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Okoye Makes Eredivisie Team Of The Month For March

Okoye Makes Eredivisie Team Of The Month For March

Super Eagles goalkeeper Maduka Okoye has been named in the Eredivisie Team of the Month for March after impressing in the colours of relegation threatened Sparta Rotterdam.

The Team of the Month was published on the Eredivisie’s verified Twitter handle.

Mega Millions Naija

Okoye was in superb form last month as he helped Sparta Rotterdam avoid defeat in the two games played.

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Aside helping his club avoid defeat, he also did not concede any goal as they sealed a 1-0 win against Go Ahead Eagles and held NEC to a goalless draw away.

Prior to the two games, he also kept a clean in the fixture at Vitesse in early March, which was abandoned in stoppage time due to fans troubles where he had to confront a pitch invader.

It would be recalled he also saved a penalty against Vitesse to keep his team in the game.

Okoye missed the Super Eagles 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs against Ghana due to illness and was replaced by Francis Uzoho.

By James Agberebi

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  • MONKEY POST 10 months ago

    This GENERAL ROAR SOLDIER keep doing the COUNTRY PROUD everytime…

    LESSON: In life always leave something good to be remembered for.

    But what good can we remember about “THEIR OWN”???

    A R16 CRASH?



    • MONKEY POST 10 months ago


    • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

      @MonkeyPost You are a mad person. These Awoniyi,Okoye that CS and your kinds has started hyping is the problem of Nigeria football. I can beat my chest that Nigeria will be doomed again if all this nonsense doesn’t stop. If one player scores or makes team of the week we rush here and type nonsense yet this players when on national duty in turns cost us vital matches. If we don’t get the right reformation then we’re going back to square one!

      • MONKEY POST 10 months ago

        Stop talking trash…

        Can’t you see it was EVIDENT that these young boys with potentials needed some one to direct and guide them…

        But obviously YOUR OWN couldn’t provide…

      • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

        Monkey I will not come down to your mindset, I know what I know you can continue with your Doom terrain alongside the evil Ghana made shenanigans who are bent on trying to destroy Nigeria just so they’ll find solace in their small selves.

  • Empire 10 months ago

    @ MONKEY POST, No way a Ghanaian can be this obsessed with Nigeria soccer team, if he is a Nigerian… MONKEY POST is a confirmed Nigerian who is still angry how Rhor was treated…Honestly we paid the price of our oversight and mistreatment to Rhor…

  • Empire 10 months ago

    @ MONKEY POST, There is no way a Ghanaian can be this obsessed with Nigeria soccer team, if he is not a Nigerian… MONKEY POST is a confirmed Nigerian who is still angry like some of us on how Rhor was treated…Honestly we paid the price of our oversights and mistreatment to Rhor…

    • MONKEY POST 10 months ago


      My brother anybody that is still thinking that am a GHANIAN is as DUMB as “THEIR OWN”

      AM a full blooded NIGERIAN (Not even half breed)

      FATHER from the NORTH

      MOTHER from the EAST

  • Dr Banks 10 months ago

    @Monkey Post my friend, I don’t who could doubt your Nigerian origin. Your passion for Nigerian Super Eagles has been so evident ever since the injustice to Rohr and you had been rightly vindicated.

    Keep sticking to the truth my brother, much love!!!

  • Dr Banks 10 months ago

    *I don’t know…..*

  • Ako AMADI 10 months ago

    Maduka Okoye was not ill. Period! He was politely dropped by Eguavoen, Pinnick and tge Minister fir Sports, and asked to find an excuse for not showing up against Ghana. Unfortunately, his replacement made the same error. These are some lessons to be learnt in life Never condemn people in a hurry.

  • Ako AMADI 10 months ago

    Maduka Okoye was not ill. Period! He was politely dropped by Eguavoen, Pinnick and the Minister for Sports, and asked to find an excuse for not showing up against Ghana. Unfortunately, his replacement made the same error. These are some lessons to be learnt in life Never condemn people in a hurry.

  • Greenturf 10 months ago

    When we needed you most you fell ill mysteriously,like our no qualification is bound to happen.
    Our two best midfielders was unavailable a department we are short,evidently,we missed Ndidi and Iwobi both are the backbone of the super eagles.
    The way things are going with Nigerian football you could tell it’s Karma fighting against the sack of a just man.
    I cried when Rohr was sacked I was screaming no!no! don’t do it!when news was going round on the plans of Dare and Pinnick,I saw disaster looming but the sports minister was so bent on doing it nothing is stopping him at that point.
    Rohr is a good man who not only love his job,he loves Nigeria and knows how to get the results he needed by giving his players instructions to follow every player has a detailed role to play that’s why most times our games weren’t interesting but was grinding out results whether draw or a win to achieve set goals.He made qualifications so easy fans and the sports minister were deceived anyone could do same or better with more flamboyance,but they were wrong.
    The sports minister has broken the heart of millions of Nigerians it’s just too painful we are not going to Qatar,just one individual pressed this button a wicked and careless racist action.
    The news of Nigeria’s non qualification is a big news I couldn’t believe the massive number of my Caucasian mates who knew about it and was disappointed over our world cup non qualification.I was shocked how popular super eagles is around the world it’s a global brand.A team like the super eagles should be coached by a coach up there no just anyone.Using sentiment to appoint anyone believing all it requires to win is having superior players is wrong,you equally need a quality coach to manage the players.
    Its very difficult to read sports news this days because all the pages are littered with Ghana’s victory over the super eagles.
    I know I’m not alone in this pain caused by Sunday Dare.
    I doubt Pinnick wanted this to happen.The decision was made from the top so Pinnick has no choice than to support them since he needs their support for funding the more reason the Nff should have its own fundings otherwise we would suffer more of this kind of bizarre decision by the federal government in the future.
    InDare proposed this initiative to Buhari and he got the support of the president who likes it local so getting the president’s support on that ground was easy.The likes of Odegbami,Amokachi who is adviser to the government on football matters got the back of the sports minister you could read their displeasure of Rohr’s work on the pages of newspapers,Dare was deceived by this people who are agents looking for ways to replace hard to bribe Rohr with a local man who will pave the way for them to accomplish their destructive plans.
    Nigeria is a country divided with few good and numerous evil people that’s why you can’t have a smooth and lengthy run of success.
    I shall focus on our female teams who are at another level at the moment.The Nff and sports ministry should do us a favour,they should apologize to Rohr,they should ring him and tender their apologies,we need his forgiveness.That man suffered went through rough paths spent his wages to pay assistants.Was made to sing a wicked contract but his passion for Nigeria kept him on,met all targets even in a very difficult conditions yet he was relieved of his job by a few evil people.
    The tears of a just man is very powerful spiritually.
    This will teach everyone of us a lesson to live right respect and love people regardless their skin colour,after all we are God’s children and one in God.
    God is not slow in reacting when you oppress and bully one of his own,he would come hard on you.Yes!Nigeria is an example.
    Colour is nothing my woman is white English and I’m black African,we are so happy together.
    I hope our next coach is a foreign tactician because I do not see a local coach doing anything better than Eguavoen.
    We need someone to start to rebuild just like Rohr did when he came into the scene in 2014.
    May God bless our leaders and give them the wisdom to make good decisions.
    God bless Nigeria God bless the super eagles.

    • Greenturf 10 months ago

      Oops!Rohr rather came to the scene in 2016.And sign a contract!

  • At monkey post I never doubted ur naija origin or passion 4 SE,but we can’t keep crying over a spilled milk but as it stands we de fans will ask ourselves which way forward, honesty NFF messed up big time by sacking GR,if GR was in charge we would have qualified at kumasi n Abuja game would ve been a mere spectators game,but this has thought picnic a bitter lesson if not for anything d 12millusd he missed at least on how im be atall atall free 500mill for d cool for him account after d tournament but is a pity he missed it in a nutshell this has thought him that in football pitch magomago no de work play ur politics on d admin department but wen it comes to coaches n players stuff merit comes first,I used to wonder y GR will field some certain players over others despite their club form but after watching d nation’s cup and world cup play off I now understand GR philosophy better indeed what an elder sees while sitting down a child can not see even if d child climbs an iroko tree,he one’s told us that we don’t have d players to win world cup we all called for his head because the average Nigeria hates to hear d truth,tell me guys can we boast that in d current SE we have defenders likened to uche okechukwu or chidi nwanu, midfielders like mutiu,okocha,oliseh, strikers,kanu,ikpeba, Amuneke etc,even since Mikel retired we ve not gotten a unique midfielder like him,GR God bless u and also bless Nigeria rescue us from picnic who will sit at the comfort of his room n announce SE coach n players selected for a particular game

  • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

    Nigeria development under GR was only about Qualifications, the general play doesn’t make you proud. A football lover knows what I’m talking about. In the quest to achieve a dream team and coach we must surely fail and that is what we are experiencing, else we will be qualifying and make no impact. Senegal wasn’t spectacular years ago, their development was gradual and you could see that it’s been consistent afterwards, having passionate players like Fadiga,Diop, Henri Camara Etc kick-started this golden generation. I know that with the talents in Nigeria and a good organization plus a sound coach Nigeria can win a world cup in the future. So let’s stop crying over Rohr or whatever we thought we didn’t do right to remain average.

    It is also pathetic that monkey has all of a sudden started making sense to non directional fellows. I won’t blame these kinds coz only a few with a particular mindset will understand my views. Much respect to Destar and a few in this regards.

    Those of you crying over world cup exit that refuses to see the positives can continue justifying your junkie mindsets.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahaha….I hope you are now proud of the SE general play now that Rohr has been sacked…..LMAOoo. I also hope the general play has won you AFCON 2022 and qualified you for Qatar 2022 also…..LMAOooo.

      I wonder where and what sort of impacts you want to make with a team that doesnt qualify for competitions…..LMAOooo

      Of course only the few of you in your Liars/Failure United with the same mindsets can understand yourselves…..LMAOoo

      Please what positives have you seen in not making the q/finals of AFCON and not making the world cup with the same bunch of talents that achieved all these in flying colours before….LMAOoo

      Next time when your child fails and repeats the same class twice despite providing him ALL THE SUPPORT he needs…..choose to rather see positives in his beautiful hand writing…….LMAOOooo

      Please renew the contract of your failed coaches so that you can continue seeing positives while we fail to qualify for AFCON back to back again….LMAOoo

      In the last decade we prosecuted 9 qualification campaigns….6 of those where under local coaches (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2022) and guess what, we failed at ordinary qualification 4 times (2012, 2015, 2017, 2022)….ALL UNDER LOCAL CONTENT COACHES….and you are talking about making impact……LMAOOoo.

      Nigeria development under Rohr was only about qualification….LMAOOoo….Please go and make impact in tournaments you didnt qualify for and let us see…..LMAOOoo.

      Carry your national team and give to your incompetent, unqualified guadiolas again ehn…Inugo…???

      Sorry bunch of failures….LMAOoo

      • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

        It will do you good to notice that I don’t recognize what the name drey types on this forum, stop forcing your trash self on me. You know your colleagues Monkey. So kindly help yourself to avoid who doesn’t want you,and you can type what defines your generations as usual, since only those who knows how contentiousness stinks who’ll understand why I don’t go back and forth with you and your mediocres.

        I don’t have energy to force Junkies to buy a philosophy that their naive minds will never come close understanding. Alot of you needs to listen to David Goggins in other to develop an excellent mindset and stop coming here to get nonsense from Monkey and drey. For real alot of you need to have an excellent minds, instead listening to trash talkers, before you say anything they’ll give a false biography about you and continue deceiving themselves in their backwards mentality. Real Facts here!

        • Dr. Drey 10 months ago


          You dont recognize what drey types yet you are reply to his comment. Iberibe

          Between you and I who is a monkey now…??

          Who cares if you jump in front of a moving truck on the highway…..you useless lifetime failure.

          Of what use are you to humanity…LMAOOoo

          Your useless philosophy is what has brought us to this point and I hope the pain of 200 million Nigerians be visited upon you till your 4th generation.

          Indeed you have an excellent mind…LMAOoo…That is why you are seeing positives in not making even qfinals of ordinary AFCON cup and crashing out of the WC to the worst Ghanaian team in 50 years….LMAOOooo.

          I am sure when your olodo children fail….all you see are the positives in their good handwritings……LMAOooo

          What an excellent idiot…!

        • DANURCHMAN 10 months ago

          Chima Samuel, honestly, your comments and responses sound very stupid and “mumulistic”, to say the least.

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    Hahahahaha…Eredivisie don pour acid for the intestines of some racists here o……LMAOooo

    In 3 months time they will come and argue that Okoye was never the best goalkeeper in the Netherlands for the month of March…..LMAOooo. They will first claim it was Onana, then latter copy video game website links and switch to Pasveer and then later claim it is Stekelenburg that won a phantom online poll……LMAOoooo.

    Incase they missed it:

    “….Super Eagles goalkeeper Maduka Okoye has been named in the Eredivisie Team of the Month for March……”

    Please when will their Isreali messiahs and rest of the messaihs who will become Enyeama under 15 international caps make it into the team of the month and team of the season in their various leagues….LMAOoo

    I bet it was Rohr who has awarded him a place in the team of the month now….LMAOoo. Oh..I forgot…..Okoye is half-german, he must have made the team of the month because of that….LMAOOo

    There is no way in hell Okoye can be a National team material…..LMAOooo

    Uzoho is our No1, Uzoho is our no 1…..Shebi shot wey dey swerve come bounce again dey easy to catch…..Go and ask the same Uzoho how far now….LMAOoooo.

    Even the legendary Enyeama fumbled a swerving shot at the world cup for Greece to eliminate us from South Africa 2010.

    We have to choose between going round in circles for another 6 years with another set of 6 goalkeepers or give this boy 1 year to grow into his new role as SE no 1…and stop putting him under undue pressure.

    Vincent Enyeama wasnt the best GK we had when he just started out, The likes of Chijoke Ejiogu (Arugo Monkey) and Late Sam Okoye were miles ahead of him. Even the likes of Sunday Makama and John Akabuike were far more consistent than him in the Nigerian league. But the then young boy was given all the time, space and encouragement he needed to grown into his role and latter became an all-time great because some wise men then saw potentials in him.

    At least if we are not sure of anything else, we are sure that Okoye is a REAL 22 YEAR OLD. And at 22, he has already made teams of the month/season in the highly rated dutch league and currently is Nigeria’s ALL TIME most expensive goalkeeper.

    • Akanlo Ede 10 months ago

      Wat is this rubish. Is it big dil to be Goalkeeper of the mont? You don’t no anitin about futball. Okoye that chops 4 goals regularly. Your propagada will not work . You are a futball agent. You wil not force basket Okoye on us. You are a useless person.

      • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

        Hahahaha…I agree, I dont know anything about football. At least we are all seeing where you and your group’s knowledge of football has led us…..LMAOOooo

        It is indeed not a big deal to be Gk of the month. Tell your other messaihs too to go and win Gk of the month since it is very easy to become one……LMAOOooo.

        Okoye chops 4 goals regularly….LMAOOo…So your goalkeeping messiahs have not chopped 4 goals too…?? The last time I checked Thibaut Courtois chopped 4 goals only 2 weeks ago…..LMAOOo. Even De Gea has chopped 4 goals more times than Okoye this season. I guess that has made them all bad goalkeepers….LMAOoo

        Mr ‘cluefull’ person….LMAOooo

        • Stephen 10 months ago

          Dr. Drey why are you creating panic within humble readers? Are you feeding anyone here? What is your problem? Let people be, a moderator will get you out of here very soon.

          • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

            The evil man runs when no one pursue.

            Those who are panicking know its the evil in them that is causing their panic.

            CSN moderators will eject “humble readers” like the one who wrote “You are a useless person” up there first, before they even contemplate banning Dr.Drey

  • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

    The last world cup we attended did we make it out of the group? Shallow minds will remain where they belong I can’t waste my time bringing into fruition something that will not be understood even when it starts working.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Idiot…did we even qualify this time around……LMAOooo. With your gutter mind that is deeply rooted in the sewer lines of Accra.

      I guess not qualifying this time around is progress….LMAOoo.

      From winning a medal in 2019 we got booted out by a depleted team led their assistant coach who has no profile. From crashing out of the last world up in the last few minutes we wouldnt even be at this one……I guess that is the excellence an idiot like you has been mouthing on this forum since last year wehn you started spending you life on listening to audio tapes of motivational speakers….LMAOOooo

      Have your own ideas started yielding fruits in your miserable life first before others will listen to you…..???


      • Stephen 10 months ago

        I’m afraid to state the Doctors on this website has serious problems. In common you are all causing commotion and drey is the worst of all. Why are you forcing a conversation on a thread that has warned you to keep away? Do you know that is a breach of users guideline? A website with proper moderator will throw you out long ago for your careless use of words. See a Neuroscientist to help you deal with Bipolar symptoms. Complete Sports use the ban option on this animals causing disturbances for readers. Nigeria football is in a state of emergency we can not also be dealing with nuisance instead of thinking the way forward.

        • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

          Hehehehehe…Senior advocate of imbeciles, please dont wait for CSN to ban Dr.Drey…..sue him to court and have him jailed for breach of user guidelines…..LMAOoo

          Cry babies.

          Where were you when your frustrated poverty stricken client prayed death on me on 2 different occasions on this forum.

          It is when Dr.Drey has fed them back with a pill of their own medicines they start crying like a toddler who has just been robbed of his popcorn….LMAOoo

          If CSN were doing their work properly, imbeciles like you and your client wouldnt even be here in the 1st place.

    • DANURCHMAN 10 months ago

      I have said it before. Chima Samuel, I don’t know how old you are, but think and talk like a 7-year old boy. You reason and talk like a fool. Hava, don’t you think before you think?

      • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

        Hahahaha!! The guy is a born Mumu. Very delusional confused Agbero in Kumasi. Lmao!! I’m sure his Ghanaian neighbors are rubbing shit on his miserable face on a daily basis by now. Bunch of miserable people. They’re happy now celebrating a AFCON round of 16 exit and a WorldCup ticket failure. Awọn Ọlọtẹ.

  • DeSTAR 10 months ago

    @Chima E Samuels; In as much as I do like your brilliant analysis and also appreciate your concern on irrational comments of @Monkey Post , nevertheless reading you for the first time stooping low to calling him Mad is what I will not encourage ( please never make such mistake again)

    This platform is supposed meant for the matured and well exposed guys , but unfortunately @ Dr Drey in particular is not helping matter with his over bloated ego , acting Mr Know it all ,plus derogatory languages used on anyone that couldn’t reason along with his way of thinking

    He discouraged many of those that cannot afford their fathers/ parents being insulted by @Dr Drey to stay clear from commenting here or saying the truth.

    This result is what we are seeing today ; the hopelessness of Nigerian football is the manifestation of the over half decade of directionless journey of Oga Rohr; Eguafon is only made a scapegoat; Rohr was never better than Eguafon , as I have said it in the past Eguafon is an upgraded local version of Rohr.

    Eguafon took over a team in crisis , a team of average and undependable goalkeepers; a team that struggled to play 1-1 draw with lowly team as Cape Verde at home , a team whose team conceded 4 goals to draw a game at home ( not against a top seeded like Algeria, Egypt, Ghana , but Sierra Leone that has never qualified for Afcon semifinals, let alone WC).

    As bad as Eguafon is, he is far better than Oga Rohr going by the records of games played by Rohr in his twinkling days with SE ; the records are there Eguafon only lost one game out of 6 games , won 3 out of which one the three teams beaten by Eguafon (Egypt is not only top team that Afcon champion Senegal sweat before it could overcome Egypt) Eguafon did not lose to Ghana , he played draw , was only edged out with unfortunate away goal rule ( if Eguafon’s draw is a loos ; then Oga Rohr’s team that drew 4-4 at home with the lowly Sierra Leone was a loos ; why would any right thinking rated Rohr ahead of Eguafon who was not even had contract paper let alone given 20% of Rohr pay.

    If Oga Rohr cannot get another Enyama in over half decade of his waste with SE ( as Enyema put it) ; how could anyone have expected Eguafon to have another Enyema less than 3 Months? When Eguafon is not Onigbinde that discovered Enyema in 3 Months, when he is not Oliseh that discovered Cal Ikpeme in one Month)

    For our football to move forward, we must be objective, face these set of fraudsters in in the glass house , never to allow supper corrupt Amaju Pinick to come near Nigerian football for life

    • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

      Lmao!! Eguavoen is better than Rohr but can not beat a Covid ravaged Tunisia with an unknown assistant coach. Couldn’t beat an emotionally down Ghana team after their AFCON debacle in two legs to qualify for the WorldCup. We hear you sorry eh pẹlẹ. Keep salivating in your failures. Lmao!! No local coach can do better than what Eguavoen just flush in the toilet and it will be very difficult for any clueless local content to handle the SuperEagles in decades to come if we have a football board That uses their brains.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      The fact that you have just written your usual crap under an article that reads “OKOYE MAKES EREDIVISIE TEAM OF THE MONTH FOR MARCH” completely invalidates all you have written and further proves what a pathetic liar you are…..LMAOoooo

      No need to dignify you with a reply.

      Specialists in failure…..LMAOooo

      • None of you are even talking about Maduka’s achievement, the thing that makes me angry the most is when people say Uzoho is better than okoye, now even the goal uzoho conceded was worst than okoye’s but they aren’t abusing him like they did to okoye