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2026 WCQ: We Cannot Throw In The Towel Now –Finidi George

2026 WCQ: We Cannot Throw In The Towel Now  –Finidi George

Head coach Finidi George has said the Super Eagles cannot throw in the towel in their quest to qualify for 2026 FIFA World Cup after a shock loss to Benin Republic.

The Eagles suffered their first defeat in Group C after going down 2-1 to Gernot Rohr-led Cheetahs of Benin Republic in Abidjan on Monday.

Raphael Onyedika gave the Eagles the lead before Benin fought back to secure the win.

The defeat place the Eagles in fifth place on three points while Benin Republic go top on seven points.

Speaking on the disappointing defeat, Finidi said:”There’s no special formula to win we have to see how the players will start a new season now and see how we can get the beat out of the players.

“Everybody must be committed and I believe with commitment we will win games. I believe we are going to win games and if we can win games the battle will still be there.

“We can’t throw in the towel because we’ve had only three points, we have to find a way to get these players back in a way for them to perform.”

The Eagles’ next fixture is in March 2025 when they will take on Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

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  • JimmyBall 7 days ago

    This guy we know was just an NFF yesman… we shall invite 5homebased every match window. Not bad in real sense but the invited ones will be those with legs…

    • Greenturf 6 days ago

      It’s bad in every sense..The national team should be for the best legs where they can be found.Giving quota to local players will weaken the strength of the team,instead they should make every position competitive,every invitation must be on merit!

    • Jero 6 days ago

      Primitive mindset as is with everything in that awkward country, which successful football playing country have invited players based on being “home country”.. None, zero. It’s not football or the government that is issue. It’s the mentality & mindset of nigerians. Everything is build on weak and false fundamentals

  • Ndubest 7 days ago

    Oh my God what is this one saying? Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!. I thought you should be resigning by now instead you are still hoping you will win some games. You are simply a daft and I don’t see you winning a game both home and away even if all the key players returns cos you will play Osimhen central defender and ekon top 9 and simon moses goal keeper. You are just a kill joy.

    • Alex 6 days ago

      Finidi, should resign. He has no backbone to make changes. He is not calling the shots. He is dancing to the tune of his NFF bosses who want to feature and showcase local talents for scouts in readiness to sell them to clubs in Europe for cash.

      Every position, every jersey number should be worn on merit. It should be competitive and the best person be allowed to wear the jersey. Nigeria is too corrupt and no one can rescue NFF. Why do we need quota in sports.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 7 days ago

    U better look for players that u can camp in Europe for two weeks instead of using stroll in players. And revert back to 6 3 1 this is African football. .. or 5 4 1 . This 4 3 3 can’t survive with 3 days camping.
    Reason peiceiro got to final of afcon.
    And Rohr won today without player from top Europe league.

  • UBFE 7 days ago

    Talk is cheap…. Rohr at 70 has finally given ODEGBAMI, NFF, FINIDI, OMO9JA and all their cohort a technical knocked out….

    Every where in Nigeria is quiet….. If it was a white coach that lost to Benin republic, by now those good for nothing and below average self acclaimed home based coaches would be everywhere speaking grammar…..

    Let’s fail with our own is their slogan.

    Even at this point that it is crystal clear that all our self acclaimed home based coaches can’t offer anything when it comes to coaching, this arrogant, cut and join coach, clueless gernot rohr boy FINIDI is still giving his fellow frauds fake hope of qualifying for 2026 world cup.

    Back to back world cup missed caused by their home based coaches

    • Edoman 6 days ago

      @UBFE. those stupid folks you rightly mentioned are the worst human beings on earth. l am very happy our former Oga Rohr (70) have shown these foolish people that he was wrongly treated by the ungrateful Nigerians. But they were made to pay for it dearly. No World-Cup (2) times since he was wrongly treated.
      l am happy to welcome their team to USA, especially if Benin Republic is picked to play their world cup matches in Maimi, Florida where l shall plan to donate some USD to our Oga Rohr. Heep, heap, heap Ural. omoj9a, you are done. Today is my happiest day. Oga has taken Benin players to their first world cup.
      l knelt down, begged them to re-employ our Oga Rohr, they refused. How market today.

  • Lucky Ukhun 7 days ago

    Dear Finidi, we don’t need to throw in the towel. The towel has already thrown itself in for the Super Eagles.

  • TOD_ 7 days ago

    What’s happening here?? If it were to be a white coach and the results are like these…people would have called for his head, resignation or slashing of salary etc .. but, Finidi’s case seems different, still dey grant interview, no remorseful at all knowing fully well, these are bad results we have had in several years. ..also, I notice some sections still supporting and defending him..unh!! Hope it’s not a what I’m thinking

  • Kenneth 7 days ago

    Well said finidi. It’s not over till it’s over. I can deduce that some players are not worthy of that jersey. They can blame you all they like. It’s time you look for hungry players, not those that their head swells the moment they perform in europe

    • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

      Hungry players like his Enyimba players that he crashed out of CAF CL, CAF CC cup and African Football League with at the first time of asking abi…..LMAOoo

      Maybe those ones too chose to sabotage him….LMAOoo

      Shameless filthy liar.

      Okponu omo.

      Finid’s ass-licker…..LMAOoo

      • Ubah 6 days ago

        My brother u said it all.

      • Kenneth 6 days ago

        Yes let me be his ass-licker, am unfazed about anything you say going forward. Let them keep arriving to camp a day before the match. I know he will start to ease them out gradually.

  • Respect is reciprocal 7 days ago

    Nff knew what they were doing by employing Finito. They knew situations like this would arise that would make Sport Minister to summon them to Abuja which has already happened. Now the money would come because government will take over and a new foreign manager would be appointed. One thing is with good world class manager Nigeria can still qualify by winning all their remaining matches. This is politicking.

  • Bomboy 7 days ago

    Arrogant man. You couldn’t beat Benin in a neutral ground. Mumu coach.Mumu NFF.

    I said I would apologize if you prove me wro g, and I was hoping you would. But, instead, you made things worse.

    Your few remaining g fans (who claim to know you personally) are asking you to disband the players and get a new set. Well, you have already started doing that. You have already brought in one Messi from Tanzania and three Ronaldos from the local league and they performed very well today, didn’t they?


    • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

      “I know him personally”…..LMAOoo

      Finidi’s asslicker should go and personally tell his fellow idiot of an uncle that he knows personally to get his filthy, incompetent and daft hands off our national team….LMAOo

      • Kenneth 6 days ago

        Go and remove him now, bastard. He dey pain you say I know am abi what is all this repetition like you scared to repeat a class.

  • MONKEY POST 7 days ago

    Hahahaha I told them but they won’t listen…where is papafem, femi and co…oy come talk na

    • Femi 6 days ago

      Are u happy now? No be ur fault, na finidi and the yeye players, on a norm I disagree with his appintment bcos I watched one of  Enyimba match at caf cup and the way he set up the team was so embarrassing, but as NFF say na him dey prefer nko, I sha didn’t have a diff. Country than this one, so I gat support him nooni, but truth be told the entire team fall my hand today, they even played far better against SA, today match wasn’t even because the lost, but the performance was so shambolic. It’s well is all I can say, is Dey like they shd Nt qualify, na to support my dear USA the host nation be that. 

  • ABDULRAZAK 7 days ago


  • Until you lose all the qualifying games. Like play, like play the matches are rounding up and you are still blowing grammar. You think other countries will be sleeping and watching you overtake them. Not your fault, it is NFF that’s doing chop, make l chop. Even if l am appointed as a Nigerian coach, l will do better than Finidi who is fielding weak legs like onuoha, moffi, home based.

  • Mr. Nice 7 days ago

    Please and please, somebody should check up on omo9ja, I hope he’s okay ooo!

    • obinna 7 days ago

      What is this useless human being talking about ? This finidi is to useless. You benched a premier league player ( Onyeka ) for a championship player ( Ndidi ). You left Ola Aina for a useless Nigeria Premier league player ismaila. Who is Olawoyin. Who know him papa ? For me Onyedika was the best player on the pitch today. It’s so unfortunate that we won’t qualify for the world cup. Sack finidi now!!!!

  • Dr. Drey 7 days ago

    Hahahaha….ladies and gentlemen, come and hear Kenneth’s fellow imbecile uncle speaking….

    “….There’s no special formula to win we have to see how the players will start a new season now and see how we can get the beat out of the players….”

    Idiot. Daft Idiot. Kindergaten coach.

    If you want to know the formula for winning, start right there in Abidjhan by humbling yourself to ask Rohr. He once had a 60% win ratio as SE coach (highest ever for any SE coach) with a team he picked up straight from not qualifying fro AFCON back to back.

    Useless incompetent coach.

    You inherit a team that was AFCON runner up and within 4 months it has turned to a team Benin Republic can defeat ON A NEUTRAL GROUND….!!!

    And one family bastard is here saying it is the players that are not good enough. E no go beta for the 2 of you….LMAOoo…!

    Ko ni ye yin.

  • Eno David 7 days ago

    Where is Segun Odegbami that is always advocating for local coaches? He even wrote a lengthy article that Peseiro’s contract should not be renewed.
    When he saw that Finidi was a failure in his first game against South Africa,he wrote that Finidi should not follow Peseiro’s tactics to save his head.
    Finidi you are finished…you are the towel,please just throw yourself away from the Super Eagles!!!! Please go!!!
    Shame on bias Segun Odegbami also!

    • Uhunmwangho Erharuyi 6 days ago

      God bless you. Segun Odegbami is the problem of Nigeria football. Very controversial entity .

  • Sanya Adebambo 7 days ago

    It’s obvious the selection of Findi is based ons the highest bidder. I can’t imagine the extra impact the home based brought. We are losing a match and still playing at the back. We can’t even get strings of passes up to the misfiled. Nigeria was shadow of its self. Very pathetic. F

  • pompei 7 days ago

    Please who has Omo9ja’s address?
    Let’s pay him a courtesy visit. E je ka lo joko ti. The PE teacher has dealt him a terrible blow. Omo9ja is dazed and confused.
    Rohr don give Omo9ja wotowoto.
    Dem teargas am? Rohr will be in his nightmares for weeks to come.
    Abi Omo9ja don run? Baba no run ooo. Come back here!
    Abeg Omo9ja, don’t harm yourself. Just come back here and give Mr. Rohr the respect you refused to give him all these years.
    70 years old man ooo. Na em take you make yeye like dis? 70 year old man running rings round Ogogoro, completely outsmarting and outmaneuvering him?
    Shebi you said VICTORY IS YOURS yesterday? You need to bring that victory here, let us share it with you. Hope you still support your man Finidi? Don’t abandon him now that he has failed.
    Doctors, if Omo9ja is admitted to your hospital, I beg una, please treat him very well. He must make a full recovery, so he can come back here and explain what happened today.

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 days ago

    Next WCQ: Rwanda vs Nigeria 
    March 19, 2025

    That’s 283 days from today. Enough time to turn the tide if we are a serious country. Though I doubt we can ever be since we are dealing with a shambolic FA. 

    Tips: Decide on the manager’s status ASAP, Engage in grade-a-friendlies, then bring in some real talented youngsters from anywhere who are committed to the course.

    No indigenous coach can take us anywhere.

    Iré ooooo! 

    • Not friendlies. AFCON 2025 qualifiers begin in September and ends in November. 6 match days. 3 windows. That’s 2 matches each in September and October and November. 4 teams in each group with only one qualifying.

      This press conference with finidi posture seems he’s likely to still be around in September. AFCON 2025 hopes will be gone too unless he honorably goes but Nigerian black man will rather die than resign.

      Let’s see what happens in the coming days because finidi will not offer anything new.

      He’s still arrogant in this article

    • Greenturf 6 days ago

      @Ayphillydegreat,the players we have aside the local ones and the one from Tanzania are good,what the FA need to do ASAP is to remove the current technical crew and replace them with a very tactical foreign manager and crew.It’s the right thing to do in the dire,dreadful situation we’re in at the moment.
      Otherwise we’ll sink deeper to the level South Sudan!

    • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

      Even if we had a qualifier next week, if is never too early/late to spit this sawdust brained failure out.

      No wonder it took him almost 15 years after retirement from football before he got his first decent coaching job.

  • Finidi thinks the problem is with the players. No. The problem is with coaching and it starts with NFF that hired Finidi who clearly is incompetent. 

  • Alex07 7 days ago

    I can’t believe the empty-headed moron hasn’t been sacked yet.

  • Diran 6 days ago

    Finidi, you are highly incompetent. You have nothing to offer. Just resign and stop fooling yourself. You could not defeat small Benin Republic in a neutral ground, and kept playing players in wrong positions. You should be tendering your resignation letter now. Enough of this rubbish. The entire corrupt NFF should also be ashamed of themselves.

  • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

    Give the Argentine team that won the world cup to this epitome of incompetence called finidi and he will turn the team to a bunch of headless chickens that Comoros will take to the cleaners……LMAOoo

    It shall not be well with all those who supported and still support this retrogression of an appointment for the national team.

    A part of me says serves them right, but a part of me feels sorry for players like Osimhem, Ola Aina and Lookman who may never play at a world cup in their careers

    • Charles 6 days ago

      Lookman could have converted the chances he had to increase ĥis chançes of playing at the world cup even if coaching was deficient. Am sure he had good chances, so also other players and then the defensive errors. Just as the coach is blamed, the players are also culprit of the scoring chances they missed.

      • Alex07 6 days ago

        Is it the players that played Osayi at LB and played Bassey in a two-man CB? Didnt you notice that Peseiro only played him in a back 3? int he opening AFCON game vs. Eq, Guinea, he played him from the bench, opting for Ajayi and Ekong CB pairing because Bassey is not disciplined enough to play in the back 4 as a CB.

        • Golden Child 6 days ago

          Yet he plays in a back 4 at Fulham. The problem is not bassey but the CB pairing. When setting up a CB pairing , one has to be the leader that organises things. Another thing they should complement each other. If one is slow, the other is quick. If one is a bruiser , the other is more technical and assured on the ball. The problem is Ajayi and Bassey does not tick any of the boxes.

          • Exactly @Golden child
            Even before the game, kept saying, play players in their preferred positions. Bassey for me can’t perform as a CB without a partner that has strong command in style and communication. He is still raw and lose concentration easily. That is where Ekong comes in with the Eagles and Tosin at Fulham. Both have that strong command that balances the rawness of Bassey, thus guiding him. Without Ekong, Bassey should have played the LB position while Osayi stayed in his preferred RB.

            I just can’t fathom how Finidi still doesn’t understand his players especially when he has been with the same group as an assistant to Peseiro! More bewildering is that he made almost similar mistakes as regards players selection and positioning on the pitch in every game in played. He is just that daft and never learns. To think he is that arrogant as well. So where do one start.
            He should just quit already. I RESPECT HİM AS A FOOTBALL PLAYER BUT he is alarmingly daft as a coach.

  • Emmanuel 6 days ago

    NFF you are animals that is why you give us Finidi to play with millions of Nigerians heart which normal country will appoint a coach like Finidi as his coach NFF President the way you make millions of Nigerians sad  today God will you and your family sad.

  • Edoman 6 days ago

    l begged them to never to sack the our Oga Rohr, if only they listened to me and the learnt Dr Drey and very few decent folks. Finidi was taken bride from some lazy players to let them play for Nigeria. l wanted Nigeria to lose to our Oga Rohr to prove my point. Nigerian people, never bite the finger that fed you. Always be grateful to your Lord your God. l support him to beat Nigeria hands down in this competition to prove a point. Yes. Wait until 2036 before Nigeria can ever play for world cup again. By then, l don’t know how many of you will be around. l am sure omo9ja, finidi, kennet, Ugo may all not be around but 6ft under.

    • Omo9ja 6 days ago

      That is not forme/us. I reject that and it won’t be our own sha Allah. We shall be here to celebrate with our darling Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • yabaoh M 6 days ago

        omo9ja that bastard devil is that your useless friend dr dry o – understand it dont say Yaboah no warn you o – edoman is dr dry – if him cause you yab that bipolar dr dry and send him and his demons running inside fire.
        dr dry you are a use ass shithole robbish!

    • Greenturf 6 days ago

      Wow that’s heavy bro!We shall all be alive including you in Jesus name Amen!!!

    • @Edoman Ugo?. I always knew Edo people did not have sense. So full of Ego and all of you are Areaboys. Look at Victor Osimhen Partying up and down Lagos with his big chains that are even bigger than his skinny body parading with with Yahoo boys up and down who knw’s if they gave him Jazz. That is Edo people for you the first time they smell money they will think they are above the world so egotistical and brash.

      Now you mention my name because of Rohr the fact is Rohr was compromised by te time he left Nigeria He could not bench Musa he was recieving calls from the stands on how to run the team while the a specific match is on. He wanted to drown us with deadlegs like Ighalo and Musa. I always wanted a foreign coach ask people who know me from KickoffNigria days a time I am sure you were still sucking your mama’s breast Ode. I always wanted the best for Nigeria when it comes to Foreign coaches I always mentioned Herve Reynard. I was never a fan of local coach and I felt we can do better than Rohr with Foriegn coaches. Don’t put my name in your Curses @Edoboy before I curse you too Anumanu!

      • yabaoh 6 days ago

        ugo and co listen well that devil causing including himself is that your useless friend dr dry o – understand it dont say Yaboah no warn you o – edoman is dr dry – if him cause you yab that bipolar dr dry and send him and his demons running inside fire

        • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

          Hahahahaha……the true definition of Stupidity is Kenneth masquerading as yabaoh trying to convince Omo9ja, Ugo Iwunze and Edoman who have all known themselves and also known Dr.Drey since the days of Kickoff Nigeria that one of them is the same as Dr. Drey.

          Someone should tell him to kindly let us know when he’s done being stupid.

          It is not hard to spot a lowlife who would never make it in life.

  • KangA 6 days ago

    These bunch of thieves are a real pain in the neck. I have repeatedly asked: Where is all the money in Nigeria? In Benin Republic can afford to pay a foreign coach, why can’t Nigeria? You bring a COMPLETE imbecile to handle the team and expect to win? Is the NFF for real? Is the so-called  legend, O, not afflicted with incurable dementia.

    In sane climates a hue like Finidi would stay 10 km clear of the glass house.  But here he is foaming in the mouth about not throwing in the towel! Complete lunatic with dissociated thinking. 

    • Mr Hush 6 days ago

      Like expected ,the Gusua led board haven’t resigned. The Sports Minister neither. And off course this daft coach called Finidi is still sticking around. And yeah, there’s no epistle yet from the local town crier called Odegbami.

      The fact is,you can’t give what you don’t have. We aren’t going anywhere with local coaches and definitely not with Finidi. They simply don’t cut it.

      If Rohr was let go for less, why for heaven’s sake is Finidi being given a free pass?!

      If he doesn’t want to take the gentleman way out and resign, atleast Gusua should do right and sack him immediately. Then Gusua resign.

  • Omo9ja 6 days ago

    It is not your fault you pretenders but Finidi and NFF should be blamedforthis shameful result against Benin.

    NFF have painted our own bad names again.

    Now, you pretenders are happy that our own have failed right?

    Mind you, Finidi is not among the best indigenous coaches.

    I believe we will qualify for the world if we have a new set of NFF board members.

    We need new young and inform players to join Eagles.

    You pretenders, it is your time. Enjoy it but it won’t last because we will bounce back by God’s grace.

    I still believe in our own. NFF should not hire a foreign coach. We are Africans and it is a good development to give an African coach a chance to be the next coach of the Super Eagles.

    Finidi and NFF ajewomasan have letting themselves down not me.

    Shame you NFF and Finidi.

    Oga Rohr to me wouldn’t have won the match if we had a good coach but blame nobody but NFF and Amaju pinnick.

    Our own will make us proud soon. Amunike will be shaking his head for NFF now. What a shame. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

      Hahahaha….arindi. So your eyes have finally opened….LMAOoo. it is now you realize that you don’t have a good coach…?

      When you were running your rotten mouth wotowoto 2 days ago telling yourself to fokanbale, you brain didn’t tell you that the man sitting on your bench is a fraud….LMAOoo.

      Don’t worry, your Amunike is next ehn. Very soon we will close his own chapter too and learn to do things with common sense by employing the best man for the SE job irrespective of his race and nationality

    • Alex07 6 days ago

      You guys and Odegbami are the problem with Nigerian football. You are worse than the NFF you criticize. Your racist obsession with the nationality and skin color of a coach is the undoing of Naija football. You be OmoTogo not Omo9ja.

    • pompei 6 days ago

      Omo9ja, shey you don gree now say Rohr no be PE teacher? No be carpenter coach?
      Shey you don see wetin the rest of us already knew. That Rohr is a decent coach!
      You can talk up and dan and in circles. But I will keep bringing you back to this question.
      Omo9ja, you are wrong about Rohr! Totally, completely wrong!
      Prove yourself a honorable man, and humbly admit your error.
      If you don’t, I will begin to see you in a different light.

  • ABDULRAZAK 6 days ago


  • Tibi 6 days ago

    I was cryin watching that team,no tatics,no shot on target,no direction,finidi with ur appointment i thought u wil bring back the good old days of your time in the national team.even me can do better,taminu and semi central,and calvin left back.u no sabi anything.abeg nff pls mke una stop dis high level of corruption in d secterat and give amunike the job to take us to the worldcup,we cant afford not to be in the worldcup with the group we where given

  • Abbey 6 days ago

    This Finidi must be smoking Igbo (weed) Is the towel not in the ring already? Do you think the other teams in our group will not fight with their lives to stay on top of the group? Especially South Africa! NFF better sack this boy called Finidi, b4 he turns Super Eagles to Super Chickens…Lol

  • Sunnyb 6 days ago

    Don’t blame him, blame the unconcerned Nigerian youths, this smelly Ogogoro coach deserves serious beat down, he should be made the scapegoat, burn down his house, strip the animal naked, next time, other unqualified local coaches will stay away from national assignments. Finidi Ogogoro George knows that he lacks the knowledge to lead the eagles still he fought for the job to sabotage Nigeria. This he goat looklike must not allow to escape.

  • Greenturf 6 days ago

    Wow that’s heavy bro!We shall all be alive including you in Jesus name Amen!!!

  • tayo 6 days ago

    When we were warning them they wouldn’t listen we told them Nigeria didn’t have money to hire world class foreign coach but the one we have managed to get even if not world class but is giving us result let us be managing but their nepotic and tribalistic attitude wouldn’t let them. See where we are. Nobody is talking about SE loosing to Rohr team again the same man they branded not too good have beaten your almighty eagles. Thought you said any coach can beat any team with the caliber of your players? Why are you blaming Finidi? U na never see anything. Nigeria aren’t going to world cup for 2nd time running that was what was happening before rohr came and made it look simple. Karma is truly a bitch

    • @tayo that is the First Problem you open your Mouth WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! to say Nigeria don’t have money to higher Foreign coach basically letting the crooks off without a fight so you put your money in the bank the next day the bank say you did not deposit any mony you sef you go just accept am like that abi?. Yeye How did you Nigeria Nigeria don’t have money for a World Class Coach are you the one handling the Books or Budget that you can say that without any reasonable doubt. You see the first problem of Nigeria is the Spineless Public keep justifying the people who keep raping your Super Eagles without thinking twice. Mtcheeeew!!!!!!!!!!

      • tayo 6 days ago

        @Ugo Iwunze I repeat this current Nigeria doesn’t have money to hire world class foreign coach as the likes of Egypt,Cameroon, South Africa etc usually does. If they have how come they always struggle to pay those ones that we have had before?.Did you remember the number of months Rohr was not paid likewise Pesseiro this people have to shout out before Nigeria government deems it fit to pay them because of international embarrassment it will cause. When pesseiro left after Afcon information has it that FG told them to look inward for home grown coach as the country can not afford to pay the peanuts they were paying Rohr and Pesseiro as salary hence the reason they NFF has to give in and settled for local coach. Do you know how much coaches like Mourinho, Van guard,Klop even Renard, Conceicao collected as salary? You think this current government that is struggling to pay their own workers will pay such? People like you are the problem of our football because you are tribalistic and egoistic.

  • Golden Child 6 days ago

    I wasn’t Rohr’s biggest fan but with the benefit of hindsight, I will say NFF made a mistake when sacking him especially when one takes into consideration the mine field that is NFF. Having said that the loss to Benin and the lacklustre display against SA was not an accident but was inevitable.

    After the Afcon , Peseiro resigned and it took like a month for NFF to negotiate unsuccessfully with him. After that, they published the vacancy for the SE job. The circus had truly begun and top coaches like torrent threw their hat into the ring but NFF had other ideas. They wasted so much time when countries like even Ghana had settled for their coach. Eventually after wasted weeks and the wc qualifiers looming, they hurriedly installed bottom of the barrel Finidi as coach. To them , he was the perfect puppet to dance to the harmonious strings they pulled. The man lacked the charisma nor the tactical nous to do the job, neither did he command the respect of the players. The way the preparations leading to these games were conducted, there was only going to be one outcome and that is abject FAILURE!

    It was obvious no due dilligence was carried out on players to know their fitness level otherwise Boniface should never have been called up. Finidi roared , stating that the criteria for player selection will depend on players active levels at their clubs but when the time came to invite players, we realised that we had been gaslit as players like iheanacho who had not kicked a ball since afcon made the list ( He will go on to start in a crucial tie with SA at uyo). We also saw an injection of local based players who according to his bosses at the glass house were good enough to compete with their foreign counterparts despite many reservations shown by concerned Nigerians. These clueless fans and the more clueless NFF stuck to their guns and brought out a list that many on this platform hailed ( I am glad that I was one of the patriotic Nigerians who had a dissenting stance on the appointment) the appointment. The preparation was abysmal to say the least, players like Iwobi and Bassey were allowed to report late to camp despite the epl season ending several weeks before. Pictures surfaced online of Bassey in resorts, showing a lack of discipline and the inability of Finidi to command the respect of his troops. We saw how Iheanacho was having a shouting match with his coach during the game against SA. We saw the thoughtless lineup and playing players out of position. The truth is that Finidi knowledge of the game is at a dangerously low ebb and with such people they can only bring about destruction. More worrying is the fact that NFF is even at a lower ebb. The right thing to do is to relieve Finidi of his duties and hire a competent coach to navigate the murky waters of the remaining world Cup qualifiers.

  • The blame falls squarely on the NFF and Finidi we all wanted Rohr out i did No doubt but we wanted an Upgrade on Rohr I know I did, we wanted our Best legs and a Super Coach like Herve Reynard or Claude Le Roy. I shouted these guys names. I vehemently Opposed Local Coaches for the mere fact of this NPFL rubbish they like to use to destroy a wheel that is not broken in-fact one that is working the best in Africa at present. Which African team boost the most stars young talent coming up in Africa now if not Nigeria!. We only needed a coach who is completely free of sentiment and Tribalism and all the stuff associated with Indigenous Nigerians when we say ‘Sentiments’ people think we are Joking or playing around that is the Only factor destroying our ball,

    Okay if you really look at it and be honest with ourselves why do we deserve to qualify more than African Nations who want it more than we do?, I say More than we do because okay look at Benin Clearly we have more resources than them but they want it more than we do. They select Benin’s Best legs and Dual Nationals playing in the best leagues in the World. It is quite ironic these Ex Footballers headed up by Oga Segun Odegbami oppose Foreign coaches yet want to qualify to the World Cup lol yet they are even struggling to do so lol, but they are so far up their own ass that they won’t admit that we need to learn from them to beat them I mean really learn from them (European Football Experts)… But the worst part is the basics of putting our own house (NPFL and NFF) in order so we can even have a better standing to achieve this, they are not able to do so I mean the basic standard. I mean NPFL should be on the level of Playing a match between our Foreign based players V Home based and Winning, NPFL should be able to go out and fend for Nigeria if our European based exports have club engagements and are tied in that period, Can they NO in-fact when they are in-trusted with that responsibility they go out there and proceed to Embarrass us and throw egg on our faces, remember Mexico 4 – Nigeria 0?. What Rubbish

    But these guys listen to these Ex footballers for what, are they that blind? and they cannot see what we see about the difference or rather gulf in class between Osimhen and A Local Player?. Okay yesterday 10th June 2024 a day that will go down in the history books Benin vs Nigeria at the Felix Houpert Boingny stadium, Finidi Introduced players he was so quick to turn his back on our Captain for who incidentally Won AFON MVP just 2 months prior and declared himself fit to play for Nigeria and represent his country Finidi Did not Look his way and as well Taiwo Awoniyi, I mean A Taiwo Awoniyi and Boniface would make more sense than Onuachu. Finidi Got his wish put his Igbokwe dem and what did it bring us?. you all saw how out of depth they looked okay the European Players were bad too bit at least Lookman’s cross can travel 500 meters that Igbokwe guy cross could not even travel Pass his toes and these are the guys they want to impose on us fans instead of impovng our league?. When you make changes your team should look like they have a chance. That Bus Conductor Look alike of a Coach Finidi realised how he had shot himself in the foot because of Unael and Odegbami them, Have you all noticed how Quite they are?.. BAstards they are probably in thier houses drinking pammi and LAuging at us, “Laughs Look at Nigerians Chai na Wa oo, But you know they will listen to any thing we feed them because we are ExFootballers Laughs”, Finidi himself must feel so stupid now because we warned him.

    Going back to Rohr he was right to be sacked but Nigeria is dumb you do not downgrade when you sack you upgrade Simple you don’t keep going backwards and sabotaging yourself and efforts every time I keep Singing this. We should have not been with an indigenous coach after Rohr e should have kept it European!.

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