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Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Netherland (2019 FIFA U17 World Cup)

Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Netherland (2019 FIFA U17 World Cup)

Welcome to Completesports.com’s live blogging of the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup Round of 16 clash between Nigeria and Netherlands

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold at the Estadio Olimpico, Goiania

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  • Naija Man 4 years ago

    It is Netherlands-2; Nigeria-1 in just 16 minutes.

  • But how did Garba come up with this kind of defence? This is the worst in the history of Nigeria. Its ridiculous

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Is this really a Nigerian team?

    • Naija Man 4 years ago

      Yes oooo, na Naija team o. We said it here the first day that the team is not good but we were attacked for speaking the truth. Even if they win today’s match, it is going to be by stroke of luck because I can see them coming home after the match.

      • This naija U17 will likely crash out today or – if they wobble through again – in the QF. This is not a team. This is just ‘gather and play’ and ‘show yourself to scouts watching.’ Shame on you, Garba. I’ve said it, anything in Nigeria that is not subject to public scrutiny (like the SE) is typically manipulated. Even in the SE, the continued invitation of Ezenwa and Onuachu are still questionable.

  • Unique 4 years ago

    Please who have link o?



    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      …the team is highly compromised with inferior football players… So much money exchanged hands to come up with this team as our representatives… Manu Garba played in U-20 Moscow ’83 and Nduka Ugbade played in China ’85 and Saudi ’89 both youth team products… How they selected this set is very shameful… Who noticed that Etim playing left fullback is even a right-footed player… What a shame!!!

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    These Dutch are so annoying with their delay tactics. The keeper most especially.

    But what kind of defence is this?
    Chipping in 8 goals in 4 matches? Average of 2 goals per match. This is highly unacceptable!
    What is Manu Garba teaching them in terms of defence?
    I can’t just keep awake in vain.

    • Naija Man 4 years ago

      Look, our #5 & 6 are not good at all. Please go and view the highlights of all goals scored against us at the group stage and you will find out what I am talking about.

      • Unfortunately he only went with five defenders. He has no replacement in the bench.

      • Nnamdi 4 years ago

        Yes the 2 ibo defenders, they cost us this game

      • Yes the 2 defenders didn’t understand each other. Clumpsy mistakes from both of them. So also is the attack. They had several chances to equalize or even go ahead, but hey they are just kids learning the game. There is always a next time

  • It is abysmal. Shameful to watch this game. The coach is tribalistic. The boys on that pitch are dull. Intelligent belongs to South and East when you talk of football. They are playing with our heart. Picnic is the best NFF president. There are Hausa and yoruba Cabers in that class house. God bless Nigeria.

    • FatherJP 4 years ago

      Is Dele Alli from the South/South East?? He played in Semi Finals of a FIFA WC and won bronze @ Uefa Nations League

      Is Manuel Akanji from the SS/SE?? He played in the quarter finals of a FIFA WC and Semi First of Uefa Nations League

      Is Patrick Owomoyela from the SS/SE?? He won bronze @ 2006 FIFA WC

      Is Denis Aogo from the SS/SE?? He won a bronze @ 2010 FIFA WC

      Kylian Mbappe is the only man with a Nigerian blood in his veins to ever lift a FIFA Senior WC…hie Nigerian heritage is Yoruba! Google it

      Dominic Solanke, Fikayo Tomori, Ademola Lukman and Seyi Ojo..do you know what’s common about them??? They are the only players’ with Nigerian blood to ever win the Fifa U20 WC. Pls tell me where the bearers of those peculoar names hail from. SS/SE???

      May be Germany and England are governed by Yoruba tribal cabals! Lol

      Pls before you run your mouth I public, do your findings well!

      Pls mention one single SE/SS player who has achieved any of above.

      • FatherJP 4 years ago

        **sorry, Patrick Owomoyela didn’t play in 2006 WC. He actually won bronze @ the 2005 Confederations Cup hosted by Germany. Another record from a tribe that doesn’t know how to play football. Lol!

        Take it or leave it the most successful Nigerian tribe when it comes to sports generally are the YORUBAS!

        Facts don’t lie.

        I don’t like tribal/ethnic arguments cos I consider them childish but I think we need to set some recoreds straight especially for those ‘indomie’ generation who started following Football with the Advent of DSTV etal!

        The only Nigerians to have won the World Heavy Boxing titles are Samuel Peter (SS), Henry Akinwande and Anthony Joshua…I hope you know which tribe they are

        The most successful Nigerian Basketballer ever; NBA winner, Olympics champion is Hakeem Olajuwon…guess what tribe he is

        Tje most successful ping pongers from.Africa Atanda Musa, Bose Kaffo, Funke Oshinaike, Aruna Quadri…find out who they are pls

        Scrabble, Chess, Athletics, …name them

        So pls lets respect one another and love another rather than try to disparage and cast aspersion on another tribe just because something is not working at the moment!


        • You have said it all. Those morons saying because ibo players were not selected. Please the no 5 and 6 where are they from, and wasn’t it there mental mistakes that cost us this game. The team lost collectively. There is always a next time

        • How where did u get ur stat from.who won nigeria first common wealth gold. How many igbos has won the olympic gold n how many yorubas.bt track and field.how many yorubas has won african best player both female and male.guy go get better stat.

          • My friend go and sleep, at least he mentioned the achievements of the yorubas. You have not called out one name so far. So please stop sprewing garbage here here if you can’t defend yourself

    • my friend as far as football game concerned. they are not Nigerians. think about it

      • FatherJP 4 years ago

        I have no problem with that. My simple question I what tribe are they??

        You must belong to a tribal or ethnic grouping regardless of yoir nationality.

        Since people from SW are not intelligent footballers, how come they are the most successful internationally??

        Why didn’t Germany take any SE footballer to the WC or Euros??

        Why didn’t English find any of them worthy to represent them in majpr championships??

        Swiss nko??

        France with Kylian Mbappe Adesanmi nko??

        Tomaori and co nko??

  • Who is watching with me?
    The same old problem unresolved.

    Defence issues and profligacy at the goal.

    I see them coming home.

    • I can see there is no coaching done at all on these poor kids. They are just playing follow follow game, no tactics, no clear goal scoring chances created, poor finishing and a very woeful defence. 
      Garba and Ugbade are a disgrace

  • Worst Nigerian team ever!

  • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

    Penalty is all over nonsense

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago


    This is horrible!
    This is so shameful and disgraceful.
    Manu Garba failed woefully.
    So many teams are using us to break records.
    Australia beating us for the first time in their history. The Dutch crossing the round of 16 for the first time ever.

  • We have no world cup matarial

  • PLAYXXXXXXXXXXX 4 years ago


    • Oga keep quiet there. Your omidiji is crap. If he was that good why didn’t the dutch team go after him. Yes we lost, yes same mistakes cost us the game. At the end of the day it is a lesson learnt

      • FatherJP 4 years ago

        I guess no need to dissipate too much energy with you cos your write up obviously tells me you have limited information. Pls do have a good night rest nwannem! Kachifo o!

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    I guess its no longer fashionable to finish first in a group. A third placed team can wallop you. We are living witnesses.

  • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

    Some listen to commentary on radio while some watch on black and white television that’s why they will waste their time defending this team. I chose to keep awake so that nobody will come here tomorrow to tell me how well they played and unlucky not to win. I thought they will get to quarter finals but once again they did not disappoint me. Some insulted us for saying the obvious. Where are the patriotic? How come you people slept after watching champions leaque. Before you come here in the morning to write anything please go and watch replay. You guys has tried you gave your best and labored in vain not your fault anyway you can’t give what you don’t have. Wasted funds and wasted time.

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    If Manu watch the dutch destroy the U.S, he would’ve realized that Hansen is the danger man and was poised to be unleashed on us…..we deserve to go home with the type of football we played. We don win am 5 time already. I only see 2 or 3nsolid players in this team.

  • Now that is the beautiful price of CORRUPTION!

  • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

    Pls mention your 2 or 3 solid players?

  • Chudynak 4 years ago

    Chai! I said it after our loss to average Australia that this team will not go far. This team is a mess. Even the matches they won were by stroke of luck. What a shame

  • This Dutch team wasn’t even good enough. They offered basically nothing going forward. For them to have beaten us, it means that this Nigerian team is really worse off.

    The defence gave the Dutch this game. Very abysmal defending.

    This tournament is for breeding future stars but I didn’t see many of them in this Nigerian team.

    I hope the one or two players who stood out would go ahead and become stars.

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    First time in my life I’m not even sad or pained by a Nigerian team’s loss…..after months of training this man could not get a left footed left back lmaoo

  • Where is DR.DRAY,that was giving me statistics. Oya come and watch ur boys thay hv won, lol wat did we actually achived in this tournament.i no we hv won it 5 times atlist we should hv been looking for good talent to display.even if it group stage we comomt bro we no go vex.bt looking at this team i cant actually pick any,if i should just point hmm only amoo other nonesense even the captain.cup we did nt bring back noting to say for this team.we wish them well lol!as realmadried, liverpool, lol!!! Chelsea sign them.lol dr dray scount man i day see u ohh!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha…go and argue with FIFA who has listed Tijani, Amoo, Olusegun and Said as stars to watch out for in the future.

      At least FIFA is not as blind as some ethnic bigots, neither does fifa collect bribe from players agents.

      By saying the team will not go far in this tournament, you have not said anything new. Some of us have said that even before the tournament when they lost to Sao Paulo and Japan in pre-tournament friendlies and we have armed ourselves with tempered expectations since then and moved forward.

      Its the tribaly and ethnically bigoted ignoramuses of your ilk that have been rable rousing here all along hoping the proverbial basket would be able to fetch water.

      So go and get busy and lets enjoy the rest of the tournament…!

      • Guy u talk to much and it Is synonymous with your tribe.players to watch ok we hv watched them what next?nothing. 

  • Granted, the team has some great individual talents. It was just like the U20 team of Paul Aigbogun to Poland early this year. Essentially, both teams were consistently outfoxed, outsmarted, outplayed by technically superior (albeit individually less talented) teams like Australia and Holland. It explains why they were always falling behind in all of their games and playing catch up, conceeding a whooping 9 goals in just 4 matches.

    You do not just need a team of individually talented players to win games and tournament. What you need is a grade A coach who can beat a talented team with an average but well coached team.

    Perhaps Garba was missing the technical input of Emmanuel Amuneke? It’s just as they used to say about Bonfrere being the real brain behind Westerhoff’s successes. Amuneke had a hand in our last 2 junior world cup wins in 2013 & 2015. He was just unfortunate in the U20 coming up against a clearly overaged Sudanese “U20” who edged his team on away goals rule.

    The sad thing is that Pinnick and his goons will still retain obviously outdated Garba for the next U17 team, just as they have done with the clueless Aigbogun and the inconsistent Amakapabo.

    • Here we go again with all this stuff about amuneke being the brains behind so and so. If thats the case why didn’t he win the nations cup with Tanzania. And where did you hear that the sudanese were overaged. Why didn’t you report them to CAF or FIFA instead of cso.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Pls help me ask them where Amunike kept his brains when he couldnt qualify the u20s for 2017 U20 Afcon whereas Manu won the U20 AFCON 2015 in the absence of Amunike in the technical crew.

        I had always know that this will be the next innuendos these ethnic bigot will start spreading

        • Dr.Drey, you really need to stop viewing every point or argument as ethnic-motivated. I don’t dabble into such please. I mentioned Amuneke with a clear and unbiased mind, just as I would have mentioned any other person I think fits the bill, regardless of the background or ethnicity. If you keep getting irritated and pointing fingers by the unsentimental mentions of Amuneke, then the other 4 fingers may actually be pointing at you as the one who is bigoted.

          On qualification for U20 in 2017, I preempted you and answered already.

          As for the ade guy, responding to him isn’t worth the time and efforts. He’s just jumping from comments to comments like a self-appointed policeman with flabby points.

          And just to reiterate, I am firmly convinced about what I wrote up there. VERY FIRMLY.

          • I don’t need you to respond to my reply. But when the likes of you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute here and start saying rubbish, you need to be kept where you belong.

  • I hope those who said we should go and read about this eaglet on the pages of news paper if we are not satisfied with their performance and those who made reference to Fifa’s write up about this eaglet can now see that they are the ones who have been living in a world of illusion. What a shame!

    • Yes i will not bite my tongue. They have lost, you are free to go apply for Garbas job. Since you are a better coach and scout than he is.

      • I have only made referenced to what people like you have said on this forum because people like you decided to averse to the truth. A typical Nigerian problem. Extolling mediocrity, and kicking against objectivity and excellence!

        • Like i said go ahead and apply for the job since you know it better. Even the world best still make mistake and lose. And they move on. But your likes are busy spewing jargons about if only this ethnic was selected they would have performed better.

          Let them please bring back amuneke and lets see what he will do this time around

          • Show me where @Josh mentioned or alluded to tribe? Why are you and Drey getting all worked up? You mean, people cannot express their views again or mention names while doing so? You are, IN FACT, the ones smearing everywhere with bigotry. Psst, psst, breathe in and breathe out and read again – now with an open mind.

        • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

          Tell them my brother, they will write a long episode just to prove how good and well educated they are and better than others in this forum. They will attack you if you don’t belong to their calm. Do you need anybody to tell you that this is the worst under17 ever? Do you need anybody to tell you that this players are not picked on merit. Do you need anybody to tell you that Garba goofed here by allowing players forced on him? Surprisingly the supposed know it all we give you 1,000 reasons why players should be celebrated as a very young team. Why can’t people just call a spade a spade than twisting things.

    • @kel it is you that needs to take a deep breathe. Where did read that i was arguing with Josh about tribe. Please go back to our previous arguments. And the only discussion i had about tribe is those who were saying if ibo players were selected they would have played better

  • Kingmark Executives 4 years ago

    Worst U-17 football team nigeria ever put together. Failure of Nigeria 2019 U-17 Golden Eaglets is fruit of large scale NFF corruption.
    1-3 loss to 3rd best team was shameful. We have never had it so bad. Very porous defence, wasteful attacking line and confused midfielders. Arrogant, show-boating team, playing to the gallery!
    Fifa World Cup Tournaments are serious football business, only the best teams from around the world are invited. What would you expect from an African 4th best team?

    • What about cameroon the african champion. What were u expecting from them.since the 4th placed team played poorly

      • Cameroon actually took a weakened team to Brazil as their autocratic president signed a decree that said only players playing in the country can be selected for the U17 teay. Thus, even Etoo’s son who is the captain of the U17 team of Mallorca FC of Spain and the likes were dropped. I guessed the policy boomeranged. Be objective for once and stop defending sentimentally from thread to thread

        • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

          I wonder @kel what this guy problem is. He’s becoming so annoying

  • Whats that his name bitter kola or white kola stop giving ur same hope whe there is none.how many yoruba players hv won africa best male player none.even ur headmaster player mutu adepoju that u guys take as football king n how many yoruba female has won the africa female best only one oshoala no other one go check all list of both male n female best players my friend nah igbos n south south dominate.n whr did u get start that yorubas hv done better than igbo in every sports. Guy go check well both track n field my brother igbos dominate. Starting from first common wealth games gold. Ifeajuna,chioma ajunwa,mary n co my brother u no get stat.even the besket ball my brother igbos thay do very well.go check list of both female n male basket ball team of nigeria my brother igbos dominate even the most valuable player for female basket ball this yr is igbo i know if u browse for men igbo go still thay dr. N stop calling yoruba guys that hv switched alligence to other nations as an excus.bcs many igbo players hv done such b4.tank God david alaba no from yoruba haba we for no hear word! Well guys cant even produce a player like david alaba. Kpatakpata such like dele alli lol.boy i sign out

  • Guy u your self no fit qualify ur village team to any tournament.amuneke qualified common tanzania.nobody for your village fit do am.respect person way good bro

  • @ Lotanna, Stop deceiving your self. God that made us 3 main tribes knows what he’s doing…as we have the best from Ibo, so we have in other tribes….
    As we have Mikel, Kanu, Okocha..the most decorated, we have all time highest goal scorers with African footballer of the year award holders in Yekini, Odegbami, also have Martins…all time Nigerian best Goal keepers..Ogedegbe, rufai, Shorunmu, even other tribes like Enyeama, Aiyegbeni, Odemwengie, etc on track and field, u have forgotten Soji Fasuba so soon? What about Falilat Odukoya? Oluyemi Kayode?
    If there’s no Ibo player, Naija will still play, if there’s no Yoruba player, Naija will still play I beg

    • Except nah with juju b4 9ja will play well.if the yorubas whr that good benin republic wud hv won the nations cup.if the northaners whr that gud niger and chad republic wud hv won the nations cup.just use this small logical reasoning with ur closest bordaer country.bcs if u watch from the south n southeastern boarder our closest neigbour cameroon are just as good as us thats y thay cud win the nations cup.guy forgt all this sentiment all trbes dont play same football.if nt kenya, tanzanina, or bettee still all eastern african team wud hv been doing well. My guy check very well in africa all western coubtrys plays similiar football just that some get sense pass orhers same goes to northan africa n southern africa.bro ALL ANIMALS ARE NT THESAME its very simple u can only try once in a while bt u cant beat them.so stop using sentiment to kill this country.if u say the truth nobody go flog u just shame the devil. If there is any sports noth n west are better than the east brother we go thay respect them for that.so that 9ja go move fowrd.

      • Uchenna 4 years ago

        Reading every of your comments bro, all I can say is please I beg of you, GROW UP!

      • Nawa O!..so Benuin Republic is dominated by Yorubas abi? OMG! See geographer.
        Even Cameroon is full of Igbos? What of Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali with Hausa names? According to research brother, Yoruba ethnic group in Rep of Benin is just 17.6%.. I wonder how that carries highest number to you.

  • When personal or tribal interest supersede national interest,that is the result. Any nation that want to move forward, her citizens put her interest first in whatever they do.
    My heart bleed for naija.

  • The team played badly and that was very sad. Manu Garba really messed up this time and the failure of the team is by no means a surprise. But the saddest part of the story is some people who think their tribe is superior to the rest, while the two players who were the worst culprit in this team’s failure actually came from their tribe. This goosey boasting is nothing but a demonstration of inferiority complex and it is extremely sad.

    Pls let’s not take this further so that things do not get ugly. We do not want to destroy this beautiful forum with dopey assertions. It s uncalled for because issues bordering on tribes are very sensitive. Everyone on this forum is supposed to be an adult. However, if some are still behaving like babes, we can only appeal to them to grow up.

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      …exactly. people who are saying Igbo are the best footballers….where is Ferdinand Ikenna from? The guy probably was donated by a football academy with an agency agreement with some NFF bigwigs… In 2015 u-17 set….the guy who played defensive midfield was David Enogela….he was superb better than Tijani… He is from Makurdi but on coming for screening… He was told to sign with one of the affiliate football academy of one NFF top dog if he wants to be taken to WC…most of these players are donated by football academies of NFF officials or one which belongs to their partners… FIFA knows Nigeria football is rotten and we Nigerians also know… What happened was no different from the last U-20 yet Aignogun remained coach… Manu Garba and Nduka Ugbade has failed for two consecutive U-17 setups… 2017 and 2019…

    • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

      Well spoken @Debo what we need is the very best not minding if they come from one area of the country or not. Comparisons will not help matters. A Nigerian team has lost period. Why did they lose? Question that need consideration. Being sentimental here and celebrating mediocrity will only take us back. @Lotanna please save your energy from this unnessary argument

  • Nigeria is the way it is today because of corruption and nepotism. This two cankers have eaten into every fabric of the nation. The Nigerian citizenry have been so battered by these two cankers that she does not even know when to say enough is enough to stealing, corruption, mediocrity, and tribalism.
    How else can you explain a situation where people will see Black and call it White! Certainly corruption and tribalism have so much eaten into the psyche of the Nigerian people that they don’t know when to stand up for what is right anymore.
    This under 17 team has been poor right from Africa but some people just decided that poor performance is okay and acceptable as long as the team qualified for the Under 17 world cup and kept managing to win matches at the Fifa tournament!
    You know something is wrong when a Manu Garba that previously produced a world beating team can even not produce a team or players with skills and qualities close to the ones displayed by the team and players he previously produced. We are all Nigerians and we know corruption, egunje, man-know-man, “influence from powers that be”, etc when we see it.
    Looking at this eaglet and their display, one could confidently say that they were not selected on merit. At under 17 level, Nigeria has shown over and over again that she can produce world beaters. So, when we see players donning the much cherished green and white jersey of Nigeria, display poor skills, unintelligent play, and lack of purpose or direction on the field of play, then, we can only conclude that they are not the best Nigeria can produce and certainly, were not selected on merit.
    Excellence and merit knows no skin color, ethnicity, or political affiliation. What it knows is excellent performance. It gives extraordinary and high class performance room to operate and thrive. But sadly, in Nigeria, merit has no place!. What has been given an unfettered opportunity to operate is mediocrity; a vice purposely enhanced by undue deference to corruption and tribalism.
    Nigeria will begin to thrive in all facet of live if she begins to imbibe a culture of meritocracy in very aspect of her national life rather than cultivating a culture of corruption and nepotism.

    • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

      Nothing else to add @Josh you have summed it up. Any that countered you is an enemy of progress

  • chi pop 4 years ago

    There is a reason Brazil is more skillful than other countries in football, there is a reason you can’t compare Nigeria and Gambia in football, that same reason is why you can’t compare the north and south in terms of football playing ability in Nigeria, the earlier we understand this, the better for us

  • Olusegun. B 4 years ago

    For the love of God enough of all this tribal attack . Just because they lost , it I’d now an issue of yoruba or no yoruba issue. The truth of the matter is this football is now an awaken game for all nations. No one is a novice any longer.
    Secondly, the issue of the team organization started with the preparation for the afcon u 17 , assuming there was no MrI testing , there would have been a big problem.
    So they failed in this competition yet they are promising it’s better to learn from this experience and move on . Nigeria has won the u 17 , when have we. Ever won the u 20.
    Sony own advice, build on some of these players. Scout for more betrer players and build on the future . There’s still a lot of work to be done. Mikel was a member of the u 17 in Finland but didn’t win it . Yet he made it to the national team and also won accolades for club sides. Oshimen won u 17 but didn’t win u 20 yet he’s moved on . This has nothing to do with tribe. Pls those who tall about tribe over this issue should stop this . Therea a lot of work to be done on our senior team. We’ve not won u 20 and we are even yet to advance beyond the world cup in fact , we are yet to win it.
    Time to brush yourself up


  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Guy this team is bad period, I believed Manu Garba was compromised in picking these players. But don’t come here an insult the Yorubas. Yemi Tela won 2007 edition with mostly Yoruba players. Till today yekini and martins are the most prolific Eagles strikers of all time. You ve the right to call Garba out for selecting bad players, but don’t insult the Yoruba because of pay and play coaches 

  • Dennis 4 years ago

    I have been reading comments here and there. A lot of people needs to grow up mentally. We lost as a Nigerian team, not Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba, SS OR SE team. The team is simply not the best we could get and the blame falls on the coach’s table and NFF.

    NFF should send our local coaches on refresher courses to upgrade their technical knowledge of the game which will impact on our national teams at various levels in future. Blame games can’t help or solve the problems we see. Our local coaches are technically not there yet.