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Eagles Lost 2022 World Cup Ticket To Ghana Due To Poor Tactics –Unuanel

Eagles Lost 2022 World Cup Ticket To Ghana Due To Poor Tactics –Unuanel

Former Kwara United coach, Samson Unuanel has blamed the Super Eagles inability to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Austine Eguavoen’s poor tactics against the Black Stars of Ghana.

Recall that the Super Eagles crashed out of the world football showpiece after failing to beat their West African neighbour at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja on Tuesday.


Reacting to the team’s elimination, Unuanel told Completesports.com that Eguavoen should have switched his tactics when the game was not going in his team’s favour.

“It’s unfortunate that the Super Eagles will not be playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after failing to beat Ghana today. I expected so much from the players but they failed to up their game.


“There was ni urgency from the players and Eguavoen also failed to switch tactics when it was obvious that the Black Stars seem to have taking over the midfield.

“This is a game we should have won but it’s so sad that Nigeria will not be at the World Cup.”



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  • Eguavoen is a failure specialist hence we got what we deserve and pinnick should please resign.

    • Edoman 5 months ago

      It will end well with Pinnick, Egueavon and the minister who sacked the real coach Oga Rohr 2 weeks to the main events. Egueavon was a fake manager. He is nothing and do not have a basic certification to manage any club even to talk of managing a National team like Nigeria. God, let it not end well with them all. Amen, in Jesus Name.

  • Yinkus 5 months ago

    The kind backlash this people will receive from public na hin dey go so.

    Yeye technical crew, yeye egu, yeye picnnik and yeye sport minister.

    Picknic was jumping from one part of london to another with tax payers money and at the end this is what we deserve.

    • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

      We told u the same man, the tactics and the same philosophy lol

  • Ralph 5 months ago

    I don’t understand this talk about Eguavoen switching tactic. How can you switch tactic when there is no tactic in the first place ? I don’t understand.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    Hahahahaha….No sir. We lost due to Rohr whom we sacked since December…..LMAOooo.

  • They wanted tiki taka coach, buahahahahahahahahaha.

    The 2 teams that knockout SE are in their worst form.

    At first TUNISIA…..

    Now GHANA…..




    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      Today I must admit you are Right. Even though I still believe we can have a Coach who will make us play right like small Saudi and still win big matches, go-to all tournaments and far in the tournaments. A coach that will recognize and assemble Nigerian Galaticos. A lot is happening we should seek excellence. Until we find it for now We Keep Moving And Praying For The Nation!

    • Edoman 5 months ago

      It will not end well with all those individual who conspired to sack our foreign manager who have beaten Ghana today with ease. God will continue to punish them in their homes. Amen.
      Pual Ounachu and Amoo would have finished off Ghana today. It will not end well with them

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    It is time for Unuanel and all the ex internationals, politicians and confused corrupt empty headed nothing to offer fellows contributing a and b to Nigeria football to shut the fuck up. All of you are all incompetent because you allow incompetent people to led our football. Nigeria football house has ruin a reputation far beyond jokes for those involved in sports management and social media point of view giving rooms to animals comparing themselves to Nigerians to talk trash. Motherfucker idiots has just embarrassed us once again, and they’re still here having gust to continue the confusion theory of everyone knows. Motherfucking ITK people plus the corrupt media house such as CS who have decided not to publish and promote excellence. We just have to deal with this Shit. We as a country need healing and repentance so that we can have a fresh breath and start fulfilling that greatness in our DNA!!!

  • The difference is clear….

    During the PE COACH, BALMEDI BOY, MECHANIC, INEPT & RIGID COACH ERA (ROHR), qualifying for tournament was a birthright for SE. (ALWAYS rest assured that no matter how, we’re going to be in the tournament.



    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha……who curse us sef…???

      How did we move from playing under strict instructions to relying on the individual skills of 2 wingers…???

      How did we move from producing top scorers back-to-back-to-back-to-back, to our CFs struggling to get goals…??

      How did we move from popping champagne after qualifying series to weeping and crying and sobbing like a jilted lover…???

      Who cursed Nigeria with personalities like Jimmylie (and his legion of duplicates), Chima E Samuels, Omo9ja, Larry, DeStar, Kenneth, Chineye, Iwunze and all those mistakes-of-creation….???

      The person wey curse that curse must be from arusi okija or arusi abakaliki shrine o…..LMAOooo

      • @Dr Drey
        I think we should start fasting and prayer in CSN else the failure to qualify for tournament of the latter days will be greater than the beginning.


  • Legendary 5 months ago

    Where’s Ugo iwunze, omo naija and co

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      He’s busy conjuring lies on how Ahmed Musa is to blame for the disasters he and his crew have plunged us into at the moment…..LMAOooo

      Give him some time ehn….LMAOooo

      • Edoman 5 months ago

        It will not end well with all those who conspired to ensure that our real coach was removed from us which thereby prevented us from going to the World Cup. I beg Nigerians to wash them with Acid water. Even, kidnap their love ones for ritual to make money which Nigeria may need to hire foriegn manager like the Ghana did.

    • Edoman 5 months ago

      It will NOT end well with all of them that conspired to ensure Oga Rohr was removed 2 weeks to the main events. God will continue to punish them and their family. Since Oga Rohr was removed, Nigeria football never be the same ever again. Those among us who lobby for the Oga Rohr to be replaced with die in their sleep soon.

  • MuYiwa 5 months ago

    We pressed the self destruct button when we sacked Rohr on the eve of the last Afcon without a careful plan on who to replace him. “Bring on Amuneke this and that” this is where it has landed us. Uncle Odegbami and the sport minister are the chief pilots of this heavy and painful crash. They sacked Rohr to avoid a disaster, and what can we call what we have experienced since the man left. All the noise about beautiful and sleek football has landed us back to the ignominious days of pre-Rohr age. One day we will have sense Sha.

  • Coache 5 months ago

    If Rohr was there today, most people would have died of HBO. Rohr away form was good but home form was a disaster. Under both coaches, the boys played home matches under duress and great fear.


    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hohahahaha…another clueless fool. Please what is HBO….??? LMAOoo

      You died in 2017 right…? Or you died in 2018 and 2021….? or maybe you died when we qualified for these playoffs with 2 point lead in our group only for you to be resurrected by Eguavoen and his 9 criminals…..LMAOoooo

      Most people would have died if it were Rohr indeed…..LMAOooo.

      I would gladly have preferred to die tonight and have these young squad play in Qatar, than experience this wickedness that your useless local consortium of failed coaches have now put us through.

      When we tell you lazy exinternational tin gods to get their assess off their couches and go get jobs elsewhere and grow their failed and non-existent careers, sentimental fools and local content advocates like you will open their mouth wide and be biting trees…..LMAOooo

      Go and look at the profile of the Ghanaian coaches who used the worst Ghanaian team of the last 40 years to eliminate you from the world cup…..LMAOoooo

    • Genesis 5 months ago

      Maybe Rohr’s good away form would have sealed qualification in ACCRA

  • yusuf adebola 5 months ago

    Eguaveon should be blamed, as well as some players. UZOHO denies the world cup ticket, he failed when we expect him the most his performance in Ghana has underwhelm today’s match. He is aware of away goal rule and he fumbled with ball in to the net and that was our undoing. Ghana were the better team, they deserve to be in Qarter. We need to improve the quality in our midfielder Only Aribo and Ndidi were good. Apart from old strikers like ighalo and Musa, it was only Osimhen that shows the quality, Dennis is promising as a winger,as well as Adebola lookman.

    • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

      Nigeria is QUANTITY

      Ghana is QUALITY

      I said it several times here

      • Selfmade you are right…. I support you….

        When you fail to plan in life, then you are planning to fail.

        When Ghana were busy employing Hutton and other good technical assistant, our politicians were busy bringing failures to come and assist the coach.
        It has back fired.

        They sack a coach that was giving them result without any plan B on ground just to higher their 9 fellow politicians to come and reap what they didn’t sow.


        Here we are again….

        NFF UNA WELL DONE ooooo

      • Edoman 5 months ago

        Yes, you said it selfmade king. We were fools to sack our Oga real manager who would have beaten avarage Ghana today.

  • Stupid ass ex playeror whatever. Poor tactics indeed abeg where is that man that called himself pastor on super sports soccer talk? When we were telling you that you will take our football back to olden days you refused to listen. The sports minister that supposed to do better is even the worst he is busy talking about failed Buhari local content policy for national football plus the one who said they took the decision to avert disaster what could this be called other real disasters. Just today the man talked about Ghana strength stylishly but our own never mind to take note but still went ahead with his useless wing play. The mosses Simon, Dennis and Lukman you are accusing rohr on how do they fair today. Karma is truly a bitch.. We lost everything now back to square one common Ghana beaten by Comoros dumb us out of world cup on top of all our stars hmmmm

  • Coache 5 months ago


    What most people don’t know is that when you see these players in training the coaches will be confused thinking he has a great team. But on match days, it is like what is happening? It takes a good coach to harness the strengths of these individual talents to get maximum results. Unfortunately, we have not had a good coach after Westerhof, Bonfere and Phillipe Troussier.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha…..It is Rohr that gave Ghanaians confidence to clip your wings over 2 legs and render 9 failed coaches useless on their technical bench…..LMAOooo

      Imbecilic comment of the year…..LMAOoooo

      I guess we lost to CAR away too and FAILED to qualify for these playoffs…..LMAOooo.

      It must have been Rohr who rendered Eguavoen’s 4-2-4 useless for the whole 2nd half only for him to switch to 5-0-5 formation…..LMAOooooo

      Ndi Ara

      • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

        If we are really truthful and humble we should bring back Rohr

    • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

      You lie.Its not true

    • Chibuike 4 months ago

      Nigeria problem is NFF, politicians as FA chairman and sports minister that ginger the sack of Rohr. Ask pinik which club him play? Ask sports minister if he is a real sports man? Why can’t Nigeria emulate other countries? If na terrorist now and how to kidnapped people in express way, una go learn am fast. Appoint people who knows and play the game in FA, una no gree. See Cameron, una no go learn from them? NFF suppose equpt our league we can get raw talent and join them with foreign base players.

  • Well we’ll well, finally we would all agree we don’t have players and coach, I will advice the FA to call ROHR back, after all in the land of the blind, one eye man is usually the king, definitely and I’m 100% sure rohr would have qualify us today, but like I said we move, call back ROHR now, no top better foreign coach will accept to coach us and the devil you know they said better than the angel you don’t know.

    • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

      Bring back Rhor

      • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

        Our coaches are not just good.let us have Gernot Rhor back please.It is just too shameful

        • I tell you

          • Akachukwu 5 months ago

            Wow its too shameful that Ghana who did not in their form denied us the world cup ticket.

  • Look at it.

    ALGERIA (Africa’s No.1 team then).

    CAMEROON (AFCON Defending champions).

    ZAMBIA (2012 AFCON Champions).

    Yet we qualify with a game to spare.

    CAF deducted our point & -3 but SE still qualify.

    A Ghana weakest team ever confidently sent SE packing.

    Buhari must hear this.

  • Selfmade you are right…. I support you….

    When you fail to plan in life, then you are planning to fail.

    When Ghana were busy employing Hutton and other good technical assistant, our politicians were busy bringing failures to come and assist the coach.
    It has back fired.

    They sack a coach that was giving them result without any plan B on ground just to higher their 9 fellow politicians to come and reap what they didn’t sow.


    Here we are again….


  • Finally we have 3west africa and 2north, I will be routine for Senegal and Ghana at the World Cup from African, men I respect Rigobert Song, what an impact in his first major coaching assignment, look at the urgency in the players after Algeria score, throughout our 180minutes with Ghana, We keep playing like butter, shaiii this so painful but we gat move on nooni. It’s well

    • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

      The urgency was insane even with no name players in their ranks….It’s high time we realize we have average players and calm down on the arrogance of thinking we have on of the best squads in Africa….we have butty players and a mediocre coach. Truth be told Rohr grinded out results and NFF came with the disaster firing him and replacing him with a horrible tactician in Eguavoen….We sounded alarms to fire Agu they didn’t listen….GK error in 2019 cup of nations, GK error in 2022 cup of nations, GK error in WCQ again…The whole technical crew needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. Thank God Musa, Ighalo, Shehu, and Akpeyi can leave now and a solid rebuilding for the next nations cup qualifiers can start cuz its not a definite that we can qualify for that too lol..

  • Eguavoen should please be removed. Nigeria should go for a quality foreign coach and plan ahead for the 2026 world cup taking place in USA/Canada and Mexico. Alloy Agu too should be removed, as he has shown he is not good enough as a goalkeeper trainer. Thanks

  • KENNETH 5 months ago

    Please what exactly is the tactics you wanted him to apply. Because no n you opening your filthy mouth saying, he should have changed tactics. When the midfield was killed, were you blind when they resulted to kicking the ball up, even when our wingers were caged. So please tell us what other options were there. The bottom line is some of the players are just average and not worthy to be called super eagles players.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    Hahahahaha……to think we still payed Rohr his $2m severance fee and we are still paying his salaries as I speak and will still continue paying his salaries till December this year is the perfect definition of “God catch you”……LMAOooooo

    Congratulation Nigerians….LMAOoooo

    What a country….what a people….!!!

    • Kenneth 5 months ago

      Na ur papa dey pay the salary. Abeg commot here you lying crap. You seem so happy I wonder what ur reaction would have been if we had qualified.

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Hahahaha senseless idiot. Na your mama dey pay the salary na……Idiot, useless pig. Go and like jimmy’s anus as you usually do….Ignorant fool. Idiot will never update his ignorance before coming to argue blindly…LMAOoooo.

        Only A fool does not know the clauses in Rohr’s contract that made it difficult for NFF to sack him all these years…..LMAOoo…..$2m severance pay and salary till the end of the contract…..LMAOooo.

        Idiot, may you and your family never know peace the way Nigerians were not at peace for 90 minutes tonight.

        Omo ale omo irankiran….!

        Didirin alainironu ara galatia.

        The foul smell that oozes out of your mouth anytime to comment is enough to bring down a military jet…..LMAOoooo.

        Rotten brained fool.

        Go and ask your father the contents of Rohr’s contract before coming here to vomit sewage…at least he should be a bit more sensible and knowledgeable than the pig of a son he has in you.

  • Tochukwu 5 months ago

    Una carry una hand call for the sacking of a man who qualified you for nations cup and world cup play offs claiming boring football and citing player indiscipline. Clamoured for one of our own local coach that rorh was inadequate. Now how market with this decision the have taken us back to the days prior to rorh’s appointment. If it was a functional nation NFF president and cabinet would resign, sports minister would resign because he started it all. When we Nigerians wake up to reality and stop dreaming. The only part that consoled the likes of us down the years despite the short coming of this Nation got taken away the day A man who took us from the brink of total collapse back to the pinnacle of african football was dispensed despite not falling short of any target given to him. omo9ja and your co conspirators una weldone for setting us back to the days of gloom and doom

    • Edoman 5 months ago

      The 10 dollar they were expecting from FIFA had they qualified now goes to Ghana. It will not end well with them all and those who gave their stupid supports to sacking Rohr and thereby throw the Nation into shame.

  • Ayodele 5 months ago

    have said alot about this cabal called alloy AGU the coach of SE keepers. he keep fencing Yoruba named keepers who are very good. he practically impose his mediocre keepers and this keepers have brought alot of shame to Nigeria when it matters most. get rid of the entire coaching staff maybe our dwindling football glory will shine again.

  • Fabian 5 months ago

    The coach have no idea on which tactics to use, because the formation he supposed to use in the first leg, was to use ighalo and osimhen on attacks at the second half but not, today He supposed use the same tactics but not,let him blame himself and his crew they’re bunches of losers not super eagle

    • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

      After a grueling group stage qualifiers it is painful to come to an end like this….The pain would have gone if we had seeded this to Cape Verde early on lol than to get to this stage….Amaju if them find you dem suppose beat the living daylight out of u……

      • Edoman 5 months ago

        Yes, pour iced on him and some people in this forum who was singing all the yearlong, to sack our former Oga Rohr even 2 weeks to AFCON. It will not end well with them.

  • Mrmodr8 5 months ago

    This set of people is not and will never be the coach wr clamour for, because despite having many strikers he put all the burden on osimhen alone, why can’t use 4:4:2 information with two strikers, hmm wr still have along way to go

  • Obinna Anyaoha 5 months ago

    It’s indeed a failed country failed country were people don’t take responsibility of their failure or step aside for not living up to expectations a country were people are killed like chickens yet no body cares or takes responsibility and so many evil deeds if not why will someone like amaju pininick so arrogantly run our football to failure like this and no nobody is saying anything he so shut up every were as though he is a grandmaster indeed this country is cursed if not why are we like this how can we progress with all these dirty leaders look at Ghana Senegal Cameron etc doing well in football with their ex internationals look at cisse rigobert song eto etc taking the position of authority in football and making impact but what are our own bex internationals doing it’s raising dust here and there causing trouble allowing pinnick and his evil team of corrupt football admission to destroy our football while the idle ex internationals that should be taking the place of change in our football condicend as low as going up and down campianing for expired politrictian who kept this country the way it is and when you look at there shameless faces ikpeba taribo shorumu okocha kanu and the rest you will feel sorry for this jungle called Nigeria so corrupt so arrogant and so so shameless of s Truth there is a CURSE OVER THE LAND but pride and arrogance will not allow us to find a lasting solution that’s why we keep shouting we are giant of Africa but we’re are we now other small small countries have topled us in so many areas including football something is wrong somewhere.

  • If Nigeria still exist beyond 2023, we should look for coach Ndubuisi Egbo.
    He is doing well in Albania.
    Amunike should go for a course in Fc Bacalona.

    Eguavon should have been fired after Afcon

  • Rommie 5 months ago

    Eguavoen was responsible for the late goal we conceeded against Italy in USA 94, Same Equavoen handled our U17 team to finland in 2003, a team with the likes of Mikel Obi, Chinedu Ogbuke and promise Isaac, and he could not qualify them from the group stage. Eguavoen took the Super eagles to the nations cup in 2006 in Egypt and we lost in the semi final to Ivory coast, Same Eguaveon came back again to lead the Nigerain Olympic team to the Caf Under-23 Championship in Morocco. The team lost two games and won their last against Algeria, but it was not enough to keep them in the race for a London 2012 Olympics ticket. He got bundled out in the group stage yet again. This same man came back again to take us to the 2022 nations cup, and he failed to make it past the second round. And yet we still trusted him again to take us to the world cup????. . . . . .HABAAA, E clear say Nigeria no get sense. This man has never delivered on any assignment, this man has shown you time and time again that he is an Expert in Failure, yet we still believed in him. NO BE JUJU BE THAT!! Abeg make everybody go sleep joor!! NONSENSE.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago


    BIBLICALLY and QUR’ANICALLY when you GANG UP against an INNOCENT man(ROAH), there is already a REPARCAUTION for it.


  • Genesis 5 months ago

    Maybe Rohr’s good away form would have sealed qualification in ACCRA