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Osimhen Must Avoid Getting Himself Into The Wrong Books –Ikpeba

Osimhen Must Avoid Getting Himself Into The Wrong Books –Ikpeba

Former Nigeria striker, Victor Ikpeba, has advised Super Eagles striker, Victor Osimhen to always be calm and avoid getting himself into the wrong books for both club and country.

Napoli and Super Eagles star, Osimhen has recently been grabbing headlines for the wrong reasons, following disagreements with his family and training ground bust up at Napoli.


However, in a chat with Comfort 95.1 FM, Ikpeba has urged Osimhen to calm down and focus on his career.



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“Human beings are different. I remember my time as a professional footballer many years ago, I had my personality and character. I was very outspoken but had respect for senior players.

“Osimhen is still a young guy. I don’t care what people think about me. When anything is on social media, people tend to take sides. I honestly don’t have any problem with him.

“The sky is his limit but he needs to concentrate. People have to manage stardom. The Victor I saw at VfL Wolfsburg, Sporting Charleroi and OSC Lille carried himself decently. Going to Napoli might have changed his mind. He should calm down. The lad hasn’t achieved anything yet. He should try to emulate players like Mane and Salah.

“Before the boy went to Napoli, he was a decent young chap. I hope people around the boy advise him. He can’t continue to get into the wrong books as a star player of club and country.

“I honestly want Osimhen to do well, he has the attributes and talent to do so. Football can unforgiven sometimes. Look at Mario Balotelli, a lot of Nigerian footballers have had this opportunity and lost it. Osimhen is at the right place and right time.”

The ‘Prince of Monaco’ stressed further, “My advice for him is to calm down. He needs people who will tell him the truth. Players need to listen to people who are close to them. He should calm down, training ground issues can happen but they shouldn’t be constant.

“What I said after Nigeria vs Ghana game was the truth. I have played the game to the highest level, so I can’t be afraid to criticize these players. The problem with the media and fans in Nigeria is that we are afraid to criticize these players. As far as it is constructive, we shouldn’t be afraid. All that I said about Osimhen was constructive. He may not like it but that’s the truth.”


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  • Baller 101 5 days ago

    The prince of Monaco himself has spoken the words of wisdom! Those who have ears should listen!

    • Ezomo 5 days ago

      The guy has absolutely said nothing. Osimhen has not gotten into issues with any player. Coaches or management, I cant remember if hw has gotten a res card before In a match . Ikpeba was just saying that becos the guy responded to him harshly

      • Chima E Samuels 5 days ago

        Keep quiet and you think Ikpeba has said anything different from what we’ve been saying on this forum, and it’s shallow mind like your kinds that makes people think nobody can advise a player that many feels has to be grounded and stay off the wrong path. A lot of us here on this page are successful people in different areas. Lots of you thinking shit just come out to talk due to the fact that you people think someone is above correction. Take it or leave it Osimhen needs to discipline himself and go back to his humble self and stop all this nonsense fame from getting into his head that he can’t control. I stand with Victor Ikpeba on this and have nothing against the young lad that has to learn how to handle stardom.

        • Ezomo 4 days ago

          Shut that ur useless stinking and rooten mouth up OK,think before u open that ur stinking mouth to any convenient radius ND talk Shut here .
          So for the fact that most of the furumites were saying it , does that mean I should see it the way they see it. If u need to make a corrections to people can’t u sit down and watch the tensed situation if it before he tried. Knowing fully well that kind of useless criticism after the match against Ghana can turn people against the boy. U don’t think, u just see things dogmatically d follow people like zombie

          • Chima E Samuels 4 days ago

            You sound like your primitive fetish name. There’s no need to go back and forth with you. 

        • Ezomo 4 days ago

          If I sound primitive no problem about that at least primitive people are human, YOU ARE NOT DIFFERENT FROM AN ANIMAL, SOME ANIMALS ARE BETTER OF THAN U, U THIS UNCIRCUMCISED PIG

        • Ezomo 4 days ago

          In fact ur names confirmed the animalistic tendency in u

      • Chima E Samuels 5 days ago

        And go back and read the training spat and sending off from Spalleti after Victor refused counsel from a senior player(Anguisa) he use to listen to and called big brother when he first joined Napoli. Osimhen suffered tackle and was bent on going hell out refusing counsel. Nobody needs to tell you all that has been happening with this young fellow outside his football life or is it his social media nonsense or his family drama? Common it is only the new generation disrespectful youth that will see nothing wrong with this one that devil wants to mislead. Wetin we never see before? So when people caution him to watch it and get back to his senses mumu like your kinds will come and be vomiting trash.

        • Ezomo 4 days ago

          Come never in ur life tell me to keep quite OK, I have the right to my opinion and if u are not OK with it make ur point without insult OK, and if u think u have monopoly of insult I will make u my guest here stupid idiot, of what audacity do u have to tell me to keep quite, becos the furumites were saying issue in ur favors does that make it right, watch ur tongue OK, if u hv been doing It and get away with it other people, don’t bring that stupid tendency to my territory OK, arrant nonsense

        • Ezomo 4 days ago

          Make u gv ur sef brain o

          • Chima E Samuels 4 days ago

            LMAO Weirdo Here Again!

          • Ezomo 4 days ago

            When you can’t involve IN Imtellectual discourse, your defence mechanism become an insult FOOLISH FOOL

        • Ezomo 4 days ago

          WHEN YOU Cnt involve In intellectual discourse, your defence mechanism become an insult, FOOLISH FOOL

  • Lawal Francis 5 days ago

    Osimhen should look well before He leaps to stop tarnishing His Career.

  • Maazi 5 days ago

    Hello Victor Osimhen,

    Please take time to consider the advise of your seniors. Professional life is not forever.

    Please, also consider getting into therapy immediately. It will help you on and off the field. I know your club spends money on therapy sessions for you and other team mates but you need to go outside of your clubs arrangement and get you a personal therapist that you will pay out of your own pocket. Kindly accept this advise from your brother and fan. I want you to achieve to your full potential.

    I, like you teaming fans wish you the very best.

    Maazi Alphabet

  • Supatemmy 4 days ago

    Oga leave the guy alone, you’re not his father nor agents, must you always speak about Oshimen… Abeg rest

    • Baller 101 4 days ago

      Agreed, nobody here is his father but he needs some advice in order for him to make it to the top. He’s not there yet, that’s the reason why he should listen. He should take the case of Mario Baloteli as an example.

      • Ezomo 4 days ago

        What kind of advice? The advice that was base on sentiment. If he need to advice osimhen ghe. He should do it with open mind, why did he not advice him ever since, why must the so called advice came after the Match against Ghana knowing fully the situation was tensed then , he should go and sit down, he himself did worst than that in his playing days

    • Abeg Ikpeba should personally call the boy on phone. Please enough of this.

  • Roy of The Rovers 4 days ago

    Osimhen must focus on his club work so that he can be better every season. That is the way forward.

  • Greenturf 4 days ago

    I think people should leave Osimhen alone to focus on his career and should understand too to respect his privacies which I think has been invaded most recently.
    He’s a young man like most young fellas will make mistakes and learn from it.
    There are many footballers in our domestic leagues and youth teams that needs counselling too,why are we always focused on counseling successful people?This were same people we cared less about in their struggling days,wonderful!