Nwankwo Targets Return To Super Eagles As Serie B Top Scorer

Nwankwo Targets Return To Super Eagles  As Serie B Top Scorer

Simeon ‘Simy’ Nwankwo has set his sights on making a comeback to the Super Eagles of Nigeria under the tutelage of Gernot Rohr following his wonderful goal-scoring form this season.

Nwankwo emerged top-scorer in the Italian Serie B for the 2019/20 season with 20 goals, one ahead of Penugia’s Pietro Lemmello who netted 19 times during the just concuded campaign.

This is also his most prolific season ever, netting 21 times in 38 games in all competitions for Crotone and logging a total of 3,115 minutes with a goal involvement of every 148

The 28-year-old was last invited for national team assignment by chief coach, Rohr in September of the year 2018 and hopes his form could earn him a recall in the nearest future.

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“When I went down, I knew the risks of losing that spot that I worked so hard to get to although I didn’t play more, which is perfectly understandable,” Nwankwo told ESPN.

“I met a team that was already structured with one of the best African strikers at the moment – Odion Ighalo. And it was normal, it was perfect for me to stay calm and learn and then watch how things are done. And then all of a sudden, I found myself out again, which is understandable.”

By Oluyemi Ogunseyin

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  • @Ade, CSN has helped you to paste it here, read and digest, comprehend the English there and understand what others are saying.

    You continue insisting Rohr should not be appreciated for the progress of SE and the players, please who should be? When you placed a manager in charge of a company and the company is raking in profits then who should the praise goes to, the company securities?

    Rohr has 2 more years on his contract, let him be

    • Gideon S 4 years ago

      When you placed a manager in charge of a company and the company is raking in profits then who should the praise goes to, the company securities?

      Lol,,, The workers the manager employ should be praise…

    • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha the “…comprehend the English there…” part got me rolling with laughter….LMAO.
      Abeg if you get Macmillian primary english book 4 there, abeg borrow the guy….LMAO

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Lol…… Let him read it and comprehend simple English. Maybe we should go back to comprehension exercises with McMillan (just as drey rightly pointed out) to enable him understand English better. The same own goal him talk say na fake news aired the story first before csn. Poor ade, the more u talk the more u make a fool of yourself.

    • I think one glorious trophy rohr has won for Nigeria is the value he has added to the super eagle. That can never be taking away from that man. He had successfully broken the so call maphia, that terrible cacus in super eagles. Credit should be given to Him. Every player now understand how things works in super eagle and they and ready to do all what it takes to be part of that team. Ordinarily when Victor Moses left the team the impact would have been felt if not because rohr had built a team of players on credibility and not on paddi paddi.

  • Don’t try to teach a fool, he’ll make fun of your wise words – Mother Teresa

  • What exactly are your points, am a bit confused. At least you said you must be playing in the top 5 leagues in europe to get a call up. So lets be patient till the next qualifiers to see who is invited. Hope no one from cyprus , south africa, saudi arabia, norway are called. Bunch of hypocrites

  • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

    Go and shoot the coach when he invites players (Uzoho and Akpeyi) from Cyprus and South Africa….LMAO

  • @Ade, pls don’t let’s allow ourselves to be blinded by sentiment. On merit as at present, do you have better options for us in goalkeeping choices who are better from those so called players in Cyprus and South Africa?

    And as for Ahmed Musa, he is not relenting as he is trying to find his way out of Saudi Arabia. No reasonable coach will just offload him based on his history with the team. He has risen to the occasion for us on big stages more than any player in the team presently. Gone are the days of complacency because he knows his place is not guaranteed. That is why he is willing to abandon juicy pay to settle for less pay.

    We all love SE and constructive criticisms must definitely be welcome. But your criticisms here are not objective. If you carefully and thoughtfully read your comments again, you will realize that your biases are clearly evident, probably unknown to you yet.

    We don’t have to go all out to ridicule people for personal and unjustified reasons, Just like Uncle Segun is doing now. He is busy making a nuisance of himself, with evident manifestations of racism and high level of stupidity, simply because he wants to prove an unjustifiable point at all cost. And we have seen how much he loves SE as he believes a guy who does not worth more than a ball boy deserves to be the Assistant Coach of a whole senior national team. Left to him, that rookie would have been our coach by now. What a height of wickedness and corruption!

    If you guys have things to say for improvement regarding Rohr’s way of doing things, please make it constructive and objective. Rohr may not be perfect as nobody is completely without a flaw. But to be truthful, he stands shoulder tall,and far better than all the bunch of coaches we have had in recent time. And if by any chance the NFF want to replace him, they must not take a gold from us to replace with a rusted iron.

    • I meant they should not take a gold from us to replace with a rusted iron. We know NFF cannot afford a better coach than Rohr at the moment and looking at the present situation, we love Rohr as he is. All Rohr needs is our support, constructive and objective criticism and encouragement. And at least for the next two years, he is here to stay. Everyone who has an issue with that might just leave SE alone for now and look for another team to support….maybe The Black Stars or The Elephants…whatever.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Who’s this guy¿????? So blunt and frank with the truth! Can I give u a thousand likes for this wonderful piece???

    • @debo guess you must be new on this platform. Am not being biased. Just has you making case for musa then you should make case for other players. Why must you be plying your trade in the top 5 European league before you can feature for the super Eagles. That’s why I ask if that is the case, why are other players from obscure leagues invited. Someone just asked what are the other options for the goalkeeping department, please there are nigerians both home and abroad who are capable of making the post.

      So please Mr debo, if eventually Musa doesn’t find any club in the top 5, should he be invited. I saw that you said because of his past performance for the eagles he qualifies to be invited. Isn’t that a hypocritical excuse right there

  • @Debo….
    Thumps up….

    U are one of the “sane” people in this group….
    The likes of OLA, OAKFIELD, Dr. Drey coupled with some unbias noble young men like CHAIRMANFEMI et all are the reason i always visit this forum….

    Sometimes i scroll pass the INSANE GABBAGES and UNREASONABLE THRASHES those bias people spew from their mouth….

    Keep it up, don’t allow them to corrupt you with their RACIST, BIAS and UNCULTURED manners…

    Charity begins at home, they say…
    So i’m not surprise, afterall we are the product of our environment(home)….
    We display what our parents thought us….
    Some of us were thought “hatred, lieing, segrigation, tribalism and selfishness et all” at home, so we must display it in the public….

    BLIND HATRED is buried in their DNA…. infact they were born with it….
    That’s y sometimes i don’t blame them…..
    They know themselve even as i’m talking now….

  • SAMUEL ONYEIWU 4 years ago

    Am a fan of Nigeria football and our local league.I can proudly raise my head and see what is good and commend it straight away.For those people blaming Gernot Rohr tactics should find a way and reason aback.Rohr is not our problem,the NFF is our setback.We failed twice to qualify for AFCON and Rohr came and made it look as if qualifying is so easy with one or two matches left to play…..Haba make una praise the man small naaa …..The mistake NFF made was to appoint Joseph Yobo as assistant coach.Our assistant coach supposed to be this MFM local coach illechukwu or something like that,this man knows our local league very well and can support Rohr excellently,I watched our league and I know what am saying.We have good goal keepers in our local league but NFF failed to promote and sell our league brand.So I will never blame Rohr on anything by his shifting and focus on foreign players in Europe.Please nobody should blame GERNOT ROHR

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