Rohr: Losing To Madagascar Not Shameful; Eagles Can Still Win AFCON 2019

Rohr: Losing To Madagascar Not Shameful;  Eagles Can Still Win AFCON 2019

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr believes his side can still win a fourth Africa Cup of Nations title despite their shocking 2-0 loss to the Barea of Madagascar in their last Group B match at the Alexandria Stadium on Sunday, reports

The West Africans who are already through to the Round of 16 after winning their opening two games against Burundi and Guinea, put up a shambolic display against the debutants.

It was the first time Madagascar recorded a win against Nigeria in five meetings.

Despite the setback, Rohr who made five changes to his starting lineup is adamant that the Super Eagles can still conquer the rest of the continent.

“I’m still confident that we can win the competition because we have our injured players back. Ighalo and Musa completed 90 minutes which should help our rhythm in attack. Also, our left-back Collins is back, so we have a fit again squad,” Rohr stated during his postmatch interaction with the media.

Rohr also defends his selection for the game despite that some of the newcomers failed to make good impact in the game.

“It’s normal to change the team when one has already qualified. I wanted to rest the team and give others the opportunity to play. It is not a shame to lose against them because they were the first to qualify for this competition in October last year,” Rohr said.

The German tactician admits that Madagascar performed better than the Super Eagles in the game.

“Madagascar were the better team, but the first goal was a wonderful gift to them. I wanted to see other players which was why I made five changes, and that was perhaps why we were dominated by Madagascar. We have to work hard for the next match because that is more important.

“We misplaced simple passes and were poor perhaps because subconsciously we already were thinking about the next round. We have to do better in our next game.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Xhuxhu 6 months ago

    Oh my God! What is this man on? It is like Germany losing to Moldova and their coach comes out to spit not shameful?
    Rohr was our undoing at the at the AFCON, he wants to consolidate on his awful coaching.Shame..big Shame!

    • Omaskels 6 months ago

      I feel sad hearing him say dis nonsense..”not shameful”.and to believe he is happy with wat ighalo n Musa played today shows he is clueless..u are resting players..wat happen to Onyekuru, Osimhen n co..? Dnt dey deserve to be tasted also ? Rohr,pls be warned.!

      • Abbey 5 months ago

        Rohr will continue to add more pains to our injury, the best thing is to fire him ASAP. His not a good tactical coach… Enough is Enough

    • Ndụbuisi Emmanuel 6 months ago

      U don’t blame the coach rather put ur blame on the players that showcase a shambolic display. Besides we have already qualified to the next round.

      • Abbey 5 months ago

        The coach is the one to blame, because he doesn’t know how and where to put the players

    • Abbey 5 months ago

      God bless u bro… I dont know for how long Mr Rohr want to build us a formidable team… This is what he has being saying b4 last year World cup and we are yet to have a good first 11 players that can represent Nigeria Super Eagles in a big tournaments…. Enough of this German experiments…

  • there is no team in this year Afcon that is not better than Nigeria team, and downfall of Super Eagles begins when they hope and depend on lucky games so far crossing to round of 16 is the biggest disgrace super Eagles will bring to Nigeria as a team with this thing they called Balogun and Ekong, can anyone pls explain the reason Balogun pass every ball rolls to his foot back to our keeper or anyone at our back,then they meet teams like Black Stars of Ghana and Egypt they will or die on the pitch shameless Eagles

    • Omaskels 6 months ago

      Wat do u expect frm a player who sits on d bench for Brighton n Hove Albion for almost a season..he shouldn’t be in dat AFCON team in d first one will question d coach selection..

    • Barney 5 months ago

      mind your language. how can you refer to people as “thing” that’s insulting. i hope when eventually they, SE, lift the trophy you’ll apologize to the coach and the players

      • Abbey 5 months ago

        Lift what? With our clueless coach? Pls bro, put your mind somewhere else.

  • The worst eagles attack I have seen in a decade! setpiece zero, shooting zero, creativity zero, I wonder how you will win afcon if all these are not sorted with the few days.

  • So this loser of a coach can say his team can win the tournament!!! Wonder shall never end. When the horse has bolted, where is your humility Mr loser? When you already destroy the psychi of your team. Good morning.

    • Abbey 5 months ago

      Pls can anyone tell me why Super Eagles of Nigeria Coach Gernort Rohr went to Nations cup with four good strikers without trying the other two strikers (Onyekuru & Osimehin) when he had the chance to do so? But he decide to stick to Ighalo…. Gernort Rohr is not a good tactical coach, I hope NFF will realise this and kick him out before he add more pain to our injury. Am not a fan of any football club, I only support Nigeria National Football Teams, it is a very painful thing to see my dearest Super Eagles losing to Madagascar football National team… I just can’t figure it out.

  • Ololo 6 months ago

    I think we should accept defeat.. Madagascar seem to be more than what we think they are.. I won’t be surprised seeing them in the semi final.
    My concern is Mr rohn learn from this mistake playing Mikel as attacking midfielder for a second time after flopping against Burundi wasn’t necessary etebo would have done better as an attacking midfielder. Mikel could still be useful for the team but attacking midfield no..
    After this afcon we need new players for that attackin midfield..
    With Collins coming back I see the team doing better

  • K Baba 6 months ago

    when we meet ghana/ benin, baba go yan the same. Our players were nervous, our team had half the players injured, someone is still coming back from injury. honestly, it is obvious that we don’t have a world class team as we need to earn to break the opponent down. we need to be able to score goals especially after conceding.

    it is obvious that without NDIDI, this team is inept in the midfield. It used to be Mikel previously, but i believe Mikel doesn’t have the legs that he used to. There is no way he can Bench Etebo or Ndidi in a serious game. He should be played in the DM position if he is to play future games before he becomes a liability to the team which will be sad looking at what he has contributed to SE throughout his Career. Hos case reminds me of Joseph Yobo at the AFCON 2013 where he was Captain but wasn’t the strongest in his position. We need to start scouting Attacking midfielders especially very creative players with vision. It seems Iwobi is the only CAM we have at the moment and that is not even his regular position at arsenal.

    I would need to say that not seeing Onyekuru so far in the tourney is disturbing as he would have been a good sub once we went one goal down. He should have replaced Musa or even started. Kalu was disappointing today as he should have taken his players on towards goal and not cutting inside and playing throug the middle. I beieve Musa and Ighalo are very predictable. We need very creative players in that Attacking position. Which brings the question?Does Musa deserve to start in the next game or for the good of the team should he be benched?

    should Ighalo still be a starter? And who else can we count on for Goals? It won’t be easy for Osimehn and Onyekuru to come in in the next game being their first appearance in the Tourney. Will they be Match fit, or will they be overwhelmed by the occasion? That is even if they start

    Another question will be that Was Semi Ajayi’s exclusion a mistake Rohr will live to regret in this tournament especially with the full back wahala.

    Let us be honest, Mikel and John Ogu are very slow and may need to be dropped in future games for faster, more energetic and modern CM’s. Let us be honest, if we play against better oppositions, with them in midfield, that will be a disaster. Also, what happens if Ndidi or Etebo gets injured which I pray will not happen. But looking at the rough and heartless challenges in this tourney, one may need to put that in the equation.

    After all being said, I think Chukwueze might actually be our best winger based on his performance in the first game. he needs to start vs Ghana/ Benin if we are to stand a chance to proceed to the last 8. Also, if Collins is fully fit, he needs to start and Aina be moved to RB as that will balance the team. Aina must be tired as he has played every minute but we have no choice than to start him.

    All is not lost, but Is our team really as good as we think? Food for thought…

    Eye Adaba

    • Barney 5 months ago

      Nigerians are insatiable. in the first game Musa and Ighalo were on reserve bench, we cried foul shouting crucify Rohr! but the youthful team won. in the third match the duo started and we lost again now we’re shouting crucify them. na waah

  • Rohr just doesn’t have it.His tactics are crude and player selection faulty. He went to the tournament with just four central midfielders and also where two(Mikel and Ogu) have proven they are not up for it.

    What happens if either or both of Ndidi and Etebo get(s) injured or suspended? Does Rohr intentionally cook recipe for disaster?

    • U know what they say about the downfall of a man right? In the game of football shit like this happens, but the fact remains we dont have a prolific striker. Believe it or not, eagles will surely bounce back in subsequent game(s). Though the wings were clipped, but will surely hike. SOUR EAGLES, UP 9JA!!!! 9JA 4 LIFE….

  • Greenturf 6 months ago

    Rohr was right.Upset happens in football Nigeria is not the first to experience it and won’t be the last.It’s just the beauty of the game.
    Hopefully,things would turn around for the better.Sometimes you need this experience to improve some teams that have 100% success in the group stages would experience their misfortunes in the early playoffs I think we had ours when we have another opportunity to make amends which is good.
    I Hope we do learn and improve in our subsequent encounters.
    Meanwhile,it’s not over yet,how we respond to this sad experience depends on the players who are the maim actors on the pitch and the coach who leads this wonderful group.

  • Ololo 6 months ago

    Taking second in the group might be a blessing in disguise.. Madagascar is likely playing the third from group d which is looking like civ or South Africa.. I’m always scared of those two nations especially playing them in round of 16..
    While I doubt if we would play Ghana or Benin.. For me I think second in group f would be Cameroon.. Group f stands like this Cameroon on 4 points Ghana 2, Benin 2, gunieu bu 2.. Ghana plays geunie bu which Ghana should win to take 5 points, Cameroon plays Benin which I see as a draw final group standing Ghana 5 points Cameroon 5 points Benin 3… Nigeria vs Cameroon my prediction

    • master 5 months ago

      you are choosing what you want? so u think Ghana cant darwa against Bissau? did u expect Bennin to drawa ghana? did you expect super chickens to be beaten convincingly by Madagascar? its more likley that u willl face Ghana, both teams believe in Juju and i dont know how this will end

  • Xxxxxxplay 6 months ago

    This  match was sold  period

  • i said shut up rohr or what ever you re called… u still speak of confidence? u that have no confidence even if u play against falconet… put or push won this game because of the confidence and morale he impact on the players through boasting… rohr lost this game because of the fearful and dullness he impacted on his players through modest and trash talks like my boys re too young.

  • Sunnyb 6 months ago

    Guys do we go back to our 4 4 2 ?

  • mutum 6 months ago

    ighalo no sabi anything joor,just d fall and the rise and raise hand like dick.Mikel don turn papa, make him d chop bench. john ogu and Leon calamity balogun have no biz in Egypt. Mr rohr unleash chulwuezw, onyekuru ,osimehin for us na.haba? omo if we reach last 8 we try, rohr no sabi anything. 18 miller per month? ah! and playing ogu and etebo against a Madagascar team? shame!

  • Yes it’s shameful. The man is always conservative. A draw would have been enough to win the group and that’s why he started 3 defensive midfielders. Giving others a chance to play is the most stupid and lame excuse. What happened to letting the regulars get used to playing together and develop a good understanding ala Egypt played Salah and they too had qualified. These players rarely get to play together this was a chance to make sure they keep growing together, he blew it. I believe this coach has taken us as high as be can. After the tournament, time to move on.
    Also, Mikel has served his country, time to leave him alone. Moreover, he is a defensive midfielder never an attacking midfielder. Finally, this coach is scared of taking a risk. After that loss in Nigeria against south Africa work largely younger players, be finds it extremely hard to make changes unless the new player is an instant hit.
    Give Chukwueze, Paul, Onyekuru etc a chance

  • ib general 6 months ago

    guys we stop all this an pray I believe in this team flash back in 1994 world cup the team we beat 4 zero Finnish the tournament as third now in 2013 afcon we as runners up in our group but Finnish as winners

  • Knowing Gernot Rohr do you think he will be man enough to drop Musa and Ighalo and even Samuel Kalu for that matter??. the answer my friend is a resounding NO!! trust to see Moses SImon be the only new player introduced in the next game and that is for Samuel Kalu. Onyekuru was just brought here to warm the Bench such a shame what a wasted talent and to think he actually needed this Afcon to help his work permit chances which was another added reason he would have tried to out do himself rather Gernort Rohr wastes him on the Bench and starts Musa all the time. it is Sad very Sad we have a coach like this that is as Clueless as a headless Chicken.

    If I was Victor Osimhen and Henry Onyekuru I would have walked out of camp it must be sad Knowing that you are better than players that are starting ahead off you. Samuel Chukwueze included. They should boycott and leave that team immediately this coach is hell bent on ruining their careers

    • Chinenye 6 months ago

      Are Misa and Ighlo too big to be dropped? If Mikel can be dropped, anybody in that team can as well be dropped. Meanwhile Musa and Ighalo were dropped for the first game.

    • I agree hundred 100%, Rohr is not tactically sound..the man is not a good coach atal.. How can you have such a massive talent in onyekuru and you let him waste on the bench, I am very worried onyekuru would begin to decline accepting national callups, this is beginning to look like the uche agbo situation, rohr invited that guy for every match we had between 2016 and 18 and yet he never gave him any match time not even for friendly matches and where is uche agbo now??? Onyekuru is too big of talent to waste like this.. Onyekuru should be playing ahead of kalu and moses simon.

    • Pompei 6 months ago

      Ugo Iwunze, shut up your smelling mouth there! Are you so stupid and senseless? A piece of rock has a higher IQ than you, you halfwit dullard! What a senseless, stupid, idiotic, moronic cretin! I say shut up your mouth there if you have nothing reasonable to say! Blockhead ignoramus like you! Is it not you that descended on somebody here not too long ago who suggested that Mikel should only play as a DM, not as an AM, because he is too slow? Now, Rohr does what you asked for, and you still descend on him with your foolish stupidity. Onyekuru is good. Yes. But do you know why he is being benched? Are you there in camp to know what the deal is? If they start Onyekuru now, and he messes up, it is you again that will come out with your MACHINE GUN MOUTH and be spewing rotten rubbish! Please shut your pie hole and get lost! Foolish, dimwitted simpleton!

      • Steve 6 months ago

        You are very stupid to insult your fellow man like that, moronic fool!!…the guy is on point , Rohr has nothing more to give , bereaved of any idea !!

        • Pompei 5 months ago

          Steve, you are the moronic fool for judging a matter you know nothing about! Ugo Iwunze has a reputation on this forum. He can’t make an argument without insulting people. He started the insults between me and him yesterday, and I am determined to give it to him hot, so that next time, he will think twice about putting his stinking pie hole in my matter. Anytime I make a comment, he will be pursuing me like a horny He goat! Raining insults on me! Yesterday, he called me a motherfucker! Just because I have a different football opinion! So, I have to teach this sorry excuse of a human being a lesson! Steve, don’t be stupid next time. Ask questions before you jump to conclusion. Fool!

      • @Pompei You keep looking for my time, I told you I Will not waste my time on you. Enemy of Progress a supporter of Gernot Rohr does not deserve my time. Animal, I also remember telling you when time is right we will impeach you and your Master Rohr for flogging and then throw both of you in Yaba mental institution demented bastard wey no get sense, olodo

        • Pompei 5 months ago

          Ugo Iwunze, uncultured, imbecilic, uncivilized fool! Enemy of progress in disguise! You want to kill Rohr because he lost a dead rubber? What have you achieved in your miserable life? Stupid fool who judges others harshly, but has nothing to offer in his own life. How I wish Rohr will win this cup, so that you and your ENEMY OF PROGRESS associates will be humiliated and silenced for good!

  • Oakfield 6 months ago

    Lol…in as much as I feel bad about this result, I strongly believe it’s an eye opener for rohr and his team. Good a thing our weaknesses got exposed today, it would’ve been bad if it were in the round of 16. Everything works for good my dear people, make una no vex.e fit be say God just made us to avoid a particular team that would’ve distorted our BM plans to play in the finals and probably win the cup. Shit happens I believe. No b d same balogun we were hailing the other day has now become the culprit of our loss today? Such is life. We only have to build on this loss, learn our lessons,make amends and move on.

  • Tunexy4u 6 months ago

    I think Mr Rohr got his tactics wrong today and there is need for him to take responsibility for the dismal performance of the team.
    I believe we can still beat our next opponent but the question is must we continue to use Ighalo as number 9 even if he is not delivering?
    Mikel is too old to play number 10 for us and the coach continues to use him in that position. Must the substitute always be Moses Simon while other good players like Henry Onyekuru and Osimen are on the bench? It is glaring that our attack lacks the threat we need to go far and we need mad dog strikers who are more dangerous.
    I want us to know that it is reasonable to reserve some players because we have already qualified for the next round but it is shameful for other players to let us than when we needed them to deliver.
    I still believe in this team and if the coach can just do the needful and not adamant on using some players alone at the expense of other good players on the bench. We will go far if we change our tactics,
    Chukwueze should always start the game with Ndidi, Etebo, Iwobi and Omeruo at the back.

  • Omo9ja 6 months ago

    At first, I give Glory to God almighty.

    This result wasn’t a surprised to me because I saw it coming before now and I have warned Nigerians. You are on your own now.

    However, for this statement alone Oga Rohr should be hired. Did he just say “Losing To Madagascar Not Shameful”

    Its shows now that the coach doesn’t know much about Super Eagles history. This means Oga doesn’t know the standard and level of our Super Eagles team in African football.

    It is a big shame to Nigeria football fans around the globe as I speak now.

    Point no 1, it is about winning the tournament.

    Point no 2, it is all about having a solid, strong and indomitable team. A team that can play against any team in Africa and outside the continent and win convincingly with the great display.

    Like I said before, put the blame on NFF. Oga Rohr have tried and he can’t to more than his capacity.

    Coach Rohr should quit his job after this tournament. Winning or losing the tournament is not the issue but the team is not strong enough tactically and morally.

    I discovered that Nigerians haven’t learned their lessons enough since last year world cup in Russia.

    They still believed that coach Rohr still have something to proved to them.

    The coach and his players should be ashamed of themselves because seeing Super Eagles loosing against Madagascar should be questionable. Very shameful.

    We have an image to protect as I said before now but today, coach Rohr, NFF and coach Rohr’s fans have tarnished Nigeria Image. So sad.

    I used simple arithmetic 1+1 for coach Rohr and his disciples, they said my own too much.

    I used Iroko tree for example and still, you guys including coach Rohr ignored my words.

    However, this is the end of cabals on this forum. I said it before that they would ran away which they did today. Many of you guys will change their names.

    I’m not happy about the situation because the coach letting my Country down.

    NFF should try this out after the tournament in Egypt. New coach should come on board. We have to go back to our own.

    NFF have to treat our indigenous coaches like coach Rohr.

    NFF have to respect our indigenous coaches like coach Rohr.

    NFF have to give them free hands.

    NFF have to call the service of coach
    Coach Amunike
    Oach Obur
    Peter Rufai if they wants the best for Nigeria. Their Services should be considered before it is too late.

    Coach Amunike head coach
    Coach Obuh assistant coach.
    Kanu, adviser to the three coaches.
    Peter Rufai goalkeeper trainer.

    These are the best coaches NFF can give to Nigeria.

    This may sound somehow to those who doesn’t like their fatherland but this will makes sense to the 1% patriotic Nigerians who believes NFF have no choice but to considered this move.

    If NFF refused to make this changes, Super Eagles will be disgraced from now to the next world cup if will qualify under coach Rohr.

    So therefore, I’m talking to those who can think so well to comprehends me.

    Keep the excuses coming as usual but ask yourself, do you love your Country? If yes, we should go for our own local coaches with the good treatments of their well being. A word is enough for the wise. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Peterside Udah 6 months ago

      I stand in awe of you. Lead and I will follow, oh wise one.
      Dr Drey and Ayphilly will soon see their nefarious ways catch up with them.

  • Paschal 6 months ago

    I still can’t understand why kelechi is not here .can anybody explain to me what we are doing with our free kicks. I still remember kelechi’s freekick vs Argentina

  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 6 months ago

    If we defeat Cameron in the round of 16,then Egypt will be nxt in the quarter finals. If we had defeated Madagascar today,we would have avoided Egypt in the quarter finals.

  • Chairmanfemi 6 months ago


    This Dark green Jersey has always brought bad luck, I mean Huge bad luck whenever Nigerian National team wears it. Unlike the Flashy jersey that brings us good luck and good game. Nigeria should avoid this jersey or better still the NFF should create another Away jersey. Here are my proofs.

    Nigeria 0-2 Serbia(Friendly)
    Argentina 2-1 Nigeria(World cup with this jersey)
    Nigeria 0-1 Senegal(Friendly prior to AFCON)
    Madagascar 2-0 Nigeria
    Nigeria Women 0-3 Germany Women(Eliminated)
    U-20 Nigeria 0-2 Senegal U-20(Eliminated)
    U-17 Eaglet eliminated by Guinea with this same jersey at U-17 AFCON

    Note any match we mistakenly win with this jersey, our display will be sooo abysmal. Lucky/Nervy/Unconvincing win like:
    Nigeria 1-0 Egypt(Poor play all through)
    Nigeria 1-0 POLAND(Lucky win)

    In as much as I believe if you work hard, good results will surely be the outcome. Let us not be oblivious of this EVIL JERSEY. Only God knows how many times the other Flashy jersey has brought smiles on Nigeria football lovers faces than this BAD JINX JERSEY!!

    • @Chairmanfemi, God bless you. Just before the match started and I saw this dark green jersey, I told a friend who came over to watch the match with me that we may not win this match. He laughed and said is it not small Madagascar? Well, he had a point, so I remained cautiously optimistic.

      I know it doesn’t sound logical, but mysteries and dark truths never do. I love to have a balanced perspective of things and I know success/triumph is never 100% hardwork.

      It’s just like names too. When God chooses to use anyone, the first thing He does is change the person’s name or instruct the parents the name to give to a child. It’s a mystery. That is why the ‘Squirrels’ of Benin can never win Afcon until they change name. That is why the Super Eagles massively improved after a name change from the Green Eagles. That is why the ‘Indomitable Lions’ are always difficult to beat. That is why the Super Falcons can never be as formidable as the Super Eagles.

      If Pinnick and Akinwunmi knows what is good for them, they should make sure Nigeria sticks with the light green with feathery patterns on white shorts jersey. Enough said.

      • @Chairmanfemi, @Kel

        This dark green jersey really gives me the creeps. When the SE march out of the dressing room, I intuitively know that disaster is waiting to happen. Many ‘rational’ people will dismiss this as an unfounded ghost story, but it carries a lot of substance. NFF must get rid of that evil jersey ASAP. Or be ready for merciless drubbing each time players put it on.

  • Timothy Adedeji 6 months ago

    Rohr is laughing, while many Nigerians are crying, having sleepless nights. some landed in hospital after health crash due to the shameful display by his so called big boys. can mfm play to disgrace its fans that way or even the team from lagos that defeated big boys in the aiteo cup. here is my own suggestions for Rohr. let nff set target for him as they do set for our home borne coach. he should not return to Nigeria if they dont play at the semifinals. poor poor poor crawling hawk.

  • Destiny 6 months ago

    Mad gernot rohr with he ugly squizzed face and he empty head,loosing to Madagascar is not a shame godpunish you there I
    we blame you “LOOSING TO MADAGASCAR IS NOT A SHAME” You are supposed to even be sacked for this speech alone

    This madman we call our coach lost 2-0 to Madagascar, Madagascar who has never won Nigeria in a football match in history before he was employed, Madagascar as now beaten nigeria 2 nil, he has now end Nigeria’s undefeated record against Madagascar just as he ended Nigeria historic undefeated record against south Africa in competitive matches in uyo in 2017,

    under this madcoach nigeria loose 2-0 to Madagascar a low grade team who are ranked 123 in FIFA rankings and are debuting in the afcon for the first time,super eagle’s did not only loose woefully but were playing like secondary school student playing in a big field,Nigeria had just a shot on target against Madagascar, a country like Nigeria and its pedigree did not only loose 2-0 to Madagascar but had just a shot on target against the very low ranked team is it not a shame,it was as if Nigeria was Madagascar and Madagascar was Nigeria cause Madagascar was teaching Nigeria how to play football in this match
    And this is a team that is being coached by one madman called gernot rohr for 3 years now there is no improvement since in the world cup and after that they are just getting worst,

    Ok see now musa and ighalo started against Guinea in the last match can someone ans this madman called rohr why did he not start Henry onyekuru,
    ever since the afcon is going on Henry hasn’t got a taste of action and the boy is a super talent,today match against Madagascar was a chance to start henry but this madman based on say he is a empty head coach he started musa and ighalo both who had started the previous match,OK can someone help me ans this madcoach why his he now and always benching henry and the boy is a super talent,

    you took 9 forwards to tournament and yet you have scored only 2 goals with both goals coming by luck,you’ve been coaching a team for 3 years and yet they look like secondary school student playing in a big field,they are clueless, lack creativity,lack connectivity and are going backward instead of forward,well to conclude gernot rohr I wish you can see this my comment cause I really want you to see it, GERNOT ROHR YOU ARE A MADMAN,A TOTAL FAILURE, A EMPTY HEAD COACH, A FOREIGN REJECTED AND THE WORSTEST FOREIGN COACH I’VE EVER SEEN,am just laughing at those people who are siding and backing you up thinking you have something to offer cause you have nothing to offer and we are already seeing your best as it stands your best is rubbish and it would be best to sack you earlier if not you will finish the super eagle’s with shame and disgrace

    i know some fools that have empty head will say Nigeria has already qualified and the match means nothing but I would tell them that it is a big shame Nigeria was beaten by Madagascar something that has never happened before to Nigeria in history,

    as for those people siding rohr please I beg you open your eyes and see the truth cause the truth is there for you to see the man knows nothing but after all I still wish Nigeria win afcon 2019

    • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

      You are the fool you call yourself. Stupid asshole is it a relevant match? we’ve already qualified. Make your point without been stupid calling others all sort of names that’s why you will always get the return idiot bloody ethnic bigots. You can go to Egypt and sack the coach he has nothing to offer but he qualified for the AFCON after two consecutive failures but you can crawl out of a rat hole to come here and spew rubbish. Are you not the one asking the coach to always make changes?? Now you’re here talking no nonsense. You bigots are always the ones that have players who are better than Ronaldo and Messi. Bloody jingoists agents looking to sell players. Don’t worry SuperEagles will disgrace you. Whatever happens we stand by the coach till the end. 

  • It makes no sense to let a massive talent in the person of Onyekwuru waste on the bench. I’m just imagining what goes on in Rohr’s head when he makes these distorted decisions. Does he mean good for Nigeria?

  • Daniel 6 months ago

    how on earth is this coach still coach nigerian’s team

  • Tartan 6 months ago

    This Vulture called Rohr should resign after this AFCON,,,,,,,,,,Even if he wins it……….. which I doubt!

  • Alamin 6 months ago

    though it is very painful to lose to Madagascar, but we all know anything can happen in football and on a serious note the players didn’t play well at all Musa and Ighalo wasn’t themselves since d Guinea match. it is still confusing me why Henry and osimhen hasn’t played but I believed they would have played if not for the first half lost which change the substitution. this loss is like a blessing in disguise and it has tell the super eagles that they need to step up their play and be serious cos no team is a fluke(cos we didnt take that match serious maybe bcos we’v qualified)but let hope they will do better in the upcoming match.
    Most of the fans here are like chameleon cos they are saying (b4 d match) that our second eleven is enough to beat them and d coach follow yr advice except for not featuring Henry and Osimhen so now we lost and most fans started changing mouth. the 1st match ighalo was introduced and score u all hail him and balogun in the last match, what a shame. we lost let accept and move on am not saying we shouldn’t blame them for their un seriousnes but many of u is going too farfetched. ire o

    • @Alamin What are you talking about BROS????

      What Second Eleven are you reffereing to okay did he tacdticlly use the best player?? did he use Game Changers???,

      ]Okay Look at Egypt Trezeguet how he is performing do you know he Plays in Turkey??????????????. Do you know that Henry Onyekuru is better than him in Turkey?? Did you know that Henry Onyekuru Plays for the Champions of
      Turkey?? and was their Outstanding player???. So after you answer all the above questions. then tell me .

      Why is Samuel Kalu a player that hasn’t kicked a ball since January starting ahead of One of if not the best player in Turkish Super Liga? A Player (Onyekuru) Who needs this AFCON cup to secure Work Permit for England and would have did extra well to showcase his talents.

      Alsi why is Musa still starting ahead of Chukwueze when it was very clear that Musa performs better coming off the bench.

      Yes bar the fact that he was injured why has Victor Osimhen not kicked a ball in Afcon niether Onyekuru.

      You say the Coach used his second Eleven bros you are very Wrong because, the coach used the wrong tactics and Should have started with Chukwueze and Onyekuru on either wings and Maybe Ighalo. Ighalo is a goal poacher and Needs Blistering quick players who can cross to feed the ball to him and because He didn’t have Skillful enough Wingers in that game with the X factor like Onyekuru and Chukwueze would have been he was left having to carry the ball from much further up the field (Kalu is not match fit neither is he better than Onyekuru and Musa simply is not it!!!) something we know is not really his strength


  • Which one is Rohr Rohr na. Why should our defenders be passing backwards instead of passing forward. This is common sense. Am a female fan but common sense told me yesterday that there was no reason why Ogu should have passed that ball backwards.People clamoured for Ogu and he introduced him, clamored for Kalu and he did, clamored for iheanacho’s exclusion and he did. So what else

  • Glory 6 months ago

    God bless Rohr. The only mistake Rohr is making is listening to every dick n Harry who to me, are sitting in d toilet coaches. They pressured him into getting Mikel in the team,he did,they pressured him into changing players, he did yesterday n saddly backfired gravely, they pressured him to invite Onuachu, because he scored 17 goals not caring about the quality of goals he did n mind you most of the Madagascar attacker weren’t that prolific for their clubs. There is a quality for national team n also another quality for clubsides. Some players have both while some only got one of them. Owobukiri Richard n Akpoborire are good example.Rohr is not d problem but selfish fans/ agents/ media men are d problem. Every coach that will come coach our national teams will definitely suffer this attack. Rohr has to realise this n just stick to his guns whether for good or for bad while he remains very honest with all his decisions regarding producing a quality SE performance. I personally might not agree with some of Rohr’s decisions ,but he is d manager n I just HV to respect n support him till d very last. If his decisions produces a great result, fare play/ kudos to him but if it fails then he bears d brunt. Rohr should start to ignore all this sick, selfish, arms chair critics who I would expect to prove their abilities as good coaches by taking up jobs as coaches or even grooming talents.ONE THING I HV COME TO LEARN IN LIFE IS PEOPLE THAT ACHIEVE THINGS TALK/ CRITICIZE LESS. They are doers n very less talkers.

    • @Glory SO why has Onyekuru or Osimhen not been tested, Why has Chukwueze not been used properly since Burundi????, Why is Samuel Kalu who hasn’t played club football been used instead of Onyekuru who won Turkish league Galatasaray and was thier standout performer. Also Why is Moses Simon who doesn’t perform as well as Samuel Chukwueze in La Liga preferred to Smauel Chukwueze and was the choice to come in for Kalu instead of Chukwueze or Onyekuru. Why did Musa play the entire 90mins even though it was clear he was ineffective. Why did Ighalo finish the Who 90mins even though he was Rubbish and we had Game Changers on the Bench.

      I think these are the question s you and your coach Rohr need to answer and save us more embarrassing moments like this

      • Glory 6 months ago

        I m on that page with you @Ugo but he is d manager n this is definitely not d time to call him names or openly question Rohr’s decisions because doing that won’t really change anything. We only wait to see how well it goes n till d end whilst supportting him n d team, because it’s Nigeria n not him. Imagine someone still talking about Iheanacho. How will that help d team at this moment? if not for his selfish reasons. I for one never supported Mikel being invited,not because of lack of ability but because of something that has to do with chemistry/Atmosphere for a team to do well but anyway the coach bowed to pressure n invited him. Should I then continue to crucify him for doing that, now, when the competition has started. No, I don’t think that is wise n productive, for it’s already too late. So what should I do, continue to support Mikel n the team till d end. But if the team eventually fails which I pray should not happen n to be honest can’t see happening irrespective of any team will meet, be it Ghana, Egypt,Senegal , Cameron etc,then Rohr will definitely receive some sticks.

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Lolz….they said Iwobi is not a 10 and should be played wide left…after our 1st game, they said he shouldn’t play wide left but 10 instead of Mikel…fast forward to Guinea…they complained why mikel was not subbed on for iwobi in the no 10 position…only to again complain why mikel was even recalled to the team in the 1st instance. Sam chukwueze that they claimed can play as a 10 replaced iwobi in that position against guinea and the midfield virtually collapsed. Lolz. Talk about touch screen coaches. LMAO

      • @Dr Drey at @Glory it is now clear that people like you two have an agenda to sabotage Nigeria as a footballing Nation I would urge all Forum mates who have the best intentions for Seeing Nigeria Succeed not to engage with these 2 again and any other like them. THEY CANNOT EVEN ANSWER VALID QUESTIONS POSED TO THEM INSTEAD THEY CHANGE THE TOPIC AND START TALKING RUBBISH!!.

        They are here to bring DISGRACE and, bad propaganda to Super Eagles and Promote mediocrity making it look like the Nigerian fans are happy with the coach’s Failures even though the Majority who love Super Eagles feel the team is under performing due to poor tactics and Team Selections .

        Also CSN if you have the best intentions for Super Eagles please banned the following nemaes immediately with out haste @Pompei, @ Oakfield, @Dr Drey and @Glory. Thank you in advance


        • Glory 6 months ago

          @ugo pls easy. Don’t get too personal on these things. Trust me SE will prove doubters wrong. I would HV bn scared had we won yesterday, bcos complacency was already creeping into d team after winning first two games. I saw that with Akpeyi n some few other players in that guinea game. Losing yesterday is a good sign trust me.

          • Bros No Wahala it is pure Patriotism at the end of the day we are all Nigerians and Support this team and what the team to do well. All I am saying is we need to call the coach attention to his wrongs and not make him think he is doing right when he is clealry not.His Over reliance on Musa, Moses Simon and Ighalo in attack is killing our game and at the same time the careers of more talented players than them.

            Lets not forget the Afcon is a shopping ground for Talent and by the coach not giving our promising youth I.e Victor Osimhen, Henry Onyekuru and Samuel Chukwueze the chance to showcase themselves he is inadvertently killing their career.

            Lets not forget what the Late stephen Keshi( God rest his soul) decisions did to players like Ezikiel Imoh. at a time when tottenham Hotspurs where hot on his heals and needed him to get to World Cup 2014 to get enough International Caps so they can sign him instead Keshi too Michael Babatunde and Left Ezekiel Imoh look what happened. Tottenham couldn’t sign him and he went to Saudi Arabia for Money. Imoh’s career declined and where is Michael Babatunde today after World Cup 2014 exposure he got at the expense for more talented players No where.

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Hahahahaha…see them…see those who always pray for the SE to lose. You are the biggest disgrace to your kindred. See you dancing naked in the public square since last night, because we lost a match that has neither hurt our passage into the next round, nor our chances to attain our aim in this AFCON. 23 players were taken to this AFCON but you have been particular about 2 players since the begining of this year as if they will be the only ones on the pitch.
          That’s how you know people with vested interests. If you do not see the loss beyond being just a blip in form for the team, or as a result of complacency, they I put it to you that you are the real saboteur of this nation.
          You have had your wish…we lost…but unfortunately for you and your cohorts whom Rohr has rendered hungry for years, we live to fight another day. Take heart and watch Rohr shut your gut with a response as he always does…LMAO

          • @Dr Drey that is my hope I wish he proves me Wrong. God Knows I do. But I am sorry to say if he starts Musa Ighalo and Moses Simon next game, Bringing Samuel Kalu on for Simon again, Which I have no doubt in my mind he will because now he has no choice because these are the players he has groomed from group stages and have giving the game time to then, my brother we are finished.
            Because I do not see any of these players breaking Ghana or Cameroon down. It is sad. But Like i said I wish he proves me wrong. And i will be the first to admit I was wrong.

            But Bros watching Musa so far the man has nothing left to offer. Igahlo needs players like Onyekuru and Chukwueze young, fast, Hungry and skillful whom can get behind defenders and feed him the ball in the box or 18 area to poach and score.

            Musa and Simon can not offer anything upfront from I have seen so far. In saying that I always knew and Know that Onyekuru, Chukwueze and Osimhen are more talented than Ighalo, Musa, Kalu and Simon.

            Midfield is Fine Iwobi on CAM, Ndidi and Etebo defence is fin e with Omeruo coming back its our attack thats the prob lem hence no goals But the stubborm Coach can not see that. and keeps relying on the same boring tired combination that has nothing to offer.

            Also did you know that the 3 players I keep mentioning and
            clamoring for are all better Free Kick tackers than Etebo??? well now you do. thats also another added benefit of their inclusion

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            Why are you in a hurry….you’ve always prayed for the coach to lose and get sacked….then wait for him to get sacked and then apply for the job and feature your 3 players who can alone face even Brazil. Shebi those 3 players will play goalie, defense and attack all alone. We will see how it happens.
            Musa, Ighalo and simon cannot break Cameroon, but the 3 of dem did break them home and away not too long ago.
            The 3 players you are mentioning are better freekick takers, pls can you tell us how many career goals they have scored from their free-kicks..? All three of them combined.
            When we tell some people to stop playing video games…they just wouldn’t listen.

          • So Because I know you are talking about World Qualifiers?? Right?. If I remember Clearly Musa was not heavily involved it that game it was Victor Moses and yes Moses Simon. But if you ask me that was the Only good game Moses simon had for SE. That game against Cameroon. Also Captain John Obi Mikel Was one of if not our Most influential players in that World Cup Qualifying series. I pose anther question to you. The John Obi Mikel from the World Cup 2018 Qualifying series is he the same you saw playing yesterday??. M

            Hence I said Musa, Ighalo, Moses Simon have nothing to offer now Onyekuru and Chukwueze will offer more. Musa has always been a flash in the pan 1 good game 4 bad games. Ighalo is past his best it seems. And as for Moses Simon He has just not lived up to expectations you get players like that. Henry Onyekuru for the past 2 seasons has been great.

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            “…that was the ONLY good game Moses Simon had for the SE….”
            Pls what about the return leg in yaounde…? What about the games against Algeria to mention but a few. Must you denigrate other because you want to launder your favorites…? Accepted, Mikel of the WCQ is not the same Mikel we have seen in Egypt, but was he not excellent against Zimbabwe…? If mikel and the rest have nothing to offer…what has Onuachu and chukweze offered in the 2 games they’ve featured in so far..?

            Agreed too, Onyekuru has been in sublime form since his days at Eupen, but always seemed to get injured when it matters most, as his injuries have denied him equal opportunities with his contemporaries in the team…but I ask it him alone that will play defense, midfield and attack all in one..?

            Put Osimhen, Henry and Samu in yesterday’s team, with same attitude, carelessness, laxity and overconfidence and you think they would have been banging in goals left, right and centre…?

            The grass is always greener on the otherside. If rohr hadnt played Onuachu and Chukweze in this tournament, i’m sure by now you would be placing bets on them to have score 3 goals each by this stage of the tournament.

            Deo wrote a harmless but beautiful piece of some unthinkable things that may happen to the SE at the AFCON….to you they were pure crap, but go back and read that write up today and see if not 50% of what he wrote has happened already.

            Instead of clamoring for 3 players why not clamour for the whole team to raise their game and give us their 120% rather than this laxity we are seeing in them all round….including your world best.

            Who was Emmanuel Ammuneke at the beginning of 1994 AFCON….a nobody..!
            Who was Julius Aghahowa at the beginning of 2000 afcon…a nobody..!
            Who was Osaze Odemwingie at the beginning of 2004 AFCON….a nobody
            Who was Sunday Mba at the beginning of 2013 AFCON….a nobody.

            They all didnt get to feature early in the respective tournaments but they ended up being on the lips of every Nigerian by the end of the tournament.

            So Calm down Mr. Football is like biscuit, you never know where it will crack.

        • Pompei 5 months ago

          Hahahahaha! Ugo Iwunze, before they ban all of us, they should start the process by banning you out of sight. Yes, you! You need to be banned first. Because you started all the insults. It got so bad that the rest of us, especially me, now feel the need is URGENT to give you a solid dose of your own medicine. I have insulted the hell out of you since yesterday. Are you enjoying yourself? There is a lot more insults coming for you. The only way to avoid my insults is if you change your ways! Or better still, avoid me in this forum like a plague! Then, and only then, will I leave you alone. But if you continue to insult or curse me, hehehehehe, I will give it back to you live and direct!!! FOOLISH BEYOND REPAIR.

      • Ndubuisi 6 months ago

        Hahahahgagagaga my brother I tire ooo that’s why I call them “AMAKEME”. I pity onyekuru and osimhen cos after all this hype if they fail to perform when they have their chance their name na SORRY. Just seat down and read comments. They will tell you onyekuru is not strong to withstand african big defenders. They will remind him that Turkish league is not a strong league. They will tell osimhen his tall for nothing that he can’t use his height well. They will blame coach for not inviting physically strong attackers. Do you know they are now blaming coach for dropping ihenacho after 99.9% of the members here supported and hail coach for taking that decision. “Tufiakwa” EMERE UNU IHEA EME

        • Ndubuisi 6 months ago

          @Dr Drey

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Leave them…Onuachu onuachu…we don see Onuachu. Chukwueze Chukwueze….we don see chukwueze….na so we go dey do trial and error dey go…???
          Personally, I would have loved everyone who hasnt had gametime to have some in yesterday’s game. Just like all our line ups in this tournament, i was quite surprised when I saw yesterday’s line up. But changing half of the team every match is killing our rhythm more than anything else in this tournament. But who do we blame. Onuachu and Chukweze had their chances against burundi….chukwueze whom one hungry man on this forum has turned into his personal lord and Savior had a clear sight on goal unmarked wen iwobi laid a clean chance for him against burundi in the 1st half….the ball ended in the car park behind the stadium instead of the back of the net….that how high he wasted that chance…neither him nor onuachu did anything meaningful in that game. Against Guinea…subbed on for iwobi and midfield crumbled. But their agents on this forum wont say anything. It is the coach that blasted begging chances over the bar….it is the coach that make defensive blunders…it is the coach that conceeded needless free kicks in dangerous position and also deflected it into the net.
          We’ve played 3 matches in the group stages and used 19 players out of 23 already, and they are asking why the team doesnt have cohesion. Its either their favourite players must play or the team looses. We know them.
          Suddenly mikel, balogun, awaziem and the rest who had a bad game yesterday don’t have any business in the team. Lolz…..Bunch of confused people.
          Today is their Christmas day…let them have fun lolz. SE has just lost one game in the past 1 year….that’s why they are going crazy like sex-starved cockrels. LMAO

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            Hahahahahahah!! I just dey laugh. @ugo Because you can’t stomach their attacks on you you’re now begging CSN to ban them. Why didn’t you mention my name?? You know what’s coming. Bunch of FAIR WEATHER FANS. They were all happy when Iheanacho was dropped now they’re all crying why Iheanacho was not in Egypt. The coach has played 19 out of 23 players yet to them he’s not giving everyone a chance to play. They forced him to make changes yet they will be the one to cry foul when the changes backfired. Bunch of confused human beings.  

        • Pompei 5 months ago

          Na so dem go dey change mouth….double tongued, fair weather fans! No mind dem jare! Just two weeks ago, they were all praising Rohr for dropping the useless Iheanacho. Now, Iheanacho is CR7 and Messi joined together. Chai! Anyway, let’s hope Rohr wins this cup. CSN will be a very interesting place if that happens!

  • The main reason why the Super Eagles lost this game was simply because they didn’t play with the right mentality and attitude. they were so relaxed as if they are playing a friendly match. they don’t press when out of position, no hunger to attack at all.
    Rohr just stated that it was because we’ve qualified already that his players players were already thinking the round of 16 matches. he got it wrong there, if we must conquer the continent, we should give room for complacency at all.
    This mistake has landed the super eagles in a very difficult task ahead.
    now we have to face either Ghana/Benin in round of 16. if we manage to win, Egypt is our potential quarter final foes. well with proper scrutiny of players selection and tactics I believe win can excel after all we always see the best of super eagles when we play against big teams in Africa
    Talking about tactics I think Ndidi is our back bone in that midfield. Rohr should be bold enough to bench underperforming player. I don’t know why Onyerkuru, Osimhen are not playing who knows they could be the solution to our attacking deficiency. thank you all.

    Go super eagles… God bless Nigeria

    • @Sirvictory, you captured it well. They thought it was going to be a stroll, judging by the way the game started. Seriously, I’m still dazed about that match. I was just moody all of yesterday. I just couldn’t stomach it. I was almost crying. The disgrace was gargantuan. Madagascar kwa!? Somebody please wake me up; I must be sleeping. Shouldn’t Enyimba or Kano Pillars be beating them? I can’t imagine what other African teams would be saying/thinking about us atm. I think that was what hurt more. I SIMPLY REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT MATCH ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

      Some people suspect the match was fixed or ‘sold’ to dear in-laws and Ahmad, and I can’t really dismiss that conspiracy theory. The jinx of the dark green jersey!? Still can’t dismiss that either. Anyway, it may be a blessing in disguise, as some have argued, with regard to our passage to the QF.

      As an aside, I want to welcome you to the forum. Nice having fellow citizens who are feistily passionate about the game engage in healthy convos about our dear national teams. I’m sure the players, NFF, Rohr and the rest are coming here and reading and listening.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    Angers SOC
    Toulouse FC
    AS Nancy
    E. Frankfurt
    Zulte Warregem
    B. Mochenglabach
    Gaz Metan
    SC Caen
    That was the composition of the Guniean team that struggled to pull a draw against this same Madagascar. So when I read stuff like “even enyimba and kano pillars will easily thrash that team”, I cant help but laugh.

  • I hope those ranting and throwing jabs on the players and the coach will be back to apologize, but its a capital NO. When the team wins games they are complaining, “ooh its 1 nil, the coach should have play so and so formation so and so player suppose to play blah blah blah” Now the team lost a competitive match in over a year while trying out new players, they are here complaining again. Though am not a fan of a foreign coaches cos I don’t like the way NFF treated them better than the locals but Coach Rohr has been outstanding so far. Super Eagles has fulfilled their group stage ambition in the precious two games and the game against Madagascar is more or less a friendly game. Nigerians haba! we tu dey complain. Some actually said the coach should be sacked even if he won this afcon…haba!. Let us enjoy this moment and hope for a better Super Eagles instead of the unnecessary headaches some are causing themselves. Goodluck to Super Eagles on their next match.

  • Omo9ja 5 months ago

    Campaigned after the elections. For this reason, how market? I hope market sells welili? Excuses wela again?

    Who is fooling who? Coach Rohr abi his fans or NFF ba?

    The problem is, most of us refuse to say the truth. I said it that this is how the team is going to be with this coach forever. It’s not about winning the championship only but having a team that we can be proud of.

    At last year world cup, the team struggled and this year Afcon the Super Eagles still struggling. This people still deceiving Nigeria with their excuses as usual.

    We have a good team but the coach is not good enough to be in charge of the team. Super Eagles is a huge team.

    Nigerian fans are powerful and we have to decide. We have to take action. NFF president have no clue on what to do. They need help from we original fans of the team because we hire we fire and most importantly in this situation, we really good at moving the team forward not backward.

    Coach Rohr and his fans are misleading Nigerians but I won’t be deceived by them.

    What do you expect of a coach leaving Onyekuru out of his plan and playing no meaningful pattern.

    Are you still expecting this team to rule in Africa again under Oga Rohr?

    I really appreciate Mr. Rohr so much for what he have accomplished for 3 years. God bless you sir.

    However, we can not continue like this. Coach Dennerby for example,
    The coach achieved a lot within the short period.

    I will prefer coach Dennerby to take over from coach Rohr if NFF refused to give us indigenous coach.

    I love my Country that is why I’m talking like this. This coach have no idea importance of the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Africa football.

    Imagine for the coach saying losing against Madagascar wasn’t a shameful scenario. Really? So sad. I’m watching ooo. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • when i saw that line up i had confidents considering what ogu played against egypt in frendlies and mikel against zimbabwe, i expected so much from them, kalu inclusion amaized me bcos i love that guys confidents sometimes, he is part of the players that brought us here. as fore balogun he his still my best defender no matter wat, even baba yobo dey score owngoal sometimes, my problem still remains the midfield nigeria history right from the days of thomson ilahor and stephen keshi our midfield has always be our strenth even when the attack is bad, now are days what iis our midfield doing, it was the quick discovering of ogenyi onazi by late stephen keshi during that 2013 edition that gave us the turnament, after the retired maestro jayjay okocha, Onazi brought back that confidents to our midfielder which mikel is now enjoying now our yansh don open without him, he was the man of that eagles team i cried when i saw how nigerians quickly turn their back against him becos of an error against a supperrior team England, shame on some ingrates”  onazi played out catalonears, wee won against paraguay with him in our middle, he was there against italy, a lazio product who won midfield against keita of mali, yaya toure of  ivorycoast and piannick of bosnia, he was the maestro against zambia home and away, he his what u guys have been enjoying those days, anymatch without onazi nigeria dont control the midfield, we look like one kind managin in the middle, now onazi is injured i dont blame coach rohr for not inviting him, i think rohr acknowleges onazis quality as he has sid befor in an interview i quote {i like the way he spread the balls in the middle} now nigeria dont have a replacement for him Ndidi will always manage as it is not is natural wing though he is good player but i am sorry he cannot be like onazi in terms of africa football in the middle, etebo is useing supper eagles to learn how to playmidfield, believe me etebo is a striker he is 8 he plays like ayew he can help deliver in that wing better than moses simon or musa, didnt rohr watch him at the olympics, the men who surpose to be playing there now if coach rohr was realy doing his scouting with an eagle eye he should kno that as far as nigeria midfield will get better, kelechi nwakali and azubuike should come in after this turneo those guys are genius if giving the confidents that they need, our poblem is we allow european team to dictate our formation for us if they say our star who can finish them anytime is not good our nationat team we sy yes sir, they killed our players confidents with their brainless sentiments, england finish musa confidents etebo can nolonger shoot again a guy that scored in is debute while playing in worry wolves, look at yahaya, iheanacho mikel obi they all got worse when they move to europe , then we will groom another one they will kill his confidents again and we are now begging for their own, rohr please bring kelechi and azus to these team i dey warn you oh.