The French Open One More Time. The Massive Success Of The Second Slam Of The Year!

The French Open One More Time. The Massive Success Of The Second Slam Of The Year!

Have you ever wondered why the Grand Slams are so popular sporting events, not only among tennis fans but among the general population, including visitors, tourists, inhabitants, viewers, and of course bettors from all over the world, whether we are talking about those who place wagers on some sportsbook in Malaysia, sports betting sites in the US or gambling platforms in any other part of the world?

Well, the answer is not that difficult, especially if we think about the whole ecosystem surrounding the four majors in tennis. It’s all about celebration, festive climate, party, fun, excitement, and of course, it’s all about the experience as well. The four Grand Slams are not only about tennis. They are social events, marketing events, public events, and sports events all at the same time!

The French Open is one of those four mega-events. The second Slam of the year, the first one happening on European soil, the absolute get-together for all superstar tennis players and the ultimate must-do thing for visitors from all over the world. It is the vibe-generating thing in Paris, giving a whole new profile to the city of lights. Of course, no one is to say that Paris needs an extra promotion as a tourism destination and a hot spot in the world, but the two-week period of the Roland Garros turns the whole place into the ultimate hype.

And for this to happen, every stakeholder makes their own contribution and helps build the absolute cultural event. Brand sponsorships and major partners have contributed to Roland Garros” massive success. Big brands across product categories (from global sports apparel brands, telecommunications, and luxury watches to world-class champagnes, upscale airlines, and eSports games, everyone chips in to make the French Open one of the hottest events to attend even for the non-hardcore tennis fans. Every time of the year, in mid-May, Paris becomes the epicenter of worldwide attention for those who love tennis but also for those who like to experience live or watch from the comfort of their home a mega-party unfolding.

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The French Open has managed to turn these brand sponsors into partners in promoting the event as much as they are promoting their own brands. These sponsors and literally anyone who wants to have their brand associated with Paris’ sports-induced touristic period give their best effort to transform the experience of the Roland Garros from a purely athletic or sports event to the ultimate social event, which all people want to be part of.

So partnering with lifestyle brands, whether sports-related or not, has proved an extremely successful and strategic move, enabling the second slam of the season to gather all the attention in the world and have everyone turning their eyes on what is going on there. With all the shows, parties, and entertaining as well as cultural events being held in the two-week period of the Grand Slam, everyone wants to grab a bite. Even those who may not be particularly fond of the sport or those who are rather indifferent to tennis tours. Because, the French Open has become more than just one of the greatest tennis competitions in the world. It has also emerged as one of the greatest social events in the world as well.

It’s just like a huge party, where every member gets to have their own good time. It sounds like the biggest celebration of the sport, but it is not only about the sport! In fact it reminds us much of the Olympic Games, whose festive character goes beyond what one can imagine. Only the Roland Garros is not taking place every four years, but every single year. And this year, it will happen only a few months before the Paris 2024 Olympics! It is that time of the year…it’s every May opening the summer season in the best way possible!

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