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Obasi: I Was Dropped From 2014 World Cup Squad For Refusing To Give Bribe

Obasi: I Was Dropped From 2014 World Cup Squad For Refusing To Give Bribe

Former Super Eagles winger Chinedu Obasi has revealed he was asked to pay a bribe to make the squad to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, reports Completesports.com.

Obasi failed to feature in any of Nigeria’s qualifying games for the mundial but claimed he was offered the chance to bribe his way into the team.

”I was playing for Schalke, I was playing in the Champions League and I was doing well. Two days before the list came out, I was asked to pay some money if I want to be in the team,” Obasi disclosed in an Intagram chat with Kelechi Bernard

“I felt like I’ve paid my dues for the country, I shouldn’t do this. If I was a young player, maybe I would have done that, but it was a bit personal for me and I felt very heartbroken. I was supposed to move from Hoffeinheim to England and I got injured playing for Nigeria at the World Cup (2010 in South Africa).

“After that competition, nobody called me to know how I am doing. I spent a lot of money to get fit. All people talked about was the injury. They don’t care to know what I went through on a daily basis making sure I get my body in shape.”

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The former Lyn Oslo of Norway player states that getting back to shape was tough for him and he had to brave the odds to get back into shape.

“It takes a lot of dedication, money, investing in myself and my body. I went through surgery, did everything I can. Now a competition is coming up, you’re inviting me to the national team. I’ve exhausted my own money and you want me to pay, which is a slap in the face for me,”he added.

“I said I’m not comfortable doing that. They said I should know the system, and I should act like I’m a Nigerian. I said it’s not about being a Nigerian but doing the right thing.

“I’ve kept it close to my chest since 2014 because you’d have unnecessary enemies when you talk. People who played in lower leagues went to that World Cup. I’m not taking jab at anyone.

“If you’re good for the World Cup, then you should go, but I feel like if you have to take the best and at the time, I was playing for a top team, Schalke 04 which was among the top team in Europe at the time. Funny enough, after the conversation, it got a bit more personal. They told me that even if I end up going as part of the team, their own agent will negotiate that deal. I said it doesn’t sound good to me.”

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  • Vitalis 1 year ago

    No wonder the NFF asked RHOR to be submitting his list of invited players for approval, Nigeria is fantastically corrupt.

    NFF still want to be doing the same business again that’s why they are trying to frustrate out RHOR.

    God is watching us all in everything we do, at last everyone will give his own account.
    Gernot RHOR haters, I hope u re seeing this.

  • Jones 1 year ago

    I’m sure Keshi was aware of this.

    • Okeke Christopher 1 year ago

      Truth they said is bitter, I new when they dropped Ideye,ogu,and obasi that something was actually not right, you see take it or leave it.. My people said you can not talk bad of the dead, but I want state it here that after Afcon that he won, he felt untouchable and even resign, he took the intervention of Goodluck to bring him back… He went to the World Cup and messed our chances of getting to the qarter final… Can you imagine… Who knows how much Azeez paid, how much Uchebo flavour paid, Ejike Uzoenyi.. And Azubuike and why our Afcon hero Sunday Mba did not make it now I know… It is very sad and disgraceful how this our local coaches keep disgracing they selves… That is why they are all plotting to remove Rohr so that they can start again…..please leave our Rohr.. He is not the best but our best legs are been taken to tournament and hopefully we will get right next Afcon and World Cup…

      • chryx 1 year ago

        my brother Azeez earned his position on merit though he might have paid but he also deserve it on merit because he played 33 out of 38n games for granada that season playing against barca and madrid

    • the author of everything

  • Toni 1 year ago

    Hope the people calling for the German sack can now begin to comprehend why they want him to go.Dude is simply not playing ball! The other day it was Ideye now Obasi.The coach then was an indigenous coach .A lot of this happen in the golden Eaglet, flying eagle, Olympic Eagles as well.

    Only God can save us

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    What a country… Immediately onazi got injured, the team crashed because the replacement on the bench Gabriel Ruben( the new viera) was not meant to be in the team. Most of the players in that squad from defense to striker are now chaff playing with leagues for minors, this is just 6 years after that world cup.. I’m really disappointed with the late keshi, he disappointed Nigerians.. It would so difficult now to trust any indigenous coach for our national teams

    • KangA 1 year ago

      @Tony, @Ololo

      Where are those who want to bring back Pay & Play? Never again!

  • Stan 1 year ago

    @ololo no be only you. KESHI disapointed everybody. i was suprise to see these players in that w/cup list odunlami. Agbim. Egwuekwe. Uchebo. Uzoenyi. Oshaninwa. Nwofor. Gabriel. Babatunde. Azeez. Na waooo!!! For 9ja nothing bribe can not do in 9ja.

    • Dennis 1 year ago

      Remember Reuben Gabriel had no club and had not played active football for over 9 months yet he went to the world cup. Where is uchebo, nwofor, egwueke etc now? No where I guess orbmaybe plying their trade in Turkmenistan second division.
      These days, players are selected on merit and the team is making progress but people want the coach gone. Are we cursed or what?

    • FatherJP 1 year ago

      Mate, pls don’t try to disrespect Ramon Azeez. Dude has got quality and that’s why he’s one of a few from the Eaglets set pf 1999 to be playing at the highest level.

      Azeez was a regular playing for Granada in La Liga in that year.

      Infact I, just like many soccer pundits were of the opinion that he rather than a Gabriel Reuben who didn’t play for a whole season ought to replace Onazi (whom he incidentally benched in 1999 and 2001 respectively) against France!

      • Mercy 1 year ago

        Yes i agree with you that Azeez is a good player! but the dude is not matured yet to play at that 2014 WC

  • Hope it’s glaring to everyone why Odegbami and his cohort (NFF) want Rohr out at all costs. Some of us has said it but they said we are disrespecting a national icon. Before it was Ideye and IK uche, Today it’s obasi, only God knows who’s revelation will come tomorrow. Only the few players choosen on merits are still relevant till today, i.e Musa, Onazi, Mikel.. Just 6 years after, n this happens under our so called indigenous coach.. Yeyenatu

  • Adeniyi 1 year ago

    “I said I’m not comfortable doing that. They said I should know the system, and I should act like I’m a Nigerian. I said it’s not about being a Nigerian but doing the right thing.

    These words broke my heart

    • These things happen in our national teams right from u17 to u21…..They even do it openly this days as if its a business centre…..The U17s is the most hit now because many agents know that when Nigeria plays at u17 level the world sits down to watch so they do all they can to bribe their way into the u17 team….The last u17 and u20 was a disaster and nobody was made to pay for it…..The only reason they want Rhor out of the way is that he selects his team based on club pedigree and recent form that is why you see now that 90% of super eagles players play in the top 5 leagues in Europe and the fringe players now know that the only way to get into Rhor’s team is to get into a club in premiership, Bundisliga,Laliga,SerieA,French lig,…..Observe Nigerian SE since Rhor came you will see that in Qualifiers we do qualify with games to spare and this is because the standard of super eagles is above most African teams now its not magic its just doing the right things

      • Alaba of Austria said the same thing, that he was asked t pay bribe to be part of the U17 or so. While I am not defending Keshi, it would have made sense for the concerned player to speak before now, in case, Kesha would have had anything to say. It is easy to think that he is being lied against. If there is any other coach – local or foreign that has collected bribe or demanded bribe from any player. Let them speak out now and not when such coach are no more. Corruption is endemic in Nigeria . so sad

  • Adelakun 1 year ago

    You guys mean if Obasi had been in that WC team,he would have taken us to the second round? Even in 1994 that we had our “best ever” team,we did not go beyond the same round of 16

    Please Obasi should go and sit down,let him name name(s) of those who asked him for money

    • Dennis 1 year ago

      @Adelakun.if players were picked on merit we probably would have done better. Where is uchebo now? He’s back playing in Enugu rangers. Where’s uche nwofor? He’s currently unattached despite being ’28’ years. Where’s juwon oshinawa? He’s back in Nigerian league after struggling in Israeli league. Reuben Gabriel went to the world cup without having a club side and not playing ball for months. Where is he now? All these players bribed their ways to the super eagles team and we seem to have gotten past that era but some paid folks want us to go back there.

    • Chux 1 year ago

      @Adelakun,that 2014 WC team performance was nothing to write home about.Poor ball control,inability to make good passes,bad positioning characterised their play.It was a nightmare that i was glad came to an end.
      This situation was not peculiar to obasi alone.It happened also to Ideye and nosa igiebor.(These are the ones that have spoken openly about what transpired at that time and they did this @Brilafm.)

    • petual 1 year ago

      @adelakun who is talking about obasi being Messiah here will are all talking about the corruption in NFF stop changing the topic because is like u are among the corrupt people in our country.

  • Dennis 1 year ago

    It’s a shame that Emmanuel sarki has also reiterated what obasi said. €10,000 was demanded as bribe to be part of the super eagles team in 2013
    What irks me the most is that we all can see that invited players are here based on merit but some individuals want the coach that pucks on merit gone, while we hire the ones that collects bribe and pucks players playing in Papua New Guinea

    • Chux 1 year ago

      What you sow is what you will reap.
      Where are those that bribed their way to the 2014 WC today.They have vanished into the thin air.
      No wonder they want GR to be submitting his list before sending invitations out.

  • Hmmmmmm. why wait 6 years later to bring out such accusation. Why not make noise and set up the people involved. keshi is not alive to defend himself. Is this something new in the national team. Wait till oga Rorh leaves and you will have players saying they were asked to bribe there way into the national team. Obasi abeg you had the chance to speak when the issue was loud. For me its too late to be pointing fingers.

    And those who said the team was poor. at least they went to the second round. compared to the 2018 team.

    • Oga nobody is talking about where we got to before been eliminated…. To get to the quarter finals of the world cup you need continuity you need consistent players you need young players playing in the top leagues in Europe…. You don’t just gather old and weakened players that are ready to pay bribe and take them to a world cup because of participation because a time would come that you won’t even be able to qualify for world cups again and that is the point we got to before Rhor came to the rescue…..we all know that after missing 2 consecutive afcons there was no way we would have made the 2018 world cup but we did and we are building for the future……If Rhor goes with this team to 2022 WC we should be expecting something special not just second round because of the standard of this present SE

      • Very funny, And what baseless excuse you making for the 2018 team. At least all the players on that team were from top clubs in Europe. So your excuse is because they missed 2 Afcon tournament so they didn’t perform. What a shame. Obasi should go and sit down, why is hhe making noise now. let him call out the names of those that requested for bribe. Bunch of cowards. Why didn’t they speak when they had the opportunity. Nothing was wrong with the 2014 squad. Both 2010 and 2018 squad were handled by coaches which you presume didn’t take bribe, but yet failed woefully

    • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

      Reading comments like this just gets me so mad at the low level of some people’s reasoning! Am sure no one is daft here. You can use your common sense without anyone telling you that the players in the Super Eagles now are players there based on merit. Who will come out even in the next 10 years to say they were asked to pay bribe?? No one! You perform you play..that’s the deal and you can see it’s evident in the life of the players. Is it Oshimen that payed bribe to get in the National team despite his performance in his club that has drawn attention from top clubs like Liverpool?? If you’re the one in Oshimen’s shoe …you’re performing so well in your club and you’re still asked to bribe your way into the National team, won’t you even opt to play for France instead knowing your Performance is drawing attention across Europe?? You guys should just stop being Evil liers and stop acting like you don’t know the truth whereas you do.

      Let’s even do a guess work, which player do you think bribed his way to get an invite? Oshimen? Chukwueze..Iwobi…Ndidi..Ekong..Omeruo…Aina..Collins..Dessers.. Aribo??? The only aged player we know in the team – Musa! And we still know why he’s there. He’s the most experienced. Team captain. Huge Tournament player – his best always come when it’s time for a Tournament. 2014 & 2018 WC. Even AFCON..against South Africa, Cameroon…he was a thorn in the flesh for the opponent’s defender. So all this guys that even a Blind man knows are worthy candidate payed bribe to be in the Super Eagles??

      If it was Super Eagles under Indigenous Coaches, won’t Mikel Agu, John Ogu, Esiti, Chisom Egbuchulam(Korea), Rabiu Ali be in the team ahead of Joe Aribo, Iwobi, Oshimen, Ndidi?? They will even if they have no club cuz it is Pay and Play not Perform and play.

      Why Didn’t Obasi come out to talk since then? Well, he Answered your no-brainer question

      “I’ve kept it close to my chest since 2014 because you’d have unnecessary enemies when you talk”
      Those evil money monsters! Won’t they even hire someone to kill him if he dares reveal the truth? Nor be this same Naija wey we know. They are more than capable to do such! Apart from that, people like this same you and your cohorts will even threaten his life with Death or burning his home in his hometown for saying such about your coaches as at the time.

      So this is what unwise Elder ODEGBAMI and NFF wants…Oh I see. So the money can circulate round the table once again. Rohr issa bad business to them. They can’t endure not collecting bribe from players anymore since Rohr arrived…Oh what a country!
      I’d better stick with ROHR that invites the Best legs for every Super Eagles fixture even against the lowest of Countries e.g Seychelles, Sierra Leone than have Corrupt Indigenous coaches that collects bribes from Players for tournament like World Cup and AFCON to go and mess us up.

      • Kaiiiiii.who did these to this great nation!!!! Lord please,come help us oooo
        . Please Lord

      • Chairmanfemi. I doff my hat for you. Very sensible reply. The guy lambasting obasi needs help. I wonder why he’s taking the discussion into another direction. Maybe keshi is from his hometown. Rubbish sense.

    • Jones 1 year ago

      Keshi had no future plan for Super Eagles.
      Never built a team for the future. Rohr had to start from scratch

  • RulerOfMen 1 year ago

    What a shame. No more clamouring for local coaches abeg. Enough is enough. Ah ah, is it a crime to be a nigerian? Why are we normalizing corruption and victimising those who expose it. Imagine some people are still unashamedly lunching direct attacks at Obasi. Are you people plain stupid or cursed? Do you know how your nation’s reputation impacts the mental and social health of those in diaspora? I demand the head of those in the NFA when these nonsense transpired. Uche spoke, Ideye spoke, Eriksson said his piece, Glen hoddle said his own, now obasi and these are just the recent ones. People have to start paying for their actions in Nigerian football if not, things like conspiring to kick out men of integrity like Mr. Rhor will be achip of the iceberg. We’ve all seen why they want him out at least.

  • Gideon S 1 year ago

    God will always fight for you spiritual and fiscally when your doing good.

    The reason we’re getting all this witness is cos NFF wanna push Mr. Rhor out,so they can continue with ther evil..
    but God is fighting for him..
    No weapon formed against rhor shall prosper….Say Amen! if you believe

  • Gideon S 1 year ago

    Reading some good news bout my dealing SE is the only joy I have on the 3rd world against virus and hardship…

    I’ll not allow devil to por sand on my garri..
    I will even go on fasting to make sure anyone planning SE down fall will perish..

  • Gideon S 1 year ago

    *3rd world war* I meant

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    If this could happen in the Super Eagles, imagine what goes on in the age grade competitions…

    If not for corruption, we would have become one of the best football nations in the world today.

    I am not a fan of coach Rohr, but I prefer him by far to our so called home grown coaches.

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    I’m not surprised. This why I don’t want Amuneke or Oliseh as super Eagles coaches or assistant, these men are player agents, pay and play would the new norm with these two  men. We might not agree with Rohr’s tactics at times but Rohr’s invitations are based on merits. 

  • This same obasi paid bribe of 16 million naira to make 2010 world cup team with off form thus denying Michael eneramo the chance of making it to tournament who was in top form in his club,obasi was on the bench throughout the tournament.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Is it Lagerback that took bribe from Obasi?? LMAO!! Obasi played every match at the 2010 world cup. He was one of our best performer at South Africa 2010. Lagerback even took a young Haruna Who was doing well at Monaco at the time to the world cup in 2010. So Haruna also bribed Lagerback abi?? Wonders shall never end. So it is Eneramo who was playing at Esperance in Tunisia that should be taken to the world cup ahead of Obasi who was playing regularly in the Bundesliga at the time?? You too much oo oga mi sir. I hail your thinking. LMAO!!! E be like say you think na novice they here.

      • The world cup lists was influence by NFF top official and besides,larger back did not really know much about the team,becos he took up the work few months to the tournament an obasi was coming back from injury

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hehehehehe…I like the subtle way you busted him…LMAO…can’t you see his immediate change of tone and direction…?
        The way some people lie ehn,you start imagining if it the same things that happened right before the eyes of the world they are referring to. Lolz

    • Mercy 1 year ago

      @ patrick asikpo
      This man go seat down menh!!!1
      Go and do your research before coming here to lie to the readers. Which Obasi was on the bench at WC 2010. Please get your fact right before coming here to lie to yourself. Go and check youtube and you will see for yourself….smh. And please which Emanalo is better than obasi. An obasi walking with crutches is one million times better than your Emenalo.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    Yes we don’t need a prophet to tell us that judging by the caliber of mediocre players taken to that competition. This as always been the bane of problem with our home base players that I why I used to shake my head when some idiots comes here and started canva

  • OYADIPE YINKA 1 year ago

    Ericson last week said the reason why he turned down Nigeria job in 2010 was that they told him his salary will be divided into, one into His own account and the other into another unknown account.

    Everything about Nigeria is bribe. From police to NEPA from there to every where.

    We are only religious for nothing, see churches and mosque every where yet we are still terrible in behavior.

    NFF is an embodiment of corruption, more like nnpc.
    It is one Nigeria where uneducated agbero head is a millionaire and set of best graduating students roaming about the street.

    Wether we like it or not, it is corruption that will still kill Nigeria not corona

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Wait o…where has @Destar @Offside @Larry and all the “…let us promoter our unqualified owns..” suddenly disappeared to. LMAO.

    It can’t be mere conincidence that they’ve all lost their voices at the same time…Lolz. Especially that one that calls himself over-the-bar who always defenders corruption by waving off reports as these as mere heresays…Lolz.

    They should quickly come out and save the Lai Utd coach from dying of heart attack o. Nothing can be more frustrating than when your plans are not falling into place. Their plans to get rid of this “bad market” called Rohr is FAILING AND FAILING BIG TIME….LMAO.

    When we were languishing in the dustbin none of their guadiolas showed their faces….now that we are back up in the limelight,with a solid foundation and with potentials to be Africa’s no 1 very soon courtesy of another man’s hardwork, they want to ease him out so that they can promote their unqualified and incompetent guadiolas can come in to steal the glory. It is now they remember that we don’t have combination play, Rohr didn’t pass Mathematics in high school, we need to strengthen the naira…..lolz…it’s not that we struggle to win matches, we conceed too many goals, we struggle to score goals, or that we aren’t loving what the SE looks like anymore. From having a rag-tag team, missing 2 consecutive AFCONs and languishing in 16th position in Africa, Rohr has to win his first 3 AFCONs back-to-back…LMAO

    I’ve said it before and will say it again…one day, very soon, even Rohr’s worst haters will come back here and appreciate what the old man has done for us…. bringing us back from the pit we were in to where we are now so much that the future is now looking so bright for us.

    The era of going to competitions with a first XI, 2 substitutes and 10 refugees are coming back soon. Mark my words. Evil will triumph…but not for long.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    Yes we don’t need a prophet to tell us that judging by the caliber of mediocre players taken to that competition. This has always been the bane of problem with our local coach, that is why I used to shake my head whenever some idiots comes here and started canvasing for indigenous coach for our national teàm so that they can be able to do their shady deal but God pass them Mr Rohr did not give in to that reasons for all their attack against him.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Uche, Aluko, Martins, Ideye, Obasi, Haruna, even Joel Obi should’ve all made that team on merit to that World cup. I knew everything that transpired at the time and I spoke out on numerous forum. Odemwingue was forced on Keshi if not he too would not make the squad. God knows how much he must’ve paid to be in the team and if not for his goal against Bosnia we wouldn’t have made it out that easy group. After the AFCON triumph Keshi was backed by the presidency and he allowed that to get to his head. He never built a team and we can see the outcome of most of players he took to that World cup. The result was that we failed to qualify for two concecutive AFCONS. Now we have a gaffer who have built a team for Nigerians to be proud of yet some people want him out at all cost. God will punish those who have took our football backward and those that wants us to go backwards. SuperEagles of today are gradually ascending to the glory days under a coach who selects his players on merit.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    I am disheartened, frustrated, angered, and depressed to read this. Unfortunately, Obasi’s comments are not something we have not heard before. Corruption is an epidemic in Nigeria. In almost every sphere of life, it is money over merit.
    There are a few things going well in Nigerian sports currently. The Super Eagles under Rohr is one of them. Another is that we have a sports minister who is ready to work. Right now, we are extremely fortunate to have a good sports minister. I wish he would investigate these allegations, and bring to book all these culprits who are proven guilty. Involve FIFA in the investigations, so that it does not appear that the government is interfering. I expect that FIFA themselves will be eager to root out this kind of corruption. I expect they will be eager to assist the investigation in any way they can, and they will support it 100%. As long as we involve them in the investigation from start to finish, we should be fine.
    People from all over the world come to this site to read CSN. Stories like this are a great source of shame and embarrassment to good, hardworking Nigerians at home and in the diaspora. We are tired of these greedy, pot-bellied idiots in the system who prioritise their fat bellies above everything! The good book says A GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN GOLD OR SILVER. When will our people learn the VALUE OF DOING THE RIGHT THING?
    Now they are clamouring to remove Rohr, so they can bring back PAY AND PLAY. Their fat bellies are empty, so they are desperately looking for filthy lucre. And they will not rest or stop until the have their way! The time to act against these miscreants is now!

  • Olusegun. B 1 year ago

    It’s not surprising. This is an indication that our football is on trouble. NFF don’t care about the team winning the world cup . They just want to manipulate those players by paying brines
    Onasi is not the first layer to have such an experience. There was once a player that who once told me that Samson siasia told him to pay bribe should he want to join the Mikel u-20 in Holland and since he refused , he didn’t make the team . Sunday oliseh also complained about this as he was threatened. I believe pinnick and Nff are up to no good . We need to voice out and take action before it’s too late .it’s not ok for super eagles to be disgraced in every world esp when it comes to facing Argentina knowing fully well that we have enough players to to defeat them .

  • Obidee 1 year ago

    It is high time we look into this NFF selection of bribe.. We got to act now.By the way Obasi why do u open now? U for shame the devil long ago

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Dr Drey , I can’t loose my voice (lol) , please pity me , working from home , constant comments is really taken much of my time. I have made my points known.
    The problem I have with Rohr’s promoters is, they will overhyped any news against Nigerian coaches either true or not but overlooked any news against white coaches , that is pool Down syndrome of the mentality I want us to collectively fight against.

    Bribing , tip or gratification in the national teams may not be unexpected ( though I am not saying it is true or false ) , it is like being surprised that a civil servant  in Nigeria whose salary can’t take him home  takes bribe , tip or gratification, can someone like you survive on 300k salary in Nigeria without tips, bribe etc that is why I never for once apply to work in any civil services  in Nigeria  ( what do you expect from Local coach particularly ex international that are used to good life , given a big tasks with backlog of unpaid salary , bad conditions of service,  were you not in Nigeria when Sisasia was begging some state governors ( his state government in particular) to finance the Mikel U20 WC in Holland ? Were you not in Nigeria when Siasia team was rescued in another country for the purchase of flight tickets to the last Olympic where Siasia team was the only one that safe Nigeria from embarrassing by winning the only bronze  medal among the Nigerian contingent to that Olympic Games, without allowance , for him, players and no salary , gotten to the stadium minutes away to take off , in fact , Osaze had a show down with him ;

    Oliseh could not allowed himself being messed up by having to depend on players tips before he can survive, having used his personal money to pay his assistants, local assistants, the players for many months without salary  , he take a walk but you and your Rohr’s promoters are calling him names today 

    1. Bonfere  Jo accused Westerhof of taken 100k bribe , no noise against white coaches by your team 

    2. Erickson made a revelation the reason  he turned down NFF job offer in 2010 over allegation of having to share his salary 50/50 ( Punch , CS and also in the google news yet no single comment from you and your fellow Rohr’s promoters, do you want to tell me you were not aware that was why it was Rohr that failed in his last 3 jobs with as bad as 13% & 27 %F9 record with crashing out of Afcon quarterfinals as  greatest achievement in all the Countries he ever coached,  was the only coach that qualified to be  employed by his business partners NFF ? do you want to tell me that you don’t know that the 95% salary increment reward  for Rohr’s failure in Afcon & WC is going to NFF pocket 

     NFF  would never allow Nigerian coaches to succeed, my professional training teaches me that , I should find the root cause of any oversight and get it solve first . the route cause of Nigerian’s football is corruption in NFF.

    For our Nigerian ex internationals coaches to succeed , corruption in NFF must be killed first 

    • Well said de-star. Can the Rohr be treated the way the local coaches were treated by the NFF. Just imagine what happened at the olympics. Please let the rohr supporters tell us what transpired. Would Rohr accept to be treated that way. Lets call a spade a spade.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      See lairs…!

      So it is Rohr’s promoters that asked Nigerian coaches to using the SE as a market place…??? LMAO.
      It is Rohr’s promoters that asked Nigerian coaches to be collecting bribes to play substandard players..? Lolz.
      It is Rohr’s promoters that is making your lazy exinternationals beg for employment on the pages of newspapers when they don’t have anything tangible in their CVs while people who have experience, licenses and qualifications are getting jobs in top divisions in Europe…LMAO?? Why are Rohr’s supporters not pulling those ones down…??

      Lies are indeed in some people’s blood…LMAO. See them justifying bribery and corruption in our national teams…shame on them. No wonder Arik decided to kick you out and replace you with people who have integrity.
      Claiming it is impossible to survive on 300k salary without being corrupt is the FATTEST lie I’ve heard from you so far. A lie from the pit of Hell. There are millions of Nigerians who don’t earn even half of that but are not soiling their integrity like you. Yet they are taking providing for and taking good care of their families. Not to talk more of your local coaches who were earning as much as $30k per month.

      Mr man stop being a lair because you want to make a point. Your image is already battered enough, stop soiling the little you have left with fallacies that it’s impossible to survive without collecting bribes…it’s a lie from the pit of HELL. And latter you will call yourself a patriot. A patriot who justifies corruption practices.

      Were you blind and deaf to read reactions to Bonfrere’s allegations…??? Where you also blind and deaf to read reactions when Ericsson blew allegations against NFF. You will stop at nothing to justify your tin-gods. LMAO.
      Even your servant @Ade who claims Nigerian media tells lies is now sharing news from a Nigerian media in other to cover the shame of his proudly Nigerian coaches… LMAO. Unfortunately for him all their attempts to cover up are contradicting…they are not even adding up. LMAO

      Your lies will never allow you to acknowledge that fact that a certain Paul Le Guen was first contracted to manage the SE before he dumped us, because “it will be impossible for a team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa to Qualify for world cup and get to the Semifinals of AFCON at first attempt”, before Arsene Wenger recommended Rohr to Pinnick. Even Pinnick said it himself. That F9 Rohr has done what world class Le Guen and your lazy exinternationals couldn’t do in style, with beautiful football and built an exciting super eagles which even the NFF recently claimed they are proud of. LMAO. Not the rag-tag teams your exinternationals were building Paul onobi, Sylvester igboun, Uzochukwu and other substandard players.

      Your lies will also not allow you to accept that Rohr was not a lazy jobless fellow when he was appointed by the NFF like your world class exinternationals whose CVs cannot get them jobs. they are begging for employment on Twitter and CSN where their children’s mates are getting employed in top divisions in Europe….LMAO. Bunch if useless exinternationals…LMAO. Rohr was working with the German FA when he was contacted. He wasn’t begging for jobs on pages of newspapers. He even came recommended by a great man like Wenger.

      Your lies wouldn’t allow you to acknowledge that Rohr has led Gabon to their best performance and placing ever in AFCON. Even if you call it F9, your exinternationals who you want to replace Rohr don’t even have any records, zero Experience. Their empty CVs can’t get them jobs. The most experienced of them couldn’t even beat Kenya in AFCON and led Tanzania to their worst AFCON performance ever….even worse then their 1980 appearance. Ordinary Kenya he couldn’t win, Im sure his performance is A1. LMAO. You can only mention 13% and 27%, pls mention his 55% win ratio as Gabon coach and 60% win ratio as Nigeria’s coach too….LMAO. Even your African Guadiola didn’t manage 50% as SE coach….Lolz.

      You claim Rohr is given preferential treatment but in one fell swoop you also claim NFF is sharing Rohr’s salary…. Hahahaha….but you will still come here and lie that Rohr is earning 4x what local coaches earn, even though NFF is not sharing their own salaries..LMAO. Your own lies are beginning to confuse you….LMAO. So if that means Rohr earns only 27.5k whereas your local coaches were earning between 30k and 36k while their assistants paid by NFF were earning 20k, but Rohr who according to your lies is sharing his salary with NFF and paying 4 of his assistants from his 27.5k is earning 4x local coaches and getting preferential treatment…..Shame on you and your cohorts….your lies are beginning to catch up with you….Excuses upon excuses from incompetent unqualified African Guadiolas who cannot Qualify for ordinary AFCON. LMAO.

      I know you have never signed a contract before in your life, because if you have you will know that it wasn’t Rohr that drafted his contract in 2016, neither was it Rohr that included a performance based reward clause in his contract. Every coach and players that has ever qualied Nigeria for world cup has always been rewarded. It is not news that the team always receive qualification bonus anytime they qualify for major tournaments. It is a norm EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Stop displaying your stark ignorance in public….LMAO. one of the conditions given to Rohr by the NFF when he was employed was qualification for world cup and the reward attached to it was an increase in his salary….another condition was Semifinals of AFCON 2019 (which is equivalent to the finals of previous AFCONs) and the reward attached to it was extension of his contract. NFF are simply adhering to the terms of the contract they drafted with their own hands. It’s not Rohr’s fault that your world class exinternationals counldnt qualify for ordinary AFCON talk more of getting any rewards…LMAO. It’s not Rohr that tied their mouths to prevent them from negotiating improved deals for themselves. If NFF is sharing Rohr’s salary as you claim (without being able to substantiate) his new contract would have been another increase to $100,000 per month so that their own share too can increase….even an imbecile understands that logic. Your lies not add up in any way…LMAO

      The root cause of the failure of your exinternationals in the same work environment where Rohr is succeeding is their incompetence #FACT. Zero management, zero organization, zero forecasting and zero planning skills. That is why it is on the eve of tournaments they start running helther skelter looking for funds as if they didn’t know that they had a tournament ahead of them abinitio.

      Stop ridiculing yourself in public thinking your ridiculing Rohr. Otherwise you will start having high BP for nothing like your Lai United coach Segun Odegbami. Tell your lazy exinternationals not to come near our SE o. They can go to the underaged teams where they can cheat to excel. At senior level it’s not possible to cheat…so they can’t excel. Infact they can’t even qualify for major tournaments. Lolz. I have never heard it before that an Olympic medallist remained jobless for 4 years.

      Corruption in the NFF is not the reason your exinternationals cannot get jobs. Their empty CVs is the reason. A 24yr old BLACK NIGERIAN has just gotten a job in a professional club in Europe. Your lazy incompetent exinternationals will lie that they can’t get jobs because they are blacks….LMAO.

      If I want to promote Nigerian coaches I will promote the likes of Emenalo, Olofinjana and that 24yr old….not people who are begging for paddy paddy appointments.

    • RulerOfMen 1 year ago

      All I could see from the link you provided are conflicting denials of a solid accusation by Obasi. Isn’t it obvious that without formal investigations, none of them would come forward with the truth? In my opinion, only Amokachi seemed to be smart enough to play deplomatically. Smart man. The other two- former assistant and the media guy are obvious partakers in the crime. The latter said Obasi was injured, Obasi himself stated he had recovered. Even if that wasn’t true, then why was he invited for the initial camping? The other said, Obasi wasn’t good enough to displace anyone on the world cup list, even that were true, let him at least list the criteria they used inselecting the players. If Obasi wasn’t the best of players, the ones eventually selected ahead of him were really not better. They’ve done little or nothing to exonerate themselves from this accusation. Even the article’s writer stated at one point that there were contrasts in their statements. SMH. Let the records show and posterity remember that Valerie houadinuou (whaterver) and Ben Alaiya were accused of corruption and thievery. May the stench ruin their careers for good.

    • RulerOfMen 1 year ago

      Here’s the provisional list to the 2014 world cup.For 2014 World Cup

       A provisional list of the Super Eagles team for the 2014 World Cup has been released.

      GOALKEEPERS: Vincent Enyeama, Austin Ejide, Chigozie Agbim, Daniel Akpeyi.

      DEFENDERS: Elderson Echiejile, Juwon Oshaniwa, Godfrey Oboabona, Azubuike Egwuekwe, Kenneth Omeruo, Joseph Yobo, Kunle Odunlami, Efe Ambrose.

      MIDFIELDERS: John Mikel Obi, Ogenyi Onazi, Ramon Azeez, Joel Obi, Nosa Igiebor, Michael Uchebo, Ejike Uzoenyi, Sunday Mba, Reuben Gabriel.

      FORWARDS: Ahmed Musa, Shola Ameobi, Emmanuel Emenike, Obinna Nsofor, Osaze Odemwingie, Babatunde Michael, Victor Moses, Uche Nwofor, Nnamdi Oduamadi. 

      You can see from the list above that contrary to Valerie Houadinou’s claim, Obasi wasn’t eveninvited to camp. Maybe he meant to say, he was contacted just like the others to come and pay to play. Lol. I remember vividly that Keshi’s proviosional list came out barely two to three weeks to the mundial. That’s when camp opened. I often questioned why. Well, at least i have my answer.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Oga Ade.

      Mr ‘I Sabi pass BBC and ESPN’, Mr ‘I don’t depend on Nigerian media’…..LMAO.

      I thought you said Nigeria media are lairs….how come you are now using a Nigerian media to defend corruption…??? LMAO.

      I thought you said Keshi never had a foreign assistant…? I guess Valere Houndinou is from your local government….LMAO.

      The respondents didn’t even completely refute the allegations…all they are saying is “why now”….and so fucking what..? A crime is a crime even if it is commited decades ago. I’ve seen people jailed in 2020 for the tape they committed in 1985. Charles Taylor and another Congolese warlord are in jail for crimes against humanity they commited in the early nineties. Germany is paying reparations to Namibia today because of crimes they committed over a century ago….AND SO FUCKING WHAT IF OBASI IS JUST COMING OUT NOW…?

      One of them even lied that OBASI was invited but couldn’t displace anybody…abeg where is obasi’s name in the provisional list talk more of being in camp to challenge for a shirt…so if OBASI was injured, was Ezekiel Imoh too injured..? Was Abiola Dauda injured…? Was Micheal Olaitan too injured…? Was Abdul Ajagun too injured…? What about Ideye, Ogu, Uche, Martins…where these ones too injured. Was it Nsofor, Uchebo, Gabriel Ruben (all 3 of then didn’t have a combined 25 appearances for their clubs) etc that was fit or better than these aforementioned players…? They even said Yobo too had knee problems. That is to show you how our national teams was being mismanaged with invitations to unfit and substandard players. Point out to one unfit or substandard player in the super eagles today..!

      Infact Amokachi even said such things happen….he is talking from what he experienced when he was with the national team.

      You and your lairs Utd colleague are looking for ways to support your corruption infested exinternationals. Even Siasia has severally been accused with similar allegations. Salisu was even caught on camera.

      Your lies are coming back to catch up on you….LMAO. Nigerian media are lairs but you keep sharing links form them and remain stuck on CSN like flies to shit.
      Keep decieving yourselves….lmao

      • Like i will always tell you, you are just an attention seeker, who is just blind. It is a pity you reside in a beautiful country like Austria, if they examined you properly, they should have deported your foolish ass to nigeria where you can use your tainted brains out there. Austria doesn’t a warped brain in there environment. Lets wait and see the outcome of all this accusation, since speaking out with no proof is admissible in your backyard court in Vienna

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha…Between you and I who has tainted brains. Infact do you even have brains at all. Despite all the glaring turn of events that showed something sinister was going on the the SE at that time, you still carry your big mouth all about like a roasted ram defending corruption. I’m not a criminal like you. Neither am I a defender of criminal activities like you so I can never be deported. It is Senseless donkeys like you jumping from pillar to post defending what even the 2nd in command at the time confessed was a usual occurrence back then, that should beware. Keep on endorsing criminal acts and see if you will not grow grey hairs in jail as a convict….LMAO

          Nigerian media are lairs but you are stuck on CSN like tick to a dog….LMAO. I’ll rather seek attention by saying the truth than be a pathetic lair like you.

          Olodo claiming to know more than BBC and Wikipedia. We are waiting for you to launch your own Adepedia o. LMAO since you don’t depend on mainstream media for information. I’m sure the lies in your encyclopedia will even be worse than that of the devil himself. Lolz

  • Ifeanyi Odogo 1 year ago

    I pray a day will come when Sunday Mbah will open his mouth to say what transpired after 2013 afcon which almost ruined his career, a young guy with a great future who single handedly gave us nation cup in 2013, he brought the almighty elephant of Cote d’ivoire to cleaners and what can one say about the final against Burkina FASO, because somebody somewhere determined to mortgage his future for personal business but I know God will always judge the activities of men and rewards everyone according to their works

    • Please mention names. I remembered vividly that after that nations cup he was hot cake for some European clubs, and he settled at Bastia before going to turkey.

  • Ndubuisi 1 year ago

    @Ade I believe you read with understanding you called obasi claim ridiculous but the link you quoted concluded with this words. “More than anything else the unconvincing opinion of the trio on the reason behind the dropping of the forward could mean that obasi claim has some facts attached to it or they simply don’t know the real reason why the coach who is no longer alive didn’t pick the forward”. Are you sure you read to the end? More revelations coming up soon. Most indigenous coaches that handle super eagles in the past if not all have questionable character.

    • Well we are waiting for the additional accusations he has. I read vividly well what was written. Why wait after 6 years to bring such claim. My issue is why wait this long. Why wait till Keshi is dead before making this accusations. Bro, lets call a spade a spade, let him call out the names of those who were involved, what does he have to lose. Wouldn’t such accusation bring sanity in the NFF

  • Obasi and Joel Obi were not fit for the WC as they just recovered from injuries (they were injury prone players), the same for Gabriel Reuben, who managed to scale through (shocking if you ask me).
    I was a great fan of Obi Joel and was expecting the trio of Onazi, Mikel and Joel in the 3-man midfield for the WC, but fitness issue was a concern.

  • To Dr Drey and his noise makers. Can you please tell us now how Keshi was involved in this. Now uncle chinedu is saying something else


  • Another coach debunking Obasi allegation


  • Having listened to Obasi’s interview, one thing stood out to me like a sore thomb. Whilst not quoting him verbatim, the afcon 2010 ace said that what offended him most was that he was had already paid his dues by the time he was allegedly asked for a quid pro quo to feature for Nigeria at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    He said he has already served Nigeria diligently with injuries and medals to show for his efforts, hence asking for bribe at that stage of his career was unacceptable and deeply hurtful to him – something he took deeply personal.

    Now, that got me thinking. If he was still a player seeking his first big breakthrough, would he still have found the bribery request unacceptable?

    Would that explain why he featured and found favour in various under aged teams? The same teams that many well meaning Super Eagles supporters have accused of being criminally overaged? The same under 20 and Under 23 teams whose coach is currently serving a lifetime ban by FIFA for corruption?

    According to the scriptures: let he who has no sin be the first to throw a stone.

    The truth of the matter is that the system is riddled and rotten to the core with corruption at an industrial scale.

    From the coach asking for bribe, to the players, journalists and agents offering (and giving) bribe to administrators criminally influencing team selections, they are all birds of the same feathers who flock together producing criminally-tainted eggs.

    Now, the fact that these allegations are coming out is a good thing. Today it is the coaches at the firing line, tomorrow it will be the turn of the players to start to explain/defend themselves. Slowly but surely, they will all turn against each.

    Then fans will finally see what these people have been up to behind closed doors.