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2026 WCQ: How Super Eagles Rated In Disappointing Defeat To Benin Republic

2026 WCQ: How Super Eagles Rated In Disappointing Defeat To Benin Republic

Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU rates the performance of Super Eagles players in their 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixture against the Cheetahs of Benin Republic at the Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium, Abidjan on Monday night…


The Chippa United goalkeeper conceded twice in the game. He put up an average display in the contest.


The full-back started the game brightly but fizzled out later. The Fenerbahce man came close to scoring in the first half.


An average showing from the former Bendel Insurance player.


The Fulham defender was at fault for the first goal conceded by the Super Eagles.


He was caught out of position for Benin Republic’s second goal. A lethargic display from the centre-back.


The KRC Genk man scored a superb goal and was impressive all through.


Another disappointing performance from the captain. He was replaced by Alhassan Yusuf late in the game.


Largely anonymous in the game. He was replaced by Paul Onuachu six minutes after the break.


The Atalanta man failed to live up to expectations in the game. The winger fluffed three scoring chances.


Set up Raphael Onyedika for the Super Eagles only goal of the game.


Contributed nothing before he was replaced by Victor Boniface early in the second half.



Battled hard following his introduction but couldn’t help the Super Eagles avold defeat.


The Bayer Leverkusen striker contributed little following his introduction early in the second half.


Took the place of Bright Osayi-Samuel on the hour mark. He didn’t live up to expectations in the game.


The winger was not effective after he took the place of Samuel Chukwueze.


A late replacement for Wilfred Ndidi. He had no effect on the game following his introduction.

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  • Ndubest 7 days ago

    What is the rating for? Let me go and catch some still jare

  • Femi 7 days ago

    Thought they said the sadiq guy was the best crosser in the entire nija league, how come dude didn’t have a single successful cross? Shaii this guys just gave me one of the worst weekend, they started it wrongly and ended it worst.well na them sabi.

    • Kenneth 7 days ago

      Please go back and watch the game, he did pull out crosses. There was one which lookman had no business going for. That onuachu would have buried. Last I check lookman wanted to dribble in and not cross. Same with chukwueze

  • Kenneth 7 days ago

    Thank God your rating clearly shows that the players threw away the game. Nothing more needs to be said. They were clearly not hungry

    • Mr. Nice 7 days ago

      It’s a pity you still don’t know that a bad coach can turn good players to average and a good coach can turn average players to a strong winning team. The loose to Benin Republic was not just the issue with the team, it was the way the team was set up. There was no cohesion in the team, there was too much space in the midfield that any average team can overrun etc. If you’re expecting anything good from this coaching crew you might just be living in fool’s paradise.

      • Dr. Drey 7 days ago

        What do you expect from an imbecile whose brain was exchanged for sawdust at birth….LMAOoo.

        This is a team that was 45 mins from being African Champions just 4 months ago.

        But to that imbecile, they are not good and should be flushed away by his imbecile uncle so that that they can bring the rest of the imbecile male children in their family to come play for the Super Eagles.

        A team bears the spirit of its coach….when you see a Mourinho team playing, you will see the Mourinho spirit in them…..when you see a Simeone team playing, you will see the Simeone spirit…ditto Klopp, Ancelotti and the others.

        Anybody still wondering why this team is so daft and bereft of ideas must be daft himself. You only need to look at the man sitting on their bench

        • Kenneth 7 days ago

          Bustard go and wank your foolish self to sleep. Don’t come here and be spitting garbage. When you entitled players were strolling into camp few days to an important game, but yet were on holidays 2 weeks before this matches, you saw nothing wrong in that. If na mourinho bench them for coming late, no issues. But if na finidi you will be the first start barking like a dog, why he didn’t play them. Abeg free the coach, all you yeye entitled players were crap.

          • Dr. Drey 7 days ago

            Hahahahaha…I should go and wank to sleep the way you have successfully wanked your uncle to failure abi….LMOoo

            Omo ale, Ode abirun omo.

            Who is the idiot that has been spitting garbage, licking a failed coach’s anus since hours ago here..,…LMAOooo

            Okponu olodo omo.

            Even ordinary bastard werey cannot spell properly…..LMAoo. Akuri oshi.

            Shebi the players were spending 4 weeks in camp when Rohr used to use them to qualify with games to spare…..LMAOoo

            Maybe it was Rohr that selected your stupid elder brother’s line ups for him.

            Useless fool.

            Those crap players we AFCON finalists only 4 months ago…so we know who has turned them into crap in such a short time.

            It shall never be well with both of you….! Your imbecile family that produced you both to come and be problems to our football shall never know peace.

            Useless bastard…!!! Finidi’s anus-licker……LMAOooo

  • Eric 7 days ago

    The bunch including Coach Finidi are big disappointment.

  • MONKEY POST 7 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha

  • These players doesnt even know that not going to world cup too will impact their own carrer worth negatively. If they attack some of them on social media now,then one will Nigerians fans are making them enter into depressions. Are these eagels and their coach not already depress like?

  • TOD_ 7 days ago

    Mr. Rater…you rated all the players very badly, you failed to rate the coaching crews, as if those players were not the one that came second in the just concluded afcons…biased rating.. your rating make no sense sir. You failed to rate the arrogant coach that failed to build on a team he was part of during afcons….abeg the poor performance rating stops at door step of Finidi

    • Kenneth 7 days ago

      How is that biased rating. Is it the coaching crew that will enter the field of play to execute their plans. Am sorry don’t know the game you watched today, but those players were the culprits. They didn’t give their all. So this raring is very accurate. If you notice, not many of them wanted the ball again

      • TOD_ 7 days ago

        Those guys played out their hearts… But the useless coach mentality of discarding a winning team in a world qualifying and bringing strange legs to blend with some very good guys was very wrong from onset… If you are building you start with friendly match . .. not with a world cup qualifying matches …. It’s what the coach ask them to do they did. The rating was biased . Untill the players died on the pitch before you know they gave their all… Ekong, Simon, Aina, Zaidu, Onyeka and Oshimen should return to the team

        • Kenneth 7 days ago

          Haaaaaaa, what best did they give, Playing against players from less fancied clubs and you here blaming the coach. Are you faulting the home based players injected into the team. Did the coach ask them to lose the game. Or the errors that led to the goals was the coach’s fault again. You just ready to speak the truth

  • Kenneth 7 days ago

    No am not living no fools paradise. Please what was wrong with the setup. Was it his set up that made Bassey not clear the ball. Was it his set up that made players not to mark their opponent. Was it his set up that made lookman want to dribble every defender or not even run to attack. Simple crosses into the box he and chukwueze didn’t do. Haba fear God and leave the coach out of this. Bottom line is they weren’t hungry.

    • Alex07 7 days ago

      Lookman won’t do that playing for Peseiro. That’s the difference, my friend. Finidi can’t motivate these boys.

      • Kenneth 7 days ago

        Very funny. Please what motivation was paseiro giving? He wasn’t played in a friendly he already started mutiny against the coach. Now he played 180 mins and you said he wasn’t motivated.

  • This is the worst yet boldest super Eagles rating Complete Sports has done in a long time. The realest if I may add. The author is still angry at the result lol.

    No time to cry over spilt milk. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. When FIFA rankings come out on the 19th and we slide no doubt, when AFCON 2025 seeding come and we are no longer top seeds, then we might have a wake up call.

    But 2025 qualifiers will not even give us time to spare our blushes because we are playing all 6 matches between September and November. With finiBall, we are doomed ahead since NFF wants to look not incompetent by choosing a naive coach and sacking him in under one month

  • Prince Iyasere 7 days ago

    Benin 2:1 Nigeria 

    Benin (Les Guépards) defeated Nigeria Super Eagles comfortably and taught us a good football lesson.
    And they did this with such tactical brilliance of their coaching team in a foreign land, Abidjan …Not in Cotonou ooo !!!

    And…Guess who their Head coach is?
    ***Gernot Rohr ❤️⚽️***

    The same Rohr that NFF and most Nigerian fans disvalue due to greed and stupidity!!

    Wait until Benin qualify from this group with games to spare !!!
    Congratulations, Rohr !!!
    Well done, Benin !!!

    The first time FIFA has extended the number of participants of the Mundial and given African nations more slots to represent the continent, NFF and the core of untouchables are showing the world of the beautiful game of football how corrupt and unserious are as a nation !!!

    Well, I still have other African serious-minded, ambition-driven nations to support !!!

    Nigeria … make we try Dey shame small fa !
    ***Tufiakwa !!!***

  • Emecco 6 days ago

    Solution; Sack Finidi now, The Sports ministry has to fund the salaries of the new Foreign Coach. We should go for European Coaches who have coached African teams before. we have Afcon qualifiers from September , that should be our focus for now. we as Nigerians spend so much time ruing failures instead of dusting ourselves to seek for immediate solutions. I once advocated for Finidi to be given a chance since Emerse Fae and Aliou Cisse did it for CIV and Senegal respectively . We all have now realized that he is grossly incompetent for the job. He hasn’t mastered a single aspect of Coaching. I was expecting him to even voluntarily resign. He has absolutely nothing to offer as a coach. Maybe he might improve in future times, that’s left for him. i want to state her that even if we didn’t qualify eventually for the world Cup, the blame shouldn’t be on the new coach , we are just bringing him on when the damage has already been done. as I said earlier, our target should just be the next Afcon, When Egypt couldn’t qualify for World Cup for close to 2 decades, they placated their fans by constantly dominating the Afcon, currently we SE fans wouldn’t mind that.

  • prince 6 days ago

    From get go we where doomed to fail…how can u give a team to a man that has never coached national team before at a critical time like this? From the first 2 games you can see he has no plan…sadiq was available yet you played a cb as a right back? Bassey is a left back not a cb! even a blind man knows this…ekong is our defensive leader he was busy not being invited, have any of these defenders played a world cup qualifier before? Youth is important but experience is vital…Amunike shud have been given this Job cos he has led at least 2 national teams and succeeded. Which national team gave their team to a novice? Assistant coach and head coach are not the same.we lack a creative midfielder…okocha and mikel did that job for years now we have none are u telling me we have no one that can carry the ball in the whole of the NPFL? Look at what Keshia did got a local player in every department in his team at,least one.i expected failure but not this much..benin has never scored more than one goal against us before talkless.of beating us but we have desended a new low with all our so called foreign based players.we cannot afford for finding to.learn on the job except we don’t want to go to the world cup and waste this generation of players.by the way all these players are Gernot Rohr boys..and if he where still.our coach we wud have been untouchable by now cos they ade all in their primes now…that’s what a FA with foresight wud know.

  • A bad workman blames his tool. Suddenly these star players that were eating 7 and 8 over 10 now rate 3. Lol.

    With all the super stars in Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Brazil, the owners don’t joke with the pedigree of the coach they appoint. Take out Guardiola and Ancelloti and Conscious, De Bruyne, Bellingham will play like school boys and headless chickens beaten black and blue by Sheriff FC.

    Last week I was week I asked how do you forcefully force out saboteurs like Gusau, Eguavoen, Demola, Aisha, and their other board of 40 thieves? These kleptomaniacs came to destroy everything. They appoint average coaches in the 11th hour. They spent 4 months to look for Finidi who was sleeping and dining in the same room with them. Jokers. They can’t account for a whooping $40m. Only Waldrum has succeeded so far. Everything is in shambles.

    Finidi nah U17 coach level. And that was what he applied for. But to save money, they went for him and bamboozled you guys they got him “foreign” assistants. They redefined the dictionary meaning of “foreign.”

    No experience. Finidi couldn’t even beat local club sides in Africa. He was and still learning. Ekong, Aina, Isimhen, Awoniyi. The crux of the team missing and he didn’t care. Paseiro that was always playing the same faces knew why. You have to use your best tools.

    The only difference yesterday was coaching. Also against South Africa who were slicing through us and playing with so much confidence and aplomb like they were at home. Everywhere in our midfield and backline was porous.

    Finidi should have taken a leave from Enyimba, not resign. Tinubu should please sack the sports minister, the NFF, and Finidi. Yes, I’m prepared for FIFA to ban us. They caused this whole mess in the first place with their principle of non interference which Gusau and his 40 thieves are maximally exploring with mocking glee.

  • Chima E Samuels 6 days ago

    Nigeria players are too indiscipline with their lazy style of play and movement on the pitch, I don’t believe Amuneke will allow these nonsense but no NFF had the chance and went for Finidi who can not even scold himself how much more of players he is dragging jersey with. Otilo Nigeria is out make una dey there and continue wallowing in your backwardness!!!!

    • Onero 6 days ago

      Whether Amuneke or Ladan, no local coach should near the SE. The brand is bigger than any local set up. Football isn’t sentimental, the more one invest an the more one is organized, the better the result
      So all of calling for another local coach are enemies of Nigeria

      • Chima E Samuels 6 days ago

        What brand are you talking about? These useless players that can not run like men yesterday. Please leave me in peace.

      • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

        Compound fool @Chima, those useless players are current AFCON runners up.

        The fact that they have become useless and cannon run within 4 months of your local coaches says alot.

        We will walk over Benin republic on Monday….LMAOoo

        It shall not be well with all of you who are dragging Nigeria football backwards everytime we have managed to start moving forward.

    • oga chima na u and omo9ja say rohr no good we no go forgive una

  • Please and please. I plead with those advocates of Amunike , should cease giving the NFF this stupid idea. HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

    Please NFF get us a capable foreign coach. we can’t miss a world cup and an AFCON at once!

  • Professor 6 days ago

    Good Morning everyone, Please the way you Matured Men rain abuses on yourselves just because you want to air you view or because someone Elses view doesn’t go our way still make me open my mouth and not close it.

    Most we cause each other just to know that the other person view doesn’t go down well with us.

    Please lets learn to respect each other abeg. If someone’s view doesn’t go that well with you there is a way u counter it without any abusive or provocative words is very bad.

    I see people raising curses on other peoples Generation because of what na?

    We are all matured and learned lets behave as one and because everyone know that respecting each other view is the best way To Go.

    Thank you all.

    Always appreciate everyone’s view and input.

    God bless

    • Footballfanatic 6 days ago

      People dey para lmaooo…….I’m over it faster than any other Nigerian loss because I knew Finidi will be a failure. Just look at his body language, his arrogance, his first 2 matches, Iheanacho arguing with him on the sidelines, Having issues with players in the first 2 friendlies and you can tell he doesn’t have a GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH the team……As soon as the list was released, I knew this fool will fail. These omissions need to be questioned…..Aina, Awoniyi, and Ekong who insisted on national TV that he was fit……..And Osimehn the dodger let’s see how this helps ur legacy you might end up never going to a WC. Tella played a clever game, he did not want to be cap tied just yet lmaooo

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