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I Did Nothing To Become World’s Best Player –Messi

I Did Nothing To Become World’s Best Player  –Messi

Inter Miami superstar Lionel Messi has revealed that God has been the reason behind his football success.

The Argentine made this known while speaking about his footballing talent.

The 37-year-old, who is currently with Argentina at the Copa América in the US, told podcaster Juan Pablo Varsky that he has tried to make the most of the gift he was given.


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“It’s very clear to me that I was born like this because God chose me. It was a gift he gave me.

“I was always different. People came to watch me. I didn’t realize it, but I only began to understand that as I grew older.

“Of course, I tried to take advantage of it [talent], I tried to squeeze the most out of it, but the truth is, I did nothing to become the player that I already was when I was little.”

Yes, Leo’s got a gift—one in a billion, no doubt. But he’s not giving himself enough credit because he worked just as hard as any other footballer to become what he is today—the best player in the world.

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  • Please stop the cap he is nothing compared to Cristiano Ronaldo!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

    As a Madridsta Messi is rightly the GOAT there’s no debate about this. The talent is just too incredible that as a rival to Madrid he is such a bad news. Ronaldo is great but Messi is the Greatest and I’m glad he gave the Glory to God.

  • Messi cannot be the GOAT.. lol I would also be a GOAT if I had Inniesta and Xavi Hernandez feeding me the ball on a plate. CR7 on the other hand is the GOAT go ask any great player that played with him. And that is why they all do not admit who the GOAT really is. I personally watched Ronaldo win the league ij England almost single handedly in the mid 2000’s. No body has dominated the league like CR7 did in his short spell there needless to say the numbers he racked up in Madrid when he left Man UTD after Giving them a Champions League medal, (havent won since he departed yet Madrid won 4 with 3 back to back) numbers he would have definitely racked up in United, you may or may not remember how Man UTD struggled for 12 months after Ronaldo left.

    Also how come great attackers seem average when they are on the same team with Ronaldo?. I can name them Kaka, Bale, Benzema, Giggs, Rooney you name it. He ends Careers Kaka one of my favourite players even though I hate to admit it, never got over the trauma of how Ronaldo outshined him when they were both signed as the marguee signings in 2009 as attempt to revive the Galactiko’s era. Messi on the other hand couldnt really outshine Neymar and Suarez players they(Barca) signed to combat the trio of Bale, Ronaldo and Benzema after Real signed Bale. I Remeber seasons i.e. 2016/2017 (Neymar outshined Messi) and 2017/2018(Suraez Outshined Messi) when Messi was outshined. That doesn’t happen to prime RONALDO!

    The fact is the English media set out on a crusade to minimise Ronaldo’s achivements because of thier agenda and hate for him for 4 reasons. 1 2004 (Euro’s 2. 2006 WC quarter finals 3 How Man UTD felt let down by him leaving and 4. His persived arrogance something the Media started creating through Propaganda after WC 2006 wink.

    Lets not even Mention FIFA awarding him about 5 ballon do’rs he doesnt deserve the most 3 recent ones. Being 2020 meant for Mbappe 2021 meant for Lewondoski and 2023 meant for Either Mbappe or Haaland. Dont tell me well he won the WC well Luka Modirc didnt win the world Cup but won it in 2018 when France defeated them in the finals yet Ronaldo deserved that award for what he did with Madrid that seqson Thier back to back UCL being the clutch player and racking up all those goals so Messi didnt deserve it we cant give it to a black guy (Mbappe) so lets give it to Modric. Fast forward 5 years Mbappe the real MVP of WC 2023 had a amazing seaons with Patis but because he is black they give it to Messi lol because he won the world cup but couldnt even score 3 league goals lol.

    The fact is that Messi is a fraud a player who the English media used to elevate above Ronaldo purely because they cannit stand how he always wipes his yansh with thier National team in his haydays.

    • Keep lying to urself. Bro face reality and tell yourself the truth. Messi is a better player than Ronaldo.

      • I am not debating with you. On this i just mapped it out counter all you like but my facts speak for themselves. I started following CR7 from his signing in 2003, i still remember Wayne Rooney’s signing for Man UTD like it was yesterday… I watched these guys like glue on my TV i saw what Ronaldo did in England and remastered in Spain, by his move to Juve he was already slowing down pace wise but still racked up more than 100 goals. When Barca signed Messi in 2005 or 2006 can really remember and the English Media started overhyping Messi needless to say the same season Ronaldo literally won the League on his own 2006/2007 ( well well well) coincides with 2006 wink lol. Look I am not saying Messi was not good no doubt but Ronaldo was better the media just emphasised Messi more because Of reasons I have listed above factual reasons not pie in the sky. If you actually watched Ronaldo in those days his powe run how he drifts through the pitch it was something else at some point the guy used to even pass the ball to himself and collect his own pass. Mind blowing stuff those who cared to watch them both in those days and cut out the media noise will see what I mean. Ronaldo is so good he defined the way modern football is played post 2006.. you name it from Free Kicks to power running many players tried to imitate Ronaldo style of play and thanks to him the way the game is played Today was moulded around prime Ronaldo. Take it or leave it buddy!.

        You think modern players technique of how the shoot the ball the part of the feet that hits the ball is down to Messi?? Think again.

      • @Alex and again go and look at the teams Ronaldo Dominated and compared to the ones Messi did. you would see. Ronaldo was Messi’s point of reference not the other way around. Messi tried to do what Ronaldo did. Messi was the one always chasing Ronaldo’s shadows not the other way around, the English media just happen to control most of football coverage we get to see. Ronaldo is the most misunderstood Celebrity on the planed and that is simply down to English media. needless to say Ronaldo is the 1 footballer who has time for Pitch invaders Messi on the other hand gets irate and pushs them when they run up to him but Ronaldo is the mean one. Messi curses and swears at managers pushes people away in the street when they come up to his car, but to the media and they world they feed Ronaldo is the grandiose one! very ironic!

  • @Alex and again go and look at the teams Ronaldo Dominated and compared to the ones Messi did. you would see. I mean take time and review the games they had their wonder runs in their younger days. that iswhat i like in life the truth aways revails and the records speak for themselves the world now know’s the Ballon Do’r is rigged and it didn’t even take them to hang up their boots before that happened so Ballon do’r cannot be used as a case winner of their greatness however Who is the highest ever goal scrorer both club and national teams, who is the highest in assist in UCL wh is the highest ever UCL scorer Ronaldo when it is all done and dusted that is all we need to knw. because come that time as it is now it especially after Messi’s last Ballon do’r we knw the truth abut that award!

  • @Alex and again go and look at the teams Ronaldo Dominated and compared to the ones Messi did. you would see. I mean take time and review the games they had their wonder runs in their younger days. that is what i like about this life the truth aways prevails and the records speak for themselves the world now know’s the Ballon Do’r is rigged and it didn’t even take them both to hang up their boots before that happened, so Ballon do’r cannot be used as a case winner or reference of their greatness in the future, however the records can and will so, Who is the highest ever goal scorer both club and national teams, who is the highest in assist in UCL who is the highest ever UCL scorer Ronaldo when it is all done and dusted that is all we need to know. because come that time as it is now it especially after Messi’s last Ballon do’r we know the truth abut that award!

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 4 weeks ago

    Iwunze- I don’t get involved too often and in fact with some individuals I NEVER WILL, with some of these “characters” I find that I only blame myself anytime I accidentally or otherwise engage with the clowns of Nigeria
    Nigeria! what a society! what a people! SMH

    But anyway, before I digress too much, I just wanted to quickly come here and respond to your thread about CR7 and Messi – Bro, there is absolutely no comparison- the difference is like “chalk and cheese” or in 9ja parlance it is as clear as 7UP, CR7 is not even on the same planet as Messi is, nna biko o! Khaki no be leather now chaii!

    Regardless of whatever stats may tell you, Ronaldo really is not fit to even lace Messi’s boots – I know everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it but trust me on this one – Messi is Ronaldo’s oga on top everyday of the week and 7 times on a Sunday, there simply can be no argument about that even in the world of free opinions!

    Ronaldo is a different type of talent, he was the latest in a long line of talent like Thierry Henry etc and currently Mbappe is sitting on that throne and he will eventually eclipse CR7 without a shadow of a doubt.

    Messi on the other hand belongs to a line of real natural talents- people with superior God given physiology, anatomy, nature, mind and everything.
    The last one of his kind as far as we know was the late great Diego Maradona, and to be honest, we have not even identified the next one after Messi.

    Messi is a standout, once in a lifetime football phenomenon, while Ronaldo is an extremely well accomplished and successful footballer but who’s greatness came about through great dedication, application, hard work and a one-track mindset focussed on his goal.

    I will leave you with a reminder that – I hope you know, I mean if you follow football as I think you do, then you surely must know that Messi was born with deformed feet? FEET! along with one whole leg!- the most crucial factors in playing football, let alone becoming a great footballer – doctors told his parents that he would not be able to function like a normal person, he was not even supposed to be able to walk like a normal person, let alone develop great skill and trickery and most astounding of all very explosive speed for someone so short and with a naturally deformed leg and feet – so if you take all these into consideration and just open your eye and watch both guys playing, it is very surprising that you would still be of the opinion that CR7 is anywhere near Messi in football status or greatness.

    No sir, I respectfully COMPLETELY disagree with you there.

  • I know alot of Nigerians will disagree with this but in all honesty going back to watching them live CR7 teams were so powerful kind of like the way Man City is playing now that power CR7 was on his way to bringing that to Man UTD and had he stayed just 1 more season before Madrid I have no doubt they would have done the treble in 09/10 season.

    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion Nwanne nsogbu a dighi atol. Your points are noted but the English media had alot to do with that. This Messi is from another planet to Ronaldo is far fetched infact its the other way around in my opnion. Messi was over hyped and Ronaldo underhyped by the same media who had an agenda against him and whom happen to control most of the football coverage English speaking countries get.

    Ronaldo is better than Maradonna in my books but Messi is not go figure look at what Ronaldo is doing at his age where the likes of Benzema are failing, like I said a few years ago I dont know if you remember when the media was comparing a 35 year old Ronaldo to a then 32 year old Messi. i said lets see how Messi fairs when he is that age (Ronaldo’s age then). Fastword 4 years later well. There you have it. If he is this good now just imagine how good he is now. He shaped Modern football game like his then Coach Ferguson did Tactically well until Pep Guardiola came along lol.. but Nwanne Everybody is entitled to like his own player regarding these 2 they are both awesome stars but the Media let One of them down while over elevating the other.

    The hate for Ronaldo has not stopped his whole career look at Man UTD coming back and scoring the most goals of any Manu Player at the age of 37 out scoring Rashford dem and placing 2nd or 3rd in the over all epl standings at 37 yrs imagine if that was Messi? but CR7 still getting stick. Messi is in USA now at age 35yrs, at that age Ronaldo was outscoring Lorenzo Insigne and Lukaku dem in Seria A lol.

    Google Cristianp Ronaldo and see what they are focusing on. IMAGING Messi layed that assisr for Portugal’s 3rd goal last game or Imagine Messi banged in those 2 goals in Portugal’s last Euro’s warm up game and Ronaldo’s first just imagine how the over hyped would have been too much.

    No man the English media have been really unfair to Cristiano Ronaldo and the Media is very powerful and influences public opinion big time. You just have to have been privilege if you could have followed their careers from start. Now I am giving out my age hahahahahhehehlol

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 4 weeks ago

    Bia ka m kọọrọ gị ihe nwanne m nwoke @ Iwunze,
    Again I must disagree and bring to your remembrance some crucial flaws in your argument –

    You say it was the English media who hyped Messi over Ronaldo?? Hai! bros abeg think that your statement again oo
    If anything, they have been the biggest catalyst in the Ronaldo greatness train!

    How could that ever have been the case? (UK media hyping Messi over Ronaldo??) Haba!

    I for one am very very conversant with the UK media and have been for a long while now my bro, I have even worked remotely (in a previous life lol) at a few very reputable UK football news publications and I can tell you that the UK media rarely, if ever really focus their attention on anyone playing outside of the UK – Messi NEVER played in the UK and has had very very little coverage from them compared to Ronaldo who at one point was variously hailed as the crown prince of world football by the UK press – during his Man U days, under Sir Alex – make no mistake, it was at the very very tail end of his career in the UK after his first renaissance and he had left and gone to Spain and then came back after many years and started to have an attitude problem and various issues with the managers from Rangnik, to Solskear to Ten Haag that the media narrative about him started to nosedive a bit and even then, they still NEVER dared disrespect him because of the legacy he had already laid down and even to this very day, they still speak about him with the utmost respect and reverence – trust me! I tell you no lies on this one – so my bro, that your narrative about the UK media’s role regarding him and Messi is completely upside down and basically grabbing the wrong end of the actual stick – My guy, they even rated him higher than their own golden boys of the era – the likes of Rooney, Gerrard etc, so abeg reason that your argument well well my guy – anyway, I could write epistles on this topic but I won’t lol and I will also end at this point with total recognition of the fact that I had already mentioned that this is very much in the realm of opinions – I just feel very strongly about my opinion on this matter.

  • Lets go to Portugal, Ronaldo became Portugal’s Highest Scorer basically carrying an Average Portuguese side on his back most of his career. Average why because their Golden Generation was in their twilight when Ronaldo was bursting heavily on the scene that 05/06 season. If I am not mistaken the Luis Figo’s Nuno Gomes and Rui Coasta’s of this world were playing their last world Cups in that infamous Germany 06. But he still gave them a euros with an average Portuguese side in 2016.
    People dont realise how That wink v England in 06 really desimated any love the average English man had for Ronaldo even his Man UTD fans. Bro faced boos the whole 07/08 season where he really put on that bad boy suit because of all the stick in England. Remember by 06 season, they were still trying to forgive him for 04 lol ( Him and Rooney) add that to how he completely decimated any belief by the English that Man UTD have signed Thier Golden Boy Englands Golden Boy Rooney, by making him look Average while tearing English football a new one between 2006-2009 in the epl.

    Back to the matter at hand fast foward to Ronaldo’s Twilight now a new Golden Generation is springing up but he is still outscoring them if these are not Atributes of a phenomenon then I don’t know what is. Give Ronaldo Argentina infact imagine Ronaldo was from Argentina and the players they had all of Messi’s career even till date (albeit Portugal’s team is good now) the World Cup would have been Argentina’s for keeps FIFA would have been designing a new one now lol.

    P.s. by WC 2022 Ronaldo was old if Portual had these players with Ronaldo in for instance either 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups Portugal would have won 1 of those no doubt

  • Nigerians want to still use Ghanaians for Pepper soup because of 2022 qualifiers knock out imagine how English feel about Ronaldo dey play..lol

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 4 weeks ago

      LOL – the Ghanaians deserve everything they get joor o, abeg my bro, let’s not pour sand sand inside this sweet ijebu garri abeg lool! Those ones be mumus lool!

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 4 weeks ago

    Bro, I can CATEGORICALLY tell you that that famous wink, cost him NOTHING and caused no wahala for him at all back in the country in ’06, and saying that Ronaldo carried Portugal, is true but the exact same can be said about Messi and Argentina – abi you forget how long ago Argentina been win anything too? Bro it’s not only Portugal o, In fact Portugal has had relatively more high profile success that Argentina lately right up until this very last world cup that they won simply because of 2 players MESSI and “Dibu” Martinez the goalkeeper.

    • @Field Marshal, Haha bro come on, you have to give Di Maria more credit than that even that Flash in the pan Musa type player lol way get English name, the guy try Joor no be only Messi, Messi was good no doubt especially that final game but Di Maria was just as good if not better that tournament, and of course Mbappe was the best in the Tournament!

      Make we just agree to disagree, there is no doubt however they are both the Pinnacle of what footballers want or aim to reach.

  • Four four two 4 weeks ago

    Well said Gen. JohnB! May you walk and never stumble, may all your enemies fall into the ditch they dug with their own hands.
    Great points! Carry go big man.

  • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

    chale calm down nau – leave dey enemys nah juju be dat nau lol

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