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Super Eagles Drop Three Places In FIFA Ranking

Super Eagles Drop Three Places In FIFA Ranking

The Super Eagles of Nigeria dropped three places from 32nd to 35th in the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking, Completesports.com reports.

The rankings was published on FIFA’s official website.

In Africa, the Super Eagles are now the continent’s fourth best team.

The Eagles’ poor ranking does not come as a surprise following their poor outing in the 2021 AFCON qualifiers against Sierra Leone.

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In the first-leg in Benin the Eagles squandered a four-goal lead to draw 4-4 against the Leone Stars.

And in the reverse fixture in Freetown, both teams settled for a 0-0 draw.

Teranga Lions of Senegal moved up one spot to 20th in the world and are number in Africa.

Tunisia remained second on the continent and 26th globally while reigning African champions Algeria dropped one spot to 31st and third in Africa.

There were no changes in the top five in the world as Belgium, France, Brazil, England, and Portugal retained their first, second, third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 10 December 2020.

By James Agberebi 

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  • KangA 7 months ago

    No shaking. Just a wake-up call. 

    No messing up with pre-match training by (mal)administrators who think it is easier to kick the ball than doing their jobs. 

    When I was a student our mantra was that an easy exams was only the one you’ve comfortably passed. 

  • What a torrid year for NIGERIA as a whole….
    After nearly the whole was hit by covid19, some countries were recovering from it and boom our own continue and ended in:
    endSARS Protest – toll gate killing – cult killing— football misery….

    2020 ABEG do come gooooooo!

    Why our won come dey like this na???

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      Because NFF and our leaders refused to listen and learn from the past mistakes period. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Abdul handsy 7 months ago

    Expected! I hope the Super eagles will climb up to 1st-20 by this time next year.

  • Collins id 7 months ago

    I still don’t understand why CAF have to postpone the afcon till 2022 when Europe will play their nations cup in june 2021, is it that covid 19 will be in cameroun in that same june 2021 and will not be in Europe? I don’t understand that decision, it will be wiser if we play the nest afcon in june 2021 when the European nations cup is going on, to avoid clubs and players clashes by January 2022 that they planned to play the afcon, if cameroun is not capable of hosting the nest afcon bcos of it political crisis they should give it to other African nations to host it, Ethiopia Senegal Morocco Rwanda Gabon etc are ready, cameroun have internal clashes that is yet to be resolved, we can’t entrust the nest afcon to cameroun FA CAF should act fast and prepare for afcon 2021 enough of covid 19 escuses, England is bringing their fans back to the stadium nest month

    • Greenturf 7 months ago

      The decision to postpone the Afcon may play in our favour.

      It could be the year we may have all our players switching allegiances eligible to play for Nigeria.

      Sometimes this things do happen for a reason.January,2022 could just be our year and 2021 may not.

  • I don’t know how people are comfortable with this level of mediocrity. In 1994 we were ranked No. 5 in the world. This was about 4years into Westerhof’s reign. Rohr is the only person that has enjoyed this length of time at the helm, instead of improving the Eagles are retrogressing, yet people are clapping for him. Westerhof pick players from the local league who went on to become super stars in Europe – George Finidi, Sunday Oliseh, Yekini, Ben Irina, Thompson Oliha, Daniel Amokachi, to mention a few. The Nigerian coaches provided for him we’re constant – Chairman Chukwu as Coach, and Nitrous Bewarang as opposition scout. However with Rohr, we have heard stranger things ranging from the NFF sending abroad for technical courses to be paid for by the NFF, to providing him a “technical assistant” to replacing his Nigerian assistants, to even blaming Yobo for not being adequate enough as his assistant. If no one can see that Rohr is technically deficient, it is clear that that prison lacks understanding of how “things” in general work, or that the person does not have the interest of our football at heart. Remember, the weirdest kind of enemy is the one from within your camp. Amaju and his cronies are “enemies” of our football. They have placed their greed for money above the progress of our football. This is the only reason he can come out to spin silliness in defense of this outright folly. Others who still support this absolute fuckery need to ask themselves one simple question… WHY?

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Mr impostor…Weldone ehn. You have tried….LMAO. Bloody coward…! After you failed with your attempt to impersonate @pompei, you have shifted to Dr.Drey LMAO. Congratulations…you have just failed once again…!

      • Chris 7 months ago

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        Dr.Drey is only 1. And cannot be 2.

        This shows that the readers of CSN checks out what comment with the namne Dr. Drey has to say before others.

        This also shows that CSN backend should tighten up the backend, na so person dey chop when another person don finish work…

        The REAL Dr. Drey abeg after you na you and you again…der fadar

      • Every writer releases a sort of energy to the universe as they bare their mind on a paper.This energy can only be identified with that individual and no matter how good the copy-cat is , original writer’s energy will be missing and it will be evident especially if the reader(s) are well acquainted the writer’s write ups.
        First attack was to accuse Dr Drey of multiple identity which is laughable,now this?
        Abeg Dr Drey keep doing what you are doing o jare,dem no plenty reach

        • Chris 7 months ago

          No no plenty reach people wey sabi say if e no be panadol e no fit be like panadol. @Chux you nailed it.

          I love to read and write but when I came across Dr. Drey spiting fire with words that make sence and speak my mind, I knew I had to do the needful but to unlearn and learn.

          Let’s face it, the guy good abeg! CSN need to open account for this guy abeg… Dr. Drey RAW Account. That is if CSN knows how to cash in on this guy.

        • Please pardon me.I actually meant “Dr.Drey”

      • I doubt if the name Dr. Drey is yours or a registered trade mark of yours.

        I will cease this name from you.

        You don’t have the exclusive right to peddle nonsense in the name of facts defending a tactical dounce such as Rohr and expect you will not pay for it.

        Now fuck yourself back to Amaju’s asshole where you came from you China grade nitwit.

      • pompei 7 months ago

        And he will continue to fail into the foreseeabe future. Cowardly character.

      • Oakfield 7 months ago

        Lol…..wonders shall never end…. Lol

    • Chris 7 months ago

      This is defiently not my Dr. Drey… This is not how my guy writes… This is not Dr. Drey… Abi dem done clone my guy ni?

    • Jones 7 months ago

      @Pompeii are you so desperate that you have to result to impersonation…..na so you carry CSN matter for head?

      • pompei 7 months ago

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    • fuck you impostor like you bastard you can’t use your id anymore,you re a disgrace to your family useless guy pls the real dr.dery continue doing what you know best.we know them this the height of it all,to show they’ve been defeated. god go punish your generation amen.

      • King S 7 months ago

        Right from scratch, I knew it was not the real Dr. Drey. The language style is different, same with the (writing) signature.

        Dr. Drey’s writing/sound analysis has already left a ‘mark’on us readers, so we can not only identify him, we can as well notice ‘impostors.’

        Hefty kudos to @ (Real) Dr. Drey.

    • Fuck you Dr. Drey. You don’t have monopoly over the tag. Or is Dr. Drey your dad’s property?

  • As far as csn is concern we all know where we belong…. So once u use somebody’s name we know….

    Dr. Drey has his own way of using english, same thing goes to pple like @omo9ja, @deo, @ugo, @oakfield, @aphyllidegreat, @de star et all….

    When u listen to their use of english u don’t need someone to tell u this is this person…..

    So my guy keep doing ur rubbish, thinking u can deceive anybody by cloning somebody’s name….

    How i wish CSN can make it posible for us to use our picture or a kind of a registered name such that u don’t need to type your name and email when commenting…. All u need do is to type the comment and send…..

    • Chris 7 months ago

      I recall when we clammoured for like buttons to comments, It took CSN App developers some time to perfect it. Now User identity is another mile stone they need to cover and I put my support on it.

      After all its a online world now, if we must win the world cup, CSN should be able to win this local security world cup. Shikeena

    • I totally agree with you

  • _ Is Gernot Rohr to be blamed for Nigeria’s slump in FIFA rankings? _

    Attached to Rohr’s reign like an inseparable shadow since he took over as Super Eagles coach has been Nigeria’s meteoric rise in the FIFA rankings from being situated in the 60s in 2016 to climbing up the ladder of success as far upwards as the 20’s just September gone.

    But that rise has now slowed.

    This time last year, the Super Eagles were 31 in the table. In the latest installment, Nigeria have slumped to 32 in the world.

    So what is happening?

    I think there have been a lot of distractions. Focus is the currency of success in football so that once distractions creep in, performance would be adversely affected which would ultimately lead to poor outcomes.

    Gernot Rohr put pen to paper on a new deal with the NFF in May this year after a long drawn out and protracted negotiation process that played out in the global media more like an acrimonious divorce case.

    What came out of that seemed like a marriage of convenience with German said to have signed a contract with less favourable terms.

    Who knows? Latent bad blood from that protracted contract negotiations might still be lurking in the background of Rohr and his employers.

    Then, to the surprise of many, former captain of the Super Eagles Joseph Yobo was hoisted on Rohr; an appointment that clearly blindsided the German at the time but one he reluctantly accepted.

    They didn’t communicate with each other for many weeks. Many question the wisdom or even intention behind equipping Rohr with the services of Yobo who is an apprentice at best and a novice at worst when it comes to coaching at any level.

    You want Nigeria to win the Africa Cup of Nations and win Bronze at the world cup and you burden Rohr with the task of training an infant coach (rather than provide him with a coach that he can actually tap knowledge from; a coach that can accelerate, not regress, Nigeria’s march to greatness).

    Who knows scientifically how Yobo’s appointment may have set the team back by many steps. Now they are talking about either bringing back Salisu Yusuf or prizing Emmanuel Amuneke out of his lucrative contract in Egypt – an administrative about-face that Yobo’s appointment might not have been well thought through at the time.

    Rumors of unpaid player bonuses going back many months have surfaced recently even as the Super Eagles are yet to have a particular stadium they can call home (one that will give them a psychological advantage over opposition teams).

    Take a trip to Latvia, Estonia, Malta or Lithuania and you will see supremely talented young Nigerian footballers wasting away in backwater obscure leagues. The authorities want Gernot Rohr to pick players from Nigeria’s domestic league yet there are better Nigeria n players playing in Cyprus and Latvia compared to the NPFL.

    The sad reality is, once Rohr caps any NPFL player, they are on the next available flight to either North African or East European leagues where they will fizzle away into oblivion shortly afterwards.

    A case in point Stephen Eze. Playing for Kano Pillars, Eze earned a call up to the Super Eagles by Rohr in 2018. At the time, I actually felt he could sidestep one of the Oyinbo wall twins.

    Eze then leveraged his national team invitation to move to Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and now India where he enjoys their Curry as well as play his football.

    Other NPFL players are eagerly waiting for Rohr’s invitation so they can follow in Eze’s footsteps. My statement is not meant to ridicule our footballers (I wish them all great success). Rather, it is to highlight how disgracefully and incompetently the Nigeria Professional Football League has been managed over the years. And that, they want Rohr or any future Super Eagles manager to work with.

    Expecting the best legs in Nigeria to come out of the NPFL is expecting Joe Biden to give up his presidential mandate for Donald Trump for the next 4 years in the USA.

    With much spotlight beamed on Rohr’s handling of the Super Eagles following recent indifferent string of results, many are running the risk of overlooking other factors that have also contributed to the recent Super Eagles slump in productivity.

    Even if the coach leaves his post but factors damaging Nigeria’s football remains, the outcome will still be the same regardless of which coach that takes over.

    In 2019, was it Gernot Rohr who managed Nigeria’s Under-17s, the Under-20s and the Super Falcons to failure in their respective world cups? Was it Gernot Rohr that was in charge of the Under-23s and the Falcons that failed to qualify for the Olympics? Or is it Gernot Rohr that has turned NPFL teams to the laughing stock in Africa’s continental competitions?

    The shortcomings are spread right across our national teams.

    Yes, Gernot Rohr has his own weaknesses in certain areas but the NFF has weaknesses in almost every area!

    Nigeria’s backslide in FIFA rankings goes beyond Rohr’s handling of the team. Until other inimical factors are addressed, the same sequence of events will keep re-occurring regardless of who manages the team.

    The football authorities in Nigeria have to get its act together.

    • pompei 7 months ago

      Hehehehe, I hear say the guy dey chop chicken tikka Masala every blessed day. He just can’t get enough of it. Hope he is keeping close watch on his waist line 🙂 🙂

    • Dr. Simon Idohou 7 months ago

      Welldone Deo !!!
      All you have said is the truth from a heart that cares for the good of his home!!!

      ***Those who have a kind heart, a good brain and listening ears, let them act accordingly !!!***

      God bless Nigeria.

      IT IS WELL !!!

      • Mr Hush 7 months ago

        In as much as I agree with @Deo; in regards of the many problems facing Nigerian football as constructively stated by your person ; in my humble opinion I think it’s simply far reaching of what really caused our slump in the latest rating. Which is simply recent bad results!. This is all about the Super Eagles and his ratings in 2020.
        We played 4 matches and didn’t win any. So it is expected we would regress in our ratings.I don’t think anyone would be surprised by the slump.
        Remember, the very problem you mentioned have always been there, the NPFL shambolic state,disorganization or simply lack of organisation in the Nigerian football strata and the culprit ,NFF refusing to make any meaningful improvement ; but all these didn’t stop our previous rise in the ranking under Rohr. We rose then because we played some good matches and we actually got some good results (if I might add,against good oppositions)with over 60 percent of the present squad available. So what gave?
        Like I stated; our matches post- Covid 19 restrictions (suspensions) has been relatively poor. In as much we want to put light on the flaws and inadequacies our football is facing presently (mainly caused by FA), we shouldn’t push too far from the basic cause or we get to give shadow cover to the primary reason why trying to circumvent around some background reasons (reasonably so) and that would be wrong.
        The team and the coaching staff would do well and try to improve in our upcoming matches and get better results then we get back on track.
        As for the major culprit in the FA ; one can only hope one day, we get men with will, passion and innovation to put an end to all the inadequacies facing Nigerian football.

    • Collins id 7 months ago

      @deo, you are totally on point, but excepting Rohr from our failure to qualify for the Olympics is quite unfair to amakapabo, Rohr left that team stranded by unnecessary invitations of the best players we have in that age category,(chukueze,osihmen,aweziem,denis Bonaventure etc) for an unimportant friendly match, these are thesame players that rescued the under 23 team in their return leg clash against lybia, if Rohr did care about our love for the dream team after their triumph in 1996, he could have realeased those players at list for that group stage level, to qualify for a big tournament like the Olympics, despite having his assistant as the dream team boss, I wonder why they couldn’t talk things out to the benefit of the nation’s football fans. With osihmen and chukueze Nigeria would easily bit the South africans and we would have been talking Olympics now. I just feel that ROHR doesn’t care and all he cares about is to gather our best players to give him lucky wins even if the match is against geoge weahs Liberia team.

    • Mr Hush – thanks for the critique.
      Pompei – you owe me a plate of Tikka Masala. 🙂
      Dr. Simon – thanks for the feedback.
      Colins ID: thanks; I wish Amakapabo all the best in his coaching endeavours.

    • Would I call it a slump? No, it is the first time in 4 years that Nigeria has dropped, what 5 places in the rankings. This came on the back of a 4 game winless streak.

      One word for me: Perspective. Nigeria has enjoyed 4 years nonstop of climbing up the rankings. We have had for this time, Algeria snapping at our heels and threatening to overtake us, even when they won AFCON, we were still ahead of them. In 4 years we moved from 12th or 14th in Africa to 3rd, passing most of our rivals and marching towards within a whisker of Tunisia.

      How did we drop in ratings? 4 games no wins. A loss to continental rivals Algeria saw them leapfrog us, a draw against Tunisia did not help, the two matches that did us in, however, were the two we expected them to win against Sierra Leone. Why did we not win these matches? I would say complacency, lackadaisical preparations and the expectation that all we had to do was turn up. Watching the Deputy Governor of Edo state, the Sports Minister and the NFF Chairman training and enjoying a kickabout with the team was a pointer that we were over confident and took our eyes off the ball and did not afford the game the seriousness it deserved, after all no be just Sierra Leone? Who dem be?

      I like to think that the first match was a wake up call for the coach, the players and the NFF, that we have to raise our game and work for every point and they responded in the second game.

      What else did the Sierra Leone games reveal to us? That we have the players, but the coach is deficient. He only has a Plan A, no plan B, once plan A does not work then winning is out of the window. He was out thought by a better tactical mind. That he did not field the best legs and played players out of position was unforgivable. Two specialist Right backs in the squad, but played a centreback at right back was crazy.

      Elementary mistakes.

      Now to the NFF and development of football in the country. The Sports Ministry and the NFF have all but abandoned local football, throwing their entire weight at the National teams: U17, U20, U23 and the Super Eagles. This top down development is at odds with what is needed, grassroots growth. Our best legs are not in the local leagues anymore. Our U17, U20 squads are made up of academy players. The best local players avoid the NPFL like the plague and stick with the academies.

      NPFL players that have gone abroad in the last 3 years have faded into oblivion. Stephen Odey from MFM is struggling for game time in second division france, Anikieme Okon has returned to Kano Pillars after spending 3 months in second division Turkey, Ndifreke Effiong has disappeared into oblivion in second division Norway, Ikouwen Utin is struggling for game time in Israel, Mfon Udoh in second division USA side Tulsa cannot get regular game time, Stephen Eze has gone from Bulgaria, to Kazakhstan to India….

      Compare with academy products: Mathew Yakubu, Ndidi, Osimhen. Chukwueze, Simon, Kalu, Awaziem, Zaidu, Onyeka, Iheancho, etc.

      I have no doubt that we will arrest this blip with those we have in the current squad, however, for sustained growth, there is no shortcut. We have to provide training for our coaches, improve the local game at all levels, from youth football right up to the professional game.

      Is it a coincidence that the rise and rise of the Super Eagles in the rankings comes on the back of the local league not running a full season since the 2016/17 season? This is under the leadership of Amaju Pinnick and yes, I have read that since Yobo became Assistant Manager, the Eagles have not won a single game. Probably a pointer to his lack of technical imput. Being a TV pundit is indeed very different to becoming a successful coach. As Gary Neville quickly found out.

      The NFF have to be sincere about backroom appointments and assisting Rohr, I fear Gernot has reached the peak of his strengths and needs a very good man at his side. Will the NFF do the needful or will they continue to do paddy paddy business and make adhoc and arbitrary decisions thinking they are doing their best?

      • Maxwell Effiom at Sandness not Ndifreke, my error 

      • Gbam! End of story. @BigD, always detailed, incisive, balanced and objective.

        You’re of the names I never skip reading any piece with their by-line. He doesn’t comment a lot, but you can always see his depth of knowledge and understanding of the game, especially from an administrative point.

        I hope you’re in some committee or board at any level of the NFF or any state FA structure. If not, you’re really needed there.

        As per your submission, you’ve virtually said everything, devoid of any sentiments. You dished out the truth, no matter how cold or bitter some may find it. No matter whose ox is gored. The truth must not be clouded or glossed by roundabout talk to pander to the wish and whims of any partisan crowd.

        The whole NFF structure needs to be cleaned out.

        – Pinnick and his board are no longer committed and are becoming a liability and need to be impeached.

        – Rohr has reached his peak. If his plan A collapses, he becomes clueless.

        – Yobo is just occupying space. His was a political appointment. He needs to be let go.

        – It’s time to say ‘thank you’ to Alloy Agu and dismiss him. In fact, it’s overdue.

        – Amuneke needs to come in. He has all the right credentials, pedigree and international experience plus exposure.

        – If an expatriate is appointed, he has to be assistant to Amuneke – not the other way round.

        • Why do you think Amuneke should be the one in charge of SE?
          Apart from the U-17 World Cup that he did excellently well,he couldn’t qualify the U-20 for their AFCON competition.At the last AFCON which he qualified Tanzania for he didn’t win any match.
          Personally i am not impressed with his resume,although he has integrity.I am not against the appointment of a Nigerian as the head coach of SE.

          • JimmyBall 7 months ago

            You guys stop all this Amuneke couldn’t qualify u-20. He won first leg in Sudan and NFF played politics taking the return leg to ASTRO turf in June rainy season… On the match day his team. We’re leading 3-1 and rain started falling all through second half. Who. Can control results for such game… Blame NFF for that not Amuneke. Who takes a football game to Lagos in June?

          • We beat Sudan 1:2 at their home,and lost on our own ground 3:4.Did the Sudanese team perfected playing in the rain for them to come from behind 3:1 to beat us 3:4? Is it the NFF that will dictate to CAF when to fix matches?or,why didn’t the Nigerian team “park the bus” when the scoreline was 3:2 and win the match?

      • Ikeben 7 months ago

        @BigD, where have you been, my favorite analyst with all the stats to quench every argument. Never uses foul languages. We still miss your objectivity. Believes in facts without joining any CSN political party. I concour with your submission. Well done sir.

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    I’m not really concerned about FIFA ranking.

    If you play and win every match I’m so sure that FIFA have no choice than to rank us to the position we deserved to be.

    This is the FIFA ranking NFF, OGA Rohr and his fans value most but they have destroyed this again.

    What left for them to celebrate after the Bronze medals and FIFA ranking now?

    The truth is revealing itself.

    Keep the excuses coming as usual. No wahala.

    This is what happened if carbals and oppressors are in charge of everything.
    God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Edoman 7 months ago

      @omo9ja, totally agreed with you. this is how they might move into decay. The next thing that may happen is, Benin Republic will take them to the killer’s house. The other small southern African Country will come to Benin City and finish them off. We have seen this game played out before. By then, Cameroon AFCON will be a distant past where they will be left to watch Senegal or Algeria take the African Cup from their homes. Right now they are blaming FIFA,Omo9ja, Aiyagbeni or myself for telling them the flows of the Whiteman they are paying over 20m naira to every blessed month and
      who is cleaning them out. let me stop here. They will remember us in the end. Enjoy your weekend ever body.

      • Omo9ja 7 months ago

        @Edoman, of course they will for sure. Okay I will. Thank you my lovely friend. Do have a blessed weekend as well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • kenneth 6 months ago

      Abeg tell them, even if they win all there matches this year, i bet you they will not be part of the top 10 in the world, so why all this fuss.

  • De Star 7 months ago

    @Mr Hush , you deserve one bottle of champagne , if I added Mr Spotless to your name , I may not be exaggerating as I have never seen any sane person given you thumb down , even where you disagreed, the dexterity at which you delivered your message with maturity in a well civilized manner and objectivity of always saying the truth is obvious fact that no one can miss . You are one of the great quality players in the house ….. and that is the way for greater Nigerian football without sentiment. 

    @ Deo , you are very much on point only that you missed some salient points which have been pointed out to by the duo of @Mr Hush & @ Colins id .

    It will be easier to clear corruption in Nigeria than cleansing the rot in the glass house , their mantra is first their pocket before betterment of football, though we may not blame them, it is still Nigerian’s factors , you put people in charge of treasury and pay them peanuts, Rohr is earning 20 Million plus , same as Oliseh , Siasia , Keshi though lower etc but how much are NFF officials themselves are earning per month , I am not sure if anyone earns 1 million Naira a month officially in the glass house  ,what do we expect other than helping themselves to the detriment of Nigerian soccer.

    FIFA ranking is a reflection of the true current output of Super Eagles ; it is a picture and computer processing, garbage in garbage out . Rohr played 4 games with no single win and 3 draws , to worsen the matter got beaten again by the same team that had beaten us in the resent past (back to back); that really say much if we are improving as a team after more than 4 years , by now we ought to have been looking beyond topping groups among the minors , to raise our game to compete successfully after almost 5 years of rebuilding 

    • Mr Hush 7 months ago

      @De Star
      My appreciation.
      Amput and agreeable point stated on your part.

  • Dr Drey 7 months ago

    @ Jimmyball. You said you cant wait for 27/11/2020 to come for us to see Junior Ajayi in the CAF champions league final. The match is still on, currently in the 80th minute and the player who is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu put together has been hauled off about 10 mins ago without any meaningful contribution. His replacement came in and has been a nuisance on the left side of attack for Ahly. I say without mincing words, it will be a GREAT DISSERVICE to Nigeria to have that kind of a player in the SE ahead of the likes of Sadiq Umar, Josh Maja, Simy, Madueke, Ejaria and Olayinka. I am watching him LIVE for the umpteenth time this season and he doesn’t even rate as average. We refuse to be deceived by youtube videos.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Dr.Drey… He did not do bad. He was efficient in his assigned role. His team won and he was taken out for viable injury complaint or possibly ankle. If you played any form of football you must know ankle carries the body weight and you can’t manage it. Did you see him pulling boots at 65th minute? That’s when he was replaced for injury… Iheanacho who is now a very good benchwarmer was fit as a fiddle at world cup 2018 and he flopped so bad and went down a spiral that even remove his name far from anywhere near Eagles Afcon list… A tournament that Almighty Rohr did not even trust an Osimhen burning for action from bench, describing the youngman as being not ready from his body langauge. Did you want Junior Ajayi to score hattrick from the wing and assisting in middle and defence? At the end of the day he is a key man for Al-Ahly and he is now African Champions League who will go to world club cup soon. Haters will always see nothing good…

      • Chinedu 6 months ago

        They come here and complain about one match they watched all season to criticize a player.

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          At least they are better than you who has never watched any match of the player but still want to argue. And for your information last night’s match was the 5th CAF CL match involving him that they have watched already in the last few months – 2 against sundowns, 2 against Wydad and last night against zamalek and this extravagantly talented stirker who is better than all the strikers in the current SE put together did not record even a shot at goal in all 5 games. If 5 matches against African clubs and overall season stats are not enough to assess and form judgement about a player, I wonder how many matches will.

          • Hehehehee……Mr impostor. Keep it up….LMAO. no matter how hard you try, You can NEVER be Dr. Drey….! Bloody coward.
            I don deal with them well well….lmao…now dem wan dey use my name cover their shamelessness…..LMAO

          • chinedu 6 months ago

            And out of all this matches you see nothing good about it. Seems the other Dr drey knows much than you. Why waste my precious time since they know you fake and not original

    • Hehehehee……Mr impostor. Keep it up….LMAO. no matter how hard you try, You can NEVER be Dr. Drey….! Bloody coward.
      I don deal with them well well….lmao…now dem wan dey use my name cover their shamelessness…..LMAO

  • @Dr Drey 2nd…

    Bros pls try and change ur name na….

    We already have a sound thinker on this forum with this name na….

    I once changed my name from KING F, UBF, UB KING to the current one i’m using when i realise that the name was conflicting with other forumite…..
    That shows maturity and respect to others….
    U may say pple do bear the same name which is true but u know the condition of this platform….

    I beg u to do same since CSN can not help us and improve this their platform where one can be identified with either picture or a registered name which will eventually reduce the burden of typing our name and email every now and then….


    • Let me just drop this one here….

      Few days ago there was a revelation as per what has been going on in the glass house which most of us weren’t aware.

      During this period i saw only 2 of them coming to conflict and contradict what the true SE fans were delibrating on by telling us stories that got nothing to do with modern day soccer…..

      Just as i said some days back that when we have important issues that has to do with how to move SE forward these pple hardly come out to make reasonable/meaningful contributions….

      But when it has to do with “criticism” (especially when Rohr is involve) u see them in numbers populating everywhere with their hate speech and derogatory epistles….

      When will u pple ever see good in a fellow human like u???

      The whole thing has expose, we now see the reason for our 4 games without any win, why can’t we accept the truth so we can move forwrad?

      Why still hanging over something that is less important over and over again?

      The same clueless man that lost to u people’s AFRICAN WORLD CHAMPION ALGERIA with their AFRICAN WORLD BEST COACH BALMEIDI gallantly hold Brazil with the likes of EDERSON, ALVES, CASIMERO, COURTINHO, GABRIEL J., ARTHUR, MARQUINHOS, T.SILVA et all their world class stars to a 1-1 draw. But u pple never see this one….

      Does it mean Algeria with Balmeidi is better than Brazil with their coach?

      I think the level of hatred is now displayed on the screen for the whole world to see…..

      Well; one day we’ll also travel to a foreign land…. The law of REAPACUTION will surely pop up……
      U can’t cheat nature and go scort free….

  • Trash

  • And here lies the problem… You truly “see” that Rohr is the best man to handle our Super Eagles with all his blatant flaws. A man so flawed that Amaju’s NFF suggested sending him on a refresher course with our tax payers money after paying him such hefty salaries?… Yet you use your head and arrived at the conclusion that Rohr is the best man on earth for our Super Eagles?… The only coach to have spent such an uninterrupted number of years at the helm was Westerhof turning nameless players into stars. We were 5th in the world, had the fastest attack in the world had the 3rd best goalie in the world all this winning the elusive nations cup, and getting us to our highest level in our history at a world cup – he built a TEAM. This is the baseline I use to define if any coach afterwards is performing or not. I use this to determine if we are progressing or not.

    On what basis are have you concluded that Rohr is the best thing since slice bread ni tori Olorun?… What you have in your skull is a brain, it is used for thinking use it more and watch your life change.

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Hehehehee……Mr impostor. Keep it up….LMAO. no matter how hard you try, You can NEVER be Dr. Drey….! Bloody coward.
      I don deal with them well well….lmao…now dem wan dey use my name cover their shamelessness…..LMAO

  • KangA 6 months ago

    CSN, please resolve this identity theft Issue ASAP. In this age and time, we can’t allow this fiasco to continue. A particular email is matched with a particular forum name. 

    You’ve got to protect forummites by eliminating impostors. It’s becoming embarrassing. 

    • You wouldn’t know what identity theft is if it smacked you in the face.

      Is Dr. Drey his or your father’s property?