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Poland 2019: Live Blogging-Nigeria Vs Ukraine

Poland 2019: Live Blogging-Nigeria Vs Ukraine

Welcome to the Completesports.com’s live blogging of Nigeria’s Flying Eagles vs Ukraine – a Group D game at the ongoing FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland.

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold inside the Bielsko Biala Stadium.

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  • Ronald 5 years ago


    Good luck kids x

  • hanif 5 years ago

    waiting for wonders,,

    d best team on d pitch wins ,,, I CNT Eva go against my team ,, but as for tonit aigbogun is a waste ,, let Dem com home jejely to avoid more embarrassment

  • Greenturf 5 years ago

    Links please

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Useless coach with useless bunches of players, old rubbish plAyers

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    1:0 against us.

  • Nigeria conceeding another early goal just as against the USA. Isssh.

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    Our keeper is a huge joke….hahahahaha.
    His height is a disadvantage as he can’t jump.
    The guy is soooo pathetic.

  • onwajunior 5 years ago

    Easy goal… Keeper to blame

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    These guys are simply poor.
    I earlier said it that you can’t give what you don’t have.

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    If you ain’t watching this match,you are better off.
    Our guys are trying tooooo hard and soooo hard but they simply don’t have it. Its a pity.

    • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

      Penalty to us

      • onwajunior 5 years ago

        They may miss it

      • I cannot agree with you more that you can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. It’s that simple. What more can we say. A team built on faulty foundation can’t suddenly develop solid or reinforced foundation to stand torrid weather. It’s unfortunate. This is the case with this flying eagles.

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    Wasted by Tijani

  • onwajunior 5 years ago

    Told you! Failure is written all over

  • Charles 5 years ago

    These guys and the coach are pathetic, I know few players bribe their way into the team. They are not playing like the actual Nigeria team i know,our keeper,our captain are just old for nothing.Agbaya oshi

  • Mum titun 5 years ago

    Are these players from Nigeria?

  • Boy Alinko 5 years ago

    Shout up all of you stop talkin trash Nigeria will win today I bet my life.

    • Unique 5 years ago

      I need your life o, Where is your worthless life? Learn how to talk with passion or without passion.

  • Eduardo 5 years ago

    Tijani eeeeee waiting we do hausa people oooooo heeeeee the worsted player I have never see heeeeee heeeeee what a disgrace heeeeee tijaniiiiiii who invited you in this team heeee funk you coach and all of the rubbish team hausa heeeeee 

  • Bunch of guys that are picked from Niger republic posing as Nigerians and playing rubbish 

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    Another penalty to us

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Even though they win, they are still rubbish in my own face

    • Nigerians, we can always find reasons to complain sha. Bad players, age cheat, corruption, ahn ahn na. I’m sure if Ofoborh were to be born and breed and in Nigeria, based on his size, una for say na una grand father. Do you expect sportsmen to develop like you guys?

      This was a much improved performance, the Ukrainians barely came out of their half.

      The Ukrainians were the real cheats today, making the most of every tackle, waiting for the ref to give a red card.

      Let our boys keep improving and disappointing the naysayers. The same thing happened in 2005 but they improved as the tournament progressed and eventually got to the finals.

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Ike thank you very you are a true fan. 

      • Adisboy 5 years ago

        Ike abeg, please do not compare this set to 2005 set. This team have ABSOLUTELY NO STRIKERS!! The 2005 had Obasi, Promise etc, Tijani can only score penalties. He and Akor are the most unintelligent strikers I have seen play for Nigeria. You cannot go far with these players. We will play Senegal or Italy in the next round and only a miracle could get us to the quarters. You have to remember that Ukraine had already qualified for the knockout stages before this match. They needed just a draw, If they needed to win, we would have faced a similar game like the US game. It is so glaring that this team is very average (major blame goes to the coaching crew) and i believe they have reached their ceiling.

  • Ara Nkita 5 years ago

    Tijani scores

  • It is not patriotic to support cheating. They should go home. Cheating is wrong.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Igho I hail welcome to the league of good defenders , the only bright spot in this corruptly assembled team.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Thank you Sunnyb. In the last match it was only Okon and Michael. Today it’s Igoh Ogbu. Even though they’re corruptly assembled, at least you’re still able to Identify the talents among them. Mind you Nnamdi Ofoborh also showed some promise as well today. I’m surprised that Chima didn’t show up today. Oga Chima abeg show face oo. Na only draw oo. Lmao!!!! 

  • USA has scored

  • darey 5 years ago

    Aigbogun is d person we shld blame…….he failed tactically

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Abeg these our captain,who give am hand band to wear, worst left back have ever seen

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Corruption killing our soccer, we need goal these coach dey put eletu old man wey be midfielder

  • If Qatar were descent in front of goal, they would have beaten the U.S

  • The only thing Nigerian youths are good at now is Yahoo, 419, cultism, prostitution and political thuggery. Maybe we should organize a world cup for these activities, so they can show their skills. The older generation has destroyed the youths with their dirty politics

  • The only thing they had to do was to beat Ukraine. A bunch of old men playing against 21 year old boys and they couldn’t even beat them.

  • I won’t dignify yhis coach and his group of no gooders with my criticism. Hood night.

  • @oga Mike….”Are they yahoo boys”? (lol just referencing naira marley song o)

  • Chairmanfemi 5 years ago

    CONFIRMED on FIFA facebook page before coming here.

    Good news at least.

    About there over-all play, my people I QUIT! I don’t even know what to say

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Worst team ever!!!!! Ugh!!!! This ain’t a Nigerian team o!

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    The qualification is not worth celebrating only I noticed their midfield improved from the last match. The captain is a big disappointment. No bite in the attack and the keeper hmmmm.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 5 years ago

    Wow!!! NIGERIA VS SENEGAL or ITALY for round of 16.

  • Ronald 5 years ago

    To be sincere Nigeria really played well despite playing with nerves. This team can beat any team in this tournament with technical approach. I’m really impressed.

  • Chairmanfemi 5 years ago

    The only word of encouragement I can give to both the team and we the fans is that DON’T FORGET TOO SOON! PORTUGAL started like this in 2016 UEFA Cup and even worst at group stage than this Nigeria U-20. I remember they had just 3 draws and yet they went all the way to win the tournament and conquer Europe. Now this Nigerian team is following same path. Please let not be blinded by there present poor team performance cuz for me o, I see brilliant individual talents in this team like for today Nnamdi Oforboh, Igho Ogbu, Success, Rabiu and Kingsley Micheal. Other talents are Tom Dele-Bashiru, Utin and Valentine.

    So with this huge talents, they just need to get something right. Nobody knows tomorrow. They might just wake up tomorrow and become a beast of a team and then go all the way Like Portugal. Congrats to them for at least making it through.

    Now on to the next. The Coach needs to work on himself. After the equalizer, I noticed the team spirit that was hot before went very low and they started playing wack like they were the one sitting comfortably at the top of the group and the Coach was just looking…Uhhh! As a coach you need to learn to read the game and address it urgently. Also the Coach is yet to unleash a very good player in EMEKA CHINONSO. A better No. 9 for me than Tijani also with Aerial prowess. This Tijani guy is not convincing at all. I pray Tom Dele-Bashiru gets back before the next game. I told you @Drey that that guy was injured in the last match, you say na lie. Shey u see am today?? I would also like to see more of SOR 7. He’s very quick

    All the best to the team

    • onwajunior 5 years ago

      Have you seen the Chinonso Emeka play? Or you are going with the media that has been blowing their trumpet just to justify their inclusion. The same way they spoke about Tom Bashir until “breeze come open fowl nyash”. I’m asking because it’s strange that the coach would leave the guy out when we needed a win against USA or even against Ukraine.

      • Chairmanfemi 5 years ago

        How many media outlet have you heard them blowing the trumpet over EMEKA CHINONSO?? This is a player I said for me will provide more attacking threat than Tijani cuz He is also tall and to me looks smarter by appearance than Tijani. Just take a look at the body language of Tijani, it does not even deplete a CF that is thriving to score at all. Meanwhile, EMEKA also plays at an academy in England and we all know that the breeding will be very different from Tijani cuz they train there No.9 to be a beast when it comes to Aerial balls.

        With all due respect Sir, I still wonder why a sane football analyst will take a good look at TOM DELE-BASHIRU and qualify him the way you just did. Anyway, He is good, He is good! None of your comments here affect his brilliance.

        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          Hehehehehe….when did looks or appearance alone become a determinant of a footballer’s abilities on the pitch of play…? Believe me some players can be deceptively languid a la Kanu Nwankwo, Solomon Okoronkwo, Kelechi Osunwa, Roy Makaay and so on….but its when they get unto the pitch you’ld know how much you had progressed in error by not giving them enough respect earlier.
          From your comment, you obviously have NEVER seen this lad play, but you just believe he’s a VERY GOOD player just because of his appearance. Lol
          Oga sir, please calm down and stop getting unnecessarily overwhelmed. Gold fishes usually have no place to hide. You dont judge a book by its cover.

          • Chairmanfemi 5 years ago

            So among the players you mentioned and having watched Tijani so far, Does he seem to possess any of those qualities?? Has he been promising so far?? Should we continue to stick with him?

        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          SO having not watched Emeka Chinonso, how can you conclude that he is better than Tijani…?
          The last time I checked, Emeka wasnt the 1st choice striker…if he was that good why did he not walk into the starting 11 the way Dele did. 3 matches gone we have not seen emeka play yet…we struggled for goals in our last 2 matches, i dont think the coach will be so stupid to leave a “Super striker” like Emeka on the bench in 3 group games if he was actually far better than all of the rest who has featured so far. We can only judge a book when we read it, not just by seeing its cover. I’ve never seen this emeka boy play before, neither have you. To now say he’s better than those we have see is pure fallacy and nothing else. Lets see what he has first before we judge. But my gut tells me that we couldn’t have been struggling for goals against USA and Ukraine and have a player with a magic wand on the bench and the coach would not deem it fit to put him on.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Pls can you paste any piece of news from any media outlet anywhere in the world that wrote that Dele-Bashiru is injured…??? Bcos EVERY news piece i’v read about the FE camps only lists Jamil and Ozornwafor as the only injured players.

  • Proudly 9ja 5 years ago

    Everybody criticizing the team as well as encouraging this team should be commended as we are all Patriots and want to see our team(s) succeed. Granted this team has not really impressed compounded with d fact that some of d players look really old to be playing U20 and I also don’t blif dis are d best 20yr olds we have in 9ja alone let alone globally, the coach has don himself and 9ja a huge disservice by not scanning the entire nation for very talented players and camping them for a very long time (dis may not be possible considering how much it will cost d FA to do but it can be done). That been said I still see potential in this team and I am optimistic that this team will surprise some people. Remember Keshis team of 2013, 1st 2 games ended in draws but we still went all d way even though no one gave d team a fighting chance. Similarly, Brazil with Neymar in Rio drew dia 1st 2 matches but still went all d way to win gold. Remember its dsame Qatar that we beat 4:0 that almighty Ukraine and USA struggled to beat. Ukraine was lucky to gain a draw in dis game, it would have been a different tune had we converted our penalty or had d bounce been in our favour against Edoman’s USA. We should all recognize dat other teams didn’t come to Poland to sell epka (groundnut) but to win too, na who say na our birthright to win all dis countries sef. How well are we organized in comparison to these other countries most of us expect 9ja to beat sef? na stadia full everywhere or na facilities? Just my humble opinion tho.

  • When 90% of forum members are complaining about this team, then, you know that the team really has a problem. They drew today and I commend them for it. Some of the players also tried their best or tried to save the team. This is actually good.

    However, it is evident that the team is struggling to give what it does not have. I won,t even criticize Tijani for missing a penalty because we have seen great players even at the World Cup proper miss penalty. But as I have always said concerning this team, Aigbogun has not business coaching a Nigerian team. He does not have what it takes to do so. I lay the blame squarely at the doorstep of NFF for refusing to do their homework concerning giving us a good coach. I also blame Aigbogun for not developing himself concerning the technicalities of coaching a team at this level.

    Aigbogun’s inability to give the flying eagles a definite pattern which they should play relative to the pattern of their opponent is an embarrassment to Nigeria. This is not the age where you play kick and follow (at least, he has watched Man City and Liverpool play). Even if he wants to play “pack-the-bus,” he must have watched Moourinho’s teams.

    Nigerians are used to watching good football at under 17, under 20, and under 23 levels. So, when we see this team producing below standard performances we will complain. If the players were visibly young and they play below standard football, we will understand because we can then say, they will develop. But when the team is visibly overage, and they are playing this worrisome football, then, it becomes a concern. We should be saying that in the nearest future they will form the bulk of the super eagles, but I am afraid with their display in this tournament, that expectation may not be possible.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Aigbogun should be arrested  for fraud, bribery and for tormenting well meaning Nigerians, boy oh boy, where did Aigbogun get tijani, rabiu and that goalkeeper from , are we sure those guys are Nigerians?or how much Aigbogun collected from those boys? We just  can’t continue like this as a country, The tormenting is just too much.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    I’m not going to blame the NFF for hiring a coach who obtained his coaching licenses abroad. He may be tactically clueless, but he got the job on merit. We dominated Ukraine I only think the team needs a cutting edge. As in a really good finisher is what is missing in my opinion. In terms of talents and promising players like most FlyingEagles teams in the past, these team also have its own share of promising talents. Even great FlyingEagles teams in the past only made it past the group stages with 4 points.

    The most significant thing for me in terms of development is that they made it out of the group. Whatever happens from there on they’ve written their own chapter. Manu Garbas team in 2015 with all the talents in the squad couldn’t go beyond the second round. We forgot that we didn’t qualify for both the U20 and the U17 WorldCups in 2017 therefore, whoever thinks we should just go straight and win the cup can try and apply for the job then raise a formidable team in two years with the kind of league we operate. 

    Despite his cluelessness the coach was still able to scout some young English talents for Nigeria. I’m sure if Nnamdi Ofoborh was born in Nigeria he will have the same age issues. I don’t know which match some people watch, but I saw an improvement from the game against the US.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Bro, u know that guy never got the job on merit, which youth team he coached in Uk, bro he got the job on Paddy paddy level typical Naija way, finidi will get the nod over this guy all day if merit was applied Bro.how can a sane coach unleashed Tijani, Rabiu and the clown goalkeeper on us. These  are bunch of scary looking old men with few exceptions, thank God today for Igho  I almost lost it.

    • onwajunior 5 years ago

      Come to think of it, what happened to Igho and Ozornwafor combo? Igho is a pretty decent defender.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Finidi never applied for the job. He already has his program going on for him in Spain. I’m sure if Finidi applied for the job at the same time Aigbogun did then there will be deliberations. Aigbogun was the most qualified among those who wants the job. If Finidi applied for the job and got rejected that’s when you can shout Paddy Paddy. As long as you can find another hope in Igoh that’s fine. FlyingEagles never producerd more than 3 or so players for the SuperEagles in the past anyway. 

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