AWFUL!: Super Eagles’ Rating In 2-0 Defeat To Madagascar

AWFUL!: Super Eagles’ Rating In 2-0 Defeat To Madagascar

Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU assesses the performance of the Super Eagles, player-by-player, in their AFCON 2019 Group B 2-0 defeat to the Barea of Madagascar at the Alexandria Stadium on Sunday, June 30 2019.


Picked the ball out of his net twice, although he was not at fault for the two goals conceded by the Super Eagles in the game. Not a good way to make his Africa Cup of Nations debut.


An average performance from the defender. Defended well, but as usual contributed little to the team’s offensive buildup.


His terrible howler led to Madagascar’s first goal of the game and took a while for him to recover from the setback.


A slightly above average showing from the Udinese man who stood up to the some challenges posed by the Madagascar’s forwards.


Disappointing performance from the left-back. He didn’t meet up with the standard set in the first two games.


He was imposing in the opening minutes but surprisingly fizzled out afterwards. Duly hauled off after the break for Wilfred Ndidi.


A battling performance from the Stoke City midfielder who was one of Nigeria’s best performers in the game.


The captain of the side has so far failed to justify his inclusion in the team. Didn’t really make much impact before he was replaced by Alex Iwobi early in the second half.


Horrible display from the winger who was handed his first start of the competition following his ill-health.


Looked out of sorts and seemed to have lost his tenacity. He wasted Nigeria’s best chance of the game in the first half.


Aside from scoring the winner in Nigeria’s opening game against Burundi, Ighalo has failed to get anything right in this competition.



Came in for the ineffective John Ogu after the break and was behind most of the team’s best attacking moves afterwards. Ndidi also came close to reducing the deficit towards the end of the game. Was unlucky when Madagascar free-kick took a deflection off his body to beat Ikechukwu Ezenwa for the second goal.


Failed in his bid to drive the team forward following his introduction. He was marked out by the opponents’ defence.


Did little to affect the game following his introduction for Samuel Kalu.

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  • Ighalo got 3…even Rinaldo would struggle in this squad, where was the service? Mikel, who should be close to him was far leaving him Isolated yet despite his sloppy passes and persistence for wanting to shield the ball, he stills get a 4. Awaziem is a poor excuse for a fullback, he should be allowed to be just his centre back…Aina, OK…he looked tired and Balogun, no be me go crucify am.

    • Omaskels 1 year ago

      Even d few ball ighalo got,wat did he do with it?. He should be given 2/10.. absolutely poor today..A disgraceful performance from a No.9..Rohr should av tried Hungry Osimhen or onyekuru,dey would av done better than ighalo..

      • In the USA we say the buck stops with Rhor.

        WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diran 1 year ago

    John Obi Mikel, Leon Balogun, John Ogu and Awaziem have no business in a serious first 11 Super Eagles team for now as there input at this AFCON has been poor to average. They should be kept on the bench for starters. There display against Madagascar was very shambolic and uncoordinated. Henry Onyekuru and Victor Osimhen should be given game playing time with Jamilu Collins if he is fit in the round of 16 game against either Ghana or Cameroon. Ola Aina should possibly be allowed to revert back to his right full back position. This was a disgraceful display against Madagascar, a team rated about 100 places below Nigeria on the FIFA ranking.

  • Knowing Gernot Rohr do you think he will be man enough to drop Musa and Ighalo and even Samuel Kalu for that matter??. the answer my friend is a resounding NO!! trust to see Moses SImon be the only new player introduced in the next game and that is for Samuel Kalu. Onyekuru was just brought here to warm the Bench such a shame what a wasted talent and to think he actually needed this Afcon to help his work permit chances which was another added reason he would have tried to out do himself rather Gernort Rohr wastes him on the Bench and starts Musa all the time. it is Sad very Sad we have a coach like this that is as Clueless as a headless Chicken.

    If I was Victor Osimhen and Henry Onyekuru I would have walked out of camp it must be sad Knowing that you are better than players that are starting ahead off you. Samuel Chukwueze included. They should boycott and leave that team immediately this coach is hell bent on ruining their careers

    • Omaskels 1 year ago

      Absolutely my Broda..wat are dos attacking vibrant players like Onyekuru, Osimhen n chukwueze doing on d bench wen clueless ighalo,Musa n kalu is on d field..NFF should think of replacing dis coach with immediate alacrity..

  • nawa for this rating oo’ aina try his best. and even ronaldo of portugal and ronaldo of brazil even yekini will struggle in this kind of match where are the passes? he was isolate upfront with no mikel musa and kalu to help him.. i was one of them that criticize ighalo, but i pity him hustling alone.

  • lucky 1 year ago

    All they no is to fight for money, and the coach is keeping the best plays on bench, instead he chooses to the old dead players, where is chukwueze, that lad is a fantastic player, if we could not make it to quarter final, that coach should be sacked simple

    • Barney 1 year ago

      He’s reserving Chukwueze, Onyekuru and Osi as jokers for the next round. Let’s not crucify him yet

  • Stephen Boluwade 1 year ago

    I dnt care abt onyrkuru, osihem or whoever, but chuckueze that I watch vs Burundi shd be NO 1 on the team shit, that guy is deadly, coaches will deploy 2 to 3 players to man mark him n giv space to other players to operate, but our coach think d dude is nt good enough,just tired but finger cross for the 2nd round.

  • Bryt oni 1 year ago

    John obi mikel signed with trabzonsor in Turkey, on a 2 years and an option for another year….now team mates with ONAZI n Nwakeme.

  • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

    Someone close to me here asked me why have been acting like ‘I don’t care’knowing fully well how I do react whenever the Super Eagles looses. I just smiled and this was the response that came deep down from my heart.

    I so feel this match was fixed! This match was sold! Are you guys not seeing what am seeing?? See how the Coach arranged the team today??? See how the boys gifted them two goals!! See how the same Super Eagles I know reacted to the goals?? MUSA even had a chance to score…Musa wey I know wella!! He missed it oo..To my greatest surprise..hahaha! Knowing fully well how NFF are looking for money this days to settle player bonuses and Pinnick’s boss being a Malagasy(THE CAF PRESIDENT fa). Just a deal with him and that all and Considering the fact that Rohr’s wife is also a Malagasy…hahaha…More reasons. To crown it all, take a deeper look and reasoning to what ROHR said at the Post match conference. He just nailed it there to show it a deal.

    Pinnick will be smiling to the bank right now and we will all be analyzing yeye display. A sold match.

    The only worry I have is Why CORRUPTION?? Why does Pinnick have to make his Second tenure so annoying and Corrupt?? Does he know the implication of loosing a match(to minnows) purposely can do to the team’s Winning mentality healthiness?? Pinnick please stop being an Enemy of Football in Nigeria. To Coach Rohr, I can’t blame your mumuness cuz you only had to obey order from your boss even considering the fact that it will make your wife happy.

    I hope the Super Eagles recover from the drama they played out perfectly tonight and get back to winning ways. God bless Nigeria.

    For the mean time hopefully, omo9ja and his co-horts can take over CSN…Winks

    Happy New Month

    • Mheen, you make sense die!! You sabi analyse. In addition to all you said, check the ref too and all the soft calls he kept making in favour of Madagascar. I smell politics big time! Pinnick, Ahmad, Ref, Rohr, Rohr’s wife, all of una, una doh oo! Una well done ooo. Pinnick family and in-laws are all big time politicians, so he too is always thinking like a dirty politician! Just like the political homeground of the SE in Asaba now. SMH.

      • mboy 1 year ago

        More so Nigeria had qualified. Match fixing is big business..and this was easy to fix!

      • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

        @Kel, God bless you Wella. I thought I was the only one seeing the drama well acted from the CAF President to Pinnick to Rohr then Rohr’s wife, Referee and the Super Nollywood actors(Super Eagles) yesterday.

        Well, na dem sabi

    • onwajunior 1 year ago

      @Chairmanfemi, I had the same feeling during the first half but my view changed when Rohr brought in Ndidi. In fact, I thought the guys planned to avoid a difficult team that might finish 3rd and went back to check who we’d play in both scenarios (1st and 2nd). Any way, you have a fair point.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    Nigeria was beaten fair and square today. No politics. Yes, the ref was unfair to us. But Madagascar earned this result. They killed a giant today. Even we too, we have killed giants in the past. When we beat Brazil in the 1996 Olympics semifinal, was that politics? Just last month, in a friendly, Venezuela beat Argentina in Argentina 3-1. Two days ago, Argentina beat Venezuela where it counts – at the Copa America quarter final by 2 nil. My point is in football, things like this happen. When Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany at the world cup, did that mean that Brazil is a rubbish team? No, they had a horrible day at the office. Period. The same thing with the Super Eagles. They underestimated the Barea, and paid for it. Now, the rage and embarrassment will likely propel them to greater heights, because they are now eager to prove a point to doubters. Let’s wait and see what happens. Having said that, as fans of the team, we are expected to support them, win or lose, as long as they are still in the competition. If we are eliminated, then Rohr and co. can face the music. But we must not put the cart before the horse! By all means, criticize the coach constructively. Make suggestions. Debate your point. But don’t fall to the level of stupidity and foolishness by cursing or insulting the coach or the players. I still believe in this team. I still believe they can go all the way to win this competition. And who knows – this defeat may be a blessing in disguise. This may be what galvanizes the team to the heights needed for success.

    • Edozie Nwagbara 1 year ago

      Wise and thoughtful comment, it is a game, (you win some lose some….)

  • khalil 1 year ago

    seriously I am absolutely gutted by GR lacklustre motivation for his players.
    He just blow this up.

  • Stevens 1 year ago

    Can someone please explain to me why the super Eagles always play at international competition of this class as if nothing is at stake?
    Every time I watch the present crop of super Eagles play as if the players in the other teams are under their control I feel so sad.
    Please tell them to also be a little forceful whenever they play so that we can be proud and energised to support them.

    • Edoman 1 year ago

      I dont think it is about the crop of SE players. I have a problem with SE when they concede first, there seem to be no way back into the match for them. Not just the SE team also the Super Falcons and the age grade team. In Rio 2016, when we lost to Germany and Colombia, it was the same kind of play. Teams no how to read SE’s play now.

      There are things which we must change in our playing pattern.

      1.) coordinated attack. Gernot Rohr being a defender in his playing days is a disadvantage to us attaching. The one thing he has brought to SE is core team stability. this means the defenders are abit more aware about not conceding goals. The SE have not played well in this AFCON but there is a sense of urgency when defending whether in set play or neutralising opponents attacking play. Now we must learn to attack more as a unit. Isolating our #9 or wingers doesn’t help anymore. No one plays a traditional #10 anymore or a traditional #7 and 11. That must change from the grass root to the top

      2.) Attacking play movement practice; Nigeria’s SE must learn from Morocco. In certain situations what do you do when attacking. How do you move in a counter attacking situation. Which player cause the diversion. My problem with Ighalo is simple, right from the U-20 level, his movement in APP I never liked. Remember U-20 under siasia against Germany. Also, remember Nigeria vs Poland, first half around the 40 mins mark when Victor moses ran with the ball from the defense. Ighalo did not move properly. As a #9 you need to open space for yourself with your movement. Ighalo wasnt even anticipating the play from Aina against Burundi and if there was VAR, he would have been ruled offside. That is the reason I liked Iheanacho, because of his training at Man city, his technique in utilising space is much more better, but confidence in finishing is lacking

      3.) Midfield Play; There is this Etebo-like attitude in Nigeria of wanting to play like an Okocha. Which most coached do not like. It takes you no – where. Etebo keeps the ball well but he is always keeping the ball to the wrong side of the pitch. Etebo for me is taking Mikel’s position of connecting DM to AM, meaning the expert in transition play. However, Etebo never release the ball early. Gone are those days when teams use that traditional no 10 role. Etebo must also overcome that and play quick to players even when the offensive player seem to be in a tight spot. Etebo should look at Luka modric playing for madrid and pattern his game after him.

      4.) Attacking Midfield; Attacking midfield is not #10. it is the “3” in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The match against Burundi was the only time I saw a good attacking midfielder in Chukwueze. Thats how a modern winger inverts his game to play like a 10 or a 11 as you may know. Messi started out like that, Mahrez plays like that, Silva plays like that, Robben plays like that and Ozil started that way. Our wingers must understand that they need to invert their game sometimes to drop in the midfield and centre of the box and allow our #9 go wide so to create space for everyone else. This will allow our full backs push forward for those crosses into the box. Simon, Kalu and even Henry play too wide attimes when they play for Nigeria. Ighalo must also invert his game and go wide attimes allowing wingers comein, this will improve transition play.

      5.) Full backs; Finally, this is a missing piece in the puzzle for nigeria. Our full backs do not know how to cross deadly crosses. the only full back that cross well in Africa is Serge Aurier but his defensive thinking is poor. The only time Aina came forward against Burundi, a deadly pass was given to Ighalo. When ever full backs come forward, it gives the wingers a chance to join the attack and invert their game. Then the full backs must learn to give the perfect cross and balls into the box. Remember Nig-Zambia world cup qualifier when Shehu pulled back that cross to Iwobi. Exactly what a full back must do

      In conclusion, Rohr is rewarding loyalty and training well over performance. This I do not agree with, some players give their all in a match and they never train well. This season, Etebo’s coach accussed Etebo of not training well, but later admitted he is just a guy that gives all in actual game play. Yes footballers must train well in to prevent injuries but remember, this is the national team. They expect that you pick them based on what they ve been doing in Europe for their clubs where they play all season. Ighalo with all due respect to him, must always be staring from the bench. I do not feel Iheanacho should be dropped against popular back drop. Iheanacho has good technique and match doggedness sometimes. If there is a player that can start a comeback it is him. Onuachu will not score a goal in this AFCON, he is not the kind of attacker that is fitted to the africa’s game. Yes in any other team he will score, but there have been no service from the full backs, how will he score. Iheanacho has match doggedness and has played in more bigger games and scored, he is not scared anymore. Why the hell was shehu selected for AFCON, the only reason is quota. To please the North because Shehu gets injured and and missed training due to fasting. His value is different. He plays in Turkey and didnt even play much games this year I believe. Semi Ajayi will add aerial threat alongside Ndidi in those time when you need it most.

      No one is reading this anyway and I hope the SE comes good against Ghana and then Egypt