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Rohr: I Have Received Coaching Offers From Two Countries

Rohr: I Have Received Coaching Offers From Two Countries

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has revealed that two countries have contacted him about taking over as coach.

Rohr’s current deal with the NFF ends on June 30, and he has been offered a fresh contract with some modified clauses. 

Under the terms of the new deal, Rohr is expected to reside in Nigeria, be paid in local currency and will also take a wage cut.

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The 66-year-old has since returned the NFF’s contract proposal with some proposed changes — which include certain demands of his own — hoping an agreement could be reached.

“If the answer I give with some little changes in my contract is positive, I will continue,” Rohr told ESPN.

“If not, I have to see what they give me because I have still the request from two other federations. I received it — they are waiting for my answer — but I take my time to give the NFF to make the final draft before I answer them.”

The former Bordeaux handler said he has no problem with the conditions specified in his contract proposal.

“I never talk about my contract in public, as you know.

“But I heard like everybody what was said by President [Amaju] Pinnick, that I have to accept to be paid in naira, and I have to be resident in Nigeria. I agree to these two things, and even I agree to have a lower salary.

“I am not doing my job for money. I am doing my job because I like it. Because we have built a team like you know, and money is not the most important. But I also have to look after my assistants.

“I accept because I think that my mission in Nigeria is not finished yet, and I know very well my players. I know very well the officials. We are now just like a family, and I think it is good to continue especially in this period now where it is difficult to change, to travel, to see new people.”

Rohr added: “I want to work free in all my responsibilities.

“Independence as coach who is responsible for results. It is always good to be sure you can do a work with confidence and be free in the choice of good players.

“We have a good relationship with Pinnick, with [ NFF vice-president] Seyi [Akinwunmi] and with [League Management Company chairman] Shehu [Dikko] so I think we can find an agreement. There is no big problem to change.

“All I can say is that we are discussing in a good spirit with NFF. They sent me the proposal, I sent my answer. There are some little things to discuss about, and then we will see. Everything can be discussed. They have my answer and now I will wait for the proposal coming back.”

On the payment of his assistants Rohr stated that they are paid from his $US55,000 wages and not by the NFF.

“For me it is a little bit special because, as you know, with my salary, we are four people. It is not only me. I have my three assistants, Tunde Adelakun, Nabil Trabelsi and also Jean Luc Royer. I can speak in the name of my assistants because we are in touch all the time.

“Like I told you, I don’t speak in public about it. I never spoke about my salary, I only saw that it has been published. But it’s for four people and not only for me. A lot of people don’t know that.”

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On the issue of accepting a pay-cut, he said: “Of course, everybody in the moment has an obligation to understand that there are no matches. Clubs and federations have problems with money, even if they have assistance from FIFA or UEFA, but everybody has to be ready to make sacrifices.

“So I already told NFF that in the months from April to June, we agreed to cut our salaries, which is also a sign of solidarity.”

Rohr took over from Sunday Oliseh as Eagles coach in August 2016.

He led the Eagles to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where the team failed to reach the second round, and to win the bronze medal at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

In 49 games with the Super Eagles, Rohr has won 29, drawn 11 and lost nine for a 59.18 wining percentage.

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  • abeg gernot rohr go. we nigerians dont need u again. u have losing mentality. u dont have uptimistic of winning trophy.as me for me and my friends we hate u period.

    • Chidi 4 years ago

      If GR go which coach can u afford that is of GR standard?d devil u know is better then the angel you don’t know,let’s appreciate what we have for now

    • Chidiomimi 4 years ago

      My brother, a wise fellow won’t talk like this. What do you hate about him? the colour, his openness or the result? It is dity to say you hate God’s creation. Can you make ordinary candle? Why the hate? i am sure you don’t want to hear someone say he hates you or any of your family members. That’s terrible of you.

      The man has done well. If you read in between the lines, he played 49 matches, won 29, drew 11 and lost 9. what do you want from a man like this?

      If you claim the money they are giving him is too much, he just came out to say 55k dolas is for four people and not just Him.

      What has he done wrong?

      I am also of the opinion that Rorh so go but is on the ground that NFF don’t value Him and he has other countries asking for His service.

      Rorh for me has demonstrated that he has the heart of a father who believes in building family and not just institution. He is a man who will always start a thing and finish the same. you can’t compare him with your Olishe (Sentiment apart) who started a thing and could not complete it. But Rorh, regardless of pressure, hate and insincerity from NFF has made up his mind never to chicken out.

      Rorh is a blessing to Nigeria. You won’t know it until he leaves before you realise you have lost a pearl.

    • Shameless drunkard what do you know about soccer he even talking about being a Nigerian,go and continue playing what you best which is bet games,a foreign coach das has loved Nigeria more than people like you that u re asking to go u must be from back of the world,

  • I was surprised by this man,Rohr is a good man. Salary for four people. Nff extend his tenure indefinitely, God bless you Mr Rohr.

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Lol…yes, that’s true. No be only picnic them sabi call, arrogant man like him. You have said everything , Mr rohr. It’s now left to them to renew ur contract now that you’ve carefully negotiated just around the traps they set for you. They thought u were here for money, but they never knew u had strong passion for your job and were here on mission to positively change and the lift the super eagles to greater heights ( as we can see already). A man that does his job with passion can never be swayed with money or kick backs and that’s exactly what they have failed to do since the very first day u took charge of team which has meant bad biz for them. Your results and outstanding record speak for you as clearly stated by csn.

    • Kamalu 4 years ago

      Mr. Rohr can bring in 20 assistants and that’s his business. A team has one assistant and that is Yobo. Is he incompetent that he needs all these people. So it has nothing to do with the NFF. Let’s just forget sentiments and face reality that Mr. Rohr is a businessman doing his job and needs to get paid. Playing down the side of money is ridiculous and horrible. Either he gets the money or he finds other ways of getting the money behind us. Serious coaches charge money and this one with many assistants like this and talks down on money is suspicious. Get a confident winning mentality coach and not a family. We have so many families already in Nigeria with over population.

      • Go for brain check!

      • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

        Sorry to say but you sound so daft and bitter! Which Coach in the world doesn’t have more than one Assistant??? Or you started watching football yesterday?? Even in this present day, more coaches are now being introduced to the more Assistants a Head Coach normally have. In the Last World Cup, A coach in the stand and one watching from the Computer room like VAR officials were added. Probably even more that I don’t know and all these men will/must be payed by their Federation and you’re here talking senselessly.

        So if a Fulfilled man now comes to work for you for free in your Organization or someone wants to help you, It is now Suspicious?? Mr Man just admits you are full of hatred for the Coach or you are one of those demonic agents of the NFF of those Indigenous coaches.

      • foolish man

  • presh 4 years ago

    Its a pity the salary he gets is for four other staffs, and they still cut his money, you are a good man Mr Rohr, also am not happy personally with the NFF TERMS AND CONDITIONS, its like they want you to resign, but I will say this please stay with us for this team you have built so far don’t lets those insane men in NFF truncate you good deeds. Thank You Coach Rohr.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    A foreigner more patriotic than so called indigenes. Indigenes all for the sake of serving their pockets through doing business with SE ready to destroy country’s joy, SE, while a foreigner ready to accept salary cut, wherein he even pays his staff including a Nigerian Adelakun.. Nigeria’s problem is surely ENDEMIC what a shame…

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Just imagine, paying four assistants from his own pocket and yet one disgruntled idiot would be shamelessly monkeying around the whole place that he’s being paid more than he was paid after he wickedly absconded from the team. Shameless people everywhere.

    • Laurent Tchidehou 4 years ago

      My good coach we love you God bless you and your team and your family and friends

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    They have tried everything, using agents, using ex internationals, using media men,using unpatriotic fans, manipulating NFF through blackmail,using foreign media n even doing fetish. ALL HAVE FAILED, THEIR STINKING POT BELLIES BEGGING FOR FOOD AS BANK ACCOUNT IS DRYING UP n they growing thin, CONSEQUENT ON NO SALE OF MEDIOCRE PLAYERS USING SE PLATFORM.LOLZZZ. HUNGER N DEFEAT SHALL BE THEIR EVERY MOMENT GARMENT AS GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS GERNOT ROHR, SE N NIGERIA. Ordinarily Pinnick will never even think of getting rid of Rohr but if ever it seems that’s what he is trying to do, then be rest assured he’s stained his hands n only playing these evil hungered scripts just so he n his team don’t get exposed which only is a charade. If I were him I will stick to what has always won me praise from numerous fans n call the bluff of those IDIOTS. Let them go do their worst. Lolzz.

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    From His words(Gernot Rohr), one can depete the Contract terms and the one he doesn’t clearly.

    He obviously accepted the terms of Staying in Nigeria and receiving his salary in Naira. Though, I think he demand that the salary should be increased abit so as to be able to Pay his assistants too and still have even if it’s a little left for him.

    We can all see that Rohr was clearly against mandating of NPFL players in his team selections and of the view that He wants the best in his team. So if the NPFL players are better off the players in his team, Why not? He will call them up. He stated and I quote “I want to work free in all my responsibilities.”

    “Independence as coach who is responsible for results. It is always good to be sure you can do a work with confidence and be free in the choice of good players.” – A fair statement by Rohr for me. Though am sure it wouldn’t go down well with those Corrupt men in the Glass house cuz they know if they mandate selection of NPFL players in his team, they’ll be able to be getting Bribe(s) from those players and spoiling the team cohesion gradually.

    What more passion and dedication with Excellent spirit do we want from a Man for this job?? He’s even more committed than so-called Nigerian Coaches that some are clamouring for! Those Nigerian Coaches are money-monsters! All they want is to make money to there Pockets not minding if the team is in peace or pieces. And thereafter they will resign and leave the team in the Middle of the deep ocean like there man – Oliseh once did.

    What more can we ask for?? What more?? Am so pained because many will only see what we’re enjoying right now when Coach Rohr quits the job. The NFF wants this clearly! They will be smiling because there mission has been accomplished and Super Eagles will be back to Super Chickens. I pray this doesn’t turn out to be Rohr quitting the job at last.

    #Soar Eagles Soar

  • Hello Fans,
    I wish to confess that i have fallen in love with this  GR due to his unrivaled  commitment, perseverance, integrity , focus and  honesty. He has demonstrated hunger for excellence and that is very important. He has a very good scouting network headed by Nigerian Tunde Adelakun . Nabil Trabelsi and Jean Royer are his video analyst and assistant respectively and he will pay all these people from his $55k a month salary.

    Having followed events as they developed till now, I have seen in GR a man with the hunger for excellence which means he will translate that hunger to his team. Whether he has real or imaginary suitors does not interest me but his hunger to finish his project and bow out when the ovation is loudest is why i will  want him to be given consideration.  

    However, I maintain that i question his game management, his match reading in particular and his knowledge of transitional/ combination  play.
    To this end, I would like him to overhaul his backroom staff and get a better video analysts, match reader in the mould of Simon Kalika and a Dutch trained Assistant coach to fortify his team. 

    GR has consistently asked for free hand to run his team but he also need to understand that no Federation gives their coaches 100% free hand to run the national team because the only consequence for the coach is  to get  sacked if he fails and he also get compensation unless he resigned on his own.  That is not the same for the federation as many will be at the risk of  loosing all including LIFE.   Take a look at the invitation extended to one Solomon otabor to the Super Eagles. That his a clear demonstration that technical committee is needed to vet his team list( but not his march day squad)  I saw the hand of some agents that want to make money in that invitation.

    In the final analysis, If Mr Rohr can upgrade his back room staff with better match reader and good trainer on transitional/ combination play we can start dreaming  2021 Afcon trophy and a  spot beyond second round in Qatar. 2022.

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    Rohr has played beaten the nff at their game and done it very stylishly and jejerly.  He has all but put the ball in the nff and pinnick’s court now.  Very well played.  A few can learn from his approach.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Lol @lord amo, Rohr is a very, very smart guy. They thought he’d reject that hell of a contract purposefully scripted to force him to resign but he gave them a full dose of their pill back. Right now, picnic and his group have thier hands tied and are scratching their heads in frustration and disappointment. They have no option but to renew his contract by fire by force!! Cunny man die, Cunny man bury am….

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehehe…..Some people have once again been shown the middle finger by this man…LMAO

    “If the answer I give with some little changes in my contract is positive, I will continue,”…….ndi ‘Rohr is desperate’….ke’be ino….??? Wia una dey…?

    “If not, I have to see what they give me because I have still the request from two other federations. I received it — they are waiting for my answer — but I take my time to give the NFF to make the final draft before I answer them.”……ndi ‘no other country will employ Rohr’ pls crawl out of ya filt-holes o.

    “I am not doing my job for money. I am doing my job because I like it. Because we have built a team like you know, and money is not the most important. But I also have to look after my assistants….Keshi’s assistants was paid by the NFF, Oliseh’s assistants was paid by NFF (almost $20,000 pm)…Rohr pays his own assistants…..Ndi ‘Rohr is getting better treatment than local coaches’ come and tell us more lies biko.

    “Independence as coach who is responsible for results. It is always good to be sure you can do a work with confidence and be free in the choice of good players…..This one is DEEP, VEEERRRYYY DEEEEEP. Very evident that some people want to “SELL MARKET”, but Rohr has been blocking them…LMAO

    “Like I told you, I don’t speak in public about it. I never spoke about my salary, I only saw that it has been published. But it’s for four people and not only for me. A lot of people don’t know that……55000 divided by 4 = $13750. Where are the bloody liars led by their leader Sunday Oliseh who said Rohr earns 4 times what local coaches where paid…? When did 13750 become 4 X 30,000 or 4 X 36,000 in the case of Keshi…?

    In 49 games with the Super Eagles, Rohr has won 29, drawn 11 and lost nine for a 59.18 wining percentage #FACT…..even CSN has now finally agreed with us. Let those evil people who claim Rohr has failed, crawl out of their covens and tell us which SE coach Dead or Alive ever had a higher win ratio despite picking up the worst ever SE team from 16th position in Africa and 70th in the world.

    • Dr Drey
      Please Keshi won the Afcon 2013 and played second round in Worldcup 2014. Rohr placed 3rd 2019 Afcon and first round World cup 2018. So your last paragraph where you challenged us to name Indigenous  coach with better winning ratio now has a response. Trophy is what counts not now many wins or loses u recorded.  Whereas  3 draws(unbeaten in group stage) will fetch a team 3 points, 1 win, and 2 losses is the same three points. If you now have 1 win , 1 draw and  1 loss, u are better than 3 draws unbeaten. Moreso 55k Rohr and Keshi 30 then 36k. There is little basis for comparism.

      • @Ike, I thought you understand football, but your analysis and comparison shows you do not (no insult meant) first, you mixed up winning ratio with tournaments result, that’s wrong, winning ratio is cumulative points gathered over a certain period in consideration, and that’s the first thing any employer looks for in the profile of a world class coach. Secondly, you compared success stages of Keshi n Rohr at the world cup, it’s true Keshi reach second stage, but against which opponents? Iran n Bosnia are both debutant, and we all know this are not great footballing nation, even at that we can’t beat Iran only to rely on a hard fought 2-1 win against Bosnia, after loosing to same Argentina that requires Messi ingenuity to beat us at last min in the last world cup. Fast forward to 2018, take a look at the quality, Croatia reached the final of same tournament, Iceland reached the quarter final of euro 2016,no need to mention Argentina, we all know their quality, so you should compare based on strengths of the opponents. Moving on to 2019 Afcon, don’t forget it was a 24 teams format, which means the semi final we played was actually our final if it’s still 16 teams format. Then watched both tournaments and see different in technical display with young team that has 80% as tournament debutant. As regards the salary, Rohr makes it clear his 55k is for 4 people, so definitely Keshi with 36k earned higher than him. Go and check how the stock of our players is rising at the transfer market, was it like this 5 yrs ago? Apart from Mikel and probably Moses, tell me which Nigerian players that’s playing for a respected club in Europe day in day out before the arrival of Rohr. Where we see them is Turkish, Russian, Ukraine and Israeli leagues.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Awesome response @ Ola.

          Nothing to add again. The drab draw against Iran and embarrassing 1-0 win against Bosnia is what he is gloating about…LMAO. Argentina defeated us in the last game in 2014 without leaving gear 2, 4 years later their whole country was in tears after the final whistle.

          I wish we had teams Iran and Bosnia in our group in 2018. That would have been 6 points guaranteed.

          They say Rohr is useless and tactically incompetent but he has the highest win ratio of any SE coach in history….I wonder how that makes any sense to them. LMAO

        • Mr Ola 
          If u read my argument correctly u will see that i  Intrinsically punctured the argument that wining ratio without medal is useless and then replaced it with content of trophy locker. I know Uncut people throw Mud here and am glad  i finally receive my first from you intelligent man.

        • Ola
          There is no longer small teams in football ok? In 1994 we beat Bulgaria 3-0 and that same Bulgarian team dumped Defending champions Germany in last 8.
          Again  in 1996 we humiliated  Brazil and Argentina to take gold in Atlanta. Before those matches nobody will put is money that Nigeria will beat the all  conquering Brazil with Bebeto ,Ronaldo Etc.
          In 1998 we beat Spain against all odds and lost to Paraguay and Denmark against all odds. Fast forward to Abuja stadium  Rantie inspired South Africa  defeated us here 2-0 . Before Madagascar humbled us in 2019 Afcon.
          So Ola, if what Greece did in Euro 2004 never convinced  you that there is no more underdog in football, then i am sorry no need to go back and forth with you.

          • Joel Chidi 4 years ago

            @ike your comparison is baseless actually. The win ratio by G. Rohr is actually the best a Nigerian coach has had within this time space and his salary is the lowest ever by a foreigner to have coached NIGERIA judging with inflation if you are to count from the early 90s. Westerhof have been praised to high heavens for his achievements but he went to nations Cup twice without winning it before the 1994 triumph. Oga Rohr is still working. His tenure hasn’t finished yet. Keep watching this team evolve. They will shock the world. Compare with facts and not sentiments

          • @Ike, again your comparison doesn’t add up, why I admit there is no easy footballing nations anymore, the truth is that there is still lesser footballing nations compared to others. Heaven almost let loose when Nigeria lost to Madagascar in Afcon 2019, why? It’s simple because no one expects us to loose because they view them as a lesser playing country. Thank God in ur analysis u used the word “against all odds” so expecting us to beat Argentina n Croatia at world cup was “against all odds” so losing to them is never a crime, we only need to do better next time. The dream team, the 1994 set, n the 1998 set are teams full of stars that have the ability to individually change the dimension of a game, that’s why we achieved those amazing results. Now we don’t have such stars, but we are building a team and we should give Rohr the chance to finish his mission. Having a team is better than having stars, that’s why Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria can surprise the world because they have a collective set of players and not individual stars. Euro 1992, (I don’t know if you watch it or not) explain this in details.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Was your 94, 96, 98 or 2014 squads ranked 70th in the world or 16th in Africa. Just as said above, your arguement is baseless. To whom much is given, much is expected. A 2015 Ferrari did 100m in 5s, but you choose to put its performance on the same scale with a 1984 Volkswagen beetle that did the same 100m in 8s. As a matter of fact, the beetle deserves tons of commendation.
            Keshi inherited a super eagles team that was still ranked in the top 30 in the world and top 5 in Africa… without taking anything away from the trophy winning feat, if all he could get with the team was 4 points at the world cup and 14 points at AFCON, then 3 points at the world cup and 15 points at AFCON by a team inherited at 70th in the world and 16th in Africa is a feat….the semifinals where we lost in the 95th minute in 2019 is equivalent of the final of 2013. As much as you hate Rohr and will stop at nothing to vilify him, even your conscience knows that Iran and Bosnia is our group in 2018 would have been 6 straight points. Put what a SE team inherited at the top 30 Vs the top 70 in the world were able to achieve and see if you are being fair in your judgement and not blinded by pure hatred.

            Our rating today was where we were rated when SK took over, what we do at the next AFCON and WC would be a more fitting and even comparison. Compare apples to apples, not apples to strawberry.

            While you were fast forwarding to 2019, you hurriedly choose to skip the fact that we struggled to beat the likes of Namibia and Malawi home and away under Keshi, needed a 94th minute equaliser from oduamadi to avoid an embrassing home loss against Kenya in Calabar in our very first match after AFCON, needed 2 late goals from Sony Aluko to draw SA in Uyo and lost our unbeaten records against the likes of Congo and Sudan to embarrassing losses while ultimately failing to qualify for the next AFCON 2015. Pls remind us the last time an AFCON defending champion didn’t qualify for the next AFCON under the same coach a with practically th same team.

            Keshi may have won the AFCON but he gave us no team. All the “young (raw diamond)” players who debuted under him never came close the the SE ever again after he left. We struggled all through his reign except for those 4 matches leading to the AFCON trophy and finally accept it or not he never won as many games or have as high win ratio as Rohr had. We won less matches, drew more matches and lost more matches under Keshi. Simple and Clear.

            Records don’t lie.
            Rohr is not good, he is not this, he is not that, he is a failure…..my brother he still has the highest win ratio and the lowest loss ratio of any SE coach dead or alive. #FACT
            Moreover, he has given us a quality team no coach in his senses can discard for any reasons other than form or fitness for another 7-10 yrs


  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    Let me personally thank @Ike for his masterpiece, you are the only one here making a lot of sense.

    Gernot Rohr is a good man but coaching involves more than that, if only there will be great improvement in his technical and tactical abilities, then.. only then can we throw our weight behind him.

    Oga Rohr should follow the advice from Mr Ike, even though I have been saying so for long , do so and you will have our support.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Pls @goal, rephrase ur statement to “I” and remove the “we” there bcs more than 95 percent of football loving Nigerians and fans all over the world appreciate what he’s doing and are already solidly behind him. For your information, he doesn’t need your evil support. U can keep it to yourself or give it to Odegbami whenever he decides to go into coaching.

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        95% of Nigerians appreciate the little he has done, but want more, a little polishing here and there will see us become a force in the world.

        Just imagine Nigeria playing round 16 of the world cup against Belgium, how confidence can you be that we will win the game without having a coach with a winning mentality?

        We must not wait until we have players in real Madrid, Barcelona and other top clubs before we ever make it to quarter final or even semi finals of the world cup.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          How many R16 matches have you ever won in the world cup even with “…coaches who have winning mentality…”??? LMAO.

          Rohr does not have winning mentality but he has the highest win ratio of any SE coach ever…Does that even make any sense to you…LMAO

          • Mr. Drey,

            When you talk of winning ratio and all that, it reminds me of Arsene Wenger towards the end of his Arsenal career. The question  remains What is in your trophy locker?  Would you prefer Qualifying for Afcon  3 consective  Afcon final and failing to win the cup after  having 100% wining ratio or would you prefer qualifying for 2  editions,  draw all preliminary games and managed to play in the finals and win the cup twice with a hard fought lone goal?

            Just ask Jose Mourinho  why he played stronger Man Utd team in the Europa league  final at the detriment of the Manchester Derby and  he will make u listen to the UEFA champions league anthem.
            If you are interviewing coaches  the indices  that measures achievements in terms of trophy won will carry much weight than indices that measures wining ratio.

            So my  brother what matters is what u  have won not your wining ratio statistics.

      • Good talk from a wise man,keep it up bro@oakfield

  • RulerOfMen 4 years ago

    No right thinking, super eagles lover would dislike this man. Damn! I don’t think there’s ever been a super eagles coach in recent times so inlove with his team and the job like Rhor, not even the desperate, local coaches. Carry go, Mr Rhor, you have our backing.

  • RulerOfMen 4 years ago

    This is what they wanted to do. But God has used Mr. Rhor’s integrity to choke them. Imagine what Nigeria would have achieved at in SA 2010 with the pletora pf stars but for the NFF corruption.

    Lmao, up super eagles, up GR. Down endemic corruption, down Pinnick.

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      Hahahaha… Brain dead idiots. Detest these kinda elements with a passion. They not any better than a black phlegm.

    • Pls my people, let’s go through the link in @ Rulerofmen comments and see the rots in our football administrators

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Thanks @Ruler of men for that exposee…I will paste the whole story here o jare

      Former England coach Sven-Göran Eriksson has made a big claim about the corruption in the Nigeria Football Federation by revealing that he was offered the Super Eagles job in 2010 on the proviso that his salary would be divided.

      Following the dismissal of late Shuaibu Amodu after the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, Nigerian Federation were on the lookout for a marquee coach to lead the country to the World Cup and approached Giovanni Trapattoni, Arigo Sacchi, Guus Hiddink, Glenn Hoddle, Eriksson and Louis van Gaal.

      However, it was Swedish coach Lars Lagerbäck, whose curriculum vitae was not richer than the aforementioned coaches, that eventually got the job.

      “The only time I can remember having undergone any form that resembles an interview was when I was asked about the job of Nigeria’s national team coach in 2010 ahead of the World Cup in South Africa,” Eriksson told branschen.se.

      “I went down in the belief that I would meet the chairman of the Nigeria Football Federation and that it was really only contract formalities that we would go through.

      “But when I arrived, several coaches had received the same invitation, including Lars Lagerbäck. I was very surprised, but found myself quite quickly.”

      He continued : “After a while, I was called into the room with a chairman who declared that they wanted me as a coach, but with the proviso that my salary would be divided into two parts.

      “One that I got into my account and another that would be deposited into another account that was not in my name.

      “Then I refused to stand there, I thought something didn’t go right”.

      Glenn Hoddle, another of the candidates to coach the Super Eagles in 2010, claimed that he agreed a US$1m short-term deal with the Nigerian Federation in the months leading up to the World Cup but an official informed him that it would be announced as US$1.5m.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Another similar story

      Glenn Hoddle’s decision to walk away from a near-£1m contract to manage Nigeria at the 2010 World Cup has sparked a corruption investigation. Nigerian police are seeking statements from Hoddle and the agent who represented him, Olatunji John Shittu.

      The police will also talk to Lars Lagerback, the former Sweden coach who took the job, and executives from the Nigeria Football Federation and the national sports commission.

      Hoddle is believed to have claimed to the Nigerian state authorities that he came under pressure to arrange a bung for one of his new employers. Hoddle’s allegation is said to be that, having agreed a US$1m (£650,000) short-term deal last month, an official told him it would be announced as US$1.5m.

      Hoddle, who has not responded to attempts by the Guardian to contact him on the matter, was informed he would have to return the £325,000 difference as a kickback.

      The former England manager is said to have refused. Dr Bukola Saraki, a Nigerian state governor, says Hoddle approached him to report the incident before returning to the UK from Abuja. “When we met, Hoddle complained that he was asked to part with US$500,000 out of his US$1.5m [the contract fee to be paid] and that was the only way to do business in Nigeria,” Saraki said.

      An investigation by the Presidential Task Force for the 2010 World Cup found no wrongdoing. But now, according to its spokesman Femi Babafemi, Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has launched a formal inquiry.

      Funny enough, most of those PTF members (who didnt find any wrongdoing) back then are the ones fighting tooth and nail to get rid of Rohr today…..Let me not mention some of the PTF members’ names otherwise nepotists & racists will say i am not respecting our legends

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        These are just gossips, until it’s proven otherwise.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahaha….you think everyone is a FAT LAIR like you…? you are the one that knows the true story abi…? LMAO

          Names have been mentioned. Even EFCC was mentioned. Let those involved come out and refute these statements if they are lies, and force Ericsson and Hoddle to retract their statements.
          Afterall, Westerhof and Sani Toro refuted Bonfrere’s match selling allegations even before it cooled down. Ericsson even raised an alarm back then but Nigeria government waved it under the carpet as usual.
          Thieves will always support thieves.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      You guys should read also….

      Inside story of how Ideye’s Agent Made Keshi Drop Him From World Cup 2014 Squad over $200,000


      We know why they’ve been telling lies, sponsoring media campaigns and are fighting tooth and nail to kick Rohr out.

  • Larry 4 years ago

    @Ike and goal, I enjoy reading your comments because they are based on fair scrutiny and facts. You guys don’t thrown figures around like someone has displayed his blindness to reality by dividing GR’s salary into 4, when in the actual sense he has no clue about the distribution. His paid assistance may be on part time or pay as you go basis, which is a lot cheaper than you can imagine.
    I refuse to buy into GR’s innocentric or Mr. Nice rhetoric because I’m pretty sure if he had a better offer elsewhere, he would jump at it.
    If Rohr had achieved Keshi’s and SE’s record of winning the Nations Cup and reaching the W’cup second round in his first outing, only God knows how he would have reacted.
    It seems to me that GR has understood Nigerians mentality but only a Nigerian can outwit Nogerians in this game of hide and seek with nff. If GR finally becomes the coach and fails to improve his past performance or fail to reach next Afcon final. what next ?
    Please fasten tour seat belts and watch our events unfold in the Nff-Rohr series…

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha….fact lair. Your colleagues present facts indeed. LMAO.

      I always knew you had comprehension problems, but didn’t know it was this bad…LMAO. Read the interview above again and point out where it suggests that Rohr’s assistants are working on pay as you go basis. When even a blind man always sees them in the camp of the SE and also on the bench on matchdays. It the likes of Agali whom Rohr didn’t even mention amongst those working for him that one can assume works on pay as you go basis. Even if they were paid as pay as you go employees…do they look like people who are paid peanuts…???

      Birds of the same feathers really flock together indeed. LMAO

      • Larry 4 years ago

        Mr. Drey because it’s easy to differentiate people with the Dr. title from self-acclaimed ones. May be you need to get someone to analyze your comment for you..your comment is copied and pasted below..
        “Like I told you, I don’t speak in public about it. I never spoke about my salary, I only saw that it has been published. But it’s for four people and not only for me. A lot of people don’t know that……55000 divided by 4 = $13750. Where are the bloody liars led by their leader Sunday Oliseh who said Rohr earns 4 times what local coaches where paid…? When did 13750 become 4 X 30,000 or 4 X 36,000 in the case of Keshi…?”

        You are prolly the one with the longest comment and the dullest contribution on this forum. You always act like you know everything but you know nothing. When challenged with facts, you shift ground to a different topic. I hope you can explain the reason why you divided GR’s salary into 4. You trying to make your demigod GR look like a saint and extraordinary when in the actual sense he is yet to win a trophy in all his coaching life.
        As a fan of SE, I want the best for the team and from the SWOT analysis of GR, only a substantial improvement in technical inputs, tactical formation and substitution, effective GK, self esteem and backroom staff will suffice for a championship SE.
        GR is an average coach that needs to upgrade his weaknesses in the aforementioned areas to win a trophy.

        • Michael 4 years ago

          @Larry I genuinely disagree with you on the assertion that Dr Drey makes the dullest comment here. It’s either you’re new in here or you simply displaying shear jealous for his factual and educative comments. No one does it better than him. Objective and factual as he refutes false claims (Olisey etc). He successfully pre-informed us on Rohr’s salary before this report. Keep it up Drey. Keep the passion burning bro. Rohr will surely make us proud

          Larry if you can’t be the reach, simply…

        • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

          You are spot on bro @Larry

          Never you give up in speaking the truth!

          The Super Eagles must be great again!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            I agree with you…I’m the dullest in this forum….infact the least educated.
            But at least I’m not a lair like you.
            The worst that can happen to a man is to be caught red-handed in public telling cheap and white lies.
            I know you are heavily frustrated because I always expose you and your cohorts even with links that others can read from….LMAO.
            Sorry ehn, but when you start saying the truth and backing them up with facts and links that will clear all REASONABLE doubts, then we will start taking you seriously on this forum.

            You claim to do a SWOT analysis, I overheard the S in the SWOT stands for strength….but all you’ve ever done on this forum is to undermine the old man and never say a good thing about him. If he was so full of weaknesses how come he has the highest win ratio and least loss ratio as super eagles coach than any other SE coach ever despite inheriting the lowest ranked SE team ever..??? If he was so weak and useless and nonperforming why are his employers offering him his 2nd consecutive contract renewal…??? Why didn’t the offer your World class local coaches whom they could control like dolls new contracts twice…why is it this “failure” whom they are finding difficult to control that they are offering contract renewals after every end of contract.

            He is an average coach YES. HE IS. Westerhof was a nobody in Holland, Bonfrere was a nobody in holland, neither has any of our local coaches been. Nigeria has never had a world class coach apart from Vogts and can’t afford $1m per month unfailingly for one not in the near future…but the ones we can get we will appreciate, so far they are improving us. If you choose to be an unappreciative ingrate then perish with your ingratitude.

            I have absolutely nothing to prove to you….even if you like, tell people I never saw the four walls of a classroom it’s your cup of tea. I’ll leave that to readers on this forum to judge if I’m the dullest or the fattest lair like you.

            I even thought you would explain to us how $55k shared by 4 people is four time what our local coaches were paid as you and your fellow liars have unsuccessfully tried to make us believe….LMAO

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Hahahaha… Brain dead idiots. Detest these kinda elements with a passion. They not any better than a black phlegm.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    I have said it before that the love of eagles is the begining of truphys. Mr rohr please carry go you have my support, another coach i admire so much interms of resilience and tolerance is siasia, siasia would have bin better assistance to rohr if not for mr Fifa and his wahala. I think rohr will learn from pass mistakes in terms of game readings. Enough of all these comparising betwin the living and the late, let us support who is currently incharge.

    • You have said it all Collins id. May you walk and never stumble.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I can’t beg NFF or Mr. Rohr to sign the new contract because, I don’t think NFF are confident enough to sign the new contract with Oga Rohr. If not, why are they waisting time to sign the contract?

    That tells me that NFF doesn’t know what they are doing. If Oga Rohr is not good enough, NFF should let him know right away instead of kicking him around.

    Another thing is that, Oga Rohr should respect himself. Let your work speak for you not the other way round.

    NFF should think about two things, one, what Oga Rohr has done differently since he has been working with the team. Does he deserve to stay with the team or not.

    Two, upon all the players we have, is Oga Rohr pass or fail?

    This is very simple to do but NFF are not transparent and that means they won’t do it.

    I have no problem with coach Rohr if NFF get him the right people to work with him.

    My issue with the NFF is that, treating their employees like slaves is what I don’t like. By now, Oga Rohr should have known his stand.

    Truth is bitter. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Charlie San Pedro 4 years ago

    My humble opinion is that comments here should be screened before being published. It is evidently clear that some guys do smoke weed before their comments and thereby exhibiting a very deplorable mental state, what a shame.

  • Trash as usual. Which players did you have, Messi or Rinaldo? Even country that has star players like d 2 mentioned aboved did not win major thing of recent. What is your problem whenever they talk of anything about Mr Rohr. He has done well check the stats and stop spewing rubbish here Mr jealousy.

  • Please what is Mr rohr trying to imply here. the lasttime i checked, there were 2 assistance given to him by the NFF (Salisu Yusuf, Amakabo, Alloy Agu). So if he decides to have more coaches apart from the appointed ones, thats his problem. The Fact remains he gets paid $55,000 per month. What he does with his funds is his problem. Am surprised at the excuses some people are making here and the comparison that he is being paid less than keshi and oliseh. Didn’t they also hire coaches tha were not paid by the NFF. Abeg let us speak the truth when it matters

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Apart from the Nigerian assistants appointed by NFF, Keshi, Siasia and Oliseh’s foreign assistants were paid directly by the NFF. Go and get your facts right before jumping into an argument.

      NFF appointees are political appointees….Aloy Agu and Salisu have been there since the days of Oliseh, what has been their contributions apart from taking bribes to invite players to the national team…? Scout good homebased players, they can’t. Rohr has to come and scout homebased players too as if the $20,000 pm they are being paid is paid into Rohr’s account

      • Please name Keshi’s assistant that was foreign. Siasia was paying his assistant from his pocket before he insisted he be paid by the NFF. Can’t recollect who was oliseh’s assistant. My brother, the NFF had made it clear to Rohr that they were not paying for any foreign assistant. so like i stated earlier, he chose to pay for his own asistant. So he should stop making it look like it is the responsibility of the NFF

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          What nationality was Valere Houdinou…?? What nationality was Simon kalika…? What nationality was Jean Luscioto.
          All of them had separate contracts with the NFF and were paid nothing less that $20,000 per month.
          Siasia only paid kalika from his pocket in 2005…by the time he selected him as assistant in the SE Kalika’s contract was separately negotiated.

          Go and get your facts right before arguing.

          • Since you sound like someone that worked for the NFF and is a part of the decison making, shows us the proof of all the coaches contract. we don’t need assumptions here. back your story up with facts. Abi na from Austria NFF dey operate

  • we are happy’ we are happy. why are we happy? we dont know.

    we are enjoying’ we are enjoying. what are we enjoying? we dont know.

    we like it’ we like it.
    why do we like it? we dont know.

    he is good’ he is good. what make him good? we dont know.

    he has transform super eagle’ he has transform super eagle. what does he transform? we dont know.

    he has achieve’ he has achieve. what does he achieve? we dont know.

    he is building super eagle’ he is building super eagle. to what level has he build? we still dont know. fail at 2 big tournaments.

    i think we are more confused than lost people in sea.

    • Pls don’t use the collective noun “we” because your opinion is not a general opinion, you should be responsible for your opinion only.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      1-We are happy bcs we don’t struggle to qualify for tournies again. We are happy bcs we are now rated amongst the best in the world.
      2-, we are enjoying bcs we now win games confidently without heart attacks. We are enjoying bcs we (including ur miserable self) have long sold our calculators for permutations. We are enjoying bcs players who are in form are being invited on merit and not based on kick backs.
      3. He’s good bcs of the above I’ve clearly stated and more. He’s good bcs he pays the salary of four of his assistants from the meagre stuff he gets and still doesn’t complain. He’s good bcs he’s accepted a pay cut in order to finish up the good work he started 2016 and reposition the eagles on the global football stage.
      4. He has transformed the eagles to a team that can stand the test of time. The cream of the team are very young,(one of the youngest in the world) that have the tendency of staying together for the next ten years or more whilst maintaining their good forms as their respective clubs. Chukwueze , osimhen, Simon Moses,troost ekong, ndidi,kele,ajayi,collins, Sam kalu, and many more. No more having players that will only play in one particular tournament and then disappear like mist.
      5. He has achieved so many things one of which is taking us from 70th in the world to 16th (and still climbing), from 16th in Africa to 3rd(and still climbing). Making our players marketable in the football market. Now, our players have the opportunity of signing for big clubs like man u, Barcelona, Madrid, Chelsea, arsenal etc. In fact ,our players are now hot cakes as opposed to what was obtainable before he came on board. He was given a disjointed and hopeless , dirty team but he was able to mould it together again, instilled belief and faith in them, dust and refine the team to what it is today in a very short period of time. He accepted to nurture the team when every world class coach rejected the team like a child with a deadly infectious disease.
      6. He’s building the team based on the criteria clearly outlined and stated herein. I think , you are the most confused person on earth and the whole universe if you have failed to see and appreciate all that I have stated above which are verifiable facts without wayo. In fact, you sound as if you’ve been living under a rock all this while ( who knows , it might be true) . Pls, don’t come here to make a fool of yourself if u have nothing meaningful and sensible to say. If you are a frustrated fellow, pls, kindly remain where u have been all these years, that would do a lot of good to u and those around you.

  • Oviemuno Ejaria Finally Set To Play For Nigeria Over England

    Oviemuno Ejaria Finally Set To Play For Nigeria Over England
    On-loan Liverpool midfielder Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria has gotten the green light by FIFA to switch allegiance to the senior national team of Nigeria from England.

    The Score Nigeria learnt that the 22-year-old Ejaria filled for a nationality switch last year and the process which is usually lengthy for players who have represented England has now been ratified by FIFA meaning he can now play for Nigeria.

    The midfielder who is on loan to Reading was watched by the coach of the Nigerian team Gernot Rohr while on a visit to England and talks over a switch of nationality were swiftly concluded with the player and his representatives.

    Already the 22-year-old has made contact with some players of the senior national team of Nigeria to express his joy at finally getting a chance to play for the Super Eagles after his failure to make the Nigeria U17 team of 2013.

    Between then and now, the midfielder has progressed in leaps and bounds and even won the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup with England but he fancies his chance at senior international football with Nigeria more than with England.

    This season he has emerged as one of the shining light of Reading in the English Championship with many already rating him as one of the best young midfielders in the league as he has impressed since his move to the team in January 2019. He rejoined the team on another loan deal just before the start of the season.

    So far he has scored four goals from 48 games but the coach of the Nigerian national team Gernot Rohr has seen enough to hand him a chance to fight for a spot in the senior national team of Nigeria when international football returns after the coronavirus .

    Nice one

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…where is that oversabi @ Goal or over-the-bar that was accusing me of lieing about Ejaria’s imminent switch…???

      Bunch of nitwits…!

      Come and speak your useless German here to deny it and give me another opportunity to show the world what a lieing scumbag you are.

      Thank God comments never get deleted on CSN. LMAO

  • De Star ⭐️ 4 years ago

    @Omo9ja, @Goal , @ Larry@Ike etc kudos to you all for your balanced and unbiased analysis of Rohr achievement / technical deficiencies vis-a-vis signing a new contract.

    The take home point from your persistence robust criticism of Rohr’s average achievement performance are really yielding great results as enumerated bellow

    1. We now have a humbled coach for the first time in 4 years who who has realized he is not that a super coach who would be too big to live in the country of his employer 

    2.  We now have a humbled coach , who realized he is an average coach who Nigeria is given a big favour as he needs Nigeria coaching job  more than Nigeria needs him, hence decision to come down from his phoney high horse to accept to jettison his family and resides permanently in Nigeria as against his two previous contract where he had ridiculously given conditions to be working from his home country as if he was doing Nigeria a big favour by coaching our team .

    3. We now have NFF that knows; it is no longer business as usual where they can Sign a ridiculous contract with the eagles eyes like @Goal@Larry@Omo9ja @Ike &co plus every good soccer loving Nigerians monitoring the activities in the glass house 

    4. We now have a right thinking  NFF that no longer celebrate mediocre achievement with absurd 95% salary increment for an average coach that was bundled out in the first round in WC and technically well beaten by local coach of another African country  unlike in the past where NFF shamelessly rewarded their business partner with salary increase from $30k to 55k !!! for winning Afcon bronze medal ! ( God knows many percentage increase he would have been given if he were to qualified for Afcon finals let alone Afcon cup  , it can only happened in the then corrupt NFF organization, thank God , a new Sheriff is in the town ; the no nonsense new sports minister).

    4. We now have a born again coach who did not only honestly admitted his past achievement does not deserve improved contract, but  quickly accepted lower wage with declaration that he is not coaching Nigerian team because of money  ( I never see any employee that informed his employer that , he does not want money , what a born again Father Christmas coach who choses to  serve  his adopted country without money consideration)

    My sincere advice is for NFF to put a stop to this ongoing Hollywood by either renewing Rohr contact and we move on or allow Rohr extends his world class technical  prowess to the so called other two countries that are badly in need of his services, just as Burkinafaso, Niger and Gabon have tasted the Rohr’s wizardry coaching skills in the past .

    Enough of all this drama of  “ yes I agree to be paid in Naira , “Yes  I agreed to  pay cut even volunteering to cut part of his salary for this period ( other are even given up 80% of their salary until the Corona virus ended) , “yes I agree to live in Nigeria, yes I only love Nigerian job and not money ; I just hope one day , it will not get to a stage where Rohr would say , “yes I agree to continue coaching Super eagles without salary where he would be at the mercy of the foreign based players who would have to rescue their coach with financial support, called bribe ‘

    NFF don’t have to humiliate Rohr before renew his contract otherwise, he will loose respect of his players which will be counter productive. It is high time , NFF either swim ‍♀️ or sink with Rohr by signing his new contract or or giving him the boot  

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      So after all these lies you just typed, tell us the truth even for once.

      which one of your superstar exinternationals whom you claim are far better than Rohr ever got a contract renewal all their careers as coaches or ever got linked to another country after leaving the SE job…??? LMAO.

      If you like tell us Rohr is offering Pinnick his daughter just to remain as SE coach…that’s your headache.

      The fact is that once again you and your cohorts have lost this battle. LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Pls remind us again, where are all your world class local exinternational coaches (whom the NFF has tried to rehabilitate with coaching jobs before) working currently…???

      Oh…they are still waiting for another bailout from the NFF….LMAO.
      Biko tell them to wait till 2022 while you continue authoring your book of fallacies and lamentations till then….LMAO.

      It’s such a shame how comfortable it is for adults to tell lies even in public in this generation. Gone where the days when you hardly find pejury of the lips of elders.

  • @iluwa you don kill me with laugh.

  • De Star ⭐️ 4 years ago

    Lol 2 other countries are badly in need of my services so says oga Rohr .

    Would somebody reminds oga Rohr that before he was rescued by his business partner NFF, he had worked previously with other 3 African countries where he was summarily dismissed less than 2 years in each of those countries ( Gabon , Burkinafaso & Niger )  with F9 shameful performance as low as 27% 13% , so going to another country if any ,where his technical deficiencies would be more exposed is the less headache of Nigeria at the moment. 

    Would someone remind oga Rohr that when a professional or a good coach that knows his onion , would agree to another job offer  with good pay rather than being subjected to a series of embarrassment, less than a month to his contract expiration , not even 6 months 

    Would someone remind Rohr that his handlers antics of 2 years ago where they purported clammed other countries wanted to snatched Mr bronze medallist Rohr from Nigeria can only work with the then corrupt NFF without the current no nonsense new sports minister , he should spare us that STORY , if indeed he get good offer , why waiting for being humiliated ( even our Nigerian ex Internationals coaches couldn’t be humiliated to this level )

    It amuses me where his promoters would rather go comic saying ,he was dying to stay because of the boys he discovered, what a lame excuse ! ( a maltreated bad and ugly wife that is left with no choice would rather faced all manner of treatment, embarrassment, whipping even to the point of death in the name of staying because of her children lol !)  
    Would someone remind , Rohr and his promoters of this lame excuse that Osimeh was a golden boot winner in under 17 tournament discovered by a local coach , Ola Aina , Ekong , Nddidi , Balogun, Ekong, Musa, Etobo, Azeez , Shehu etc are not his discovery as Nigeria is always blessed with array of players at any point in time hence never missed WC since 1994. 
    Nigeria has never have problems of goalkeeper in the super eagles except during this time where a supposed technical adviser Rohr can not come up with a reliable goalkeeper in 4 years , Onigbinde in less than 3 months came up with Enyema , Oliseh less than few months came up with a reliable goalkeeper, just as Ike Shorunmi was brought up .

    @goal , Ade@Omo9ja ,@Larry@Ike & others Thumbs up for you all .

    It is no longer business as usual, enough of celebrating mediocrity with flimsy excuses, he is paying 4 assistants, if he likes let him pay 10 assistants , other past coaches also have their assistants paid from their pocket , our concern is he should get a right and skilled assistants who can cover his poor technical deficiencies at big occasion . His 3rd coming shouldn’t be like that of PMB of 2019 

    • chryx 4 years ago

      @ Daystar may you receive this same kind of words you give to G.R here at your place of work that people would never appreciate your effort no matter how u try if you are doing the right say amen but if your conscience tells u that what you are doing is wrong then apologize and change so that people will also see good things in you that is the way life is .

    • Yes we always have stars,yet we missed two Second with these stars.

    • Kamalu 4 years ago

      De Star,
      You are very objective and straight to the point. A good coach will always ask for money. The sentiments of Mr. Rohr is total desperation. He has not achieved anything. This idea of young team he is always putting out is nonsensical. Our players are not young at all. Simon’s wife had the second baby yesterday at 24 yrs official age. He married her wife 5 yrs ago. That means Simon married at the age of 18. Keshi won afcon. Sisia won u20 world cup silver. Won Olympic silver and bronze again even when the minister of sports and NFF couldn’t do much for the team. Rohr is four yrs on this job and every year young team. When will this team grow.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Never missed WorldCup since 1994? Lmao!! Bro we missed the WorldCup in 2006 all thanks to a local coach. Most of the players you mentioned got their SuperEagles debut under Rohr. You forgot to mention how Oliseh labelled Balogun and Ekong too soft for African football. Thereby leaving them out of the team until GR came and established them as the “Oyinbo wall”. We’ve always had the talents yet those talents couldn’t qualify for two consecutive AFCON. Lmao!! Where are the talents when the SuperEagles was ranked 70th in the world? Anyway whatever GR does with his salary is not the issue. He has built a team from nothing and the SuperEagles are continually improving by the days with great potential. We no longer need calculators during qualifiers by qualifying for two now it will three tournaments with games to spare. I’ll rather stick with results. After all he’ll still be here till at least the 2022 Mundial. Whoever got a problem with that can continue with their epistles. 

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    @ Destar you have made so many variable points, please keep it up.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Mr “I live in Austria” when will you save the little that is left of your integrity and apologize to Me for calling me a lair when I first broke the news of Ejaria’s imminent switch…??? LMAO

      I have that post nicely saved somewhere….just make any attempt to deny it and you will be heavily exposed like I’ve been exposing lairs like you and your cohorts for weeks now…LMAO

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        Ejaria is a Nigerian, so he has the right to play for his country.

        There’s nothing to prove here.

        • @ade “if qualifying for world cup is not the yardstick of a good coach” then why did your ex player coach left the team in shattered cos he had seen the handwriting on the wall? Remember what the team gone through before we found Rohr. One man even agreed to coach the team only for him to deny later but Rohr took the risk and ever since we have been enjoying our football again. Though, he might have not won all the matches or any trophy but Nigeria football is better off than what it was before and we well meaning fans love that.As for you and your cohorts enemy of progress you can wail/ cry as you like. In Rohr we trust and we shall win together just wait and see God will disappoint all of you Mtchhhew.

          • Please go back and read my quote very well. All i said is qualifying for the world cup with one game to spare is now a yardstick to make rohr on top of the world. Bros. many coaches have done that and gone to win trophies

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahaha….@ Over the Bar…Wetin this one dey talk…LMAO…is that the answer to my question…?? LMAO…abi make I ask am in German since the pidgin German wey u dey speak don begin confuse you for brain.

          Abi Who has ever said Ejaria is not Nigerian…? Who has ever said Ejaria is not eligible to play for Nigeria…?

          Who first broke the news or said anything about the approval of his switch…? When I did didn’t you call me a lair…?? By doing so weren’t you the one trying to undermine his eligibility to play for us…???

          Ei…I really pity you…you are not only shameless, you not only tell lies and say things you can’t back up with facts, you are also allergic to the truth even when raw facts and hard evidence is placed before you and seem to have the inability to reason straight.

          Have some balls, be a man and apologize to the great Dr.Drey, the man who has info (even classified into) at the tip of his fingers….LMAO

          You can’t beat 2 decades as a researcher….you can’t. LMAO

          Save the little that is left of your integrity and apologize and thank me for breaking the good news long ago man…LMAO.

          Just two words…”I apologize”. It won’t make you less a man. LMAO. Save yourself all these beating about the bush and trying to change lane from Dawson Street to Queens boulevard. LMAO

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hehehehehe…listen and listen good, let me tell you for free once again that 2 more foreign borns are on the way and will make their debuts before this year runs out.
          If you want to embarass yourself in public on this one again, tell me I’m lieing….when that time comes, the face of the real lair will be unveiled….LMAO

  • Yes we always have stars,yet we missed two afcons back to back.

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Chryx or Chux , my dearest brother, please leave prayer points out of our discuss , over reliance on religion and anything foreign with corrupt induced  mentality are what brought Nigeria to its present crawling position where our dearest Nation has descends so low from being the then giant of Africa to the mosquitoes of Africa now. Football is an art of science and not spiritual, otherwise Isreal or Saudi Arabia would have won WC for keeps . Heaven helps those who help themselves. ( so to answer your question, If I am given opportunity ahead of nationals of my employer, I wouldn’t expect anyone to celebrate my mediocrity output )

    If I may ask you , were you not embarrassed as a patriotic Nigerian that an average coach like oga Rohr have a shameful clauses to work from his home country in his 2 previous contract , as if he is doing Nigeria a big favour? ( even Westerhof that got to Afcon finals in his first outing,  broke World Cup qualification never gave such ridiculous condition in his contractual agreement).

    Were you not amazed that a failed coach that was bundled out in the first round of WC, technically outclassed and bundled out again in a lower competition in the semifinals by an ordinary local coach of another African country in Afcon was rewarded with shameful & ridiculous  95% salary increase  , for his complete failure in the 2 competition where he was taught rudimentary of football? When a Nigerian coach late Keshi who built  a new team that couldn’t also qualify for the previous Afcon just like Rohr team , did not not only sent parking the dreaded star studded team comprises of the fearsome Drogber , Yaya, Traore etc ( as matter of fact many of the NFF have bought their returns tickets before the match as they were of the opinion how would a Nigerian coach for that matter stand any chance against a dreaded Drogber led team, but the rest is now history as Keshi technically ; unleashed a local boy Sunday  Mba on CIV to shut the mouth of the NFF and the mighty CIV   )  but also went beyond his given target to win Afcon cup , yet he was not rewarded with 1% salary increment rather he was frustrated and the poor Keshi resigned only to rescind his decision due to the intervention of the then President GEJ , then qualified for WC which has been a birthright of Nigeria since 1994 and got to the second round to equal Westerhof enviable records of wining Afcon and simultaneously reaching 2nd round of WC , yet the poor Keshi was sacked .

      ( If you don’t know the reason behind such preferential treatment and ridiculous salary increment to the shameful bronze medallist Rohr, please go and read Punch Newspaper of 2 days ago April 29,2020 of the confessional statement from Coach Erickson on why he turned down the offer to coach super eagles in 2010 after the sack of Amodu who equally  won bronze medal and qualified for WC just as Rohr whose mediocrity was rewarded with almost 100% salary increment, where he said the then NFF Chairman led officials gave him condition that his Salary would be paid into 2 different accounts , of which One would be on his name and another in different name ). Employment or foreign coaches has always been a booming business in the glass house , that is why they would do everything to frustrate our Nigerian ex internationals coaches from succeeding .
    At least , it is not a hidden fact, even many of the Rohr’s promoters also attested to this fact in this forum , that , there was no any responsible good  coach that was ready to accept NFF offers after Oliseh rightly walked out on NFF except Rohr. Only that his promoters are not aware of the business ventures of NFF. ( It is only the NFF that can explain ;that a recently sacked coach in his 3 African countries with F9 records was the only one deemed fit to be employed then as eagles coach ) 

    My dearest brother @ Chux , please let us appreciate and give kudos to the likes of @ Stan@Ade,@Goal,@Larry @Omo9ja @Ike@Iluwa etc for turning the hit on Rohr and his business partners NFF with their constructive criticism; otherwise, NFF would have not only gave Rohr improved 200% salary increase new contract but oga Rohr would also have with temerity requested in his new contract to move   Super eagles home matches to his home country in Germany since all his players are based in Europe rather than suffering 6 hours flight to and fro Nigeria anytime S/E have matches.

    I sincerely don’t know if we should also thank our new Father Christmas oga Rohr too who has been shouting since few months ago that he doesn’t want improved contract again !! ( salary increment as his business partner NFF did last time) , May be he is scared of the new sheriff in town ( current sports minister) and the likes of eagles eyes like @ Goal @Omo9ja @Stan & co . 

    What a country, what a joke NFF !!

    I just hope they would end this drama by either signing a new contract with oga Rohr and support him with good Nigerian assistants who can cover his technical deficiencies or set him free rather than continuously ridicule him .

    If I were Rohr’s supporter , I would be strongly ashamed of what the NFF has turned Rohr  into , the old man sincerely speaking does not deserved being ridiculed to this level one month to the expiration of his contract . I am pretty sure sone of our principled Nigerians coaches like Oliseh , Emenalo  , Finidi etc wouldn’t have descended low to this unfortunate level 

    • Larry 4 years ago

      @Destar, you are a real soccer aficionado. Keep up the good work, brother!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…lairs on the prowl.

      Ahmed Yusuf Fresh, vice chairman of the NFF’s committee, explained their recommendation.

      “The committee was impressed with Mr. Rohr’s profile and current activities for the German Football Federation (DFB),” he said.

      “He was very positive, showed great interest in the job and is READY AND WILLING TO LIVE AND WORK IN NIGERIA.

      “He swayed the committee with his calmness, good knowledge of the African terrain, focus and maturity.”

      That was as far back as 2016, Lairs should tell us when Rohr objected to the idea of living in Nigeria before signing a contract or the clause in his previous contracts that mandated him not to work in Nigeria

      Pls remind us again who won the UEFA Cup silver medal with Bordeaux in 1995 and Swiss cup in 2003

      Pls remind us who failed to qualify us for AFCON 2012

      Pls remind us who failed to qualify us for AFCON 2015

      Pls remind us who failed to qualify us for AFCON 2017

      If Rohr had F9 before coming to coach Nigeria, pls what results this your local cargos have before the NFF chose to set the destiny of the SE on fire by offering them SE job

      Pls remind us why coaches were running away from coaching ALMIGHTY Nigeria before Rohr bravely took the task by the chin.

      Pls remind us who took Tanzania to their worst ever AFCON

      Pls remind us who took Gabon to their best ever AFCON

      Pls remind us who took Nigeria to 70th position in the world and 16th position in Africa

      Pls remind us who has brought us back to being one of the best 3 on the continent.

      The final of Westerhof’s first AFCON is the quarterfinals of Rohr’s first AFCON….guess what, Rohr won it. Westerhof couldn’t qualify for his first Worldcup…guess what Rohr qualified for his first Worldcup with a game to spare despite inheriting the lowest ranked SE of all times.

      We had never been ranked 16th in Africa before, thanks to your world class exinternationals coaches. They are your A1 coaches who cannot get jobs unless NFF pities their condition and tries to find them something to feed their families and keep them relevant. Rohr wasn’t jobless when he was approached, he was working for the FA of the then current World Champions and developing programs for them.

      Pls show us links that Rohr’s salary in 2016 which was even less than what Keshi earned and equal to what Oliseh and Siasia earned is being shared by the NFF.

      Show us where Rohr ever requested SE matches be played in Germany. Was it not your lair of a local champion and fake guadiola who moved our camps and friendlies to Belgium during his tenure and even resolved NEVER to work from Nigeria

      Pls where are your world class exinternationals who are better than Rohr working now…LMAO. Why can’t they get jobs anywhere else….. hahahaha….paddy paddy doesn’t work outside Nigeria. Your hardwork and CV is what works. No maybe they are too good to coach clubs in Africa, they want to start their coaching careers with Real Madrid and Barcelona….LMAO
      At least Rohr had F9 in Niger and Burkina Faso and learnt his lessons and came to use it to improve us from 16th in Africa and 70th in the world to top 3 in Africa and soon top 30 in the world and currently has a score of 82% (A1) of games not lost….pls what was the score of your local cargoes in Africa….oh sorry…they don’t have CVs than can even qualify them for an interview…LMAO and they don’t have the phone numbers of FA presidents of other countries to be chasing them with calls all over the place.

      Pls tell us another bunch of lies….raise the heat of your lies by a factor of 4, we will be glad to bust your lies, and quench them with hard facts that clears all REASONABLE doubts (I can’t say the same about senseless doubts anyway)

      It’s always a pleasure. LMAO

      • It will be best you show us the contract rohr signed when he first took the national team. Seems you have read word for word everything that was stipulated in his contract. Since he agreed to live in nigeria in his first contract then why hasn’t he resided for once. Well lets see what he has left to offer. Since qualifying for the world cup with a game to spare his now a yard stick to make him a great coach

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Maybe you and your fellow lairs can show us in his contract where he ever insisted not residing Nigeria like your Oliseh did.

          Yes sit your damn asses down and keep you damn mouths shut and see what he will do from now on. He has succeeded in bringing us from the pit of uselessness and disgrace you world class tin-gods dumped us to the position where we were before we were able to win our last AFCON. That alone is success.

          The next phase will be what happens from then on.

          If you and your cohorts have nothing else to say apart from your plenty lies that you can’t back up with facts they shut your guts and turn off your TV sets whenever the eagles under Rohr are playing.
          Finis and Klaar…!

          • I can see you frustrated, all you do his pass insults, when you can’t logically. Oga go and look something tangible to do and stop wasting your precious our precious time. if you can’t provide us with the copy of the contracts that were sign, then just arguments are baseless

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…who has been arguing without facts, logic or basis between the two of us….who looks more frustrated…LMAO

            All you’ve ever said on this discourse are lies that you can’t substantiate…LMAO…From claiming Keshi never had a foreign assistant to telling us he paid his assistants from his pocket, to telling us Rohr inserted a clause in his contract insisting never to work in Niger Nigeria….Lies and More lies.

            Dr. Drey has to do everything for you and your lazy ass lieing cohorts….he has to dig out facts for you, he has to provide links for you to go read and educate your ignorance… Nonsense upon impetus (apologies to Chief Zebrudaya) LMAO

            Go read the link I posted above to get a hint to the terms agreed with Rohr when he was engaged.

            Bust the lies of people like you is the most tangible thing I’ve ever done….LMAO

          • Like i said you are frustrated and seeking attention. Stop displaying garbage. What bogus facts are you displaying here. Your useless self is there making mouth about facts you don’t have. At least naija media outlet are feeding you lies because they know morons like you will feed into there lies. For your info the last time your rohr won a championship was 20plus years ago, and yet he is technically sound. rubbish

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            @ Ade
            Pele ehn. Olodo rapata.

            I can smell your jelousy from 1000 miles aways…LMAO.

            You wish you had even a fraction of the volume of info I have but unfortunately you can’t and never will.

            I’ll rather seek attention with the truth than jump into arguements like an antelope with lies and without facts like you.

            So BBC, ESPN, The Mirror, Wikipedia and co are Nigerian media that feed people with lies abi.

            It is you who sits in your backyard and cook up stories that you can’t substantiate that knows more than the Nigerian media and other international news outlets…LMAO.

            Nigerian media are lieing but you are stuck on CSN like flies stuck in the latrine. You will tell us if CSN is a Somalia media. LMAO

            I’ll rather read and believe the lies from the Nigerian media than believe your own lies. Lies like “…Keshi never had a foreign assistant..” or ” our local SE coaches where paying their assistants from their own pocket…LMAO

            If you like tell us the last time Rohr won anything was during 1st world war it’s your headache. Tell your world class African Guadiolas to also go and win championships too since they are far better than Rohr…LMAO

            I’ve been posting facts here since the days of Jonah and even the rest of CSN can attest to that. I have challenged your ilk severally to prove false any info a drop here and they have a FAILED. I have nothing to prove to lieing nitwits like you.

      • Whats there to be jealous about, from an attention seeker. Like i said dude, go bring your facts out. Even BBC, ESPN don’t have a copy of Rohrs contract, it is all hear say, So since it is your backyard in Vienna the contract was drafted, please publish it, and stop giving us assumptions. Fake news, Don’t need you to find info for me, i can do that has well

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hehehehehe so you have a copy of Rohr’s contract and read the clause where Rohr INSISTED HE MUST WORK FROM GERMANY…pls feel free to share it with us then since you don’t depend on BBC, ESPN or Wiki to get your own info.
          We know you just sit-down close to the latrine at your backyard, inhale some steamed crap and jump into CSN like a donkey bro start arguing.
          And latter you will turn back and call the same CSN and other Nigerian media outlets lairs who can only lie to fools like the rest of us on this platform that read them to get informed. LMAO

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Kamalu thumb up for your brilliant analysis, exposing a lazy coach who always blames his failure in his tools as if the so called young boys were forced on him ( even though they are using football ages just like their counterparts in the world , to the Rohr supporters , a grown up man like Uzoho should be playing with U17 team 

    Perhaps, we also need to remind oga Rohr promoters that the younger the merrier, old age at times is a negative to a team  that is why FIFA doesn’t care the age anyone uses from U20s even in Olympic Games, they allowed 3 best over age in your national team so that no lazy coach would hid under my team is young

    May be Rohr and his promoters needs to be reminded that JJ , Segun Odegbami , Mutiu , Amunike Obafemi Martins Amokachi , Oliseh etc were already great players before age 20 and the Peles, R9-Ronaldo etc were already lifting WC before age 21 and Messi of this world, C Ronaldo of this world were already lifting Premiership , Laliga , Olympic gold U20 WC before age 21 .

    When an ugly lady  wanted to deceive herself  , she would blamed her ugliness in been beaten by rain , the wiser ones would also remind her that rain doesn’t wash away beauty ( Rohr can’t give what he doesn’t have , he lacks winning technical capability at the big stage) , that is why he never lift even a tea cup as coach in all the country he ever coached , his business partners NFF knows his capability, that is why , they celebrated his bronze medal as if he won bronze in the WC

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Its ok if Rohr has never won a tea cup, at least he’s progressing with the SuperEagles which is so glaring for all to see. About 50% of the current SuperEagles are born or raised abroad therefore, the team is quite a young team legitimately. However, over the last 3 plus years the SuperEagles under Rohr had been to a WorldCup and won bronze at the AFCON in a 24 team tournament. With those experiences the team is now back to the top 3 of African football and held their own against top oppositions like Ukraine and Brazil right after the AFCON. The team is growing in confidence by the day and additional quality dual nationality players are committing their international future to Nigeria. I can’t ask for anything more than that because even if we hire both Klopp and Pep together Nigeria will not win the WorldCup. We can only make an appreciable impact like we’ve done in the past. Technical input or no technical capabilities you and your cohorts have been crying about is quite laughable. SuperEagles under Rohr have mostly scored first and in the games they’ve conceded first they’ve always found a way to come back and win or lose agonizingly. 

      Before GR came in most of our players were playing in obscure leagues. Now our players are aspiring for top teams in the top leagues. Most of the current SuperEagles first 11 are playing in the top 5 leagues in Europe. Players have been selected on merit unlike who knows who and bribe your way through corrupt agents. As far as the team is progressing I leave Rohr to continue doing his job. There’s never a time he rejected the idea of living in Nigeria so I have no idea where you guys got that from just like you forgot that we didn’t qualify for the WorldCup in 2006 LMAO!!! I implore you and your cohorts to take a sit and see how the SuperEagles will take flight from here on under Rohr. I feel really sorry for you guys because Rohr will still be here to continue the good work he has started and will definitely achieve something great with this exciting young SupeEagles. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#. 

      • Thank you mr @degreat man I knew even before I go through ur post that enemies of progress and some foolish drunkard’s on this forum will dislike ur wonderful contributions but they will continue living in shame,up Rorh fly higher

  • Godsown 4 years ago

    From personal experience, I stopped watching or reading about Nigeria football because of their poor performances until Rohr came .

  • I APPRECIATE AND GREET MY FELLOW PROPHETS @DE STAR, @CHUX, @STAN, @LARRY, @ADE, @KAMALU, @OMO9JA. we fore-seen tomorrow and tell it. but so painful people dont see what we are seeing.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha….Liars Utd. They are looking for solidarity….LMAO

      • @mr dr drey dnt mind this drunkard he claim to be friend with this people he mentioned while he has never got more than 4 likes on his posts here,prophet of doom,

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Don’t mind them all my brother.

          They are all looking for solidarity and backup dancers…LMAO. Haven’t you noticed that members of Lairs United cannot comment without first tagging their like minds…LMAO

          Despite the fact that none of them has ever shared even one link to back up their lies, they keep starting their comments with lines like “…@lagabja @lakasegbe @tamedun, thank you for those brilliant facts… thumbs up to you…wonderful analysis…” analyses filled with LIES…LMAO

          Haven’t you noticed Omo9ja has been trying to “tactically withdraw” from their group, but they keep tagging him along…LMAO.

          Let them continue to turn up their heat of lies…we will quench dem with truth and hard facts.

          • What bogus facts are you sending. Like i said until u provide the forumites with the exact copy of rohr contract. i will suggest you keep mute.

          • Hahaha lolx now I understand why any meaningful and truthful posts here always get 7 dislikes,but that@iluwa is jst an alamajiri in that group of liar’s,

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            @ Ade
            Pele ehn. It’s like you read with your eyes closed… LMAO. That’s why you never see the myriad of links I’ve been posting on this forum since the days of Jonah for bunch of liars like you.
            I posted a BBC link above where NFF technical committee member Ahmed Yusuf game a prelude to the negotiations held with Rohr before he was employed, stating the agreement between both parties that Rohr will live and work in Nigeria.

            We are still waiting for your bunch of lieing colleagues to also show us the exact copy of Rohr’s contract where Rohr rejected to never live and work in Nigeria.

            Bunch of lazy bones…always waiting for others to source information for them…LMAO

          • I don’t give a s….t when u started posting here. Back of your facts with your own findings. I guess it is in your backyard in Austria BBC conducted the interview. nonsense

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            I don’t care about your “s..t”. Keep your damn “s..t” to yourself. All you have given so far are lies and plenty of ignorance.
            A FACT IS A FACT, whether it is my own fact or NTA’s fact or BBC’s fact…The fact is that it is a FACT and no amount of lies from people like you can change a FACT.
            At least I consulted verified sources like BBC for FACTS….what do you consult before jumping into an argument in public like a donkey and start saying thing you know zero about…? LMAO, the latrine at your own backyard…???

            I don’t need to back up my own facts for lazy nitwits like you. It’s your duty to go and dig out information and prove to the world the are false. It’s events and the future that confirms things I say here not ignoramuses like you. I said it here in 2018 that Ndidi would soon become one of the best in the world just 2 years later he has become one of the best 3 in his position. I said it here last year that at the rate Rohr is going, his win ratio would hit 60% and become the highest ever by any SE coach..today it stands at 59.2%. I said it here also a few weeks ago that Ejaria’s international switch approval is nigh, your fellow Lairs United teammate @goal insulted me and called me a Lair. Today, media houses are beginning to break the news one after the other.

            I don’t have any damn thing to prove to you….neither do I care about your shit. Keep it to yourself.

  • De Star ⭐️ 4 years ago

    @Dr Drey , with due respect, Please don’t let us allow frustration to set in to such extent of descending so low using derogatory and fouls words on ourselves ( this forum is for the matured and great minds who should be able to control their temperament in the public discus and anyone that cannot stand the heat , shouldn’t bother to come near the kitchen ) . “Civil” should remain our watchword . This is a hard tackle where we criticize, dissect , evaluate Nigeria football and it’s football federation so as to arrive at a reasonable conclusion based on the individual point of perspective of the subject matter . We both complement one another.  

    Let us argue with facts and counter with facts. One thing you can’t take away from the consistency of @ Goal@Larry @ Iluwa @ Stan@Omo9ja @Ken @Ade &co is they have succeeded in putting oga Rohr and NFF in serious hot seat as , it is no longer business in the glass house : These are the known facts :

    1. @ Dr Drey , going by your numerous comments in the house , you are highly educated  ( you don’t want to tell me that, we would need interpreter or see Rohr’s current contract to know that , he actually has a clause in his current  contract that allows him working from his country Germany, I am sure  NFF couldn’t be in trance to have now gives Rohr new condition to be working in Nigeria in the new proposed contract, if it has previously included in the previous contract; I am equally sure too that oga Rohr wouldn’t have been so daft to now claimed in the public forum that he has agreed working in Nigeria as demanded in the new proposed contract.

    The basic fact is, NFF have realized they goofed big time signing such ridiculous contract with an embarrassing clause working from his home country in Germany ( even a world class coach Pep , Kllop , JM of this world wouldn’t have be given such embarrassing privileged , let alone an average Coach that has never lifted tea cup in his Country coaching career, it is not done anywhere except in a deceitful arrangement as NFF !! ) ;

    2ndly ,  Oga Rohr too have come to realize, he messed up big time , with such ridiculous clause of working from his comfort zone in home country rather than settling for real work in Nigeria to discover raw talent in Nigeria here as Westerhof, Keshi etc have done rather than wasting his precious time  counting as phoney achievement for his purporting to be discovering new players that are already finished product exported by their coaches that developed them ( this is Jet age , where in your sitting room you can get statistics data of Nigerian born players in the world with advantage of getting to watch them on TV , unlike the local League and academy in Nigeria, Ola Aina, Aribo , Osimeh etc are already finished product and not hiding just as Abraham, Eze Ebere).( the real work is in Nigeria where are avalanche of good goalkeepers in our local league, the likes of Afeoloklan , Alampasu , Dele Ajiboye etc , it is very shameful that for almost 4 years oga Rohr couldn’t get a reliable and dependable goalkeeper ! ) A failed coach that was sacked in his last 3 assignments for shameful records of as low as 27% & 13% should have taken his work serious and not to be staying in his comfort zone in his country as if he is doing Nigeria a big favour 
    Now that both oga Rohr and NFF have realized their big mistakes and choose to retract their steps , who else to appreciate and thanks other than the @ Goal & his progressives group 

    Now that oga Rohr was begging for lower wage for the past 2 months now as against very ridiculous salary increment of 95% 2 years ago by his business partners NFF , as he knows his achievement doesn’t merit such , now turning  a Father Christmas that loves his adopted country more than Germany , who else deserves kudus other than @ Larry and his progressives 

    My dearest brother, Just let us leave NFF and Rohr to finish their drama . It is becoming embarrassing. 

    I sincerely feel for oga Rohr and never in support of being subjected to all these manner of ridicule. They either sign his new contract and support him with technical sounds Nigerian ex internationals coaches that can adequately cover his numerous glaring technical ineptitude and move on hoping PMB 2019 re-election performance would not repeat itself in our football or set oga Rohr free to take his coaching wizardry to the so called other 2 countries that are badly in needs of his services , after all , Nigerian NFF were very magnanimous  given him job opportunity allowing to stay for 4 years unlike other 3 previous African countries that sacked him less than 2 years for his shameful poor records that are not expected from a “Technical Adviser before NFF employed him . NFF couldn’t have expected him to do more than his capacity 

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @De Star, God bless you brother. You nailed it wella.

      We just have to keep telling NFF, coach Rohr and his fans the truth. We need more of Mr. Dare the sport minister in charge of our football.

      Nonetheless, I have been fighting for our country for so long. I can’t do this alone.

      I am so glad that so many patriotic Nigerians are waking up to take our country back but please my people, let continue doing this campaign in a good way. We should stay away from bad words. If truly we love our country and Super Eagles, this is the right time to show the love.

      We can see the reactions of the NFF now compared to 3 years ago.

      However, I can’t be on CSN every day but I am reaching out to every Nigerian that love his country to come out in numbers to take their country back from our oppressors. Enough is enough.

      Over the 3 years now, Eagles have been struggling to have a world class goalkeeper.

      We still have the likes of Agahowa, Amokachi, Olishe, Yekini, Keshi, Kanu, Mutiu and so on in Nigeria but if you don’t have money, you are nothing. This is too bad. This have yo changed. This is why many of us working tirelessly to be on CSN every day.

      Chai, my people, let’s watch our words. We are all matured people and I’m expecting us to behave ourselves accordingly. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        That love is country I meant to say. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja..u mean world class Goal keeper like Chigozie Agbim, Sunday Rotimi, Dele Aiyenugba that we’ve had in the past abi (more than 3 years ago)?

    • You have said it all. Dr drey or whatever he calls himself is not ready to accept the fact that we are not stupid, and i will not rely on BBC, WikI, ESPN to get my info, because at the end of the day, they were not in the room when the contarct was drafted word for word. So please ask him to produce the exact paperwork and we all review it together. And be sure what we all are fighting about is written in the contract. I have nothing against rohr, but presenting him as the messiah is absolutely ridiculous. Do you know why our ex-players don’t last long as the coach, its because they can’t take the bullshit that the NFF comes up with

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hehehehehe so you have a copy of Rohr’s contract and read it to see the clause where Rohr INSISTED HE MUST WORK FROM GERMANY…you too share it with us then since you don’t depend on BBC, ESPN or Wiki to get your own info. At least I shared the what an NFF technical committee member told the world through a reputable source like BBC. You share the source of you own information na…LMAO

        We know you just sit-down close to the latrine at your backyard, inhale some steamed crap and jump into CSN like a donkey and start arguing.
        And latter you will turn back and call the same CSN and other Nigerian media outlets lairs who can only lie to fools like the rest of us on this platform that read them to get informed. LMAO

        Stop lieing to yourself…your exinternationals didn’t last because they couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times….that’s a fact. They had their chances under the same conditions Rohr is working and even with a better, more experienced and higher ranked SE and yet FAILED. No employer extends the contract of an employee who did not meet the targets they gave him…even ordinary CHAN your World-class technically and tactically sound Oliseh couldn’t qualify from group stages. He ran away when he saw he can’t get 4 points from Egypt home and away to qualify for ordinary AFCON.

        Your exinternationals who cannot take bullshit from the NFF are still the same ones who chase Pinnick all over the place with calls even in the midnight. Most of them are currently jobless and are busy only on social media and pages of newspapers. LMAO

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        Between you and BBC or ESPN who is more reputable?? I can’t just stop laughing at some people level of reasoning.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      First and foremost don’t feel for Oga Rohr. Feel for your exinternational African Guadiolas who cannot get jobs unless NFF pities them by trying to rehabilitate them.

      Getting a contract extension is NO WAY a ridicule. What is ridiculous is the fate befalling your world class technicaly sound local cargo African Guadiolas who are not getting even any sniff of a contract renewal in their careers. From leading a team to their worst performance ever at AFCON and getting chased away like a stray goat with F9 record, to being sacked by your employer after 3 games and demoted to administration of the club’s academies that have not even yet been established, or getting fired in the middle of the season for fighting the club’s players and other technical crew and then coming to lie to the public that they ganged up against you or getting banned by FIFA for being involved in shameful ventures such as collecting bribes to field players or outright match fixing.

      It is indeed shameful and highly ridiculous of our esteemed national team that any right thinking persons would be touting these people to be the ones at the helm of our SE that has been rescued from shame and obscurity, despite the fact that they were the ones that even dragged us to our lowest and most useless state of desolation since we started NFA in 1945.

      Pls feel rather for all your jobless exinternationals…instead of feeling for Rohr who is singing his 2nd consecutive contract extension worth $55,000 per month after meeting the targets given him by his employers. He wasn’t the one that made the incompetent Africa guadiolas not to meet their own targets and hence get rewards of contract renewals when they had their time, despite having same conditions and even a higher ranked and stronger SE back then.

      When we argue let’s try to be objective and stop speaking with one side of the mouth. I have not seen Rohr’s contract in black an white, neither have you and it is absolutely fallacious to argue based on insinuations or assumptions (I think that….I am sure that….I suppose that…..LMAO) those are illiterates ways of arguing. Argue with facts and quotes which put out by parties involved which can be verified and seen in black and white. There is a reason why evidence and proofs beyond reasonable doubts win cases in Law and not senseless doubts and asuumptions. And in that light This was what Ahmed Yusuf revealed of their agreement with Rohr when he was employed.
      “The committee was impressed with Mr. Rohr’s profile and current activities for the German Football Federation (DFB),” he said.He was very positive, showed great interest in the job and is READY AND WILLING TO LIVE AND WORK IN NIGERIA.He swayed the committee with his calmness, good knowledge of the African terrain, focus and maturity.”
      I have posted this culled from the BBC website earlier on, but you chose to ignore it because it completely defeats your arguement and attempt to decieve the rest of the world with your cunningness and resolve to ridicule, that Rohr doesn’t want to work in Nigeria and even wants to move our National team games to Germany, when actually, your tin-god African Guadiola Sunday Oliseh did exactly that during his tenure.
      ROHR HAS ALWAYS BEEN WILLING TO LIVE AND WORK IN NIGERIA FROM DAY ONE. EVEN THE SE MEDIA OFFICER CONFIRMED THAT ROHR HAS BEEN MORE IN NIGERIA THAN OUT OF NIGERIA SINCE HE WAS EMPLOYED. All those monthly or bimonthly media parleys he always holds with the Nigerian press, does he fly them to German to hold it with them…???
      If your NFF didn’t insert a clause in writing in his previous contract that he MUST RESIDE from January to December IN NIGERIA, pls whose fault is it…??? Was such clause in your coward of a tin-god Sunday Oliseh’s contract. Did Oliseh himself not tell pressmen he doesn’t need to live and work from NIGERIA to be SE coach…??? So what’s the basis for your beating about if not for RACISM….yet it is this same you who has been lieing all over this forum that Rohr gets PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT….HE HAS NEVER BEEN OWED SALARY FOR ONE DAY….HE EARNS FOUR TIMES WHAT OUR LOCAL COACHES EARNED and all that stuff. Thank God for people like us, you and your gang would have shaved the head of the members of this forum while they were sleeping.
      Instead of propagating baseless assumptions of things you have not seen or things you don’t know, why not just Keep your mouth shut and keep your integrity intact….I thought you said you are a mature mind. When we were little kids, we were told then that elders to tell lies….I guess those where days when integrity had meaning. Nowadays elders lie and even claim to be whom they are not all because it’s an online forum where everyone is faceless. Keep it up… that’s all I can say to you about that…. Otherwise show us the clause in the contract where NFF mandated him to work from Germany. So long as you can provide that proof or any links…we stand by the words of Ahmed Yusuf above where it was agreed by both parties and where Rohr EXPRESSED WILLINGNESS TO LIVE AND WORK IN NIGERIA and which he has done so far, but also HAS TO MONITOR HIS PLAYERS WHO ARE 95% EUROPE BASED.

      In life to be able to make accurate decisions and think reasonable, it is only reasonable to compare apples to apples. Comparing 1989 when we couldn’t boast of 30 Nigerian players playing professionally in Europe to 2020 when we have about 450 professional players and 65 Nigerian eligible Europe born players is one of the silliest comparison anyone can make…it’s not an insult, it’s the truth. In 1989 95% of Nigeria national team players and best Nigerian footballers overall where based in Nigeria….pls where should Westerhof be…???? In 2020 95% of Nigeria national team players and best Nigerian footballers overall are based in Europe, and you want the coach to be in Nigeria from January 1 to December 31st of every year…Eskis sir…are for real…??? The maintenance hangers of the airline where you work is in Portharcourt, the head office of your Airline is in Abuja and you want your technicians to be domiciled in Abuja….are you kidding me….LMAO….and which such thought processes, you expect the airline not to crumble eventually…?? I SEE. Now the real truths about what made Arik Air almost crumble is beginning to come out. LMAO.

      Pls if it is the duty of Rohr to discover “raw talents” from home…?? Pls what is then the job of the NFF department of youth development, YSFON, U17,U20,U23 and the assistant coaches of the super eagles….??? There are 20 NPFL clubs in the first division, about 40 clubs in the NNL, and tens more in the Nationwide league, pls what is the job of their coaches…???
      You said it’s not Rohr that groomed these new youngsters in the SE to stardom he only called them up…..pls tell us if it was Keshi that groomed all those “fake raw diamonds” he polluted our national team with from his academy…??? Mba was a Rangers player, Oboabona was already a 2 time semifinalist in CAF club competitions, Gabriel Ruben and Gambo where in Kano pillars that got to 2008/2009 CAF CC semifinals….so did Keshi too not just call them up and gave them their national team debuts (albeit underservedly) like Rohr calling up youngsters today but on merit…? Didn’t we have youngsters like Haruna, Rabiu, Olaitan, Dauda, Ezekiel Imoh who were excelling in Europe back then…??? How many did Keshi call up. All the “young talents” Keshi discovered from the local leagues and we wasted about 7 international friendlies and lots of camping to groom, how many of them lasted beyond 2015 in the SE…??? Do you know how much hundreds of millions it costs to organized international friendlies, most of which was played outside Nigeria to expose Keshi’s “raw diamonds”….??? After spending over N1bn on discovering, camping and exposing substandard crap raw local talents, none of them lasted beyond 3 years in the SE and none of them progresses beyond a relegation battling team in Turkey….is that what you call Success…??? Is that what you want us to start doing now today in 2020 and neglect the tons of Nigeria youngsters in Europe who are still waiting for opportunities in the national team. You appealed we shouldn’t insult but pls permit me to call you an ‘akotileta eniyan’. It’s people who think and reason like this, who steal stock from the stores of their employers to sell and later blame everybody else for the collapse of the business. I’m not referring to you o…I’m just refering to the attitude of very typical or average Nigerian employees who are perfect examples of akotiletas.

      The afelokais, Alampasus, Ajiboyes that you are ranting about, this same Rohr has invited them to the national team the same way he invited Uzoho but none of them could bench Ezenwa even in CHAN team or Akpeyi. ABI is it Rohr that is coaching CHAN team too…??? Alampasu has not played even 3td division football for almost 3 years before he went to Latvia, that is the person that should keep for SE. Your Afelokai chop 4 goals against homebased of TOGO….TOGO….TOGO of all countries…but Uzoho kept clean sheet against Argentina. And you claim Rohr did not discover 1 goal keeper in 4 years…??? So who has been Manning our posts that we now have the highest win ratio ever in the history of the SE with just 9 losses in 49 matches…? Is it the witches in your village…? Because I can’t understand how we don’t have a goalkeeper, yet we have only lost 9 out of 49 and have a win ratio of 60%.

      My brother, this is the last time I will ever reply you…because you are now a broken record, always repeating the same lies over and over again. Even when the truth backed up with facts from verified sources have been laid before you…you still choose to toe the path of lies and fallacies just to ridicule yourself, thinking you are ridiculing someone whose employers are offering a 2nd consecutive offer of contract extension. I don’t know where you got you lies that Rohr was sacked in 3 African countries. He was only sacked in Niger (a situation which Rohr has bravely and publicly taken responsibility for). He left Gabon at the end of his contract after leading them to their best ever AFCON performance winning all group matches against powerhouses like Morrocco and Tunisia and loosing on penalties to Mali…..HE WAS NEVER SACKED IN GABON. his win ratio as Gabon coach was close to 50%, more that the win ratio of your world class Oliseh as SE coach. He resigned from Burkina Faso after a few months due to interference from the FA. HE WAS NEVER SACKED IN BURKINA FASO

      Just like I said earlier, you can keep it up with your lies on this forum, but in the words of MKO Abiola, with your lies you can fool some of the people some of the times, some of the people all of the times, all of the people some of the times, you can’t fool all of the people all of the times. There’s no need to feel for Rohr….rather feel for your world class exinternationals who are far better than Rohr technically and tactically but cannot get jobs unless NFF pities them and their families so they don’t die of hunger.

      • Chris 4 years ago

        Dr.Drey oooh, person cannot play with you again? He came ready with sword to cut you but you entered with chemical weapons from South Korea, not even his spirit is remaining to apologize. Man you barrd..

    • My brother, let him rant. He is just an attention seeker, that is clueless like his other partners, Let them keep support Rohr. Guess he is tired of being in isolation

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha….you that is “cluefull” and even know more than BBC and CNN but doesn’t know Keshi had a foreign assistant, we have seen you.
        Go and sniff your latrine as usual and come back here to tell us more lies…LMAO

  • Rohr to the next level…..
    Haters will soon die….
    But let me assure u haters of Oga Rohr; the way u discredit Rohr even when he met the demands of his employers, men will also discredit u even when u perform 100% of ur duty…..
    They will never see ur effort both in office or any sphere of life…..
    Keep hating and discrediting Rohr; it would back-fire u one day and u would say it’s witches and wizards that are after u….. not knowing it is ur evil that is hunting u…..

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      So much use of bad words here have caused me not replying some comments thrown to me.

      We need to remember that we are all Nigerians, and we all love the Super Eagles so no need for all these.
      Names calling can’t stop us from saying the truth which is yielding positive results.

      Oga Rohr now knows that Nigerians appreciate the little he has done and because we are proud people we deserve more.
      That’s very good because I believe Rohr is now working to make the difference, while Rohr fans expect us to turn a blind eye over the weaknesses we all well know can be worked on.
      We refused ass licking which is idolatry because we are not idol worshipers.
      Constructive argument brings positive changes which a wonderful analysis like @Destar have already listed our accomplishments.

      Super Eagles belongs to all of us and together we can make it great again!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        Yours and your cohorts is not constructive argument. It is pure emotional sentiment and mostly figments of imaginations. Sometimes I could even call it pedestrian vituperations because none of you can ever say all this in 2016 when we couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON twice and ranked 70th in the world. In fact in 2016 none of you ever expected Rohr to qualify the SuperEagles for the WorldCup. Now Rohr has spoilt ya’ll with enviable results and you’re now looking for more when the SuperEagles have already moved on to the future which is imminent. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE# SUPEREAGLES ALREADY ON THE ASCENDANCY. 

  • Larry 4 years ago

    The issue is not about contract renewal rather it is the disgraceful manner it’s being offered. The desperation by GR did not really help matters. His action alone validates the observations of honest soccer fans like Destar, omo9ja, Mike, ade, Stanley, and myself.
    To those who find it difficult to learn civility, I’ve got an advice for you continue with your vague and abusive words. I’ll not join you in that dirty mud because I know it is back to sender to you.
    Just watch out!!
    Ori elope ni epe looo.

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    I have a question for most in the forum. How did you feel about the Super Eagles prior to late 2016 and compare it to how you’ve felt about them in the years since?

    For me, watching the super eagles was like watching a boring unattractive, uncoordinated, pattern-less brand of football. It was typically painful to watch no matter the result. Only two matches stand out that gave me joy. These were the Afcon q-final and semi-finals against cote d’ivoire and mali. In truth those performances came out of nowhere seemingly and were never replicated again. There were some standout individual performances like Mikel against spain in the confederation cup and maybe Emenike’s brace against ethiopia, but in general I didnt expect much when watching.

    From Rohr’s true first match which I count as the WC qualifier against Zambia, there has been a distinct difference in our organization, the feel in camp and the commitment of the team. Yes there have been hiccups along the way but man, I can count many a standout performance; beating Cameroon silly and in afcon, beating Algeria at home, a couple of good performances in friendlies, and so on. I also look forward to watching Super Eagles play again. I even see foreigners donning our Jersey all over the world. The word Super Eagles is a positive phrase on the tongues of football loving fans worldwide.

    Let the man finish his job. His time will come and go but let’s not rubbish what he has accomplished if we are honest with ourselves. And if we don’t want him back, just kukuma tell him and stop this disgraceful back and forth taking place between himself and the nff

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Amo, you asked some good questions and I am so happy that I have some good answers to your questions.

    One, we should give credit to late Keshi’s team for achieving that height in football in less thank two years that big boss took over.

    Keshi’s team wasn’t the best to be honest but Keshi’s team has something that this current Eagles doesn’t have. They were hungry for trophies and also wanted to make names in football⚽️

    Keshi never relied on any player.

    Coach Rohr couldn’t do without Ighalo and Akpeyi even till today.

    Oga Rohr had the best team at the world and in Afcon but failed in both tournaments while Keshi’s team wasn’t the best still, his team achieved more than coach Rohr’s team. Point no1.

    I bet you, coach Rohr’s team will continue playing good football but his team may not win anything in football. Point no2.

    This is why we shouldn’t continue that way. NFF have no choice except they help Oga Rohr.

    I appreciate Mr. Rohr a lot and since he has started working with Eagles, Eagles are improving but we need more of that. However, football has grown beyond this level.

    Modern football required new tactics and techniques. This is where Oga Rohr need help.

    The only solution to this problem is NFF. NFF are not ready to do the right thing at the right time instead, they asked Yobo to join Oga Rohr without the knowledge of the gaffer. Too bad.

    Nonetheless, Yobo alone can not do the job. Amunike and Finidi are the best coaches to help coach and Yobo to under study the three of them.

    NFF saw this coming that was the reason why Oga Rohr has been asked to go for a training course in Germany but with the current sport minister in charge of our sports now, NFF have no choice but to changed their minds and do the right thing at the right.

    You can see now that NFF are taking their time to sign Oga Rohr’s contract.

    Sacking Oga Rohr is not the solution.
    The best thing NFF can do is to get our ex players involved and i bet you, you will see the best of Oga Rohr.

    There’s no Mr. Perfect in the world and we all making mistakes on daily bases which is understandable but at this point, NFF can correct that mistakes without sacking coach Rohr or spending too much of money.

    I love Oga Rohr too much but at the same time, I can not love him more than I love my country. I hope I have answered all your questions. If not, it is well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      At least you’re even been honest that you love the gaffer. And I really appreciate your point that sacking the coach is not the solution because in your mind you know he has done admirably well over the course of his tenure. Although I know you will change your tone whenever the coach draws or agonizingly lose a match which will probably be a little while LMAO!!! @Lord Amo 3 gbosas for you my brother. 

  • De Star 4 years ago

    I will not waste my time responding again because I have noticed, frustration is seriously setting in with many of Rohr’s promoters, rather arguing with facts they would result to abusing and invoking evil spirits on their fellow Nigerians (I will not descend low to that level ) , but please don’t let us continue to destroy our nation’s endow resources by advertising our ignorance in a world wide read online newspaper as this in the name of defending foreigner against your own , where anything white man does, it is always a perfect and whatever black man does, it is always inferior ( I refused to buy that self defeatist inferiority complex mentality). It is this negative inferiority self defeatist mentality of “ Black cannot do it , anything black is inferior that brought Nigeria to this sorry state “ China never fell into such category, with their self belief , of “yes whatever whites can do they can as well do even better “ today 90% of world product are China made while Nigeria is retrogressively backward with over reliance in anything white even if it is equally inferior.  I am proudly Nigerian anywhere in the world  and will not celebrate mediocrity, if Rohr raises his technical deficiencies of always loosing it at every big stage , we would have been celebrating him.

    @Dr Drey, Please don’t go into aircraft stuff again , the last time a reference was made where wrong information was given in this platform  @Ade also based in abroad was so embarrassed even with fear and rushed to google the information before he discovered, it was misleading information and unfortunate information that could have  further painted Nigeria black to the outside world, ( In the aviation world,  we speak the same language, that is our watchword). If you cannot project Nigerian product to the outside world, please don’t help to destroy 

    Please seek information from any Nigerian  aviation professionals,   Lufthansa owned by Germany almost killed Arik Air because of the same African inferiority complex of the Chairman of “ black can’t do it “ , I for one stood against them and exposed their deficiencies and the way they bleed the Airline before I resigned some years back  but it was too late for the Chairman as he lost out and  few of us were vindicated today  ( I just hope , the Chairman is given second opportunity to take back his company having learned in a bitter way) .

    Lufthansa engineering team have since been sent packing as far back as February 2017 (more than 3 years now ) and the blacks  have been maintaining those aircraft successfully without a recorded one single crash ! ( please encourage, appreciate your fellow Nigerians/ blacks ,we are great in and outside Nigeria) .

    Please ask further anyone in Arik Air engineering Dept , the nonentity white skin Techincal director employed  the last time of the atrocity he committed before he was sacked . Foreigner would not love your country as they would love their country, ( that is why the Father Christmas of Rohr’s of I don’t want money , I am  not working for money , ready to accept any salary is a STORY for the gullible ones only to believe , your man Rohr simply remains unmarketable with his poor records and have no choice other than being humiliated and not the love he has for Nigeria)  until Nigerian realizes this basic fact , we will continue to be backward . If we did not kill African inferiority complex and corruption, I can tell you, the two factors that have killed the once giant of Africa would burry Nigeria  soon in this face of the impending aftermath of Coronavirus where every sensible countries are seriously looking inward .  

    So to correct your wrong perception , technicians and engineers are sent to substations for a turn around / Line Maintenances  only (while  the Technical Director / Chief Engineer are based in the Head office irrespective where maintenance hanger is situated, that is the worldwide practice ( The Technical Director of AirBus stays in France , Techincal Director of Bombardier stays in Canada, Boeing in USA , Aero Contractor has fixed wings fleet hanger in P/H , the Technical Director stays in HQ , Lagos etc ) . Rohr is the Technical Adviser and not a technician or lower ranked engineer ( Assistants) he is therefore expected to stay in the HQ of his employer not his home country Germany.

    On a final note, these are the facts irrespective of trying to pester us with many mislead information ;

    As a matter of fact I had thought, Rohr’s promoters were encyclopedia of knowledge of the information in the glass house and football in general, until I realized I  was mislead by their wrong information of Rohr’s increased salary of $50k instead of the actual $55k the Coach came out to debunked ( Never again , would I believe them again except what what came out from the principal actors )

    Even illiterates would know , it is in the new proposed contract that a new clause is included that mandates Rohr to be working in Nigeria and to be receiving his salary in Naira, That is a new clauses as declared by NFF and accepted by Rohr  , if those working in Nigeria and Naira salary were in his previous contract agreement , Rohr wouldn’t be so daft to make his statement of accepting those new clauses ( though, I have my reservation of Naira payment to be fair to Rohr as a professional myself) So I don’t need to argue with anyone on that. And I would rather spent my precious time on valuable research in my profession rather than wasting my valuable searching information of NFF and their business ventures . I don’t want to be a lazy youth  as said my PMB , active only on frivolity on sports information that does not add to my career when I can easily get facts no matter how long some may mischievously twist information, to confuse the gullible ones. 

    As at the time Rohr was employed 4 years ago , he was not qualified going by his past 3 countries he ever coached (43% poor in the first country , the 2nd 13% record  – disaster , 3rd 27% very very shameful and his highest achievement of Coaching a country was being bundled out in the quarter finals in Afcon as a host country , hence Rohr can celebrate his poor bronze medal as personal achievement not to be celebrated by Nigeria  ) .

    When you go by the interview granted by Erickson as to the reason he declined to accept NFF job offer in 2010 , where he made allegations against NFF that his proposed salary were to be paid into 2 different accounts of which only one would be in his name , then every reasonable ones would know why it was a only a 3 times dismissed coach , that NFF could settle for then ( It is only the gullible ones would believe, it is only the poor innocent Rohr that is raking that 95% ridiculous salary increase of wining bronze medal ) . Up till this moment, No one in the past and present NFF leadership is able to denied Erickson allegation ( Westerhof denied Bonfere allegation, Siasia denied but no word yet from the glass house ) . 
    Rohr’s last 2 contract were nothing but out of corruption, If we did not kill corruption . Period ! ( a coach had a disaster record of 27%  and some said he didn’t continue because of the interference of the officials ! I laughed) 


    While I rest my case finally , My sincere advice to many of the Rohr’s promoters is to lean art of being civil from their progressives opponents ,@Larry ,@Ken,@Omo9ja,@Goal , Ken @Stan @ Ade etc their brilliant analysis contributions devoid derogatory fouls words  and negative destructive prayers to their fellow Nigerians .

    NFF should either give Rohr new contract , support him with good technical assistants that can cover his technical deficiencies or set him free because they knew his limited capability before employing him , enough of this ongoing ridiculous drama. It is a big shame on both NFF and on Rohr ( Rohr sincerely deserves respect than being humiliated) 

    Ire ooo, God bless Rohr’s promoters God bless The progressives that are against maladministration in the glass house that also refuse to celebrate mediocrity of foreign products 

    • KangA 4 years ago

      A humble suggestion: could you shorten your contributions? In today’s world there is information overload. People simply ignore lengthy rambling write-ups. 

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha honestly @ KangA. I Punished myself to read the whole thing and there was no iota of substance in it….which is typical of members of Lairs United. He has not even refuted the fact that he has be lieing to us in the forum for weeks now….LMAO.
        He couldn’t even react to the massive shelling I gave to him above….LMAO

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        LMAO!! @KangA. I’m rolling in laughter. Who’s got time to read lengthy rambling write ups? Lolz!!! The funniest part is that the dude keeps contradicting himself every time he post the epistles. One of them even came here to disgrace himself discrediting reports from BBC and ESPN. Abel between them and even CSN who is more reputable?? Are we supposed to believe them or BBC and ESPN. They said CSN report is not correct yet they never stop coming here. LMAO!!! I don laugh tire. Well it’s good to have varied opinions, but when you claim to be criticizing constructively yet all your comments are contradictory and full of emotional sentiments then nobody have time to read all the ramblings. I still Dey laugh. Lmao!!! 

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahaha…same here.
          I’ve just been laughing at all his ramblings. He’s still seeing stars after that knockout I threw at him….he has lost consciousness and switched to ramblings about China and Lufthansa.
          He will tell us if it was Nepotism and paddy paddy arrangements that earned those two entities global acclaim.
          He wants us to promote exinternationals who cant get jobs unless NFF pities them while pulling down the man who rescued us and cleared all the mess the same exinternationals dragged us into….LMAO.
          He should go and promote promote non qualified incompetent garage boys to be employed as aircraft technicians to Arik Air first because he wants to promote “our own” and see if he wouldn’t get the beating of his life….LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Your technically and tactically FAR BETTER exinternationals African Guadiolas can’t even get jobs in other countries talk more of even having Rohr’s 27% disaster record…..LMAO.
      Even common AFCON that the likes of Burundi are qualifying for they couldn’t Qualify ALMIGHTY SUPER EAGLES. They are currently coaching on Twitter and on the pages of newspapers while the SE coach with highest win ratio of all times is preparing for his 2nd contract renewal….LMAO

    • Nice write up, let the clueless ones that no nothing about aviation keep talking. We will straighten them up.

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        Lol!! We’re talking football here. By the way Is it you that discredit the authenticity of BBC and ESPN that will teach me  something about aviation LMAO!!! Well you can start teaching us about aviation na? I’m all hears. 

        • why waste time teaching you. Go and meet your boss in Austria to figure out what fake news to give to us again. You can laugh all you want, Just show us the where BBC and ESPN published the contract of your almighty coach. All they too are publishing are ear say.

          • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

            At least you get free data sometimes so it doesn’t hurt if you can do the research yourself if you desire some knowledge. Of course I’ll rather believe in ear say from BBC and ESPN than you na? At least I know both media outlets are more reputable than you. Lmao!!!! I still Dey laugh. 

  • Prince 4 years ago

    Ex-players and Coaching ….

    Let me break a few reasonable facts down…

    Mikel Arteta (Spain) and Joseph Yobo (Nigeria) both starred for English EPL club, Everton FC (2004-2011)….both of them were good players for both club and country respectively…and relatively have a strong ambition to go into coaching in the future.
    Fast forward to 2020….Mikel is currently cutting his tooth as the Head coach/Team mgr of Arsenal fc (a Clubside) after having learnt the ropes as an assistant to Pep Guardiola in Manchester city (a clubside) in 2016 – 2019.
    Joseph recently got his first appointment as an assistant to Rohr who is the Head coach of the super eagles of Nigeria (a national side).

    lets ponder something; Do any of these great guys posses a competent means of training or certification along the line before landing this key positions? … or they got their respective jobs because they were ex-footballers ???

    WHY wasn’t Mikel called up to serve as an assistant in the Spanish national team….and/or… WHY wasn’t called up to serve as an assistant to a coach in a Clubside (be it in the domestic league or overseas)???

    OK…let me broaden some facts in this next paragraph;
    let’s take a look at some french soccer players who won the world cup on home soil in 1998 who have in their active playing days indicated a sure interest in coaching the french national team in the future after hanging their boots in the likes of Didier Deschamps, Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry respectively.

    Didier Deschamps is currently the coach of France national team (and that’s after learning the ropes in clubsides like Olympique Marseille, Juventus, AS Monaco)

    HOW ABOUT THE REST…Currently;

    Zinedine Zidane (Head coach – Real Madrid, Spain)
    Patrick Vieira (Head Coach – OGC Nice, France)
    Thierry Henry (Head Coach – Impact de Montréal, Canada)

    And how about this man, Diego Pablo Simeone who has a great future ambition to be the head coach of the Argentina national team. He is still learning the trade in club level and has being on the touchline for Atlético Madrid, Spain !!!

    A certain young forward, Patrick Kluivert starred for Ajax FC, Holland as Champs of Europe in 1995 alongside our Nigerian Legends Kanu and Finidi.
    Patrick looks forward to becoming a coach and manage the Dutch national team in the future.
    To prepare himself for such future task, he started as an assistant to coaches of clubsides from 2008….and even did coach The Cameroon national team (2018-2019).
    Frank de Boer was another player in that Ajax fc side that looks forward of coaching the Dutch national team in the future. He is currently the coach of Atlanta United, USA since 2018 having started his coaching journey from 2007 !!!!

    WEll, let’s leave the Oyinbos and pick a handful from motherland !

    Hossam El Badry is currently the Egyptian national team coach since 2019
    He was club a coach with various clubsides in the domestic league way back 2005 !
    Djamel Belmadi is currently the national team coach of Algeria since 2018
    He was previously a club coach in Qatar and even coach the Qatar senior team !
    Mondher Kebaier is currently the national team coach of Tunisia since 2019
    He was previously a club coach in the domestic league since 2000 !
    Charles Akonnor is currently the national team coach of Ghana
    He was formerly an assistant to the national coach in 2019 and prior to that, he was previously a club coach in the domestic league since 2009 !
    Aliou Cisse is currently the national team coach of Senegal.
    He was previously the national under-23 side from 2013-2-15.
    He progressed from assistant manager in 2015 to interim manager and has now assumed full head coach.
    Ibrahim Kamara is the national team coach of Cote d’Ivoire
    He was previously the national coach on various grade levels from 2013 to 2018 !


    ABSOLUTELY !!! YES !!!

    TRAINING (CERTIFICATION) and EXPERIENCE is absolutely mandatory !!!

    In Summary; why have I made this recalls;
    If NFF wants to let Gernot Rohr go, they must be prepared, ready and be able to replace him with AN UPGRADED VERSION.
    A coach that is Pele to a Yakubu !!
    A coach that is a Rottweiler to a bingo !!!
    A coach that is a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor to a alphajet

    If they can’t find an UPGRADED version to Rohr, then we should simply work with what we have and give him all he will need to became a Pele in a Yakubu !!!

    I hail ooo

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Very, very good piece. Very practical and expository. The world and even the devil know the truth. It’s as clear as crystal for all and sundry to see. But the problem is, there are a whole lot of evil men working behind the scenes to bring our football down by all means. Whatever progress made by the team and coach is downplayed. They have their agents planted everywhere including here on csn, that’s why u see a bunch of fools monkeying around the whole place spreading falsehood and supporting evil. We all know that the appointment of yobo was very faulty and disgraceful but u know, the wicked most times get so engrossed in their evil schemes that they unconsciously do despicable things all in a bid to achieve/execute their evil plans. They’d throw caution into the wind as long as they satisfy their evil desires. What you’ve written here compliments what most of us have been saying with facts and figures since time imemorial. In Whatever we do in life, the truth will always stand like an iroko tree.

    • Thank you very much @ prince..I started reading your write up and didn’t know when it finished unlike some people the I’ll just ignore before halfway.

    • Larry 4 years ago

      Nice comments.
      To balance your analysis, how about we dig into the coaching record/resume of our past players like Oliseh, Amuneke, Finidi, Amokachi, and Emenalo. I believe some of these past players possess the required coaching certificate and valuable club experience.

      • The most qualified among those that u mentioned are not jobless, i.e Emenalo, he is hot cake among European clubs, what speaks for him is qualifications and achievements, he didn’t sit in his room, and be expecting NFF to come n offer him a job simply because he is an exinternational. Having the certificate is one thing, being in practice is another thing, success is working up the ladder, not working down the ladder. All great coaches started from the scratch, they all learned the trade.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          @ Ola
          Pls tell him again in vernacular….LMAO.
          These ones don’t comprehend English properly. The English you just used here is too big. LMAO

    • Michael 4 years ago

      Sense will kill you bro. If you’re in here and haven’t liked this comment know that something is doing you

  • Prince 4 years ago


    “WHY wasn’t Mikel called up to serve DIRECTLY as an assistant in the Spanish national team….and/or… WHY wasn’t Yobo called up to serve as an assistant to a coach in a Clubside (be it in the domestic league or overseas)???”

    When are we going to learn in our Country that QUALITY makes a difference !!!

    Lets try and shy off from backwardness, and see progress as a noble way of life.

    Right now, we simply don’t present a worthy ex-international or home-boy to be around the bench of the coaching crew of any soccer team …. and don’t even mention the almighty Super Eagles or Super Falcons !!!

    Look at England ex-internationals….Steven Gerrard (Ranger FC, Scotland) and Frank Lampard (Chelsea Fc) respectively.
    That’s how you learn to get to the top!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Excellent piece above @ prince.

      That’s the difference between Lairs United and the rest of us. I read your piece with rapt attention so much that I didn’t realize when I got to the end. When lairs it’s write you would hardly make any sense out of it till you finally choose to discard it halfway.

      “WHY wasn’t Mikel called up to serve DIRECTLY as an assistant in the Spanish national team….and/or… WHY wasn’t Yobo called up to serve as an assistant to a coach in a Clubside (be it in the domestic league or overseas)???”

      The simple answer to your question is focus and hardwork. Arteta started his journey into coaching while he was still playing at Arsenal, taking time out to go assist the likes of Ljungberg with the U16s and U18s, while also pursuing his UEFA B licences. He was still playing at arsenal in 2015 when he began his UEFA A License program and coach Wales U16 during his internship which is a part of the program. By 2017 when he completed his A Licenses, he enrolled straight for his Pro License along with other legends like Ljungberg and Thierry Henry, while still assisting at Arsenal Academy. He made several presentations at coaches conferences conference between 2016-2017 and that was where Pep Guadiola got impressed and took him in as his assistant at Man City. The rest as they say is history. That is how to work your way to the top. Go online and research the likes of Lampard, Gerrard and other contemporary of Yobo….just type their names and add coaching licenses to it and you will see tonnes of results. Do same for our exinternationals and you will struggle to find something tangible to read.

      6 WHOLE YEARS AFTER RETIREMENT, our there Yobo has not even done 3 months of coaching diploma or even conducted coaching clinics for high school students…yet nepotistic and sentimental people will say he played football to the highest level hence that qualifies him to be the 2nd in command of the SE, as if the level he played to was higher that the level the likes of Arteta, Lampard, Henry, Gerrard, Zidane et al or even our African brother Kolo Toure (who is asst coach at leicester city today) played.

      Our own lazy exinternationals will blame racism for their joblessness as it the likes of Toure, Olofinjana, Emenalo etc are whites. If people don’t want to give you jobs in Europe because you are black, are they not also giving you jobs in Africa because you are black….??? Our exinternationals want to start their coaching careers from the top….from the level of SE when they have absolutely nothing on their CVs to qualify them for such a high-level position. The Algeria and Senegal coaches we celebrate today both had 8-10 years coaching experience before becoming head coach of their national teams…..pls how many of our exinternationals have 8-10 years coaching experience coaching senior professional teams…? Yet their target is always the SE job. Even Finidi whose biggest coaching responsibility so far has been 3 months internship with Dutch Eredivise side PEC Zwolle’s U19s is also justling to be SE coach. That’s how much ridicule we have brought on our once mighty SE.
      When a foreiger who has coached clubs in Europe or Asia and has coached 1 or 2 national teams previously submits his CV and gets picked, they who have been coaching U19s and Academies will now start complaining. Forgetting that in the labour market, you CV opens the first doors.

      We can go on and on, but the truth is that currently, we have a very very narrow pool of local coaches who are qualified to lead the SE. What they all have on their CVs currently at best only suits Asst Manager position if we really what to do things the way they are supposed to be done and put sentiments and nepotism aside. We have tried Siasia, tried Oliseh, tried Amokachi, tired Eguavoen and the common denominator and inference has always been that they still need to go and improve themselves better if they ever what to cut it at senior national team level. As far as I know only the most qualified and experienced coaches get to lead their national teams….not necessarily some 100caps wielding exinternationals

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Omo9ja , thanks for your brilliant submission, nothing to add , I just hope our brothers from the other sides would control their temperament and never allow frustration to set in again by making their contributions devoid of abusive and derogatory words  . As long as we the progressives comport ourselves as usual without fouls words .  Truth is in deed bitter, we cannot help them .

    What else can we ask for from NFF ?
    No more business as usual in the glass house as the eagles eyes  of the @Ilumis@ Goal,@ Stan ,Larry & co are watching NFF .

    As long , as there is no more “arangee“ ridiculous salary increment , of the celebration of bronze mediocrity achievement  as it was done 2 years ago with 95% fraudulent salary increase to  the supposed great Technical Adviser  that was bundled out of 1st round in WC , taught rudimentary of soccer lesson by the local coach of another country in the semifinals of not WC, not even in Olympic Games but in Afcon tournament , which a local coach with backlog of unpaid salary had won in the past without 1% salary increment , there will be no No issue  .

    As long as NFF brought in technical sounds assistants that can cover Rohr’s technical deficiencies at the big stage, there would no issue , because NFF knows the poor past 3 records of Rohr before given him job , they must therefore help him with quality assistants as we are not ready to celebrate mediocrity achievement again .

    We finally , appeal to NFF to stop this drama, if some Rohr’s promoters are not ashamed of the ongoing drama between Rohr and NFF, we the concern Nigerian progressives are embarrassed with the way our Technical Adviser is being subjected to humiliation one month to the expiration of his contract , to such extent of  being turned to Father Christmas of yes I am not coaching for money , I am ready to accept lower salary, oh 2 other countries badly need my services  ( it is counterproductive as the coach would loose respect of their coach ) .

    A good and marketable coach that gets a good offer anywhere would quietly accept such good offer and resume after his contract expiration and would not be telling his employer of being approached by other employers   ( that is unprofessional,  No responsible good coach would stand being tossed up and down waiting for decision on his job  a month to his contract expiration not even in 6 months ).

    I rest my case 

  • De Star 4 years ago

    ( it will be counterproductive as the coach would loose the respect of his players) … the above  oversight edited 

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Hehe I can finally read your comment now. Ok Maybe you can explain to us more about how Rohr would lose the respect of the players or what could transpire to let that happen?? Of course he may get offers from other federations which is simply common sense, but he desire to continue with the SuperEagles because he knew he has built a team ready to take flight. In our very eyes we’ve witnessed the retirements of Mikel, Moses and Ighalo yet the SuperEagles have continue to progress. Obviously, Rohr will go one day no doubt about that however, you’re yet to provide us a tangible replacement throughout all your long scriptures. 

      There’s a saying here in the States that ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”.  You guys can belittle the coach as much as you want we already know it’s emotional sentiments. You’re complaining about a WorldCup first round exit as if you ever gave them a chance to qualify for that WorldCup in the first place. A bronze at a 24 team AFCON is better than not been able to qualify for the AFCON twice in a row. Maybe your local coaches can take over the team after the 2022 WorldCup which I’m sure ain’t happening.  Until then I’m sure GR will remain in charge with the chance to take the SuperEagles to greater heights in the imminent future. 

      The single most important thing is that Nigerians have fallen in love with the SuperEagles again. All thanks to Rohr’s impact on the team since he came on board that people are now beginning to teach him his job. LMAO!!!!  It’s ok to dream of winning the WorldCup now that we’re qualifying for tournaments with games to spare. Lol!  

  • Frank 4 years ago

    Honestly am surprised some people are not happy with rohr,and will go any mile to discredit the man’s efforts.I personally stopped watching super eagles games before rohr was signed because of the level of mediocrity we sank into.I will confess i did not give us any chance of qualifying for 2018 world cup but we qualified with class.Most of us are only frequent here now because the old man has made the super eagles attractive again and we now look forward to matches. Even a blind man can see the steady progress the team has made,before he came most of our players were either on the bench or playing in obscure leagues but we know the story now.He has built us a team to be proud of,a team that will stand the test of time!.It pains me to see some people calling him desperate and this and that,No!,the man has worked hard and has seen he is about to reap the fruit of his labor and its as simple as that.If we decide to be hypocrites,and replace him now With ex international klopps and guardiolas,we should be ready to bring back our calculators.

  • Larry 4 years ago

    A Nigerian coach, a Nigerian Team against the best of the world in an Olympic final:


    GR needs to watch this clip and understand the pride of Nigerians. He should learn the pattern if play, the substitutions, and different combinations. May be we could have won the gold, if Siaone had the same level of support and same players management as GR

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Wow….wow. I see most of these then U23 Argentines still playing at the top level 12 years after – Messi (Barcelona), Di Maria (PSG) Romero (Man Utd), Zabaleta (Westham), Lavezzi (PSG), Aguero (Man City), Mascherano (Estudiantes), Fazio (Roma), Gago (Velez), Garay (Valencia), Banega (Sevilla). Over 75% of that team is still active in top divisions
      Pls where are our own players….LMAO. How many of them even made it to 2014 WC, 6 years after…??? Apart from Ezenwa, the rest are all retired from football or picking scraps in 3rd and 4th divisions in europe. 35 year olds masquerading as U23 players and playing against their younger brothers. These are the kinds of “victories” we celebrate.

      Oya bring them to come and play against their mates at senior level, with their WORLDCLASS pattern of play, substitutions, and different combinations, even ordinary AFCON they can’t qualify…Lolz…And their WORLDCLASS coach can’t get a job (even if it is in the NPFL) unless NFF gives him one….LMAO

      People decieving themselves..!

  • Larry 4 years ago

    Another Reason why some of us are demanding more.. We once had a white man who infused Dutch into our pattern of play. Unlike siaone and like GR, he got the backing of the federation. However, unlike GR, he brought great memories into our soccer history. Played against the best teams and players in the world, won the olympic and lost AFCON by a dubious call, Bonfere Jo the great tactician. We appreciate greatness when we see one..


  • My brother, God bless and ur group of Goodwill. Dr Drey,hush, Oakfield and co. thanks a lot for ur contributions. The problem with those idiots is that they don’t know the state of our national team then b4 dis coach accepted d offer or maybe they started watching
    our football recently. So pls dont argue with them, u pple have done enough for a fool to get sense by force.

  • Main Criticisms of Rohr (Part 1)

    This is a 5 part series so please persevere with me.

    I am one of Gernot Rohr’s critics however recently, I have started challenging my own perceptions of my perceived drawbacks of the German tactician.

    One of the criticisms regularly levelled against the 66 year old Ex-Gabon coach is his untimely and ineffective substitutions. That said, I am now starting to have a re-think about this point of criticism.

    Timely Substitutions Defined:

    Generally, the first 2 key substitutions tend to be made between 60 – 85 minutes unless a player gets injured earlier. A third substitute (usually to kill time as part of a gamesmanship strategy) will usually be made between 85 and 90 minutes plus extra time.

    Now, Gernot Rohr took over the Super Eagles in 2016 and in that time has overseen 49 games.

    Now, let me examine Rohr’s substitute pattern in his games per season and then offer my findings at the end of this piece:

    2016-17 Season:

    Nigeria vs Tanzania (03.09.16) : 63, 73, 84 minutes substitutions. Timely substitutions.
    Nigeria vs Zambia (09.10.2016) : 73, 83, 90 minutes substitutions. Reasonably timely substitutions.
    **Nigeria vs Algeria (12.11.16) : 66, 75, 93 minutes. Timely and effective substitutions as Musa provided an assist for the 3rd goal as a sub.
    Nigeria vs Senegal(23.03.17): 25, 61,61,75 minutes. Very timely substitutions.
    **Nigeria vs Togo(01.6.17): 46,46,58, 58,70,70,70,83, 87 minutes. Very helpful and timely substitutions as it allowed us to see what players like Uche Agbo, Sikiru Olatubosun, Mu’azzam and Dele Alampasu had to offer.
    Nigeria vs South Africa (10.6.17): 59, 71, 85 minutes. Timely substitutions.

  • Main Criticisms of Rohr (part 2)

    2017-18 Season:

    **Nigeria vs Cameroon (01.09.17): 61, 69, 83 minutes. Timely and effective substitution as Iheanacho scored as a sub.
    Cameroon vs Nigeria (04.09.17) : 64,79,86 minutes. Timely substitutions.
    **Nigeria vs Zambia (07.10.17) : 30,66, 80 minutes. Ruthlessly effective substitutions as Alex Iwobi (a player after my heart) scored the winning and solitary goal as a sub. That goal more or less sealed world cup qualification.
    Algeria vs Nigeria (10.11.17) : 71 and 81 minutes. Although FIFA awarded this match Algeria as punishment to Nigeria’s lack of proper record keeping, Rohr had given Anthony Nwakaeme 20 minutes to show what he offers his Super Eagles.
    **Argentina vs Nigeria (04.11.17) : 46, 46, 46, 61, 70, 87 minutes. Smashingly superb substitutions as Idowu scored and Musa assisted both as subs.
    Poland vs Nigeria (23.03.18) : 59, 65, 74, 78, 82, 89 minutes. Reasonable substitutions.
    -Nigeria vs Serbia (27.03.18): 46, 77, 77, 85, 85, 89 minutes. I think this subs were made late. All the ones that came in after 46 minutes could have been introduced earlier moreso as it is a friendly match.
    Nigeria vs Congo (28.05.18): 46, 46, 46, 66, 73, 76 minutes. Timely substitutions.
    *England vs Nigeria (02.06.18): 46, 46, 46, 46, 63, 77 minutes. The change in formation and injection of fresh legs helped Nigeria score a goal and kept England from scoring.
    Nigeria vs Czech Republic (06.06.18): 46, 69, 69, 70, 80 minutes. Timely substitutions.
    Nigeria vs Croatia (16.06.18): 62, 73, 88 minutes. Reasonably timed substitutions which slightly mirrors Croatia’ substitutions made in 60, 78 and 86 minutes.
    Nigeria vs Iceland (22.06.18) : 46, 85, 90 minutes. The timing of these substitutions isn’t all together unreasonable as Nigeria was already coasting to a 2:0 victory by the time of the last 2 substitutions which were introduced as part of a gamesmanship strategy to frustrate the Icelandic players.
    -Nigeria vs Argentina (26.06.18) : 46, 90, 90 minutes. The last 2 substitutions were introduced too late to be of any effect to Nigeria’s efforts of gaining a positive outcome from the match.

  • Main Criticisms of Rohr (part 3)

    2018-19 Season:

    Seychelles vs Nigeria (08.09.18) : 64, 74, 85 minutes. Reasonably timed substitutions. Seychelles substitutions were made in 60 and 87 minutes.
    Nigeria vs Libya (13.10.18) : 19, 76, 81 minutes. Reasonably timed substitutions.
    Libya vs Nigeria (15.10.18) : 75, 81, 90 minutes. Reasonably timed substitutions in that by the time of the second substitution, Nigeria was already leading 3:0.
    South Africa vs Nigeria (17.11.18) : 69, 87, 90 minutes. The first substitution was timely. The other two were sent in to see the game out. South Africa only made one substitution in 61 minutes.
    Nigeria vs Uganda (20.11.18): 46, 46, 46, 68, 75, 89 minutes. Well timed substitutions.
    Nigeria vs Seychelles (22.03.19): 65, 72, 87 minutes. Well timed substitutions. Seychelles made their substitutions in 71, 81, and 82 minutes.
    Nigeria Vs Egypt (26.03.19) : 46, 68, 73, 88, 90, 90 minutes. The key substitutions were made in good time.
    Nigeria vs Zimbabwe (08.06.19): 46, 46, 46, 63, 74, 86 minutes. The bulk of the substitutions were made in a timely manner.
    Nigeria vs Senegal (16.06.19): no less than 6 substitutions were made as Gernot Rohr tried out several players in this friendly match.
    **Nigeria vs Burundi (22.06.19) : 42, 68, 73 minutes. The introduction of Ighalo in 73 minutes proved to be an inspired one as the much criticised centre forward scored the only and winning goal just 4 minutes later.
    Nigeria vs Guinea (26.06.19) : 76, 88, 90. In the context of this encounter, the substitutions were reasonably timed in the sense that Nigeria was leading by the time all subs were made. Guinea’s subs were made in 72, 73 and 83 minutes.
    Nigeria vs Madagascar (30.06.19): 46, 69, 73 minutes. The substitutions here were well timed. Madagascar made their subs in 62, 73 and 86 minutes
    Nigeria vs Cameroon (06.07.19) : 60, 85, 90 minutes. These substitutions were well timed in the context of this encounter. By the time the last 2 substitutions were made, Nigeria was leading 3:2. They were introduced to help see out the match.
    Nigeria vs South Africa (10.7.19) : 81, 90 minutes. Rohr elected to make just 2 late substitutions in this encounter as perhaps he might have been expecting it to go to extra time which would make the lateness of the subs make much sense.
    Nigeria vs Algeria (14.07.19) : 78 minutes. Only one substitution was made with the match being 1:1 and seemed destined for extra time. This makes sense to me because there was the possibility of the match going to extra time. Algeria, on their part, made no substitute in this encounter (which makes their coach’s thinking slightly in line with Rohr’s).
    Nigeria vs Tunisia (17.07.19) : 46, 75, 90 minutes. Reasonably timed substitutions.

  • Main Criticisms of Rohr (Part 4)

    2019-20 Season:

    Ukraine vs Nigeria (10.09.19) : 70, 73, 82, 87, 90 minutes substitutions. The bulk of the substitutions were made within reasonable timeframes as Nigeria were leading for the most parts. You don’t necessarily change a winning team quickly, even in friendly matches.
    Nigeria vs Brazil (13.10.19) : 63, 74, 79, 84, 89, 90 minutes substitutions. These substitutions were quite reasonable owing to the fact that Rohr was hoping to contain the Brilliant Brazilians. These subs were reasonably spaced out.
    Nigeria vs Benin (13.11.19) : 74, 78, 86 minutes substitutions. Reasonably timed substitutions substitutions. Benin only made 1 substitution in 82 minutes.
    Lesotho vs Nigeria (17.11.19) : 66, 71, 78 minutes substitutions. Well timed and reasonably spaced out substitutions. Lesotho’s last substitution was also made in 78 minutes

  • Main Criticisms of Rohr (Part 5)


    From all the data I collected, collated and presented above about Rohr’s substitution pattern since he took over as Super Eagles coach, I can draw the following conclusions.

    1. Rohr’s substitutions are timely for most of the matches that he has presided as Super Eagles coach.

    2. Rohr’s substitution timings have been consistent with that of other coaches of Super Eagles’ opposing teams.

    3. Records have it that Rohr’s substitution timings and patterns in the 2019 Afcon are fairly consistent with Keshi’s patterns in Afcon 2013. The only slight difference is that Keshi’s first substitution were at times made between 50 and 60 minutes.

    4. I can now conclusively report that allegations of persistent late substitutions made by Gernot Rohr are baseless allegations.

    5. Some of Rohr’s substitutions have proved to be inspiring as the substitues have contributed to goal scoring efforts.

    • KangA 4 years ago

      Thanks for your meticulous painstaking research and analysis. Goes to debunk the porous claims about Rohr’s technical ineptitude. 

      I can boldly assert that this man is God sent at this moment. I earnestly pray that he be allowed to complete his mission. 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ DEOoooooio….!

      Kudos to you for your painstaking research. I can tell you for free that with a little touch up here and there, this research article is publishable in any high impact factor international sports/human kinetics management journal anywhere in the world.

      just to add a little to it…in the following matches (in that order), his subs have either gone on to score of assist or assist an assist:

      South Africa

      But it is people who won underaged competitions with old men but couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON or World cup from African qualifying zone that should team Rohr substitution and pattern of play…LMAO

      The fact remains that Rohr’s Haters are just Racists whose “market” is being hampered by Rohr’s continued stay. It’s such a grave injustice that only 2 out of 49 matches which we lost Narrowly and Gallantly in the dying minutes of both matches to clearly superior opposition is what these HATERs hang on all their lives.

      They should tell us more lies bcos this time…..ANOTHER LIE HAS JUST BEEN BUSTED.


      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        CSN. Remove this useless like buttons which some people use in consoling themselves and replace it with edit button Plssss..!!! Argh…!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      One fool as usual has clicked the unlike button to this beautiful body of FACTS. The truth always hurts them. Let their fellow Lairs United write a whole chapter of lies and stories they can’t back up with facts and you will see dem contributing likes and hailing it as “brilliant” analysis

      • Mercy 4 years ago

        @Dr Drey
        I have long stopped arguing with people years ago and these are my reasons

        Firstly, some people argue blindly, even when fact is presented to them.

        Secondly, some people are too proud to admit that they goofed and they feel too big to apologize for their wrong. These are the people i considered as people who have no integrity.

        Thirdly, no matter what you do, you can never please some people. Even if you like, cut off your head and place it in a plate for them for dinner, they will still tell you that you have done nothing. These are the HATERS!

        I always have one message for these categories of people. “You will be okay!”

    • Michael 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot bro @deo. Coagulations on your factual and undiluted analysis. This is a typified argument just like Dr Drey has always done. Larry, Omo9ja, destar and Co come and get lessons and be schooled on how to argue with the brain and not the heart. I can negotiate on your behalf for free tutor. Thanks once again Deo

  • Larry 4 years ago

    @deo, how about if you support the effectiveness of GR substitution with the impact on the matches?
    Effective substitution in a soccer match is not only about timing, it is more about how it affects the game.
    The impact of the substitution on the final outcome of a match provides a fair scrutiny and balance view of opinions raised.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha….DEO has to do that analysis for you again….you can’t put on your thinking cap and put your internet to use by doing your own research.
      It if is to tell lies and type craps you can’t substantiate now, you won’t call DEO to do that for you.

      Lairs United members will always wait for others to dig out facts for them, and still wouldn’t accept it when it is staring them right in the face….. LMAO.

      Lazy bones….LMAO

  • Thanks Dr Drey and KingA for your feedback.
    Larry, the point is: for so long, people (including myself) have argued that Rohr often makes substitutions too late in matches. That has proved not to be the case.

    More to your point (and in prophetic anticipation of what you were about to type), Dr Drey has helpfully catalogued opponents that we played against in which Rohr’s substitutions have been inspirational and effective.

    Think about the Burundi match that Ighalo replaced the ineffective Onuachu and scored shortly after coming in or the match against Zambia where the effervescent Iwobi came in and scored to qualify us for the World Cup with a game to spare!

    • Larry 4 years ago

      @Deo, I do understand your point and if you permit me I can point out crucial matches where his substitution did not turn games around. Your civility is appreciated.
      To others who feel that derogatory and uncouth language will silence constructive criticism of GR approach, you should try another method because we won’t stop evaluating SE performance and pointing out GR’s deficiencies.
      Like I said earlier, the good thing is that GR seems ready to accept the contract and one can only hope for improvement.
      Perhaps, next Afcon is just around the corner and celebrating a bronze medal is out of it.
      it is a new dawn.

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        Please point out those matches and let’s find you out again. The only matches you can come up with are the two matches we lost agonizingly. Argentina at the Mundial and Algeria at the AFCON. Of which both tournaments are more like stepping stones for this team. In both games we conceded first and came back to parity for most part until a moment of individual brilliance made us lose agonizingly. SuperEagles made the Albicelestes suffer in Russia and don’t forget we were even robbed a penalty in that match. So whatever crucial match you’re trying to insinuate doesn’t hold water. Against Algeria in Egypt I’m sure if that match had gone to extra time we will defeat Algeria that day because we’re beginning to dictate the tempo of the game until Mahrez 95th minute free kick. Yours is no longer constructive criticism. I cal it emotional sentiments based on your way of reasoning. All the deficiencies you keep claiming are borne out in of frustration and not the actual reality of the teams progress over the last 3 plus years. Just wait till the day we draw or lose another match before you can have a filled day here. 

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hehehehehe @Ayphilly….

          Constructive criticism is using 2 matches out of 49 to judge a coach…the 29 other matches he had won and the 40 he has not lost was just luck. I dont know how a coach does not loose 82% of his matches based just on pure luck.

          Constructive criticism is Rohr has not discovered a goalkeeper for the super eagles…..it is the witches in their village that has been preventing opponents from scoring against us in the 40 out of 49.

          Constructive criticism is insulting the coach for not discovering a goalkeeper, but the 8 other positions in the team where he has found capable replacements after the occupants left the SE aren’t worth mentioning.

          Constructive criticism is claiming Rohr makes late substitutions, but thanks to Capt.Deo above, that accusation has been hereby declared null and void…LMAO

          Constructive criticism is that Rohr doesn’t know how to make subs, but in the list I reeled out above (which is even the ones I can remember) his substitutions have DIRECTLY impacted about 50% of matches we have won so far and at least brought us back in the game in about 20% of matches we have lost so far.

          Constructive criticism is that Rohr is technically and tactically deficient, but he has the highest win ratio (59.2%) and least loss to game ratio (82.4%) as SE coach ever of any SE coach dead or alive….infact he has only lost 3 competitive matches to African opposition in 4 years as coach….that’s less than 1 per annum

          Constructive criticism is that the team lacks coordination, pattern or transition play, but in our last 10 matches, our goals (and even our misses) are very identical.

          Constructive criticism is that Rohr is a defensive coach, but we’ve scored in over 72% of our matches most times scoring first and more than 1 goal in more than 33% of our matches…WOW….what a defensive coach indeed…our opponents must be the ones scoring all the goals on our behalf while we just sit back and defend. Or maybe we score our goals in our own half……LMAO

          We have frustrated them to resorting to mere slander as all their lies have been busted one after the other. We are here waiting for them to fabricate more….that’s their forte.

          These ones are allergic to the truth and raw facts and evidence. They know more than BBC and ESPN, yet cannot say anything that can be established as the truth….LMAO

          Ndi Lairs United…..LMAO

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Don’t mind lazy bones. Zero analytical minds. Just blind sentiments and cheap lies are their forte. Reading, comprehending and understanding simple English is always a problem.

  • Prince 4 years ago

    Brothers and friends of Nigeria,
    My opinion is that very simple !
    You don’t change a winning team !
    You only make a change in life when there is no progress !!!

    This Man called Gernot Rohr is a complete God-sent and a gift from God!
    He has done well so far and will surely do better !

    If any ex-international or home-born coach sincerely have an ambition to lead the national team in future, please let him or her simply start right now to learn the ropes by getting a FIFA grade coaching badge, start from a reputable soccer academy, grade-level or clubside and work with a season coach and LEARN THE TRADE !!!.

    It is most advisable to work as an assistant with a clubside rather than a national side because in club sides, it’s more of a daily activities and lots will be learnt on day-to-day training basis, interactive sessions with players, coaching and tactics, travel plans, on-the-job reflections, knowledge on infrastructures, medical and fitness programmes, diets and man-Mgt.

    Right now, Nigeria CAN NOT boost of any creditable ex-internationals or home-grown coaches who has cut m their tooth and learn the trade from the basis in the likes of our past heroes (Amodu Shuaibu, Christian Chukwu, Stephen Keshi) and ready to lead the National team.

    We do have potentials in some ex-internationals and home-born upcoming  coaches that wants to lead the national team sometime in the future but they still have a long way to go and have lots of time to set their ambition on the right path by grabbing their respective coaching badge, create a reputation in managing a clubside…A good example;  Amodu did with BCC lions!

    One thing I do understand in life is that when you are Well-trained on a job, have acquired a relatively good experience and well-qualified for the task ahead, your pedigree will lead you ahead and make you a golden fish or a diamond Pearl …. EVERYONE WILL WANT YOU IN THEIR TEAM.
    You will never lobby for a job !!!


    NFF, pls let Gernot Rohr continue for now.
    He has done well and all he need is support, cooperation and our love. 
    Since he took the Mgt of the Super Eagles, I have NEVER heard those ugly incidents that rocks the team in the past…player vs coach fights, lateness reporting to camp, quarrels or “mafia” in the camp etc 
    They might still be in existence but I have not heard like it used to blow out in the past!!!
    And for a while now, I have watch our team in the stadium with a strong optimism that we will give our opponent a dose of our game-plan; be it on home ground or playing on away ground!

    When was the last time our Ghanian, South African and even Ethiopian brothers come to our KICKOFF site to call us “Super Chickens” and rain all sorts of bragging equality with us simply because our dear SE was under-performing or struggling !!!

    I can’t even remember the last time, I will sitting down in my lunch break doing permutations when SE is playing in the zonal qualifying group for an up-coming AFCON or FIFA tournament and praying for another nation in the same group to loss so that we can go thru!!!

    Let me stop here!
    Those days are gone now, we are making steady progress and that’s all that matters to me now.
    God bless our players and the coaching crew lead by Gernot Rohr !!!

    I hail oooo

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      @Prince thanks for your mature submission.
      Your analysis is without bias and very intelligent.

      It’s true that oga Rohr have improved the team, if any one says otherwise then the person is deceiving him/herself but that doesn’t mean there’s no loophole in the team or from the coach.

      What you need to know about Rohr’s supporters is that they regard him as invincible (I may say they are worshiping him) and when you mentioned areas you see that needs improvement you automatically become enemy, racist and other derogatory remarks.
      They behave as if the Eagles do not belong to all of us.

      Most times we do see Rohr invites a player without giving the same player a chance to prove himself (I wonder how can there be improvement in such team)

      Though Oga Rohr have been listening to us and there have been changes, for example he was sceptical in playing Iwobi as no 10, we shouted and shouted before he submitted to our demands, another example was when he insisted in playing 4231 in the world cup even when that formation isn’t working against European oppositions(all our friendlies prior to the world cup proved that)though worked very fine against African opposition.

      So you can see we all are working for one interest which the betterment of the Super Eagles.

      We all support that oga Rohr continues, but that doesn’t mean he don’t need help, any time the Eagles plays against any opponent they are at war like a soldier in the battle field and you knew very well that soldiers don’t go to battle without their best materials, in same way we want the best for the Super Eagles.
      Thanks once again for your brilliant masterpiece.

    • I have decided to be responding only to intelligent people like you, your parents efforts on you are never wasted. God bless you real good

      • My response is for @prince pls, CSN pls we need edit buttons, u need to work on your site, somehow outdated. Review it pls

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ Prince

      Pls use the microphone so that these nepotistic racist back-benchers Lairs United members can hear you at the back….LMAO. Repeat this statement again let them hear you

      “….One thing I do understand in life is that when you are Well-trained on a job, have acquired a relatively good experience and well-qualified for the task ahead, your pedigree will lead you ahead and make you a golden fish or a diamond Pearl …. EVERYONE WILL WANT YOU IN THEIR TEAM.
      You will never lobby for a job !!!…”

      Lazy exinternationals will claim nobody wants to give them jobs in Europe because they are black….tell them to show you their CVs…#Odo. You will find nothing inside. The likes of Toure and Emenalo must be albinos…LMAO.

      I guess the reasons why they can get jobs in Africa too and in Nigeria (unless NFF does charity with national team jobs) is because they are black….LMAO.

      Remove NFF jobs from their profiles and you can’t find anything else that is tangible stuff that can win them a top job….Remove NFF job from Oliseh’s career, all the coaching is has done in is career is 1 season in Belgium 3rd division and ½ season in Dutch 2 division and perpetual coaching on Twitter…..remove NFF job from Siasia’s profile all you find will be 2 seasons ending in relegation with Bayelsa Utd and JUTH and a 3rd season of near relegation with Heartland…..Our current SE assistant coach has not even done football clinics for primary school children 6years after retirement, but his former teammate Mikel Arteta was already coaching at Arsenal Academy as far back as 2015 while still actively playing for arsenal…..Finidi has not even done beyond Mallorca U17s and 3 months coaching U19s in Holland……They think employers of labour outside Nigeria are fools….LMAO.

      Are you surprised how swiftly and easily Amunike gets jobs outside Nigeria without giving a f**k about NFF…?? But a two time “”U23″” Olympics medalist coach has been jobless for almost 4yrs now….and is now pitifully struggling to raise €100,000 Euros to appeal a lifeban…(not trying to mock him in anyway) Can Amunike or Emenalo or Olofinjana struggle to raise such amount….?? I doubt..! Why wouldn’t you struggle to raise money when you don’t have steady inflows for years. All the years Amodu was always coming in as stopgap SE coach, never went back home jobless and start waiting for the next time NFF puts a call across.

      So Pls shout it loud for the “let’s promote our own” gang that a gold fish needs no promotion. Dem nor dey ring bell for original designers product for Yaba market.

      We are saying these things loudly in public without fear for these exinternationals to read. We are not exinternationals but we are professionals in our own rights and the labour market is the same everywhere in the world where people want a quality job done. If they like…they should go around flaunting 100caps and expecting that that alone is enough to unlock doors of opportunities for them.

      As for our “promote our own people” keep on ringing bell for your okrika goods o…..we are coming. Una nugo…?!

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Larry , why wasting your valuable time again on this topic  ( though the likes of @Deo actually deserved response because he is much articulated based on the angle at which he looks at the subject matter and did not allow himself overwhelmed with frustration by calling opposing members names ).

    The more you hit them with lucid facts  , the more they get frustrated the more and resulted to derogatory words ( we cannot help them ; psychologically it is expected of a losing  side to always  gives in  into frustration, the winning side would rather, remain focus , articulated in approach and calm to achieve set objectives ). 

    Why wouldn’t they be overwhelmed with frustration?

    2 years ago , we just woke up to read in the newspaper that the Super Technical Adviser that was overwhelmed at the big stage in WC, technically tutored by the local coach of another African country the rudimentary of football in the Afcon semifinals was dubiously rewarded with $95% Salary increment for his mediocrity  !! ( when it is on record that a Nigerian coach that surpassed target to win same Afcon was not given 1% salary increment)

    Clause to be working from his home country in Germany as if he was doing Nigeria favour ( thank God , he did not requested for the Super eagles home matches be moved to his Germany home since all the players are in Europe … Lol) 

    And more embarrassing, recommendation for retraining to go and learn basics technical skills on how to correct his failure in the 2 tournament he participated , of which it would have been at the expense of Nigerian’s tax payers  but for the new Sheriff in town Sports minister ( the privileged that was never given to any Nigerian coaches in the past )

    Today the story has changed:
    1. No more dubious reward of celebration of mediocrity with dubious salary increment 

    2. The Special Super Coach has agreed to climb down from his phoney high horse to the new proposed clause to leave his home country to reside permanently in his country of his employer for serious work 

    3 Accepted to be paid in Naira as proposed clause in the new contract ( though I will not totally agree with that , a professional person like Rohr deserves his pay in Dollars) 

    4. Turned the God sent super Coach to Father Christmas that does not want money again  , loving his adopted country than his Germany (Lol)  

    3. Turning a Super Coach to a dramatist who claimed 2 countries are badly in need of his services but choose to be tossed around one month to the expiration of his contract 

    4. He has to accept technically superior assistants that would be able to cover his technical deficiencies, so that we don’t continue to celebrate mediocrity achievement 

    @Larry , if an articulated progressives group can inflict those listed goals against a losing group, would you be surprised then if many of them could not control their emotion ?

    @Ilumi,@Omo9ja,@Ade@Stan,Goal &Co , Kudos for your great minds and brilliant job 

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Goal , you are 100 % correct , rather than the Rohr promoters to come to reality that Rohr is an average coach that would need help , many of them will be calling us names , racist, even wish us
    dead for airing our opinion. The more they attack us , the more we will dig dipper into Rohr deficiencies ;
    we ought to have fought  together against his salary payment in Naira because it can demoralized ( Naira payment is official rate which is far lower than black market, that is why I would not support that new clause )

    Good enough , Rohr is reading us just as NFF he has agreed to come down for a serious work in Nigeria tracking players abroad does not require rock science in this jet age , where we have world in our computer .

    We can continue to celebrate average achievement 

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    @ Destar thank you so much for all your efforts in defending the truth.

    We have won this case!

    We don’t hate Rohr, we love him but we love our country more, it’s our heritage so we want only the best for our nation.

    Dr Drey and his groups ,I want to say it’s nice debating with you guys,the quarantine period was well spent on educative discuss about our dear team.

    I picked one or two things from you guys and I also knew you do the same.

    Your main argument is that the team have improved under coach Rohr which we agree but that doesn’t make us foreigners who cannot mention areas that needs improvement in the team .

    Our happiness is that Rohr has been listening and he is making some changes which may not be the case if we turned a blind eye on his weaknesses.

    I say thank you all for making this forum lively.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hahahaha…you have indeed won the case….that’s why Rohr is getting a 2nd consecutive contract renewal offer while the lazy exinternationals African Guadiolas (who can’t qualify for ordinary African competitions) whom your team were canvasing for are still doing their own coaching on Twitter….LMAO.

    See them running away tails between their legs like a bingo that slapped by a Rott…..LMAO. They have all exhausted their baskets of lies abi.

    DEO has also succeeded in shutting them up further….oya come and open ya mouths and say Rohr’s subs are late again na….LMAO. @Deo has shoved humble pies down your throats with REAL FACTS THAT CAN BE VERIFIED ANYWHERE. @ DEO daalu nwokem..! We are still waiting for them all to come up with brilliant pieces of reaserch and analytical findings that we have been dishing to them since this their FAILED CAMPAIGN to deny Nigerians of their only source of joy and happiness started

    Glady CSN now has a new football team – Lairs Utd….LMAO

    Ehn…These ones can lie for the entire black race…LMAO..and surprisingly without apologies.

    Bust one lie…they will come up with another one….bust that one and even put a link there for them to read….they will still come back tomorrow and still “Lai the same lie”.

    I guess that team should rather be called Lai United….LMAO.

    We still dey hia o. Make Una go Una factory go manufacture more lies come….as long as God continues to bless we progressive and positive minded people with wisdom, good recollective memories and the internet, we shall continue to destroy your lies even if they are as fat as Fatimoh.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Gbam and case closed @drey! Any one of them on that comes up again with another lie needs a psychiatric therapy, honestly!

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Gbam and case closed @drey! Any one of them that comes up again with another lie needs a psychiatric therapy, honestly!

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