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OFFICIAL: NFF Sacks Rohr ; Appoints Eguaveon Interim Head Coach

OFFICIAL:  NFF Sacks Rohr ; Appoints Eguaveon Interim Head Coach

The Nigeria Football Federation has appointed Augustine Eguavoen, currently its Technical Director, as the Technical Adviser of the Super Eagles on an interim basis.

This is with immediate effect, and follows the termination of the relationship with Franco-German Gernot Rohr, who has been in charge of the three –time African champions for the past 64 months, and is Nigeria’s longest –serving manager.


Following a virtual meeting of the NFF Executive Committee on Sunday, it was decided that Eguavoen will work with Salisu Yusuf (Chief Coach); Paul Aigbogun (Assistant Coach); Joseph Yobo (Assistant Coach); Dr Terry Eguaoje (Assistant Coach) and Aloysius Agu (Goalkeeper Trainer). Former Nigeria captains Augustine ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha, Nwankwo Kanu and Garba Lawal have been appointed to provide technical and ambassadorial support for the crew.

General Secretary of the NFF, Dr Mohammed Sanusi said: “The relationship between the Nigeria Football Federation and Mr Rohr has come to an end. We thank him for his services to the Super Eagles and Nigeria.


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“We also want to thank the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports for their collaboration and guidance all through.”

Eguavoen, a former Nigeria captain, was coach of the squad when it finished in third place at the Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt in 2006. He was on-field captain when the Super Eagles lifted the Africa Cup for the first time on away ground, in Tunisia 27 years ago.

He will now take charge of the team as it begins preparations for the 33rd Africa Cup of Nations taking place in Cameroon 9th January – 6th February 2022, and until the appointment of a substantive Head Coach.

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  • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

    Disaster an massive corruption is looming Aigbogun and Eguavon. Jesuuuu lol yeah we’re out of the WC

    • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

      3 crooked individuals Eguavon, Aigbogun, and Salisu. NFF is always backwards and that us why our football is going backwards..

    • is you guys that want oyinbo caoch go none of you guys think they will employ another one??

    • Razak 8 months ago

      Now that Gernot Rohr is gone, I hope that Nigeria doesn’t live to regret. All hands on deck, no more I told you so, you either raise as one or fall as one no more excuses, good luck.

  • KING TUOYO 8 months ago

    Hmmm. Na wa o. Naija my country I hail. NFF is truly a confused body. Now, it’s so obvious for everyone to see that the Amaju led NFF has absolutely nothing to give Nigerian football.

  • JimmyBall 8 months ago

    Let us fail with our own… Football is not rocket science. I hope they pay off Rohr and thank him for his service…

    • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

      Fail with our own???? What does that even mean bro? You are fine with failure as long as its our own? That’s obviously a bias.

    • Thank you my brother

    • Dennis 8 months ago

      @jimmyball it seems like you’ve already accepted that the super eagles would fail. Why please? Hahahahahahaha. Party never start you don dey carry chair

  • chuks haifa 8 months ago

    The most stupid NFF i have seen. I reserve my comments, annoyance and curse words that i have for them.

  • JimmyBall 8 months ago

    Though I would have preferred others other than… Eguaveon, Salisu,Aigbogun,Yobo and this unknown Dr. Eguaoje… Paul Aigbogun is a confirmed bribe taker just like Salisu… It will do NFF good to flush the whole of these personnel listed! Can Yobo go for some coaching course of he is serious… what was he doing all his time in England and not getting any badges?

    • Michel 8 months ago

      Good news, finally rohr has gone,it’s just this eguavon and co that they used to spoil everything.we clamoured for amunike but I’m sure after the nation’s cup because amunike would have rejected the offer to coach them now and would want to start on a clean slate

  • dominic 8 months ago

    hahahahahaha NFF or NFA very confused set of peoples

    • Nagwandu 8 months ago

      Who’s celebrating with me, underperformed and incapacitated coach is finally gone. Thank you God!

  • Psalm 8 months ago

    Good night Uncle Rohr. Beautiful yelutide gift…

  • Chibuike 8 months ago

    NFF Ndi ara, karma is loading. Pinik should be sack as well and replace with kanu or okocha. Only in nigeria you will see business man become football coach. Ndi mgbu

  • Marvelous 8 months ago

    Thunder fire you @jimmyball. Don’t use us, just say “let me fail with our own” don’t include us. See super eagles must win the Nations cup and qualify for world cup play off. Anything outside that is totally unacceptable. The individual talents in the squad and the local content coaching crew must bring back the cup. I know the set of people that shouldnt complain about this because this is what they wanted, if I see them complain, I will just know they are dogs who eat back their vomits.

    • Afolabi 8 months ago

      Pls, allow us to settle down and hear word. Senegal have been using local coach for 7yrs with the support of their people and are doing better than Nigeria with foreign coach. We like to give Oyibo pple money when the Nation is broke. I don’t believe Rohr is better than Eguavon. European countries uses consortium of coaches and are doing fine. No big deal about foreign coach. May be Austin will later go back to his Technical Department and another local coach will be employed. Up Nigeria!

      • Olusegun 8 months ago

        God bless you Afolabi,Eguavoen can’t be worse than Rohr,oyinbo wey no technical anything,good riddance to bad rubbish. If we can’t get a good foreign coach let’s stay with a local coach

    • Like you guys forget this same eguavoen have won us the NC bronze before, in as much as I really won’t choose him, but I will like us to give him chance, I sha sure his brand of football will better Rorh static style. Best of luck .

  • Petrillie 8 months ago

    With that comments bro, u made my day.
    For me Rohr is not better than Austin,however I respect Mr Rohr.

  • Tunnie 8 months ago

    Amaju is a FRAUD. Consortium of fraudulent individuals . Kiss the World Cup goodbye

  • onwajunior 8 months ago

    Goodluck Nigeria! Terrible news, I don’t know how the players would react to this rubbish. These guys are bribe takers…Aigbogun!!! The worst coach ever. I’m out

  • Even though I would have preferred Amunike, Finidi, Egbu, Ikeme, Rufai et al., Let’s fall behind these our own and cheer the Nigerian Super Eagles to AFCON 2022 Glory!!!
    Dr Drey, pompei and co please we need you to contribute on the way forward given the present circumstances notwithstanding. Thanks

  • No point in crying over spilt milk, we are where we are. In truth, the relationship between Rohr and the NFF has damaged beyond repair so this outcome always seemed unavoidable.

    From my perspective, the retention of the bulk of Rohr’s Nigerian backroom staff with the injection of legendary Ex-internationals Kanu and Okocha into the setup should in theory provide continuity and inspiration for the Super Eagles ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations.

    Now that the Rohr matter is resolved, all efforts should now be geared towards avoiding further disruptions and guaranteeing the Super Eagles the best possible preparations for upcoming assignments under this needles circumstances.

  • This NFF guys don kill our football ⚽. With the young stars we have now, I feel we should utilize them,such talents come ones in while, but unfortunately we may blow the opportunity.NFF una weldone.

  • I have always repeated this statement that the worse NFF Nigeria has ever had in recent years is this NFF led by Amuju Melvin Pinnick assisted by Mr. Shehu Dikko and Dr. Sanusi. With this set of coaching crew appointed, Nigeria should just forget any good performance at the 2021 AFCON. In my own opinion, none of them can produce the desire results we all expect. They cause more confusion to the team set- up of the team. Watch the performance of Super Eagles against the group opponens starting with Egypt it will be worse. I wish the team good luck but as for me with the appointment of these set of coaches there is no hope. God bless Nigeria, We are watching and recording event of this sport administration one after the other from domestic decision on NPFL to the Super Sand Eagles, Under- age teams and now Super Eagles. The day of accessment is coming. We are waiting.

  • @Dr Drey, pompei, Ben and co, pls we need some brilliant internet-soaked analysis on the way forward given the present circumstances notwithstanding. Pls don’t cry!

    NFF wa domo o!

    Pls Equaveon and co, fish out the best legs available in all departments of the SE and go do us proud the Nigerian way as in 2013 and 1990’s.

    Goodbye Rohr, enjoy your monies!

  • Bobby 8 months ago

    Rohr’s statement: Drawing against Cape Verde is like a win for Nigeria. That was a backlash and an insult to Nigeria.

  • William d conqueror 8 months ago

    I always said it, that amaju picnic nff is the most corrupt body we have in Nigeria. If not that we have a most useless government the nff should have been probe. Worse case scenario they should not have been allowed back for second tenure. Who in their right sense will conjure up these bribe takers as Nigeria coaches? Nigeria is beyond redeemable. Na to dey sidon look get me now. Shalom

    • So are you saying Rorh never took bribe. Maybe you need to watch amajus interview again. He has said it time without number he is not interested in Nigerias money

  • Why Eguavon again?
    Why not Amunike, Garba and Egbo of Finding?

  • Ndubest 8 months ago

    Nations cup is around the corner and they cant employ a total stranger to pilot the affairs of the super eagle. A foreign coach is expected after the nations cup. Over the years i have realised that when all hope is lost eagles comes up with a surprise and just like @Deo said earlier with the inclusion of okocha and kanu the players may still look up to them and give their very best. I will miss you my humble friend Rohr. Your sack is inevitable and the handwriting has been on the wall. You did well but of late you lost it. Time to move on. Lets go to cameroon and surprise even ourselves.

  • okponku 8 months ago

    Chaii ! Na so dem come take remove the only thing wey remain sey bring happiness 4Naija people. Eyiaaaa! As far as i am concern these 3 guys Eguavon,Salisu and Aigbodun wey never bring anything positive back since wey him dey handle Naija youth Teams, soccer don finish be that . The Nations cup no chance and 4 World cup that 1 na dream dream. Naija who do una this thing? Which native doctor fit 4 all this wahala because all the (565) Pastors with prayer no fit solve the wahala

  • Sean T 8 months ago

    Sounds great, what a fantastic news. Any coach but Rhor as the man is daft and has nothing to offer. Rhor followers make una sorry but this mumu don do. We can’t be watching SE play in such shambolic performance and expect we the good fans to keep mute. Wetin happen gan gan. Under Rhor, team wey no get any level go dey play SE as if say dem dey use us do training. It won’t be an understatement if i say ordinary Somalia will dominate Eagles in ball possession under Rhor. Under Rhor all the small small African teams has that mindset that they can defeat SE home and away. So what else do we need him for ? The team is not playing good football yet some myopic pple we say it is result that matters even when we struggle to score 1 or 2 goals and haven’t been keeping clean sheet. Other than 2018 world cup qualification Rhor has done absolutely nothing since then and the SE performance has been retrogressive.

    • Competitive football is not about who plays the most but who wins.

      You can have 100 shots on goal 99% possession and the other team can still win. They have done the business.

      Rohr is a defensive coach always using at least 2 cdms

      That’s y he has a good away record

      Just hope Eguaveon can utilize some of his tactics

  • De Star 8 months ago

    @JimmyBall; I agreed with you let us swim or fail with our own rather wasting tax payers money on the erstwhile Mechanic clueless Rohr employment whose 6years running is garbage;

    However, I totally disagree with the corrupt appointments of these bunch of Rohr’s look alike coaches ; for goodness sake , what is the differences between 6 & half dozen of these set of Rohr’s look alike coaches from the clueless Rohr ?

    This is how corrupt NFF planned local Coach failures in order to discredited Local coaches , so as to get the likes of mechanic clueless coach as Rohr whom they can enter into dirt deal of sharing arranged salary.

    Now tell me @ Jimmyball , can you point differences;

    1. Rohr a clueless beggar can stay on the job for as long as 8 months with unpaid salaries without reaction ( Eguafon can wait longer );

    2. Rohr has never won tea cup in his retiring coaching career not even U15 ( Eguafon is having same records as Rohr except age that is on his side unlike Rohr , but then , If Eguafon has not won any tea cup with Afcon shameless bronze as his highest achieved record , what gives impression that he would not ended up like Rohr at 70 years age);

    3. Rohr is helpless under the control of the Sharks in NFF lead Amadu Fraud-Pinnick lead corrupt administration ( Eguafon will be worst );

    4. Rohr had to resorted to the call up of the retired flopped Igahalo that can pay their way ( Eguafon would be worst because unlike Oliseh that has policy to resign having not received one kobo in his first 6 months ; Eguafon will rather compromise and continue on the job like Rohr);

    So many similarities between the clueless Rohr can also be found in Eguafon; and as for corruption the corrupt Mallam Salisu will teach Eguafon the way to unprecedented bribe.

    If the corrupt NFF were serious , one would have expected them to go for the best among the local coaches like combo of Egbo , Amunike, Rufai/ Cal Ikpeme/ Enyema / Ike Shorumi ; even they could have negotiated to bring in Finidi and appeal to Eyimba football club on patriotism .

    • @De Star. God will bless you for your kind contributions. All I can say is the results of this appointment will be revealed during the AFCON and it just less than 28 days left. If it is a good appointment, we will by the grace of God Almighty live to withness it. That is the right time to do a good analysis.We are waiting. God bless Nigeria.

      • Huuuuuuunhun honestly I’m afraid. Sacking rohr is a right move but at d wrong time. Appointing these set of local coaches (some of them) is alarming considering their antecedents. Fingers crossed!

    • Sam k 8 months ago

      Eguavoen played good football at Afcon 2006

  • Eguavoen and Aigbogun are very poor coaches with limited technical expertise. Salisu Yusuf is more manageable (except for the bribe-taking part). I want to believe this set of local coaches is just to help navigate the AFCON where I honestly do not see Nigeria Super Eagles doing well, especially with the combination of Eguavoen, Aigbogun and Alloy Agu s the goalkeeper trainer. In as much as Rohr has nothing more to offer despite the array of talents that Nigeria has, Nigeria should start a serious search for another experienced, and technically adept coach (preferably foreign) when the AFCON is over, and before the world cup playoffs if they plan to be in Qatar for next year’s world cup. I rest my case.

  • Golden Child 8 months ago

    Very strange decision by the NFF, though i am not a big fan of Rohr but this decision might really ridicule us. Aigbogun! is that not the guy that handled the u20 team at the world cup? With 38 year old men running around in our colours? Why did they take this long to appoint these lot. these guys at the NFF are the bane of the problem with the team. Not inspiring at all but we should get behind them and support the team.

  • PRESH 8 months ago

    All of you swearing at the NFF, you lots aren’t different, you all wanted Rohr sacked, please deal with the useless technical bench they gave you, shame on all of you, you lots never satisfied, soon they will start to bench Maduka because you lots never saw anything good in that prolific kid, soon the good players will leave, well Nigeria won’t stop amazing me, they called it Consortium coach Agustine Cerezo. lol.

  • Akunde Kwagh 8 months ago

    Thank God. It has finally come. One down. PMB is next.

  • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

    Wait for what Rohr is gonna spill in the weeks and months to come and I’m sure there will be some litigious battle concerning his owed salary and any infringement in his contract. Theres Godfatherism in that NFF why should Aigbogun be close to any team after that shambolic u20 in 2019 he dropped bassey for that Enyimba guy that later went to Israel and looks way above 25…

  • De Star 8 months ago

    What a disastrous end to the clueless Rohr # Our Mumu don do ;

    Rohr took his cluelessness to the hyper level , with corrupt call up to the Igahalo and co (It was during the last game that I was totally convinced that Osimeh is the world class super striker , he was over laboured played his role along with Igahalo role .

    Kudos to the likes of super analysis from @ Mr Hursh the number supporter of Rohr and the very few that speak truth on Rohr’s glaring deficiencies; if Rohr had listened to many brilliant analysis and advice along with input of the progressives as @ Omo9ja , @ Chima E Samuel; @ JimmyBall and others progressives Rohr would probably continue to take his retirement awuf money.

    But the likes of @ Dr Drey are the greatest enemies of Rohr , rather than expose his deficiencies and advised him accordingly; it is the other way ; with all their braggadocio ( Go and sack Rohr , Go and hug transformer , Rohr is going no where etc ).

    Now that Rohr has been rightly butted out as he was summarily dismissed in his past 3 jobs ; I hope they can now go and hug transformers now !!

    The bad gift from the Amaju Fraud/Pinnick is bring local version of Rohr as coaches .

    In any case, with the right selection of players hope may not be lost , but the coaches salaries must be independent of corrupt NFF

    • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

      Exactly local version of Rohr, Pinnick will also have a miserable end for continue taking Nigeria as Joke! EFCC must investigate this criminal Pinnick. These guys don’t care about Nigeria. This is the worst appointment I have witnessed all my after Ladan Bosso…. And to see him leave alloy Agu sums everything up.

      • Yinkus 8 months ago

        Hmm mm Nigerian!!! You guys want it, you want it and you said it.

        You said it and you have it, you guys have it now so enjoy it while it last.

        Now that the mechanic (Rohr) is gone let us see what the combination of the sceintis, prophesor, technocrat,nobel laurel winner and man of century that the NFF has put together.

        As for Amunike, if he had accepted the offer of being technical director offer to him earlier to work under rohr he would have promoted by now. He did not just reject but went on air to say all kinds of things.

        Like I said we Sidon they look ho.

      • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

        Shut the fuck up don’t you know Amunike can not work in a corrupt environment. Your block head the fact that we don’t want Rohr does it mean we want the worst? You’re so shallow minded!!!

  • Just go and hire Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. After all, the worst was Right lasting all these years as Coach. Imagine! But using Eguavoen as replacement is even worse than people think. He is mediocre, haba! Super Eagles deserve better.

  • Precious 8 months ago

    I hope this group of coaches do well
    But I sincerely do not expect anything from them

  • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

    Why not give this Job to Amunike and let Finidi assist him plus get back Ike Shorumu and let Rohr alongside Alloy Agu leave? Paul Aigbodun a serial failure same as Ladan Bosso is here again. Pinnick Pinnick Pinnick how many times I call you? You have given Christmas gift to this Guys early Christmas gift for that matter. I have already kissed the Afcon goodbye before so this new appointment doesn’t change my stance.

  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    Hahahahaha…the news of Rohr’s sack which has taken 4 solid weeks to execute (unprecedented) is supposed to herald great joy and wild celebration with hope for the future…..LMAOoooo…..but what am I reading…? Lamentations, Lamentations and more Lamentations.

    Some people’s first comment is “let us fail with our own”…..LMAOOooo. Shocking…..LMAOOooo. Or are these not the same people who claimed they have the interest of the SE and Nigeria at heart…??? LMAOOooo. Out of the abbundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh…..LMAOOooo. Failure is acceptable once its our own…..LMAOooo. Nigerians prefer the taste and repercussions of failure with “our own” than progress with others…..LMAOoo

    Some others are already planning for a new coach after AFCON…..LMAOOoo. What a way to express trust and confidence in “our own”

    Some others are now so frustrated to the point that they are now pouring their frustrations on “Dr. Drey & co” instead of once again praising NFF for listening to them, the way they listened to them when they drafted the 4/5 = 95% contract that stunted, stalled and sabotaged all the progress we have made till 2019 after several failures by “our own”.

    NFF has finally sacked a coach who has met ALL, I repeat ALL the targets handed to him till date, some hitherto tagged as IMPOSSIBLE by ever greater coaches with greater profiles. The fact that it took 4 WHOLE WEEKS says a lot…..LMAOOoooo

    Good riddance to bad rubbish as they say……LMAOOooo. This is the best news I’ve heard in recent times……LMAOOoo. Ngwanu, African Guadiolas, over to una o. Soja go, soja come, barrack remain.

    For the umpteenth time, we have never been afraid of Rohr leaving….NEVER…SE coaching job is not and has never been a kingship title. All we have been afraid of is NFF taking us 10 steps backwards after that.

    Congratulations Nigerians……..there is the “BETTER COACH(ES)” you all requested for.

    You asked for it, there you have it….LMAOOooo

    Its so bad some people have already even resigned to failure.

    1st comment “Let us fail with our own”…….LMAOOoooo.

    As for me, all I know is that we must play tiki taka football henceforth…….we MUST win 2022 AFCON……and we MUST be at Qatar 2022 quarter finals.

    Eguavoen, Aigbogun, Salisu, Yobo…..LMAOooo.

    What a combination

    Abeg wia Ladan Bosso to complete the chaos…??? LMAOOoooo

    • Mahmud Shuaib 8 months ago

      Oga gp bury ya jead in shame. Last I checked, you and your alter ego @Ayphilly were beating ya chests daring us to go type ROHR’s sack letter. Finally you can see the Glass House has found the imk tp deal ROHR the fatal sucker punch…lol.

      You vome here telling us about MEETING TARGETS UNPRECEDENTED. Are you kidding me?

      What targets did your master RPHR meet that late STEPHEN KESHI or CLEMENCE WESTERHOFF didnt surpass?

      Pls name one.

      Late Amodu Shuaibu qualified SE tp 2 WCs and won Afcon Bronze

      Keshi qualified SE to 2014’WC amd made Second Round after winning 2013 Afcon

      Westwehodd won 1994 Afcon, qualified SE for Wc and played in.the second round

      Juxtapose these COACHES achievements with your god Rohr who qualified for 2018 WC amd crashed put at the Group stage and followed it with a lacklustre 3rd place finish at 2019 Afcon where he had the unenviable record of losing to Madagascar, a country of less than 1 million inhabitants

      Please go and join @Ayphilly, @Monkeypost and @Greenturf in hugging Teslim Balogum Stadium Transformer now that your god has been booted out!

      Good riddance to bad rubbish!

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahahaha…Mr Everybody is Dr.Drey….LMAOoooo. Day never brake, body don dey pepper you…..LMAOOooo.???

        When you tell us which one of Keshi, Amodu or Westerhof inherited a SE team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa, we will answer you…..LMAOOoo.

        Pathetic Liar and impersonator…..LMAOooo

        Why did it take your NFF 4 solid weeks to sack 1 coach if he has failed ….LMAOOoo.

        Muhamad Shuaibu indeed….LMAOOooo. What about Alhassan Danladi or Bako Sumaila…..LMAOooo. Keep on deceiving yourself….LMAOoooo. Even at over 40 years of age you never still get sense…..LMAOOooo

        Shame don catch pathetic liar e nor fit show face again….LMAOooo

        Better brace up for “failing with your own”…LMAOOooo

        • Destano 8 months ago

          Dr drey you are a madman like that waste product who calls himself gernot rohr and you need better beating.

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            E pain you too…..? LMAOOOoo

            Go and beat your father first, then come back and beat Dr.Drey.

            Have your wishes not been granted…? Why are you still gnashing your teeth mentioning Rohr’s name….LMAOOooo.

            This is supposed to be good news, but the sadness on your faces and amplified anger and hatred at Dr.Drey tells the whole story ey….LMAOOoooo.

            Better brace up for “failing with your own” instead of looking for Dr.Drey to beat….LMAOOooo

            When nobody talks about you, then you are nobody…..LMAOooo…..Rohr has been fired, but haters are still talking about him…..LMAOoooo….of course his replacements are nothing to talk about…..LMAOoooo

        • Mahmud Shuaib 8 months ago

          You must be suffering from the shock of Rohr’s ouster that your delusional hallucination is msking you confuse me with some one else.

          Any recent keen follower of CSN comments section would have been noticing my posts.

          If you have personal popularity contest with anyone, you can go sort yourself.

          I confronted you with verifiable and tsngible achievements and you are hete blabbing about FIFA RANKING as if its a MEDAL

          What was CROATIAN ranking begore it won SILVER at 2018 WC?

          What about FRANCE who won the WC?

          What was Italy’s ranking when it won 2020’Euros?

          What about Argentina who just won the COPA AMERICA??

          Please tell us how your magician couldn’t make 2nd round (SE minimum requirement) @2018 WC?

          Why couldn’t mr qualifier with games to spare win atleast an Afcon Silver??

          Now hear this…

          Onigninde 2 years…Silver Ivory Coast 84

          Paul Hamilton 2 years…Silver Maroc 88

          Westerhoff less than 6 months…Silver Algiers 90; 5th year…Gold Tunisia 94, WC second round USA 94

          Keshi 1yr+ …Gold Afcon 2013; 2nd year..second round Brazil 2014

          Juxtapose with Drey god ROHR…5yrs+
          First round Russia 2018
          Bronze Medal’Afcon 2019

          Who is fooling who??
          Shameless serial failures

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            hhahahaha…when you have finished barking woof woof woof, you will crawl back into your cage…..LMAOOoo

            Even at over 40 years of age you never still get sense…..LMAOOooo.

            You dont even know what you are saying anymore….LMAOOoo just barking woof woof all over the place…..LMAOOo

            I’ve told you before, When you tell us which one of those coaches ever inherited a SE team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa, the weakest SE team of ALL TIME IN OUR HISTORY, we will answer you….LMAOOoo.

      • Chinenye 8 months ago

        Mr Shuaib, sacking Rohr was a good thing but his replacement could have been someone better. Eguavon, can’t remember the last time he coached a team. Finidi would have been a perfect shot just like Cisse for Senegal

        • Mahmud Shuaib 8 months ago

          My dear bro, I have nothing to say about Eguavoen and co. I only wanted to shut that loud mouth who wrote aboit meeting all targets as if that is another word for winning medals.

          Shuaibu MET ALL TARGETS twice, but is only remembered for winning BRONZE. At the end its medals that count NoT number of qualifiers and friendlies won.

          Instead of hiding their sorry asses and lick their wounds in peace, he still has the shameless guts to say thrash

          • Chinenye 8 months ago

            Just forget those guys. One of them Ayuphili even bragged about Rohr this same sunday, telling me to go hug transformer only for NFF to shut his stinking mouth at same Sunday night

    • I DEY SHAME 8 months ago


  • Chineke!

    Eguavoen – the one that led the homebased Mexico disgrace?
    Aigbogun – The serial U20 failure?
    Yobo – The pretending fashionista space filler?
    Agu – The 5-year unproductive goalkeeper trainer?

    JESU! Could Pinnick and his joke of a board have made any worse appointment?

    This is simply 1001 ways to prepare for failure! Eguavoen, Aigbogun, Agu and Yobo must have really powerful godfathers in the presidency or NFF cos I don’t gerrit! How many disastrous outings and performances do these people need to “convince” this Warri man they simply don’t cut it? Is this not clear ‘to the blind to see and the deaf to hear.”

    Do we call this from frying pan to fire. We know those Nigerian gaffers that should comprise any temporary or permanent arrangement – not these Pinnick’s political appointees

  • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

    Pinnick should better find a way to get Amunike and Finidi. Else this jokes will just destroy the national even more than Rohr did. I am very sure of what I’m saying what on earth is wrong with Pinnick the Egoism is just too much you don’t want to humble yourself and give the job to Amunike until he begs you. This is really terrible I’m think of the players welfare now because I am very sure Aigbodun and Eguavon will invite all their slots. Chai for this December na him NFF appoint this criminals when I was hoping for Amunike to get this appointment.

    • TALK UR OWN 8 months ago


      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Who is this one still talking about Rohr…? LMAOOoooo

        • Destano 8 months ago

          You have mental problem, animal like you who calls himself Dr drey, you should have Changed it to doctor madman,he goat like you siding rohr who is a he-goat too.

  • GLORY 8 months ago


    • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

      I concur with you on this not only is Pinnick the major problem but I think he has appointed his fellow occult members because these guys are bunch of failures gathered together. Omg this is terrible I can not close my eyes tonight what will be going through the players head is exactly what I’m thinking now. Why is Pinnick this wicked with that is Mango shaped head. This country called Nigeria is not worth called home. Goodnight everyone!!!

      • Golden Child 8 months ago

        Lol! My ribs! “Mango shaped Head”. That cracked me up.

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahahaha….there shall be no sleep for the wicked. There shall be no peace in the house of Nebuchadnezzar. The sorrow you have brought upon yourselves shall never depart from you…..LMAOOoo.

        See God of the just fighting the battles of the just…..LMAOOoo

        • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

          Shallow mind Pinnick is the one that will dance to his tune soon the fact that we don’t want Rohr does it mean we want the worst? You’re so shallow minded and not different from the empty headed idiots on this forum!!!

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahahaha…..father of idiots. Look who’s talking about shallow mindedness….LMAOOoo. If you werent all dumb shallow minded imbeciles, you would all have seen what we saw long ago that NFF will never replace good with better……LMAOOoo. They just dont have it….LMAoooo

            You asked for it….now you have it……Your tears will know no end….LMAOOooo. There shall be no sleep for the wicked.

    • TALK UR OWN 8 months ago

      **FOR EXAMPLE:
      (1).in year 2002, Amodu Shuaibu initially drop ORUMA, Nigeria best players at that moment
      (2). In year 2004, Christian CHUKWU favoured OLOFINJANA, AIYEGBENI ahead of OBODO, OBAFEMI MARTINS
      (3). in year 2014, KESHI maliciously dropped I.K UCHE for world cup, He favoured GABRIEL REUBEN(worst player in kirmanock), MICHAEL UCHEBO in his squad.
      *** AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree that Rohr is a good man. On a personal level he may be a very simple man. But the drawback to this trait is that he could be naive as well.

      I’m sure this is the root of his career problems.

      I can still recall the fervour with which the SE executed the first few games under Rohr… I’m sure he probably didn’t expect it will end up like this. He probably thought Pinnick was all in all. He trusted the wrong people and abandoned the standards he set at the outset.

      If you make it glaringly obvious that some players are your mainstay as a coach, complacency may eventually be the order of the day for those players if there’s not enough competition for spots in the team.

      This complacency will eventually seep into the club performances of these players as we’re experiencing with Rohr’s officers now.

      I don’t sanction these charge and bail coaches we have right now. They have no enviable reputation. I hope they appointment is really temporary.

  • Seriously, what kind of twats are running NFF. This does not make sense, they have taken dumbness to a whole new level.

  • Dr Banks 8 months ago

    I posted this comments earlier and truly this useless NFF never disappoints by their haphazard administration

    It is unfortunate that our leaders are bereft of ideas in the ideal running of any decent organisation hence they usually goofed at any challenge that comes their way. It was disheartening that they allow sentiments of corrupt stakeholders to sway them into having a meeting with Rohr on his disengagement without first doing due diligence and meeting with their lawyers to first iron out all the rough edges before it was leaked to the media. Some Nimcompus simply couldn’t just wait to see the back of the Coach who always meet the target given him by his employers whereas the employers never met their own target of emoluments payment.

    I don’t know what is the rush to sack him without waiting for the outcome of AFCON where they could’ve have such a free hand to sack him once he couldn’t win the competition and then say thanks bro, this is how far we could go together.
    But no, they are scared that Rohr might pull out his trump card once again and win AFCON 2022 THEREBY BEING STUCK WITH HIM TILL AFTER QATAR WC where they will miss out on their corrupt practices in the leading weeks to the Mundial. They all want to share in the FIFA WC windfall.

    The NFF has been known publicly to have been breeching Rohr’s contract from long ago and legally they don’t stand any chance of not coughing out the huge severance package owed Rohr hence their confusion at this stage knows no bounds.

    I even heard from the grapevine that they have resorted to Threatening tactics, that they cannot guarantee the safety of his life should the man refuse to resign honourably on his own accord. That’s not surprising coming from the rogues in the glass house with their cronies like Odegbami and company

    Unfortunately there is no way back now, they have destroyed and broken down the Employer-Employee relationship and hence GR will go, but the question uppermost in our head is……..WHO IS OUR NEXT COACH???

    We shall see how this drama pans out in the coming days. A broke NFF who cannot pay Rohr salary in arrears are now poised to pay more than 1 year salary in advance………LMAO. Nigeria we hail thee o!!!

    Now that we were given a consortium of failed coaches to navigate our dear SE to AFCON ’22, Let fold our hands and watch AFCON with zero enthusiasm and hope for a miracle

  • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

    These jokers are just taking Nigerian football backwards. Rohr should never have been sacked, full stop. He met all his targets. Nowhere did they ask him to hit his targets with sexy football. Fans wanting sex should go to the brothels. Lolzzzz Is it Aigbogun that will give you sexy football? yeye people.
    Now that Rohr is gone, we want to see football better than Manchester City style.

  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    Abeg when last did these coaches do any serious coaching…???

    In the last 10 years:


    2010 – Started our failure to qualify for 2012 AFCON with the loss in Conakry.

    2011 – Failed to qualify arguably our most talented U23 team after the 96 squad for the 2012 olympics in London

    2012 – Sharks of Portharcout – resigned after seven games with the team bottom of the NPFL table

    2013 – Bendel Insurance – threw in towel before end of season.

    2014 – Gombe United – relegated to the NNL that season

    2017 – Fired after 3 months in charge


    2 spells with Warri wolves between 2012 – 2016 – Crashed out of CAF CL in 1st round, Crashed out of CAF CC in 2nd round

    2016-2018 – Enyimba – No domestic titles, Finished bottom of CAF CL group with just 3 points

    2019 – Flying Eagles – Gave us a disastrous flying eagles team that is yet to produce 1 talent for the SE 3 years later

    2021 – Combined with Eguavoen to give us another disastrous Homebased eagles that disgraced the green and white flag with players who didnt even know how to position themselves on a soccer pitch


    Salisu Yusuf

    The only manageable one amongst all of them, but cant wash off being caught on camera collecting bribes

    2007 – 2010 – Kano Pillars – League title, CAF CL semi finals
    2011 – 2014 – Enyimba – 2013 FA cup
    2015 – Elkanemi
    2019 – Enugu Rnagers

    National teams
    (2009 till date) SE assistant to Siasia, Keshi, Oliseh, Siasia (again) and Rohr
    2016-2018 – Head coach CHAN eagles – runner up WAFU cup (2017), runner up CHAN 2018

    Joseph Yobo
    2020 till date – ZERO coaching profile. No job description in the SE. Nominally referred to as assistant coach, but we know better.
    Disappeared when we needed the SE asst coach to raise homebased team to face Mexico.
    Disappered when we needed the SE asst coach to raise homebased team to face Congo, DRC and Sierra Leonean homebased teams in a friendly invitational.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, behold thy new “BETTER” “OUR OWN” coaches.


    Wetin eye dey find, eye go see o….!

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Any small thing, Amodu this, Keshi that, Amodu this, Keshi that, are these the kind of profiles Amodu and Keshi had when they were employed as SE coach…???

      If a foreign coach comes with these kinds of profiles would we look at him twice…?

      But because these are “OUR OWN” even the one without coaching badges is good enough to coach the Super Eagles to the world cup…..LMAOOooo

      Failure is acceptable so far its from “OUR OWNS”…….LMAOooooo.

      I said it 2 weeks ago, any sensible coach will not take the SE job currently because it is already primed for failure by the NFF and will put a permanent dent on their careers…same way Siasia has never recovered from desperately accepting SE jobs. I advised the likes of Amunike, Finidi, Egbo and other young up coming ones to avoid it like a plague and they should thank their stars they have…….LMAOoooo. This job is currently a poisoned chalice. Only coaches who have nothing to lose anymore in their careers will take it. Even Herve Renhard ben-johnsoned according to reports from the press…..LMAOOoooo.

      Abeg, NFF should not pay these coaches till March o. They should also not pay the owed allowances of the team running to 2.5 years now. They should continue with the divide and rule mechanism they’ve sowed in the team according to the confessions of some of the players……..we want to see the tiki taka these “consortium of OUR OWNS” will give us. And like I have said earlier, as for me, all I know is that We MUST WIN 2022 AFCON and WE MUST PLAY AT THE QUATER FINALS OF QATAR 2022. If NFF like let them draft Onigbinde into this their consortium too…na dem sabi…..LMAOoooo.

      We want Changi….! We want Changi…! We want Changi….! LMAOOoooo
      Sai Changi….!!!

      Una don get una change o. Plus jara sef….LMAOOooo

      • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

        These Egunje union don’t need a dime from NFF just like Rohr it the slots they’ll sell that will fill their pockets Christmas is set.

  • As far as I am concerned no big deal ! The coaches of Algeria and Senegal are they not Africans? The most important thing is to provide the right environment for them to succeed. Better still, it will make the players to sit up in a bid to impress the coaches. For example Rohr was afraid of dismantling the Oyinbo wall despite their recent shoddy performance.sThese coaches might just bring us better combinations. Let’s wait and see . Don’t let us be hasty !

    • Oviman 8 months ago

      Why can’t some of you air your views without insults? I have been an avid follower of this forum but rarely make contributions. Obviously, the major interlocutors always make valid points but I’m appalled at the level of attacks/insults directed at one another.

      We all want our teams to progress…your points may not be taken in good faith but that’s fine. However, desist from insults and derogatory remarks. We are all adults. Please, let’s put aside our differences and contribute our own quota responsibly. Dr. Drey, Ayphillydegreat, Omo9ja and others. I really respect all your contributions but please, that negative trend HAS GOT TO STOP.

      I come in peace…I love you all.

  • Omo9ja 8 months ago

    It is very sad that we are not out of the hook yet.

    Amaju Pinnick is the next in line to go. NFF have to fire Pinnick before Nigerian football can have peace.

    More so, I am not satisfied with the combinations of Eguavoen, Salisu Yusuf, Aigbogun and Agu.

    What is going on here. Why are we like this in this country. If at all NFF don’t want to spend money, Eguavoen and Marnu Gerba can can get the job done.

    Is Amunike not good enough to manage Super Eagles while Egbo and Marnu Gerba will be the two assignments to Amunike?

    Why not allowing Peter Rufai, Enyeama and Ikeme to do the job for Nigeria instead of Agu?

    The best local coaches for this job are,

    Amunike = head

    Egbo = First assistant

    Marnu Gerba = Second assistant coach

    Then, in the goalkeeping department,

    Peter Rufai



    Now, I understand NFF much better. They will rubbish our ex players and local coach again and hire a now foriegn coach soon.

    This is why former Oga Rohr followers were saying Super Eagles ex players/local has failed to qualify to Afcon in two occasions forgetting that NFF has never hired the best local coaches for the Super Eagles. Those they hired were treated brutally. No freedom and free hand to work freely.

    Why Aigbogun, Eguavoen, Salisu Yusuf, Agu again? I am shocked and lost for words.

    Out of these three, Eguavoen should be considered because his team played better football.

    I am in support of local/ex players to be the next in charge of the Super
    Eagles but not in this way. This is totally wrong.

    I am not part of this oooo because this is a trap from the Nigeria Football Federation.

    Agu that failed to find a good goalie over the past five? Instead, he invited Akpeyi back into the Super Eagles.

    NFF are not ready. If indeed they knew what they were doing, Oga Rohr and Amaju would have been fired same day.

    Fellow Patriotic Nigerians, we still have a lot of work to do.

    The next in line is Amaju and Agu. These two men have nothing to offer Nigeria. I believe Eguavoen is capable to rebuild the team between now and January no doubt but in Oga Salisu Yusuf case, he has dented his own image by himself so, we don’t need another stain in our national team. Mr. Salisu Yusuf should stay away. Aigbogun? Am speechless.

    However, I will like to congratulate patriotic Nigerians for this achievement.

    We hire and we fire. Oga Rohr have over stayed, he should have gone after the world cup in Russia.

    We knew the game Amaju Pinnick played during Oga Rohr’s time and history will definitely remember Pinnick. Thank you Oga Rohr for your services over the past five years and he tried his best. I wish him the very best.

    Nonetheless, for you former Oga Rohr followers, if you could not see anything wrong with Oga Rohr at least lately NFF did and made the right decision at the wrong time.

    At this point, I will hold NFF responsible if Super Eagles failed to qualify to the world cup and making us proud in Cameroon.

    I am not happy with the current coaching crew of the Super Eagles.

    Aigbogun Salisu Yusuf Agu are needed in the Super Eagles.

    The only positive thing is that, Aguavon is the head coach and he doesn’t take nonsense from nobody. For that reason, there’s a little bit of hope in Cameroon.

    “Augustine ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha, Nwankwo Kanu and Garba Lawal have been appointed to provide technical and ambassadorial support for the crew”.

    This is really good. I know, our ex players will get to the top one day. They will get there soon. Ex players should be the one running the Nigerian football Federation now Amaju Pinnick, the former politician and Mr. Sheyi and co. Our ex players are getting there.

    Eguavoen, a.k.a Mr. No nonsense is back and I will urge Nigerians to give him our support because, technically and tactically, he is far superior to Oga Rohr. Name it, he has it all. confidence, strategy to win game and he is so disciplined. A man of his word.

    For me, I preferred Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Peter Rufai, Enyeama and Ikeme to the current coaches. NFF, I am shaking my head for you. Don’t ask me why Nigeria is not moving forward because this is one of the problem. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 8 months ago

      So for my typos. This is very disappointing. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja 8 months ago

        So sorry for my typos. I am not getting myself right now. This is very disturbing and disappointing. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          Hahahaha…you are not getting yourself…..LMAOOOo… May you never get yourself…..LMAOOoo.

          See the way God works…..LMAOOooo

          “Let us fail with our own”……LMAOooo – by Jimmylie (C) 2021

          “I am not getting myself”……LMAOOoo – by OmoLieja (C) 2021

          Abeg where is the vice captain of Liars Utd group the one that calls himself Larry to come and give us his own WORDS ON MARBLE…..LMAOooo abi na 2032 e want comot show face….??? LMAOOoooo

          • Omo9ja 8 months ago

            My pikin Dr.Drey, this shows that you know nothing about football.

            You are just a noise maker.

            Were you not part of those who said our local coaches failed to qualify to Afcon on two occasions?

            Now, here is another trap from NFF to tag our ex players/local coaches and you are here saying this?

            Yes I am not getting myself because what I am seeing now you are not seeing it and it will take time for you to understand.

            Nigerians are blasting the NFF after the announcement of the new coaching crew.

            This is the best time to show our ex players/local coach love and offer them the job so that they can lead the Eagles to Afcon and the world cup if we qualify.

            These are not the best ex players/local coaches coaches to be in charge of the Super Eagles.

            My lovely pikin Dr.Drey, you should remain silent if you don’t have something tangible to say. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            You that know everything about football, why are you not getting yourself now…..LMAOOoo.

            I’ld gladly be a noise maker, making sense all the time, than be a confused drunkard and liar like you.

            Did we not “make noise” all these while telling y’all bunch of agents of darkness and backwardness that Rohr’s replacements will be worse (even worse than PE teachers or mechanics) if he is forced out……LMAOooo. Did we not warn y’all…??

            Oro agba bio se lowuro, bo pe titi a se lojo ale

            Y’okolu y’okolu, ko wa tan bi…? Iyawo gboko sanle oko yo’ke……LMAOOooo

            Koni da fun pikin e laye. Who bi your pikin…? Tan bi pikin oriburuku…? Tan l’omo ofo, omoradarada, omo iranu, omoale9ja…?

            We will hold you and your coven of witches responsible if we dont win 2022 AFCON and qualify for 2022 World cup.

            Yes I am part of those who said our local coaches did not qualify for ORDINARY AFCON and I WILL SAY IT AGAIN because its a FACT. Or did we lie when we said our local coaches failed to qualify for AFCON…?? Did we…?

            Which lie lie trap are you talking about now…? LMAOOooo. Oh….you are already preparing excuses for failure…??? LMAOoooo.

            Is Yobo no longer more tactical than Rohr…? LMAOOooo
            Is Eguavoen no longer more tactical than Rohr…? LMAOOOoo
            Is Salisu Yusf no longer the brain behind Rohr’s success before 2019…?
            Is the caliber of players we have not good enough again for ANY coach (except rohr) to win AFCON? LMAOOoooo
            Is 2 weeks preparation no longer enough for these set of talented SE that the whole Africa has never seen before to win AFCON…?

            Or are these not famous “quotable quotes” of yours…???? Mr I know everything about football…..LMAOoooo.

            Now you are cooking up excuses when the ink isnt even dried yet on the appointment letters of your Ex-internationals + Local coaches

            Omoale is already cooking up excuses for failure and calling it a trap…?

            Are Eguavoen, Aigbogun, Salisu and Yobo under 18 year olds…??? Are they dogs…??? Did anyone force the job on them…??? Or cant they reject the job and run far away from the SE job like Herve Renhard just did…????

            It you talk about any trap there again thunder will tear your mouth into 7 pieces.

            Ti o ba tun pe egbe baba re ni My pikin, ori oba wa to sese waja o ta ko e titi dojo ale re. Omo irankiran

            You are not getting yourself…..LMAOOooo. On pe ki o to yara were rinhoho woja…..LMAOOooo

          • Omo9ja 8 months ago

            Back to sender @Dr. Drey. That is all I can say.

            You remains my pikin forever Dr.Drey.

            You are not matured enough to be a father and I am deeply sorry for your children.

            My dear pikin Dr. Drey, don’t you know that what NFF are doing now is wrong?

            They fired Oga Rohr but Agu still in charge of the team?

            You kept supporting Oga Rohr when Eagles failed in Lagos against CAR and you ran away for few days now you are acting like this.

            I don’t need to exchange words with you because you are not yet matured and you are in pain because of Oga Rohr got sacked.

            Remember that Drey doesn’t belong among humans but in the bush.

            This is why you calling yourself Omo a le 9ja because you are not a Nigerian but an animal while your name is DREY.

            Let me pray for you my beloved pikin once more. God bless you more. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago


            Omuti oshi….LMAOooo

            Between you and I who looks/sounds like one in pain….??? LMAOOoo…..Who cannot get himself again after NFF granted him his with of Exinternationals + Local coaches….??

            Okponu omo…..LMAoOOO. Kaa da fuo ati pikini re.

            It is now you know what NFF are doing is wrong, you agent of backwardness….?

            How is it wrong…?
            Is Yobo no longer more tactical than Rohr according to you….? LMAOOooo
            Is Eguavoen no longer more tactical than Rohr according to you….? LMAOOOoo
            Is Salisu Yusf no longer the brain behind Rohr’s success before 2019 according to you….?
            Is the caliber of players we have not good enough again for ANY coach (except rohr) to win AFCON according to you….? LMAOOoooo
            Is 2 weeks preparation no longer enough for these set of talented SE that the whole Africa has never seen before to win AFCON according to you….?

            Or you want to deny you never said all these before, iwo okponu ayirada oshi yi…???

            If all these people are more tactical than Rohr according to you, how is their appointment now a wrong thing…????

            Reality is beginging to set in for you…..LMAOOOo. Lamboroki, oju re tin ja abi…??? O ya were kehin ni…..LMAOooo. S’oo tii si get ara re ni lowo ti a wa yi, just let us fumble in cameroon and fail to qualify for Qatar. Oo sa kuro ni ahin gbehin ni.

            Eagles faltered in Lagos and so what…? Did we not top our group in the end..? Did Sheriff Tiraspol not beat Real Madrid at home in this UEFA champions league…? Did heavens fall…? Did Madrid Sack Ancelotti because of that…? Did Real Madrid not end up topping the group in the end…? Did they not qualify for the next stage…?

            Go back to CSN thread in the days after CAR and see Dr.Drey’s comments all over the place you filthy liar. You think everyone is like you who will disapper when the SE are doing well and reappear once in a blue moon to open your dirty mouth when the SE falters….???

            Pele o. Aafa Maturity. Maturity un na nio pa o kehin.

            Shey Rohr has made you people forget how to pray since 2016…..LMAOOOoo…better go back and relearn how to pray now o, because you are the no1 person we will hold responsible if we dont win 2022 AFCON and qualify for 2022 World cup.

            Eni n wa ifa ti ri ofo…..LMAOOooo

            Y’okolu y’okolu, ko wa tan bi…? Iyawo gboko sanle oko yo’ke……LMAOOooo.

            Awon babanla re l’eranko. Omoale oshi.

          • Mahmud Shuaib 8 months ago

            Atleast the liars club had THEIR way.

            I thought you and Oakfield and others threatened fire and brimstone (aka hug transformer) that Rohr met all TARGETS and so was headed nowhere.

            You that knows football better than Chief Odegbami, 90% of ex internationals, sports journalists, football analysts both local and foreign.

            Truth is, your vain pride which is encapsulated in your personal ego war with Jimmyball, Omo9ja, Chima etc will not allow you come down from your injured and battered high horse and embrace reality.

            Even some people in your corner like Pompei, Glory, Mr Hush have since washed their hands off the plague that was Gernot Rohr.

            Credible and respectable forumites who are always neutral like Deo, Hush, Abdul Handsy, Prof Tamuno all were of the opinion that Rohr had used up whatever ace he has up his sleeves.

            Stop whining and crying about what or what not Eguavoen can do. Afterall your Rohr had about 6 years and still didn’t know his FIRST 11. Shame. Lol

            In 6 years, he still didnt know between SIMON, a winger and Aina a right back/RWB who to start at RB/RWB

            For alnost 6 years never know how best to utilize players.

            He won Bronze at Afcon juts as Eguavoen. Atleast we are guaranteed another Bronze. So what?

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahaha……let me remind you of your first words.

            “…Let us fail with our own…” LMAOooo

            Between you and I who is sounding humiliated now……LMAOOooo

            According to Dennis, “you’ve already accepted that the super eagles would fail. Party never start you don dey carry chair”……LMAOOooo

            I am not at war with anybody, It is people with inferiority complex like you and you harem of liars who come here to tell lies to seek validation who are at war with Dr.Drey and his personality.

            All of you want to “defeat” Dr.Drey. All of you want to prove to the world that Dr.Drey “does not know football”…..LMAOooo. All of you what to (according to you) “win arguments against Dr.Drey….LMAOooo….(I dont know who is contesting with any of you….LMAOOooo…if not your empty pride and brains). All of you want to prove that Dr.Drey is always wrong. All of you want to prove that you are better than this much respected and revered “Dr.Drey”…..you will all stop at nothing to denigrate Dr.Drey even if it means cooking up more and more lies…LMAOoo

            Its evident that Rohr is gone but y’all still cant stop talking about him as a way to mask your shame at the turn of events now, having been served what you all asked for, with many of you eviently disappointed that once again Dr.Drey & co has been once again proven right by the NFF by replacing a 2nd hand saloon car with 2nd hand wheelbarrows……LMAOOooo. You first comment was even about failure….LMAOOo. That’s how much braced up you are for a bad decision gone worse…..LMAOOoo

            Stop crying and gnashing your teeth, Rohr is gone, we have a new dispensation of consortium of failed coaches and bribe takers on board now. They are the local content you’ve all asked for…….LMAOOOoo….Now you have them. Some of you are already making excuses for their impendig failure….LMAOoooo. That is your business. We MUST win 2022 AFCON and be in Qatar…….that’s all we care about now. We dont care if Rohr never won a match as SE coach even though he leaves now as the SE coach with the highest win ratio ever……LMAOOooo

        • Omo9ja god go punishe you dere foolish guy, we they wait bastard

    • Yinkus 8 months ago

      Hmm mm Nigerian!!! You guys want it, you want it and you said it.

      You said it and you have it, you guys have it now so enjoy it while it last.

      Now that the mechanic (Rohr) is gone let us see what the combination of the sceintist, prophesor, technocrat,nobel laurel winner and man of century that the NFF has put together can achieve within days.

      As for Amunike, if he had accepted the role of being technical director offered him earlier to work under rohr, he would have been promoted by now. He did not just reject but went on air to say all kinds of things.

      Am not sure if amunike will ever smell any role in se again with picnnik dispensation.

      Like I said we Sidon they look ho.

    • Omo9ja 8 months ago

      Back to sender @Dr.Drey.

      You should just do yourself a favor, remain silent young man.

      As I said before, Eguavoen is technically and tactically sound than Oga Rohr and this is the reason I said to you that you
      know nothing about football. You are just blabbing.

      Can’t you see now that you have lost it?

      Where are the other Oga Rohr followers now?

      They are laughing some where now. Calling you a joker.

      Otiku ę ku iwa ę. That is life for you Dr.Drey.

      Can’t you see that you are doing something wrong.

      However, this is the best decision made by the NFF but in a wrong time with wrong coaches aside from Eguavoen.

      That is why I said I am not getting myself now.

      If NFF has chosen other coaches instead of Aigbogun and Salisu Yusuf then I wouldn’t complain but the way it is now, I am happy that Mr. No nonsense is back as I said above there because he is the head coach not the assistants.

      So, there’s hope in Cameroon with Eguavoen.

      Oga Rohr is gone for the betterment of Nigeria football while Mr. No nonsense will do something wonderful within the short of period. Watch out for new Eagles.

      Don’t use me to cover up your mess Dr.Drey because you are attacking people wrongly on this forum and this time around, nobody will take you serious no more. You lost it because Oga Rohr is finally
      gone. So, remain humble forever.

      You can see now that Oga na boss?

      Who won last between Oga Rohr fans and we patriotic Nigerians?

      I have told you that I do not represent any coach or Oga Rohr but Nigeria.

      Just wait and see the kind of brand football Super Eagles will play under Eguavoen.

      I am in support of ex players and local coach but I don’t support them blindly and I’m not in support of Salisu Yusuf, Agu and Aigbogun to be in the Super Eagles period. That is my main point.

      If Mr. No nonsense fails to impress, I will talk. That is how it should be kę.

      Again, Eguavoen is way ahead of Oga Rohr. You will see real Super Eagle, very detailed team and never say die Nigerian spirit team between now and January.

      If Oga Rohr could take Super Eagles to the world cup/Afcon and won Bronze medals at the last Afcon over his five years in charge, who says Eguavoen can not win the Afcon in Cameroon and take the world by storm in Qatar if given the support to do the job properly?

      So, I want to see new Dr.Drey From now on okay? Be warned. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • @omo9ja, which one is everyone has abandoned Dr Drey, your comments is meaningless n baseless that is why people like me ignore your ranting . It’s Dr Drey that have time responding to your nonsense.
        You ask for it and you get it, so deal with it. After all according to you, all the winnings under Rohr are due to the players diligence not input from Rohr, so nothing to be sad about since the new consortium of coaches will use the same set of players, you don’t need to worry, Afcon is sure. Dindirin, Eranko omo jatijati

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Oponu olodo. O tin ja were lara je…LMAOOoo

        Yobo is more tactical than Rohr according to you…LMAOOooo

        Eguavoen more tactical than Rohr according to you… LMAOOOoo

        Salisu Yusf is the brain behind Rohr’s success before 2019 according to you….LMAOoooo

        The caliber of players we have is good enough for ANY coach (except rohr) to win AFCON according to you…. LMAOOoooo

        2 weeks preparation is enough for these set of talented SE that the whole Africa has never seen before to win AFCON according to you….LMAOOoo

        All the thrity something matches Rohr won as SE were won as a result of players individual brilliance and not by technical input according to you…..LMAOooooo

        These are all statements credited to you in recent past which even you cannot deny

        If all these statements are true…..why then are you not getting yourself…..LMAOOoo. Why is your body and you voice shaking…? Why is your BP suddenly going high when we havent even played any match yet…..LMAOOooo. 3 out of the 4 coaches you claimed are more tactical than Rohr have been used to replace him….yet you are not getting yourself….LMAOOOo…yet you are afriad…..LMAOoooo. You are even already making up excuses, claiming NFF is setting a trap…..LMAOOOo….as if these coaches are goats who cannot tell what is good and not good for them or their careers….LMAOOo

        Between you and I who is sounding frustrated now that your wish has been granted unto you…..??? LMAOOooo

        You are the ones who have created this mess now, so deal with it. The same way you all created the mess called Buahri for yourselves……LMAOOoooo

        You better start fasting and prayers now….to ri o ya were kehin ni if we dont win this AFCON and qualify for the world cup…..LMAOOoo

        Shove your cook and bull stories down your throat….you wanted Exinternationals + Local coaches…..now you’ve been given 2 former captains and 2 former coaches of the biggest clubs in Nigeria (Enyimba and Kano pillars). What else do you want…?

        We dont want stories…..all we want is 2022 AFCON and a place in Qatar…..LMAOOoo

        Omi ti tan lehin eja gbogbo yin bayii.

        Ina ti mo gbogbo yin.

      • U can never get yourself you idiot. What are you still complaining of again? Thought your nightmare has been gotten rid of? U think we will cry or what if Rohr is sacked? We are only concern about the state of Nigeria football but now he has finally left which is good then let’s Sidon they look as rightly said by someone aboved, now that they av given us the best coaches in the world who will play attractive football, who will beat every team and win the nation’s cup Hmmmmmmn I sake my head for Nigeria honestly…

  • @ Lai, my thoughts exactly.. Administratively Eguaveon and Co have no business been near the team but who knows, people do change and just maybe they could bring a better mindset this time around. However Tactically they could arrange this team exactly how it needs to be to win. Like dismantling oyibo wall, benching simon, and musa etc. Let’s no be in a haste to complain. Let’s watch and see how things go first.

  • Here are interesting times.I can’t wait for the Pandora’s Box of revelations that will be opened by Rohr subsequently, and the spin-off rigmarole.

    That Rohr has been booted out is good riddance though.I however do hope that there ain’t no breach in his contractual terms in doing so.The financial consequences may weigh heavily but we’ve got to bite the bullet, which has been done.

    I also hope the players take the sack of Rohr in their stride,get behind the new coaching crew and get the best out of their potentials.I’m having this uncanny augury the Super Eagles will go all the way in Cameroon and surprise even themselves.

    This is a death knell to Ighalo’s subsequent invitation to the Super Eagles. Dead woods should also be shipped out and only the best should be sounded out.

  • De Star 8 months ago

    Good riddance to bad Rubbish, Amaju Fraud-Pinnick will go down in the history of Nigerian football as the most corrupt NFF’s lead administration, particularly with all manners of fraudulent contractual agreements with the so called foreign technical adviser Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee

    Check out alarming fraudulent atrocities of Amaju – Fraud Pinnick;

    1. Signing agreement with a clause that will make the Pep Guardiola ( Rohr) only come to Nigeria when SE are playing ( even the almighty most successful coach ever Westerhof with the Aso Rock backing never had such shameful contract , let alone a clueless Mechanic Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee, who had never won a tea cup in his over 3 decades coaching career, and was summarily dismissed by lowly unknown football nations as Niger , Gabon, Bukina Faso with shameful consecutive records as low as 13% and 27% ) ; if not for corruption Rohr with his past record was good as being advised never to go near coaching again , as coaching was never his calling);

    2. Fraudulently increasing salary of a coach that won shameless bronze with reward of almost , in a country where Local coaches that won sliver as Onigbinde was sacked , in a country where the local coach Keshi of blessed memory that won the ultimate Afcon after SE couldn’t qualify for the previous Afcon , but would rather pay his backlog of unpaid salaries, let alone having one percent increase ( Amaju Fraud-Pinnick have definitely made shameful bad precedent record ( what a bad precedence rewarding for a bronze medalist !!!);

    3. Amaju Fraud-Pinnick will go down in the history of Nigerian football as the NFF’s lead administration that set a ridiculous fraudulent targets of qualifying for a tournament that we were the highest sliver medalist let alone , having won the Afcon 3 times of which one was won by a local coach Keshi with unpaid salaries, not to talk of WC qualifying that a local coach Amadu had done in the past when foreign coach almost failed ;

    4. Amaju Fraud-Pinnick will go down in the history of Nigerian football, as the fraudulent gangsters lead administration that connived with a mechanic clueless foreign Alias Coach to fool the gullible 200 million Nigerians to defraud their country by a so called supposed foreign technical adviser who was perennial tutored by Algeria local coach Belmadi not only once but twice , and ultimately unleashed consortium of local look alike coaches as Rohr ;

    5. Entering into fraudulent severance package clause of $2m for a coach that had his 3rd tenure contract extension on a trier .

    What a country !! In a sensible country that is run by Sane people in our Africa ; Local coaches are empowered with good incentives as could have been wasted on the half baked mechanic called foreign coaches as Rohr ,m, and it is paying off all the highest ranked team ahead of SE today except one if at all , especially N0 ranked Senegal are all coached by their locals , including Algeria whose local coach Belmadi never for once taken Nigeria as a serious country, having tutored our so called super foreign coach Rohr, very basics of rudiments of soccer lesson , not only one but twice .

    We asked for consortium of Amunike-Egbo – Garba -Rufai/ Cal Ikpeme: Ike Shorumi/ Enyema , we never asked those local versions of Rohr.

    We are watching ,and waiting for them starting from their call up players

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      This one must be in severe pains……LMAOOoo.

      You are still talking about Rohr….??? LMAOOooo.

      We have sailed past that ship long ago……LMAOOoo…these your lies that have never held water is still not going to hold any water henceforth.

      Your liars united captain has already dropped the bombshell of your current and immediate future realities

      “Let us fail with our own”……LMAOoooo

      You better brace up for failure……LMAOOooo

  • Good riddance to bad rubbish. Rohr goodbye.
    Now, let us move forward. Though I don’t blike their choices as replacement but it may involve a lot of things to appoint fresh faces within this short time. Eguavon and the rest are on interim basis for tge afcon.

    I expect them to be good at least in the next three months to satisfy Nigerians.

    I can’t trust beyond six months or one year – they will become what they used to be – thieves and bribe takers.

    Let us hope for the best at afcon. With tge right selection, eagles can do something. Rohr was getting it right with rge right selection in the first place before he became corrupt.

    Nobody gave keshi the chance in 2013.

    I hope the crew stay good for three months. They should because they know all Nigerians are watching them.

    Fans let us support eagles at afcon and hope for the best.

    Are least that clueless and negative – talking rohr is out for good. I have not recovered from his foolish statement that our draw against caoe Verde is like a victory.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahaha….dont worry, you will understand what that statement means very soon. The same people who made AFCON qualification look like an achievement are back….LMAOooo. You will soon start understanding what it means for a draw to look like a victory……LMAOOooo

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Under normal circumstances, Rohr should be celebrated and given a proper send off.
    The man came, took over a team that was in the gutter, and restored it’s pride and dignity with decent performances and results. He met every target he was given. Alas, the circumstances in Nigeria are anything but normal!
    Every well meaning Nigerian should be grateful for Rohr’s contributions to Nigerian football.
    A new era has been ushered in with this announcement. An era of hope, or doom? Time will tell!
    Eguavoen’s appointment is likely based on his past performance in the same position. He took over from Christian Chukwu circa 2005, and produced some memorable results, notably the 5-2 spanking of Algeria in their backyard. He almost qualified Nigeria for the 2006 world cup, as under his tutelage, Nigeria managed to catch up with Group 4 leaders Angola, and tie them on 21 points. Unfortunately, the infamous “head to head” rule gave Angola the edge, and ensured Nigeria’s absence at the mundial.
    Eguavoen also led Nigeria to a bronze medal in the 2006 Afcon. The SE were stopped in the semis by a Didier Drogba strike, and went on to defeat Senegal in the 3rd place match.
    So yes, Eguavoen did well in the past. It remains to be seen if he can still produce going forward.
    The inclusion of Okocha and Kanu in the technical crew inspires a little hope. The players look up to these legends. Perhaps these guys can help Eguavoen with his task.
    Not the best solution at this time, but realistically speaking, the current NFF was never a paragon of problem solving in the first place.
    Eguavoen will be inheriting all the problems Rohr had, and then some.
    With a competent NFF supporting him, Eguavoen and co. could likely do a decent job. But the spectre of NFF ONIGBESE looms large. Can Eguavoen and co. deliver in an environment characterized by chaos, incompetence, ineptitude and corruption?
    Rohr managed to deliver in this chaotic mess for a while, before it finally caught up with him. How will Eguavoen fare in these circumstances?
    Scary days ahead for Nigerian football.

    • “The current NFF was never a paragon of problem solving “. Pompei no go kill person o.

  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    Friends of progressive football, why don’t you stop crying like babies, work on your targets and leave Rohr and his enemies of progressive football alone??? It is what you guys wanted right??? LMAO!!!Why all the Lamentation Chapter Eguavon and salisu Yusuf vs Aiyegbogun. LMAO!!! Oya your time starts now:

    Please remember the target:
    1: We must play tiki taka football
    2: We must win the Afcon
    3: We must qualify for world cup and do very very well beyond the previous outing. Thank you. But honestly speaking, I never knew Rohr gat fans like this o….I guess it explains the saying: you don’t know what you have until you loose it… LMAO!!!!!!

  • Hmm politics has set in again. Nff is not independent at all. Why paraded many coaches to AFCON 2021.Infact you could have give the job to Amuneke, Salisu and Manu Garba instead of paraded these tested political coaches that have fail us in one way or the other. Naija need a sound coach because Eguavon and Rohr are in same category as far as
    football coaching is concerned.

  • This is very interesting and intriguing.The sack of GR is generating heat as I expected and raising much dust.Give and take, we all do not think,view and analyse things same way thus there must be diversity of opinion.Personally these are my issues.
    1.For the past fives years plus our senior male national team does not have a pattern of play
    2.New faces were emmerging at different match occasdions.
    3.There was no core 23 players after several experimentation.
    4.The building of the team was taking donkey years any local coach was ever given.
    5.Coaching is all about results,hiring and firing.
    So,I am neither for or against the sacking,just that we have played poor football for a while now.Our winnings was just sheer will power of the team not from technical inputs.
    For the consortium mandated to take over,I can say that Dr.Terry Eguaoje is a football teacher,the coaches coach.And do not forget Austin Eguavoen is the head of NFF Technical departmant and Aigbogun is his assistant,it has always being the norms for the technical department to manage the team pending the apoointment of another coach.So,Iam hoping they manage the team to an appreciable level.
    This time,we do not need 40 players in camp for Nations cup.At most 25 players will be good enough,for time reason.And I hope players are invited based on current form too.
    Dear fellow freelance internet coaches,whatever has a beginning must always have an end.
    Please, air your views without name calling,we are all pointing at same direction….Seeing Nigeria football up there as it use to be,bear with your countryman,even if his contribution negates yours.Too many things are going wrong in our country,so I can understand the outburst.Do not forget none of us can change these decisions,we are just venting our frustrations.
    Up Super Eagles,up Nigeria.

  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    The only brave comment I have read so far are the ones from @Afolabi, @Psalm, and @lai.. (Na men Dem be) the rest of you that claim to be friends of progressive football are just babies and cowards. Weak minds! Why don’t you brace up yourself and prepare for the challenges ahead instead of complain complain. Omo sack Rohr and give us indigenous coach… Omo a secondary school coach can coach better than Rohr…omo na individual talents the save this man… LMAO!!! Oya na here we go…..

  • Sugar Daddy 8 months ago

    Why not do what Nigerians want fully… what is wrong with these people? Give them the Amuneke, finidi, Egbo and Ggaruba and save yourself these insults. What’s wrong in appointing them on whatever basis…interim or whatever… I don’t know why Nigerian leaders loves chaos… just as they did with Jonathan! The wanted Buhari, now they have Buhari….and let them cry blood after, for all I care…

    Odegbami and his cohorts should be held responsible for this mess!

  • Sugar Daddy 8 months ago

    Why not do what Nigerians want fully… what is wrong with these people? Give them the Amuneke, finidi, Egbo and Garuba and save yourself these insults. What’s wrong in appointing them on whatever basis…interim or whatever… I don’t know why Nigerian leaders loves chaos… just as they did with Jonathan! The wanted Buhari, now they have Buhari….and let them cry blood after, for all I care…

    Odegbami and his cohorts should be held responsible for this mess!

    Eguavon is a good coach. I know he could turn things around because he is very disciplined and no nonsense coach…. good luck coach Eguavon!!!!

  • Tunde Adeyemo 8 months ago

    Hmmmmm. I think we Nigerians are the one confusing both the NFF and ourselves. We clamoured for the sack of Rohr when the Nation’s cup was less than one month and the world cup play off less than four months. Some former footballers like Henry Nwosu called for caution in taking a decision to sack Rohr but Nigerians were bent on him being sacked and replaced by Amunike. Now, the decision has been taking and you are still not satisfied. How can you people be satisfied? You are complaining now because Amunike was not given the job? Are you Amunike’s Agent? Can anyone tell me his experience as a senior national team coach? What of his experience as a club coach? Did he succeed when he was a coach of Tanzania National team? If yes why was he sacked? He was sacked there just as Rohr was sacked here. Please, let us remove sentiment if we want our Country to move forward. My opinion is that, a more experienced coach prefarably, foreigner should replace Rohr. He should be employed before the African Nations’ Cup commences so that he can used the tournament to get familiar with our players and our playing culture. He should be assisted by some local coaches during the tournament.
    For coach Amunike, please, let him go and get enough experience. He should proof himself by coaching clubs just like Coach George Finidi. He has that potential to coach the Super Eagles but this is not the right time for us to experiment. We must be in Qatar.

  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    Hiya!What a way to console oneself…LMAO!!!Eguavon is a good coach. Good coach indeed! And the fans have already accepted failure as their faith in Cameroon???? Have not read a single good comment about his coaching ability here..what sort of good coach with bad CV… LMAO!!!

  • Merlo 8 months ago

    A coach who knows his onions is seen when he changes the pattern of his game to get result; the substitution he makes and the period during the game that he makes such substitution.

    It’s one thing to call players to camp based on their current form, it’s another thing to read a game and make the necessary tactical changes and substitution to tilt the scale in your favour.

    Please can someone educate me when last Rohr demonstrated this qualities which are some of the hallmark of a sound coach ?

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      You are still here talking about Rohr….??? LMAOOooo

      Please talk about your consortium of coaches and how we will win 2022 AFCON and qualify for Qatar…..LMAOOOOoo

      Rohr is not good, Rohr is not good, see all of your resign to fate and already bracing up for failure with your consortium of bribe takers……LMAOooooo

  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    Up in this forum you will here comments like:

    Dem dey play anywhere belle face

    SE no get pattern.

    Dem no get philosophy.

    Imagine Dem no fit beat cape Verde.

    Imagine Rohr go dey play Ejuke for right back.

    Imagine we have a Nigerian player scoring hat trick in the Sudanese league, yet they cannot invite him. Imagine Musa and ighalo are still playing for SE.. LMAO!!
    But yet we have always been top of the group and qualify for the next phase. I mean you guys would have allowed us to be managing our super eagles mottor like that dey go jejely but now una don go scatter am…in life you always get what you wish and pray for. LMAO!!!

  • Eguavoen, Aigbogun and Alloy Agu as goalkeeper trainer is a disaster waiting to happen. Mark my words. The only technically adept coach in the so-called consortium is Salisu Yusuf (who unfortunataly messed himself up with the alleged bribery allegation in the past). Coach Salisu is sound and probably the best local Nigerian coach at the moment. Another issue the so-called consortium of coaches should focus on is the invitation of players on merit, and not based on tribal, primordial or collection of egunje (bribe) before you get invitation to the national team. Players like Cyriel Dessers, Emmanuel Dennis, Awoniyi, Ovie Ejaria, Ademola Lookman, Akpoguma, Kelechi Nwakali, Chidera Ejuke, Samuel Chukwueze, Calvin Bassey, Anthony Izuchukwu, Peter Olayinka, Henry Onyekuru, goalkeeper Adebayo Adeleye, and a few others performing well for various club-sides around the world should be invited to compete and fortify the Nigerian Super Eagles and those who have currently shown a loss of form or have become complacent like Troost-Ekong, Terem Moffi, Onuachu, Shehu Abdullahi, goal keeper Akpeyi, and Samuel Kalu should be either benched or dropped from the final AFCON list for now. They can be invited back in future if they regain there form and are better than other players in there position.A word is enough for the wise.

  • Kingsley 8 months ago

    Where are those noise makers. Especially that fraud mechanic that said rorh will take us to nations cup. All those saying this onenis bribe taker that one is bribe taker, is rorh not taking bribe too. Bringing in players not qualified to be in the team. I just pray those oyinbo boys will not come and sabotage this nation’s cup for us.

  • Rohr, Rohr, Rohr yet the harsh smoke has been Amaju Melvin Pinnick!!!
    Still there’s no Drama that should get us Surprised bcos of the Insanity that has rendered our Country an economic and security Joke. The NFF with a good inheritance of this Insanity is only manifesting it’s primeval Demon!!!
    Wowooo, the Best news of the Day has been Max Verstappen winning the Formula one Title for 2021!!! Congratulations MAX My Man!!!!!

  • Dennis 8 months ago

    I will like to see how this unfolds. So we now stand a better chance in winning the AFCON with these clowns just appointed? What did the NFF do to support Rohr when performances were poor? Any refresher course abroad? No. Did they yield to his demands of not playing on that poor Lagos pitch? Was he properly renumerated as at when due? No. Was he allowed to fully pick the team he wants? No.
    You guys think the problem is Rohr abi? Let us see the magic these coaches will achieve. They all have to do better than Rohr. No excuse would be accepted whatsoever because we have finally appointed coaches way better than Rohr and with the calibre of players we have, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco and others do not stand a chance

  • Sunnyb 8 months ago

    You guys need to go back and read some of my past comments, Pinnick planned everything since last year, he appointed serial failure Eguavoen as the nff technical director he made sure Rohr failed, folks Eguavoen would now pick aigbogun as his assistant a script according to Pinnick. Enjoy the movie my fellow nejeria

    • After all I have read here. The forces of Doom of Nigeria and NFF have taken over again. Starting with the Minister of Sports- Sunday Dare enforcing his view on others especially the appointment of local coaches. He sang about it in the press, his wishes came to past now they are blaming Amaju Pinnick again for this. No worries we day siddon look.
      Here are my predictions for Nigerian Super Eagles players that even some people don’t know the influence a foreign coach has in foreign clubs selecting our players to play for their teams. The first is our highly rated defensive midfielder – Ndidi.
      1 Ndidi, will not move to Real Madrid before and after AFCON or World Cup.
      2. Dennis Bonaventure will play his heart and soul at Watford at will not move to any major club.
      3. Maduka Okoye, Troost Ekong, Leon Balogun, Aina, Akpoguma, Iwobi will regret ever wearing Super Eagles jersey and the others that we have been prospecting will run away.
      Osimhen may loose playing time and value at Napoli and may likely go to a lowly rated team after Napoli.

      We think a foreign coach is just about playing style, pattern of football and winning matches abi? Wait the floodgates of failure have been installed now.

      Make we day siddon look.

      • na thats bollux bro, Coach don’t determine where a player plays Agents do, and moreover these players you have mentioned have already made a name for themselves Osimhen is already regarded the best No 9 in Italy and in Europe Dennis name is being sang across London. so what u are saying is foolish and quite humorous to say the least.


          • Oakfield 8 months ago

            Hahahahahahaa…..he has a mandate to do well at afcon… Lol.. So, what is ur own interpretation of that statement??? . so, the aim is no longer to play like Brazil and win the next nation’s cup abi? If he gets bronze which you people have berated rohr for winning e go be be an achievement for him or maybe gets knocked out in the second round of the tourney, una go talk say he tried, after all he took charge barley few weeks to the tourney whilst a man was already on course to winning it. So, the mandate of winning afcon is no longer on the table but na to “perform well”.. Hahaha…. Bunch of confused miserable dudes.

          • If you think rohr was going to win Afcon you are deluded. what with Musa as Captain LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!. Keep fooling yourself.

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            The last time I checked, someone won AFCON with Eguekwe and Gabriel Rueben, with Yobo as captain……LMAOoooo.

            Rohr is not good, he is not good, tell us 1 target that was given to him that he failed to achieve…..as bad as you all claim he is.

            So is it this consortium of failures that will win AFCON…?

            You lied Eguavoen won bronze with a less talented team, A team that consisted of the likes of Enyeama, Yobo, Taiwo, Odiah, Oruma, Obodo, Mikel, Okocha, Kanu, Martins, Odemwingie, Agahowa, Aiyegbeni etc all at their peaks were a “LESS TALENTED TEAM”….??? LMAOOoooo. Tell us which one of these players will not walk into our current squad straight from the airpot….???? LMAOOoooo

            Just admit y’all have failed once again. You hatreds have pushed you to ask for Saul when you had Samuel. We will hold y’all responsible to this impeding failure which ironically those of you who asked for it have alredy braced up for. LMAOOooo

            We dont want excuse……the target was to win 2022 AFCON and quarter finals of 2022 World cup and we wouldnt accept any excuses. Your brains and the brains of the NFF and Sports Ministry were not asleep when you took this your decision at this time….LMAOOoooo

            Brace up…..!

  • Euguavon Have always selected on Merit so i am not worried!. Let us see what happens. We know Rohr he could do No more than what he gave. Euguavon got us to Semi finals in Afcon and 3rd place finish same as Rohr and Eguavon did it with Less talented players at his disposal than what he has now. Let us not castigate him this could be a blessing in disguise Eguwacon believes in European based players so let us see.

    • @Ugo Iwunze, bollocks abi? You are referring to a situation where someone who hasn’t proven himself as a great candidate to handle a Senior National team to select players that other well versed coaches are using week In, week out in their clubs to perform magic. Expecting one tool not to affect the other???
      It is now you will understand the meaning of cause and effects in your life.
      Wait make we see whether the capacity of Eguavoen and co. Will not affect your riding stars???
      Shebi Jay Jay dribble pass for football abi?? Yet a Ronaldinho is even more coveted in global stage than an African. Yet you wonder Why George Opong Weah is still the only African to win a global coveted prize in Football.

      Just wait now and see. Shebi is Dennis, Ndidi and co. Go Mark my words.

      • Oya go and support the next tin team your German Coach gets appointed by seeing as though your support is for him and not Nigeria. 2008 Afcon who gave Mikel his chance to break into SE.. Who did bro. Who pushed for Martins Obafemi and co and John Utaka and co when they were performing well Eugwuavon funny enough is one Nigerian coach who doesn’t allow the NFF rule his tenure hence they always chase him away swiftly as they never get to impose thier players on him because of his stubbornness. Watch out you people don’t know Augustine Eguavoen do you?

        • Ode, Mikel and Messi played in the same tournament at Under 17, who grew faster?
          Even with all the number10 roles he played in Super Eagles, could any Nigerian coach convince Mourinho to use Mikel on a No 10 role???
          Martin’s Obafemi killed himself when he left Inter Milan to Newcastle because of money and your Nigerian coaches could not advise him any better??
          Even John Urama too, I’ll advised transfers and Super Eagles not doing well in World Cup affected all those players, getting to 2nd round and not improving on that performance is always used in terms of valuation of any player. The coach has a great factor to play in that.

          Very good example of this is Antonio Rudiger during Lampard and Antonio Rudiger under Tuchel. Same player different valuations. Plus am in support of tested and trusted at the highest levels and not quacks who can not patiently prove themselves on global clubsises football to handle our National team. A lot of people hail Pep Guardiola today right, but here is a backstory to him. He worked at Barcelona La Masia academy for years instilling tiki Taka and selecting the likes of Xavi, Iniesta and Messi as the pivotal players for that team, before he was made coach. That is his best success story till date. Go ask him. Wait let us see how Eguavoen’s matches will affect his players chances at club football

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Do you know what you are saying at all…?

      Enyeama, Yobo, Taiwo, Odiah, Oruma, Obodo, Mikel, Okocha, Kanu, Martins, Odemwingie, Agahowa, Aiyegbeni, Ejide, Nsofor, Makinwa etc are a less talented team…? LMAOoooo.

      Please tell us which one of these players will not walk into our current squad and deliver without training with them…? Our 3rd choice goalkeeper in that team Dele Aiyenugba will chase all our current goalkeepers out of the team…..LMAooooo. Only Osimhen and Ndidi from this current squad will start in that team you called “less talented” simply because you want to prop Eguavoen over Rohr my fire by force……LMAOOoooo.

      You reduced a team consisting of legends to a “less talented” team just because you want to undermine Rohr……LMAOoooo.

      Please clean the left side of your mouth…..yes…that left side. There some specs of your lies still hanging there……LMAOoooo

      • Lol @Dr Drey The point I am make is that Ndidi has already acquired as many premier league games playing for Leicester City than Mikel did in his entire 13 years at Chelsea is the point I am trying to make and also Osimhen Profile barring Okocha I don’t think any other Nigerian player has caused this much excitement in a European club or city, Also Emma Dennis has already broke some Nigerian record in epl I am not sure which one in less than 20 games I mean the potential we have now is more than those players you have mentioned yes. not to mention Ejuke winning 3 back to back russian league player of the Month awards yes a few of those players above @Dr Drey would struggle to get into this squad with the exception of Okocha and Kanu, Martins had he made the decision to go to Arsenal from Newcastle may have realised his full potential but most of these players you Mention above didn’t really reach their full potential and alot of them cheated with their age to get o Europe so where already past their best when they had finally reached Europe. This Current generation I keep saying is the most special we have had since the 94 I wasn’t Joking remember my now infamous saying X Factor. No cap!!!.

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago


          Our people say “…A sheep that moves around with a dog will eat shit…”

          You have started moving with Jimmylie and started adding lies to your profile too……LMAOoooo

          First it was a squad containing Yobo, Martins, Okocha, Mikel, Kanu, Enyeama, Taye Taiwo etc being LESS TALENTED than our current squad….LMAOooo

          Now it is:

          “….Ndidi has already acquired as many premier league games playing for Leicester City than Mikel did in his entire 13 years at Chelsea….”

          EPL games till date
          Ndidi – 158
          Mikel – 259

          Total games till date
          Ndidi -194
          Mikel – 372

          The next lie you will tell us is that Ndidi has won more trophies than Mikel……LMAOooooo

          Keep on chopping mouth left and right and telling white lies over the place because you want to save face….LMAOooo

          A team that had Enyeama, Yobo, Taiwo, Odiah, Oruma, Obodo, Mikel, Okocha, Kanu, Martins, Odemwingie, Agahowa, Aiyegbeni, Ejide, Nsofor, Makinwa etc are a less talented team……LMAOoooo.

          I asked you a simple question, which one of the above players will not walk into the current team, you are busy chewing the chord…..and regurgitating stories that do not add up…..LMAOOooo.

          I dont know why simple questions are always difficult for liars to answer….LMAOooooo

          • *almost as many* is a typo.

            EPL games till date
            Ndidi – 158
            Mikel – 259

            Total games till date 2016 – 2021
            Ndidi -194 2017 dec – 2021
            Mikel – 372 2006 – 2017
            do the maths.

            you also forgot Ndidi has 7 goals for Leicester City

            the point I am trying to make is, that record will be smashed by Ndidi. Look at you supporting Mikel as if you like Mikel was it not me defending Mikel against your Insults all because of you finished God Musa not too long ago. My friend go and Siddon there. Dr Drey if lef to you you will like Yakubu to remain the highest Nigeria Goal Scorer in the Epl no not I bro I know we have the current talent to smash that. Moreover our current players are looking up to the like sof CR7 and Messi not the past stars that chased Money over a glittering career. No insult intended but its Fact.

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

            Hahahahaha…..fat liar has been busted again and is beginning to chew cord….LMAOooo.

            Now he wants to save face….LMAOOoo… or is this not what you said…?

            “…Ndidi has already acquired as many premier league games playing for Leicester City than Mikel did in his entire 13 years at Chelsea…..” How does that translate to the whataboutery you are blabbing up there…? LMAOooooo.

            A team that had Enyeama, Yobo, Taiwo, Odiah, Oruma, Obodo, Mikel, Okocha, Kanu, Martins, Odemwingie, Agahowa, Aiyegbeni, Ejide, Nsofor, Makinwa etc are a less talented team….LMAOoooo.

            I asked you a simple question, which one of the above players from the so-called LESS TALENTED TEAM will not walk into the current team, you are busy chewing the chord and regurgitating stories that do not add up….LMAOOooo.

            He choke you for throat to answer…?

            Because players from a LESS TALENTED team shouldnt be able to stroll into this your current squad….LMAOooooo

            Starting with the GK department, only the 3rd choice goalkeeper of that team, Dele Aiyenugba will breeze past anybody currently in goal today.

            Add only Dele Aiyenugba and Chris Obodo from that less talented team (Lets not even ask of Enyeama, Oruma, Okocha, Kanu, Odemwingie or Martins yet), Only Aiyenugba and Obodo from that team should be added to this team and see if we wouldn’t bring the AFCON trophy back home

            LESS TALENTED team indeed…….LMAOOooo

          • Firstly I know How many games Ndidi has played I din’t need to go to google to do some research it was typo and should have clearly read Almost as many caps, whether your dead brain believes it or not na your wahala be dat. I have always came to Mikels defence against you raising Musa name above his which everyone in this forum can attest to th emore recent one was the debate about how valid Musa caps were before he reached 100.

            Non of those players above would walk into SE currently besides Okocha, Enyeama(Whom i forgot to mention) Mikel and Kanu That is facts. not even Osaze who will he bench Chukwuze or Ejuke or denis my friend go and rest. Obodo in his hay day in Udinese is not playing any better than Aribo?, and again, Yakubu after 2010 is a disaster in my books and based on that you are a fool for including him in that list.

          • Dr. Drey 8 months ago


            “….Ndidi has already acquired as many premier league games playing for Leicester City than Mikel did in his entire 13 years at Chelsea….”

            You must have learn English using Portuguese…..LMAOOooo

            See balderdash cheap liar is talking to save face after facts and figures have once again slapped his face…..LMAOOooo

            So Aiyenugba or Ejide will not bench Akpeyi/Uzoho/Okoye…? LMAOOoo

            Yobo in 2006 will not kick Balogun and Ekong out of Central defence…? LMAOooo

            Chidi Odiah will not tell all the lily livered RBs we have now who cant dribble opposing LBs and deliver pin point crosses to the no 9 like him to give way…..? LMAOooo

            Taiye “thunder” Taiwo will not blow away all those pretenders we have as left backs today…? LMAOoooo

            Oruma/Obodo/Mikel will not shut out Etebo, Aribo and all the kerewa kerewa midfielders (according to omo9ja) we have now who are always afraid of holding the ball, driving from midfield to attack and giving 5G forward through passes to our forwards

            Oba-goal, Yak da bull, Agha-wonder (1 change one goal) all at their peaks will not tell all these your senior men to kneel down and hands up while they are on the pitch…?

            We have not even talked about Kanu, Okocha, Odemwingie and Nsofor who have the capacity to conjure something out of nothing when things are tight.

            When you are done deceiving yourself, trying to save face from your lies, you will go get some sleep to wear off whatever you are hung over from.

            LESS Talented team indeed….LMAOooo

      • @Dr.Drey those players can’t walk into Super Eagles team and coach without proving themselves first. It’s known globally, been a brilliant football player has never transferred to success in coaching teams. I can give you many notable players that were successful national team players, yet awful coaches.The most recent example is Frank Lampard, Jurgen Klinsman and Maradona. Also there a great coaches in World football that picked up injuries as young players and that was the end of their careers, but known today as great tactical and technical coaches – Thomas Tuchel and Jose Mourinho.
        My point is been a great footalk player or even a legend in the game does not always translate to National teams. Thats it.

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          Oga you are talking off points. Go back and re-read the thread.

          • Oh I see, my bad thought you were asking me question. Not knowing it was Ugo “blabbermouth” Iwunze

  • Nff are not serious at all….. Sacking a coach on the eve of a tournament and replacing him with someone who is incompetent…….Rhor has learnt a bitter lesson about Nigerians……. Rhor’s inner circles(Nigerian coaches) who have been advising him on what to do have been retained and Rhor has been dismissed……Rhor listened too much to this guys, he literally allowed them run the show because some decisions Rhor made I saw the Nigerian factor written all over it…… Nigerians do things according to individual interest first before collective interest but Rhor thought they were giving him the right councel…….I warned Rhor on many occasions but he decided to follow the instructions of the coaches sorrounding him and ignored the fans who he could have pleased by giving them the kind of football they wanted……the fans would have fought for him but he totally disconnected himself from the fans and now the very people he followed their advise have betrayed him and taken his position…….We need a total overhaul of the coaching department and bring in fresh ideas…….Oh my God I fear we might have just returned to the dark ages of SE.

    • @Dr.Drey plz let’s leave this people.u can see you av exposed him like 2 times with clear facts which he was just stuttering to respond. Pls I will appreciate if we can all leave them to celebrate Rohr sack by not replying them. Let’s see how this new consortium of coaches goes.Thank you

  • Hazzan 8 months ago

    Where is @AyphillyDgreat?? Lmaoooo

    Disappointment of the highest order ..lmaooo

    U see all those guys licking Rohr’s balls , they are in sifia pains …hahahahaha

    Drey sorry ehn…shit happens

    NFF una dey craze! For bad timing and questionable replacement.. Some of these appointed guys are questionable not interms of technical ability (at least Rohr is not better than them) but in terms of morals, characters.. some of them are thieves! But thank you for sacking Rohr NFF… I laugh at the way that AyphillyDgreat do brag about Rohr continuity, baba go dey coy and paste link here …lol…Shame!!

    Drey, Ben and the remaining boys, get over this, life moves on

    We all (except for some crooks? want the best for our darling Super eagles

    Some ppl here even point fingers at Pinnick calling him names as if they have concrete evidence to prove their claims.. I don’t trust him either but I can’t call him thief cuz I haven’t seen him steal

    Some people no fit ever forgive Sport Minister Dare becuz he aided the heave ho of their tin god Rohr..

    I challenge these newly appointed guys to do their jobs with integrity and all honesty…no collect bribe just for once! Select based on merit! I challenge u to prove doubters (including myself) wrong.

    SORRY AyphillyDgreat…lol

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahahaha….one moment, you are telling Dr.Drey sorry……the next moment you are lashing out on NFF…..LMAOooo. Is this not the best you all wanted for the Super Eagles…?? Exinternationals + Local coaches. 2 former captains and 2 coaches who have coached the best 2 teams in Nigeria….LMAOOoo.

      You are complaining of wrong timing now…..LMAOOooo….please when you were calling for Rohr to be sacked was the timing not wrong then….???? LMAOOooo

      Your wishes have been granted Mr Man….deal with it….LMAOoooo

      You are the ones who have already braced up for failure……LMAOOo…”Let us fail with our own”……LMAOooooo

      You are the ones who deserve sorry and plenty of symphaty…..LMAOooo.

      Una Ndo ehn….LMAOOoo.

      27 days to AFCON, consortium of failed coaches…..LMAOoooo. Una do well

  • Oakfield 8 months ago

    Hahahahahahaa….. Rohr, abeg go rest man! U really tried your best for these corrupt idiots. I heard one of them say sometine ago that he just wants rohr out even if na coach of abiola babes replaces him. Now, that’s the height of hate and wickedness which goes beyond reasonable objectivity. They have sold a dog to buy a squirrel. Hahahaha… Bye bye to next years world cup…. Hahahah… Bye bye to the ambition to win next years nation’s cup. And congrats to jimmy, omo9ja, chima ewu samuels, Ugo ugwunze, Larry the liar and co. You guys have gotten ur heart desires, so, sit tight and enjoy the ride bcs it’s really gonna be an “enjoyable ” one down the lane. Lol. Che! My country, my country. Salisu, yobo and aigbogun, proven corrupt failures are now the the main members of the backroom staff. Did I hear jimmy say he’s not getting himself and omo9ja say he’s confused??? Hehejeeh. E never start sef. Very soon una go enter coma…. Hahahaha. Chei!! Odiegwu!!! Hahaha

    • @Oakfield Euguavon Have always selected on Merit so i am not worried!. Let us see what happens. We know Rohr he could do No more than what he gave. Euguavon got us to Semi finals in Afcon and 3rd place finish same as Rohr and Eguavon did it with Less talented players at his disposal than what he has now. Let us not castigate him this could be a blessing in disguise Eguwacon believes in European based players so let us see.

      He is also employed on interim basis which means that It is short term. it is normal that we are panicked but there is really no cause for concern Rohr game was predictable his line up was too and his team selection would have ultimately giving us no chance. Let us see my thing is if Nigeria is serious the first cause of action will be to strip Musa and Ekong as captain and vice respectively drop the former and give Wilfred Ndidi the armband with Balogun as vice Captain, Reinstate Vic Moses and give Ema dennis a recall,and Awoniyi and I hope Bassey is given a chance by Euguavon. Look it is simple Rohr was not going to do anything differently + his fall out with Dennis was a big part aswell considering Dennis form it would have been criminal to over look him as he is currently as of today our most inform players..

      Who took us to 3rd place in 2008 Afcon my friend go and sit down Jare. Ur German God is gone HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! God riddens to yeye German rubbish. Egwuavon Selects on merit and has better in game management than Roar or abi Rohr. so I am not worried. everytime i watch rohr i always want to break my TV at least with Augustin I can save some money now lol and stop replacing my tv sets. so thank god!!!!!

      • Oakfield 8 months ago

        Hahahahahahaa….. Have u asked urself why he eguavon was sacked during his time???? He’s was sacked bcs he couldn’t qualify us for ordinary afcon. The Same afcon that rohr qualified 2 consecutive times with games to spare. That is the difference btw them. You are just laughing at yourself. Don’t worry, nigeria would start playing like Brazil under him. We shall all vwe here when e go begin dy happen. Shebi una wan win nation’s cup abi??? No wahala. Ur savior is here. Ur savior that was spanked 4 nil by mexico with the “very good” domestic/local content.. Hahaha. That one na just a tip of the ice of what we should expect. Hehehehe. Ur wish has been granted. Rohr is out! We move! Lol.

        • Roar Brought it on himself, his last years in SE was clear he was there to please Musa, Pinnick and Ighalo. He was buying face, Pinnick and Rohr were good in the beginning they started well. until personal interest beclouded normal judgement they set out to please themselves. if Nigeria is destined to come undone everytime prior to a big tournay then so be it it is our fate let us eat it and digest it enough is enough if we must learn the hard way then so be it. I warned Rohr of this he will be used as a scape goat by Pinnick and NFF in the end. We have a generation of world beaters but for some reason can’t get a simple thing like team selection right? Nigeria is the bane of Nigeria’s existence. We are all to blame. Rohr lovers commending the dubious decisions and we Nigeria Fans not having it, reaching boiling point and wanting nothing more to do with Rohr as we knew his tricks realseas a list iuncluding deserving players then prune it down to shit a week before a crucial game or tournament only to please his pockets and that of Pinnick good riddens to bad rubbish. He hit the nail into his own coffin in the last Games. Rohr is clueless so then so be it.

          • If you set out to please 1 man and your pocket and neglectying the hearts of 200million Nigerians then so be it,. Let me also have it the footballing Gods we see we are serious once we do the needful and drop Musa if our Captain is mediocre they will always be a Mediocre Cloud hanging over our heads. I starts with intent, We all know Musa is not a deserving captain of this squad so if he is still the captain then this squad is undeserving of any silverware simple and short. Nigeria is the bane of Nigeria’s existence SIMPLE!!!!!

          • Dennis 8 months ago

            You say eguavoen selects on merit? Let’s see if Musa and those you criticized won’t eventually make the team list. It’s a good thing that Rohr has gone. Now we stand a better chance in winning the AFCON as well as the world cup.

  • Bobby 8 months ago

    @Dennis, the pitch he played in Morocco, did he win convincely? No. We needed two penalties to defeat Liberia.

    • Dennis 8 months ago

      @bobby. No problem. We are now convinced we will win the nations cup. We should not celebrate finishing 3rd. We must win it. Those were the targets set for Rohr and the same should apply here also. Up the super eagles. Up the king of Africa football
      Just hope and pray that ethnicity and religious sentiments won’t be the basis of inviting players. We we all see how this unfold. We all saw how eguavoen performed against Mexico. Let’s all see what would happen

    • Dr Banks 8 months ago

      Penalties are part of the game my bro, if a striker is through on goal and the GK hacked him down so why won’t penalty be justified? Without hacking him down it will be a goal anyway.

      Can’t you guys see that all our away games were won and we only falter during home matches in the animal farm stadium we play in.

      I can see that the regressive are already making excuses that Eguavoen only have 2 weeks to prepare the team for AFCON, that’s a miserable excuse because the entire consortium of coaching team already have been with the team ever since, they know all the players very well and have been training with the team during Rohr era so no excuse here. Failure to win the AFCON will not be tolerated at all.

      I have really given up with Nigerian Administrators as they are simply bereft of innovative ideas to move any organisation forward, it’s backward ever for them, they simply can’t keep in touch with the dynamism in the world over and will forever remain in the analogue era where the whole world is moving ahead in the digital realms. To sack a coach ordinarily took them 4 whole weeks to draft the letter, am sure it might take years to appoint a substantive coach to take us forward as it is.

      Amaju really fall my hand, I thought he was a successful businessman until now, these guys are only made rich by Nepotism, giving them lucrative oil rig freely simply because they are related to the Governor or the President is the Achilles hill of Nigeria stagnation. And now our football will suffer again

      The major problem with Pinnick is that he abhors giving a job to someone who does the job effectively and surpasses everyone expectations like he did to Keshi, so he did same to Rohr. He romances with failure as can be seen with Aigbogun, Eguavoen, Salisu, Yobo and Aloy Agu. Ladan Bosso is another failure that Pinnick was in love with. He has successfully destroyed our Age grade soccer and female soccer and now needs to complete the job by destroying our dear SE, WELL GOOD LUCK TO HIM

  • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

    Don’t mind them they’re already scared and jittery. No problem I wish Eguavoen well. He’s still my man. I will stand by him like I’ve stood by Rohr. I hope he wins the cup in Cameroon and also qualify us for the Mundial in Jesus name Amen. We have world class every where and they will be ready for battle in Cameroon.

  • JimmyBall 8 months ago

    @Dr.Drey… What you need is another fictitious project to manage so that you won’t catch stroke this one you are already convulsing since your moongod is gone… hahahaha! Please @Dr.Drey… make sure you collect your reward from Rohr… yes, his old underwears and singlets! Lol… You did a good job singing Rohr hymns and hallelujah nonstop…. too bad “Mr Qualification with two games to spare has been bidded ARIVIDECI in ITALIAN… Since he does not understand TSCHUSS in German anymore or Au revoir in french! The fight of a low-energy and weak looking 68yrs old on our touchline alone for over 5years was like eating rice without stew… even Sudan has parted ways with their own white moongod and appointed a local hand after horribly getting embarrassed and whiplashed in Arab cup… Soon Africans learn to develop their own content and stop looking for solutions from a white magician savior, the better for them… Please who get new mason and cement mixing project should contract @Dr.Drey and console him please… Lol.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahahaha….”let us fail with our own”…..LMAOooo

      Everybody is not a lifetime failure like you…LMAOooo….everybody is not repairing faulty instruments in a workshop with 2 bachelors and 1 Masters degree in Engineering…..LMAOoooo. People who have ever ordinary Trade Test certificate own their own companies, bid for and handled projects across international borders. Your own 2 bachelors and 1 Masters degree can only earn you a slave job under your white masters who have traumatized you for years as an instruments repairer….LMAOooo

      No wonder you life stories are replete with failures, from childhood to adulthood….LMAOoooo…which you come to mask with fictitious stories and more lies to seek validation….LMAOooo. I juggled ball 1000 times as a 7 year old…..LMAOoooo. Go an lie to your kindred in you village….LMAOoooo

      At least WE NEVER FIALED with my moon god….LMAOooo

      Your own local tin-gods are not even 24 hours on the seat yet, but you have resigned to fate….LMAOOooo……”Let us fail with our own”…….LMAOoooooo

      According to dennis, Party never start you don carry chair….LMAOooo

    • Jimmy you are a fool, how many African coaches can be on the same level with pep, Thomas, Zidane.tell me which Africa coache. And your first statement yesterday was let us fail with our Own meaning you’ve lost faith already and you coming here to start gushing out rubbish from your dirty mouth.

  • @Dennis and Oakfield then so be it, I am not over thrilled with the appointment of Eguavoen but it is like everything in Nigeria we keep recycling and going backward if Musa is still our captain why does it surprise you that Eguavoen is recalled if a known Bribe taker can be reinstated by NFF then why does this suprise you if ONE MAN PINNICK CAN CALL FOR IGHALO RECALL WHY DOES THIS SUPRISE YOU IF NON OF YOU SAW THE INJUSTIUCE IN A FINISHED MUSA BEING CAPTAIN AND GETTING TO BE THE MOST CELEBRATED CAPTAIN APPLAUDED BY SOME FANS WHY MUST THIS SUPRISE YOU. When i stated here 3 months back I foresaw NFF shooting Nigeria in the foot prior to 2022 you all though i was joking. I also stated that we will see some amusing selections like i.e Onazi making this squad now you all thought i was joking. the fact remains ROhr was compromised and had to go I never foresaw Eguavoen but if this is what it takes for Nigerian citizens to speak up then so be it. but the only thing is in Nigeria opinions are always divided. The normal man on the street feels that NPFL players deserve more spots in the team that is just to show you. part of NFF confusion comes from us fans. Thank you.

    • Naija the Bane of Naija’s Existence is what is boiled down too every body has his part to play, Rohr would have compromised us with his team selection that one is a definite. Eguavoen may or may not but also has better in game tactics than Rohr. at this point the horse we know may have learnt his lesson, is better than a blind Shepperd continuously whipping a dead horse. Let us not forget since his last stint he has gone through some severe disciplinary actions so he knows not to thread icy waters give the man a chance. Rohr would have brought heartbreak and bullshit come AFCON, he had stopped doing his job it was evident against Cape Verder.

  • Sunnyb 8 months ago

    Ay, you’ve spoken well my brother, I’m not Rohr’s fan but I will not mock his supporters, for Rohr or against Rohr we all want Nigeria to succeed, but appointing Eguavoen is clearly nepotism, tribalism taken too far by Pinnick

    • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

      Appointing Eguavoen is not nepotism. Eguavoen is the most astutely tactical coach that has ever happened to Nigeria. He will whitewash Quiroz and Sallah’s Egypt. And he will cruse to the cup. Mark my words.. .. We will play with vigor gusto and panache under Eguavoen’s tactical astuteness. We will be more entertaining and our pattern of play will be impeccable under the technical expertise of Cerezo my main man.

      • And I say: “amen to that!”

      • Ayphilly, I think Eguavoen holds the only record as the coach to give Nigeria maximum 9 points in the group stages of the Africa Cup of Nations since 1980 at least.

        The brand of football played by the Super Eagles was also expansive and expressive under Eguavoen. Let’s hope he can replicate these speedily.

        • The brand of football is expensive and expansive”. Don’t worry u will come back with your English and your directioneless analysis mtchhhewwww

          • You are a fool Tayo. You offer nothing meaningful on this platform rather than continually displaying your stupidity through your rudeness, idiot jati jati, ajeku aja.

            You know I have your time as I couldn’t give a fuck what you think about my entries. Idiot. You don’t like me, I don’t like you either, why not just stay off my contributions?

          • If I get 1 naira for everytime I point out a mistake from your nonsensical contributions, I will be a billionaire by now oloshi oloribuku omoale ashiere. You think I give a fuck about what a tramp like you think of me? Lowlife bastard.

          • Oloribuku oloshi, let me spot any mistakes from your stupid entries from now on, Bastard.

          • Oakfield 8 months ago

            Deo/!!! Na u dy type this this? I no know you like this o. Maybe na the usual imposter galevanting everywhere. It can’t be you…. Honestly

          • Oakfield, that boy pissed me off. I have the idiot’s time all day. It is not his first time and I will come down on the bastard Tayo like a ton of bricks. He is such an idiot

  • ABDULRAZAK 8 months ago

    Hehehehehehe. Hmmm! Aigbogun Thought the man has gone into selling car spare parts! The only thing missing in the team sha o,is an Imam and Pastor(the can add babalawo to satisfy the traditionalists). Hehehehehehe

  • Sunnyb 8 months ago

    You talking about the same calamity ogunefon, I’m sure you guys just been sarcastic, Eguavoen and Aigbogun will bring back nepotism, tribalism and pay to play system back to Eagles. Anyway let’s be hopeful,Ogunmosquito might end up as the messiah the fans has been waiting for

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahahaha…we all know what the list of invitees for the homebased eagles for the Mexico friendly looked like……LMAOOooo….the first assignment those 2 men undertook…..LMAOOoo. Only to be hearing later that the players were recommended by friends, cronies and agents….LMAOoooo.

      After spending more than 10 days preparing the team, we all saw the disgrace that came afterwards….LMAOoo….not that we expected them to defeat mexico, but that many of them didnt even know where to position themselves on a football field after 10 days tutelage under these combo was an eyesore, a nightmare some of us have failed to recover from….LMAOOooo.

  • Ajasco 8 months ago

    It’s a pity. Whom the god’s want to kill they first made mad. If Rorh was the coach and he fumble at the afcon, he will be sack and pinic and co will be spared. As it is now mark my word, if Eagles fail at afcon, pinic and co have no where to hide. It will be used against them, FIFA or no FIFA nff is in for a problematic season, you will be surprise how pinic will be removed and sanctions from fifa will come briefly. I said so.