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Iheanacho Happy At Leicester City Despite Lack Of Playing Time

Iheanacho Happy At Leicester City  Despite Lack Of Playing Time

Kelechi Iheanacho says he never considered quitting Leicester City despite lack of regular playing time at the club, reports Completesports.com.

Iheanacho has been limited to three appearances in all competitions for the Foxes this season.

The Nigeria international provided the assist for Jamie Vardy’s equaliser before netting a late winner in the 2-1 home win against Everton last Sunday.

Despite his lack of action and goals, Iheanacho insisted he never considered quitting the King Power Stadium.

“No I am happy here, everyone is happy,” he told the Daily Mail.

“The manager is a top manager who is friendly to everyone.

“I don’t see the reason why anyone could want to leave. I think he gives everyone chances, there are a lot of games coming up.

“I believe in myself if I get the chance. It happens in football, sometimes you can face trying times or sometimes you can play.

“It is a time I have to face in my life and just have to keep going. I just have to keep my confidence and be strong.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    I take this as a political statement…! Lolz

    Make January reach 1st make you nor comot from that place, the kind atori wey I go use com flog you comot dia ehn, u go think say na new yam festival masquerade jam you.

    “…I think he gives everyone chances, there are a lot of games coming up I believe in myself if I get the chance….”

    Why should you wait for crumbs of chances to come your way if other teams are willing to set a whole banquet of chances before you. Why choose to be an alternative if someone else is willing to make you a priority.

    Abi you dey hope say Leicester go win league…???

  • Stick to Brendan Rodgers, Don’t Leave Leicester City. The whole point of Iheanacho is not how much game time he gets, It’s his improvement as a player and, the self belief in himself.The only coaches at the moment in England who seem to be able to do that for a player are non other than Bredan Rodgers and Jurgen Klopp. Stick with Rodgers, as he promised when he took over at Leicester, he will improve Iheanacho as a footballer and from what I saw on Sunday, He seems to be doing just that. Iheanacho looked like a different player his first touch, His technique and his Control have all improved under Rodgers. Rodgers knows what he is doing clearly. Iheanacho should not make the mistake off leaving Leicester. And besides the fact that Rodgers introduced him on Sunday means he feels Iheanacho is ready for more game time and boy was he right Iheanacho played like I have never seen him before not even at Manchester City, His play was similar to that of Didier Drogba, is it to early to make such a comparison?, Maybe so but, if Brendan Rodgers keeps doing what he is doing and, Iheanacho keeps listening and working hard then the comparison to Drogba will be much deserved and not seem far fetched.

    I now believe Iheanacho will get more minutes lets see how he plays from start to finish of a game. The ball is in his court now to push on from here

  • Nigerians need to thank god for Brendan Rodgers that man is a god sent to Kelechi Iheanacho’s Career,.


    This above came out 8 months ago and Rodgers has kept to his word

    Kelechi’s Improvement as a player is all down to Brendan Rodgers people need to know this!!.. it is the same thing Rodgers did for Luiz Suarez and Philipe Coutinho.

    Nigerians should realise the reason Iheanacho has not been playing is because he was not ready. The reason Rodgers brought him on is because rodgers thinks Iheanacho is now Ready. watch and See

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    @ Ugo Iwunze

    While I am being tempted to tow your line of thought, I still think giving all the credit to Rodgers is quite overzealous.

    Kelechi just played his 7th EPL game and 9th overall out of a possible 27 matches, totaling a paltry 250 minutes of football under Rogders since when he was appointed in February this year.

    The Kelechi we saw over the weekend is not new to most fans…He’s the kelechi we used to know before his final season in man city when Guadiola got fed up with him…..the same Kele who scored a total of 21 goals in 64 matches for city as against 13 goals in 66 matches for LCFC…..stong on the ball, perfect balance, instant first touch, magnetic ball control and deadly anywhere around the 18 yard box.

    Kelechi’s talent has never been in doubt, it had always been in him. His fall from grace to grass was purely attitudinal…and his rise back to grace would only be by an attitudinal change. That is what is evident in him of late.

    Being left out of AFCON and subsequent national team endeavors, out of LCFC 1st team and many matchday squads and the possibility of seeing his young career go into ruins, coupled with behind the scene ‘sense talks’ is what IMHO has seen this kid resolve to change his attitude towards his career, quit all the unnecessary social razzmatazz he used to busy himself with and focus more on his football.

    That is not to say Rodgers did not pop in here and there behind the scenes, but the absence of Demarai Gray was the opening that saw Kele named on the bench for LCFC on sunday, and it was only fitting for the coach to introduce another striker when his team were trailing as at the 65th minute. In Rodgers’ pecking order of frontmen, Kele is 4th behind Vardy, Perez and Gray and we will have to wait to see if Kele is promoted to No 2 (where he used to be before), before we can conclude Rodgers “feels Iheanacho is ready for more game time”. If by next matchday Gray is all the above 3 are available and Kele still gets named to the bench, then we can rest assured Rodgers is 100% at peace with Kele as he is right now.

    Competitive gametime is the single most important factor in the career of every footballer. Of what use is his skills, techniques, self belief and fitness If Kele doesn’t get consistent gametime. Even the term ‘improvement’ is a function of number of games played…it is on that metrics a player can be assessed as having ‘improved’ or not.

    Its up to Kelechi to decide what is best for his career, but for now, its fingers crossed….!

    • That’s true sometimes in life everything happens for a reason and many a great players got their opening because another player up the pecking order was unfortunate with injury the whole thing is taking your opportunity when it comes I think iheanacho has grabbed his

      • I am sorry to say you are completely wrong Kelechi I saw on saturday changed the game. The Kelechi at MANCHESTER City and earlier Leicestrr City was one who had poor ball control and poor technique low on Confidence and the list goes on to the point that his Manchester city team mates hardly passed him the ball because they knew his level of control was weak. Give credit where it is due Brendan Rodgers should and is due full credit for the Kelechi you saw on Sunday bros. Facts!

        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          “…..The Kelechi at MANCHESTER City and earlier Leicestrr City was one who had poor ball control and poor technique low on Confidence and the list goes on to the point that his Manchester city team mates hardly passed him the ball because they knew his level of control was weak…”

          Hahahahaha….are you referring to the Kelechi Iheanacho in the videos below ( The one that scored 21 goals in 1228 mins – avrg of 1 goal every hour) or the Kelechi Iheanacho that is playing for Okobaro FC of Umuahia

          The beautiful thing about this internet age is that stats, facts and figures are just a click away. Lolz


        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          All of a sudden, it is Rodgers that has just taught Kelechi ball control, first touch and technique…as if we are talking of happenings in the ’40s and ’50s Lolz


  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Brenda Rogers is doing the right thing by trying to boast the boy confidence, but for the lad to reach his potentials he needs more playing time, if truly Rogers believes in iheanacho skills and talents he should plays him more, else iheanacho should seek a loan move in January.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Sorry, boost.

  • Kelechi will play a big role against Watford!, Mark My words.

  • Asoko Emmanuel 5 years ago

    Well,you are all right about Kelechi,cos the cacofony of ur comments is a fall out of your love for him.Whether he leaves the club or he stays all I need is that he should achieve his potential.The fact remains now that Rohr is the most fortunate coach we have both for present and the past.Am presently watching maja against Nimes and he has totally taken my breath away,scoring 3 goals so far and could score more the way he’s playing, that’s making it 4 goals in two matches hugely unprecedented.Big headache for Rohr and great privilege for Nigeria.

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