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Osimhen Must Not Accept Bench Role In Any Club- Rohr

Osimhen Must Not Accept Bench Role In Any Club- Rohr

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says Victor Osimhen has a big opportunity to move to one of Europe’s top teams, but insists the Lille striker must be playing on a regular basis to improve his game, reports Completesports.com.

Osimhen, who scored 18 goals in his debut campaign in Ligue 1 has attracted interest from Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Clubs in Spain and Italy are also interested in the 21-year-old, who joined Lille last summer from Belgian Pro League club Sporting Charleroi for around £10m.

“Victor Osimhen will have a very big opportunity to go to the Premier League or Italy to a very big club,” Rohr said in an interview on Channels Television.

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“This is a success for him, but also for the Super Eagles.

“If we have players playing at the high-level clubs, our level in the Super Eagles will also grow.”

Rohr also states that Osimhen must be playing regularly wherever he finds himself.

“If he is not playing, it won’t be good for him as a young player because a young player has to be playing to progress,” he added.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • presh 4 years ago

    I Love Rohr’s action, accept you out, in my opinion its your NFF causing this.

  • Jones 4 years ago

    Plain truth.

  • Jones 4 years ago

    Just read on allnigeriasoccer.com that Chidebere Nwakali had trials at a club in Faroe islands. Like how did things get this bad for him.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Chai! Faroe Islands kwa. From Manchester City to a club in Faroe Islands.
      Ewo! Faroe Islands is a beautiful place to go on vacation. But for a young, promising player to go there to play football? I’m not sure I’m following the logic. Best wishes to him!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      The story of the Nwakalis is a really sad one. I heard it is their elder brother that manages them. Trust me, that guy deserves to be hanged. Chdii has played in 7 different clubs already, kelechi is playing in his 5th or 6th club…man, how are they supposed to grow changing clubs every year like some street girl changing men.

      Two young precocious talents in your hands and all of a sudden they are now almost in football’s refuse dump…??? And both of them in similar fashion….lack of discipline. Kelechi left his club Porto in March 2019 to come play against Libya and never returned to Porto till the end of the season. Arsenal canceled his contract and dashed him out on a free to Spanish 2nd division, only to be loaned to the 3rd division. Chidiebere returned to his own club in Sweden almost 1 month late after the Christmas break and was sacked immediately….both players claimed Visa problems as excuse….are you kidding me…??? What stupidity…what indiscipline..?? Samuel Kalu was almost gonna kill his Bordeaux career with the same attitude too if not for Rohr’s intervention as someone who has close ties with the club.

      I also blame fans too for the “hype” they build around our young players. 1 good friendly game against an athletico Madrid side that didn’t move beyond gear 2 and we started praising them to high heavens. Some even claimed Kelechi was better than Mikel and Chidiebere better than Iwobi. We should tone down this tendency we have to “overrate” our players and stop giving them big names like “best in africa” or “Super Stars”. Hundreds of other african players playing in Europe are as good if not better but we dont watch them or follow them because they are not Nigerians. I for one never knew a certain Pepe existed until Arsenal’s bid for him brought him to the spot light, otherwise i would have said our own Moses Simon or Sam Kalu was the best Wing forward in Africa. So we should stop creating false illusions for these SE players and getting them swollen headed and thinking they have arrived. Apart from Ndidi currently most of our class of 2013 U17s are seriously in need of rehabilitation now after wrecking their once booming careers with indiscipline because we made them feel they are now cristiano-messis.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, our players are not STARS, we dont have a star player in our team yet. Yes they have potentials but they are not STARS….lets stop over-rating these guys….we dont have STARS in our SE yet. As far as concerned if our players are not winning the league trophies in any of the top 5 leagues or getting to the latter stages of the UCL and consistently in the AFOTY top 3 and CAF team of the year……THEY ARE NOT STARS.

      Lets stop killing the careers of these boys. We are not helping them by making them think they have arrived. WE DONT HAVE STARS YET…NEITHER ARE WE THE BEST IN AFRICA YET….QED. We are not there yet, but we will be there soon….and when we get there, we wont need to boast about it…..other nations will boast on our behalf.

      • Jones 4 years ago

        I like the part where you said they have potentials but are not stars yet. I think they get lazy after we overhype them. I remember watching an interview of Kelechi Nwakali were he said he’s ready for Super eagles and he knows he can be a starter for the eagles, after that match against Libya. this was during the time he was playing for Porto’s junior team. Really sad

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        Nice one @ Drey. You know what? the trend with some of our fans, football agents n relatives of these footballers has always been, instead of patiently supporting these players to develop their skills by honestly pointing areas they need to work on, they go on to over hype such players even going as far as trying to destroy well established players just to make theirs look better. This trend is like putting the cart before the horse n then jumping on the horse to start a race. It is doing so much harm than good n must be stopped. Anyway, the elder brother managing those two potentially gifted players has just got himself to blame period.

    • The problem is bad advisers, greedy agents and impatient from these kids not wanting to develop themselves back home before joining the diaspora train.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    For him to have gone to Faroe Islands means he is considering the offer. So all this talk off “we just allowed him to go and see the place” makes no sense. So he went there for sight seeing, abi? This is just unbelievable. How a young player that many expected will be Nigeria’s next big midfielder can see his career nosedive to this point is absolutely mind boggling. What kind of nonsense is this? Perhaps it is time for the lad to ask himself some tough questions. A move to Faroe Islands at age 23 does not look good on his CV at all.

    • According to another media outlet, Nwakali has come out to refute stories linking him to any club in Faroe Island.

      The young man needs to do some soul searching introspection.

      He doesn’t have to be a Super Eagles player, he only has to get his club football career back on track after all there are ex Youth Internationals like Abdulazeez Ajagun who never had a Super Eagles career yet still went on to have a very decent club career at very decent levels. If you want to go all the way back, there are others like Christopher Ohenhen.

      Even that, young Master Nwakali is struggling to do… Good luck to him.


      • Hahaha, @Deo, he’s denying a story? Maybe he’s already been told that he’s failed his trial?
        The club itself put out a statement that he is training with them in May, he is meant to sign on the 15th of June. That suggests a trial period, things are not looking good and I point the finger at his representation (his brother All well) and at he himself

  • This hype of a thing is what is killing ENGLISH FOOTBALL…

    Who thought JESSY LINGARD, PHIL JONES will turn out to be like this…
    Hype killes potentials in many players….

    Watch the BRAZILIANS, they hardly hype their players… Even the GERMANS, these countries hardly hype their rising stars….

    Imagine if a player like MARTINELLI of ARSENAL was a NIGERIAN or an ENGLISH…. And he scored that spectacular goal against CHELSEA….
    By now every news headlines would be like….
    “super eagles dynamic goal king, MARTINELLI is WANTED by BARCELONA”…… “SUPER EAGLES SPRINT STAR and NET BUSTER MARTINELLI is being chased by MADRID “…. They will bring up words just to package and make the lad’s head to swell and b4 u know the young man will just fizzle out like vapor…..

    I pray their plot against osimhen and chukwueze doesn’t work….
    They just want to hype this young lads and make them forget what they are out they for….

    • Ugwudede 4 years ago

      My sorry to differ greatly with your view. There is nothing like over hyping. Osimehen is just too good along with Chukwueze of which if they are Brazilians there is no way their market value will be anything less than €150m and your likes will not see that as hyping. Can you compare Osimehen with with this young Brazilian in Madrid that the brought to replace Ronaldo. He doesn’t come near Osimehen. Tell me how much Real Maldrid outsmarted Barca to buy him from Santos in Brazil. Someone who has not proving himself in any European club. I remember when Oscar came up the news was everywhere Behold the new and improved Kaka. Yet you said Brazil do not hype their players. For your information after England comes Brazil in over hyping their average players. What is happening to Neyma Junior everyone would have taught that by now he would have won world player of the yeae twice after all the hype and he moved to PSG where the young Mbape silenced him. Pls bros this golden boys of Nigeria deserved all the hype they are getting and that is why in the past our players are not getting nomination for player recognitions and votes from coaches of the world because instead of hyping our playees like other contries are doing we are busy castigating them and emphasising on their mistakes. Like some of you have vowed not to forgive Yakubu as if other world stars have not missed worse chances than he missed at the world cup. Look at the last kick Abumayang missed against Olympiacos that knocked them out of Europa cup. Just one reference to how we criticize our playees

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    The thing about hype (praise in the sense of it) like everything else,totally depends on how it is handled by the player.
    Hype could be a stimulant for motivation and inspiration to do more and work harder.
    OR It could be a disaster via laziness ,loss of focus and false ego.
    The key is how you handle hype( praise).
    That falls down to the personal mental fortitude and character of the supposed player been hyped.

    Some players get hyped, get motivated ,take it in as inspiration, work harder and keep focus.C.Ronaldo ,Messi ,Aguero,Rooney, Ronaldo da Lima,Ronaldinho,Kanu, Pele,Maradona, Beckham, Charlton,Eto’O,etc.) All hyped at their tender ages when their careers were just starting. All went on to be successful one way or the other. Because they remained focused.

    Then you got those that are lost to this hype and praise, get egoistic, pride overwhelm them,get lazy and start making wrong decisions,they lose focus.(Freddie Adu,Baljic,Kleberson, Robinho, Esin, Mendietta, Adailton,Ibrahim ba, Cristanval, Macheda etc.).all comes to mind.

    The fans/media would forever praise and hype their own,especially one that exhibits great talent. It is perfectly normal. Every clubside fans and nation always hype theirs; for you not to be conversant about it ,doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
    The Germans right now are hyping Bruno Fuchs,Kai Havetz,Werner,Koch etc.
    The Brazilians are hyping Gabriel Veron, Pedrinho,Reinier Jesus etc.
    Ghanaians right now are praising Partey,Salisu,Nana Ampomah etc..

    These are just few countries I can vividly tell you of based on the fact I am very conversant about them and many more.

    The truth is why sometimes players could be overrated and over hype by their fans, it is really up to the players to prove to the world what they really are about. Football is an open game,it is all in the show,people would surely talk, either hate ,praise or over the top hype;what to do with and how they handle it, it is up to the player.

    Football ,like every other show biz out there ,is an unforgiving atmosphere; it recognizes a light even in the darkest of galaxy. It would dim all eyes on that light, till it fades away or it shines brighter.

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