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Super Eagles Lacked Tactical Play Against Sierra Leone —Ikhana

Super Eagles Lacked Tactical Play Against Sierra Leone —Ikhana

Former Nigeria international Kadiri Ikhana has said the Super Eagles lacked tactical play despite their 3-2 win against Sierra Leone in Sunday’s 2023 AFCON qualifier.

The Eagles booked their place at next year’s tournament following the hard fought win against the Leone Stars.

A brace from Victor Osimhen and a late goal from Kelechi Iheanacho sealed the win for the Eagles.

Despite the win, the 1980 AFCON winner with the Green Eagles (now Super Eagles), credited the players and not Peseiro for the win.

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“The players just made sure they get victory, that’s the only thing I see because there was no tactical play in the team at all,” Ikhana who won led Enyimba to the 2003 CAF Champions League title, said on Brila FM.

“Everybody wants to win, the players want to so I give the credit to the players not to the coach.“

Ikhana added that he will prefer an indigenous coach for the Eagles.

“I think an indigenous coach will pay us better than bringing in a foreign coach that is not reliable. I have said it before I prefer any Nigerian coach.“

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  • The best available foreign coaches, Nigeria cannot pay. The worst of them like the current one, we still could not pay. Why add a local coach who would be the worst unpaid?

    • mikee 1 year ago

      His salary would not be $70,000 a month, that is why it is better for a local coach if he fails get another one until we get it right and then it would be a tradition of believing in ourselves. Look at Morocco and Algeria they copied us by hiring one of their own. Football is no rocket science that we cannot master. Do you think that if Pesiero was a good coach he would come to Nigeria to coach? NO. He is not even an average coach. This Oyibo is better mentality must stop. Most of us went to school with them and they are not inherently better than us, it is the environment they are in that makes them thrive and if we are put in that environment we also excel.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Are your local coaches even qualified to be called average…..LMAOOoo.

        We have just prosecuted our last 3 AFCON qualifying assignments successfully with games to spare under foreign coaches after emerging from not qualifying for 3 out of 4 under the guidance of your local coaches.

        So tell us, are your local coaches anywhere near being average, or should skin colour be a substitute for competence….??

        Rohr is not good, Peserio is bad, but Amuneke who was booted out of his last jobs for sinking his team into relegation waters is the one that is good enough to become SE coach…simply because he is black/Nigerian….as if that makes up for the fact he hasn’t shown enough proven competence.

        Once again, are your current local coaches even qualified to be called average…..LMAOOoo. If yes, on what metrics are you choosing to classify them as average or above….???

        • Many of you on this platform are just white apologist, you guys will always hero worship white people no matter what. Gernot Rohr spent six years with our team and failed woefully, Las Lagerback went to 2010 World cup to be experimenting our players by playing them out of positions and got knocked out in the first round, Peserio is here wobbling and fumbling and you guys are still campaigning for white skins. How many Nigerian coaches have we really hired, put under contract and allowed to stay on his job for six years?. We have ex internationals that played football to the highest levels and are coaches today who can do better than Rohr, Largerback, Bora etc if given the same support. It is not a crime to be an ex football international, we always rain insults on our ex internationals on this platform, we do not support them to take over the running of our football which have be ran aground by politicians whose only interest in our football is money and fame. When it comes to coaching our National team we rather celebrate unqualified white coaches than hiring our ex internationals. What a country? THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS THAT THE PROBLEM OF OUR FOOTBALL IS NOT COACHING, THE REAL PROBLEM IS THE ABANDONMENT OF GRASSROOT DEVELOPMENT OF OUR FOOTBALL.

          • TONY 1 year ago

            @Frank Smith, very well put!
            The late Mr. Paul Hamilton, the late Mr. Shuaib Amodu were Nigerians who qualified Nigeria for tournaments only to be fired and foreign coaches hired. All Nigerian coaches that have coached our teams in the past have worked under the most difficult conditions. You don’t see all these Uncle Toms here lining up to defend them or advocate for them instead they will accuse them of tribalism and bribery.
            The late coach Amodu once said it, Nigerians have inferiority complex problem.
            It is a fact that outside Africa with exception of Brazil and maybe, Portugal, a person of your own race is more likely to envy you, sabotage you and hinder your progress.
            Self-loathing is in their DNA!

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Y’all keep ranting that you have ex-internationals that played football to the highest level, when are you ever going to change that song to “we have ex-internationals who have coached football to the highest levels”. Our national team does not need high-level former footballers, it needs high-level current coaches, and that is something none of your current local coaches can boast of and you have to learn to tell yourselves that truth and come to terms with that.

            Most of your so-called local guadiolas cannot even boast of the CV the likes of Rohr and Peserio carry, and that is why at 70 yrs of age, a Gernot Rohr can still get a job with Benin Republic, while none of your guadiolas can. They are all there in their parlours coaching on twitter and on the pages of the internet and waiting for the next SE coach to be sacked before that can have a chance at resurrecting their coaching careers

            Go and see how South Africa’s Pitso Mosimane is moving from club to club and recording successes with them. See also how Florent Ibengue of Congo is moving from club to club and also recording successes with them. See Benni McCarthy on the bench of Man utd. The Walid Regragui of Morocco and Djamel Belmadi of Algeria who we all pride as “local” (even though there are foreign-born and bred) were also winning titles from one club to the other before they were given their various national teams to handle. These folks were not flaunting your nonsense ex-international, highest-level footballers rubbish everywhere they go. They are showing CVs, CVs of coaching careers, CVs that are independent of national team jobs. They are showing proven records and competence. It is only in Nigeria that we will be pushing for people to start their coaching careers with the national team, when the national team is supposed to be the crowning glory of one’s coaching career and years of success with clubs.

            Please what support was Rohr given or What support is Peserio being given at the moment that your local coaches are not getting? 8 months owed Salaries annually or 2 years owed match bonuses of players? Do you guys think at all b4 blurting out some of these rubbish excuses you give for the incompetence of your local coaches?

            If you can call the white coaches of our national team unqualified, Ngwa bring out the qualifications of your local coaches and lets see. Lets for once even start employing coaches based on that.

            Maybe it is the Amuneke that was only recently sacked by Zanaco (b4 he will send the Zambian gaints to 2nd div) that is qualified, or the Oliseh who has a total of less than 36 months of cognate coaching experience with nothing to show and has not coached for years now that is more qualified or the Siasia that has failed to qualify us for 2 AFCONs already that is more qualified

            So once again, if you say our foreign coaches are mere average coaches, are your current local coaches even qualified to be called average? If yes, on what metrics are you choosing to classify them as average or above?

            If a white man cannot coach your team because he is average, why should a black man who is also average be good enough? Is that not going to amount to a celebration of mediocrity, where something is unacceptable because its from a white, but becomes acceptable when it’s from a black?

            If the NFF should say a white man who was demoted to academy coach after 3 months in the Egyptian league and sacked by relegation-threatened Zanaco (worst placing in over 20 years) after 7 months in the Zambian league is their next in line for the SE job, will you roll out the drums in celebration??

            Please answer those questions and stop beating about the bush, boring us with so much irrelevant stories based on sentiments and not proven competence.

          • KENNETH 1 year ago

            Yes o, Dr Dry is one of them, Abeg which CV does Rorh, spending average of one year at most clubs he went to, apart from the UEFA cup finals he went with Bordeaux over 30 years ago. AM surprised his PE teacher is not making waves in Cotonou, qualifying with games to spare. He is the only blind one that doesn’t see anything wrong in how the local coaches are treated. Rorh was just fortunate because Nigeria is blessed with stars, that’s why he stayed for that not Why not let them stay for 6 years like the white ones. And the only reason they wouldn’t is because of the money. Even this new one is ready to reduce his salary just to stay so he can build his CV that he had winning record. Please don’t respond to his epistle lazed with crap. Just seeking traffic. Don’t worry ur shitty peanuts are on their way

          • Ololo 1 year ago

            Roth is about qualifying Benin to the next Afcon.. a win in their next match takes them to the Afcon..

            Before rohn came in, they were last on the table.. drawing Senegal who later defeated brail is no small fate

        • mikee 1 year ago

          By the same metrics you used in hiring the white mediocre ones. I doubt you are a real doctor because your ignorance is worse than that of a stack illiterate farmer.

  • Can kadiri ikhana just keep quiet u local coaches can’t qualified our home based for all the tournament u are coming here says rubbish abeg pack well

    • mikee 1 year ago

      You shut your trap, before you insult a legend of the game in our country. That they cannot qualify home base is not because of coaching deficiency, but funding of the teams and most of the good players leaving for abroad to pursue greener pastures. When the local league was well organized budding stars perfected their skills before they left the country. I am sure you are a kid and did not grow up to see the challenge cup matches and the local league when it was well funded. You did not know of the exploits of Enugu Rangers, IICC shooting stars or Bendel insurance and Mighty Jets of Jos. It is only the poor brainwashed education we now have make us loose confidence in our abilities, coupled with corrupt leadership at all levels.

      • U too shut your teeth give me one local coach that has done anything to Nigerian football at the senior level if not keshi and siasia and mind u they have international pedigree before they handle them so what are u saying we lost out in all African and local competitions because of local coaches abeg go and do your analysis well instead of u coming on social media and say shut your yamayama mouth

        • It took Westerhof five years to win Afcon and qualified us for World cup then got knocked out in the second round with just about two minutes to go, super coach indeed. And he remains the most successful white man that have ever coached the Super Eagles. Meanwhile it took the late Stephen Keshi just two years to do same, Rohr spent six years experimenting, he even went to Russia to experiment at the World cup proper. He was more corrupt than any Nigerian coach could possibly be. Can anyone on this platform dispute the fact that Rohr always sold slots before any major tournament? how was it that players who never participated in the prenims and preparation matches before every tournament always made his final list? It took him five years to win a bronze medal, the late Amodu Shuaibu did it in just a year, Samson Siasia took over the super Eagles in the middle of a qualifier, he never lost a match , yes he drew with Guinea at home and we could’nt make it to Afcon that year and he was fired for playing a draw with Guinea but when Rohr lost to South Africa at home, which was the first time we ever lost to South Africa in a competitive match, nothing happened , he went on to loose again and again to some minor teams, his ineptitude became so glaring that even the then Nff President came out openly that our F.A. was going to send him abroad for more training. This old man was allowed to stay for six years inspite of the fact that everyone new he was TACTICALLY INEPT. Besides, we had Bora, Vogts, las Lagerback etc tell me the impact these so called qualified experts made on our football. God bless Father Tico and Otto Gloria. Those of you that are asking for the paper qualification and experience with other teams go ask Senegal coach and he will tell you that he played against the likes of Aghahowa Julius, JJ Okocha etc. Look at what he is doing with the team , THAT IS THE MEANING OF SUPPORT. Our local clubsides are not doing well because we chose to abandone grassroot development, our pliticians who now call themselves football administrators toook our football out of school systems which used to be the source of raw talents. All we need to do is take football back to PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS AND WATCH OUR FOOTBALL BLOSSOM AGAIN.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaa….was Siasia sacked for drawing Guinea or for failing to qualify for ordinary AFCON….LMAOOo…??

            You guys just need to rather keep shut if you have nothing to say in defence of the mediocrity you celebrate.

            You will tell us if Rohr’s contract would have been renewed if he didt qualify for 2018 world cup….or if he beat South Africa home and away but ended not qualifying for the 2019 AFCON…..LMAOooo

            And that is the difference….your local coaches will not lose any match and yet will not qualify for AFCON even down till that last day in the qualifiers, but foreign coaches will lose at home and still qualify with games to spare as la Rohr (2019 & 2021) and Peserio (2023).

            Can you see how effortlessly we have qualified for the last 3 afcons…..it has been as if we didnt even lose a drop of sweat in the process……LMAOOoo, despite the coaches and players being owed huge amounts in bonuses and salaries. Whereas we know those who were in charge when we couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONs before then.

            Can anyone on this platform dispute the fact that Rohr always sold slots before any major tournament?…Hahahahaa……please tell us who and who bought their ways into the SE in the 2 tournaments Rohr attended.

            This is our 2018 World cup squad list
            Ikechukwu Ezenwa
            Brian Idowu
            Elderson Echiéjilé
            William Troost-Ekong
            Leon Balogun
            Ahmed Musa
            Peter Etebo
            Odion Ighalo
            John Obi Mikel (captain)
            Victor Moses
            Shehu Abdullahi
            Simeon Nwankwo
            Kelechi Iheanacho
            Joel Obi
            Daniel Akpeyi
            Ogenyi Onazi
            Alex Iwobi
            John Ogu
            Chidozie Awaziem
            Tyronne Ebuehi
            Kenneth Omeruo
            Francis Uzoho

            This is our 2019 AFCON squad list
            Ikechukwu Ezenwa
            Ola Aina
            Jamilu Collins
            Wilfred Ndidi
            William Troost-EkongLeon Balogun
            Ahmed Musa
            John Obi Mikel (captain)
            Henry Onyekuru
            Paul Onuachu
            Moses Simon
            Daniel Akpeyi
            Samuel Kalu
            Alex Iwobil
            John Ogu
            Chidozie Awaziem
            Victor Osimhen 2i
            Kenneth Omeruo
            Francis Uzoho
            Please tell us which one of these guys bought their way to the world cup or the AFCON…..tell us which one of them didn’t merit a place in that squad…..or which one of them did not feature in the qualifiers on in the run-up to the tournament…?

            In what rule book is it stated that only players who play in the qualifiers should be selected in the tournament proper…??

            Did Chidi Nwannu and Mike Emenalo also buy their ways into the USA world cup squad or are you just being mischevious and racist….?

            You must be drunk on some cheap local alcohol……LMAOo.
            If you have run out of excuses, why not shut up and move on, rather than feeding us lies here…..you think we are children….??

            Some of you should stop coming here to tell us white lies to our face. Its annoying.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Tactically Inept Rohr kept on meeting ALL the targets given to him by his employers and getting contract renewals….he wants just “ALLOWED” to stay on.

            Tactically INEPT Rohr at 70 years of age can still submit his CV of FAs, get shorlisted for jobs and eventually get one.

            Your local coaches we meeting simple targets of qualifying for AFCON…..LMAOooo. You local coaches never get shortlisted for jobs anywhere else except from NFF because they dont have CVs than can get job jobs without begging or prostrating before one chairman or the other, yet they will still bungle their opportunity with simple AFCON qualifiers failure….LMAOoo

            Rohr spent 6 years with the team because he was always meeting ALL TARGETS set b4 him by his employers, something your local coaches hardly do. ROHR WAS A HUGE SUCCESS, the old man met ALL, I mean ALL targets. He even made y’all have so much belief your team were good enough to win the last AFCON.

            2 years down the line can the same be said today? Is there anybody nursing any such belief in this SE team today that it can/will win the next AFCON? Lai lai(lmaooo…) for where…?? Even a craseman does not believe in this team’s ability to win the next AFCON. But records have it that as at June 2021, the majority of us believed we were in the next afcon to win it.

            Rohr got his contract renewed 3 times not because he was white, or because he knew how to prostrate at the gate of NFF for jobs, he got his contract renewed because HE MET TARGETS SET FOR HIM BY HIS EMPLOYERS. Period.

            Its as simple as that.

            Y’all go “Rohr spent 6 years” yada yada yada as if he attended 6 AFCONs and 6 World cups in those 6 years LMAOOo. Or as if his work was not subjected to any scrutiny in those 6 years before his contract was renewed ecah time.

            If Rohr didnt qualify for the 2018 WC, he would have been sacked. FACT
            If he didnt qualify for the 2019 AFCON, he would have been sacked. FACT
            If he didnt reach the semifinals of the 2019 AFCON (albeit only losing to the winners due to the last-minute individual brilliance of 1 player), he would have been sacked. FACT
            If Rohr didnt qualify for 2021 AFCON, which he did with 2 games to spare (never heard of in Nigeria’s history) despite dropping 4 points against Sierra Leone, he would have been sacked. FACT

            Even when he was eventually relieved of his job, he had just once again qualified for the WC playoffs. FACT.

            Stop coming here to tell us lies that it took Rohr 6 years to win AFCON bronze as it he is the fixing CAF calendars. Rohr couldnt attend 2017 AFCON thanks once again to your local coaches.

            Y’all go Senegal coach yen yen yen yen yen……If Aliou Cisse was an entitled long throat like your own exinternationals, he wouldn’t be we he is today. He got his UEFA A license in France, started coaching with the lower divisions in France, humbled himself to be assistant coach with Senegal’s junior teams, humbled himself to be an assistant coach with the senior national team for years, before being given the team in full capacity as head coach.

            Even at that he didn’t fail to qualify for ordinary AFCON like your own arrogant-for-nothing ex-internationals, he got to the Qfinals in 2017 his 1st attempt which was a step better than Sengal’s 2015 performance. He got to the finals in 2019 which was another step better, before winning on the 3rd attempt with 8 white assistants.

            If you are expecting us to renew the contract of a coach who cannot qualify for ordinary AFCON like you guadiolas, you must be drunk……LMAOoo.

            Support ko, Support ni.

            You go and carry your Julius Aghaowa and JJ Okocha and install them as SE coaches na, and see Nigeria drop to 100 in FIFA rankings. LMAOoo

          • UBFE 1 year ago

            @Oga smith Frank….

            I don’t know where you were when this issue was addressed years back and your likes all agreed….

            Let me just chip it in….

            This your comparing rohr with your failed mediocre coaches is baseless….

            Ask yourself this question, “where was the super eagles when these your tin gods took over the team? “…..
            Where was the super eagles when Rohr took over the team?

            Rohr inherited a that can’t qualify for 3 out of a possible 4 AFCON….

            Rohr inherited a team that was ranked above 12 in Africa (mind you, Africa not the world).

            A team that can’t qualify from the group that has south Africa, congo, Kenya…

            They can’t even finish 2nd in that group….. What a shame.

            So please text time you want to compare, try and balance it.



  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    For 100 years Nigerians will continue to debate and not find solutions to the foreign and native coach issue. We are an unintelligent and unscientific people, and that is why our football, and indeed the entire economy of Nigeria has remained in stunted, underdeveloped growth.

  • Razak N/A Muballe 1 year ago

    My fellow Nigerian brothers, don’t say you were not warned, it started with those clamoring for a local coach and ended with you not qualifying for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, please don’t waste the talent of the players you have in the name of having a local coach remember Equaveon was a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t say you were not warned.

  • Home grown coach, Yes….But how many of them have prepared and positioned themselves for this job in terms of modern football tactics, mach reading, Licenses and even managing a team?….Soon we will be talking Ladan Bosso, Salisu, Eguavoen etc…

    • All of them not top notch coaches. They are all scrubs

    • Senegal coach did not have the time to position himself or attend all the courses before he was handed the National team but he got what he needed most to continously learn on the job which is ‘SUPORT’

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Senegal coach was coaching in the french 3rd or 4th division before he was ever given any national team job….and his first job was to be an assistant in the youth teams, before he gradually worked his way up to assisting in the senior team and then EARNING the role of head coach of the National team.

        And have you ever heard him not qualifying for ordinary AFCON….LMAOooo??

        • KENNETH 1 year ago

          Very laughable. So he was made coach of Senegal from coaching a division 3 or 4 club. So ours should start from Division 4 or 5 also to be considered for any position in the national team. Have said it and will repeat it, you know nothing about soccer, you probably read about football but never played one. Just like someone stated here, let the NFF present a conducive environment and lets see if the local ones will not perform. Where is almighty Egbo why is he not being considered. Even Pisto, why hasn’t any European clubs come for him.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha…..Olodo, I am not surprised at all. The fact that you cannot comprehend simple English is well-known to everyone in this forum already….LMAOoo

            Its like you didnt comprehend where I wrote that

            “….Senegal coach was coaching in the french 3rd or 4th division before he was ever given any national team job….and his first job was to be an assistant in the youth teams, before he gradually worked his way up to assisting in the senior team…”

            I refuse to say more than that, because you just will never comprehend, only to reply with completely wide off mark, illogical and off-point answers…..LMAOoo.

            If you lazy ex-internationals can not start their coaching careers with lower division clubs in Europe first, I wonder why it should be the SE coaching job they should use to kick start their careers….LMAooo

  • TALK UR OWN 1 year ago


    • JULIET 1 year ago

      **** THIS IS THE ADVICE ***
      @** Work hand to hand with your Technical crews
      @** Let the invitation of players base on merit
      @** Don’t allow anybody FORCE/IMPOSE any players on you. Instead SCOUT for players & test them in Friendly matches
      @** Invite local players that is ready to give foreign professional players a stiff competition(not the one to add to the number/surplus to requirements).
      @** Always maintain your stand
      @** Don’t allow anybody to be pushing you up and down.
      @** Don’t be carried away with the club performance of players ONLY but base on PRESENT FORM & POTENTIAL
      @** Do not tolerate INDISCIPLINE in to your team.
      #** Do not invite players in order to pacify/please somebody (like local Coach Equavoen)
      @** Encourage your players to be STRONG & MORE PHYSICAL when it comes to Africa football
      @** Try to take advantage of newly introduced format: FIVE-SUBSTITUTION in a match(approved by CAF & FIFA) as an opportunity to test-run other players and MORE TECHNICAL in it.
      @** Emphasize more on WING PLAY pattern for Super eagle.

      • Bala 1 year ago

        Westerhoff was paid his salary directly by aikhomu and he said he created enemies by going directly to abacha for his salary.
        Have NFF paid Peseiro?

        How many of you will give your maximum best if you are not paid?

         The last 2 or 3 local coaches did not qualify SE for nations cup, CHAN or u23 afcon.

        So make una shut up about local coaches 

  • Fred Nyongesa 1 year ago

    Am Kenyan and in football am a Nigerian,and the way they played s Leone was woeful ,but a good foreign coach will restore past Nigerian glory,being an African I don’t trust our people, they put tribe before nation and merit ,I’ve not lived in Nigeria but I remember Westerhoof with nostalgia ,how Senegal has improved to the expense of Nigeria my favourite is a wonder

    • TONY 1 year ago

      @Fred Nyongesa, wake up my Kenyan brother. Let us try and rid ourselves of this implanted mentality that all Africans are bad and that all foreigners are good.
      We need to be wiser and think smarter.
      If Westerhoff was that good as many people on this forum always claim, how many good coaching jobs has he gotten since he left Nigeria?
      Those success during his time, has the late Stephen Keshi’s fingerprints written all over it.
      The late Keshi himself said as much after the 1994 World Cup and Mr. Westerhoff never refuted it.
      Events that transpired thereafter should have educated you.
      Please, try and be informed.

  • Mr. Nice 1 year ago

    You brought in professionals playing in some of the best pitch in the world to come and train and play in that disgusting coloured sand pitch and you expect the players to play well, any body that thinks good football can be played on that pitch should have his head examined. If our local boys were good we should have just assemble them add 2 or 3 foreign players and we are good to go, but we’re are the players, do you call those kick and follow Bendel insurance and rangers players that played the federation cup finals as good footballers. We should just stop wasting our time, local footballers are bad because they are coached by bad local coaches and you want to bring them to coach Osimhen & co, I wish you guys good success anyway, see you in number 150 FIFA ranking soon…..radarada!

  • Gritty 1 year ago

    You insult yourself@Drey by belittling Nigeria Ex-internationals with your erratic Statistics with unit root.
    My friend, listen to me, wisdom can be inate just as we have formal and informal education. I doubt if you have ever played street football let alone professional football.
    Pls what coaching school or prowess had late Stephen Keshi before he won the 2013 AFCON???which none of our current Ex does not have. Or don’t we have Ex in local and foreign clubs both in the nearest past and now?

    Footballers are direct recipients of their coach’s wisdom and tactics, infact they even learn from different great managers in the course of their career and you come to a public domain and open your mouth displaying the plentitude of your ignorance. Who also told you that attending the best coaching schools or club guarantees you must be a great coach???
    Some coaches are born while some are made my friend.

    I have known you as a hypocrite@Drey right from the days of G.Rohr. Your goal is to write down local coaches and promote the whites.

    We blacks (Nigeria inclusive) have God given wisdom, we are smart, educated, enlightened and dogged. Our only set back is colonialism via bad leadership.

    If only the NFF can look out for the best of local coaches with integrity, pay them well and give them the conducive environment to work. And equally make them sign an undertaking against any form of fraud, bribe taking or criminal practices as coach, which will be met with capital penalties, then our SE shall be great again.

    Sports Administration and leadership is among our greatest undoing.


    • chuks haifa 1 year ago

      You just hit the nail on the head. No rocket science to coaching and no country has ever won the world cup with a foreign coach. A local coach will be better than any foreign coach. Love of your country is the best quality in wars, nation building, sports and politics etc. Naija coach is the best for Nigeria. No whiteman loves Nigeria like a Nigerian. No whiteman will die for Nigeria without getting something.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        The best and most successful coach available is the best for Nigeria ……local or foreign.

        You can’t give what you don’t have.

        Competence does not know race, colour or nationality.

        That is how great nations develop.

        Even Brazil are considering hiring a foreign coach at the moment

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaaha…..I’ve posed a simple research question up there and instead of yall to give a simple answer, your dancing in circles.

      When classing your so-called local coaches, would they even be in the same class with so-called “average coaches”….?

      On what metrics will you clarify them as “average coaches”….or are they above average…..LMAOoo…???

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      You indeed know football….LMAOoo

      Otherwise you would know that Stephen Keshi got is coaching badges from the US Soccer Federation upon retirement and coached in the US collegiate, even coaching in his daughter’s school, before becoming an assistant SE coach between 1998 and 2002. In 2001 he was given the national U20 team to coach and led them to the U20 Afcon in Ethiopia in 2001 with the team that had the likes of Ogbeche, Obodo, Etafia and the rest of them.
      Keshi was coach of Togo (2ce), then Mali, b4 then becoming coach of Nigeria…..we can as well say Keshi had close to 15 years coaching experience before becoming Nigeria’s coach

      You just open your mouth wide and talk as if he was sitting in his palour since his retirement from football and just walked into the SE dressing room in 2013 and won AFCON…..LMAOoo….Keshi won AFCON on his 3rd attempt (albeit in fortuitous circumstances). He had crashed out in the group stages in his first 2 attempts and that’s a fact.

      And you come here talking about knowing football….LMAOoo.

      Footballers are recipients of coaching wisdom from their coaches…..LMAOoo, you think this is the 70s….???

      Please under what coaches did Mourinho, Klopp, Tuchel, Benitez, Nagelsman etc play….LMAOoo. How many players tutored by Alex Ferguson have become world class coaches today….LMAOoo. What of the likes of Lampard, Terry and Gerrard….have they not received wisdom from great coaches….why aren’t they great too now….???

      You will tell us if you know football better than champions league and world cup winning players who are still going back to learn the art and science of management in schools to earn coaching badges.

      Your exinternationals be-little themselves by coming on the pages of newspapers to advertise themselves when they have nothing tangible to show in the CV to merit the job of coaching the SE. They even see themselves as being too big to start with roles as assistants…..I’m talking of people who do not have even up to 36 months of combined cognate coaching experience at senior or international level…..LMAOoo

      Is that how people get top management jobs in the place where you live…..LMAOoo.

      Now you want to bring colonialism into the matter again….LMAOoo. please is it colonialism that has stopped your local coaches from qualifying for CHAN only 3 times since that tournament started in 2009…??? Is it Colonialism that has made your local coaches struggle to reach group stages of CAF competitions….??? Is it colonialism that has made your local coaches not to be able to compete in the job markets even here in Africa…??

      Or you think it was exinternational card the likes of Pitso Mosimane, Benni McCarthy, Florent Ibengue all flaunted before get solid jobs both in their homelands and beyond…??

      There’s another young rising SA coach now, he’s just 37 years of age, he’s currently the coach of Sundowns and led them to the semifinals of the recently concluded CAF CL or to get knocked out by a last minute own goal….and he isn’t even an exinternational….he never even had any major professional playing career worthy of note…..LMAOoo. You will tell us under which coach he played and got his coaching wisdom…..LMAOoo.

      Yall just like fooling yourselves when you start throwing us this your local coaches shit.

      Once again are your current local coaches even good enough to be classes as average…??

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Your local coaches ridicle themsleves by even taking up national jobs without signing contracts….LMAOoo.

      Imagine all the current local coaches in the SE took the job without a contract…..what desperation. They are not being rotated in and out of camp during national assignments….LMAOoo. while the average white coaches remain untouched simply because they have a contract. That is where competence starts from.

      Who takes up an appointment without and appointment letter….??? Who take up a project without signing a contract…..?? In. This age and time…???

      You and say Dr Drey is ridiculing your exinternationals ….LMAOoo I will gladly continue to ridicule them until the start having sense.

  • Coache 1 year ago

    You people keep blaming the coaches, but do you know how many Hausa people are in the BFF collecting salaries without contributing positively to the growth of the our football?

    Only God knows how Jose Peseiro copes without salary but a local coach will sell invitation to the highest bidder sacrificing excellence under the pretext of no pay.

    Read somewhere why the U23 failed because Boboye and Yusuf traded invites so as to keep body and soul together. Nobody was jobless and BFF did not pay him albeit he was an assistant coach.

  • I will always insist on the local coaches proving themselves in CAF organized competitions before being given the job of the Super eagles coach.Yes,late Stephen Keshi won AFCON in 2013 as a coach but his tactics was nothing to write hone about and this was clearly revealed at the 2014 World cup.The best local coach we’ve had was late Amodu Shuaibu. Every local club he handles will always play in one of the CAF organized competitions and play at least in the semi-final of the competition. The local coaches need to up their game.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Did you hiss when he won the Afcon in 2013 or you went to bed? The same tactics he used to get Togo to the world cup, and Nigeria to the 2nd round at the world cup, which non of the oyinbo’s that came after westerhof achieved. Even the PE teacher Rorh couldn’t go pass the group stage.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

    The point is that both Rohr and peseiro are mediocre coaches, and presently our local coaches are not good either, they need more exposure and training to be able to handle the super Eagles. Secondly, Super Eagles players seems to have no respect tour local coaches, and there are always some issues. Local coaches can work in other African countries but in Nigeria, it may not work; and i will give it 60%, so, at this time i am not supporting the removal of Peseiro and replacing him by a local coach, it will take us more backwards. The problem is from NFF because they refused to get a good quality coach for the Super Eagles.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Rohr and Peserio are mediocre…agreed.

      Have your current local coaches even done enough to be classed as “mediocre”.

      If we shouldnt give the likes of Rohr and Peserio the SE job anymore, because they are average, mediocre etc…..why then should we give it to local coaches whose CVs do not even come close to the CVs of these so-called average, mediocre coaches.

      Has anyone bothered to look at the CVs of the likes of Morocco and Algeria coaches before they were given their national teams to handle…??? Can any of your own ex-internationals boast of such…?

      Please tell them to apply for coaching jobs of countries like Togo, Benin, Liberia, Rwanda or Mali and lets see if they will ever get shortlisted.

      Tell them to apply for coaching jobs in clubs like Simba, Al Ahly, JS Kabylie, Petro Athletico, Tusker , Al Hilal, Al Mehrrikh and lets see if they will even get shorlitsted and hired.

      You think those ones will consider “ex-international” nonsense when hiring…?? LMAOooo.

      But we should shove them unto our SE…..and then when they fail to qualify for ordinary afcon their jigoists will state claiming there werent given support…..LMAooo

      Only when it comes to a big job like the SE coaching job will some people here will be bragging about ex-international rubbish….LMAOoo.

      They think they can brainwash us.

      • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

        Dr Drey, what i am saying is that our local coaches are not good enough at this time to coach the Super Eagles. I am not in support of any local coach to replace Peseiro. The foreign coaches NFF has been employing in recent times are good but still mediocre. (Rohr and Peseiro are not all that bad, but still mediocre). What we need is a technically sound foreign coach for the Super Eagles, but NFF are not willing to pay for it, instead they prefer to pocket the money.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          My brother when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable.

          You think I dont wish Carlo Ancellotti should become our coach….?? or that Felipe Scolari or Didier Deschamps should become our coach….?? We are talking of coaches who will command $1m per month as salaries here. Even Renhard cannot settle for $200,000 per month salary.

          Rohr’s $35,000 per month change was coming after every six to eight months of hunger. We have owed them all, from Westerhoff to Rohr….but it started getting worse under Rohr reaching 8 months sometimes. Im not sure this peserio has even collected a dime since he was appointed.

          So from Manfred Honner to Peserio, we will only ever be able to attract “average” coaches. The only world-class coach we’ve ever hired with intent was Otto Gloria. The rest have been average nobodies. but as average as they come dead or alive the local coaches who come close to them till date have been Amodu, Keshi and maybe Ikhana, and they all got their chance(s) at different times.

          Those who were on KON can bear witness, the likes of Deo and Ay Philladelphia….even Coache and that mad dog that calls Ugo Ewunze can bear me witness too (is and when he isnt high on drugs).I was Pro Amodu, I was Pro Keshi….even when people tagged them as boring and tactless, I kicked vehemently against calls for their sack because these guys were getting results. I predicted there will be grave repercussions for sacking them unjustly and there was. Same way I stood by Rohr too

          So these loud mouths coming here to claim Dr. Drey is worshipping white coaches are the most ignorant creatures alive today.

          Keshi is no more, Amodu is no more…..we cant go and wake them up from the grave to come and take over peserio…..the likes of Ikhana and Emordi are retired (Ikhana even failed as u23 coach and as Super Falcons coach, he went to Niger and didnt even qualify for AFCON with Niger – which Rohr did by the way and got 1 point in the main tournament too), please who amongst the current local coaches including these entitled so-called exinternationals come close to the afore mentioned, that we should just be experimenting with them 1 by 1 till the SE becomes ranked no 100 on the fifa ladder and miss 5 AFCONs back to back….???

          I have asked questions that No one, I mean no one has been able to answer….

          Which of your current local coaches can you class as “average”

          If NFF wants to hire a white man who’s last 2 jobs read sacked by Zanaco for leading them to their worst league placing in 30 years (relegation zone) and demoted in El Meqqassa within 3 months, will you give them a pat on the back…??

          What is good for the goose is good for the gander…..if your “average” white coaches are not good for your national team, black coaches who even do not class as “average” shouldnt even be anywhere near the national team.

          If at all the NFF must hire a local coach, they should hire the best amongst the best of them all. And I have a dossier of Nigerian coaches who have been consistent for close to half a decade now…..and none of these 94 squad jingoist are in that list.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago


    The point is that both Rohr and peseiro are mediocre coaches, and presently our local coaches are not good either, they need more exposure and training to be able to handle the super Eagles. Secondly, Super Eagles players seems to have no respect tour local coaches, and there are always some issues. Local coaches can work in other African countries but in Nigeria, it may not work; and i will give it 60%, so, at this time i am not supporting the removal of Peseiro and replacing him with a local coach, it will take us more backwards. The problem is from NFF because they refused to spend money and get a good quality coach for the Super Eagles.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    I LOVE you DR DRE!

    I LOVE the way you are taking all of them to SCHOOL!!!

  • Dr. Drey you talk about failures of Nigerian coaches what about failures of foreign coaches?

    Westerhof spent lots of years. How many local coaches have we giben such chances. Rohr spent six years and he continued to talk about is semi final and the team is still young.

    You takk about CV what is on rohr cv and pesero cv. If we are talking about foreign coaches let us ho for the best and gibe them the chnce to work.

    But we can’t pay them even tge medicrres like rohr and pesero. Have you not noticed that they always do everything to keep their jobs with Nigeria because they can get cheap results.

    Dr. Drey let us face it, ROHr and pesero are not good enough. Good coaches like Renard said they are not coming to Nigeria. But mediocre oyibos will come. Pesero that can’t even invite the right players.

    Now can we give some of these ex internationals tge chance eg. Finiidi and amuneke. You keep talking about ehere he failed but what about where he succeeded.

    Have we given any of them the chance like westerhof and ROHr. Thank God keshi won afcon. Thank God shuaibu qualified us for worls cup, thank God that ikhana and emordi won African champion league you would have completely cut off their heads

    Let use our own. We should guve them enough time.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahahaha….Rohr was both UEFA Cup and Swiss Cup finalist, Peserio was also a UEFA cup finalist as well as Spanish and Portugese cup winner….but they are mediocre….they dont have anything on their CV……LMAOoo. They are not good enough….but it is Finidi and Amuneke who are good enough….LMAOoo

      Oya you show us what is on the CVs of your guadiolas, show us what is on the CVs of coaches who cannot qualify for AFCON or for group stages of CAF competitions or CHAN. CHAN started since 2009, is it not a shame to those of you yelling about giving local coaches a chance that we have only qualified for CHAN just 3 times if Im not mistaken……LMAOoo.

      In case you have forgotten, CHAN is for home-based players o. The same home-based players the same group of you guys claim to be good enough for the SE too…..LMAooo. And who have we been meeting in CHAN qualifiers which is usually just 1 or max 2 round of home and away matches, Benin, Niger, Ghana, Togo….these are the teams who have denied us the chance to qualify for 4 out of 7 CHANs, same way we couldnt qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONs over the same period…….LMAooo.

      You talk about failures of foreign coaches…..please tell us which foreign coaches failed to qualify for ordinary AFCON……LMAOoo. Tell us which foreign coaches’s contract was ever renewed for failing to qualify for AFCON or even picking a medal at AFCON

      Your so-called “failure” of foreign coaches includes finishing AFCON with a medal…..LMAOoo…that is your “failure” of foreign coaches which needs to be talked about because its as bad as not qualifying for AFCON….LMAOoo.

      Do you know what it means to not be able to qualify for AFCON at all…???

      Is it also a coincidence that the 2 times we have failed to qualify to the World cup since we broke that jinx in 1994 was also under your local coaches….??? LMAOoooo

      Shebi your local coaches have CVs….Please tell them to apply for coaching jobs of countries like Togo, Benin, Liberia, Rwanda or Mali and lets see if they will ever get shortlisted…..LMAOooo

      Tell them to apply for coaching jobs in African clubs like Simba, Al Ahly, JS Kabylie, Petro Athletico, Tusker , Al Hilal, Al Mehrrikh and lets see if they will even get shorlitsted and hired….LMAOoo

      Or is Sunday Oliseh too big to coach Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa or TP Mazembe or AS Vita Club of DRC…? Is Eguavoen too big to coach Asante Kotoko or Asec Mimosas or CR Belouzidad…? Is Daniel Amokachi too big to coach Espereance or Etoile do Sahel since he’s married to a tunisian…?? Because it seems they are all too big to coach in the local league.

      Mamelodi Sundows of South Africa is currently coached by a 37 year old South African boy. He won their league with a 20 points gap……he reached the Semi-finals of the CAF CL and lost by away goals rule after a last minute own goal by one of his players……he’s not even an ex-international o, nor did he have any meaningful playing career. He has been an assistant coach in different clubs for over 5 years before getting the job he currently has. Nobody has said he should replace the national team coach yet….LAMooo

      Kaizer chiefs were in the Final of CAFCL a few years ago with our own Akpeyi in goal, they were coached by another young South African coach. Benni Mc Carthy is assistant coach at Man U after coaching clubs in his native homeland with success…he didnt even coach the biggest clubs. He won the cup with one lowly newly bought/promoted Captown FC or so, went to another lowly local club and took them as far as the CAF CL qfinals or thereabout.

      I dont need to say anything about Pitso Mosimane again….the whole of Africa knows him by now…..LMAOo

      Oh my God, i am wishing all these names I am calling now are our own Nigerian ex-internationals

      You think they are carrying “ex-international” ID card all over the place and begging FAs for jobs and advertising themselves on the pages of internet news papers as being good enough for national team jobs….?

      You owns are getting demoted and getting sacked for leading their clubs to relegation waters and you are here bragging that they have CVs…..LMAOooo. Finidi just logged 2 years as a coach and won the super six (he only qualified for the 3 position in the regular season by goal difference on the last day) with arguably the richest and biggest club in the land and all of a sudden he is good enough to be SE coach and better than foreign coaches. Did we not see how Imama Amakpakabo fumbled with 3 assignments as CHAN and U23 coach despite just winning the league with Rangers too…?

      Rohr and Peserio are not good enough and dont have CVs….Ngwa tell your local coaches who have enviable CVs that can compete in the job market to put their cvs to good use na. Must it always be NFF that must employ them….???

      Kadiri Ikhana won CAF CL, Okey Emordi won CAF CL…beautiful…awesome. Ngwa tell your lazy, gloatting, self seeking entitled ex-internationals to go and win CAF champions league too for a Start……then they can have the basis to cry for SE jobs. We are not giving people who have nothing in their CVs at Club or International level our SE national team job. The national team is not a guinea pig for internship to be passed on from on ex-this to one ex-that after each failure.

      Give ex-internationals a chance, give ex-internationals a chance, yet they cant qualify for anything, but we should renew their contract all the same abi……LMAOooo. Till when we find ourslef in number 115 on FIFA ranking and then yall will run back to mediocres like Rohr who will come and take you from 70th to 30th and turn your SE from a team that struggles to qualify for AFCON to a team that you will be bragging can win AFCON in 2 weeks under any coach….LMAoo.

      Please you and you crew should not destroy whatever is left of our football…we beg you in god’s name

      Foreign coaches are average and not good enough…..but your local coaches whom you are not even brave anough to class as average should be given a chance….LMAOoo. What happened to them taking their chances first at their various clubs, or humbling themselves to serve several years as assistant in the national team like Aliou Cisse before being given the main job…??

      Keep on deceiving yourselves.

      Westehoff and Rohr spent 6 years…..LAMooo…you will tell me if any of them ever failed to qualify for AFCON…..LMAOoo or if their contracts would have been renewed if they had failed to qualify for AFCON

      • Gooo 1 year ago

        Well said, most of these local coaches ppl are blockheads.

        When was the last time a Nigerian coach won anything in Africa 

        They are like ppl with no money to buy bicycle yet complain of using 2000 Toyota Camry they want 2022 or 2023 model.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    Chaii… I can’t believe this issue is still coming up again.
    Whenever Naija football want to go backward, Devil will send some backward thinkers inform of progressive fans to put mouths on our football.
    Westerhoff stayed many years because he kept meeting targets, qualified for Senagal 92, Tunisia 94 (even came back as Champion) and USA 94,
    Rohr too stayed 6 good years because he kept meeting targets, many of us has even forgotten that Rohr only went to two Tournaments within that span of two years… they’ll keep hammering on 6 years as if he took part in 6 tournaments.
    He qualified for 2018 World Cup with game to spare, lost in group stage but our darling team won the heart of the rest of the world except some radical naija fans that chose not to face reality.
    Also qualified for 2019 nations cup with game to spare after 3-4 good years of absence and became 3rd .
    He qualified for another nations cup with game to spare (which Eguavoen took charge of) and the second stage of World Cup at the end , he was sacked because of what? HIS PLAYING PATTERN. God have Mercy.
     Now Paseiro, the worst for me so far had done the same by qualifying us with a game to spare but we are already planing to replace him with the WORSTEST.
    Christian Chukwu could not qualify naija for 2006 World Cup in Germany as Angola used us to qualify for the first time only to go and count crowds and nothing else then he was sacked.
     Keshi was about to be sacked during tournament until he won and the contract was extended. He got sacked when he couldn’t qualify us for the next tournament even gave a Clubless player our iconic number 10 during a qualifier. Keshi promised future super Eagles team, but majority of French football team that beat us in 2014 are still active but our very young team are nowhere to be found. Only Omeruo and Musa left.
    Siasia was sacked after he couldn’t qualify us for Nations cup twice, Oliseh ran away when it was clear that we’ve lost it.
    We have some white coaches too that got sacked cos they didn’t meet their targets like Bonfere, he got sacked when it was becoming clear that World Cup wasn’t sure and Shuaib Amodu that took over promised nations cup but failed after disappointing tournament. We were disgraced by Egypt and Ivory Coast.
    My point is … Majority of our foreign coaches stay longer because they meet their targets. May be if our local coaches can follow their steps, they can be tried. 
    Presently .. the coach that have taken the risk of coaching and win something in NPFL is Finidi, then we have Ladan Bosso, Ugbade and some tested but not trusted coaches like Amunike, Oliseh, Salisu etc.
    At the moment, it’s already looking like the way it used to be. Sacking a white coach that meet target and replace with a local coach that will eventually perform woefully at the tournament and end it up by not qualify for world. Who says curses don’t work? By the time it happens, we’ll be here to rain curses on whoever that is part of it including any unreasonable fan. Na the voodoo be be that. Go and ask Omo9ja and Jimmyball they ended up changing profile names like clothes when the corses and accusations were becoming unbearable for them . Who knows whether na them still they come online with strange names.

    • Sean 1 year ago

      I mean Siasia could not qualify us for Germany 2006…after having issues with Enyeama.

  • Senegal and Morocco are flying high with indigenous coaches (their ex internationals of 1990’s sets). African champions Senegal just stunned Brazil 4-2 and we all know the history Morocco made at the World Cuo.

    Cameroun, Tunisia, and Ghana are slowly pulling their weight again too. All 5 are local coaches. And all in CAF too 10.

    On the other hand, Paseiro huffed and puffed to edge our Sierra Leone’s unknown local indigenous coach, John Kester – in both legs. In fact, they scored first in Nigeria. Recollect that the country had sacked foreign coach, Tom Saintleaf and had been competing well since then.

    Can a foreign coach be more Nigerian, more passionate, more driven than a local, FIFA A-Badge, world cup-winning, record-making, vastly experienced coaches in the persons of Amunike and Finidi? If NFF can’t afford the class of priven EPL coaches, let’s go local. Let’s be color blind for once.

    • UBFE 1 year ago

      … Let’s be color blind for once….

      I stand to be corrected though,
      The last time we went color blind we lost our ordinary AFCON ticket to EQ. GUINEA in 2012 under SIASIA.

      In 2015 which i describe as the worst in our football history…. In a group that has mediocre and Minos like KENYA, CONGO(NOT DR. CONGO o), S. AFRICA…. NIGERIA WITH ALL HER STARS CAN’T FINISHED 2ND…. AS IN; WE FINISHED 3RD…. CAN’T EVEN QUALIFY AS RUNNER UP….

      In 2017, when our African quadiola Saw the heat coming, when he knew there’s nothing humanly possible to do, when he got to the middle of the river where all his tactics, techniques will eventually amount to nothing, he left the super eagles and “TWAMAR”…..

      Should I still remind you of what happened in 2006…. When Chukwu can only managed one point against a mediocre ANGOLA team that had the highest player playing in Portuguese league?

      Ok, 2006 Is too far….. is it the 2022 WC that Ghana paraded the worst team in over 2 decades and our technically and tactically sound technical adviser can’t score a goal for over 180 minutes in open play…. where we’ve to wait for the referee to manufacture one useless penalty just to reduce the shame that u want to mention?

      I even forgot the scenario when our best coach was taken to the school of techniques and tactics by one unknown assistant coach from Tunisia and was properly schooled on tactics and techniques.

      He ended up breaking our 40yrs standing record….. Eliminated from AFCON round of 16…..

      Oga @kel… With all due respect, we can never be color blind again.


    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Your “…FIFA A-Badge, world cup-winning, record-making, vastly experienced coach…” was demoted to academy coach within 3 months and sacked within 7 months for nearly relegating his clubs…..LMAOoo. I wonder what happened to all his vast experience….LMAooo.

      We still fool ourselves with youth tournament victories in Nigeria…LMAOooo…. Im still trying to recall any coach across the world who recorded successes at senior levels after winning youth tournaments.

      Anyone can please remind me.

      Even Jose Pekerman who won 3 FIFA U20 world cups with Argentina U20s in the space of 8 years failed woefully in every senior football coaching role he took up subsequently….LMAOoo. Even Copa America he never won, with the Argentine national team when he became a Senior national team coach.

      Anybody still surprised Siasia quasi-relegated 3 NPFL clubs (JUTH, Bayelsa Utd and Heartland) and failed to qualify for ordinary AFCON twice despite winning silver in U20 WC and Olympics……??? He tested himself in the CAF CL with the same Heartland team that had reached the previous year’s CAF CL final losing on away goals to TP Mazembe and reached the group stages of that season’s CAF CL and he ended up with 1 win in 6 matches. He couldnt even win all 3 home games. In the domestic league the team was headed for relegation before the management of the club quickly showed him the exit door.

      World cup winning coach ko…..LMAOoo.

      Amuneke should have put his u17 world cup winning experience to proper use rather than attempting to send a big club like Zanaco FC to Zambian league’s div 2.

      Funny enough, both El Maqqassa in Egypt and Zanaco ended up avoiding relegation after doing away with our FIFA A-Badge, world cup-winning, record-making, vastly experienced coach o.

      I just knew he was after peserio’s job the moment he started advertising himself on CSN after he was sacked at Zanaco. I just knew it.

      Im sure they must have met in their 94 squad cult meeting and resolved to pressure the NFF to bring one of them back into the saddle.

    • Omo9ja 1 year ago

      God bless you, @Kel. You are very bold as always.

      It is now or never. NFF should give Amunike and Finidi the opportunity to excel with our boys. If possible, Manu Garba should be part of the system.

      As worse as our local coaches are, Keshi won the Afcon trophy and also made it out of the group stage at the World Cup, but what did Oga Rohr achieve during his time with the Super Eagles?

      When was the last time our indigenous coaches spent 6 years with the Super Eagles?

      NFF should be bold enough to allow Amunike and Finidi to take Super Eagles to Afcon.

      NFF should give our local coaches enough time to prove their worth. All its required is transparency and dignity. If NFF can achieve this with our local coaches, then the sky is their limits.

      I am with you on this, Kel. No more foreign coach. Nobody can understand us more than ourselves. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @kel and others we fail to get the point Dr.Drey is pushing, He is not against an indigenous coach for super eagles, but do we really have a local coach whose CV is better than the current and past foreign coach that we have hired in the last seven years?

    All those countries we have made mentioned has been coached by indigenous coaches who are doing well.
    Can we do the assessment of their CV and see if any of our own local coaches around now has a better CV.

    Last time we checked it was one yobo who has no even nursery school coaching experience that was hired as assistance coach of se.

    The point is presently and as it is many if not all of our local coaches are not better than the foreign coach we have had.

    If being a 9ja by blood alone is enough to motivate anybody to win us trophy then any man on Nigeria street can coach eagles.

    But football today is more technical than the way it used to be.

    Whether local or foreign let your past achievemt tell us that you truly deserve to coach eagles. That is the point Dr.Drey is pushing.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hey God….my brother, I need to take you out to lunch. You go school abeg.

      I say no more on this issue…….you have already put it out there in the most succinct manner.

      Let them put people who have turned out to be masters at relegating clubs, getting demoted to academies and failing to qualify for tournaments back into the helms of the SE.

      They will still be the ones to look for a competent hand to bail the national team out of 70th position on the FIFA rankings when the time comes.

      Enough said already.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Please what CV does Cisse have before coaching the Senegalese team? Last time i read your Dr DRy claimed he coached a division 3 or 4 club in France before securing Senegalese job. Is that the norm now to get a national teams managerial job. Please ask him, the white coach ass he has been licking all this while, why hasn’t he secured a job at a top team. Keep telling us he was a finalist at a tournament 30 years ago. Dry you a fat liar, now you twisting your words, didn’t you claim he won the swiss cup. Can’t remember the ex players who were begging to coach the national team. You just a Fat liar. Please present where any ex international begged to coach a national team. I had expected Egbo to be coaching Real Madrid by now or even Manchester united. Why is Rorh still struggling to get Benin to the nations cup

  • Onero 1 year ago

    @Dr.Drey,God bless you for yr very reasonable piece.Our local coach including Oliseh are not near average and not qualified to manage any national team for now and that includes the SE.

    Those of you making references to Senegal in particular are naive and ignorant of how the French countries operate.I live in a French country and most of the backroom staff of the Teranga lions of Senegal are all white coaches, and that includes fitness trainers ; physiologist and more.

    The super Eagles should not be managed by any local coach for now

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Thank you very much.

      That is why i tell these guys to go and research how these guys EARN their places as coaches of their respective countries.

      It didnt come by sentiments, it came by demostration of proven competence

      Cisse was shuttling between being an assistant in the U23s and being an assistant in the national team for 4 years before he was handed the team….this is was an ex-international who played at the highest level, and was already a practicing professional coach in France before then.

      How many of our own ex-internationals are even humble enough to be an assistant in the SE for 4 years…they are all bosses in their individual eyes. They all want to be SE head coach….that is why combining them has always been a disaster waiting to happen. Typical Nigerian apprentices, once they know one thing they feel they are ripe enough to end their apprenticeship and become bosses.

      You win U17 you have arrived, you win U20 you think you are there yet……Senior football will swallow you up if you aint ready for it and that’s a fact

      What of Morocco’s “local” coach…?
      Coached FUR Rabat and Wydad Casablanca of Morroco, and Al Duhail over a period of 7 years and won 5 major trophies within the period including the CAF CL before being given the National team.

      Yall think he was appointed as coach based on origin or based on proven competence…??? Yall think he’s the only Moroccan ex-international alive…???

      What of Algeria’s “local” coach too

      Coached Al Duhail SC in Qatar and the Qatari national team over a period of 8 years and won over 8 major trophies within the period including winning the league title in Qatar back to back three times – 2010-2012, 2013-2015 and 2017-2019

      He had even gained international coaching experience in between as coach of Qatar national team.
      Yall think he was appointed as coach based on origin or based on proven competence…??? Yall think he’s the only Algerian ex-international alive…???

      See, when I mention the names of some of these African coaching achievers I wish I can mention these our own ex-internationals among them. But no, all we have to praise them for is that they were great “ex-international footballers” as if that is supposed to be a coaching visa.

      Our owns have not even come close to any of these above in terms of career achievements they want to turn them to deities. They want the SE which shouldn’t be given to average coaches to be given to those who do not even qualify to be classed as average.

  • Marvelous Sunday 1 year ago

    All these clueless set of people fail to understand that Rohr 6 yrs didn’t mean he attended 4 to 6 tournaments.

    He only participatd in 2 tournament which is the first nations cup which he qualifies with games to spare and took bronze, and the world cup which he also qualifies with games to spare. His team beat Argentina in friendly, draw Brazil 2-2 in friendly and several wonderful results. Rohr mate super eagles as super chickens and return them back to SUPER EAGLES, this is a team coaches ran away from because the target was high but Rohr took up the challenge knowing how good he is and how comfortable he is.

    POINT TO NOTE: Rohr never failed as super eagles coach. He mate all his targets given to him by NFF and his WIN-LOSS ratio was very very Okay.

    Rohr is far better than Peseiro, far better than the current local certificateless and jobless coaches who only waits to rotate around our grade teams.

    How can our local coaches take jobs without signing contracts and you want us to respect them? Even a division 5 coach abroad is better than them, because coaches abroad don’t take jobs without contracts!!!! These guys should first of all respect themselves.

    Thanks Dr. Dre. Have gone all your comments and replies, you did well in schooling them.

    If we are going for a Nigerian, we should go for the best, whether he stays in the country or not. Whether he was born in Nigeria or not.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Who did he school, we not ass-lickers like you and you cohorts, you all just ranting needlessly. Let him go perform the same magic with Benin republic now. Am surprised he is still coaching in Africa, why hasn’t any top club or national team come for him. We all know he was parting with his salary and doing yes sir to the NFF demands which the ex-players will never condone. Well oliseh was complaining of the NFF’s behavior and antics did you all come out to defend him. When he was owed for months , did you all come out to defend him or ask why he was being owed, But if na the white man, una go come here dey make noise asking and complaining why he wasn’t paid for months or years. Please o, leave our ex-players alone and focus on your journey men coaches. WHy is peserio desperate to reduce his salary to remain at the job?

      Even this same Dry complained about Keshi, person with better CV than Cisse. Didn’t he cry out about the interference from the NFF, what did you all cowards say then? Even some dumb players came out saying he took bribe, cowards who couldn’t open their mouth when the man was alive.

  • Onero 1 year ago

    @Kenneth, you literally make no point rather you are just insulting learned folks with facts.
    Ignorance is your sickness and you absolutely knew nothing about how football works.
    I would have say you are the coward and the clueless dude here.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Not shock, another ass-licker, please ask the moron which of the ex-players demanded to coach the national team. Abeg park well, and switch your nationality to benin republic

  • Larry 1 year ago

    I don’t always get along with Drey on this forum but on this particular topic he is absolutely spot-on..
    No need to use the national team for a test trial only a tested and trusted coach with oroven records within and outside Africa should be considered irrespective of Nationalty.
    Pitso the Sourh African coach is one of the few interested coaches that met this requirement..
    Our local coaches should win a major trophy (clubside or senior national team) before being considered.
    That Amunike is the worst of all local coaches, had several opportunities but lack the mental, technical and professional capacity. Always waiting or begging to coach SE so that he can be forming local gang and collecting free money..

  • KENNETH 1 year ago

    Very funny how some fools are coming here talking about not qualifying for a major tournament warrants for a coach to be immediately fired. When this ex-players were complaining back then, you fools were all silent. An example was the team to the Olympics. So idiot will still come here to say the coach didn’t do well at the tournament, not factoring the unhealthy atmosphere the NFF had created. We not blind and stupid, it shows the NFF is ready to find a coach that will part away with his salary. Which some of the ex-players wouldn’t accept. Abeg tell your DR Dry to go and apply for the position since he is well educated.

  • Onero 1 year ago

    @Kenneth, can’t you see that instead of you to learn from Dr.Drey and others with facts,you prefer to wallow in naivety, inanity, and silliness .
    Make your point without insults, but your responses have already gave you away that you are not suppose to be in forum, but in Ojuelegba or Mile2 motor parks where you mates are.Just read comments from folks or vanish from this forum IJN

    • Sean 1 year ago


    • Kenneth 1 year ago

      Ass-licker, please i don’t have time for you. What facts are you seeking. That someone has personal hatred for ex-players. Oga abeg free me. Abeg make i send you money for data.

  • Make una leave this until after Afcon.


  • It is unfortunate that some of us here have this disdain for men and women that sweated all their lives to represent Nigeria and earned the enviable title of HEROES. Nigeria is the only football loving Country where ex internationals are call unprintable names for daring to apply for a coaching job or run for any office in the administrative side of the game , sometimes for airing their opinion concerning our football. You guys do not see anything good about our local coaches most of whom are our ex internationals but these are coaches that receive little or no support from our football administrators whenever they are hired. The shocking part of it all is that you are the same people that are ready to lower the bar when it comes to white coaches, it is insultive for any Nigerian to use the qualification for Afcon as a yardstick for success by foreign coaches. What impact did Bora, Vogts, Largerback,Rohr did they make on our football. One can excuse those that came and left almost immediately but not Rohr, some of you here said he was a success for winning bronze in six solid years and left a disorganised team for us to grapple with. It took Chief Onigbinde about one year plus to put rookies together all from the local scene to win silver at Afcon,, it took Amodu a few months to win the same bronze and qualified us for World cup the first time and he achieved the same fit again the second time, The late Keshi did not only win Afcon, he also qualified Nigeria for the World cup where he got to the second round. Eguavoen won bronze as a new coach having just retired from active football a few years prior. All the Nigerian coaches listed above and more are better than Gernot Rohr, the same man that Niger rejected , Gabon also rejected hime, he tried his hands with clubside in one of the North African countries, what did he win? and one of you whitemen apologist had the guts to insult Kadiri Ikhana on this platform, a man that was like a rock on the left side of our defence for many years, he won the league and the old challenge cup with Bendel Insurance and won the Nations cup for Nigeria he later went on to win the league as the coach of Eyimba and he crowned it all with a champions league title as a coach which Rohr could not achieve as a coach. I Let us be more patriotic as Nigerians, name calling and insulting our ex internationals will not do anything good for our football.The real enemies of our football are not our ex internationals or coaches, the real enemies of our football are the politicians turned football administrators who decided to abandon school/grassroot soccer, there is no real development of our football from the grassroot like it was in the past and until we go back to the grassroot our football will not move forward

    • TONY 1 year ago

      @Frank Smith, your points are well taken.
      Nigerians are what my late father used to call ”Lord Vain Glory.” Watch some of these praise-singers of Victor Osimhen belittle him when he ends his career and opines about this very sport, he is playing at the highest level now.
      It amazes me how people come here and refer to Nigeria’s ex-internationals as lazy people. People who played soccer at the highest level are lazy?
      But some of these people don’t seem to know any better, so their ignorance should be forgiven.
      They are entitled to their opinions though, which to a large extent is, hogwash.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Bros you really get time. You have spoken well, we have individuals who are just ungrateful. Who just want to rant they just want to be heard. Have asked the liar Dr DRY to show us one publication where any ex-international demanded or begged to be made coach for the national team. When did apply for a position amount to begging. Begging is for example paseiro willing to cut his salary just to stay on has coach of the national team

  • How many Afcon did Rohr attend in that number of years? You guys will be talking about six years as if Rohr went to more than 2 tournaments.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Bros let him go spend those years in Benin republic, we don’t need him, Let him go perform the same magic with them. I will suggest you go watch the 3 games he has handled and come back here and tell us what makes him a messier

  • Daniel 1 year ago

    Nigeria problem is not coach. Is head of NFF. They need to put some body who knows the game not politicians. We have Mike Emenalo: The call of destiny

    Do you believe in providence?,
    Then read this.

    “When destiny knocks at your door, pay heed to take a chance”………….Anonymous

    This is beyond a football story, it’s a life’s lesson.

    The youthful Emenalo was part of the young generation of Green Eagles that lost narrowly at the last round-of-8 of the 1986 World Cup qualifier in July 1985 against Tunisia enroute Mexico ‘86.
    With other youngsters then in their early 20s, like Yekini, Temile, Edobor, Sadi, Sofoluwe, Keshi, Rufai, Ehilegbu, Okorowanta, Adesina etc, complemented by experienced players like Okey Isima, Patrick Okalla, Muda Lawal, Fatai Amoo, Best Ogedegbe and many more.

    After this shock exit from the 1986 World Cup race, Mike surprisingly left for the University of Bolton in the US to pursue his academic ambition he was at the same time playing as a semi-professional for the University’s team.
    Because of his huge talent and passion to fulfil his potentials, Mike abandoned his desire to pursue a degree in Law for a professional contract with FC Molenbeek, Belgium in 1989.

    “If you look at Michael’s coaches over the years, they’ve always gone back for him, He is really a full package”……….Neil Roberts, Boston University coach.

    From Molenbeek, Emenalo moved to Eintracht Trier in Germany, in 1993, it was at this period that the finest moment of his playing career arrived.
    While the Nigerian golden generation of 1994 was camped at Faro in Portugal for the buildup to USA ‘94 World Cup, Mike having followed some of his teenage friends that survived till that golden era, like Keshi, Yekini and Rufai on the TV, drove to the Faro camp for a complimentary visit, at this particular moment destiny knocked at his door when his old friends introduced him to the Nigeria Super Eagles’ Dutch coach, Clemence Westerhof who was at that time looking for a backup for Benedict Iroha at the left full back position of his team, of course, Westerhof gave Emenalo an opportunity which he grabbed with both hands, this was providence at its best because he went on to play full 90 minutes in all the Super Eagles outstanding matches of the World Cup campaign after Iroha picked up injury against Bulgaria in the opening game, this was the turning point in his destiny and the occasion that announced him to the whole world, before this time he had only played 3 times for the national team and he went on to have 14 caps in total after.

    Destiny smiled on him again, he became the friend of the Russian-Jew Oligarch, Roman Abramovich and rapidly rose as Chelsea’s head opposition scout to the post of an assistant manager under Carlo Ancelotti, on 23rd November 2010.
    Retiring from active football in 2000 after turning out for Israeli club, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Emenalo returned to the United States where he eventually joined the Tucson Soccer Academy as director of player development in 2006. But Emenalo did not stay in the role too long as only a year later he was offered a route to the big time by Avram Grant, his former coach at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

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