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Eaglets Lose 3-1 To Netherlands, Crash Out of 2019 U-17 World Cup

Eaglets Lose 3-1 To Netherlands, Crash Out of 2019 U-17 World Cup

The Golden Eaglets have been eliminated from the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil after going down to a 3-1 defeat to the Netherlands in their Round of 16 encounter at the Estadio Olimpico, Goiania, early Wednesday morning (Nigerian), reports Completesports.com.

Sontje Hansen scored a hat-trick for the Dutch side, while Olakunle Olusegun got Nigeria’s only goal of the game.


Hansen opened scoring for the Netherlands in the fourth minute after he was played through on goal by Jayden Braaf.

The lead lasted only eight minutes before Olusegun equalised for the Golden Eaglets following a superb pass from Akinkunmi Amoo.

Zenith Ziva

The Netherlands however regained the lead in the 15th minute with another fine effort by Jansen.

Nigeria struggled to break down the European champions’ defence and were also thwarted by the Dutch goalkeeper the few times they were able to get a sight of goal.

Manu Garba’s boys conceded a penalty 12 minutes from time when Ferdinand Ikenna handled the ball inside the box.

Hansen stepped up to take the penalty for his hat-trick despite Daniel Jinadu diving into the right direction.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • stupid people ! May God punish all of you

  • okponku 2 years ago

    why them no go loose wey na cabal children make up the team`- next blunder na olympic men team. make una then complete the gbaje. which way nigeria by sunny okusun

    • I said it; that they would crashed out the same way the u20 crashed out of the world cup just because the two team were set up with the same stupid and corrupt mindset.
      The only thing that surprised me was that it’s so early.

  • Most of Nigeria ex footballers dont know when a team is good or bad some of just come to socia media start praising handicap team like golden eaglets before they left Nigeria we all know that Manu Garba and his coaching crew for two years failed to assembled a intangible team , Manu Garba is not qualified to handle any of Nigeria team he failed at the under 20 level now he failed woefully in brazil, Ammunike should be called back his a discipline coach, when you watch Japan, Brazil, Italy, and spain you know they prepared fine for this tournament two good years to team to show next under 20 no Nigeria has got no team to advance to that stage.

    • okponku 2 years ago

      brother no worry urself because manu garba will in the next coming month get another national appointment. na dem dem now. my brother dem no dey chop aduro for jakata now

    • Did they sack aibogun after u 20 ?

  • So sad, i said it several times, that if they conceed first, they will loose.
    Even Angola better pass them.
    What a shame
    Curruption and quota system. When when did we see a team of majority Eastern nigeria plus Edo and western nigeria loose scandalously like this in an age grade competition?
    Aboki will run nigeria into the ground , that’s all they know how to do.

    Where is Kojo Williams, make we bring him back to NFF before it is too late.

    • Edoguy 2 years ago

      thank you so much sir for making this important notice

      these players are substandard.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    I had much expectations on this team because of Manu Garba but this serves as a lesson that past history doesn’t win the future. And the moment you start allowing external factors to rule your conscience then you’ve lost it. The goalkeeper and defense is the biggest shame I have seen so far in Nigeria.

    I am one of the fans that love any Manu tutored side but this time he has failed and put me to shame!

    All the same the future is bright everyday no be Christmas Amoo , Olusegun, Off form Ugbani and Tijani are a future SE material. Manu it’s not late to go back to late Coach Yemi Tella’s dream of total football made of the purest talents on the land!

    • FatherJP 2 years ago

      Objective assessment completely and totally devoid of tribal/ethnic undertone.

      May God bless whatever you touch brother!

      You just made evening.

      Amunike won in 2015 failed in 2017 with Flying Eagles, qualified Tanzania to Afcon…a coach is always as good as his last results..ask Mourinho, ask Ancelloti, ask late Stephen Keshi, ask late Sabastian Brodericks Imasauen, ask Joachim Low….the list is endless!

  • When the names of Nigerian teams reflect quota system, then you better know that they are not going far. When other countries select their best, we are busy using quota system to select our teams so they can reflect federal character because of the financial opportunities, well it’s a pity.

    • Please can u show us the proof that we use quota system. Instead of coming here and saying nonsense

  • The problem is not the coach but the system of corruption in Nigeria. most of the players in that squad don’t deserve to be there, but because of powers that be. the coach doesn’t have any say. so how will have enough time to build a squad with inadequate players

    • okponku 2 years ago

      onyibo man go quit on his situation but he still go ahead with the team, so the blames goes to him.

  • Why won’t they fail. When they assembly majority hausa boys who are not intelligent. Previous victorious team are made up of vicious eastern boys who are more intelligent. Anyway, na nemesis. Make they pack well

    • @Bill you and your likes are the real problem we have in this country. Everything for you is seen along tribal lines, you are disgusting, by your decorum you would do worse if you have the opportunity so just shut up when concerned Nigerians are truely lamenting our plight. Shut up and go back to whichever jungle you came from and continue to live out your jungle principles with your kind.

      • Godwins 2 years ago

        Forget the manner in which @Bill said it. Most victorious teams in Nigeria have had majority of their players from South South and South East. When the US born boy complained, we called him names. Now we have seen it ourselves.

        • Koladoc 2 years ago

          Rubbish. Yemi Tella team had many Yoruba and northerners and won the world cup

  • Every honest person saw this coming long long time. Only pretenders who will always defend things not done d right way, refused to see this. You don’t need a seer to tell you Manu n co wickedly dropped better players like Akande, Ebiomwe, Oduko etc for some very low quality players to represent Nigeria. What a let down to Nigeria. It’s not just about us losing but d quality has been sooooo poor. Amoo is just about the only pure talent and sad for him,as his understanding was too high for others to come to party with. His quality needs same level quality of other players to be in full gear.

    • FatherJP 2 years ago

      Objective assessment completely and totally devoid of tribal/ethnic undertone.

      May God bless whatever you touch brother!

      You just made my evening too.

      Another sound analytical mind!

      Less than a month to this WC Manu Garba was still working with a pool of over 50 players. It was clear that when he hit home stretch it would be very hectic, cumbersome for him to settle for the best considering the external factors that always goes with naming a final squad.

      But for some narrow and shallow minded ethnic bigots to claim one tribe is more superior to another cos this team didn’t meet expectations is laughable.

      The 2003 set dominated by a particular ethnic group with Mikel Pbi coordinating the orchestra didn’t even make it out of the group stage yet that team had Mikel, Ogbuke, Isaac Promise win silver in 2015 U20 WC and 2006 Beijing Olympics!

      The 2007 set that won the trophy can’t boast of one player playing top flight football anywhere bar Rabiu Ibrahim in Slovakia.

  • khalil 2 years ago

    Bill it’s clear you know nothing about football and you are just a cold blood unhinged tribalist .
    What has tribe or region got to do with football ?

    Criticise the coach for selecting players not good enough for the team,not making it seem as if no good player can come from a particular region.
    Ibrahim Sa’id who scored hatrick against Ecuador is a Yoruba-Ibo?

    After all it’s an age grade competition to discover talent not necessarily to win trophies.

  • Nigeria is the way it is today because of corruption and nepotism. This two cankers have eaten into every fabric of the nation. The Nigerian citizenry have been so battered by these two cankers that she does not even know when to say enough is enough to stealing, corruption, mediocrity, and tribalism.
    How else can you explain a situation where people will see Black and call it White! Certainly corruption and tribalism have so much eaten into the psyche of the Nigerian people that they don’t know when to stand up for what is right anymore.
    This under 17 team has been poor right from Africa but some people just decided that poor performance is okay and acceptable as long as the team qualified for the Under 17 world cup and kept managing to win matches at the Fifa tournament!
    You know something is wrong when a Manu Garba that previously produced a world beating team can even not produce a team or players with skills and qualities close to the ones displayed by the team and players he previously produced. We are all Nigerians and we know corruption, egunje, man-know-man, “influence from powers that be”, etc when we see it.
    Looking at this eaglet and their display, one could confidently say that they were not selected on merit. At under 17 level, Nigeria has shown over and over again that she can produce world beaters. So, when we see players donning the much cherished green and white jersey of Nigeria, display poor skills, unintelligent play, and lack of purpose or direction on the field of play, then, we can only conclude that they are not the best Nigeria can produce and certainly, were not selected on merit.
    Excellence and merit knows no skin color, ethnicity, or political affiliation. What it knows is excellent performance. It gives extraordinary and high class performance room to operate and thrive. But sadly, in Nigeria, merit has no place!. What has been given an unfettered opportunity to operate is mediocrity; a vice purposely enhanced by undue deference to corruption and tribalism.
    Nigeria will begin to thrive in all facet of live if she begins to imbibe a culture of meritocracy in very aspect of her national life rather than cultivating a culture of corruption and nepotism. Nigeria must change if she want to start rubbing shoulders with other nation in the comity of nations.

    • Very eloquently put Josh. You just described the cycle that Nigeria never seems to break. What is even much sadder and pathetic to me is the Nigerians who have no shame as to bribe their way into a set up they know if you are not prepared you will be embarrassed. Shows the very low self awareness and reflection among the influential class in Nigeria and Africa generally.
      Really sad and unfortunate that we don’t take pride in excellence, class and sophistication. We think other countries are just there to make up numbers and will let you have any measure of success without adequate preparation. I really don’t know when Nigeria and other African countries will get tired of playing second fiddle to other nations. Mindset needs to change and people in power begin to value their work and legacies. I personally will not attach my name or signature to anything poorly initiated or I know is mediocre, and not tested to be ready handle its purpose. There is a reason why the Klopps, Peps, Mourinhos, Contes earn multi million dollar salaries and are well respected. Even Emery  makes close to  $6million (N2 billion+) yearly. Even building up pedigree and earning $500k to $1.5 million dollars in an lower division European league or Asian league is way much more than whatever they collect in bribes. Helping no one. Coaches look stupid and the players only end up embarrassing themselves.

    • Ayodele 2 years ago

      Oga mi you deserve an award.well stated!!!! Gbammm

  • daniel 2 years ago

    in Nigeria if you dont have money or somebody at top, even if you play like ronaldo, them will not take you, it happen to me. the coaches will ask you to go bring half a million or morr before they will include you. even in our local league if you dont have anybody, you cant play for iwuanyawu or lobi stars, i went to trails in many local club but i dont have money and no body at top who can help me, cruption is too much in Nigeria. even super Eagle, if you dont have Godfather at Nff, no invitation for you, why? I know that this under17 will fail because those boyz are rich man children, they give bribe to officials, go to Aba, umuahia, lagos, you will see law talent, go to owerri, Warri, Bendel state, you will law talent but because they parents dont have money to bribe Nigeria coaches to chose them, with this type of curroption, we cant get our cristiano ronaldo or Miss. I was born with football, we didnt attend academy,likewise other poor man children who was a born footballers but no help. only Delta and Benin and igbos you can get law talent without bribe cos most talented kids came from poor family. make una enjoy de change

    • Mr man u better go to a mosque near to you and cry,u was a raw talent let my remind you that most of best footballers are from one of the poorest families in the world,the likes of kanu,Etoo,mane,ronaldinho,CR7,messi and many more,though I know dat corruption exists but if you was dat gud I wonder why u didn’t even play for a local club

      • Sometimes when people talk of certain doing better in sport than other regions we should learn to try to critically analyze if that is truly correct..

        I’m definitely not tribalistic, besides I have more friends from other tribes than my tribes and I so much value them, but sometimes some region can actually be better in certain areas which sport in part of. An example is the south Americans, the Brazil and the Argentine, it is well known that they produce the best players in the world compared to other part of the world and this might be related to their gene, they are more flexible with the goal than any part of the world, the Kenyans are known for marathon racing, Jamaican very known for 100 meter racing..

        This is the angle I wanna look at it, when you come to football in Nigeria the north are not the best, other tribes Do far better.. Nevertheless that doesn’t write off the north entirely they have produced some player like babagida, Ahmed musa, garba lawal and others but can you compare them to super stars like yekini, okacha, kanu, amuneke, Mikel, amochaki and others.

        If I may ask how many northern player have won African best player of the year, none actually, the west, east ,south is where natural players belong. Using our current super eagles as case study we believe rohn is not corrupt like many others how many norther player are in the team,, we sure have musa as our captain but he is only one,, it is dominated by other tribes..
        Don’t see this as tribakistic I beg us but reason critically to my points

  • I only came to read the comments of some cynical wailers here. It’s always interesting to see how nigerians mourn their losses as if say pesin don die whereas competitions like this are meant to expose raw talents for their career development and national usefulness, but all we’re concerned about is the trophy! So, we put the coaches and FA under intense pressure that we’ll later regret from in the future!

  • All of you are part of the problem of Nigerian soccer,, you all leave the real problem and start blaming individuals appointed to do the bidding of their masters. The root of the recent failures is our refusal to develop soccer at the school/ grassroot level, it is what you sow that you will reap.When you plant then you harvest what you planted during the planting season but in the case of Nigeria we want to continue to harvest without planting anything. Recently Togo beat our boys back to back, u20 Were knocked out at the same stage , we are not sure of the Olympic eagles, If you watch our boys even the ones in the U20, they all lack basic ball sense that cannot be thought at the National team, we must go back to school sports otherwise Togo, Benin, Liberia, Niger etc will begin to thrash our teams .

  • It disgusts me when i hear people use tribal sentiments to either credit or discredit a situation that should be looked at through the lenses of patriotism. Whether we like it ot not we ate all part of the problem, we only point accusing fingers when it hirts us and we are not the cause at a given time.

    CORRUPTION! We shout but celebrate when same corruption favours us. One of the worst form and source of corruption in Nigeria is TRIBALISM. We are not going anywhere, we die here together. AHAPS!

    • Collins 2 years ago

      Those time u think there was corruption is Nigeria not winning, how come you people can’t take ur own to win, oga u get it wrong, we havd intelligent footballer in this country, each region have there strength n weaknesses.

      South east anx west stil rrmain the bedt when it comes to football, arr yiu telling me that no Nigeria U17 can play more than this?

  • Eric Ibekwe 2 years ago

    Very bad outing for the Team this time which I think was mainly due to favoritism in selection. Manu Garba has won the world cup at under 17 before so I will not say he is a bad Coach. We should also learn not to hike players after victories in one or two matches which seem to get into their heads to misbehave in subsequent matches.

    • @Eric Ibekwe, the team setup is just bad. the goalkeeper and defenders are even worst.
      It’s good to praise them when they win matches for encouragement and to do better. Remember that some people were pointing out the errors of the team even when they won the 1st and 2nd matches. It’s not about praises getting into their head. Don’t forget that they lost the previous match against Australia. That should have been a wake up call for them.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    This dude should be pressed to tell us how he picked those clueless players, EFCC Should check his account for unusual activities, you can’t trust these goons, they would do anything for money. Now we have Aigbogun, Imama, and Manu, these  axis  of pay and play would eventually destroy our youth teams.From the first game we knew this team wasn’t good, but the know it all apostles and their mumu followers were here talking rubbish as usual. Now they’ve disappeared, trust me  folks they would crawl back, to lecture their followers, by blaming this failure on our league and lack of talents in Nigeria. We still waiting on Rolando Abba to rescue this team. Yeye

  • Andrew 2 years ago

    Well it is almost like I had a mystic ball to see the future. I said when this team meets a team that can defend, they will be found wanting. First i would like to say a big well done to the Netherland players who were outstanding. They played us like we were supposed to play them. Now the team, I hope we have people waiting at the airport to boo them because, they played like amateurs playing football on a Sunday for fun. No anticipation, intelligence or style in there play. I was not proud to be Nigerian from the Australian game. The number 13.. Amoo, I swear he is overaged and I am sure there are others in the team like him. just look at his face and yet boys smashed us.

    when we as a nation understand that people should be given places in whatever field on merit and ability, that’s when we would move forward as a team. European teams will look the other way now meaning we have lost a whole generation of players to progress to the next level….again I end with my first observation…THIS TEAM IS NOT RIGHT!

    • FatherJP 2 years ago

      What makes you say that European teams will look the other way round??? How is Amoo over aged??

      Do you know how many members of that team that failed the MRI TEST??

      Nigeria failed in the quarter final stage @ Scotland 89 (equivalent to 2nd round now due to more teams) yet Victor Ikpeba went on to play for notable European clubsides!

      Lest I remind you that Mikel Obi and co failed in 2003 and the rest is history.

      Mark my words; Tijani, Amoo, Ubani,Olusegun will go places

  • That there’s corruption and nepotism in Naija is true. But we Nigerians ourselves have our own problem. We always want to win every competition. Manu Garba won this competition 6 years ago, now he has crashed out with the team. To me, that is not the end of the world. You win some and lose some. Joachim Low won d world cup in 2014 but his team was disappointing 4 years later. He wasn’t sacked bcos of that. Let’s learn to be patient. This competition is to discover new talents and I believe he has discovered one or 2 raw skills in this team

  • Can we take tge positives and work on the negatives. We cant all win at all times. Thereare some good players in this team for tge future.

  • francis 2 years ago

    Manu and Ugbade should leave the nigeria national team alone,untill they have purge themselves of tribalism and nepotism,and they have come back from refresher courses,because both of them have lost touched of modern day football and tactics.

  • Ayodele 2 years ago

    well u may be rite but wat I observed is dat the crew conspire against the team by bringing in players without any visible natural talent while those that have talent work themselves out and one cannot make a forest at least they will pass the ball to someone to move forward or score and depends on someone to clear ball from defense and depend also on keeper to stretch his hands to catch ball for this natural talent can’t use there hands.so u can see wy I said the crew conspire against the team. Did you observed that the defense always look at the keeper with sorry face bcoz they know that the keeper is not it all even some of this naturally talented players can do far better if converted to a keeper . can you imagine the crew kept fate with a keeper who as been letting in goals average of two per game while keep others on bench.why is it dat they refuse to test other keepers even in a dead rubber game ? this shows that they are not in control rather they play out wat will serve as monetary Gain at the end. shame on every one of them for putting Nigeria to shame. ..

    • Is it the keepers fault that we lost. Did you even watch any of there games. Please go back and watch there games before you start saying something ridiculous. None if the goals conceded at the tournament was the keepers fault.

  • okponku 2 years ago

    for other country dem go organize press confrence forb the coach and team when them come back but u no ge see such thing for naija. even the boy wey them take change regular player no even warm up talkless of playing 2seconds in the tournament. them say why only one set of the country dey fuull our national team. make una dey see the results. it don hapenned for u20, now u17, chan team also the next na olympic team. which way naija? onyibo coach after such disgrace go quit immediately but for naija dem go even promote am make him handlen the olympic team , if dem ever qualify for olympics. take salisu case case as an example

  • naijafirst 2 years ago

    when personal and tribal interest supersede national interest, that is the result. Citizens of great nations consider national interest first irrespective of tribe and personal interest. My heart bleed for naija.

  • Westerhof is still alive and shouldld be contacted on what he observed before making all his backline from South east, west and south south. During one of my visits he said that the players from these region are mentally stout and he almost took them all to the Nations Cup and UsA World Cup. Pls Geography and other things can influence who plays better in terms endurance. just like other sports where thiopisnd snf Kenyans hold tightly marathon. look at the northern professional soccer teams , they have also started making their teams stronger with south players example Kano pillars.  Pls review the USA 94 teams and see the direction of my write up. Other regions are represented by variance in statistics.

    Onyemenam writes from Texas, USA.

    • Though I am from Edo state i dont think tilents is actually depending on regional or tribal defferences. Nigeria has tilents everywhere both north and south the south has bin more sucessful becouse they put more interest on sport compare to the northern kids secondly the south got more foreign agants than the northerners that is why u see more southerner up there. Never the less the north is really tilented. For example i dont think mikel obi is a better no 10 comparing him to rabiu ali of kano pillers. If that guy was igbo he will be in better situation than just eagles. 2004 when udeze of east was outclassed by the level of the games(afcon) garba lawal came in to our rescue playing left back like rock. Wen jay jay okocha in 2000 afcon was redcarded and mixed the semis against south africa tijani babangida came in to rescue us. Meanwhile our over rated southern kanu dont have a goal on afcon after playing about 7 nations cup. Sani kaita was the man behind mikel sucess at the 2005 under 20 wcup but nobody credited him becos na aboki he later proved to be better in olimpic 2008 wen mikel was not there he was the engine of our midfield and we got to the finals. Wat about ahmed musa our world cup highest goal scorer. Finally to shut our tribalists mouth. The 2013 worldcup that brought out iheanacho was not the so called south south player show alone i personaly think yahaya and the captain musa muhamed where also verry influential as well infact without those two guys we for nor smell the cup. Let us stop sentiments the onlything that is affecting most norther footballers is lack of edication in the north and most of the tilented once canot speak english and also difficult for them to cope with foreign languages. Once again Nigeria got tilent every where. For the under 17 i think its normal when we worn it twice shaybe brazil and uroguay and mexico and argentina collect from us ? Are we a better football nation than the above mentioned? u and i kno its a NO. But these coutries didnt kill their boys they kept on working on them so we should. Lastly let me remind u guys that the under 17 team of 2003 in finland captained by mikel obi coached by eguavon failed to qualify from group stage there after with a little update by coach siasia bringing in the likes of taiye taiwo sani kaita chinedu ogbuke okoronkwo and keeper vanzeki same team reached the under 20 world cup final 2 years later. So patience my people.

      • FatherJP 2 years ago

        The man who owns the night!

        Kaiiiiii…..smae way I enjoy reading poetic analysis from Deo, Dr Drey, Hush etal!

        I said it’s these indomie generation kids who know nothing about history and about the country as a whole.

        I am Yoruba, married to an Igbo, born in the north. I will tell you that Islamic education system is the major reason why most northerners don’t play football professionally. Not for lack of talent or skills. Lack of Western education and it’s attendant consequences to wit; inability to communicate in English is a major draw back.

        For anyone to claim becos certain tribes dominated the team bla bla bla…I love your post bro. No ambiguities, full of points and verifiable statistics.

  • The Nigerian team was so porous. The coaches dropped quality players for low quality due to the NFF and everyone can understand how corrupt these people. Go to Aba State, Delta State, Imo State and Lagos State and pick raw talented boys. Check out the Japan’93, 2013 and 2015 squards.

    The NFF is so corrupt and have ruined Nigerian football.

  • Manu Garba gone for good

    Thank God this NFF are not you Fans

    Manu Garba frustrated the efforts of the nff president/vice in trying to catch our truly young foreign born player early so as to avert future tugs of war with other nations but no the man kept insisting he had better players in camp…
    My pain is that those mistreated kids will now have a bad perception about playing for us in the future
    Not forgetting the same Manu dopped OVIE EJARIA, SHEYI OJO and this ejike of hereveen suffered the same fate in 2017
    Now the narrative of 2019 is much the same with players like Omidiji, Akande,the American tall defender and arsenals Ebimowei…i tell u ,if we had this performance with the aforementioned guys it would have been acceptable a bit for the gains of genuine u17 players and their early allegiance to our flag

    Manu can join Aigbogun as national team player Scouts

    • That idiot so called chief, a local champion from d sound of it, must be exposed. Sometimes, I just wish nigerians who worship these so called money miss road bunch of idiots, come see them outside the shores of Nigeria. They always look timid, stupid and totally out of place. Reason they always return back to Nigeria as soon as they come, because outside nigeria, they belong to the lower class, as intelligence/ creativity/ decency is what influences class level in all such civilised countries, not money. Reason crooked wealthy people in such civilised countries, always humble themselves.

  • I have read the comments so far but sincerely, we must not expect to win at all times. One, the lads tried but were just unlucky to beat the Neds. I would advise everyone to have faith while waiting for the next tournament which is not even far away. Said, Amaoo, Enahare or whatever his name, are indeed very good.

  • So,so sad. The worst Golden Eaglets group so far. No department was good. Many should be replaced.
    We learnt she they won in 2013, it was Amunike’s input that led to that. No wonder when Amunike was saddled with the responsibility of leading the Eaglets, he also won.
    It’s a disgrace to our great nation, Nigeria. Not just because we are out but because the boys were not just good. But were the boys Garba went with the best legs?

    • Here we go again, when coach tella won, they said manu garba was the brain behind the team winning, he was appointed coach and won the title in 2013. Now when coach Garba won, amuneke was the brain behind the success of the team. Where are you people getting your informations from. Please stop misleading people if you don’t have the facts

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    When I called them pay and play coaches some clowns was asking me for proofs, Manu Garba, Amunike, salidolar, and Aigbogun bunch of same feathers.these local champions are too corrupt, they can’t never dispatch their duties with fairness, they lack the honor and integrity to be fair, precise they live in a shithole country so we can’t really blame them.

  • @ Sunnyb I will disagree with you, if you add Amunike to the mix of corrupt Coaches, looking at the squad he assembled for Nigeria, the likes of Victor Osimen and others from a very poor background will not have made the team, Amunike’s team was a joy to watch, with array of pure talents.