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What Does The Future Hold For The Super Eagles?

What Does The Future Hold For The Super Eagles?

The Super Eagles have had some sporadic successes in the past, but the Eagles are not anywhere near their best years at the moment.

The Gernot Rohr era was promising but things began to go south under the Franco-German tactician and that ultimately cost him his job.

The team have since moved on from his chaotic reign and with Portuguese, Jose Peseiro at the helm, fans are hopeful of a fruitful future.

But success will not be handed to the manager and the team on a platter. It will only come with proper planning and execution of the plans.

There are different aspects to the game and getting it right on all fronts will only mean success on the field of play.

Here are some of the aspects of the game that both the Nigeria Football Federation and the handlers of the team have to commit to getting right to out the team in a good stead for achieving the much needed success.


No matter how much talent the country has, the chances of success are slim without a competent manager in charge of the affairs of the team.

No doubt, Nigeria has some of the best football talents on the continent but there is a need to harness them.

Portuguese manager. Jose Peseiro has been at the helm since Austin Eguavoen stepped aside and on several occasions, he has spoken of his desire to achieve great things with the Super Eagles.

The former Benfica and Porto coach is vastly experienced and if he brings to bear on the team, the Eagles could be heading for a successful era.

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As far as talents go, Nigeria is really blessed with top notch football players.

It is no wonder why Nigeria is ranked among the countries with the highest exports of football players.

From Africa to Oceania, Nigerians are plying their trade in football leagues around the World.

Currently, Nigeria can boast up players plying their trades with different clubs across the top five leagues in Europe.

The talents are not in short supply, it is down to the management to harness the potentials of these players to achieve success.

Finance and Sponsorship

One of the banes of football in Nigeria over the years is the paucity of funds.

Successive NFF boards were hampered by lack of funds until recently that some improvements were recorded in that regard.

The current NFF board cannot depend solely on funding from the government. They have to be proactive in securing the financial future of the game.

One of such ways is to seek active collaboration with new sponsors to ensure adequate funding.

An area the board could explore is the thriving igaming industry where Bet9ja for example is leading in terms of funding the game in Nigeria.

These bookies have huge popularity which translates to more customers and deep pockets. That’s why players can get a nice Bet9ja bonus after signing up.


This is the single most important aspect of the game in Nigeria. The state of our football can be attributed to years of below par administration.

There have been allegations of misappropriation of funds, nepotism and infighting which have all contributed to the downward spiral of the game in the country.

With a new man at the helm, the hope is that the mistakes of the previous administration will not be repeated and there will be focus on the development of the sports rather than mundane stuff.

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  • The future hold pankere

  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    The future is bright if we do the right thing but if we continue with wrong decisions am afraid we will remain where we are.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    There’s little hope for the Super Eagles The problem with the Super Eagles is the problem of the wider society and governance in Nigeria. The coubtry has abundant natural resources, yet is one of the poorest in the world.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    The FUTURE self don tire for SE matter


    INFACT the FUTURE fit just BALANCE for CHAIR dey OBSERVE all the MUMU wey dey go on for the GLASS HOUSE and be like

    “SEY dis PEOPLE dey WHINE me ni”?

    “How can they SACK a COACH (GENERAL ROAH) that met all his TARGETS just few weeks to a MAJOR TOURNAMENT”?

    • TALK UR OWN 1 year ago

      Just like every sectors in Nigeria are collapsing, it has also reach to football sector.
      ** No better league for Coaches to select better players.
      ** Coaches collect BRIBE before inviting player to national team (E.g. coach S.Y….)
      ** Players pays bribe before they got invited to national team (e.g. Osas okori, obasi can confirm this and testify to this)
      ++ Farmers, laywers, to be administer sport in Nigeria when there is a lot of well educated ex-players with great experienced to govern Nigeria football well (e.g. M.Emenalo: Monaco technical director,S Oliseh:FIFA Technical Study Group, E.Amuneke: former Maqasa FC(of Egypt) technical director, former coach of Tanzania national team & present coach of Zanaco of Zambia).
      With the new emergence performance of Africa countries in 2022 world cup compare to past world cup AND new improved minority upcoming Africa teama (like Comoros, Equatorial-guinea, Gambia), and if drastic action & proper effort was not taking, NIGERIA MAY SUFFER THE RISK OF NOT QUALIFY FOR NEXT WORLD CUP based on lackluster performance of Super eagle players & the way they are playing like chicken on the field..

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Super Eagles have no future under the Nigeria Football Federation except we scrap the old system and inject fresh ideas by putting the right people in the NFF with rule of law and they have to abide by the rule of law accordingly if not then they will face the consequences accordingly period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Hassan Tia 1 year ago

    The future with super Eagles is anonymous cause there is no any change in NFF administrators mentality to harness in SE team; NFF administrators haven’t any desire to hire quality coach for SE they say there is no funding hiring big coach, they always hire mediocre coaches who are not good to lead big team like SE; also there no any change in Nigeria NPFL leauge , the is a weakest one in Africa , NPLF clubs always knocked out of CAF championships cause of this weakness; NFF must inact a new law that any NPFL club must accommodate their situations to public sharing company, any club must cash player’s wages with Dollar, any NPFL club must make player’s ensurane and long life insurance; any coach must be contracted by cash Dollars, must cash his wage with Dollars and his bonuses; any NPFL club must have their especial jim games , sub-pitches for player’s training , especial stadium with world specs; NFF must impose to any NPFL club to establish an academy which must graduate talented players , any player must play fristly in NPLF leauge for at least tow seasons then he can go abroad to join foriegn club, any coach who would like to coach NPFL club must have coaching licence from local or foriegn institute or university with at least tow years experience in football coaching also in Super Eagles coaching any coach must have licence from European institute or academy with coaching a national team for about three years experience or he had coached SE before for three years. For coaching SE NFF must hire quality vetern coach like Hervet Renard or Rimond Domenech or Lius Enrique who stepped down from Spain team yesterday; in SE technical aspects NFF must set up a workshop in order to study why SE are decline now ? to study which things SE lack; I think the things SE lack are defensive style of play , with combative soul with pressing and agressive and ferocious play like Morocco team, look at Morocco team how they play ?! these things require quality expert coach , with excellent and talented players especillay in defensive midfield and back line just like Alhassan Ibrahim, Anderson Esiti also players from NPFL after fixing it, strong back players from abroad and from NPLF.New coach must put technical playing conduct for any players recalled to SE team that any player recalled must play a combative football with agressive and pressing football any player must not apply these insturctions he will be exculded from the team for a long time but if he affords himself to retrun back to the team and committ to apply playing conduct the coach can recall him again; with these policies if it would be applied, SE could have returned back to be strong and awful and scary team in Africa and the World.

    • Dr Banks 1 year ago

      What is this one talking about? Is Dollar now the official legal tender in Nigeria?

    • Glory 1 year ago

      Thanks Hassan Tia. Atleast from your post, we had better stopped playing football because there is NO future. Thumbs up man. This man, someone needs to hold you oooo; if not ummmh.

  • Baller 101 1 year ago

    This team still dey exist??? Na wa ooo

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

    What is wrong with the Super eagles and their future?, and why all these negative talk?

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Man, I just weak for Nigeria football matter.

  • Four four 2 1 year ago

    @Abdul, your comment is absolutely wayward, nonchallent and very fallacious..How can u leave the subject and begin attacking fans and patrot who have taken the time to suggest what is wrong with Nigerian football and profer solutions. Why must u say that every Nigerian have same mentality. Are u insane . Even twins don’t have Same predilection much less all Nigerians. When the Military were in power didn’t Nigeria mesmerise the football world using boys picked from the streets? or where do u think players like Okocha, KANU, Taribo west,peter Rofai, Uche Okechukwu et al where discovered ? where they playing in any big clubs? My brother my heart bleeds for Nigeria because I feel the country’s football might continue to deteriorate except the Millary intervene , sanitize the system before handing over this time to a well selected class of well educated , disciple,cultured and exposed sect of civilian leaders. Obviously what is wrong with the present dispensation is the calibre of politicians in the system.. Before the advent of this democracy majority were streets men; indiscipline,callous and wayward; lacking any sense of nationalism and nationhood.That’s why u see what is going on in all sectors of the Nigeria ecosystem today and as long as they stay on there can be no positive change. U cannot give what u don’t have. All hope is not lost anyway as long there is life. I believe Nigeria can raise again if the Military can step in once again , sannitise the system, rebuild the dilapidated institutions and structures before handing over this time to well drilled , sound , scrutinised and discipline set of civilians leaders with a clear mandate and model to follow. We can copy the Malaysia model where meritocracy and tanets of the endogenous theory form the foundation upon which every decision was taken.

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    No past no present no future just like the country itself. A country founded on fraud, injustice, corruption and inequality by  a useless womanizer with his drug addict girlfriend would never allow the Eagles to touch the sky. Everything is based on fraud, imagine ppl with quota system and Almajeri education are the one controlling the country. Boko  haram, Fulani several terrorist groups and kidnappers commands more respect,get more budget allocation than our education and sport combined. And some patriots  are talking about the future our wingless eagles. Revolution first let’s fix the country get a new constitution, abolish quota system and mediocrity system of govt. Then the super eagles would fly and touch the sky again. 

  • Dcardinal 1 year ago

    With good goalkeepers and creativity in our midfield..right mentality by our players..we are good to go

    • Four four two 1 year ago

      How will u get the good goal keepers or creavity wiithoout a change in governmemt

  • Sean 1 year ago

    Our Managers really need to work together. 
    Especially Paseiro needs to really work with his assistants .
    I started reasoning why Venezuela failed woefully under him after Portugal game. Two midfielders (one blocking midfielder) against the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia etc all in the name of attacking game will surely end in disaster.
    With the presence of Indidi, Onyedika, Yusuf, Onyeka, Iwobi, Aribo and some prospects like Ejaria, Eze, Olise, Curtis Jones(though not feasible ), Paseiro can’t just stick with the idea of calling lesser players to midfield and invite many defenders and attackers. Midfield is the engine room of any team.
    Let’s learn from the Champions…
    Italy Back then used Tachinnardi/Tiago Motta, De Rossi behind  Pirlo and Totti to Conquer the world in 2006 while France used Makalele , Viera blocking for Zidane to get to Final before Zidane wahala. France later stick with Kante, Matuidi and Pogba behind Griezmann to become champion again in 2018.
    Germany used Khedira and Schwinstingge to block for Ozil to win World Cup while Van bommel and Nig)el De jong blocked their way up to the final in 2010 before Spain won thanks to the red card.
    Even in Africa, Cameroon dominated between 2000 and 2002 using the combo of Geremi and Foe before his death in 2003 from defensive midfield position.
    Our good games under Rohr like the game against Brazil (Ndidi and Aribo behind Iwobi), Ukraine (Etebo-Aribo), Cameroon 2018 nations cup, (Indidi – Etebo), etc
    Somebody needs to just let this man know that he can’t just do without double pivot midfield.
    Secondly Language barriers, Etebo is preferred ahead of better players now because he once played in Portugal, even Awaziem and recently, he has invited Onyemaechi and Saviour Godwin from Portuguese league. Only Zaidu really deserves the call up. Paseiro is struggling to really flow with players and he sometimes depends on these mentioned players for interpretations. Expect Marcus Abraham soon, as he just got promoted to FC Porto first team.
    For Etebo, I’ll try out new players like Yusuf, Onyedika and Ejaria
    For Awaziem, I’ll try out Torunarigha left footer, Adarabioyo Both feet, 
    So either he works with the assistants or we get a better English speaking coach for better understanding.
    3rd and the last..
    Let’s go for the best. If we’ll have to settle for good Homegrown (players that are not in existence ) let’s settle or we go abroad and bring our best home.
    Ghana became better after calling home some players.
    We have
    Tosin Adarabioyo DF
    Jordan Torunarigha DF
    Owen Goodman GK
    Arthur Okonkwo GK
    Michael Olise MF/WG
    Eberechi Eze AMF
    Curtis Jones AMF etc
    Nigeria will surely get there, we’ve fought this before, we can still fight it again.

    • Four four two 1 year ago

      How is Ghana better.Bros mmention other countries like Morroco , Camwroun or Senegal . Ghana have nothing to offer

      • Sean 1 year ago

        @least, Comoros can’t beat that Ghanaian team that I saw at the World Cup.

  • Hassan Tia 1 year ago

    Dr. Banks I cleard that any club at NPLF can accommdate it’s situation that means the club can contract with World company just or in Nigeria this company invests in football or sponsor the club, so the club capable to fund the club which contracted with Dollar or any hard currency that means NPFL clubs grant their players with hard currency like European clubs so that NPLF players feel with sattlement , feel as player in Europe so he will introduce excellent performance; so NPLF will be strong leauge in Africa then will compete for winning CAF championship; please understand my comment clesrly.

  • Walz 1 year ago

    Nigeria does not have top level talents. This is what most people are mistaken about.

  • Four four two 1 year ago

    @Walz, that wasn’t the case before under the military rule when the forces of nepotism, written notes, tribalism , bribery and corruption did not come in or were at the bearest minimum. That was when world class talents like Sunday Oliseh, Dan Omokachi, Finidi Gorge , Emmanuel Amumike , JJ okocha, KANU et all where discovered om the streets in Nigeria. The question now is; has the pool of talents in Nigeria dried up ? The obvious answer is no. so what is the problem? well quite unlike in the military rule when talents were respected this days u must come with written notes to camp before u are giving a lookin . and as fate will always have it talented people no dey from rich homes. Most of them no dey get person. senators and house of rep members are the greatest culprit in this matter. The people are so callous , wayway , pompous , uncultured and lack sense of nation building.They dony care how there negative actions affect the nation. All they wsmt is let their loyalist be there whether he or she knowz the job or not. They have use their positions to hijack all sectors not only football. All vancamcis must be sent to them as slot that’s why no one advertises thsez days. if u are caught advertising a federal job u are finished. Until they are removed them by a military invention the Glory days will never return for SE . mark my word.

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