Bello Adeniyi (BEGI) Reshaping Retail Betting Shops In Nigeria With BetKing

Bello Adeniyi (BEGI) Reshaping Retail Betting Shops In Nigeria With BetKing

The name Bello Adeniyi (Begi) is fast becoming an iconic name in the Nigerian sport betting industry because of the entrepreneur’s passion for excellent customer service born out of an alignment to the ideals of the brand he represents where customers are literarily treated as KINGS. In fact, he has become an inspiration to many entrepreneurs looking to invest in the business of sports betting in Nigeria.

His story is that of hard work, passion, and a desire to surpass expectation as he has risen through the ranks as agent, Super Agent, and now Master Agent overseeing the entire South West of Nigeria within the BetKing structure, all within two years of the brand’s operation in Nigeria.

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All Sports Predictions (ASP) caught up with him recently, and true to his gentle nature, he had some few words to say concerning his journey in the business and what to expect as sports finally take center stage once again after the scare of the coronavirus pandemic.

ASP: How did you start your betting business?

BEGI: Well, it started two years ago when I signed up with BetKing as an agent. Prior to that, I had no experience in running a bet shop, but I was determined not only to succeed but make a difference in the industry. I decided to focus on customer comfort as a key ingredient for success and today, it has really paid off.

ASP: What drives your commitment to the BetKing brand?

BEGI: My drive comes from passion for what I do and the outstanding management system put in place by BetKing. The brand has a welcoming system that enables you to rise within the structure based on performance. The brand has also demonstrated consistency in operation since commencement. All these put together gives me the confidence to continue with them and even do more.

ASP: It seems your trademark is building mega outlets, why go for something that expensive to set up?

BEGI: People are different in their approach to business. As for me, I had always had the idea that betting should not be as usual, and so I decided to set up my outlets with the sole purpose of giving value to customers irrespective of how much they want to bet with. I understand that facility was paramount, people need a comfortable place to do their betting, and environment that will contribute to their success rather than distract them. While in Toronto, Canada, I saw the way betting shops were run and so coming to Nigeria, I decided to invest heavily to ensure we had a standard outlet. Today other brands have started copying this initiative. Sport betting business is not a business for rascals, people need to see that.

ASP: What can you tell us about these iconic shops?

BEGI: Well, I actually put a lot into consideration while modeling the shops. I have the general booking areas and the VIP areas. The cashier spot is a department on its own. I have over 15 shops in Lagos. I hope to open more soon.

ASP: How important are retail shops to sport betting business in Nigeria?

BEGI: Retail operations give visibility to the brand. Apart from the publicity element, it also instills confidence in people. When you see so many shops all over the place, it gives confidence that the brand is good enough to transact business with otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many agents signing up with the brand, and this can impact brand credibility. Also, bringing the business closer to the people is imperative as many still prefer the physical shop to online booking.

ASP: What is unique about the BetKing brand?

BEGI: The product, passion, and people. These are the three (3) Ps for me. The brand has a reliable product, there is passion in everything we do, and then we have people who believe in what you do. My investment in the brand is based on this perception, and I have even encouraged other entrepreneurs to do same.

ASP: How has the lockdown affected your business?

BEGI: It was a general thing and the impact is still being felt everywhere. BetKing as a law-abiding corporate citizen supported all of government decisions by following the directives given, all outlets were closed. However, we integrated a lot of our customers online; the company activated the KingMakers Care Fund, a 3 level support structure to help agents keep afloat during the lockdown. We also donated food items, temperature gauge, Sanitizers and face masks to Lagos, Rivers, and Anambra states to support government and our heroic front-line health workers. There were many customers who made money on our platform during the lockdown. As a business, we have remained strong during and after the lockdown. We are excited that sports are back and people can stake again.

ASP: You opened your biggest outlet in Oshogbo recently, why Osun state?

BEGI: Osun outlet was to make a statement about BetKing’s presence, build a stronger bond with the people, and give confidence to agents and bettors. In fact, we were able to recruit many agents in Osun state because of the presence of the outlet. The facility has a free 300-seater viewing centre with a VIP section, cashier department, and 50 systems for booking. People are happy to see this in Osun, and I hope it will help generate employment in the state. My job as a Master Agent is to work with the Super Agents and make sure their job of overseeing other agents in their states within the south west is done without stress. All the Super Agents are doing fantastic jobs, where we identify opportunities to establish mega outlets, we do so.

ASP: Now that sports are back, what will be your advice to bettors?

BEGI: Thank God life is getting back to normal. I want them to play their game and have fun doing it. BetKing is a reliable platform you can count on anytime with high odds, instant payment and guaranteed peace of mind. Play Responsibly.

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