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Super Eagles Battle Perennial Rivals Ghana For 2022 World Cup Spot

Super Eagles Battle Perennial Rivals Ghana For 2022 World Cup Spot

Nigeria will battle with battle eternal rivals Ghana for a place at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Completesports.com reports.

The draw was conducted in Douala, Cameroon on Saturday afternoon.


The first leg will take place in Accra, while the reverse fixture is billed to hold in Nigeria.

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It will be played between March 23 and 29, 2022.

In the other contests, Cameroon will battle African champions Algeria for a place in the mundial.

Senegal will keep a date with Egypt in a clash that will see Liverpool stars Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah go head to head.

Mali will confront Tunisia, while the Democratic Republic of Congo will tackle the Atlas Lions of Morocco.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Emecco 4 months ago

    The die is cast. Super Eagles all the way.

  • Please NFF, use stadium with good natural grass.

    I don’t know the present state of Uyo stadium but believe that gov can make the grass okay before the match.

    Use standard stadium for this match please and don’t play politics with it.

    What Nigeria need is result.

    God bless Nigeria.

    • BIGSAM 4 months ago

      The home game would be played in mko Abiola stadium in Abuja.

  • Hahahaha. And we were making these permutations here last week when that Ghana boy was fuming and cussing cos people provided an objective verdict on the current tattered state of the Ghana team. Comoros has done the expose.

    • DA-chris-UC 4 months ago

      @Kel, I want to believe that was a tounge in cheek comment. You and I know the bad blood is real and our so-called west African Brodeys will not mind losing another match to Comoros island THAN losing to Nigeria.

      A win against Nigeria is like the Nations Cup trophy itself. It is OK to be knocked out by a ‘small’ country according to their captain but NEVER OK to be denied a world cup appearance by Nigeria. Shatta Wale and Burna Boy saw this coming.

      Take this to the bank, from this day this fixture is announced, all Ghanaians are on default an enemy till 29th March 2022. It’s gonna be WAR!

      • Olusegun.B. 4 months ago

        Howdy Bruv
        First and foremost the issue of WAR rants that you so call the Ghana Nigeria match is something you Ghanians fuel up as a result of your jealous mode. Nigeria have respect for you as well as any other team that they face . The super Eagles don’t need to scream and shout War and Blood like you guys do simply because they know what they want and are already focused at it already . There’s no gonna be any underestimation ,neither will there be any hanky panky attitude in this match .

        Inform Ayew and his team to cool their temper when they meet Super Eagles because that attitude have them a bad Representation of them . Cannot forget how they acted against their opponents in the Afcon.

  • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

    One thing about Ghana is that even if they are not in form or dont have good players…..Expect them to play like they are going to die when they meet Nigeria. They envy they have for us is always brought to the pitch like it’s war. We have to score in that first leg. Worst result should be a draw and I hope it’s a draw with goals.

    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      The envy* and now their sports ministry just ordered a complete overhaul of the backroom staff and probably some team members. The early exit from the Afcon dey pain them like mad. This is going to be a cracker and No time for some experimental portuguese. Eguavoen should just continue cuz this is serious business we can’t miss quatarto 202w with the array of talent we have.

      • Greenturf 4 months ago

        We qualified ahead of Ghana for the 2002 world cup history would repeat itself again.
        With fit Balogun and Osimhen back to the team coupled with a timely clearance of Lookman or a return of Victor Moses,we have enough ammunition to destroy the Ghanaians.

        • Edoman 4 months ago

          Nigeria will qualify for the World Cup. Ghana will never stop us.

        • You spoilt everything when you said Victor Moses. Who will he bench. Who will balogun bench.

          • Oni Bright 4 months ago

            Victor Moses will surely play in this super eagles team.

  • John-I 4 months ago

    Not a good draw. When it’s between Ghana and Nigeria, form doesn’t matter. Ghanaians will prefer to lose against Djibouti or Comoros than lose against Nigeria. That’s why they’ve beaten Nigeria 21 times against 10.
    I hope Super Eagles also play it like do-or-die affair.
    Anyone remember how Anthony Annan poked his finger into Mikel Obi’s eye? That’s Ghanaian mentality when playing Nigeria.
    I hope Super Eagles look into history and play dirty if need be!

    • Greenturf 4 months ago

      We have pedigree when it comes to qualification for the world cup.
      This will count it doesn’t matter how hard they try our present crop of players are a lot better so relax

    • John-I ..have you checked those 21 times they’ve beaten us. Most were some friendlies played in the 50s and 60s when Nigeria would choose street footballers on the street of Lagos to represent. Where was there spirit when we thrashed them 3:0 in PH in 2001 to qualify for the World Cup. We should continue With Eguavoen, he overwhelmed them to defeat in 2006 nations cup with attacking style football

  • Bring on Ghana……SE is way ahead of BS technically and we will bring it to bare when we meet in March……I can’t wait for the match……I just wish NFF keeps Eguaveon as coach till that time which will be dependent on us going far in the current Afcon.

  • My post is not directly linked to this write-up but I will still go ahead and make the post regardless.

    Many Nigerians have very wrong attitude and mindset. And believe me, many people in this forum are worse than Pinnick and other clueless, corrupt and directionless NFF. From the way some people make contributions here, if they have the opportunity to be in Pinnick’s position they will do worse. This became obvious with the way some people air careless opinions out of bitterness sometimes on this forum.

    The first surprising thing to me is some people wishing Watford goes to relegation because of Denise saga. That is immature and wicked. We have many players in Watford. What happens to them if Watford goes to relegation? Are we supposed to cut off the nose to spite the face? Okoye just signed a contract with them. What happens to him if they are relegated? Ekong has become one of the favorite names on our lips on recent times once again. What happens to him? What about Etebo and the rest? Just because Denise offended then and for the vindictive mindset, to hell with the wellbeing of other dedicated players right? If Watford goes to relegation Nigeria has a lot to lose. Van we just leave Denise alone and let him do whatever he wants with his career. That is his cup of tea. But for the sake of many other patriotic Nigerians, can we stop wishing Watford relegation?

    And the way some people insult Rohr is very ridiculous. Some call him stupid and some call him destiny destroyer among many other ridiculous designations. Thay is very unfair. I did not dispute Rohr’s deficiency in some areas. But he also had his areas of strength. NFF particularly made the matter worse by some funny games they were playing with SE. If NFF would do the right thing, there were ways to harness Rohr’s strengths and support his weaknesses. No one has it all. And in fairness to the man, he is honest. And honesty is what majority of Nigerians lack. And his honesty is part of the reasons NFF were able to play him that easily. He did kot know typical Nigerians well and he was gullible.

    Moses Simon could have been more discreet in his utterance. When the going got tough for him Rohr stuck by him against all odds. He played well under Rohr at some point and at some point he was supposedly played out of position. Was Simon not played as a wingback in his club back then? And we are glad Egu has done marvelously well so far in the tournament. But that does not mean all the players are pleased with him. Maybe Iwobi will also say he is being played out of position but is that enough an excuse for Iwobi? Let Egu not be the coach anymore and you would be surprised what some players and backroom staff would say. That is human being for you.

    I also wanted Rohr to go because the team had become stagnant under him, as long as they replaced him with someone better. And I doubt if the Portuguese man they chose would have been a better option. Coaches are hired and fired everywhere. Even many of the so called world class coaches experience that. That happens when there is a need for some breath of fresh air and SE needed that. Coaches are hired and fired. It is what it is. But the crux of my submission on this matter is that we should learn to treat people as humans, not forgetting they also have feelings. NFF treated Rohr very badly and same goes for many of Naija fans. Because people ain’t perfect is not enough reason to start hurling insults at them and start treating them as dirts, rubishing their achievements.

    Congratulations to Egu on his brilliant achievements so far in this tournament. And I wish SE a resounding success tomorrow’s match and in the final phase of qualification for Qatar 2022.

    • KENNETH 4 months ago

      Oga debo abeg if you have nothing else to type, abeg off your key board. Are you here trying to make case for Rorh and peak milk. Where were you when our football was going into non existence. What has moses said that was wrong, that you have a clueless PE teacher using him out of his position. I bet you if you interview some of this players they will surely tell you he wasn’t fit has a coach. I for one can tell you for a fact that i am surprised at aribo’s display at this tournament. He is different from the aribo under Rorh. Same with other players. Please nigerian’s clamoring for rorh removal was justified. Abi are you not seeing a different brand from when the PE teacher was there.

      • Bro may God bless you, this is exactly what most of us are saying. They suddenly forgot the good old time when the man was making everybody dreaming. They think Egu has it all they don’t know that he will also have a bad time no matter how long this current journey might be. Honestly I still can not and will never blame Rohr for anything because despite the bad time he still get all the needed results and left us with a team that will last for ages. Today a draw was made for world if we hadn’t qualified in the first instance we wouldn’t be hopefull and even this Nations cup we are celebrating the team exploits if he failed to qualify heaven will not fall. I will forever be a good fans of SE and support any coach irrespective of where he came from through thick and thin.

        • @Tayo, thank you. May your wisdom keep increasing.

          Nobody is making any case for anyone here I never said anything was wrong in firing Rohr. What I was simply saying is that we should not lose our sense of humanity because of unwarranted sentiments or unjustifiable bitterness.

      • @Kenneth, you sound like one of those who find it difficult to read and understand. Read my post carefully before making any hasty response. I know some people are one-way traffic. They cannot reason in any other way once they have a specific, rigid line of thought. I really hope you are not one of them because your response simply showed that you did not understand my post.

        • KENNETH 4 months ago

          There is nothing to understand bro. You just here making a case for Rorh. If our local coaches were given half the treatment the man got, you wouldn’t be writing this epistle. At least from your write up you have called Nigerians dishonest people while rorh is the honest person. That alone tells me a lot

    • Marvelous 4 months ago

      Have you forgotten than most black men have black mentality, with in born wickedness and jealousy in them?

      I wonder why humans created by God will wish Watford relegation over a useless player called Dennis. Forgetting that we have EKONG OKOYE ETEBO maybe very soon KALU in that same team. What a sacrifice? So some wicked minded fellow are fellow are ready to sacrifice this 4 players because of inconsiquential Dennis.

      Majority of you shouldn’t be criticing BUHARI or PINNICK because judging from your comments you will do worst than that in government.

      • @Marvelous, Thank you. You precisely got the point I am making. Some people have toxic mindset and I find it difficult to just ignore it.

    • EZOMO 4 months ago


      • KENNETH 4 months ago

        abi o Ezomo, they are quick to want to cruxify the guy. Well i can speak for my self. I believe i will be a better administrator than peak milk if there is no intereference from the cabals around him. Abeg make Ghana hire Rorh and lets see how far they will go

  • capacity 4 months ago

    The tie against Ghana is good for us, only on paper. Form counts little in matches of these nature involving age-long rivals. Football politics may also come into play here. Hence, we need to win the AFCON. CAF will not like a recently crowned African champions and best in-form team in the continent missing out of the world cup. Winning the AFCON will also boost our confidence and strike mortal fear into the Ghananians.

  • Cosbec 4 months ago

    I know Ghanaians and they will do everything possible to intimidate us and they will take the hatred to the pitch and another thing is that they will not play the match in Accra because they know a lot of us who live here will be there to support our team just as we did when the Olympic team lead by coach Siasia came to get a draw in Accra.so since then they never play Nigeria in Accra but no matter what they might plan supporters will not be super Eagles problem we will all be there to cheer them to victory

    • John-I 4 months ago

      Accra is a cosmopolitan City, the match will be played in Kumasi (hugely dominated by Akan Tribe).
      My own advise is that Super Eagles should forget about ‘fine-boy-fine-boy’ or ‘ajibota’ and play as dirty as Ghanaians. I know what I’m talking about because I live in Ghana

      • Yes! you what you are saying & you said SE should leave their pattern & play another pattern.

        • John-I 4 months ago

          Alright, when Super Eagles go to Kumasi, they should allow Ghanaians kick and brutalise them!

          • Ololo 4 months ago

            This is modern football.. the game in Kumasi or where ever will be played with VAR so those unnecessary kicking and fouls will not be tolerated..the best team will have the day

  • Four four two 4 months ago

    Africa must explore ways of playing the qualifiers so that good team’s in Africa don’t eliminate each other before the mundial. Look at what south America is doing. Every is placed in same group and only the first five top teams qualify. That’s why you can never hear Argentina and Brazil heading to a playoff to determine who will qualify. South America always have good representation cos their best teams to cross path. Same thing applies to Europe. Why is Africa”s case different.How can u pairing Senegal and Egypt two super powers in Africa in a play off.Have u ever heard of Spain and Germany heading for a world cup play off? How can u pair Nig and Ghana? Imagine a team as sexy as Ivory coast won’t be going to the world cup cos of same useless playing format. Africa must wake up from from their slumber and stop this rubbish format otherwise We will win the world cup.

    • GBAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You have said it all.

    • Edoman 4 months ago

      You are right brother. Africa cannot and should not destroy itself before the World destroy Africa, we should always try to present our best and those who are consistent to face the World. Anyway, Nigeria will qualify this time again.

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      @4-4-2 you are wrong here, Italy and Portugal will be competing in the same playoff group to determine who qualifies amongst them

    • Damian 4 months ago

      Until FIFA increases the spot for african teams in the WC, What you have said is impossible. With 57 African countries, how is it possible to avoid clash of giants with only five tickets up for grabs.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Let’s prepare for war!

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 months ago

      will you say this if rohr was the coach, hmmmmm.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

        Rohr what bro is it the Rohr that made us play bad football? Stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Luqmanov 4 months ago

    Wow! I had been having the feeling it was going to be Ghana. An alien must not coach our team for this crucial qualifier. We need a coach who is familiar with the terrain and fully understands what the West African derby is all about. Ghana have sacked their coach and the new man they are going to appoint will effect some changes in the team.
    That’s why we need continuity. Eguavoen should be allowed to execute the qualifiers irrespective of what happens at Afcon. This will help us to maintain the present pattern of play that has so far been bringing out the best in the players.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      I will send vital information to Pinnick on WhatsApp.

  • Klaus 4 months ago

    Black stars super eagles…

  • Edoman 4 months ago

    I will beg Egua (palace) to bring in the following players for a change. Victor Osimhen, Lookman, if permited, Amoo, Ounachu, and Odion Ighalo. With these accomplished players, Nigeria may conquer the World. Ghana is not a problem.

    • Omo9ja 4 months ago

      Ghana is a real problem if truly you have been following Nigeria football my dear Edoman.

      Ghana is a big problem for Nigeria if coach Eguavoen have Ighalo back in the squad.

      No1, Ighalo is very selfish and he wasted a slot because he is very greedy. He knew that the contract he signed with his club, he can not play for Nigeria again. Is that the player you want in the Super Eagles?

      No2. He is not the type of striker Super Eagles needed in the team to beat Ghana. Eagles needed a striker that will take his chances. A striker like Dessers is an option not Ighalo. Mr. No nonsense have learned his lesson from Ighalo and the same mistake he made during the Afcon won’t repeat itself again.

      No3. He should stay retired because his experience not needed in the team. Without him, Nigeria is playing their second round match against Algeria tomorrow.

      So Oga Edoman, it is all about Nigeria not Ighalo. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • EZOMO 4 months ago


      • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 months ago

        why is your voice shaking, i thought qualifiers were so easy. the same stubborn cameroon, zambia and algeria we over came like secondary school players. just one qualifier most of you have started fasting and prayers. Ghana cannot stop us if the coach use the right personnel. you are crucifying ighalo, the once we have are doing the jb d you think anybdy we be talking of ighalo. your sadiq that is dancing makossa, or awoniyi. we dey watch

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      We don’t want Ighalo.

  • Papafem 4 months ago

    Read from Colin Udoh Twitter handle that Ghana wanna hire Genot Rohr. Hmmmmm…..
    That would be very interesting going into the final round of WCQ Series .

    • Omo9ja 4 months ago

      That will be awesome and I can promise you that after the two games against Ghana, Oga Rohr will be sacked again. That is the truth. It will favor us that way because we knew the weaknesses of Oga Rohr and that shouldn’t be a problem for our own to handle. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Papafem 4 months ago

    God bless you with more wisdom, bro. Wa gbayi. I hate this qualifying format like hell. A lot of comic actors are in CAF o. What happens to the old format of five groups with top teams in each qualifying for the WC? Who brought this wicked idea that is so susceptible to manipulation? Guess this is done to favour the North Africans. They are very good at home and away games, where they frustrate to you when they come to your home, falling unnecessarily when they take lead or pack trucks to block off attacks and unleash hell on you when you visit home by making the journey to the stadium longer for you and all sorts of tricks. They end up qualifying for the WC proper but come back empty handed. So funny.

    Did anyone also notice that countries in that region aren’t paired against each other in today’s draw unlike the countries from the west? Well, maybe El-Hadji Diouf and Adebayor were so unlucky to have set their brothers against each other in this final round.

    CAF should stop this madness. There shouldn’t have been another round after the group phase. It’s nonsense. Through this system, the countries that will qualify might not be those that merit the qualification, but those who could do anything at home, from bribery of match officials, to poor pitches, intimidation by host country to violent fans. CAF knows all these things. Why adopt this useless format? It’s insane. It’s as bad as this head-to-head stuff through which Africa gave the world Togo and Angola in 2006 WC. South America’s method is super ok. But if this will be too expensive , esp the traveling here and there for a period of two years or so, they should stick to grouping where group winners go to represent Africa at the world stage.

    • I don’t think the South American style will be too expensive for CAF federations if we adopt it inventively.

      We can adopt their league format with some little adjustments.

      In Conmebol, they have a league of 10 teams.

      In Africa, we can have two different leagues of ten teams each, with the top two picking the first four CAF slots for the WC, while the third placed teams from both leagues play each other in a playoff for the fifth CAF slot.

      This will make our qualification series very competitive and guarantee us good representation IMHO.

    • Brother man 4 months ago

      @ Papafem, the old format was changed by immediate past CAF President, Ahmad Ahmad, from Mauritius to favour his region & not north Africa. it worked because Mauritius qualified for AFCON in 2019 before he was ousted as president.

  • EZOMO 4 months ago


  • Four four two 4 months ago

    Bros shine ur eye. There is football politics now in Africa as far as world cup qualifying is concern. They feel that west Africa is dominating too much and are doing everything possible to substrate that trend. Imagine pitching Nigeria and Ghana for a playoff for under20 female world. After Nig eliminated Ghana they brought Cameroun and only one will qualify. What nonsense is this? If u remove Ghana, Nigeria of Cameroum who will make Africa proud?

  • Sincerely I do not know how this regional qualification was smuggled into Caf.It is a systematic blue print,Meant to eliminate the west Affica dorminance in football.This has to be looked into urgently,as it cuts across all football competitions both male and female.Look at olympics,see how one of the teams that represented Africa was beaten blue black,that people started wondering where a country like Nigeria was,when such team qualified.Even the matches see how the officials manipulate things.Continuing like this,is a big setback for African football.

  • Sami Kings 4 months ago

    Ghanaians have secretly envied and hated on Nigerians for a long time, they couldn’t hide it anymore hence the recent open display of pure hatred.
    While I was in Ghana in 2016 the whole of Ghana jubilated when Egypt knocked Nigeria out of afcon qualifiers.
    I told them Nigerians have always been in support of Ghana in tournaments but no one believed me.
    I cited how Nigerians were heartbroken when Ghana lost to Uruguay at the world cup in 2010, I mentioned almost all of their U20 players that won the U20 world cup just to make them understand how passionate we are towards them and they concluded I was lying and that I knew these things because I follow football.
    Don’t deceive yourselves,the hatred is real, see what they are doing to our traders over there.
    Ghanaians and the rest of black Africans wishes they were us.
    Come the qualiers play off, Nigeria will defeat Ghana and the hatred will only grow more and they will further attack Nigerians living in Ghana.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      You’re Right that is why their Football and Entertainment sector is nothing to right home about. They used their ungratefulness and hate to retire their stars young. They are bitter people except for a few.

    • Yes! you know what you are saying & you said SE should leave their pattern & play another pattern.

  • BabaDudu 4 months ago

    There was this song; I cant remember the Artiste! (I believe it’s HARRY MOSCO or so)

    “We shall win
    We must win
    We shall win, we must win
    We will win

    We shall win
    We must win
    We shall win, we must win
    We will win…”


  • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

    Gigantic battles in the final playoff round. The current Ghana team is not in the same form as the current SuperEagles. The tricky thing is even if Ghana present an all home based team to face the SuperEagles they will play with the last drop of their blood to try and win at all cost. I know it’s going to be a difficult matchup to predict, but with our current level and pedigree we should be able to beat them in both legs.

    At the current AFCON in our 3 games so far against Egypt the SuperEagles played a complete focused game all through the 90 minutes. We attack as a team and defend as a team. We neutralized Salah. Though there were occasional nervy moments, but we beat Egypt hands down. Against Sudan it was pretty much a routine victory as the SuperEagles never really come out of first gear.

    However, the game that impressed me the most was our last game against Guinea Bissau. We’ve already qualified and guaranteed first place. On a normal day the boys could’ve just be strolling on the pitch. Despite 8 changes the SuperEagles came out flying in the first 15 minutes and dominated the game throughout. The true test of this team begins tomorrow in a battle of the Eagles. The Carthage Eagles and the SuperEagles. Going by the competition so far SuperEagles have the upper hand in this encounter and hope my boys will carry the day. VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLES!!!!!

    GUYS MAKE I NO LIE TENSION DON ENTER MY BODY I HOPE THE EAGLES GIVE US THE DAY. If we win this game I don’t see anything stopping us from bringing the cup home.

  • Oni Bright 4 months ago

    Victor Moses will surely play in this super eagles team.

  • Selfmade 4 months ago

    We ll see