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Why Super Eagles Can’t Afford To Miss 2021 AFCON – Dosu Tells Rohr

Why Super Eagles Can’t Afford To Miss 2021 AFCON  – Dosu Tells Rohr

Atlanta Olympic gold medalist, Dosu Joseph has warned the Super Eagles Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr to be wary of the threat the Squirrels of Benin will pose ahead of next month 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

The three-time AFCON champions are top of group L on 8 points after overcoming Benin 2-1, Lesotho 4-2, and drawing Sierra Leone in two-legged fixtures.

Nigeria are just one point ahead of second-place Benin, who are on 7 points and will host Rohr’s tutored side on March 22, in a make or mar encounter.

Dosu, in a chat with Completesports correspondent, urged the German tactician to select the right players capable of defeating Benin in Porto-Novo.

He stated that the Super Eagles can’t afford to miss out on the bi-annual tournament with the calibre of players at his disposal.

“We’ve found ourselves in a situation where we have to avoid a defeat if the team must qualify for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. Prior to this game, the Super Eagles could have wrapped up qualification for the tournament after leading 4-0 at half-time against Sierra Leone, only to allow the Leone Stars to stage a comeback.

“I am sure that the lessons have been learnt and there is a need for the team to beat Benin to avoid any mathematical chances. Yes, a draw is enough but a victory will only confirm qualification. To achieve this, the technical adviser, Gernot Rohr must select the right players capable of getting the job done.”

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    Thank you Oga Dosu. Yes they can’t. They have no choice. They have to delivered the results.

    Ex players are coming out one by one to pin points the truth.

    “We’ve found ourselves in a situation where we have to avoid a defeat if the team must qualify for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. Prior to this game, the Super Eagles could have wrapped up qualification for the tournament after leading 4-0 at half-time against Sierra Leone, only to allow the Leone Stars to stage a comeback”.

    Well, we can’t blame the players because we did not see the reactions of the coaches in the second half of the match.

    I have been complaining about the coaches of the Super Eagles almost five years and no improvement.

    Where are the followers of the gaffer now?

    What names did you call Mr. Ódęgbami?

    Aiyegbeni and so on?

    They called me names as well but today, where are they with their big grammars?

    We the core fans of the Super Eagles are here to deliver Eagles from this mess.

    Nigeria can’t afford to miss Afcon 2021 period.

    It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr Bank 4 months ago

      And who told you that SE are not delivering the qualification in style? We need 1 point from 2 games against Benin and Lesotho but you already see that as a difficult task to achieve. Do you think we are still in the era of your African Gardiola and other ex international who messed up our darling team? 
      This your hatred for Rohr is really becoming unbecoming, take your time o Biko !!!

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        No mind am….LMAO. Any small thing yen yen yen yen….Lolz. We are already 1 leg in Cameroon and set to qualify once again with a game to spare and sensationalists are trying to create a panic situation where there is none….LMAO.

    • Odion 4 months ago

      Ur analyses are so negative though that’s ur opinion,

  • pompei 4 months ago

    This is just an attempt to generate calculator sales.
    Hunger don nearly kill calculator merchants. Since Rohr took over, nobody they buy calculator again. So, this is their way of “advertising” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Rohr is faaar better than African Guardiola and co.

  • Well, Joseph Dosu is right: the Super Eagles as hell can ill-afford to miss out on Afcon 2022. What sort of message will failure to qualify send to the global football community? Nigeria will be a laughing stock and quite rightly so.

    What, with all the time, effort and money expended in assembling and moulding this Super Eagles outfit; for all that to go up in smoke because of Lesotho, Benin and Sierra Leone. What a joke it would be.

    For me, such failure will be unrivalled in the recent history of Nigerian football. Missing out on the 2015 and 2017 Afcons will pale in comparison to missing out this time around.

    Wait, when we missed out on Afcon 2015, we were the then-current champions and recent World Cup second rounders. But now, yes we aren’t in exactly the same position but the difference is that we now have the widest pool of quality players to pick from with many of these playing in elite leagues.

    We have a German coach who has been brought in (and retained) for the sole purpose of smashing the technical and tactical glass ceiling that has curtailed the progress of the Super Eagles.

    So, failure to qualify for next year’s Afcon will be catastrophic – to put it mildly.

    But, for the first time since Rohr took over as Super Eagles coach, failure to qualify for a major tournament seems like a distinct possibility.

    If the Super Eagles players bite on the ampoules of complacency-fluid as they did against Sierra Leone and lose against Benin on March 22, then the download of calculator apps from the Google Play-Store (for android users) will go up the roof!

    If that happens and Sierra Leone defeat Lesotho on the same day, my dearly beloved Omo9ja will have his day finally. From Ayphilly to Dr Drey to Oakfield, he will be unfettered to gleefully call out these contributors one by one to witness this dystopia come-to-life. He will methodically highlight the vindication of his obloquy against Gernot Rohr over many, many months.

    Rohr can’t afford for that to happen. Even outside this forum, many stakeholders of Nigerian football, well wishers, will call for his head instantly.

    In this nightmare scenario, the match against Lesotho would then be a must-win or else, a draw will leave us with 9 points. A win for Sierra Leone at that point against Benin will also leave them with 9 points (and better head-on-head against Nigeria, no thanks to the 4:4 draw in Benin City). Benin would already be on 10 points.

    Do the maths.

    The match against Benin is going to be of huge magnitude, one in which the Super Eagles cannot afford to cock up.

    According to former Super Eagles goalkeeper Joseph Dosu: “To achieve (victory against Benin), the technical adviser, Gernot Rohr must select the right players capable of getting the job done.”

    In addition to that will be the right tactics and timely preparations. Qualification for Afcon 2022 is far from being in the bag. The Super Eagles have it all to do against Benin.

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      @deo……..I am very disappointed in you for the very first time on this forum, how can you join the bandwagon of these doom speakers? In life there are people who are born with negative ideologies, they are forever looking at the negative side of every situation………like what if the whole world catches fire tomorrow? Such people never listen to sensible reasoning, no proper intelligent and analytical cerebral mind, no positive vs negative balance of probabilities, their 1 1 always equals -2 etc.
      I have always said it on this forum that the match in Benin against SL was a deliberate act from the players just to send a warning to NFF who was owing them match bonuses dating as far back to Feb 2019. Imagine if they had won SL in Benin, that guaranteed our qualification for AFCON, they will not have any strong voice to ask for the money owed them as Dare and Pinnic could abandon them and decide to prosecute the last 2 matches with home based players, thereafter daring them to either behave or lose the chance to participate in AFCON. Remember WC 2002 following AFCON 2002 saga?
      There is absolutely no way SE will lose to Lesotho at home, guys this is a country of about 2.1 million Vs 200 million soccer crazy nation. This SE is a team who has never lost any match home and away in this Qualifying series.
      Abeg park one side make we see road jare!!!

      • Christopher 4 months ago

        Oga keep quiet. What deliberate act. What nonsense are you spilling. So from 4-0 to 4-4 was a deliberate act. Would you still open your mouth if that had lost. And tbe return leg was also a message to the NFF over there bill. They had a choice to refuse call up over unpaid wages, so don’t come here and be telling ur garbage.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

    Lmao!! Deo!! Na Onions Dey my eyes as I Dey read the above comments. I don laugh tire!!! Lmao!!! In fact Omo9ja will surely have a filled day if all you’ve analyzed should come to pass. Omo9ja will definitely have a massive party in his house to celebrate that outcome. It is obvious that most anti Rohr fans are gnashingly praying and hoping for what you’ve described in paragraph 8 to happen so they can roast him alive lol!!

    However, I don’t see Sierra Leone defeating both Benin and Lesotho, maybe they can get a good result against Lesotho. That’s not even a debate that Sierra Leone will get the head to head against Nigeria. I don’t see the SuperEagles losing to any of Benin or Lesotho. As a matter of fact the game against Benin will be played with the highest level of seriousness it deserves from our boys. Lessons have been learnt, no more complacency. I see the SuperEagles wrapping up qualification in the next game against the Squirrels in Cotonou. 

    The fact remains that Gernot Rohr has built a new SuperEagles generation. They may not be the Swashbuckling team of 94, but they’re close. Making qualifications look like a forgone issue with games to spare. It is absolutely impossible for SuperEagles not to be contending in Cameroon next January. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE # it’s the immediate future now as we will now begin to see the true identity of this team. 

    • Lol. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I do hope those permutations do not see the light of day. Even just a draw against Benin should be sufficient for our safe passage to Cameroon 2022 regardless of results elsewhere. All that is then needed is at least just another achievable draw.

      It will be a monumental cock up for this Super Eagles outfit to contrive to lose the qualification ticket that is well within grasp.it is inconceivable

      But, football can be a funny ol’ game…..

  • D-cardinal 4 months ago

    SE will qualify but the game against Benin won’t be easy ..playing in that country is not funny plus they have good players in French league…

    • Yes, Benin rarely lose at home. They have also been known to be a dark horse team capable of proving to be a hard nut to crack for some giants of Africa football.

      They famously dumped hitherto-undefeated Morocco out of the 2019 Afcon in the second round after holding former champions Ghana and Cameroon to 2:2 and 0:0 draws respectively in the group stages.

      It took the slimmest of scorelines (1:0)for a star-studded Senegal to end Benin’s advance in the quarter finals of the same Afcon.

      In fact, they have rarely lost by more than 1 goal margin in the last 2 seasons having played teams like Algeria, Ivory Coast and Zambia. Even Nigeria had to come from behind to mercifully record a 2:1 home win in the Afcon qualifier in 2019.

      They have transformed their home ground to a fortress as you have to go back more than 2 years for when they last felt the cold hands of a defeat there.

      Plus, as you say, they have players in reputable clubs from decent leagues forming the spine of their squad.

      Benin v Nigeria match will be a fascinating encounter, one in which the Super Eagles can ill-afford to take their eyes off the ball.

      Our defensive line have to be alive more so when the batten down the hatches while our attack has to be razor sharp.

      Ndidi, Aribo and Iwobi have to come to the party eloquently cladded with the appropriate mental attire and attitude to keep things tight in midfield.

      I am looking forward to this encounter as victory will mean that we definitely qualify for Cameroon 2021 the the customary game (no “s” this time around) to spare.

      Victory for Nigeria is possible but I think it would be hard-fought.

      • Dr Bank 4 months ago

        Now you’re talking my guy @deo, pls don’t ever join the regressive team or entertain their negativity again. One love, one Nigeria, one SE

      • Odion 4 months ago

        Nice explicit analysis from @Deo, at least we see from ur comment that the those benni players are good, nd eagles need to do more not ur initial negative comment that put emphasis on if if if as eagles are so bad nd cant win

  • It’s only a “TRAITOR” that would sit in his parlour and invoke misfortune against his fatherland.


    If their mind is pure & they’re actually in support of this team, why should this kind of mentallity arise?

    Why should they invoke fear in the minds of the gullible, shallow & ignorant pple that knows nothing next to soccer?

    These people bcos of their hatred against OGA ROHR & SE now looks so shallow & ignorant to the point that they fail to know that SUPER EAGLES WILL AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY WITH 2 GAMES TO SPARE IF LESOTHO vs S.LEONE GAME COMES B4 BENIN vs NIGERIA AND S.LEONE FAIL TO BEAT LESOTHO AWAY.

    (once Lesotho VS S.leone ends in draw, nigeria qualifies with 2 good games to spare, ASAP)

    In other words;




    :::S H A L O M:::

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      @UBFE…..make uni tell them for me o. I don’t understand how some people can start wishing their country bad simply becos they don’t like the Oyinbo coach