Betting Prediction Sites In the USA

Betting Prediction Sites In the USA

Bettors in the US can increase their chances of making winning selections on any game, thanks to betting prediction sites. Whether you’re an avid sports gambling fan or you’re just getting started, these platforms analyze various factors to help you make more informed choices whenever you visit your online bookmaker. That’s made them extremely popular since you can make wagers on games with boosted odds by simply using the data offered to you for free.

How Bet Prediction Sites Work

Every live sport has patterns that gamblers can analyze to help them make wagers on upcoming events. They may not be full-proof since any form of betting has an element of luck attached. But they increase the likelihood of you walking away with more profits than losses, which is a plus for any gambler.

Unlike online sportsbooks, you do not need a user account on prediction sites. As a visitor on the platform, you’ll find all odds details displayed for your viewing whenever you need them. But the benefit of having an account on a given site is you will always get updates sent to you on the latest favorable odds. This can prove handy in case you forgot about an upcoming event since it’ll remind you of what you might miss out on.

Some platforms specialize in creating odds for certain events while others offer them on all popular sports in the US. So ensure you find a site with the kinds of games you’re interested in. Some of the events you can get predictions on include:

  • College sports – Find selections for events like the College Football Play-Off and March Madness, which are some of the most awaited games for college-level sports fans.
  • NFL – hailed as the most popular sport in the US, most legit prediction sites for bettors in North America will offer predictions on leading football events like the Super Bowl.
  • NHL – enjoy selections on hundreds of markets for the third most popular game in the US, hockey.
  • NBA – whether you’re a fan of post season events or the NBA finals, you can get reliable predictions from selections from leading predictions sites.
  • MLS – the MLS has garnered an impressive following over the years, with nearly 30 teams currently competing within the games from the US and beyond.

In most cases, you can choose to see the latest predictions or also have a look at previous predictions and their outcomes. This is a great way to validate any site you use since you’ll get a track record of how successful the odds they offer are.

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Reasons for Their Popularity

More gamblers from North American states continue to rely on betting predictions sites for various reasons. Some of the most popular include:

1.      Helping You Save Time

Is your game about to start, and you haven’t made your bets yet? Would you like to make in-play bets to take advantage of limited odds? Whatever the reason, having these sites enables you to make your wagers within minutes, since prediction sites have analysts who have done the math and come up with odds for various events on the most popular sportsbooks for US bettors.

So, instead of spending time trying to figure out what may happen based on injury reports and such, simply turn to these platforms. They’ll tell you the type of bets that have a higher chance of earning you profits based on the criteria they use to create their odds.

2.      Ideal for Beginner and Professional Sports Bettors

If you’ve been gambling on sports for a while, you know how to come up with your selections for various teams and events. But newbie bettors may not know what to check when they bet. Should you check a team’s track record for several past events, or should you look at which players got benched for the current game? There’s a lot to consider, and you may not have an idea of what will help you make the ideal bets.

That’s where prediction sites come in. They’ve already checked the major factors influencing a game and come up with odds that favor their findings for different factors. So instead of getting down and dirty figuring things out, just check what they believe will work for the event you bet on.

3.      Give You Alternative Odds to Bet On

You may already know what you’d like to bet on, but you’d like to take advantage of limited boosted odds on your chosen sportsbook. The problem is, the unique odds are on events you know nothing about but would like a chance at trying out. In that case, you can make your choices as online betting sites predicted. That way, you can possibly cash out on events you do not follow in addition to the games you know about.


Where You Can Use Prediction Sites

Several states in the USA have legalized online sports betting. In each of these, you can use prediction sites to give you an advantage with your betting. At present, states where online sports betting is accepted include:

  1. Colorado
  2. New Jersey
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Iowa
  5. Arizona
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Nevada
  8. West Virginia
  9. Illinois
  10. Rhode Island
  11. Connecticut
  12. Virginia
  13. Michigan
  14. Oregon
  15. Arkansas
  16. Tennessee
  17. New York
  18. Indiana
  19. Louisiana
  20. New Hampshire

That’s not to say that sports betting isn’t allowed in most of the remaining states. Several lawmakers have legalized sports gambling activities, but mainly for in-person betting. You can still use prediction sites to make your selections at sports betting halls in:

  1. North Dakota
  2. Mississippi
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Maryland
  5. North Carolina
  6. Montana
  7. South Dakota
  8. New Mexico
  9. Delaware
  10. Washington

Get Predictions for Use on Offshore Sportsbooks

If you reside in a state that does not accept locally regulated online sportsbooks, you can make your wagers on offshore sites instead. These are licensed by regulatory bodies operating abroad but come with various benefits for members. These include:

  • An expansive range of sports to bet on
  • Competitive odds for global events
  • Various generous bonuses
  • Several markets on leading leagues and tournaments

With some of these sites, you can even find bet predictions on the same platform. This is a growing trend with most offshore sportsbooks, enabling bettors to stick to one platform for all their betting needs.

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