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Real Madrid Join Osimhen Chase

Real Madrid Join Osimhen Chase

Spanish giants, Real Madrid will look to sign Victor Osimhen from French Ligue 1 outfit, Lille this summer, Completesports.com reports.

Spanish news hub, Marca reports that the Nigeria international is among the three Lille players Real Madrid are interested in.

The other two are; Boubacary Soumare and Gabriel dos Santos Magalhaes.

Real Madrid, according to the website, see Osimhen as a perfect alternative to Kylian Mbappe who they are also looking to sign from Real Madrid.

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Osimhen has also attracted the attention of Barcelona and European champions Liverpool.

The 21-year-old only linked up with Lille from Belgian club, Sporting Charleroi at the start of the season.

He has scored 10 league goals and further two in the Champions League for Les Dogues this season.

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  • CHAI HOW The Truth always prevails Ride on Boy!!! The Sky is your Limit just make the Right choice.. @Omo 9ja we were the ones wondering why Gernot Rohr was not playing this boy at Afcon. Anyway that’s the past, its your time Osi boy keep shining

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      How many goals had he scored for Nigeria b4 AFCON…? If you were a coach, would you have put the top scorer in the qualifiers (one of the top scorers in the Chinese league and eventual AFCON top scorer) on the bench for a youngster who hadn’t scored for the national team in 2 years….???

      Just as you rightly said, it’s in the past and should rightly remain there…..otherwise another person will come here and ask why Westerhoff did not take Kanu to USA 94….or why Bora didn’t play Aghaowa in France 98 or why odemwingie was dropped from Japan/Korea 2002….. LMAO

      Now is Osimhen’s time. Let’s pray it lasts for as long as possible.

      • I think its not about faulting Rohr’s preference for Ighalo but the fact that there are clear instances where Ighalo was tired or when there was need for replacing him and this guy would have come in handy. And BTW, if he did not score many goals for SE as at then, we should also ask how many games he has played for SE before then. Again, he just played for under 23 before AFCON with a sterling performance. Not downplaying the fact that Rohr did well but we should also be truthful where he messed up. Rohr messed up with his decision to ignore Osimhen in that AFCON. let’s not be sentimental.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Well @ Debo,

          We can all say this now with this hindsight that Osimhen has hit a green patch in his professional career. Why aren’t we saying same of Onuachu and Onyekuru..?

          I don’t think anyone is unaware of the fact that almost half the team went down to illness or late injuries a few days to the beginning of the tournament (including Ighalo himself, the team’s 1st choice striker). Infact we only managed to put together 14 (plus the 3 goalkeepers) fit players for the first game against Burundi. Those updates are still very much available on CSN and other sources if you search them out.

          It was this same Ighalo who came from the bench to bail us out of what would have been an embarrassing draw. We had to wait till the knockout stages to have a fit enough team….at that stage of the tournament, I don’t think any coach tries what hasn’t worked previously anymore. Onuachu had flopped in 2 matches already, Chukwueze hadn’t found his rhythm all through the group stage…Ighalo had scored 3 goals in 4 matches by the time we got to the Qfinals….and you guys think there should have been a change of gaurd just for the fun of it…? Moreover, changes at such crucial stages of the tournament are mainly tactical, unless forced due to injuries. If your midfield isnt creating chances for your no 9 as was the case in the semis, would you rather not fixed that first instead of replacing him with another 9 (an unproven one at senior international level for that matter) Seriously, Is that how the game of football is managed..?
          In football, your star striker will always be your start striker o… especially when you don’t have anyone who has done up to his level b4 that time.

          The young lad got his opportunity in the low stakes 3rd place match after Ighalo had hit his 5th of the tournament, but he only showed us that it will still take sometime to become the killer we need him to be and not the Messiah of that time…took 4 matches, yeas….4 solid full matches after that before he scored his 1st goal(s) from open play, so what guarantees do we have that he would have been an ‘off-the-bench’ Messiah at AFCON, replacing the eventual top scorer of a tournament that had the manes, salahs, ayews etcs of this world.

          Insinuating Rohr was trying to undermine Osimhen is rather laughable, the same Osimhen he kept inviting and givin game time in the national team even when wolsburg chained him on their bench…??

          Infact isn’t it popularly documented that Rohr held talks with Wolfsburg crew towards giving Osimhen more gametime or loan him out if they wouldn’t…? Was it not the outcome of that loan advice that brought Osimhen back to our reckoning…?

          Is it not also well documented that during training sessions at AFCON, Rohr usually told Osimhen to be strong and stand his ground against defenders if he is to cut it in senior football…has it not translated to this his newfound “all guns blazing, harrying and harassing” style of play we have seen of him both at Lille and in the SE since after AFCON..?

          Just as I said earlier, we can go on with these what ifs and what if nots…but I tell you, if Rohr had left Onuachu and Mikel out of our AFCON squad, I’m sure we would have assassinated him by now and blamed our not winning the trophy on their absence….be we all saw they were more useless to us than even the FA officials that attended that event.

          Now is Osimhen’s time…no other time but NOW and let’s enjoy it and pray it will be a medals laden time for him and for the country.

          • Glory 4 years ago

            @Drey. I doff my hat for you. I respect people who show no bias in their judgement of things. God bless, you have matched your argument with quality points no honest persons can counter.

          • Good argument @Drey but you completely missed the point. For the record, I singled out Osimhen during the tournament that Rohr should have used him as an alternative to Ighalo. For clarity. And that was in the matches when a speedy striker would have made a world of difference. I did not blame Rohr for preferring Ighalo ahead of him so most of your argument in the last post was just out of context. You said it was because Rohr encouraged him to be strong that made him start playing well. I strongly disagree. The guy simply continued from where he paused with chaleroi when he got to Lille. He just scored a hatrickgl for our Under 23 just before AFCON and if that did not count for something then Rohr was blind. Let’s stop putting argument together for sentiment sake.

            Rohr’s argument for not using him was about not being physical and my response then was that Rohr would not have used Kanu on a good day with that mindset. Osimhen still remained the same kind of striker he was with Chaleroi when he got to lille. His speed, tireless run and positioning have always been his advantage, not the attributes Rohr was trying to impose on him. A blind person might see a player that is ripe for the stage right in front of him and still call him inexperienced. Rohr believed in him but failed to see a striker who was ready to take the stage by storm at a defining moment for the team. That was a blunder as far as I am concerned.
            Well we are free to agree to disagree on this matter but I DEFINITELY made the point during AFCON on this group that Rohr simply did not use him because of the typical German mentality of physical football. And I said Osimhen’s speed would have been of immense advantage during AFCON matches when it was obvious it was not Igjalo’s day.

            Don’t turn this argument around as if I was saying Rohr should have benched Ighalo for him or as if I only made the case after AFCON was over. Neither is true. To some, Rohr will never make a mistake while to some he will never do anything right. I do not belong to either of the two groups. If you believe his judgment was right, that definitely is your take on the matter. But I will stick to the same point that I have been making since AFCON. Rohr could have done a lot better without being too rigid. It is not still going to help the team going forward. He messed up regarding Osimhen in AFCON and all the argument you have made were by no means convincing about this point I was making. It’s not about painting Rohr as a bad coach giving the fact that we are all human. But to keep going all out to justify his wrong call at that particular instance is nothing but sentiment. And that will never help us in the future.

      • Osimhen was on form before the Afcon we all knew it…The boy was hot then and is still hot now and will remain hot for years to come he is hungry to be best in the world you can see it in his eyes when he plays ball. more over in instances when Algerias defence caged Ighalo and made it impossible for him to score By literally out running him and out muscling him from any ball that was played behind him into space. @Dr Dre Can you honestly say if you look at yourself that Oshimhen would not have provided that pace to outrun the Algerian players for balls that were played behind?..

        The Answer to that question should be a heartfelt NO!.. And sadly that’s all Nigeria needed to win that game before Mahrez’s briliance

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hehehehehe….Oga…..Ighalo was on form…Onyekuru was on form, Onuachu was on form, Chukwueze was on form, Kalu was on form, almost all our forwards were on form b4 AFCON, but it was only the much maligned Ighalo that carried his form to the AFCON and showed it all tru d tournament. The rest of them bombed seriously. If any of them had been omitted from the AFCON squad, I’m sure we would have been here imagining that they would have blown every team away with goals.

          Is it the same Osimhen that couldn’t hurt Tunisia for 45 mins that would have hurt that Algeria defense that didn’t conceed twice against almighty Senegal and only conceeded 1 goal from open play all tru the competition….? Lolz

          Except we want to lie to ourselves, the Pre-Afcon Osimhen was a softie….(highlights of his play while in chaleroi are all over youtube…go and watch them) even in training at AFCON, according to updates from the press, he was always falling to the ground, is it that kind of softie that would have outdone that mean Algeria defence…? Even Chukwueze who was tormenting real Madrid and Barcelona in la Liga was rendered useless by the Algerians…he couldn’t even beat 1 player throughout his stay on the pitch. Lolz

          And Pls how many balls did we manage to get behind Algeria’s defence in that game…have you started imagining things so early in the year..lolz? And who and who managed to pass the ball there for our strikers to run to LMAO……maybe I should assist you with an answer…..NONE…I mean ZERO….Lolz. Or which match did you watch….pls kindly tell us….I still have access to the full match…I will go and rewatch it and apologize to you. The only passage of play that saw us get a clear glimpse at goal, your Onyekuru ballooned the ball beyond the stands into the car park of the stadium….that was before Mahrez singlehandedly gave the game to Algeria with the last kick of the game.

          Just like I said all these what ifs and what if nots are mere waste of energy. If Osimhen had hit 2 goals against Tunisia in the 3rd place match, your what ifs may have been valid….but he didn’t score from open play until 4 matches after AFCON…so where comes your logic that he would definitely have been a messiah against Algeria..?

          In football…when it’s not your time, it’s not…when it is your time…it is. Infact, right from training, you would have been banging in tons upon tons of goals that will be impossible to ignore by the coach. At AFCON 2000, Aghaowa (playing in Tunisian league of all places) was an unheralded youngster…we had more accomplished strikers like Ikpeba, Amunike, Amokachi, Akwuegbu, Ndukwe, Kanu et Al in the squad…but his form in training was hard to ignore and the coach decided to give him a taste of action and it took him just 12 min (not 45 mins or 4 matches) to hit the back of the net. It was his time.

          Ronaldo da Lima was at USA 94, but it wasn’t his time yet, but when his time came, nobody could stop him.

          Ikpeba was part of our 94 squad, but it wasn’t his time, when it was his time, he won gold in the olympics, won AFOTY and even became a ‘Prince’

          It’s Osimhen’s time now…let’s all enjoy it in peace & continue to support him with prayers

  • All Amadi 4 years ago

    The Real Madrid website does not mention Osimhen How did Complete Sports come about this story?

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      It’s on European sporting websites I came across one via fotmob.

    • Its Not only Real Madrid, Jurgen Klopp and Frank Lampard also like him and want him. Lets see how it all plays out

  • Olusegun. B 4 years ago

    Victor Oshimen go to Real Madrid. Makes sure you prove that you’re worth their buy and win champions league, la Liga, copa del rey, world player of the year, Africa player of the year and Ballon d’or
    Match. George weahs records
    Exceed it

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