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‘It’s A Different Ball Game Now’ –Tunisia Boss Vows To End Super Eagles AFCON Run

‘It’s A Different Ball Game Now’ –Tunisia Boss Vows To End Super Eagles AFCON Run

Tunisia assistant coach Jalal Al-Qadri is confident his team can beat Nigeria in their second round encounter at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, reports Completesports.com.

The Carthage Eagles will keep a date with the Super Eagles at the Roumde Adija Stadium, Garoua on Sunday.


The North Africans have struggled in the competition with a win and two defeats from three games.

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Al-Qadri however believes his side can turn the table against the three-time African champions.

“Every game.has a game plan and we have a plan for tomorrow. We know that Nigeria did well in all their group games. But the knockout stage will be a different ball game,”the 51-year-old told a press conference on Saturday.

“It’s true that we have been handicapped by the abaence of key players due to COVID-19. This has affected our performance.

“The rest of the players are ready to defend the colours of the nation. We will give our best against Nigeria.”

By Adeboye Amosu in Garoua

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  • Tunisia 3. vs Nigeria 1
    48mins . 30 mins
    Og 92 mins

    If politicians are allowed into the dressing room before the game and during half time . This is the results…..

    • @Olu,

      I cancel this in Jesus Name.

      But on serious not, Eguavoen should shield the Super Eagles and never allow any politian to have access to them till the end of this competition.

      If any of them want to give the players money, they can do that without visiting the Super Eagles camp.

      God bless Nigeria.

      Nigeria will beat Tunisia tomorrow.

    • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

      Scoreline tomorrow will be Nigeria 2Tunisia 0 I will.

  • Michel 5 months ago

    Honestly I see Nigeria scoring thrice tomorrow but don’t know if Tunisia will score,I’m also happy that we are facing Ghana in world cup okay off

  • Egypt said the same thing Sudan said exactly the same thing even Guinea Bissau oga coach asked questions

  • John-I 5 months ago

    Nigeria vs Ghana for Qatar World Cup playoffs.

    Guys how una see am? I no like Ghana o.

    Anyway, we have a good team

    • Ghana no get football sense. They are only physical. No issue .

      My only prayer is for the appointment of good referees to officiate the two matches.

  • Seedorf 5 months ago

    Ghana vs Nigeria
    Egypt vs Senegal
    Mail vs Tunisia
    Cameroon vs Algeria
    Dr Congo vs Morocco

    • I guess Mali can qualify for the world cup for the first time if they put in their best against Tunisia. They have a decent team that can do it

  • Cosbec 5 months ago

    Nigeria will not miss fans because most Nigerians in Ghana will come together to support our team and I am 100% sure Nigeria will get a win at home so best of luck to our super eagles

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    This Qatar 2022 matchups… Massive. Ww drew our old foes again… No game is easy. Nigeria should go for win in both legs… Home and Away.

  • Papafem 5 months ago

    On the current form,we are better than Ghana. But between now March is a long time. I just hope players keep their form and pray they are injury free. We will surely beat them .

    • @Papafem,
      I say AMEN to your prayer.
      At The same time, God has blessed Nigeria with many talented young players across the world . Even those that are not available for this afcon will be available then by God’s grace.

      God bless Nigeria

  • My post is not directly linked to this write-up but I will still go ahead and make the post regardless.

    Many Nigerians have very wrong attitude and mindset. And believe me, many people in this forum are worse than Pinnick and other clueless, corrupt and directionless NFF. From the way some people make contributions here, if they have the opportunity to be in Pinnick’s position they will do worse. This became obvious with the way some people air careless opinions out of bitterness sometimes on this forum.

    The first surprising thing to me is some people wishing Watford goes to relegation because of Denise saga. That is immature and wicked. We have many players in Watford. What happens to them if Watford goes to relegation? Are we supposed to cut off the nose to spite the face? Okoye just signed a contract with them. What happens to him if they are relegated? Ekong has become one of the favorite names on our lips on recent times once again. What happens to him? What about Etebo and the rest? Just because Denise offended then and for the vindictive mindset, to hell with the wellbeing of other dedicated players right? If Watford goes to relegation Nigeria has a lot to lose. Van we just leave Denise alone and let him do whatever he wants with his career. That is his cup of tea. But for the sake of many other patriotic Nigerians, can we stop wishing Watford relegation?

    And the way some people insult Rohr is very ridiculous. Some call him stupid and some call him destiny destroyer among many other ridiculous designations. Thay is very unfair. I did not dispute Rohr’s deficiency in some areas. But he also had his areas of strength. NFF particularly made the matter worse by some funny games they were playing with SE. If NFF would do the right thing, there were ways to harness Rohr’s strengths and support his weaknesses. No one has it all. And in fairness to the man, he is honest. And honesty is what majority of Nigerians lack. And his honesty is part of the reasons NFF were able to play him that easily. He did kot know typical Nigerians well and he was gullible.

    Moses Simon could have been more discreet in his utterance. When the going got tough for him Rohr stuck by him against all odds. He played well under Rohr at some point and at some point he was supposedly played out of position. Was Simon not played as a wingback in his club back then? And we are glad Egu has done marvelously well so far in the tournament. But that does not mean all the players are pleased with him. Maybe Iwobi will also say he is being played out of position but is that enough an excuse for Iwobi? Let Egu not be the coach anymore and you would be surprised what some players and backroom staff would say. That is human being for you.

    I also wanted Rohr to go because the team had become stagnant under him, as long as they replaced him with someone better. And I doubt if the Portuguese man they chose would have been a better option. Coaches are hired and fired everywhere. Even many of the so called world class coaches experience that. That happens when there is a need for some breath of fresh air and SE needed that. Coaches are hired and fired. It is what it is. But the crux of my submission on this matter is that we should learn to treat people as humans, not forgetting they also have feelings. NFF treated Rohr very badly and same goes for many of Naija fans. Because people ain’t perfect is not enough reason to start hurling insults at them and start treating them as dirts, rubishing their achievements.

    Congratulations to Egu on his brilliant achievements so far in this tournament. And I wish SE a resounding success tomorrow’s match.

    • Lord AMO 5 months ago

      Well said my man. The case of Dennis is especially annoying considering it wasn’t Dennis who gaffed in the affair. Some of us just lack critical thinking skills but one must also place blame on the culture of misinformation that is rampant in the Nigerian media space. One minute one reporter will write one story, the next 10 others will write 10 completely different and often fabricated stories about the same incident. The end result is it leaves the population filled with lots of inaccurate pictures.

      On the insult thing, i taya no be small. Every little thing its one insult or another from Nigerians. We weren’t like this when i was growing up. What has happened to us as a people? Is it the frustration heaped on us by our leaders? I rarely comment these days because its become pointless. God help us o but we first need to help ourselves

  • SE will trash Tunisia on Sunday and I am so sure about it as these are my reasons
    1) SE is the only team in the Afcon that has not conceded a goal from open play while Tunisia has conceded 2 goals from open play.
    2) SE has scored against all it’s opponents so far in the Afcon while Tunisia has scored against only one opponent which is poor Mauritius.
    3) SE is playing on its home turf in Garouha because they have played all their games there and the home fans are behind them unlike Tunisia.
    4) SE has scored first in all the matches they have played so far and Tunisia has not conceded first and won the same game in this Afcon so far.
    5) SE plays the best Brand of football in the Afcon with a very devastating counter attack while Tunisia plays possessive football that in very vonulrable to counter attacks.
    6) SE has the compliment of their full squad while Tunisia has alot of absentees for the game due to Corona virus.
    7) SE has beaten a North African team already in this Afcon while Tunisia has been beaten by 2 west African countries already in this Afcon.
    You see it will take a very big miracle for Tunisia to spring an upset on Sunday except SE experience a very drastic and unexplainable lose of form within this few days to the match……… Tunisia does not stand a chance against SE and you can take my word to the bank.

  • OmoGold 5 months ago

    Thank you Sir Debo. I wish we can really be descent with our opinions and comments on this platform. Carthage Eagles are flying back to Tunisia on Monday by God’s grace. “I bleed green”. Super Eagles 3, Carthage Eagles 0.

  • Hassan Tia 5 months ago

    Are yoy drunken Olu how you put 3 for Tuinsia and 1 for Nigeria, on any logic how you found this result,revert to Akp analysis and how he appeard Super Eagles will beat Tunisia for the factors he presented by his analysis; Tunisia lost 12 players because of covid results, also lost thier boss coach Kabir then Tunisia is bossed with assistant coach; Tunisia have Shaky and weak defence; Tunisia scored four goals on a weak team Muritania by Al gaziri who is infected with covid; Tunisia goalkeeper has conceded 2 goals on an open play by west African teams Mali and Gambia; I think Tunisia under bad psycological situation now because of these negtive factors over them.


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