu back, no matter how we look at it. This has nothing to do with forgiveness. We have forgiven him n love him. But for the sake of sanity in that SE team and in defining how we as a country should go, bringing Salisu is a distasteful misappropriation of power by this NFF group. Nigeria is honestly a one step forward n 10 steps backward country.Salisu quite frankly by his action, may have lost the respect of the players which will definitely surface when he tries to exact his authority over certain issues that some players might not be happy with. A mental picture of such scenario is indeed very depressing.

  • Sunnyb 1 month ago

    God pls help Nigeria see how people Dey reason oooo Salisu committed a felony crime the criminal should be in prison or on probation, the guy should not be seen around super Eagles. We should find another qualified replacement instead of filling the swamp again with more criminals.

  • @Synnup…..
    If militant, Boko Haram are forgiven and given a second chance, SALISU deserve too.

    ::::;: SHALOM:::;:

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    I am not trying to be judgemental or tribalistic but for fairness and equity let me ask you @UBFE how many of the ESN or Ipob operatives have they forgiven. Do you think he would have been forgiven if he was bearing igbo names or from the south east????

    • Oga @Monkey post …

      The militant that president UMARU MUSA YAR ADUA gave amnesty were northerners right??

      Let’s learn to call a spade a spade biko….

      We’re all one when it comes to SE matter except for some few belly driven wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      I’m not against any ESN member…. The reason FG of Nigeria is chasing ESN is best known to them.

      A better life for every citizen of Nigeria which can only be achieved if the country is restructured is my hope and prayer.
      Any other thing is thrash to me…..

      :::: SHALOM::::

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    My brother @UBFE focus na..we talking of this present administration and their corruption, dishonesty Injustice, inequality unfairness that is gradually colonizing every sector and you are taking me back to world war 2.