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Famous American Roulette Wins And Stories: Remarkable Moments In Casino History

Famous American Roulette Wins And Stories: Remarkable Moments In Casino History


The world of roulette is exciting for many reasons. It offers a complex yet rather easy-to-get-into gameplay that is further strengthened by the fact how social the activity is. American roulette in particular has created a fresh way for players to experience and enjoy the popular game.

Players from all over the country converge in places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City to try their hand at jackpot slots, poker games, blackjack tables, and not least – roulette! With the arrival of American roulette, interest in the game has been soaring, and there are actually very interesting stories that surround the game and its long history in the United States. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Chris Boyd
  • Ashley Revell
  • Joseph Jagger
  • Mike Ashley

Each of these names on the list have some interesting story to tell. In fact, Joseph Jagger won the equivalent of $10 million over 200 years ago!

Chris Boyd Who Bet Everything on Red

Scoring a big win on roulette is actually going to place you in the history of the game. Yet, there are some players who deserve more than an honorable mention and one such player is Chris Boyd. Boyd headed for the Binion’s Horseshoe Club in Las Vegas in 1994, bringing with him $220,000 in cash.

A computer scientist by profession, he convinced the casino to let him bet the full amount on a single number, but he similarly asked for the American roulette wheel to be converted to a European roulette wheel by covering the 00. Boyd won and immediately doubled his money to $440,000. He then, asked the casino to bet again and was allowed, going after red once again and earning $880,000!

Boyd was incredibly lucky, and he actually wagered his entire life savings on the two bets, something you most certainly you should not do! Even though Boyd’s story is one of blind and almost reckless luck, it’s definitely worth mentioning on our list!

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Ashley Revell Who Sold All to Gamble It All

Roulette is associated with, quite frankly, some extraordinary stories of daring. We do not claim that this is the right way to approach and gamble at roulette, but given the positive outcome of the stories, we have found compelled to share them with you. Next on our list, we have the story of Ashley Revell who decided to sell everything he owned.

He then said he would proceed to gamble it all on roulette, grabbing media headlines. Revell even had some other contributors join in and offer cash just to watch the man bet. Then, on April 11, Revell walked into the Plazza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas and placed his daring $135,000 bet on Red.

The wheel spun and onlookers paused their breathing with the ball finally landing on 7 Red, just like the case of Chris Boyd who won his first $220,000 wager on 7 Red as well! Revell was ebullient but unlike Boyd he said that enough was enough. He left the casino, pocketing $270,600 in gross winnings. He then decided to use the money to set up a poker company, Poker UTD, but this was later shut down in 2012.

Revell is surprisingly also a person with a good educational and professional background. He was an entrepreneur up to the point where he decided to sell everything and gamble it all on roulette – why? We would never know. Was it the right thing to do? We don’t think so. Still, his name will go down in the history of roulette!

Joseph Jagger and His Insight into the Roulette Wheel

The story of Joseph Jagger is not one that took place on American soil per se, but it’s still absolutely fascination and a worthwhile addition to our almanack of great events in casino history. Right, so Jagger was a British entrepreneur who visited the Monter Carlo Casino and soon realised that there was an issue with the tables.

They were biassed towards certain numbers due to mechanical error, which was not really an immediate concern at the time, as people were not aware that the wheel’s lack of balance could actually lead to specific outcomes more frequently.

Right, so what Jagger did was to keep betting until he has won the equivalent of roughly $100,000, which is around $10 million in today’s money. These estimates are really just a rough idea, but the fact of the matter is that Jagger did something staggering that no one else could repeat. He used the money to buy a property in Bradford and add to his net worth.

Jagger may not have been entirely honest about the way he has won, but even by today’s casino standards, as long as you do not cheat at the table, you are free to walk away with any winnings you grab!

Mike Ashley Bets it All on 17 Straight-up

Mike Ashley is another great story from the world of casino history. Once again, the action takes place outside of America, and all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in London. Ashley was a bettor who decided to try his luck on a single number. He bet £480,000 hoping to secure a straight-up win off a single number, and he did! Now, Ashley is also a well-to-do businessman so it’s not as if he was wasting away his savings unlike the other gamblers we have mentioned before.

And you know what? It’s even funnier that Ashley won on 17 Black, which is the exact same number that is favoured by James Bond! Okay, but don’t get the right idea. Ashley didn’t fly blindly placing a single wager. He actually played over the course of 15 minutes, and every time, he would actually place various wagers all of which covered 17 Black. For whatever reason, one of these wagers actually worked out and he walked away from the table with £1.3 million to his name.

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