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Napoli Coach Spalletti: Osimhen Can Become World Class Striker 

Napoli Coach Spalletti: Osimhen Can Become World Class Striker 

Napoli head coach Luciano Spalletti has said Victor Osimhen can become a world class striker, following his five-star performance against Leicester in Thursday’s Europa League game.

After going down 2-0 following strikes from Ayoze Perez and Harvey Barnes for Leicester, Osimhen scored two goals to rescue a point for Napoli.

And reacting to the outcome of the game, Spalletti praised Osimhen and his teammates for their performance.

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Speaking to Napoli’s official website, Spalletti said:”Great reaction, the team showed the right mentality.

“For what we have created, it would have been unwise not to make a result tonight. I really liked the attitude of the team that showed personality and balance even after the double disadvantage.

“The changes were decisive but the credit goes to the guys who came in. We managed to keep the game on our feet while continuing to play.

“Osimhen is a thoroughbred bomber. He can become a super striker over time. He has to understand a few things and then he can become a world-class center forward.”

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  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Totally agreed with the coach, For the whole of Nigeria and Africa, Osimhen is already a World-best-striker.

    • Jabga 2 years ago

      Story Ivory Coast have a hotter striker Sebastian haller. Ajax top man

      • greenturf 2 years ago

        From your name I can deduce you are Ivorian.
        Sebastian Haller is doing so well no doubt,it’s not a competition,this post is about Osimhen however,it won’t take long to know between Osimhen and Haller who is better.The Afcon is around the corner.
        One question lad,who topped the highest number of goals in the African nations cup qualification?

      • Sean T 2 years ago

        I don’t know anything about the guy but going by his goal scoring records, he is a fantastic striker. I can’t make comparison yet because I haven’t see him play. But forget Osimhen is a baller. Only need to improve a little on his finishing and his long range shot. Don’t forget he his playing with lot of selfish players that don’t want him to outshine them. The likes of Insigne and Lozano. And some of their midfielders and wingers who rather prefer to shoot than put in a decent or defence splitting passes

      • @Jaga lol thats what they thought about Nicolas Pepe Osimhen killed that thought with his 2 goals in his debut for Lille.. Please bro Osimhen is Way better that that Ajax wanna be from Ivory COast.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Haller that Ajax players have been feeding with numerous chances, why did he run away from EPL? Osihmen Beastry alone will terrify Haller. Osihmen is on fire now that is why he was red carded for flooring a defender. Osihmen is only below Halaand Mbappe lukaku and Lewy and he is one of them.

      • I disagree with you

      • Sunny 2 years ago

        Lol…The same Haller that couldn’t cut at Westham in the EPL? Delusion of grandeur.

    • Patrick 2 years ago

      He is indeed a world class player. He has just scored a wonderful goal against sampdoria.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Vestergaard will be on painkillers for an extended period of time after what Osimhen did to him today. Osimhen ran the poor guy ragged. He was a menace to the Leicester defense line. After this performance, it is obvious that Osimhen can perform in the premier league. Premier league clubs on red alert!!!

  • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 2 years ago

    Only an ignorant football enthusiast will compare a player strutting their stuff for a top 4 European League clubside and an Eredivise clubside. No disrespect to Haller, until he finds himself back performing in a top 5 clubside, this comparison is baseless.

  • Gowetok 2 years ago

    I don’t know why someone with right senses can compare Osihmen with any striker under 25 yrs in world today.He is easily the best. I watched him yesterday and against Juventus last week . He is a handful for any defence line in the world now. Did anyone notice his holdup play and the pace with which he goes past defenders? He is so strong on the ball .He can shoot right ,left and head. He is incomparable to any one under 25yrs at the moment

    • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

      This post is good but we have mpape and Haaland, these are guys who are under 25 years of age and are ahead of Oshimen at present.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      I followed Sebastian Haller from his fantastic days at Frankfurt,as well as his not so good time at Westham. Not surprise he is doing well in Ajax and with the Ivory coast right now.
      A clinical finisher.
      But not to sound bias, by comparison, Osimhen is a better forward.
      Osimhen grit and all around play beats Haller any day any time.

      There are few strikers in the world right now better than Osimhen; he is easily top 5 for me and I am saying that with all respect..

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        It means Osihmen can unlock any defense with his greater body frame advantage and speed right?

        • Mr Hush 2 years ago

          Off course @Chima.

          He sure can do all that and more..

          But we need more than Osimhen to win the world cup.

          Yes. We got some good quality; Iheanacho, Ndidi, Chukwueze, Ejuke etc.
          But so does over 20 teams out there.

          Is it ok to dream? Definitely!

          Is it ok to aspire and aim high?
          Why not? We should always aim high..

          But we should do all that with wisdom,humility and patience.

          I hope I answered the question that would be asked..

  • Charles 2 years ago

    Oshimen is playing with selfish players around him that’s the only problem he got, most strikers who plays for dortmond always shine no matter what because their midfielders and wingers always feed their strikers, haller is good but messed up when he flopped in EPL

    • Nonny 2 years ago

      You are right, I’m closily watching Napoli match, I noticed that they aren’t feeding osihmen well

      • Imnas 2 years ago

        Nearly all eagle eyed football lover following his game at Napoli would clearly see his fellow forward players hardly ever feed him with critical passes

      • I’m Milan fan, I have noticed what you guys said since the arrival of Oshimen@Napoli. I believe Spalletti is changing that selfish mindset of Insigner, Lorenzo,Merten, Politano and others.

  • Musa Kashere 2 years ago

    Osimhen is a world class already he can score at national and international level i don’t know of Sebastian i haven’t even heard the name before

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Haller is definitely a baller. I saw his recent game for the ivoriens against cameroon and he gave ngadjui fits even on that rubbish field. Someone said he’s not that good cos he flopped at west ham but come on man, lukaku, salah, even de bruyne all struggled at some point in the prem but no one would call them flops today. The boy is getting better.

    Is he better than our own Victor Osihmen? Time will tell but the answer to that will come after a few years of competition. Stay tuned.

  • Meanwhil, here is a nice compilation of Osimhen’s terrorist attack on the Leicester defence line…


    • Chris 2 years ago

      See why GR will be the one telling us the painful unbiased truth when he says ‘his young team’ … Osimhen is not a finished product yet and so are most of the SE first eleven (the usual suspects).

      Notice how many times he ‘ballooned’ the ball after working so hard to create those scoring chances? Those are attributes of a ‘young SE team’ which GR will keep sounding to those that want to know the truth.

      He will get better with time, and if he does well in a rough ‘Italian’ atmoshere it will count for good for any opponent he faces going forward.

  • I don’t think Halaad is better than osimhen. If osimhen plays for a team that will feed him very well he will do better than Halaad. Osimhen can score a from every three good passes he gets. But just look at the goals he scored here, they were his hard work. Even the header was not a pass but a shot at the post. He was the one even giving other teammates passes. Now we talk of the chances he missed, what do you expect from him? He works his way from just before after the midfield and before he gets closer to the opponents goal post, more people have come to block him, either try to shoot or pass. Anytime he runs into a nice space he won’t get the ball. But I believe if he can get the ball in nice places, in every 3 he will score one.

  • Oshimen has proved over time that he is a good striker. That first goal against Leicester is world class. Produced from nothing. The ivory coast guy is still faceless. Oshimen was the Highest goal scorer at the afcon qualifier…that is enough proof that there is no comparison now.

  • Oshimen is a good striker but he still has a long well to go, to be compared with the bests strikers, he needs to work on his finishing to be called a good striker, his finishing is really bad

  • This is the most interesting thing have read, over the past few days. Thanks for sharing