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Win Prizes With Complete Sports And RealFevr

Win Prizes With Complete Sports And RealFevr

Complete Sports’ England Sim Fantasy exclusive league will reward the Top-3 users at the end of the competition.

The partnership between Complete Sports and RealFevr has been fertile so far (you can know more about it here), so it made sense to go a step further. Both parties decided that it was more than fair to reward the users that have been playing, day in day out, the England Sim Fantasy in general, and Complete Sports’ exclusive league in particular.

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With this in mind, RealFevr and the Nigerian daily national sports newspaper will give prizes to the users that finish the competition ( in the Top-3 of this exclusive league.

At this time, you’re already asking what the prizes are, right? Cutting to the chase, Complete Sports will help winners fight the boredom throughout this pandemic and will offer $175 worth of Netflix Giftcards:

1st Place — $100 Netflix Giftcard

2nd Place — $50 Netflix Giftcard

3th Place- $25 Netflix Giftcard

If you finish in the Top-3, not only you’ll get the credit for being a fantasy master (which for sure you will remember your friends of, every day, until the end of time), but you’ll also be able to watch your favourite Netflix movies and series, for free!

Remember, to win these prizes, you need to have an England Sim Fantasy team and have joined the Complete Sport’s exclusive league. If you have not done any of those things, just follow these three steps:

  1. Create your own EPL dream team here:
  2. Join in the Complete Sport’s exclusive league here:
  3. Now, you can win official prizes of the Nigerian daily national sports newspaper

Throughout the competition, you can visit Complete Sports’ official Fantasy website page at to check the exclusive league ranking and leaderboard.

Last but not least, you should know that these prizes can only be awarded to Nigerian users, and that, despite being a Netflix giftcard, the streaming company had no part in this initiative.

May the best fantasy coach win and chill,
The RealFevr team

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