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Wilder Slams Joshua Despite Rematch Win Against Ruiz Jr

Wilder Slams Joshua Despite Rematch Win Against Ruiz Jr

World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has criticised Anthony Joshua’s rematch win against Andy Ruiz Jr on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia.

Joshua avenged his knockout defeat in June and regained three of the heavyweight world titles.

But reacting on the outcome of the fight, Wilder stated he was unimpressed by Joshua’s win.

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“Joshua did what he had to do to get the win. He ran around the ring and was on his bike all day,

“Basically, he had Klitschko in the camp and he was a lot like Klitschko. That jab-grab-hold method. That’s all he did tonight.

“You want to dominate guys, man. Maybe I’m just too rough, too hard-core and too much of a dream for this time and era, maybe the world wants that nice s***.

“My mentality is so different from these other fighters. But when I think of myself as a champion, you want to come out there and whoop his ass.

“I’m not coming in, after losing to this guy, to just dance and grab and jab and hold. I’m going to show the world and convince them I am the very best and that no one is close to me.”

Wilder continued by claiming Joshua’s performance proved that there is only one true heavyweight king: “How can no-one say I’m not the very best in the world now?”

“I’ve given you what you pay for each and every time, especially when we’re talking about a heavyweight bout.

“Fans come to see knockouts. They come to see something dramatic, a body lying on the canvas, spread like it’s having birth. That’s what people want to see, and that’s my mentality.

“Joshua had many times he could’ve gone for the finish after he landed the right hand.

“When you land the right hand, you’ve tackled the distance.

“When you land that punch, you know you’re in exact position for the second time around. But he was so hesitant… Joshua’s mentality was to survive. The Klitschko method.

“The difference is my mentality is that of a beast, a warrior, a king, an emperor, all those things.

“If he calls himself a king, he’s just on the nicer side of it. This is a brutal sport and that’s how I treat it. I ain’t showing no love for anybody in that ring.”

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And following Joshua’s declaration he wants to face Wilder, the American insisted: “I don’t think we’ll ever see a unification bout. We’ll never see it, and I don’t want people to get their hopes up on it because it’ll never happen.

“They couldn’t say anything about fighting me. They couldn’t mention my name. They went around me

“I’m too dangerous. You’ve seen what I do in the ring. I don’t play around

“And they know if Ruiz can get Joshua out of there, imagine. That’s why they stayed away from me.”

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  • Fasasi 2 years ago

    This guy, wilder is suffering from arrogance. Why he couldn’t do it against Tyson fury. He should go and study the history of boxing closely, he should know that someone is going to flour him soon.

  • So, sorry Wilder, for being disappointed, I understand, one thing was needful last night and that was getting the honor back which AJ did in a classical way.  Win is win and you don’t have to kill some one before you can tell the whole world that you are a champion. Even in the ring, against your opponent there is a place of respect and don’t forget that Jesus said we should love our enemies.
    God bless Aj.
    God bless Nigeria.

  • This Wilder guy is the real MVP, he talks the fight and walks the fight. You my friend is the true CHAMPION of the world. Take a bow son. Joshua can never beat this guy in a fight, Wilder mentality is too strong for joshua.

    • In an immobile fight, Joshua will lose against Ruiz , running like a child round the ring was professional but not good for the game..Stand Your ground and fight ..AJ will b an loser against Ruiz…yeye fighting technique …….

  • @Tola…go back and check the details of wilder/Otiz fight..
    Otiz was leading by points until he(wilder) was able to throw his magic punch…
    Remember Tyson fury too..he beat Wilder by points but he was knocked down… checkout their faces after the fight, u will come back and use ur mouth to laugh wilder
    If Joshua can fight the way he fought yesterday, he can beat wilder…trust me

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      As much as one have to respect the power and grit of the “bronze bomber” Wilder, there is no way one can not respect Joshua.
      Yes.I love Wilder’s self belief, I love the fact that he put his words to action. But there is little line between pride and fall.

      We shouldn’t be carried away by the perceived arrogance of Deontay and be fooled by the meekness of AJ. The fact that AJ lost to Ruiz Jr. Doesn’t take away the fact that he isn’t as good(if not better) than Wilder or the lineal champion, Fury. AJ had a slip and he correctly fixed it.
      We should understand most of the greats have had a slip once in the career.what separates the greats from the pretenders is how to come back.
      I vividly wrote on here when AJ lost to Andy that he is going to win the rematch. I sited examples of past greats who slipped and got back their belts;Lennox,Foreman,Bowe,Ali,and even Tyson. AJ(like most) underestimated Andy,knew nothing much about it him and paid the price. He did good this time around,studied him and got his belt back.

      So if Wilder is mistaken that for AJ being easy,then he is utterly wrong.

      Wilder is someone who has just one move. His strong right hand. He believes if he can sustain and hit are gone. And that is true. But that could also be his weakness.
      Cause he really doesn’t have a strong chin. He has been fell before in the past(many times).
      He isn’t that sleek. And he isn’t flexible.

      And all these AJ can capitalise on.
      AJ has shown he is flexible .he has shown he has a good punch or two.and he can go the distance if he wants to.

      Wilder should underestimate AJ to his perile.

      That said, no one really knows what would happen if both men fight. Yes. We might be push by emotions and stats to pick our choice.
      But Sports have shown there is always room for shockers and disappointments,especially boxing.
      As a true boxing fan,
      I sincerely hope they fight sooner than later.

      We need those belts unified.been damn too long!

      • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

        Great point . I look at Wilder and what I truly see is a mam who is arrogant and doesn’t get to understand that boxing is like chess and all is based on tactics. Whether AJ knocked Ruiz out or not , he still won.
        Another thing Wilder never faced klitkcho and beat him to the canvass , AJ did . He’s the second boxer after Lennox Lewis to do that and it’s eating him up. Wilder never faced the Top dog , Tyson fury and AJ did. The reason why the world will talk more of them than him
        Rick flair of WWE fame gave this quote
        To be the man , you Ve got to be the man
        And guess what AJ is the man because he beat klitkcho down to the canvass and not Wilder . AJ will beat Wilder should there be a unification bout
        Mark my words!

  • Saaco 2 years ago

    U are right my guy

  • Patoghene 2 years ago

    Wilder pls go to sleep