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Rohr: My Plan With Home-Based Super Eagles Against Mexico

Rohr: My Plan With Home-Based Super Eagles  Against Mexico

Nigeria national team manager Gernot Rohr has revealed that players from domestic league – the NPFL, were chosen to execute the international friendly game against Mexico in the United States of America because the Super Eagles A team players were on break ahead of their pre season preparations

The home-based Eagles friendly game with Mexico is billed to hold at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, on July 4. And Rohr is determined to achieve some goals with the opportunity.

“The match against Mexico is for home based players because our main Super Eagles players are not free to come, they are in their clubs for pre season ahead of a new season,” Rohr told Completesports.com.

“This is a team from Nigeria, the best local players, some of them are already in our A team. The goalkeeper from Enyimba and a winger, plus Ezenwa who is experienced hand have been capped previously

“This is a team for CHAN, it is a good preparation for them. It will be difficult to get a result because Mexico is a very wonderful team. They’ll go there to learn and I will watch and see if I can get other players for the Super Eagles A team,” Rohr told stated.

Rohr continued: “You cannot play against Mexico and say you will win it with these home-based players. It is not our A team and it will not count for FIFA rankings. The most important thing is not the results but to test the players discover new players and evolve new tactics.”

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Rohr said that the team will be coached by the duo of Austin Eguavoen who is the technical director at the Nigeria Football Federation with his deputy Paul Aigbogun, and that he would be there to watch the players they selected and see if he can pick some of them for the A team.

“Though I am not the coach of the CHAN Eagles, but I think the players selected for this game stand a good chance of making the CHAN squad. Eguavoen and his assistants picked the team with the aid of Salisu Yusuf, Imama and other top coaches from the domestic league It will be interesting to see these players perform,” Rohr concluded.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • That means, they are already destined to Fail? I then don’t seem to understand the essence of the games.

    Waste of resources…
    Waste of FIFA window…

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      Qasa, this is not a FIFA window. Chan is next year so good prep for the CHAN team. It is not a waste.

  • gowetok 3 years ago

    So then what is the role of Joseph Yobo in the SE coaching crew? If he cannot play a role in games like this ,then what his he there for ?

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Lost interest in Nigeria football until a new coach emerges. I don’t expect any miracles from Rohr even though they give us Messi and Neymar Rohr will never do anything. I have seen how Belmandi used a full squad uncapped players to win 5 goals to 1 against Liberia first eleven and also South Africa 3rd coach used uncapped players except the goal keeper to defeat full strength Uganda that ranks above Sierra that we couldn’t win home and away with our team A. This only tells me that the crap we call coach is a joke.

    Looking at the home based list as par report from owngoal I’m hearing that some players are not invited on merit and even John Nobles that the players are complaining of chipping in goals like sand is been called up against an undefeated Akwa united goalie that has kept the highest clean sheet in the league and highly regarded. Nigeria will never change, I am not interested in Nigeria football anymore let the I too Sabi people continue hailing their nonsense coach. No time to waste for useless things.

    • Oga, better go and take panadol, what has Rohr got to do with this? Read the news again

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Wetin dey worry this one, e b like say God wan punish you abi? Carry yourself comot for here na so una go dey mumu anyhow for here.

        • Na craze dey worry u nah.. Lol.. E be like say this Rohr issue don hit u beyond control.. Lol no worries, still got one more year to go.

          You can start with ur mediocre then. Till then manage ur blood pleasure well

          • SD Special Delivery Jones 3 years ago

            Dr Dreyola MaKELodunmi, Rohr is not a good coach. Stop using multiple identities.

          • @SD special delivery Jones, you need special attention before this thing gets out of hands

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

          Liar Chima. Go and tell all this lies you’re disgracing your miserable self on a public forum to your children ok. Bloody asshole.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      I talk am na… When Lobi stars wey dey 7th for NPFL log no get even one player for the list… but teams like Abia Warriors and Katsina united wey dey almost last for table get players. I hear the lust compiled by Aigbogun and some league coaches get K-Leg with plenty useless and undeserving players… Aigbogun who is suppose to be on Interpol wanted list for fraud and bribe collection for that joke of a team he raised for U-20 World Cup 2019. Six team above Lobi Stars all had players on the list… then Lobi Stars was skipped on five other teams lower than them had players called up too… Nigeria’s usual abracadabra!

      • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

        What is the issue with this your Lobi stars, are they the only team in NPFL?

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          The are not the only team… The issue is that there are already feelers that Paul Aigbogun’s list of 26 NPFL players called up may already for what he is known for contains undeserving names… I am a Makurdi boy who used to be affiliated to Lobi Stars FC and quite know the team’s management philosophy of pooling real football talents from all over Nigeria… plus you as well as anyone know Lobi Stars Football Club pedigree in Nigeria league… how is it that they occupy position number 7 on the NPFL points standings after 24 matches played with just six (6) points separating them on 7th Position and Nasarawa United on 2nd Position, all six teams above Lobi Stars contributed players to the 26man list and lobi Stars is skipped and the team in 8th position has players as well as four other teams below Lobi Stars having players called also… infact Abia Warriors as well as Katsina United are around position 13th and 15th on the log. Does that not look like Lobi Stars is being deliberately overlooked? Is it fair? Not even a single player on their roaster is good enough yet they are 7th on the league table… NIGERIANS if una see obvious objective observation worthy of digging it deeper may una the talk… otherwise we country no ever go fit good!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…you are no longer an ex-footballer of Lobi Stars FC , you are now an ex”affiliate” of Lobi Stars FC.

            Hmmmm….Interesting….LMAO. Tori don begin restructure insef small small.

            Maybe by next year, after more fiery facts digging, the title will change again to ex”amalgam” or ex”concatenate” of Lobi Stars FC.

            He even said Lobi are 7th just to do his best to paint the best picture of injustice for Lobi…..LMAO….pls if Lobi is currently 7th, what position is Rnagers occupying…6th Right….LMAO. Bcos whatever permutation you conjure, Rangers is above Lobi currently.

            Dakkada and MFM too are above Abia and Katsina, they also have not representatives in the list….pls include them in your advocacy venture….LMAO…..Invitations to the national team is now by league placing….LMAO

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      Chima quit with the false information. Firstly Belmadi did not & does not coach this Algerian side that beat Liberia. It was Algeria’s CHAN team. Also they did not beat Liberia’s 1st team, it was Liberia’s CHAN team that they beat. In effect, that was a CHAN friendly for both countries. Please stop spreading falsehood just because you hate Rohr. Rohr never sanctioned this friendly due to it’s timing, it’s all NFF. But similar to Algeria & Liberia, it will now be used for our CHAN preparations so i don’t know what the fuss is all about.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe…the bloody liar who claimed owngoal is a site that publishes lies and fake news now reads from owngoal.com…..LMAO. Wooow What an Irony….LMAO. There shall be no sleep for the wicked….LMAO

      No 1 It was Algeria B (all homebased) that defeated Liberia B team 5-1 and the team was coached by a certain ex-international Mahjid Boughera who is an Asst Coach of the Senior team.

      No 2 SA B team played Uganda B team and the team was coached by ex-international Helman Mkalele who is also the Asst coach of the Main team.

      Next time when you are looking for people to tell lies, please call your children.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    “This is a team for CHAN, it is a good preparation for them. It will be difficult to get a result because Mexico is a very wonderful team. They’ll go there to learn and I will watch and see if I can get other players for the Super Eagles A team,” Rohr told stated.

    Rohr continued: “You cannot play against Mexico and say you will win it with these home-based players. It is not our A team and it will not count for FIFA rankings. The most important thing is not the results but to test the players discover new players and evolve new tactics.”

    I am lost for words here. What brought us to this level Nigerians?

    You are not in charge of the Chan team and you making excuses already?

    Even Mr. Eguavoen haven’t said anything yet.

    This people keep telling lies every day and Oga Amaju couldn’t do nothing about it.

    The coach of the Super Falcons should be the one talking like this but the gaffer is doing his things quietly and we are seeing the results.

    Hmm. How market my people. Here is another lies.

    “The match against Mexico is for home based players because our main Super Eagles players are not free to come, they are in their clubs for pre season ahead of a new season,”

    Our boys won’t be available because of the pre season or NFF is owing them their salaries?

    When we are talking now, Oga Rohr fans will attack but I am coming for you all. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Paul Aigbogun and Austin Eguavoen picked the players and will take charge of the team.

    One very important question. Where is Joseph Yobo? He is supposed to be the Assistant Manager. The CHAN team is the remit of the Assistant Manager. Just as Salisu and Imama took charge of the Local based teams in the past few years, so should Yobo.

    However, he was also absent for the last matches of the Super Eagles against Cameroon in Austria earlier in the month.

    The silence of the NFF on what is going on with Joseph Yobo is very loud

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Excellent point raised there Big D. Excellent point.

    I have observed with keen interest how these sycophants have turned a blind eye to this development…..LMAO. I guess they are avoiding getting burnt by their own conscience…LMAO

    Those who hailed the kangaroo appointment of a person who isnt a coach as the 2IC of the national team should all come out and tell us what is happening with our dear SE asst coach whom they arent even confident enough in to hand him our homebased SE…? LMAO.

    Where is the man who is qualified to lead Nigeria to the world cup simply because he had 100 caps…?

    Where is the man who 6 years after retirement has not even a first aid training certificate but got a job as the Asst Coach of the SE, the 3rd biggest team in Africa. His contemporary Mahjid Boughera retired 2 years after him, yet already has 3 certifications and has coached 2 different clubs and is wonderfully handling the home-based squad of Algeria and also occupying the role of Asst national team coach. Where Merit reigns, Success will also reign.

    Where is the man who doesn’t need to go to any coaching school or have any prior coaching experience because he played at the “highest level” under top coaches like David Moyes…? LMAO.

    NFF needs to come clean and tell us what Yobo was hired for in the first place….that is if they have the guts to. I dared pinnick from day 1 to hand the CHAN team to Yobo if he was really confident he has made a right decision…..LMAO. No wonder Finidi rejected the Asst. U17 coach offer. He would have been a bit more managable as SE asst coach rather that this errand boy that was foisted on us by people who are hell bent on dragging our football backwards. They so desperately wanted to get rid of Rohr and wouldnt mind cutting their own noses to smite their faces…..LMAO…its all boomeranging now I guess…LMAO.!

    The inside story of the plot to reap from the labour of another man by these bunch of disgruntled people will be so interesting it will have a part 2 and part 3. I am sure Yobo’s job description after his appointment would have looked something like….” just go there and cause kata kata in the team like you almost did for us under Keshi, sabotage the team, turn the players against the coach and try to make sure he gets frustrated to the point of resigning”…..LMAO. And he didnt wait for long before commencing his job of causing katakata in the team after international football returned late last year.

    eheemm…someone just whispered to me our Asst Coach has ran back to arm-chair coaching in TV studios….LMAO.

    I saw all these coming a long time ago. We will never stop talking about these things.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    How you know coaches who know their stuff… Clemence Westerhoff toured the corners of Nigeria… to scout himself and pick quality players… He went to Kaduna and saw Daniel Amokachi at Ranchers Bees when only barely 17years old and invited him to Algiers ’90… from Sharks, he sifted Finidi George from the crowd… moving southwards to Calabar Rovers, he picked Friday Ekpo, to the Heartland at Iwuanyawu he picked Isaac Semitoje, BCC Lions Moses Kpakor and the list goes on… Edema Fuludu, David Ngodigha, Ajibade Babalade, Thompson Oliha, Friday Elaho and all those stalwarts back in the days… but what do we have today?… Now we have one who only wants players manufactured from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and the likes… Withing 5years, Clemence Westerhoff delivered a nations cup Silver, Bronze and Gold and cap it up with second round world cup feat on the first bounce. How are the mighty fallen… today we have a master tactless tactician who has a ready excuse for every fail… “we have a young team”, “we have an inexperience team”, “we do not have players in elite teams”… Some key Nigeria’s football stakeholders have even called him a mechanic with outdated and quack tools… he in his usual defeatist mentality has already written off homebased players even before they take to the pitch against Mexico… Since his stars are not available he has shirked management responsibility of the same national team which he is coaching because of the fear of losing against Mexico… well how are we to blame him afterall he lives in France coaching us from afar and only has to be in Nigeria for three weeks at any material time his avalanche of stars are around to help cover his technical and tactical ineptitude… Na me talk am, no serious team, even mediocre non-league team will engage Rohr in his present football coaching standards in Europe… a coach that is so cheap even if he is owed 7months salary, he can’t even challenge his employers… because his contract was a politician’s contract… Under the table contract! Lol… Rohr snipers will come for me now! I have played a roughball to their Moongod!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha….thank God you know Rohr’s snippers will come and shootdown your baseless comments as usual. We look forward to the day when we will be on holiday because there are no more lies and fictitiously libelous innuendos from frauds to shoot.

      Westerhoff should have gone to Europe to scout for Players in 1989 na…..LMAO….he shouldn’t have scouted the Nigerian league….LMAO…He should have sat down like Rohr in Europe and be scouting for Nigerian players there in Europe in 1989 because that was where the best, most talented and quality Nigerian footballers of that era were….LMAO. What senselessness. After all said and done by the same Westerhoff, Pls kindly remind us how many homebased were in the SE team that won the AFCON eventually at Westerhoff’s 3rd attempt….1 out of 22….LMAO. Remind us again how many homebased players were in the eventual World cup sqaud….0 out of 22….LMAO. Even Westerhoof woke up eventually as far back as 1994…..LMAO…he woke up and saw the light….LMAO. And that was even when we had what looked like a league o….LMAO. Imagine the scam we have now, where we haven’t concluded the so-called league 3 seasons in a row and another shoddy conclusion is likely this season as CAF has handed FAs a July 31st deadline to submit the list of teams to represent them in continental competitions….LMAO. That will then make it 4 seasons in a row….LMAO. What a joke…!!!

      Imagine mentioning Banana Estate and Makoko in the same statement….LMAO….yea that’s the peak of the delusion of these noise makers mentioning the league in the 90s (when Nigerian clubs were getting to the finals of continental competitions 10 years in a row and league players swapping home for abroad – Ranchers Bees for Brugge, Sharks for Ajax, Julius Berger for Standard Liege, Iwuanyawu for Ajax etc – in weeks) in the same vein with the league where we fast and pray to even get 1 out of 4 clubs to reach group stages of competitions….LMAO….where the players now fail trials even in Sudanese league….LMAO (chronic liars will tell us its due to racism or stage fright)…LMAO

      The last time a player from the Nigerian league moved straight to a top 5 league in Europe was almost 20 years ago…1 player in 2 decades. Yet Nigerian bred footballers who never played in the league are currently our best footballers anywhere and lighting up European football space.

      The current best player in the same league has been huffing and puffing directionlessly in 4 matches now in a SE shirt…..but a Portuguese 2nd division player needed just 3 days training and 15 mins of game time to show us what REAL TALENT AND QUALITY means….That is the Nigerian league they want Rohr to waste his time scouting……LMAO….all the ones in Europe should go to hell…..they are not Nigerians and are inferior to the ones at home….LMAO

      Teeth gnashing Charlartans should remind us again, what percentage of products of the Nigerian league called up to the SE in the last 10 years has had remarkable success or made it to the top 10 leagues in Europe….??? ZERO % (0%)….LMAO. ZEEE….ROOO….%%% LMAO

      That is the league that has MANY TALENTS, so many that we have only made it to the group stages of CAF CL group stages 4 times in the last 10 years and 1ce in the last 5 years when the number of groups were increased from 2 to 4….LMAO. I guess Rohr is responsible for that too…LMAO…I guess it is Rohr that has failed to scout quality local players for the clubs representing Nigeria in the CAF CL…..LMAOOOoooo. There are SO MANY TALENTS that even clubs are struggling to locate them…..LMAOOOooo.

      Committee of Anguished Agents have forgotten that Rohr wasnt jobless when Nigeria approached him to come bail us out of the pit the Guadiolas and Master tacticians dumped us. Rohr was engaged with the German…YES….GERMAN FA. Yes…the tactless tactician was not an idle ass fellow (like those who are currently eyeing his job and never stop making noise on the pages of newspapers), was in the employ of one of the biggest FAs in world football and came highly recommended by a certain Arsene Wenger.

      I just love the way Rohr is teaching all of them professionalism and outsmarting them at their game…..LMAO….anything outside my contract = none of my business…..LMAO. You want to fire me, fire me = $2m cool cash….LMAO. You can owe me as long as you want (which you will still eventually pay), I dont depend on your money to survive, I even have my own support staff whom I pay….LMAO….so pls keep saving my salaries for me.

      What a smart Alec of a coach.

      Well’d rather have the tactless tactician who has made so much progress over the years to overated Guadiolas who cannot even qualify for ordinary AFCON, EVEN as best loosers…..LMAO

      • Edoman 3 years ago

        @Dr Drey. I am extremely delighted that a guy like you are here teaching folks how to view issues in a critical and realistic fashions. Because of you Dr Drey, people like me are here still. Millions of Nigerians are fascinated by your intellect and your realistic approach to issues. Please, keep it up.
        From Florida, USA.

        • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

          Edoman na Florida u sef dey?9ice one I reside in sfl too 305… God bless

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        A coach who had made so much progress over the years? Lol… What shall we then say about Belmadi and Cisse? Rohr is just coach of foreign based Super Eagles… Mexico invite am him tell him stars to stay away… How many has visited Yahaya Bello already for selfie session? Hahahaha… Make we see road. Even Musa wey dey market the find club sef the form holiday… Lol.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Belmadi and Cisse inherited teams that couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times in 5 years right…?! (its like some people still do not realize what a snag it is for a country not to be able to qualify for AFCON).
          Belmadi and Cisse are also coaches of home-based teams right…? Belmadi and Cisse inherited teams ranked 70th in the world right….? LMAO. Weldone ehn….LMAO…your comparisons are fair, cogent valid and admissible, you are highly intelligent…..LMAO

          Riyahd Mahrez, Adlene Guediorra, Sodiane Fegholi, Yassine Brahimi, Islam Slimani, Faouzi Ghoullam, Bentalleb, Hilal Soudani, Aisser Mandi, Rais Mboli, which one of these players still in the Algerian team in 2021 was not in the Algerian team that almost knocked out eventual Champions in the R16 of 2014 World cup…? Let them all retire after now that they are in their prime and lets see if Belmadi and Algeria will still be going on 27 game unbeaten runs na…LMAO. Today in addition to these experienced ones, almost all the new commers in the Algerian team are foreign borns, same for Senegal. But let Rohr start 3 foreign borns in the SE at a time, racists will say he is starting them because they are germans….ngwa name the players who are better than them they will lose their voices. Belmadi and Cisse will start the key players in both friendlies and competitive matches….let Rohr start the same XI for just 3 consecutive matches including friendlies, wailers will come crying he is rigid, he doesn’t allow for competition in the team, he must invite all the 15 Nigeria strikers that scored in Europe over the weekend, he doesnt do this he doesnt do that bla bla bla bla….and yet they want unbeaten runs like Algeria and Senegal.
          Rohr has not made so much progress but no coach in Africa has lifted his team 40 places on the FIFA rankings in the last 5 years…? Pls if there is any somebody should kindly let us know.
          Rohr is just coach of foreign super eagles….pls where are the best 40 Nigerian players currently based…? Are the best nt the ones who should be called up ALL THE TIMES…? Did you put the local super eagles in his contract too when you signed him as coach…? What was the duty of Salisu his 1st assistant..? What was the duty of Imama who replaced Salisu…? Pls what is the job of your legendary 100caps fashionista ex-international god that was used to replace Imama…? You think Rohr is like your desperate Nigerian coaches who will have no contract and NFF will be ordering and deploying them all around….from SE to CHAN to U23 to SF like errand boys…..LMAO..?
          Rohr is really teaching his employers a lesson in professionalism…..LMAO….Next time if you want him to handle the CHAN team….inlcude it in black and white in his contract that “YOU SHALL HANDLE SO AND SO AND SO TEAMS THROUGH SO AND SO AND SO MATCHES AND COMPETITIONS”….LMAO.
          The way Rohr is just sitting by the corner and watching Aigbogun and Eguavoen (in the absence of their unqualified and incompetent errand boy pundit) take the hit and heat from the Nigerian press now is so laughable. The old man is just watching as a spectator on the sidelines with his Cuban cigar and nobody can do JACK about it. His haters have yelled and gnashed their teeth to the hilt, but the man doesn’t even look ruffled, while the NFF technical crew is looking confused and battered…LMAOOooo. Oh…I love this drama.
          Oya come and force Rohr and his boys to play when you havent payed bonuses for 2 years na….LMAOooo. Shey na only friendlies dem dey boycott now…? Una never see anything….na una MANY TALENTS in the local league una go still carry prosecute World Cup qualifiers when time reach….>LMAOOOo

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    We are a people inundated with misinformation daily. Whether it’s this article that tells us the game is on July 4 (its on the 3rd, i should know since i have tickets!), or some commenters misinforming us about who coached which team that beat another team and what not. Its all disgusting.

    Anyways, instead of all the bickering and constant back and forth that takes us nowhere, why don’t we see this friendly for exactly what it is; an opportunity for the supposedly cash strapped nff to raise some funds. Everything else is purely incidental. We should hope one or two local players can be discovered but more importantly, any arrears in coaches wages and player bonuses can be offset by the earnings from this friendly.

    • The problems with our football is partly with our all knowing ex international led by a certain mathematical.

      He was the one that did a PR job for a partying Yobo in complete football insisting that he was the messiah our football is waiting for.

      Fast forward to one year and the calamitous Yobo now prefer punditry work in south Africa to tinkering the chan team that was otherwise his prerogative.

      Words out of NFF was that Yobo have not watched up to 2 NPFL matches, the reason Equaveon and Aigbgun drew up the list with Imma, Salisu Yusuf and some other top domestic coaches.

      The Yobo case is a total mess and in saner climes there should be consequences.The mathematical must now know better and leave our football alone.His time have passed.

      Pinnick deserved a very serious query for wasting our time and resources.For all the Egbos, olofinjanas,Emenalos, Amunikes,Salisu, Manu it was a certain partying and unserious Yobo who have no badge six years to be the SE assistant Manager! As in how?

      We are Nigeria, we are not Lesotho or Seychelles.To put this matter in proper context, Imagine we are playing Brazil in a world cup match and Rohr is given a red card.So it is a badgeless Yobo that will take over.How unserious can we be in this country.

      I think the supervising sport Minister also owe Nigerians some explanations for allowing such abberation.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey… na wa o… with all your epistle and grammar on CSN… it’s simple meaning of AFFILIATE that is embarrassing you like this? You see why I say make you no claim wetin you no be for public forum wey people with head wey the truly smoke dey bah? You see why your claim of a PhD is a fraud? Hahahaha… Make I stop here this night. I gast enter work for 6:00am… I go get time for your kak when I return, that is if you continue to look for me and no respect yourself! If them invite you to come on zoom make you validate your nonexistent PhD now, you go say hackers don hack all your social media including Twitter, yahoomail, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook since 1904. Hehehehe… Make I help you as you be my friend, an affiliate is someone who has or has had a connection, attachment, or an action to do with a person or an organization either now or in the past. So is it still hard for you to know a former player is an affiliate of a club? It’s surprising that by now you still don’t fathom it that I am not your regular CSN forum member… Guy, I have been to places and done things! I can’t even tell you where I work now for security reasons but if you doubt, come on zoom with me make I show you ID card… just know say heavymen dey here the follow you Submit posts and atimes take insults on the chin here… Peaceout bro!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…no na you go teach me English…LMAO. Weldone ehn. yes I have a fake PhD…thats why it pains you so much that you cannot match me intellectually….LMAO….you too go and obtain a fake Phd and lets see how easy it is to have one…LMAO

      From former player to “affiliate”…..LMAO. We don open the yansh of fat liar finish….LMAO…e wan banboozle people with words….LMAO

      Affiliate ko….Ally ni.

      Even me I be ex-affiliate of many clubs….LMAO….Infact I be affiliate of the Super Eagles. This dude really thinks he is smart ey…!

      He has been to places, he has done things….The rest of us must have been stuck in mud and thatched huts somewhere in the congo basin or oduvai gorge chasing bushrats all our lives….LMAO. You for kuku tell us say You own the Eiffel Tower na so that the whole CSN can come worship at your feet.

      Ndo oh…the unregular CSN forum member…! LMAO. What arrogance…!

      I have been to places, I have done things……LMAO Or are you also the bread winner of your extended family and live in a Penthouse like Chima your twin-brother…?!

      By the “Wisdom in their words” and “Depth of their knowledge”, we shall always know their true personalities.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Match you intellectually? Joker… Give us your Facebook name let’s check you out and verify who you be? @Proudly9ja has checked with me on this forum… You are a fraud and never attended any school in Netherlands 22years ago. You are not even above 40years… If you want to be taken serious let’s asked atleast three other forumites here and set up a zoom meeting… Make we see each other. You could show us your certs then… I be Control and Microelectronics Engineering professional, how your BSc Mechanical abi na Chemical Engineering take make you any intellectually better than anyone on this forum? Na jealousy and bad belle go haunt you for life… Bring people down who you can’t compare… Let’s meet on zoom if you be anything other than a street tout and CSN forum bully… When I asked you for Facebook name last time because you are ashamed you will get busted for being fraud you claimed your all social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were hacked years back and that you no longer keep any social media account… fear fear boy. I was in Engineering school and playing for Lobi Stars, same as Daniel Atsaka my school goalkeeper and Inalegwu Agbulu who is still playing in Bangladesh as a professional till date… I played for Northbank United and my school team and went to two NUGA games in Ife and Zaria. My school played Junior Lobi 3 – 1, and three of were invited to trial at Lobi which we all succeeded… Of course studies and school never allowed us travel for many away games but I have played several league games in makurdi and Challenge Cup games as it used to be called… I moved to Europe and trialed at FC Thun and before then MSV Duiburg where I met my wife in postgrad studies… I always had a plan B aside football… I now work with United States Army as Precision Instrument Engineer in Kaiserslautern, Germany. See cheap guy the claim PhD… even an aboki wey the shine shoes no go believe that your lie because you no fit back am up… just no try me. I go floor you anyday… I am not a boastful person but I can backup unlike you!

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha…..LMAO. Agony of a drowning man….LMAO.
          He wants to meet on Zoom….LMAO. Pls continue…I am so loving these empty rants of yours…..LMAO

  • Abdul 3 years ago

    Abeg, make two of una no start this thing again today. We know say una be big boys…uhn. So, make una just calm down. We no need know una life, we just wan discuss and talk about football. I still don’t know why its a problem, when you people don’t agree with each other. Anyways, only soccer please…God bless you…Ire o.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Abdul… You are an old member here, meaning you know how for every post I make… @Dr.Drey jumps mostly to attack me personally outside the specifics of the football discourse. Often I ignore because I know I am good at firing payloads and delivering potent salvos too… hi issue is primarily ego and because I have often checked him for blatant bullying of folks for their comments here… he is taken a direct dislike and misplaced hatred for my person and any post from the alias @JimmyBall. Common folks know this here… I will never air any negative views on anyone here for their comment… I will always push comments for things like homebase/foreign based… I also have my reservations for our coach Rohr after close observation for five years… like anyone here, I think I am entitled to these as a forumute… but how do you avoid attrition when it is obvious someone is always out for you personally as their action(s) show it evidently… I respect the forum and everyone here including @Dr.Drey… but for as long he Continues to make his interaction with me here one of ego and him versus me… I will need to be ready when you goes off on me as is often. The thing is that… a lot of folks on the forum try to avoid his direct sting and insults as he dishes as counter-arguments and so, most don’t like calling him to order… but folks like me got big sacks hanging down my loins too and as a Benue boy wey be… with our military mind… I don’t back down! That’s just it for me… If he keeps it mature and civil, trust me… he will always enjoy good comradeship from me despite our views often running antiparallel for our convictions how we see things… One love! And @Abdul… thanks, and yes it should be all football here!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaa….You vs Me…??? LMAO
        You cant even match me in content and depth of knowlege.
        You vs Me…..LMAO.
        You really overate yourself……LMAO

        • kenneth 3 years ago

          Them don call you out, bring out your fake degrees let us see. Why you dey fear. Na when you live for holland, no be you claim for here say na austria you dey live. Who knows wether na under bridge for obalende you dey chat from

  • Mutum 3 years ago

    Guys,make una calm down joor…we all na one!

    • SAMUEL 3 years ago

      Guys, sincerely I don’t see any reason why @Dr drey,will always take on @jimmyball. Jimmyball is entitled to his opinion on the Nigeria coach. After all,we are talking about five good years and we can’t name our first eleven players !!!! Na wa oooo.Please the way our football is going now,I pray one day Lesotho will not come here and beat us.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Abdul… You are an old member here, meaning you know how for every post I make… @Dr.Drey jumps mostly to attack me personally outside the specifics of the football discourse. Often I ignore because I know I am good at firing payloads and delivering potent salvos too… his issue is primarily ego and because I have often checked him for blatant bullying of folks for their comments here… he has taken a direct dislike and misplaced hatred for my person and any post from the alias @JimmyBall. Common folks know this here… I will never air any negative views on anyone here for their comment… I will always push comments for things like homebase/foreign based… I also have my reservations for our coach Rohr after close observation for five years… like anyone here, I think I am entitled to these as a forumute… but how do you avoid attrition when it is obvious someone is always out for you personally as their action(s) show it evidently… I respect the forum and everyone here including @Dr.Drey… but for as long he Continues to make his interaction with me here one of ego and him versus me… I will need to be ready when he goes off on me as is the case often. The thing is that… a lot of folks on the forum try to avoid his direct sting and insults as he dishes as counter-arguments and so, most don’t like calling him to order… but folks like me got big sacks hanging down my loins too and as a Benue boy wey I be… with our military mind… I don’t back down! That’s just it for me… If he keeps it mature and civil, trust me… he will always enjoy good comradeship from me despite our views often running antiparallel for our convictions how we see things… One love! And @Abdul… thanks, and yes it should be all football here!

  • Why is GR acting like as if home based Eagles are not worthy of his attention, Westerhof once took uncapped players/homebased to Thailand for a tournament just to pick the late Thompson Oliha to join the A team out of all of them that went with him to Thailand, The late Stephen Keshi took our chan Eagles to the tournament that was held in South Africa . GR is the Technical Adviser of All National teams but Super Falcons , am shocked that he is allowed to pick and choose which team and matches he will coach or play. This is an average coach who came to Nigeria through the back door and has been wobbling and fumbling for five solid years inspite of the talents at his disposal. Can you imaging a former coach of Niger becoming the National team coach of Nigeria? Corruption has turned a yeye coach into a Giant in Nigeria

    • Lord AMO 3 years ago


    • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 3 years ago

      For me its the fraud of the century!

      Its an insult of the highest proportion that a coach is sacked by Niger and ends up in Nigeria.

      I cant stop praying for the day Nigeria will go the way pf USSR, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia etc (peaceful disintegration God willing).

      I have seen little Cotedivoire, Tunisia, South Africa, Cameroon etc signed seasoned coaches who once had stints with Portugal (Arthur Jorge), France, etc but a so called giant of Africa with all its resources and population go for back water coaches.


  • And Mexicans are not on pre season ok o. Not on holiday.me too wan go take foto with yaya in kogi o. ..the Mexicans I watch on YouTube will bisect the eagles from the middle field and put ball in the net with ease the way Ghana use to score Nigeria each time they play eagles ,

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      @Olu, the Mexica are preparing for their continental championship, the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Hence, they & other participants are allowed a 14 day pre-tournament preparation by FIFA, similar to what African teams get before AFCON.

      • Thanks @Adisboy for enlighten that misguided guy. Most of them lacks information but instead of them to learn from informed people, they will be busy washing their dirty linen in public.

        All their concerns is anything Rohr, even the present insecurity in the country was due to Rohr losing to Algeria in 2019, yeye people.

        @Dr Drey, pls tread softly on that boastful @Jimmyball, the guy is a confusionist, giving him attention is like making him feel important.

        He talked as if he is next thing after Joe Biden, as if other forumite doesn’t have a bloosom carrier, I can see he is still a little boy if his mate could still be playing active football in Bangladesh as him claimed.

        If you see profile of people like me and other respectable forumite, you will go n find one corner sit down and cover your eyes @Jimmyball. But as someone with brains said above, this place is for football discussion and not to make empty bragging.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Ola… Hahaha. I know @Dr. Drey has given your head and back a very good stroking today… of course a pet loves his master. Hahaha… If I face you now walahi you go get restless night today. Saying I am kid because a friend still plays in Bangladesh… isn’t Peter Utaka and Taye Taiwo still playing? Inalegwu Agbulu in Bangladesh is 41yrs and he met me in my school team as a senior… he is a junior. I am not interested in glorifying myself… unlike your master. He just feels he is more intelligent than everyone here…

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          …@Dr.Drey Very funny dude… I never said Enyimba wanted to sign me… twisting facts to win arguments. Daniel Atsaka was in 100 levels when I was in final year (500 Level) infact he was my younger brother (5years my junior) classmate in secondary school… a very young talented goalkeeper who ought to have been noticed for Nigeria at U-17 level… I know you have a Facebook account and have checked their names but still you don’t want to let us see who you are because then we will notice you are no more than 35yrs in real life… at most 40years… I keep giving you verifiable names because I can backup my claims… I have played football with Godwin Ityorsaa, Tyavkase, Louis Otanwa (he scored the goal from almost centre circle for Enyimba vs Accra Hearts of Oak in 2007 CAF Champions league match)… I started with Louis Otanwa if you need further verification) he is now in Kazakhstan as youth EUFA certified coach… I told you I was meant to go to ASEC Mimosas through John Zaki in 2003 and my dad refused that I have to finish studies… I was almost done and could have abandoned it all for football… but atleast his wisdom helped put things in order and I can’t regret today in life… Daniel Atsaka is a baby where I am… @Dr.Drey… I have nothing to prove to your likes… envy too much for your life… I wish you success in life brother, you need it… Till date if I go back near any field for makurdi… na Big Player all man the Halla… You go hear “wicked left leg”… You go hear “a player there!” you go hear “abracadabra Jimmy”… You go hear “fast Jimmy”… “JimmyBall” I was a guy blessed with academics and football… I can list names for you to confirm and check my claims using your facebook account wey you the fear to share make we no unmask you as a fraud… Have a great evening my antagonist… hahaha. The thing is that… You and me will continue this as long as you wont stop trying to characterise me wrongly… Who God don bless no man can curse brother… Lol.

        • Must Nigeria fall for everything throw at them. Those days of yekini okocha oliseh Amuneke dey don’t go for holidays abi. Yet dey play All games even out of season. No wahala .pls don’t complain after the game .I no u will only watch highlights. After the game for a game I bought ticket here

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            So is it the days of Yekini we are in now…? LMAO. Oga pls go and take another look at your calendar, we are in June 2021 now sir, not the days of Yekini. A lot of things has changed in professional and international football between then and now. Now we have football calendars which professionals and associations abide strictly by. When you fix matches outside conventional schedules it is at your own risk. FIFA doesnt even recognize this match vs Mexico….it will be classed an exhibition game in their records today unlike the days of Yekini.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahaha……you NEVER said Enyima wanted to sign you…..LMAOooo…You never said you were supposed to follow Elvis and Tyvakase to Enyimba when they were signed from Lobi before their 2003 CAF CL winning feat but studies wouldn’t allow you….??? Chineke meee…….Umefiekete o…..????? Anyone who trusts your kind is doomed. Hmmmm…I am really shaking my head for this kid. You see why its not good to be a liar…? That’s one thing about people who lie too much…they forget their lies after a long while…LMAOOOoo

          Now he claims I am twisting facts….LMAO….it is when they have been busted, with their hands in the pot and oil stains on their lips, they will claim you are twisting facts. LMAO
          You yourself said up there You, Daniel Atsaka and Inalegwu Agbulu were invited to trial at Lobi at the same time and period which you all succeeded and got signed, but 2009 is the year Atsaka signed for Lobi , but now agian you were team mates with Tyavkase and Elvis at Lobi before they were signed by Enyimba as far back as Year 2002…LMAO….ahahhh, ahahhha.
          You where in the national u17 team with Dominic Oruma in 1995, but by year 2000 you were already a 24 year old who almost signed for ASEC through John Zaki…LMAOOoo. ahaaahhh…!!!

          Its either you mutate every 5 years or you have a time machine that starts and stops your life cycle whenever you want. Keep it up ehn…pls keep these stories coming. Im loving them….LMAOoo.

          You have even called me a teenager before, You have claimed I only started watching football after Sydney 2000, You have even said I am a secondary school leaver waiting for admission into varsity…so if you like say i am 10 years old or 100 years old….that is your life problem….LMAO. And if you like cry till the earth passes away, you will have to be married to the German Chancellor to get my personal information….LMAO. You can keep telling the world how you own the land where the Vatican Basilica was built….that too is your life problem….LMAoo.

          Whom God has RAISED, no entity can bring down….LMAO

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Drey… I was in school in Makurdi how can I be going to play for Enyimba? Don’t twist facts… Daniel Atsaka was junior goalkeeper at young stars makurdi from around year 2000, with other amateur teams in makurdi they feed Junior Lobi… I was already playing state league when Daniel Atsaka was in sec sch… he is far my junior, Daniel Atsaka graduated from University in 2007, but even before then he was long already in Lobi Stars feeders… I was in the main team since 2003,that was when I got really acquainted with former SE player John Zaki… through state league in Makurdi for Amateur clubs… the real good players are already know to Lobi Stars… they scout the league… I don’t know what else to tell @Dr.Drey to help him… Lol. It’s because you were never opportuned to watch me play football that it all appears too good to be true for you… Lol.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Seyi Olofinjana was at Lautech whilst playing for Kwara Utd (and even debuted for SE). Victor Ezeji was in Uniport whilst playing for Enyimba, Vincent Enyeama was a student of Uniuyo whilst playing for Enyimba, Ebele Obi was at NAU whilst manning the goalposts for Rangers….I can go on and on. ANYBODY that tells you he turned down Enyimba and ASEC Mimosas because of school is a FAT liar. Nobody turns down 2 of the biggest clubs in the West African Sub-region at that time. Lolz. (Its like saying you turned down Bayern Munich and Man Utd because of school…..LMAOOOooo.) I really dont have so much time these days, I would have in my usual fashion gone to dig out where you gave us that fat lie that but for school, you would have followed Elvis and Tyavkase to Enyimba when Enyimba came for them. But I’ll find some time these days to do so.

          One moment you claim 3 of you: you, Atsaka and Inalegwu went for trials after representing your Varsity team and were picked, the next moment Atsaka was in junior lobi while you were already a senior squad veteran in 2003, playing in league and challenge cup games that even ASEC and Enyimba would be interested in you……LMAOOooo. Eheenn…. Wow…lovely isnt it….?

          Story teller has taken his time to cook up another nice episode for us today, yet no nexus as usual….LMAOOoo. Your stories are getting more interesting…really. Pls keep them coming. They make for good reading.

          This chap is beginning to take himself for a ride…..a jolly good ride at that….LMAO

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    @Dr. drey be matured.

  • Chris 3 years ago


    “It’s either you mutate every 5 years or you have a time machine that starts and stops your life cycle whenever you want”


    Dr.Drey sinks Jimmyball

  • Coache 3 years ago

    Can somebody tell me why Alloy Agu chose Ezenwa and Noble as goalkeepers going to play against Mexico. Of all GK in Nigeria, why Ezenwa the crap goalkeeper. Even SE players complained about Noble.

    Can we stop this embarrasmsnt called Ezenwa and be honest by picking the best goalie on Merit?

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Coachie… It’s called long-leg… EZENWA is a recurring decimal in Super Eagles whether he is the best or not at home. Was it not funny that Theophilus Afelokhai was benching him at Enyimba and yet he was always the 3rd national team goalkeeper called to camp? Even Rohr endorsed that and despite league coaches raising that issue of how strange it was… he was always the one who got the invite…

      • Coache 3 years ago

        @JimmyBall, if it is Buhari now (I am not his supporter). I have never liked Alloy Agu tey tey and he is proving me right since Algiers 90.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Lol… Brother those men the share bonuses codedly with certain players… Such scheme has been on for ages…

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …@Dr.Drey… I was very busy on this day and did not see your later posts. I will always correct your twisted facts so you dont mislead folks here about me and previous comments as is the case often when you want to win an argument at all cost. I never told you I was to sign at Enyimba of Aba, I told you I was in Makurdi, schooling while playing for lobi stars… I was already playing firstly for North-Bank United, and later. Police Machine Makurdi in State league before I got admitted into University… I left Secondary school in 1995, so you can guess my age… I will not tell you. I was at U-17 Camp in 1997 in Preparation for EUFA-CAF Meridian Cup, I think hosted in Portugal and won by Nigeria. It was while in Camp that I met the likes of Dominic Oruma, I think he later captained the team to Portugal… I was an elite young player in Makurdi, known very well around the Sports Council by coaches who matter in the state… Often, Benue State “All Secondary School Games” finals are always staged in the stadium… my school won two consecutive finals in 1994 and 1995… that was how I became known. So my U-17 camp stint was in 1997 and not 1995 as you misquoted… it was still what I stated last years when you will not allow me rest and i had to tell personal things about my past here… I played Nuga Games proper ABU Zaria 2001, there were zonal qualifiers in makurdi where my school eliminated the likes of UNN, UMUDIKE, ATBU Bauchi and UNIJOS, and I will later play Zonal Qualifiers for 2002 Edition hosted by IBADAN, we emerged from zonal qualifiers and played final elimination series against FUTA, IFE and we did not make it to IBADAN… it was in 2002 while Atsaka was in Predegree, and Inalegwu in 100 level that we were asked to pertake in trials for fresh season at Lobi Stars… Atsaka was retained in the feeders as their goalkeeper… then the main team had the likes of Greg Etafia shortly before he moved to South Africa League… Atsaka was too junior for senior league action then… meanwhile I was already in mid 20s, so I was no longer frail looking like when I appeared at U-17 camp in 1997… guys like Dominic Oruma then were atleast five years older than me at the camp… after a week I was asked to go back because clearly, guys were more physically developed than me… Atsaka continued with Lobi Feeders until he graduated in 2007 and signed professionally in 2009… so please dont twist facts… one love!

  • Coachie 3 years ago

    Pls Coachie is a different person from Coache.

    Many thanks

  • SAMUEL 3 years ago

    @jimmyball,I truly like your analysis and combo.Well without arguing I know we are in the same age group/age mate looking at the same 1995 I finished secondary school.Well,I agreed with you when it comes to Benue football.BCC lions of gboko of old had produced fantastic players for Nigeria,even late coach shuaib amodu made a name those years.Benue state has a good pedigree when it comes to football take it or leave it.
    Well I know these our home based super eagles will never disappoint us.Please coach rohr should not sit with them since he didn’t believe the team.He should not bring his body odour to spoil their mind.Thank you

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