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Chelsea Striker Abraham Suffers Racist Abuse Again

Chelsea Striker Abraham Suffers Racist Abuse Again

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has again been subjected to racist abuse from some of the London club’s fans.

Abraham was on the end of vile attacks earlier this season following a penalty miss in Chelsea’s UEFA Super Cup defeat to Liverpool.

The lanky forward revealed that the abuse left his mum in tears after fans attacked him for missing a crucial penalty in the shootout.

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Following a shock 3-0 defeat by Chelsea at Sheffield United, Abraham has received yet more horrible abuse.

A number of fans – many with Chelsea-related avatars and usernames – branded the England striker ‘Apebraham’ on social media.

Thankfully, it appears Twitter took swift action with many of the accounts, deleting the tweets and banning the accounts by the time this article was published.

However, a search of the term shows that some references to the word remain on the site.

Speaking back in September, Abraham said: “I remember speaking to my mum, she was emotional, she was in tears.

“It’s obviously not nice, seeing your son getting abused. My mum was just thinking, ‘Why him?’

“For me, I am a strong character, it doesn’t affect me as much, but it could affect people who don’t have my personality.

“I was sat in the changing room straight after the game and went on my phone. I wasn’t going to shy away from the situation, although I did have some supportive messages. The other side is not nice to hear.

“I went through a lot of emotion after the penalty miss. I had experience of taking penalties last season, big ones as well. Everyone misses penalties. To miss the penalty… I was devastated and I had a lot of abuse after.”

Meanwhile, the Premier League have been blasted and accused of a “shameful” lack of action to increase their diversity.

Other than support players taking a knee and wearing Black Lives Matter logos, there is a feeling the top flight has done little to end systemic discrimination within the game.

That is leading to increasing anger from stars past and present, who claim the biggest league in the world is doing nothing but pay lip service to battling racism.

A former player now working as a coach, told SunSport: “What the Premier League have done — or haven’t done, if we’re honest — is shameful.

“It’s OK for them to say the players can take a knee and that a badge will be on a shirt.

“But that’s nothing — and doesn’t change anything about the actual issue.

“We know there’s hardly any black representation, the whole point is to be open and transparent — show you are actually bothered about making a change. Thirty per cent of the players in the league are black.

“They are the ones producing, so the people at the top are rolling in it — but they don’t want to change so black people can get into senior roles within the organisation.

“The only thing we’ve seen since all this blew up is them announcing work-experience placements for six coaches.

“And even then, all those will be placed at clubs in the EFL. It’s just embarrassing.”

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  • Hmm….this guy will have to go for total change in complexion like Micheal Jackson o! …Since he likes England so much.
    Imagine that Name ..Apebraham! Nawa o!

  • Hahaha she haven’t started crying mr man,s he will cry louder when they will remember to her that you have nothing to do with England,am sure that Joe aribo’s mother is happy where she is now but ur own is crying hahaha,plz before I forget where is your friend tommori or tomorrow hope his own mother is enjoying his decision too,up super eagles

    • bless 4 years ago

      Stop blaming that guy. In his shoes, you ll do the same. Nigeria KILLS DREAM

      • @Bless.. as Nigeria killed Odewingie, Ekong, Moses , Osimhen, Mikel and Okocha’s dreams abi?
        Where are these people coming from self?

        • Omaskels 4 years ago

          Dnt mind him..dey r coming frm d back door..How can someone say Nigeria kill dreams ..d subject on ground is racial abuses and not where he plays for..d truth is d English FA has done nothing in terms of fighting racism in d system.. imagine how many black coaches we av in d system?? Or even blacks as administrators?? My dear soon blacks player will be shunning their nonsense league..Lets improve our own and remain here..my take

      • Which dreams does Nigeria kill

  • Khikhikhikikikikukukaka. Laughing in gorilla language. This is Chelsea that already paraded an African player as a legend(drogba) calling u ape. Not to talk of English national team it self. You asked why you? It’s becos u are have rejected it self for them that’s make ur case worst. The nest time you will eat banana in the field. I don’t even know why u are crying over it. Where u not born and raised in Europe I expect you to be used to it after all you are a European.

  • Why the sentiment?
    i mean we are talking about racism here which any black man (regardless of the nation you chose to represent)can be a victim.
    Aubamayang has had his own share of it even though he choose a small Gabon over Spain.
    so the fact that he down us down Nigeria for England doesn’t mean he deserve it.
    but he could have been more sensitive to know that english fans would never give him the respect,support,prayers and the appreciation we would have giving him.
    that is why Aubamayang is still happy to play for Gabon instead of spain.i personally have alot of respect for him bcox he could have been spain first choice 9 but he choose to be a role model to black players.
    some of those white are simply brainless. Hw can you call a fellow human like you an ape bcox of his skin colour?
    i think the way the premier league has handled racism is indeed SHAMEFULL!!

  • …Turn down Ngeria…

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Lol….this are the people you decided to pitch ur tent with. This is just the beginning, very soon your mama would start rolling on the floor, not only crying. Your value to them is drastically falling and very soon , your services would no longer be needed and you’d forever live with the regret. imagine playing top-flight national team football if you had picked Nigeria ahead of the “3 lions”, at least you’d would’ve had a better opportunity to pay them back in their own coin if you played against them on the national stage but the reverse is the case. they’d call u an ape and still use you like a rag. Some people would never get sense, just big for nothing. Nonsense.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    You represent our colonial masters plus their badge and play against your fatherland. There are some things we need to do before taking actions. No matters how much I seek comfort and success I will never fight against my real value of our Heros past.

    Club football yes I can play for any European club but when it comes to national commitment we need to fight for black race and it starts by this sort of decisions.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    I was born in England, yes, I have lived in England yes, I fought England wars yes, my ancestors were part of the Windrush yes, I speak English fluently yes. You black man , are you English? Only the deluded will say yes and continue to chase shadows. African I am n a proud black man. Football especially international football should be an instrument to advertise/ promote your root bringing joy/ support to your kind. Feels with disgust to see or hear a bonafide black man choosing to represent a people who look at them with scorn, with a second class consideration for such.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I am not sorry to say this at all and Abraham have just started. Before you take an action, you just have to think of your origin. Most especially black people.

    I have said this some times last year to one of my colleagues on this forum that no matter how great abroad is, no place like home and people should come home and invest.

    The black people lives matter campaign they are doing is a cajole. Oyinbo believes the black people doesn’t have to be on the top and black people have to remains slaves forever. Am I lying to you ba? If you know you know. The Racism would remains forever until black people changed their mindsets.

    The way forward is for the black players to represent their native countries. That is just it period.

    When was the last time we seen Asian players representing other nations in Europe and America apart from their own Countries?

    Only black people does that. Same thing also applies to the coaching departments. We don’t believe in our abilities. We replied too much on Oyinbo.

    Another example is COVID-19. We have no plans in place for anything. We only follow their plans forgetting that our climates and systems are different to each others and what works for them might not works for us.

    Asians stands on their own but Africans and the blacks remains under Oyinbo til today.

    Racism is also among ourselves on this forum too. Some of us don’t values their names or anything that relates to Africa.

    They preferred English names to their own names. This is why am a proud Nigerian and I named myself “OMO9JA”. They just have to change their orientations period. It’s a choice though.

    If you ask must of the African/Nigerian parents why their kids doesn’t speak their own languages, they will tell you that their kids only speaks English. Is that not a shame?

    Must Abraham represents the English team because of the advantages he’s going to get while doing so? Absolutely no.

    There’s a big lesson for those who believes the advantages they are going to get while representing Africa/Nigeria is limited to the ones they are going to receive while representing Americans/Asians/Europeans should think twice.

    We have to learn how to manage the little we have period. Asians have been managing their resources quite well, that is why Europeans/Americans countries can not stepping on their toes no matter what.

    As I said earlier, Tammy have just started. Not because he refused to represents Nigeria but he failed to learned from the people of the past that representing other nations rather than Africa/Nigeria.

    For those that don’t do sports that stays in abroad, lend me your ears again. Start thinking of what to do in Africa. Remember, no place like home.

    There are many questions you should ask yourselves. Do you have enough of time to enjoy yourselves or the money you have bn saving over one or two decades over there?
    The clothes you have at home, do you have time to put them on on the weekends? Only in Africa we have time to do that. That means if we put everything in place Africa, Africa is the best place to live.

    It is always on the go over there plus Racism. Am I lying? Please don’t ask me how did I know all these things. Some of the people over there have to work 12 hours a day, some of them have to work six days a week. Hmm… there is a lot of stress and no freedom. You guys have what it takes to come home and do something to help others to fulfill their dreams. Let’s use Showore as an example.

    To be sincere, Africa is nothing to write home about presently but you people can use your exposures and power to enlightening our governments/our people back home in Africa.

    Am I communicating? If yes, should I keep going?

    I am using Tammy Abraham issue to pass the message over to our people. We can use football to Unite the world.

    Like Akon said, that place wasn’t designed for Africa/black people. It is time to be ourselves not the foriegners but if we refuse to do so, the Racism have just started. We have seen Akon and Showore doing the needful things for their native countries, who will join the two? Just think about it. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      I was just reading through to see how ROHR caused it…hahhaaa

    • Kingston 4 years ago

      Omon9ja too much ooh.

    • Thank you omobongo I love that combination. It’s nothing less than the truth. If not for kidnappings and human rituals I would have long relocated to sweet home. I love my kids to school in naija. My daughter at the age of 5 in kindergarten, she is already complaining racism,(daddy my friend says I am not beautiful becos I am black skin) apart from racism there are also arabkids that have been thought by their parents to be future terrorist and extremists, causing them to start influencing young kids,(my daughter came back from a playground and she said to me that her Arab friend ( mohammed aged 5. Happens to be her best friend) said he wants to distroy the world ( he must have heard that from his dad I suggested.) I pray for the improvement of security in naija. The rest situation is manageable.

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Collins id, you pushed me out to make another comment lolz.

        Nonetheless, that is not an excuse Mr. Collins. Don’t tell me there’s no kidnappings, killings and those bad things in abroad. Is that not true? Hmmm. Such things happening there too.

        Upon having security and law in abroad, bad stuffs do occurs there every day. Are you with me?

        However, is good to relocate back home but it is something you have to planned. You just don’t park all your stuffs one day and go home aba, its doesn’t work like that.

        It is something that you have to set a goal. At least, between 10,15, to 20 years.

        During the period, you can go home and see what is happening there. You may go and see where you can live and what business you can do that will brings you huge amount of money and the people around you.

        And the most important thing is that, make sure you get your citizenship before you relocate back home and whenever you feel like going there, you are just going there easily for another business trip or to go there to catch fun.

        Abroad should be our village where we plant seeds and back home is the place where we should enjoy the seeds. This is why it’s good to have multiple nationality.

        Not everyone loves to go back home which is understandable but think of it a bit, when the Racism and other things like that happens God for bid and you have nothing to fall back on in your country, like Nigerian government when Corona virus started, they were no where to be found and in the end, they could not traveled.

        They were helpless because all the money needed to be spent on the good projects in the country such as hospitals and health insurance, they have shared the money among themselves.

        What left to be sharing among our
        politicians now is the $22.7 billion loans that Nigerian President, Mr. Buhari plans to borrow from other countries.

        I am saying this to you because you shown an interest and believe me, it is not only you bro.

        Bolanle Ninalowo, the Nigerian movie star, oh, I love that guy too much. Nino decided to go back home to do something different and he succeeded.

        Can we ask Mr. Dangote to go abroad and stay there? He will ask us to go and do what. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Otedola will say that as well.

        There are many people in that situation but they don’t know way out and they get scared of the news they were hearing here and there about Africa/Nigeria every day but forgetting that crime rates in abroad are getting bigger and worst every day.

        All I can say about the crimes is that, no matter where we are, we should ask for God protections. It’s every where my man.

        You can see now that through football, we can solve Nigeria problems?

        Our leaders are not ready to change but we the citizens of the country have to make the move like Lagos state.

        Lagos state used to be a scary place before now but we bless God that Lagosians government have turns things around and making Lagos a better place to live and other states in Nigeria have followed and still following their footsteps.

        We can do the something when it comes to sports, infrastructure and well being of the citizens of our beloved country, Nigeria.

        Whoever that going home for a vacation once in a while can testify to it how its feels to be going home very often.

        You will feel like you are out of the cage and you won’t feel like going back again.

        We can build Africa/Nigeria to our taste without waiting for the government or our leaders.

        Hmm. Anyways, I wish Tammy Abraham the best. One love my people. God bless Africa! God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Abdul 4 years ago

      Omo9JA you definitely made me have a rethink. At least, thank you for this one. GOD BLESS.

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Abdul, Allahumo amin. Let’s give thanks to God almighty. It shall be well with us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • To add my voice to what omo9ja just said, racism will forever be. The foundation of most western countries were built on that. History will tell you that the founding fathers of what we know as England today that speaks English were regarded as uneducated people. Racism was glorify during days of Romans empire. It is a rear privilege for you to be regarded as a roman citizen.

    Blacks all over the world, we needs to change our mentality. Till the world will come to an end white will always think they are superior to us unless we change our mentality.

    An American recently made a derogatory comment about the WHO president saying anytime a black man is put in charge of any organization or union, He will always need a white man to giude him.

    The WHO president since advent of covid 19 has always been racially abused by the western world.

    Now the most painful thing is when blacks racially abuse another black.

    Many of our leaders in Africa and every other black nations all over the world are not helping the situation.

    They behave like a slave who must always take order from His is task master.

    We can think and adopt our own solutions to our problems unless the the western nation think for us.
    We prefer to collect grants and aids from those countries despite all the available resource.

    No matter how successful you are as black man in a white man’s land, you will always be regarded as a second class citizen. Ask my Michael Jackson and He will tell you what drives Him crazy and transform Himself into white.

    • A 12 year old white kid just sent out racist tweet to Crystal palace Zaha, and yet we feel racism will not continue to persist.

  • So he did not read the terms of the contract b4 signing it. Hmmm my brother you have to learn how to cope with it, this one na for club yet. U better dont ever play a bad game for the national team, u will not just be called names but death threat for u and ur family

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    APEBRAHAM. God have mercy!
    Chai, tufiakwa! What a calamity! I feel for you, my brother! Englishman Tammy, these are the people you are struggling to wear their badge and play for?
    Look at what a foolish 12 yr old sent to Wilfried Zaha on twitter this morning. These and many other examples show that racism remains a big problem in England, Europe, and indeed the rest of the world. The black man is in trouble! Even the use of the term BLACK, why is this so? Are Africans black like charcoal? Only a very small minority are. Most so called black people have brown, chocolate skin, ranging from light to a darker hue. So why the choice of the word BLACK? This to me is another form of racial prejudice and hostility. Using color to attack a race, knowing fully well that to most humans, the color WHITE is associated with what is good, and the color BLACK is associated with evil! Even the so called whites, are they white like paper or snow?
    I feel so bad for Englishman Tammy. He does not deserve this. Nobody does! I hope the authorities step up their search for these miscreants who dish out racist abuse on the internet and via other media. When they are caught, a heavy punishment should be administered. A ridiculously large monetary fine plus jail time, for starters. More is needed than just eye and lip service. Kneeling down before games won’t get the job done. Time to start dishing out heavy punishment to offenders who are caught red handed!

  • Chris 4 years ago

    And to think that Osimhen is actually making Racial attack consideration in his delay in joining Napoli. And I hear he wants to play in the EPL? My advice to Osimhen, George Weah played his best football in Italy, they will honor you when they see they can not break your personality and emotion; crying like Tammy.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “.. they will honor you when they see they can not break your personality and emotion…”

      That right there is the master key. Every African should go save that quote in the bank. @Chris thanks so much for that line. May you walk and never stumble.

      • Chris 4 years ago

        @Dr.Drey, I say a big amen to that and I wish you the same too.

  • Kingston 4 years ago

    Omon9ja too much ooh.

  • Exciting Teenager Adamu Takes His Season’s Tally To 17 Goals For Red Bull Salzburg’s Teams…… Please this guy adamu chukwubuike is a real gem. He plays for Salzburg reserved team liefering in Austra. a team mate to Karim adeyemi German born Nigerian wizkid. Adamu chukwubuike is a class and he is only 19yr of age.He plays for Austria under19 team, Austria is also watching with an ambition to invite him to their senior national team. Please the Nff should be alert because we are about to loss a real gem..

    • The scout for the eagles doesn’t feel players from those leagues are good enough

      • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

        Just talk off-point. No facts. Looking for trouble everywhere…smh! Oga fun yin egbon oo

        • Ogbeni abeg go sit somewhere, everything is off-point, am i lying, has your so called scout gone to the austrian league to scout players. Only the ones with correct ogunje he is calling. Abi those from saudi arabian league and cyprus league are better.

      • You just talked as if the scout is your relative. As if u know him inside out

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      Talk about NFF inviting him to the U-20s or upcoming U-23, I’ll say fine but Super Eagles?? You must be kidding! Not even Austrian Main Bundesliga o, reserved team to come and bench who?? If the poorest of our Strikers in let me say Long man Onuachu is in that low league sef, he will bang 30 goals. Is he coming to bench players in main Leagues?? Oshimen in Ligue un, Dessers now in Belgium, Simy back to Serie A et al.

      Note also: Karim Adeyemi – the real deal we ought to be after – is not in the Salzburg reserved team since this season began. He has been promoted to the main team and has impressed both in the League and Europa this season. His skills is just so beautiful to watch with an eye for goal. Adding him to the list of Exciting wingers we have on ground isn’t a bad idea as we’re aiming a Top finish come 2022 World Cup.

      Am not taking anything away from Adamu as well. Glad to hear he has a Nigerian root but his invite for now till he moves to the Main team or a Senior League can/should only be for our Age grade teams. If he’s so good to displace any of our present No.9, he ought to have displaced Patson Daka of Zambia na. Daka is just 21/22. A very young talent too like him

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        But how come Omo9ja hasn’t talk about this gem?? Lmao!!! 

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahahaha….no Nigerian media has mentioned him yet. So Omo9ja can not rush to google to view his youtube compilations to “discover” him. This is his modus operandi….his own way of discovering players. 1. Read about them online….2.Rush to youtube to watch a 3-5 minute clip…..3. come to CSN to claim rights of discovery….LMAO.

  • We gave up our language for theirs, we gave up our religion for theirs, we gave up our educational system for theirs, we relegated our culture to the background for theirs.The Asians refused.That is why they will always respect the Asians and look down on Africans.

  • Exciting Teenager Adamu Takes His Season’s Tally To 17 Goals For Red Bull Salzburg’s Team. Let’s expect a tug of war between Nigeria and Austria for this exciting talent..

  • Nigeria is set to lose out on in-form FC Liefering striker Adamu Chukwubuike as Austria head coach Franco Foda is pondering handing the young striker his debut call-up. the inform fc liefering striker is drawing world wide attention for is red hot form. the Nff should pls make contact, this lad is a star in the making and he is only 19yrs of age . he has 17 Goals already this season for fc liefering . A very pacy forward that has been compared to Neymar. He is highly rated in Austria. Pls we should avoid another David alaba scenario.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    @Ayphillydegreat and Dr. Drey, chai, I’m shaking my head for both of you.

    See lol, I can’t do it all. Even, the man that scouting for the Super Eagles is not doing is work properly.

    I didn’t know what the man have been scouting for Nigeria o. Kai, the man couldn’t see Aribo, Ejaria, Osagwe, Adi, Tolu and so many other players but if I comes up with a name, you guys will gang up and scattered everything lol.

    You people have called me so many name on this platform. Hmm. Interesting.

    You people even called me Mr. Pinnick but no wahala lolz.

    Like I have said before, I can’t do it all and I’m so glad that other patriotic Nigerians have gotten the job done kudos guys.

    Both Adamu Chukwubuike and Karim Adeyemi are the kinds of the players Nigeria needed at the moment. I’m very impressed with their performances. Both of the players are not too young to be in the Super Eagles.

    Age is just a number and we should learn that from French team, the current world champions.

    If we could remember, Ahmed Musa started his career with the national teams at the very young age and we benefits from that till today and the two players can be used like Ahmed Musa that almost pacitipated in all the the national teams of Nigeria.

    CSN should call the attention of Mr. Rohr to this message I’m about to say today and I have said before.

    If Oga Rohr want the best for Nigeria, he should create an account on Instagram or any of the social media.

    He doesn’t have to reply us but whenever we see good players or goalies at least, we can call his attention to that. Or the man in charge of scouting should find a way that we can reach out with him.

    As both of you know, I’m very good at scouting. Although, you people disagree with me that I wasn’t the one that discovered Aribo and many other players in the Super Eagles but I thank God that at least I’m trying my best for our country.

    Chai, I can’t take my eyes off on those two players, Karim Adeyemi and Adamu Chukwubuike. They are very wonderful to watch.

    Hmmm. You Ayphillydegreat and Dr. Drey, where is the third one? Oakfield lolz.

    Three of you are the antagonizers of this forum ahahaha. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Oga keep quiet and stop lying here. Ejaria was in Nigeria’s U17 camp in 2013 and the England U20 in 2015, did you DISCOVER him for Manu garba and Aiden Boothroyd..? Osigwe was in Nigeria’s U20 team to Toulon tournament in 2013 alongside Semi Ajayi, Alhaji Gero and the rest, did you DISCOVER him for John Obuh…?? Aribo played for years in Charlton, you never DISCOVERED him until Steven Gerard signed him up for Rangers and he played in the Europa league qualifiers and was all over the news. Fanendo Adi was invited to the SE 2ce under Siasia and was part of our U23 set up in failed bid to qualify for 2012 olympics….Did you also DISCOVER HIM FOR siasia and Eguavoen too…??
      Stop coming here to lie that you discovered players whom you read about on the internet after they were already in the lime light. The Agege and Ajegunle players beside you there whom you claim are better than the current SE players you cannot discover, it is players hitting limelight in far away Europe you always discover….Na Ifa you dey use or Opele….???LMAO

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Dr. Drey, ah, I can’t stop laughing ooooooo. But wait a minute, why these players were not bn invited into the Super Eagles before I called the attention of the coaches of the team?

        You are taking this personal. At least give that regards to me now. Am I not deserve it ba?

        I want you to go to the pages of my constitution and read section 5050, 2020,519,619,719 and section 419, my favorite and read them all for me. If you can’t read them because you are getting angry now then, let me help you out Doctor. Just wait Doctor.

        The sections simply says, we got no time to be wasted and if you can’t beat me then you join me for the betterment of Nigeria. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          @mr chief scout(omozoo), pls, discover home bred players in the npfl abeg, no be you be chief scout??? The same coach you’ve been taunting since time immemorial for not using or discovering domestic players is the same person you’ve been searching the whole internet both front and backyard for foreign based players. Mr, chief scout, go discover better players in our domestic league, the so called rough diamonds who can displace some of these foreign based players. Stop making a hell of a noise here.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Lol! I’m also shaking my head for you ọmọ9ja. The same social media account your African Guardiola created that leads us to no avail and he ran away when he couldn’t cope with the backlash after failing spectacularly at the CHAN tournament LMAO!! If you know your job as the chief scout please discover 1 single player from your so called Agege and Ajegunle players you’ve been shouting about all the time. @deo despite not residing in Nigeria mentioned a certain home based player doing well in the league. In your own part all you do is surf all over the internet and claim you discover all the foreign players Rohr has brought to the SuperEagles. I’m seriously shaking my head for you. Ire oo. 

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