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Pinnick: It’s Never Impossible To Appoint Peseiro As Eagles Coach

Pinnick: It’s Never Impossible To Appoint Peseiro As Eagles Coach

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Amaju Pinnick has disclosed that it would be a major plus for the Super Eagles if Portuguese tactician, Jose Peseiro chooses to come back as the senior national team coach.

The NFF had named Peseiro as Super Eagles’ substantive head coach last December after sacking Gernot Rohr.

Peseiro was expected to take charge of the Super Eagles after the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon. However, the NFF decided to hand over the job to Austine Eguavoen.

It is believed the NFF had hired Peseiro, based on a recommendation from fellow Portuguese Jose Mourinho.

However, in an interview with ARISE TV, Pinnick stated that they could appoint the Portuguese tactician if he still desire to coach the Super Eagles.


“It’s not impossible, but would he want to come? If he would want to come then it would be a major plus for us because it shows that he loves the country.

“I told them in our Executive Committee meeting, are we going to have a percentage of home-based players in any of the Super Eagles lineup? Is it going to be part of the contract of the coach?

“They should look deeply into it because we also need to develop it.”


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  • Presh 2 years ago

    This people haven’t learnt their lessons. Yeye 

  • Anthony 2 years ago

    Why is this Amaju still on the Job. It is obvious with him in charge our football will never make any headway. 

  • When will say NFF should resign, some of their mouth piece on the forum will say I usually run mad when I hear about NFF.

    Can you ppl all see that with this same set of ppl Nigerian football is going no where.

    I said earlier and I will still continue to say it we need to draft in different set of ppl to glass house.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Pinnick leave Nigeria football alone stop appointing people with zero trophy cabinet. This is Nigeria not Togo be careful!

    • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago

      *** Nigeriaaaa, we too like talk talk without action. That is the reason we find ourselves in this kind of mess and decieving both in SPORTS and POLITICS.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    I repeat: by the time Amaju is fine with our football, water polo will be our national sport.

    Again, based on what part performance is he trying to appoint Asaro as the national team gaffer? This nonsense line that Jose Mourinho recommended him should not be believed – even if they provide video evidence of him saying so, even with a sworn affidavit, with his parents, and his great grand parents on both sides of his family standing as witness – showing their proof of identifications and their voter cards – no one should believe them. Amaju Melvin Pinnick does not have the capacity to lead the glass house.

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      @Drey, even if it is true that Mourinho recommended him, it is still the duty of Pinnick to perform due diligence. The buck stops at his table.

      What does Pinnick see in Paseiro that makes him think he will turn out a good coach for the Super Eagles? Pinnick is an expert in jumping from the frying pan to fire.

      • Abeni ojus 2 years ago

        Eguavoen is more qualified than all of them but sentiments and tribalism will now allow some to see that. What the NFF will eventually do is to beg Eguavoen due to popular demand.

        • Which popular demand? Eguavoen that did not know how to read game,a one dimensional coach.Apart from his appointment as NFF’s technical director,when was the last time he coached a team,and how did he fare?

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

            LMFAO!!! @CHUX it seems my BAD MOUTH has forced you to edit your NAME…

            From CHUXS to CHUX…


            Don’t worry, soon you will start spelling it the right way “CHUKS”


            Eyah…My MOUTH no good for this FORUM o…


        • DANURCHMAN 2 years ago

          Bro. are you okay? Which popular demand are talking about? You mean Eguavoen that is tactically bankrupt? You follow wan Bury our national team, wey Eguavoen Don kill already abi? E no go work for you.

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


            Definitely @DANURCHMAN, you can see that HE is not okay…

            Someone that am still SCHOOLING on how to spell the SHORT VERSION of his NAME is DEFINITELY not OKAY…


        • Zak's 2 years ago

          Which one is popular demand, the same Eguavoen that don’t know how to make effective substitutions,the same Eguavoen that lost to a corona-wrecked Tunisian team, the same Eguavoen that lost to a derailed Ghana team. Better go and sleep, you don’t know what you are saying

        • Is having certain number of home base players in super eagles line up that will improve the standard of the League?or do a total overhaul of that God forsaking thing they called league. This bloke heads running our football in this country hen…

    • Welcome back to the forum. I’ve missed your contributions. I hope other will listen to you now. Welcome back bro.

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    Pinnick started very well, but politics and the Nigerian factor took over him after a short while and our football started to nosedive.

    Nigerian football is currently in deep sh*t. I wonder how we can climb out of it.

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    Brazil de go for pep we r here beging pesiro tomorrow if them beats us 3-0 we will start blaming d players or least we say it’s not a shame to loose to Brazil but they have one head just like us,everyboy can now see the difference why they r miles ahead of us,as for picnic I don’t have anything to say to u it’s just a pity

  • Saturday 2 years ago

    Someone should tell the NFF to go and beg Eguavoens’ coaching crew before it is too late. Besides Eguavoen being the most qualified, we have only 3 months to an important match, AFCON23 qualifier.

  • Bob Martins 2 years ago

    It is only in Nigeria. Italy will be one of the big absentees at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Roberto Mancini remains their local coach. The defending European champions were left without a ticket to the World Cup in Qatar. For the first time in history, Italy will have missed two consecutive World Cup finals, that wasn’t enough to disengage the services of Mancini. Roberto Mancini’s team were sensationally knocked out by North Macedonia national team. Italian FA is forging ahead with Mancini and no one has died. So what is the problem with the NFF executive members? And why can’t Eguavoen be given 4 years instead of 3 months on the job? I think these executives need to check themselves really good.

    • Equavoen stopped being a coach 10 years ago. He cannot use SE to update himself. He should get himself into the coaching crew of a European club for a couple of years, then he will be ready His recent games have shown that he has a passion for the job but he lacks a lot of technical skills to manage the team. These guys should stop sitting on their asses and become coaches of European clubs. Stop pushing mediocrity just because he is a Nigerian.

      • Lanre 2 years ago

        @Neo ….And you failed to name Eguavoens’ better. That is why Nigerians believed Eguavoen is the man for the job. Or do you have a coach with better credentials?

    • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

      You lie @Bob martins.just ask God for forgiveness for the kind of sacrilegious writeup you have put up here

  • Baba Okemute 2 years ago

    I am in support of the SE fans calling on the nff to beg Augustine Eguavoen to continue from where he stopped because the former cameroonian coach and this jobless José Peseiro aren’t as qualified as Eguavoen in the first place and besides all that, Eguavoen already has a good understanding with the boys which will only take a little while for us to start seeing magnificent results. The Nff members mustn’t rushed into making worst mistakes. Local coaches have better appeal.

  • Fadairo 2 years ago

    Peseiro is scared of being kidnapped for ransome so he will never come. May be we should go for cameroon former coach if we cannot get Cerezo.

    • Chailes Oboli 2 years ago

      @Fadairo, though it’s not peculiar to Nigeria alone, the truth is nobody is safe in the country right now and for a white skin man, it is worst. NFF executives will at the end of the day agree on a qualified domestic coach for the SE that is the overwhelming approval.

  • Please remove this home base /foreign players quota system.If a player is ,he is good irrespective of where he plays.The likes of Finidi were really doing well when Westerhof discovered him,even after that he was still doing well.Besides the standard of the league as at that time was still okay and not what we have now.Get rid of sentiments,then our sports and country at large will move forward.

  • George 2 years ago

    The facts and represented shown Eguavoen and his team did very well. Together they won 4 games out of 7 matches, took the eagles from 36th position to 30th in fifa ranking. It is also on record that Eguavoen has so much interest in the local league where he had started inviting players to the national team- reference John Noble and co. Unless the NFF has shading financial business with foreign coaches, I don’t see the need for one right now.

    • George 2 years ago

      *the facts ‘as’ represented

    • Chike 2 years ago

      Well said and thank you. Hopefully the officials are not corrupt. We need a home-grown arrangement in place.

      • Eagles Fan 2 years ago

        My brother chike, Augustine Eguavoen is that homegrown unless the bff is living in self denial. I was glad when I heard that the coach Eguavoen visited league venues to watch matches and scout for possible national team materials, that is it.

    • DANURCHMAN 2 years ago

      … And then got booted out of the AFCON in round of 16 and then decorated the disgrace with failure in the world cup qualifier. How many times will you be bitten by a snake before you realize it is life-threatening?

  • Eagles Fan 2 years ago

    My brother @chike, Augustine Eguavoen is that homegrown unless the bff is living in self denial. I was glad when I heard that the coach Eguavoen visited league venues to watch matches and scout for possible national team materials, that is it.

  • What is all this eguavoen story about… someone that had a ridiculous performance…If Nigeria is talking coach,it should be a person better take rohr.infact when rohr picked up Nigeria job it was so bad that beating Tanzania was a problem how much more qualify for tournament

  • Pinnick please sir don’t kill our football with home base players any Nigeria players that are good home and away should be involved in super eagles, correction to pinnick we lost to Ghana because of bad tactics, not players, and no game plan, sir this is the fact, please give us a good coach

  • Please I want everyone to know that Eguavouen is the coach that brought us back to super chicken, back to calculator, this was the good work that Rohr did by giving us a good name super eagles

    • Rasaq 2 years ago

      What are you going to say about Eguavoen taking the SE from 36th position to 30th in Fifa ranking and this within a very short time. The truth is that Eguavoens’ fortunes are still counting but Nigeria will be better without sentiments.

  • bomboy 2 years ago

    All these people calling for Eguavoen to come back, ARE YOU FOR REAL???? Why do Nigerian fans worship under performing coaches?

    I was one of those who applauded him at the beginning, but I can’t continue applauding him when it has become evident that the job is too big for him.

    Pinnick, please get us a competent, proven coach now!

  • Picmilk and his NFF crew should resign now!!!

  • Lanre 2 years ago

    @Uyi, But you need to read a comment above stating that Italian FA didn’t resign despite the fact that the Italian national side failed to qualified for Qatar. Their coach, Robert Mancini wasn’t sacked even. And since the NFF members still have a window of opportunity, they should explore it by begging Eguavoen and his team at least to take charge of the Afcon23 qualifiers starting in 3months time. This is what everyone is saying and even those against don’t have a more qualified coach ax Eguavoen replacement.

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    Nigeria deserves the Pinnick it has! A very naive and clueless NFF president is still talking after piloting the Super Eagles to disaster

  • Till now, no one has been able to tell this forum why Eguavoen shouldn’t continue apart from the bitter ones who are good at blabbing. To me, Austin Eguavoen has all the qualifications to continue with his lads.

    • Alabi 2 years ago

      What about Amuneke and Ekpos???

    • DANURCHMAN 2 years ago

      Then appoint him yourself, since you are so much in love with failures and under-performers. Tell me one coaching achievement that EGUAVOEN has ever made all his life, starting from the local league, apart from the national disasters that caused great loss of AFCON and world cup ticket. I don’t know why people like you will see the truth and look away.

  • Bello 2 years ago

    NFF, what about Seyi Olofinjana as eagles coach?

  • @Bob martins, stop comparing Italy FA and Nigeria FA, stop comparing egu and manciini achievement, they both are incomparable.

    Why will Italy FA sack a coach who just won europian championship with same Italian team that fails to make it to world cup.

    How will one compare maciini club records and international records with egu club and international records.

    You ppl needs to advice egu to go update his coaching training and stop leaving in football past.

    It is very evident that team under egu will continue to suffer against tactically sound coach.

    I can see all the hired egu mouth pieces on the forum with plenty likes on their comments, una doo, una weldone. That money will soon expire.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Yinkus, some people’s reasoning eh! Comparing a coach that won the 2nd biggest international football trophy (after the world cup) to a coach that crashed out at the 2nd round stage of afcon. comparing apple and oranges. Mancini has earned the right to be given a benefit of doubt whilst Eguavoen was handed his (benefit of doubt) when he was given the opportunity to qualify the team for the world cup and boy! did he fail miserably.

      As for the loquacious NFF President, it is evident that Nigerian football is going nowhere under his leadership. The man is absolutely clueless!

      @ Dr. Drey, some of us have lost interest in football and have sought other things of interest. I haven’t watched a game of football since the Ghana game. Eventually, they will succeed in quenching the desire for football in the hearts of Nigerians.

    • Lanre 2 years ago

      But @Bob is right. And since you are now the only ignored mouth piece, what is the name of your preferred coach. Or is it like you haven’t any? For many of us and for the good of the national team, Eguavoen is in better position to continue and infact more qualified than these failed and out of job foreign coaches.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    This guy’s actions, statements, and entire activity can only be replicated by the #1 enemy of football lovers.
    This same guy hired serial failures as coaches of Eaglets, flying Eagles, U-23, CHAN, Super Eagles..
    Now, he is talking about another trophyless junk!! Who knows he and his cronies might have made a dirty deal with this guy and his cronies at nff.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Pinnick is deceiving Nigerians when the time comes he will change the story to I want to run the last time. Watch Out!

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    If this FA chairman no resign. That’s means his a goat.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    The people that want Eguavon back are typical failures themselves who have no clue as what it means to be successful in life. With warp reasoning like theirs, it’s no surprise that we are where we are as a country.

  • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

    I believe the devil has entered into some NFF and sports ministry top brass as well as some Ex players and their agents to plunge Nigeria football into oblivion and fans into severe depression and hypertension

  • Olusegun.B. 2 years ago

    Pinnock ought to have resigned from his position as president of NFF. I wonder what is his problem . Still insisting on a foreign coach . We don’t need a foreign coach . All the time that he’s been NFF president , there isn’t any Outstanding achievements that he can speak of apart from the female team who have been soaring without much support. The u-17, U-20 , U-23 and the senior national tevhave been terrible is the competition that they participated. The only thing Pinnock care’s about is Pinnock and his ambitions for top office at FIFA. Infact he’s got no honour at all

  • Diamond NG 2 years ago

    Carlos Queiroz is the best option right now for the Nigerian super eagles. His stats says it all, he has all the experience needed and the technical knowledge of both African and global football…

    • tayo fm 2 years ago

      Are you that cheap? And what’s you definition of slavery? Don’t forget Nigeria gained independence in 1960 which is 62years ago. For many of us, we believe in local content.

      • Salami AB 2 years ago

        @tayo: A would be Nigerian would have such mentality, ignore.

        • Abbas 2 years ago

          That means he isn’t a Nigerian?

          • Charles Oboli 2 years ago

            May be our neighbor from near Cameroon. He will soon tell us he would prefer the jobless Coach Antonio C that Cameroon recently sacked.

      • Who is this tayo that is imposting people everywhere. You need to get a life and stop being an impostor. How is it difficult to get your own name idiot

  • Henry Ekunor 2 years ago

    No Nigerian is happy to remain a slave or even having such mentality. Some idiotic ones wont anyway. Nff must ensure the SE is guided by a Nigerian coach.

  • Tamori 2 years ago

    I think some are still bitter over Uzoho error, pls be patient with their contributions knowing every contribution is welcome.

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    Why would some people still clamouring for Eguavoen to remain is beyond anything. This is someone who lacks basic knowledge of coaching, and someone is still asking for 4 years contract for him.

    Mancini and Italy? Italy has over 70% possession and 33 shot on goal against Macedonia 1 or 2 and they just won the EURO 6/7 Months ago, so that should tell you the coach knows his job and football just happen, not a team who cannot string 2-3 passes together at a time.

    Yeah, we all want to be patriotic and support our local coaches, but whose fault is it if the local coaches refuse to have sense ?

    KESHI qualified TOGO for the WC, he leads MALI to a major competition, and to show you he wasn’t a fluke, he won the AFCON with the Eagles. I`m not talking about a coach taking a Tanzania or Djibouti job and after 2-3 wins left, I`m talking about a real coach with real experience, Keshi is the only local coach that fits that description and sadly he’s dead.

    If KESHI was to be alive, he can be pencilled down for a job interview with any national team in Africa, and until any local coach gets to that level, they shouldn’t be seen anywhere near the national team.

    And to even think people like all these NFF gang, who has no link to Nigerian football sacked someone like KESHI is a disgrace on its own. `

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