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Osimhen: Peseiro Is Right Coach For Super Eagles

Osimhen: Peseiro Is Right Coach For Super Eagles

Napoli forward, Victor Osimhen has said Jose Peseiro is the right man to lead the Super Eagles to the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in Cote d’Ivoire.

Peseiro’s future is up in the air following the expiration of his contract.

The Portuguese contract with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) ran out at the end of last month.

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President of the NFF, Shehu Gusau recently stated in an interview that the football house will seek the view of the public before deciding the fate of the former Saudi Arabia and Venezuela coach.

“The coach (Peseiro) is tactically sound and he is in control of the Super Eagles squad, which is very, very important,” Osimhen told Wazobia FM Radio Lagos.

“He knows what he wants.”

The Super Eagles have already qualified for 2023 AFCON finals with a game to spare.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Sorry Osimhen, I disagree with you. 

  • There is no problem. So that it won’t be that Nigeria sack him after qualifying the team for nations cup, I wish NFF retain him and let him take the eagles to Nations cup next year and see if he is going to win it. I can bet it that he is going to be like Rohr that coached Super Eagles for six solid year with no trophy.

    • @Godsate: I will add to say he can also win it for Nigeria. It depends on the corporation from NFF, Supporters, the coach ability to select good players for each game, and ability to read games and appropriately substitute players necessary to change the trend of the game when required. It also demand our prayers. However, I will like the NFF to give him chance to complete his task of claiming the Nation Cup before deciding his faith as coach of Super Eagles to avoid the disaster of the same mistake we made during the 2022 World Cup and the Nation Cup. This is my own opinion. Once beaten, twice shy. The NFF must avoid completely what the Super Falcon Coach said of imposition of players on coaches to get estacodes. If all these conditions are fulfilled, with the help of God Almighty we can win the cup. However, the coach must select the right players who are playing regularly in their clubs and should avoid selecting players on sentiments.

  • _Peseiro Right Man For The Job_

    In 2011, the Super Eagles failed to qualify for the following year’s Africa Cup of Nations tournament in a group that had Ethiopia and Madagascar. In fact Nigeria’s flag would fail to flutter the 2015 and 2017 Afcons following failed qualification campaigns lin groups having Congo and Tanzania.

    So, for securing the ticket for next year’s continental showpiece in Ivory Coast with a game of spare (a trend that former gaffer Gernot Rohr championed) , I personally think Peseiro has just about done enough to retain his job as Super Eagles Shepherd .

    We Super Eagles fans can be quite inscrutable and rather ungrateful at times.

    In Gernot Rohr, we had a coach who was candid and moderate in his expectations. But fans slammed him saying he had low esteem, he diminished the capabilities of our players and he was a defeatist. He said things that fans didn’t want to hear.

    Cometh Jose Peseiro who says things that fans (would) want to hear. He believes Nigeria will win the Afcon and he sets his “world class group of players up”!! to go toe-to-toe with opponents. But guess what, fans don’t like him. He is accused of being boastful, tactically bereft and someone that cannot put positive results where his mouth is.


    The truth is, under the horrific working conditions that the NFF formentls, even Sir Alex Ferguson will struggle to churn out impressive performances if he were Nigeria Coach.

    Peseiro is a politician. He has done everything that the NFF ask of him: to travel the length and breadth of Nigeria to watch NPFL games in dubious venues; to incorporate homebased players in his squads; to limit the number of foreign based players in his teams; to motivate a set of players who are owed a backlog of bonuses; to play high profile matches in substandard home pitches ; to spend many months based in Nigeria; and to work for months on end without being paid.

    Yet the Super Eagles have not been humiliated under the Portuguese Gaffer bar the unfortunate 4:0 friendly loss Portugal last year. Other results have largely being consistent of the Super Eagles performances under previous coaches with slim losses.

    In a recent article, Superstar striker Victor Osimhen waxed lyricals about Peseiro’s coaching credentials.

    “The coach (Peseiro) is tactically sound and he is in control of the Super Eagles squad, which is very, very important,” Osimhen told Wazobia FM Radio Lagos.

    Other Super Eagles players have been united in their support for the retention of the Portuguese tactician.

    For me, Peseiro qualified Nigeria for the Afcon in an atmosphere of debilitating distractions. Yet he achieved his objectives with flying colours. I think he believes he can perform even better in a tournament situation where those sort of distractions will be behind him.

    I am solidly behind clamour of a minute group of fans to hand Peseiro a fresh mandate. If you ask me, I think he is delusional in claiming that Nigeria can win next year’s Afcon. Nothing on ground suggests that that will happen.

    But I think his style of play will really crystalize next year and I also think that a tournament environment without certain distractions can bring out the best in him.

    Nigeria can go far in the Afcon under this man, but he just wants to tell us what we want to hear by continually banging the drum of lifting the trophy. I am not convinced we will reach that particular summit.

    But I am convinced that tossing him overboard with less than 1 year for any new coach to raise a team is a potential recipe for disaster as was the case with Eguavoen.

    For goodness sake, let this man finish what he started!

  • Osimhen is a professional Sports Man and I wouldn’t expect him to say anything less than that.

    • However, Pesiero needs to know that if he is to do well in Ivory Coast he needs to select only the best of the best.

  • Nigeria We hail thee 11 months ago

    I second Osimhen assertion. Peseiro might not best the best, but this isn’t time to change coaches even after after qualifying the team. Our local coaches have nothing offer, they should prove themselves by winning Africa league championship first, if not it is 10 steps backward

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 11 months ago

    The problem is not the coach . The problem is not nff . The problem is the salary……
    70000 dollar x 800 © 56,000,000naira per month
    That is y nff mouth closed.
    Maybe we can task the players to drop 1% of their salary every month to pay this small salary. For a start,
    And subsequently any. Professional players earning big money in Europe and Asia shud pay some dime into an account with nff as agreed by the stakeholders wealth football funding.
    Nff need help now .

    • It’s mind boggling, isn’t it? A whooping $70K or N56m monthly when even Rohr was earning $45K. Does any Nigerian official take home that much?

      $70K with several embarrassing losses. What exactly is he coaching? EFCC needs to seriously invite Pinnick. Maybe he’s getting a monthly percentage cost. Venezuelans, after all, are as corrupt as Nigerians.

      • *Pinnick getting a monthly % cut from the $70K monthly.

        • Sportradio88.0 fm 11 months ago

          Rohr is half of wat he he earned with super eagles in Benin that means he is on around $23k. …
          Because again he said he is not in Benin for money.

    • thank you! peakmilk don empty treasury nff no get big money to pay the coach,oshinmen, and co can donate to pay proper coach but not presiro

  • pompei 11 months ago

    So paying a coach 70k a month has become a national emergency for Nigeria? Ok now.
    Why did NFF enter into a contract to pay that amount in the first place? And this NFF allergy to spending money, when are we going to see the end of it? It’s ridiculous how NFF have such high expectations, but don’t want to invest in our success.
    If a man gives his wife 500 naira to go to the market to buy soup ingredients, anything wey the woman cook, the man go manage am like that. That’s what his money could buy. That is how it will be for us too. Since NFF is not ready to spend money to get quality, anything wey we see, we go dey manage am like that.

    • pompei 11 months ago

      Who knows, we may be fortunate with Peseiro as we were with Gernot Rohr.
      That’s kuku what NFF like. That’s their business model. Tiny investment, gigantic reward. Small salary for coach, if they are paying him at all, and the expected return is that the coach should win Afcon and world cup.
      Let’s hope for the best!

    • Hahaha ha…. This our NFF, go expect the wife, to come out with soup loaded; whether gbegiri, ofe wiro wiro, afang, alasipo, owoeri, all loaded with assorted meat; goat meat,bush meat, bush fish, smoked fish aka shine nose lolz, abodi, pomo aka show boy lolzzz, ishaki, egilee, all the wiriwiri lol. Even then they will make a fight with madam for spending all #500. UNTIL WE HAVE A SCENARIO WHERE WHO EVER IS COACH HAS DIRECT PROTECTION FROM THE PRESIDENT, IT’S SAFE TO JUST LOWER EXPECTATIONS WITH RESOLVE NEVER TO BLAME PLAYERS OR COACH BUT NFF INCOMPETENCE.

      • pompei 11 months ago

        Hahaha, NFF will expect her to cook loaded soup with orisirisi, then dem go quarrel with the woman say she no bring back change!

  • JimmyBall 11 months ago

    It appears Victor Osimhen is the new Amaju Pinnick with this assertion. If you must get a foreigner for the job, get Clarence Seedorf as Technical Adviser and let Amuneke and Finidi assist him. That’s how to build capacity, once Seedorf leaves, let Amuneke and Finidi take over. Let Jose Peseiro go to Chad or Angola and coach… Let’s stop embarrassing ourselves with low caliber journeymen coaches… What has Gernot Arigo Sachhi Rohr achieved in Benin Republic since joining them?

    • pompei 11 months ago

      Baba, what achievement are you expecting when he just got the job this year? Haba!
      Shebi your own that you clamoured for brought Nigerian football to it’s knees within the space of just 3 months. Thanks to NFF and your own, Naija football went from possibly winning the Afcon and qualifying for our 8th world cup, to a complete standstill.
      So it’s ok for your own to fail? If na Rohr, you will be up in arms.
      Meanwhile to answer your question, Rohr is already a hero over there in Benin for holding mighty Senegal to a 1-1 draw. If he leaves that job tomorrow, that achievement of his will not be forgotten in a hurry!

      • Nigeria We hail thee 11 months ago

        You are celebrating a draw with Senegal.That alone speak volumes.is it no more a game of 11 men vs 11 men?

        • pompei 11 months ago

          Brazil that just got spanked 4-2 by this same Senegal, no be 11 vs 11 dem play?
          So according to your logic, Senegal’s achievement of beating Brazil is no big deal, because na 11 vs 11.
          Your logic is thoroughly flawed, baba. You don play penalty go throw in.

    • Nigeria We hail thee 11 months ago

      Clarence Seedorf Ke? Osimhen knows football and the coach more than you do. Tell us Clarence Seedorf achievement with Indomitable lions of Cameroon and which team has employed him ever since he was relieved of his job,before u start thinking that names alone can coach.Don’t forget that Amuneke Emmanuel was recently sacked by a low club in Zambia for failing abysmally

      • JimmyBall 11 months ago

        Clarence Seedorf knows more than Peseiro… He has played with Finidi, and worked as a player and coach under some of the best brains in the game.

        He was coach of Milan, and Cameroon, why don’t you ask what Cameroon has won since he left them. Peseiro who does not know know his left from his right.

        Seedorf is arguably one of the most decorated midfielders of his generation. A player who has never been benched anywhere he played, a crazy talent in his day, know everything there is to know about football.

        His combo with Finidi and Amuneke will give us a team with the semblance of Ajax of mid 90’s… asking what Seedorf has achieved as coach, let’s ask what Peseiro has achieved also. Playing against Liberia, Sao Tome, and Guinea Bissau thinking he has arrived.

        Let Peseiro play Congo DR, Cameroon, Senegal and Morocco so that we can Guage his bragging properly about winning next AFCON.

        All these carpenter coaches they always smuggle to is across the Sahel through Chad.

        • pompei 11 months ago

          Is it not this same Seedorf that the clueless, useless Rohr defeated at the 2019 Afcon?
          Na the same Seedorf wey you dey wax lyrical for like this?
          No disrespect to Seedorf, who was a great player and is now a good coach. But my point is if you can give so much credit to a coach Rohr defeated, is it not hypocritical to now refuse to give Rohr any credit?

  • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

    Osimhen is direct, fearless and speaks his mind No wonder he scares plenty of goals

  • Hassan Tia 10 months ago

    I disagree with Osimhen that Peseiro is sound coach; Peseiro always intends to ignore drastic and strong defensive play that appears in many goals intervene in Super Eagles nets, look at SE vs Sierra Leone last match how these goals intervened easily when SL attackers pressed SE defence then scored these goals, SE defence alawys surrender for compacter or compressor team when it compact them, this is resulting of the bad coach tactic, the coach does not make a drastic and strong defensive pattern of play and does not order defensive midfielders and back line players drastic intsurctions to cover well, press on the rival, make strong tacklings and tight interception over the rival when he is attacking, play sliding style when the rival’s attacker dribbles; these are the bases of defensive style of play which Peseiro lacks them; so I recommend NFF if they return back his hiring again, they must put a drastic conditions on the new contract, fristly: he (Peseiro) must play drastic and strong defensive style of football; secondly: he must recall a new defensive players who have quality and play regulary at thier clubs in defensive midfield and back line just like Alhassan Ibrahim, Frank Onyedika, Daniel Daga, Anderson Esiti, lesly Ugochukwu in defensive midfield; Calib Okoli, Tosin Adarabioyo,Nnmadi Collins of Eintracht Frankfurt, Edward Obarentin of SSC Napoli mixed with expert players like Omuero,Semi Ajayi in center back; Tyronne Ebuehi to be Oasyi Samuel reserve, Jordan Torunariagh to be Zaidu Sanusi reserve; thirdly: he must select or recall strong goalkeepers who play regularly and in thier form at thier clubs like: Sebistian Osigwe, under 20 goalkeeper Chijioze Aniagboso, Victor Chosima of river United with Adelekye adeleye, Uzoho and Okoye must be dumped;Fourthly: NFF put in contract a code of conducts which Pesiero must follow then execute that any selected or recalled player to SE must have committment and descipline then play strongly with dedication and enthusiasm, any player do not play with this philosophy he must be dupmed from SE for a long time then he can be recalled again if he repeated his error again he must be fired finally from SE.I think again Peseiro can success if he follows this philosophy of managing SE with excellent tools, SE can incredible and formidable team in the next AFCON. Nations in Cote De Ivore 2024.

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