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Nigeria 0-1 Cameroon: Indomitable Lions Halt Super Eagles Winning Streak

Nigeria 0-1 Cameroon:  Indomitable Lions Halt Super Eagles Winning Streak

The Super Eagles lost 1-0 to the Indomitable Lions in a friendly match at the Stadion Weiner Neustadt, Austria on Friday, reports.

Paul Onuachu came close to scoring the opening goal in the third minute but his header was saved by the goalkeeper.

The Genk forward took another shot two minutes later but his effort went wide.

The 27-year-old came close again on the half hour mark failing to direct his header from Moses Simon’s cross home.

Cameroon took the lead through Zambo Anguissa in the 37th minute.

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The Indomitable Lions held on to the lead in the first half despite efforts by the Super Eagles to get into the game.

The Super Eagles dominated the opening exchanges in the second half with Kelechi Iheanacho and William Troost-Ekong coming close.

Terem Moffi came in for his debut in the 65th minute replacing Onuachu, while Ahmed Musa took the place of Iheanacho.

Simon came close to equalising for Nigeria in the 71st minute but his well struck free-kick failed to hit target.

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr made two more changes with 10 minutes remaining on the clock.

Anayo Iwuala took place of Simon , while Peter Olayinka replaced Oghenekaro Etebo.

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  • Samuel 3 years ago

    This is real badnews for me.

    • Chill my guy no need to be sad it’s just a friendly…. Rhor is a good team manager and administrator but a poor motivator….He hardly shouts at his players,…. Normally in Europe when a player makes a mistake he first looks at his coach at the sidelines with fear on his face waiting for a bark from his coach but there is nothing like that in the SE….the players are so relaxed and don’t even look at the sidelines when they play badly….I think Rhor has kept this team together in one piece so far and that’s why I think NFF is still leaving him in charge…..I think Rhor will qualify us for the world cup but I don’t think he has the charisma to unleash this players and make them do something spectacular that would shock the footballing world.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Please can Cameroon kindly lend us (if possible, give us) the template they use in generating such outstanding goalkeepers…??? From Antoinne Bell down to Onana….now this “unknown quantity” from AS Vita clube du Congo….as 1 is stepping out, another is stepping in. Wow….That’s all I can say. Unarguably the MOTM for me.

    A tepid display from the SE in the 1st half (only God knows the reason for that). A better display in the 2nd. We only have ourselves to blame for this loss. Next time we should try to put ourselves on the frontfoot from the 1st half….not waiting till the 2nd half b4 desperately trying to pull down the wall of Jericho.

    Cameroon won today with their only shot at goal….another huge lesson for us.

    But 2 major takeaways for me
    1. Iwobi still remains the most important player in this team.
    2. Ahmed Musa is far from finished yet. I’ve always said it, if the younger ones cant retire the old ones themselves, we are not reserving slots for them simply bcos they are young. We wont force our experienced players into early retirement because you young ones somewhere are showing some flashes of brilliance here and there.

    Up next, Cameroon once again.

    • Was I watching another game. Iwobi most important ?. Pls tell me. I don’t agree .

      • I was about asking same question …my humble take on this match.. those that ended the game should start on Tuesday.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        You are not bound to agree with me my brother.

        But whether you agree or not, when Iwobi plays…the SE plays. When iwobi doesn’t play….the SE does not play. Brazilian coached pointed it out long ago, Algerian coach same thing, Benin republic officials had to single him out (of all the players in the SE) to be ruled fraudulently out of our qualifiers against them.
        We only started functioning in the middle tonight after Alex was moved to the no 10 position.

        Till we get a new no 10. Iwobi is the single most important player in this SE. Let everyone be available, without Iwobi they will all sweat to create any decent chances.

      • Yes iwobi didn’t play badly, Sheru and Collins didn’t impress, overall not a bad performance Expecially the second half.

    • GLORY 3 years ago

      One of the few to read in the matters of football. Thumbs up man Dr Drey.

    • You forgot to mention, the former Espanyol goalkeeper, Carlos Kameni. Damn it, we need a real goalkeeper coach. Only Enyeama and Ikeme have come close in recent memories.

      See Cameron that we would have whacked 3-0 with a full house and a real goalkeeper in goal suddenly feeling fly with a single shot on target that beat a poor goalie.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Yea @Kel. How on earth will I forget Idrissou Kameni. My head wouldnt forgive me if I did.
        I put him in that bracket of “From Antoinne Bell down to Onana”. Of course the list is endless. Bell, Nkono, Sango’o, Alioum Boukar, Souleyman Hamidou, Idrissou Kameni, Chalres Itandje, Fabrice Ondoa, Andre Onana and now another star goalie is rising in tonight’s MOTM.
        Yoh….just the mention of these names is giving me goose bumps already.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      Iwobi was just doing plenty ashana body movement without any purpose… We don see those kind ashana for street football tire… Iwobi is average abeg. He is not a playmaker joor… atleast not at the level of Super Eagles.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Yea….he’s not a playmaker, thats why he has contributed about 12 goals, several secondary assists and key passes and that’s why when he’s not playing in the no 10 position the whole team lack any sense of direction and struggle to move the ball creatively to the final third, including in tonight’s encounter…LMAO. It is Junior Ajayi and Nwakali that are playmakers at the level of SE….LMAO

        I was even expecting him to mention a better playmaker we have at the moment….LMAO

      • kenneth 3 years ago

        Can’t wait for Tuesdays game. At least Mexico is not Cameroon. Have so much missed the eagles of old. Am sorry some players are just not eagles material. You bring in new players and the PE teacher decided to wait till the last minutes to start featuring them. Let the s called parrot keep hyping an average player. Even playing the 10 iwobi didn’t impact in the game. Can’t wait for the draws for the tournament and the tournament proper to start

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hehehehehe….jimmy’s donkey is here again to present its back to his master to ride on….LMAO. Iwobi is average player, you wey be star player enter field na…LMAO. You will tell us who has been driving the attack of the team since Mikel left.
          You with your long bush-pig mouth and your master still cant provide a better name amongst the boys that should take up the play-making role in the SE since Iwobi is average and not SE material….LMAO.
          12 goal contributions, several secondary assists and key passes in 38 matches and still counting for Iwobi….LMAO…yet he isnt SE material. Na una younger brothers be SE materials…LMAO. Earlier on it was his master dragging us back to Siasia, now Mumu is missing SE of old….LMAO…he is missing the SE that missed 3 out of 4 AFCONs at a stretch. This common sense no just wan common at all.
          Birds of same feathers really do know how to flock together,

          • kenneth 3 years ago

            Was waiting for your useless comment as usual. you wey be say na orange u dey play. With all your yeye statistics what did it get us today. Like i said call your yeye PE teacher and tell him to start Iwobi in the playmaker role, you will still not get shit done. Today was looked like watching the under 23 play. I know your pigeons will come out and say its just a friendly game. All your noise abeg did it get us the gold price. Or did we qualify for the next round of the world cup. Abeg go sit somewhere and lets hear word

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            I was also waiting for your stupidity and senselessness to rear its head once again in your typified fashion of coming to lick your masters ass as usual no matter how senseless his comment is. So far so good if they were to pick the daftest comments here tonight yours will win by a mile. That how senseless you are and its not surprising.

            Mumu like you pls answer, who has been our playmaker since Mikel left…? Donkey brain cannot answer…LMAO. In what role has the PE teacher been starting iwobi since mikel left b4…?? Olodo cannot answer. Attacking goalkeeper abi..? Ode lasan lasan.

            Rohr has been starting Iwobi as playmaker since God knows when and iwobi has been getting shit done….LMAO…oponu oshi. Even tonight we only started playing good football when he was moved back to the playmaker role from the no7 he was stationed before. The only way we can get a result of Tuesday is to play iwobi in the playmaker role to continue to get shit done the way he has been getting it done for us…LMAO. Everybody here is saying Iwobi should be left in the no 10 role…..mumu is coming here to say otherwise…LMAO

            Brazil coaches had to single him out for marking. Algeria coach had to single him out of marking….the whole of Benin republic had to single him out for covid positive results so we can be toothless against them which we eventually where…..na Ode like you sabi pass all those people who has identified him as the man they need to isolate in order to stop us from playing. Alainironu ara galatia…LMAO

            Upon all you mumu talk to name who suppose be playmaker still hard you…LMAO. You go and bring your brother to come and be our playmaker and win world cup for us na….LMAO. Didinrin. Iwobi must win world cup for us like Okocha did before he can be classed as a SE material….LMAO….he must score in every match because he is the one that killed Sani Abacha….LMAO…so says the jimmy’s dog.

            Crawl back into your dustbin with your bush-pig mouth if you have nothing sensible to say. Everybody has been coming here to drop interesting and sensible opinions, yansh-licker bagged in here as usual blabbing things that are completely senseless….LMAO.

            Jimmy abeg come carry ds your dog commot for here go chain am abeg. Sensible human beings are making sensible contributions here….LMAO

      • Imnas 3 years ago

        You are right my man,but sometimes he comes good,one of his downsides for me is this consistent behaviour of being overly protective of his body particularly legs on during matches.pls watch Hus games again, you will see how he is always too quick to run away from crunchy tackles and duels. Our previous no 10, weren’t like this, they’re never afraid to get really down when it comes to daring tackles or physicality. Iwobi is very weak in this aspect.Enterprising 10,who not only distribute kiler passes those but also win balls during tackles added a tremendous quality to our attack and games those days. So yes we need more committed creative midfielders,probably from npfl.even iwuala shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the stars in the eagles camp, he should play his best game and worry not about making mistake as to earn the wrath of the more established eagles.

        • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

          You are right.iwobi is a glorified average players. That is why he struggles for Everton as he did at Arsenal. Even for Nigeria he is just okay. Admittedly he has had some amazing games for Nigeria.

  • Adeniyi 3 years ago

    Useless first half…no thanks to Onuachu in his old self whenever he wears the super eagles jersey….Etebo was a shame in the first half…so was Iwobi and the yeye Goal keeper.

    Improved second half. Simon Moses miss was his only wrong foot in the game for me….his energy and runs down the left flank were superb. Ahmed Musa is still a SE material, those saying he should retired dont know what they are saying. Iwobi needs to be more serious with his football…Iheanacho will soon turn junior boy Kelz if he continue playing like this for the SE. As for ROhr, baba don try for the eagles…he needs a refresher course in coaching. If any Rohr defenders say rubbish, i will give you guys back in like coins

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Super eagles finally going against another top African team, which is a really good time to rate them. In my opinion the top African teams in no order are Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Cost, Algeria and Morocco, which Nigeria is last out of the group.

    A lot of these countries are colonized by France. In which these players are already playing in the top 5 league, ligue 1 or French ligue being 5 in the uefa ranking. A Lot of those players are starters too. Crazy thing is half of the players are born in France and choose to play for their French colonized country. To me the reason being is that they have enough top tier players with experience to actually compete and win things. Where is Nigerian people are always begging and pleading for foreign born Nigerians to play for them. But I always say they will easily outgrow the team, knowing few are actually good enough to compete and might get tired of carrying the team.

    Nigeria only chance to stay in competition is through friendlies where the coach stay experimenting, so many one, two or three capped players. The lineups are never consistent. But people here eat anything. There was an article where a bunch of players dropped out because they were injured, I don’t know if that was true or if the players even pull through. But I saw the lineup and found at it was true. I read somewhere else that the reason players dropped out was because of unpaid wages, like always. It was no coincidence that a bunch a players decided that they were injured. Now tell me, why would a foreign born Nigerian would come play for Nigeria when you might not get your money, but in Europe you are most certain. Same thing with the women’s team, the women were protesting.

    Back to my point, another way for Nigerians to compete is through the fifa youth competition, its how Osimhen and Chuckweze got recognized. Nigeria has the most u-17 world cup, but that doesn’t translate well for the final team they cant even make it past the second round. Lastly is through relegated or under 1 tier teams and or out of the top 4 uefa leagues and work yout way up. Ngolo kante played in French third tier league, then worked his way up. Sadio Mane worked his way up. Edouard Mendy was unemployed, was constantly trying to make a team, then he got noticed by chelsea goal keeper Peter. The thing is outside of foreign born players in France they are players born in Senegal, Ivory Cost, Cameroon and etc that are being scouted by French people and others, and they get to play for top tier teams. While in Nigeria Taiwo Awoniyi was scouted by Liverpool, but he didn’t get his papers in order which put him on a whole bunch of loan spells, he got his papers late and now he might get sold to a mediocre team, that’s on him.

    When I watch Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco, Algeria and Ivory Cost, I’m like I know most of these players. While super eagles I know few by heart like Osimhen, Chuckweze, sadly Iwobi, Kelechi and Ndidi. All people do here is post new players that should play for super eagles every other day, which relates to my point how there’re so many players with less than 5 caps for the team. Which disrupts the synergy and partnerships with players.

    For a team to win something the whole foundation has to be good. I know Nigerians here are corrupted by heart by promoting a bunch of players to be slaves, working for free, imagine that. I just don’t see the super eagles being successful where the federation cant even pay its players, its just not gonna happen. People keep dreaming and hoping, hope is irrational.

    But how was that game? It was bad when they were playing with the sprinklers on, in Austria. my gosh. Andre Aguissa shot could of been saved, but the keeper was late. Like I said there are numerous goal keepers from French colonized African countries that play first ligue in France, even democratic Congo players. While people here desperate hanging on to Okoye. Cameroon, Senegal, Congo producing great goal keepers able to play in top leagues. Onana play for ajax that almost made it to the champions league finals. I guess Iwobi poor performance from Everton carried on to the team. Carlo Ancelotti who won 3 champions leagues and 4 league titles left, I want to see if his performance change with a new coach, because I was not feeling him.

  • Thumps up @Depreye, we cannot just throw away experience just youngones are hanging around. Therefore , im herebg initiating a protest for Victor Moses must come back.Like Igalo and even Mikel Obi.We need our best players not yongest playes

  • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

    Let me start by congratulating Rohr on the team pattern of play, very beautiful, silky and flamboyant .

    The team should be serious in taking their chances, it’s very important.

    Onuachu is not mobile enough to lead eagles attack against strong opposition where possessing of the ball is 50/50, he is a box striker and contribute little to team’s possession of the ball.

    Overall it’s a good game!

    In the next match I will like to see moffi start.

  • PRINCE CHIKA 3 years ago

    At least we have all seen it today how the game went the super Eagles of Nigeria without Iwobi in the midfield is super chickens … Till 2moro Iheanacho will always start from the bench , Musa still important to super eagles, Sanusi our best left back , Balogun Ekong best deffence , Aina and Ebuehi, best right back , Awaziem can always pair with Ekong any time as we saw it today ..forget Ajayi
    Nobody can replace Osihmen, Chukwueze, Kalu, Aribo, Balogun ,Sanusi … We missed them so much today
    Super eagles best eleven






    • Diran 3 years ago

      i think Uzoho should be the regular number 1 goal tender for now, He has sharper reflexes and a good height.

  • Too heavy in their movement….Shadow marking the opponent….No connectivity between players….Not decisive in front of goal…. Losing possession carelessly….Total absence of midfield….Very slow or sometimes absent transition from defense to attack….. Selfish play by the attackers….Rhor has to talk to this players,he has to unleash them, bring out the beast in them….Rhor is a good team manager and administrator but very poor motivator….He is not critical of his players at all and you see it in the way they play…. better game next time

    • I didn’t watch the match but I knew it could go either way. I wasn’t too confident in the defense. I cant remember any time we haven’t conceded a goal whenever awaziem plays centre defense. Its obvious, This isnt the best we have to offer.
      Looks like onuachu had some chances but couldn’t score. At least some chances were created for him. I suggest we start with speedy players upfront in the next game.

  • Let us set aside the result and emotions and analyse the game critically.

    I like the patient build up from the back, the only problem was that the transition was languid in midfield with the only first half strategy of hauling the ball to Onachu to use his height to win the ball.It worked in the first 10 minutes, But cameroun decoded easily and that strategy went dead, yet we continue to haul the ball at Onachu instead of working the ball to him.The other problem was that senior man was playing very far from Onachu instead of playing off him by picking the second balls.it was never going to work that way.

    Iwobi was once again played out of position and only came to life when he was asked to be the play maker and that was when our play became a lot more positive.

    Cameroun have more possession but most of it was in their half and they rarely threàntened to be honest.Their goal came from two errors.The first was from Ekong poor clearance Directly to The Fulham man instead of putting it out for a corner or throw in.The second was Etebo was badly out of position that allowed Anguissa to pick his spot and shoot without any pressure.Maduka was badly exposed and I will not blame him for the goal.He was virtually on holidays afterwards.

    The guys that came in should start the next game in my view.They looked more purposeful and were not overawed .

    When the first plan failed, we should have quickly moved iwobi to the play maker role and use his skills work through their defence and draw fouls.That happened late in the second half and you can see how the camerounian were commiting all sorts of fouls close to their box.A little more of that and time, we would have won.

    Bar the result, not a bad performance in my view . Congratulations to Cameroun, they won with their only shot on goal.They knew they were lucky.We meet again on Tuesday

  • Mercy 3 years ago

    Again and again the game tonight has shown that our best playmaker is iwobi. Rohr should please stop making the same mistakes Brendan Roger made by playing ihenacho out of position. The young man position is not no.10 nor no. 9 but a no. 8 (supporting striker). I am happy with the way awaziem played. Atleast for now, he comes third after ekong and bologun in the CD order.
    However onuachi played well today but he still has a long way of leading the line when we have a full house.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    It’s just a warm up match to test some strategies and personnels. Kudos to Cameroon for scoring on their only shot on target. We dominated much of the game and created more chances, it’s just frustrating that we couldn’t convert our numerous chances especially that Moses Simon sitter. How that shot didn’t stop at the back of the net is totally beyond me. We go again on Tuesday. I’m not going to blame any player because they’ve only had two days of training and we’re really missing some key players. Osimhen, Kalu, Balogun, Arribo, Sanusi, Ebuehi are very important for this team going forward. Hopefully some of the new players take their chances on Tuesday.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    What wrong in today’s match? Lack of Creativity. Oh yeah. You heard me right.

    If you understand football and if you can analyze the game so well, you will agree with me that Super Eagles lacks no10.

    Do we not have the no10? Yes or no kę?

    If you understand this game of football I am talking about tonight chai, Oga Rohr should be scouting for Super Eagles after Tuesday’s match against Cameroon.

    What Super Eagle really needed is a coach who can read game and apply wisdom, philosophy and tactics according to the tempo of the game.

    Am I communicating? Shall I continue ba?

    Hmmm. When I am talking, please listen to me attentively my people.

    What is the purpose of inviting new players?

    Why the coach doing the same thing over and over again? Who does that kę?

    We have seen enough of our regular players and I have said it before the match, give these new players 20 minutes at least to see there worth.

    Why 3 to 5 minutes? Why late sub? Why playing Onuachu in the beginning of the match? Onuachu is your joker if you know Oga Rohr.

    He, Onuachu just needed just 15 to 20 minutes of actions and towards of the end of the game is the perfect time for Onuachu with some perfect tactics. If you know you know.

    Again, you can’t give what you don’t have.

    I have warned you Oga Rohr about Okoye. The young goalie is for the future and he is not there yet.

    The goal he conceded shows his capacity and I saw that against Benin and I raised the alarm but again, Oga Rohr fans were yelling at me but you saw it all in today’s match ba?

    Chukwueze wasn’t available that is why the gaffer invited Marcus abi? Why he refused to play Marcus at for 45 minutes?

    Lack of trust and confidence. That is Oga Rohr for you.

    This might be Marcus last match with Nigeria. Don’t be surprised kę. The coach did that to Alanpasun, Osagwe, Yakubu, Dessers, Maja, Onyekuru and now, the new players.

    You don’t play your players based on the club tactics because club football is different to national football.

    Why playing Onuachu which we all knew that Super Eagles lacks credibility?

    Nwakali is the solution to this problem wether we like it or not.

    Chai, who don’t like better thing?

    If that Nwakali was in today’s match, he would have slow down the pace of the game, Onuachu and other strikers would have enjoyed themselves with peace of mind because Nwakali carries his team along whenever he’s on the pitch.

    Nonetheless, Please don’t blame our players. If at all you have to do so, just ask yourself a quick question.

    What have Oga Rohr learned after the world cup and Afcon?

    Is any improvement in his tactics?

    Don’t forget that we still have Mexico match my people. It is coming and I am sending another warning to NFF to act fast.

    Over the past five years of the gaffer, we had excuses upon excuses. If truly NFF is not milking from Oga Rohr and Oga Agu, the Nigerian football Federation should ask two of them to step down.

    We can not win any trophy with these gaffers.

    It would be a better idea to give the chance to Amunike, Manu Garba and Egbo.

    These are the best for the job. All NFF have to do is to have the rules and regulations in place.

    If you are caught doing any atrocities, you are gone.

    But that have to start from the top which happened to be Mr. Amaju Pinnick himself.

    The level of corruption in the system is too much.

    We don’t need any foreign coach in charge of our national teams. But we lacks transparency, that is why foreign coaches are just selling their skin to get money from us in Africa. Just few of them are qualified to be in charge of any team in Africa.

    Instead to waste another Afcon ticket with Oga Rohr, why can’t NFF dialog with Amunike and Egbo? Let’s see what they can offer this our Super Eagles before it too late.

    I am not happy with the performance of the Super Eagles under Oga Gernot Rohr.

    How would I be happy that Cameroon won 1-0 over Nigeria?

    Am I not a Nigerian? I am more worried about the future of the Super Eagles under coach Rohr and Mr. Amaju Pinnick.

    The coach looks so confused in his selections. He doesn’t know who to start and who to finish the match and this should be a concern to you and I and NFF.

    We can not win every match but the way you lose a match is the most important we have to analyze here.

    You don’t have a car key, you want to drive a car? Is that possible Oga Rohr and his fans?

    You left out a play maker and you are expecting victory? Just put the ball on the pitch and win?

    What of if Ndidi got injured when we have Nwobodo that our world class refused to call into his team?

    Dessers would have done much better in today’s match but why Dessers was not included?

    Why the new players the coach invited did play that much in today’s match?

    Nigerians are getting angry with Oga Rohr. They are tired of him already. If you are in doubt, go on Instagram and see with your koro koro eyes kę.

    NFF should keep Oga Rohr for us. He has done real well. It is time for him to be scouting for Nigeria.

    NFF should please welcome Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba and Enyeama on board so that they can prepare Super Eagles ahead of the world world cup qualifiers and Afcon in Cameroon if to say NFF means well for us and for our country. We are tired of having fantastic players and Super Eagles couldn’t enjoy playing good football.

    Hmmm. Oga Rohr fans, how market? I know you all one after the other. Do you all think Oga Rohr is the solution? Is Super Eagles going forward or backward or stand steady over the past five years?

    Kai, I am shaking my head for you Oga Rohr, Mr. Pinnick and Oga Rohr fans for doing this to Nigeria. We are watching you all. Fingers crossed. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    What a shame for the Goalkeeper. He is a joke. Iheanacho is so hopeless and should be ashamed of himself. Onuachu is good. Nigeria have no goalkeeper. If it was the Nigeria goalkeeper on the other end, Nigeria would have scored 6 goals. All we are saying, give us Uzoho. Over the bar , is all they know how to shoot. Iheanacho should be dropped. He is useless. The Nigerian goal-keeper should go back home. He f..ked up big. Too many newbies. No consistency. Anyone who can shoot football at all in Europe is welcomed in the Nigeria team. It doesn’t matter what Division they play in. Better go beg Ighalo and Victor Moses or these bunch will not qualify Nigeria for the World-Cup. Over the bar is all they know how to shoot. It made me sick to see them play the ball over the bar. Ya ya goal-keeper. F..kum.

  • Basiliano 3 years ago

    Can we all conclude that Jamilu Collins has nothing more to offer to our super eagles team..

    That guy is empty

  • I just watched the match and I am surprised those who are blaming the team in this match. I am surprised. Cameroon was no where throughout the gane. Eagles created chances. It’s just that they failed to convert their Chances which is bad.

    But overall, they tried in. Agne where most of the regulars were not available. This Cameroon team is not good.

    Going forward.

    Onuachu can’t really lead the Nigerian attack. He is not fluid enough. Oshimen is still king. I want to see moffi or even okayinka in that position. In my opinion, sodiq umar will be a good substitute for oshimen.

    Iwobi is still the man…if he sleeps the team sleeps. We need to see someone like Oliseh. But for now if the coach must do extra work in iwobi before the match he should do that.

    Rohr let us see moffi from the start next match and try to see if okayinka can play in that position for eagles too.

    Dessrrs is another option for another day. He will be more useful in eagles than onuachu. Onuachu is only good for second half and for strategic matches where height is needed.

    Cameroon can’t stand eagles strength for strength.

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