‘NFF Wants Coach From Eastern Europe To Replace Rohr’- Former Eagles Media Officer Reveals

‘NFF Wants Coach From Eastern Europe To Replace   Rohr’-  Former Eagles Media Officer Reveals

The Nigeria Football Federation are making plans to replace Gernot Rohr with a top coach from Eastern Europe, Completesports.com reports.

Rohr has come under intense criticisms following the Super Eagles poor performances in recent outings.

The Super Eagles barely scrapped through to the playoff round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers after a 1-1 home draw against the Blue Sharks of Cape on Tuesday.

The West Africans also lost 1-0 at home to Central African Republic in the qualifiers.

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According to sources, NFF may sack the coach any moment and there are plans to hire a new coach from Eastern Europe that will lead the Super Eagles at the 2021 Africa Nations Cup in January.

“They have contacted a coach from Eastern Europe to take over from Rohr,” former Super Eagles goalkeeper and media officer Peterside Idah said on SuperSport TV programme Soccer Africa Thursday night.

“I know the coach, but they have not given me permission to announce the man.”

Rohr was appointed Super Eagles coach in August 2016. The 68-year-old signed an extension in May, 2020.

He led the Super Eagles to a third place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of in Egypt.

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  • “I know the coach, but they have not given me permission to announce the man.”

    This is exactly what I was saying about Olajire’s statement yesterday. Even as Communications Director, you can’t make certain announcements to the media, even if journalist call for confirmation of a rumour. If you disclose unauthorized, you could be sanctioned/sacked. The head of the agency or the board has to clear you to tell the media what you already know exclusively.

    So they often say ‘I’m not aware of such information’ or ‘Let me verify and get back to you.’ Then you know something’s up. Otherwise, they’ll clearly state it’s true or false.

    • Tope Adeola 2 years ago

      I think we need to move forward. If NFF also calls another coach who doesn’t have the quality we need for Super Eagle, we can call for their resignation too.

    • I expect NFF to bring Emunike. The guy already understand Super Eagles and know the boys and what to do.
      Why should NFF now look for another coach that will take years to understand the team again.

      NFF should bring someone that can continue from where Rohr stopped and foreign coach is not the answer.

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    They have come again this NFF is so irritating going for a coach in the Eastern Europe meanwhile we have Amuneke or oliseh who already know d players n understand the African terrain,this NFF una no de tire for corruption? I ask? u want to bring someone new who u will dictate players for,some of us were criticizing oliseh for sacrificing his job in other to help change the way NFF do things we insulted him n praised GR for playing along with NFF now we can all see where it has landed us,if u support evil that evil will come back to overwhelm you,I once told you guys here that GR is even more corrupt than the NFF you guys thought am joking,now one third of d people are saying we don’t want u again thank u for your services go d NFf that engaged him communicated the message to him,any honest man will resign n negotiate for his pay off cos we all know that d average Nigerian is so passionate about the SE infact football is our second religion but he said no he can’t resign he will contact his lawyer first is this not cunning?yeah he is entitled to his pay of but I ask,did oliseh resign because his team was playing poorly after five years of been at the helm of affiars?no he resign because he is being owed backlog of salaries n d players owed match bonuses n he communicated the NFF they did nothing about it,today GR is holding a whole country ransom because of the terms in his contract,even when the fans say they don’t want him,NFF will never learn because of corruption
    God bless my dear country Nigeria

    • Naija 2 years ago

      @Chidi, Your knowledge of history is limited. Have you forgotten that the same Oliseh had the worst performance of any local coaches that ever handled the Super Eagles? He quit the position hurriedly, alleging that witches and wizards were affecting his job performance. You can Google and find the news online again.

    • Can Amunike or oliseh play against the European countries for world cup. If yes I’m ok by it

    • Presh 2 years ago

      See me laughing. All of you don’t have sense. Sack Rohr, now Oliseh was good, now bring Amuneke that knows the boys, for una dream. Take the East European that don’t even rank amongst no country.

    • What has African football been able to achieve in the global stage

    • Oliseh is not needed in SE, simply because he Lacks human relations/management as we could see this while handling SE few years back he immensely contributed to Vincent Enyeama early retirement as SE goalkeeper coupled with derogatory statement on Troost Ekong and also during his playing days for Nigeria prior to USA94 it was on record that Oliseh fought with Siasia in Panpedal camp of SE in Holland.
      Oliseh should not be considered at all otherwise fresh problems would breed in SE. Thank God Amaju P will not even consider him for the job.

    • Which Teams is Oliseh and Amuneke coaching as we speak? Or in the last 12 months. Do you just want Jobless people to Coach the Super Eagles?

  • vince 2 years ago

    Simple issue to resolve. Instead of paying him with $2m, keep him as a coach of perhaps one of our national teams, and be paying he usual $45k per month salary until his contract expire next year

    • vince 2 years ago

      Then appoint another person as the coach of SE. On a second thought, i felt Rohr played to be sacked, so he will be given $2m

      • Chidi 2 years ago

        You are right,his utterances says it all,how can a coach say a draw against CV is like a win for uswhat if we play Belguim n lose by 1-0what will he say?agaisnt LIB when he was asked y he didn’t make substitution on time he said he doesn’t want to make mistake meanwhile his team was playing badly,now I understand d game plan better

        • Tope Adeola 2 years ago

          In contract drafting, clauses specify what must happen at every point. it was stated that Rhor is to work as the coach of the Super eagles, if anything will change, they have to have another round table discussion to discuss it. If Rhor wants it fine but if otherwise, you can’t force him to become the coach of another team outside what he signed for.

          • vince 2 years ago

            Whilst I have not seen his contract to know the wordings, especially as it pertains to the team he will coach – whether it was specified as the national team or super eagles [ Also bear in mind that CHAN eagles are also called Super Eagles]
            There are sometimes lacuna in contract drafting to be exploited, especially in Africa. Let NFF find one, though I know they are working in connivance with him to share the $2m; otherwise, they have no need to insert that in his contract for a backwater coach

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          A draw is like a win because draw is all we need to qualify and we got it is it hard to understand!

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    NFF and the Sports Ministry are all trash talk and no money! No quality foreign coach will feed on Rohr’s scrap salary Nigeria should go for Sunday Oliseh

    • Coache 2 years ago

      The Ghanaian coach earns $30k with his interpreter inclusive.

    • Sunnyb 2 years ago

      @vince, smart guy, Rohr’s not that incompetent or deaf, the man was doing everything possible to be sacked so he can pocket the $2m smart man, Rohr could be properly working with Eguavoen and Dikko to sabotage the Eagles so they can share the $2m if eventually he gets the boot.My suggestion deploy Rohr to under 16 as a coach Nff don’t need to sack him.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    You guys are funny. The same Oliseh who destroyed our team and ran away is the person you are all clamoring for.

    • Chidi 2 years ago

      How did he destroy our team if I may ask?your NFF say no money u want them to go for another junk as a coach huh?or u want GR to continue?bro u don’t like GR more than me but sentiment aside his time is up his first 3years Mikel,Moses n ighalo did d job for him now his flaw is so glaring for everyone to see

      • onwajunior 2 years ago

        Agreed, but not Oliseh. He fought with senior players, benched the likes of Mikel the Onobis to teach them a lesson. Ran away in the middle of Afcon qualifiers after putting us in a tight position. The only positives from Oliseh, in my opinion, were not taking crap from NFF and then Chikatara (I don’t know where he is now, but he was a very good striker).

    • vince 2 years ago

      If we must go local, we will need a consortium of coaches, not inclusive of Oliseh ooo. Emmanuel Amunike, Carl Ikeme, Seyi Olofinjona, Finidi George & Ndubuisi Egbo.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    An Eastern European coach? Ok now let’s see how far he can take us. Rohr just collect your $2m and move on with your cool retirement. I can guarantee anyone that the new coach will be rebuilding again with mostly players used by Rohr. Hopefully the new coach will win the AFCON in about 7 weeks time and qualify for the WorldCup in 3 or 4 months time. Nigeria is a country that can never learn from its past mistakes. That’s why the smartest Nigerians prefers to be in diaspora instead of wasting their time in a country that never grows.

    • With ignorant people everywhere carrying speaker and microphone to convince others that they are smart, meanwhile pim they do not know.

      • Derrick 2 years ago

        Dr.Drey clone speaking. Boi come out of your shameless shell and stop using other i.d to cause confusion. No be only Ben na Rothmas.

        • Who is Dr.Dre, do I insult like Dr.Drey. See me see wahala. Lunatic.

        • Derrick 2 years ago

          Dr.Drey is the father of Lunatics and the numbero uno supporter of Coach Roar. The word lunatic was even manufactured by him.

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          You guys acted maliciously for calling the sack of someone who has taken your football forward.
          Met targets,a good man who has tolerated so much just for the passion he has for Nigeria a genuine one.
          We did this to Amodu in 2002 and we saw the outcome yet we refused to learn from our mistakes.
          When you are heartless and wicked towards a genuine person it always come back bad for you karma is a bitch! honestly I feel like I don’t want get myself associated with Nigeria..I don’t like evil if feel so sorry for this good alman.I love Rohr he’s a good man a gentleman a Goodfellow,lovely beautiful heart.We have so much wickedness in Nigeria honestly in my daily life I try to cut off association with Nigerians you can count very few good people from that country!
          I’m gutted honestly

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Greenturf… look at the pathetic emotions you are displaying as if Rohr has his dickk far up in your ass! You sound weak… from your tone I know you feel very inferior to this white frauds who rush into Africa for jobs once they
            become useless in their own societies… I pity you, saying
            Rohr is a gentleman with a good heart… dont let me lay curses on you… a gentleman with a good heart will select his team purely on merit and not sentiments and loyalty to
            very weak and underserving pathetic players… Rohr has ended up killing the national team careers of many good footballers who wont sign up to his affilaited sports mgt agencies since he took the position as our coach for over 5years now… I have come to realise that you @Greenturf is no other person that @Dr.Drey… you are one and the same person and it shows how unprincipled you are… running all over the forum switching and morphing into new aliases to continue your weak and pathetic comments… go and keep kissing Rohr’s balls and if you want to go a notch higher… bury your nose up his ass to get high… Lol! Weak simp… to see you simping for Rohr who is sacked already tells so much of how you carry yourself in real life… you are disgrace with your very low ideals!

    • Name of the coach…….
      He won afcon with ……
      He is from ………….ia
      He wass sack by ………na
      He is presently coaching a club called …..,…………..
      He is 6.+ Years

    • Presh 2 years ago

      Thank You. Your spot on. They all talking trash here.

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    The NFF think they are smart but GR is smatter either you sack him npay him his 2mill or you allow him to see of his contract n continue with his egunje method

  • Bobby 2 years ago

    I know the coach also. He is technically and tactically sound. Of course, Rohr would not be sacked but would be asked to handle one of the junior teams.

    • And you believe his terms of contract says it’s a younger team rather than the Super Eagles he will be handling?

  • Merry go round

    NFF has a scouting department that never identifies revelations.

    The reason they got Rohr is to qualify for tournaments now they are complaining that it’s samba football.

    So is it qualifying or samba. I know they want both

    Which Eastern European team plays samba or attractive football.

    Nigeria coaches are also not savvy.

    People were complaining when Rohr removed Simon for Shehu but that is a European coach tactic meanwhile Nigerians wanted chukwueze

  • For those who doesn’t know eastern Europe are Poland, Bulgaria,Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia,Kosovo, Russian etc pls which of these countries are heavy weight? we told you they can only go for Mediocre coach as usual. One who can not pay several packages as agreed in the signed contract want to employ world best coach tueeeh.. Those of you who claimed to be having heart attack will eventually get stroke I tell you

    • Sugar Daddy 2 years ago

      I am utterly disgusted with the attitude of Nigerians toward a very resourceful coach Rhor.

      I can’t just believe how mediocre some football minds are. What’s the offence of the coach?

      He has delivered on every aspect of his contract deligently. He has been very humble, very understanding of the mentality of Nigerians in meeting their own end of the deal…this is a coach that works long months without a salary but will still deliver.

      We expected Nigeria to win all the time, even when it’s not a bad ambition but forgetting that most teams now a days are equally ambitious and would love to win as well.

      I don’t know how much a new coach will deliver on these targets considering upon what conditions he is expected to work.

      Rhor tolerated what oliseh refused to accept and yet, he excelled. He may not have been perfect but he is doing well.

      What would you say of countries like Italy, Portugal et el that didn’t qualify…but their hopes hanging on play offs???

      I will suggest that Rhor be allowed to see off his job, enhance him by equipping him with more but better personnel that has a better tactical and technical abilities, pay him and the players as at when due, allow the team to play on better stadium…and encourage good and gifted players to play for Nigeria.

      The coach might be good but the players may as well not be able to translate the game plan because they are not good enough.

      Apart from some few players in the team a whole Lot of them are not really fantastic…so the coach can not do more than himself if the personnel are mediocre… Please, let’s face the fact and be objective for once…

      He may not be a ‘world class’ coach but a world class coach wouldn’t be able to get expected results with what we have today.

      Let’s Rhor be!!!

  • Olujimi Morgan 2 years ago

    What coach from Eastern Europe? Nigeria losing to any team from East Europe is not satisfactory.
    Oliseh was a disaster. How can his name be mentioned? Seriously guys!!
    Amunike was fantastic at under 17, playing a brand of football the FIFA technical ream noted. Pity, that same team lost out at under-21 level. But Amunike proved himself by taking Tanzania to Afcon for 1st time, in a long time.
    Give Amunike the job. Eagles will achieve more with him than Rohr in the latter’s current disposition.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      You think winning away from home is easy right..Rohr made qualification easy and we have forgotten so soon how we are used to playing draws in Nairobi and hoping to win in Lagos.
      We lose one nil away to average teams and found qualification for tournaments arduous.We have forgotten so soon.We think we have amazing players and for that reason should blow away every team in Africa well I hope we don’t regret this actions.
      I can’t understand why they can’t let a coach meeting targets to see off his contract you don’t have to renew it!this is a strange decision I’m sure Pinnick is acting out of pressure

      • Papafem 2 years ago

        Rohr has had his chance and blew it. I used to be a staunch supporter of this man , especially after the WC. I thought he did well by qualifying us in the first place and also giving Argentina a run for their money even though we lost. I thought his tean was young but very promising and that if he was left to finish the job, qualifying for the world cup would be a walk in the pack. Even when we lost to Algeria in the semi final of 2019 AFCON, and NFF threatened not to renew his contract, I trusted him to give us a good team. I tore into Sunday Dare who lambasted GR, and I felt he should just leave this guy to continue his “good” job. But how can we come from a team that qualified for the WC with relative ease in 2017, even with those big teams in our group, to being the team struggling to beat the likes of CV, CAR and Liberia ? How can webbe a team that beat the day out of Argentina in the events leading to Russia 2018, a team that drew Brazil and Ukraine with some scintillating brand of football to a team almost all top teams in Africa are beating for fun. Cameroon did it. Algeria did it. Tunisia almost did it. Madagascar messed us up. Serra Leone disgraced us. CAR dragged us. And we almost did not not make it to the final round of the WC qualifying series. The team is so unpredictable now that no matter the opposition, no one is sure of what will happen. And that’s after 5 years of being in the saddle. It’s so annoying. No one can say this is our first 11. He left our best players on the bench in the name of tactics, tactics that grossly failed him. And yet, some of us wants him to continue. Continue to do what abeg ? I don’t see this man bringing anything new to that team again. Pure and simple. Otherwise, we will all regret the day we met him. Someone saying the draw against CV is like a win. Can you imagine? We didn’t get this Argentina , Brazil or France. A draw against Cape Verde in our backyard is like a win? So irritating. He simply doesn’t know how to move the team forward anymore. They can employ him as our chief scout, since he likes discovering new players in the diaspora, and begging them to play for us. But as a coach, Nah nah nah.

    • Akosa Ike 2 years ago

      Amuneke is the man. He once said he will be available for Nigeria but can never work under GR. He has no respect for Rohr’s capability and so rejected the offer by LFA to work as his deputy. If Dan Amokachi and Sylvanus Okpala who assisted late Stephen Keshi are picked to work under Amuneke we will surely get something like Super Eagles of early to mid 90s.

  • chuks haifa 2 years ago

    Nobody should bring oliseh near super eagles again. We have not recovered from the mess he did last time.

  • Even if Super eagles under rohr play San Marino, we will still struggle to score a goal. We may end up getting a draw or even lose at home. That’s how bad super eagles have become under the rigid and tactically-deficient Rohr. #SackRohrNow

    • Please @Christian Ministries, if I may ask, how will you describe your understanding of the word tactical deficiency, is it by substitution or what?

      • Please go back to the match between Nigeria and Argentina in 2018 WC to properly understand tactical deficiency.

        It was very much on display that night.

        • Olujimi Morgan 2 years ago

          Sorry, I don’t quite agree. The football World wanted Argentina with Messi to get thru to the next phase. The fans at the stadium showed it. Nigeria needed to perform out of this world to knock out one of the two superstars present.

  • chuks haifa 2 years ago

    Nobody should bring oliseh near super eagles again. We have not recovered from the mess he did

  • Please @Christian Ministries, if I may ask, how will you describe your understanding of the word tactical deficiency, is it by substitution or what?

  • Presh 2 years ago

    Looking for Eastern European Coach, am just laughing and rolling, all of you will know Rohr’s value when he’s gone,. You all can enjoy, country of I know it all. Let the man finish his project afcon and World Cup. Which normal country sacks a coach just before the afcon and World Cup? I be here laughing when the Eastern European messes up.

  • Don Allah, these NFF people are not smart jare Is he not an employee of the NFF? Was it not stated in his contract that the NFF can deploy him to work with any of the teams?

    Simple, don’t sack him, deploy him to CHAN team based in mungonu close to sambisa forest in Borno state.The man will resign and run away by himself.

    We like wasting too much time and talk talk in this country.

  • Some of your comments shows non understanding of the game. Do you know anything about football at all? Does it mean because you want to sack someone from your job you should not follow the terms of the contract signed? That is why Nigeria still remain poor you are dealing with White men a professional coach for that matter. Do you know how much Man U paid Mourinho for sacking him? Same with Chelsea for Lampard. Don’t blame you, most of you lack understanding of the game that is why you allow hatred and nepotism to becloud your sense of reasoning anyway.

    • Malvin 2 years ago

      My Kwara friend why are you crying since yesterday. I am also from Kwara but we don’t reason like you sir. Kwara state don’t keep average people. You dey make me feel shy for my people now because i no understand why you go dey allow fear make you accept the brand of football wey we dey witness since this Coach renewed his contract. Can’t you see that he is destroying our football knowingly by inviting odd players and playing a game that the boys can not trap the ball or control long balls? Omo even Kwara united go outplay super eagles under Rohr. You didn’t notice that it is individual brilliance of Victor that is pushing us sometimes nii or KELECHI against Liberia at home first leg? You think say Naija go fit escape with the new declining Rohr whose objective is to qualify with bad performance and get fired so that he can pocket 2milla? Omo shine your eyes black no be ode o. We quiet no mean say we be mumu o. Nigerians do wake up.

  • @Derrick, so you now coined my name to Sir Benson Rothmans. Idiota of the highest order. For those who don’t know or are talking about tactical deficiency, thinking it is by substitution. Here is your lesson for the day https://blog.pitchero.com/soccer-tactics-explained?hs_amp=true
    Enjoy it. Another one is coming

    • Derrick 2 years ago

      Dr.Drey alias Benson Rothmas the blog no carry weight. We are tired of the worst football we have experienced in ages of Nigeria football. Wetin self na by force to accept say we no want make small countries dey run us down like pikin? Is this the Nigeria you use to know forget say we qualify but is that all the coach can offer? I was his number one fan but after the renewal of the contract coachie switch off like Augbameyang of Arsenal. @Malvin rightly quoted but say make we all just dey celebrate qualification mba as my kindred will say.

      • Ahmed 2 years ago


    • Derrick 2 years ago

      Dr.Drey uses the word idiota of the highest order. Dr.Drey likes to post links like this just to favor his argument. Omo why shame catch you since after the Liberia match you just switch i.d but you signature never change.

      • My friend, if you do not know how to differentiate people’s post, then you are not very smart at all. Football is not always glamourous, especially when it comes to winning. A lot of teams deploy tactics they feel will either win the match or get them through the next stage. But in Nigeria, it is ignoramuses like you that always want Super Eagles to play fantastic football using 4-4-2. Forgetting our past experience particularly against Italy and then Denmark. Denmark was the most painful for me. In a 4-4-2 system, once you wings are clipped and you dont have a strong center. Then you will loose the match. Especially if your two central pairing are not physical and strong enough to withstand pressure. Which Super Eagles have never had. As I pointed out to Glory yesterday, that formation and 4-3-3 is struggling with teams that play a strong central midfield with wing backs. It is great against European teams and also African teams. Once again, I am not Dr.Dre. By the way, I hope he is alright.

  • @ Malvin that is because your sense is upside down. Who is crying? Do you think your new coach will win every match? Some of you are ungrateful. What was the kind of football you were playing before this man came. Like I said I never met neither have i benefit anything from Rohr that was why I said am from Kwara. But sentiment apart he hasn’t done badly and it is purely hatred and personal gain the only reason some of you want him out. They said he doesn’t play good football was your father the one who coach them against Argentina one of the best match in the last world cup according to FIFA? Pls don’t reply to my thread again

    • Malvin 2 years ago

      I reply your thread “You Dey Mad” and I leave you with that as well because “me and you no be same Category” abi you know that music? Second hand Kwara na him you be.

  • You are all crazy. How would you sack a coach that have qualified you to major tournaments when without him the country have’t been able to qualify. He should be allowed to terminate his term o cycle

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      My brother it’s a barbaric decision.The same people shouting beautiful football will call for the head of the next coach who will play beautiful and not qualify you can’t please this ungrateful people!You can see why the country remains in poverty and ruins!

      • Diran 2 years ago

        Nigeria is really a joke of a country . Coach Rohr should be allowed to see out his contract and take the Nigeria team to both AFCON and the next World Cup playoffs. Going for a new coach now is a big gamble that may not payoff as he will need time to understand the players and the country’s mentality. The NFF should not act on pressure but use wisdom here. A good foreign coach will need time to understudy the team and get them to play yo his style. Nigeria stands the risk if missing the Qatar World Cup and also doing poorly at AFCON with any drastic change to the team’s personnel now.

        • Leave that thing #Diran. How many years did it take Tuchel of Chelsea to train the boys b4 they won the Champions league after the sack of Frank Lampard?
          Even me as a fan already know most of our SE players and their strength/capabilities. Any good coach will blend in ASAP. The players are already there.

          #SackRohr #IghaloOut

      • Aadiabata 2 years ago

        Bro we have not qualified yet. It’s only play off we qualify. 2more games to go against any one of the following teams: Ghana, Cameron, Egypt, Mali, DR Congo. Which one of these teams you think we can win in a double header?

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          We can win anyone of them in a double header if we apply wisdom to the issue at hand. We beat Cameroon who were African champions at the time to the last WorldCup. The last we met Egypt in a friendly we beat them. Ghana is not that strong in this qualifiers we have better players than them and the last time we were pit together in a WorldCup qualifiers we beat them. DR Congo is the same old Zaire that we always beat at the AFCON. None of them stand a chance against this SuperEagles if we apply wisdom.

  • Maybe they are going for Shevshevnko or the former recently sacked Russia coach. It could be a Serbian coach anyway remember Bora Multinovic lol

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    @Tayo. they are complaining of heart attack. stroke is waiting and lurking around them. When Egypt wallop them well, they will die slowly with sh@@t coming out of a@@. They will remember Dr Gray and say ” had l know.”

  • It is not a barbaric decision. I understand your apprehension because this is Nigeria where administrators are corrupt shameless idiots who rarely transition to better standards. However Rohr is a very mediocre coach with very little technical or tactical depth as regards to modern football. A good coach with this group will perform way better. We have young, fast, dynamic, mobile and versatile players. Most of the attacking players have experience playing in various positions so why not use that and create a very mobile, fluid total football system similar to what the Dutch/Ajax play where players switch around during play keep opponents unsettled. Are you telling me that Chuckwueze, Ejuke on both wings with Iwobi at AM and Oshimen in middle with Aina and Zaidu as full back won’t have destroyed CV in that first half. Then with 5 subs available bring in Simon and other defensive guys later in game sit back and hit them only on counter see out the game. If Ndidi did not make that clearance we would have been eliminated by damn Cape Verde do you realize how embarrassing that is? How long do you think can keep going like this even if qualify for tournaments before get the humiliation of our lives. Go watch other African countries play even some of small teams like Gabon you see a purpose and a pattern. Those guys attack with more conviction than our SE. Also if we qualify for WC you think playing this style stands a chance against France, England, Germany, Argentina etc? Even watching the new look United States and Canada teams can very likely trounce this eagles team if they keep playing this low energy slow bull shit under Rohr.

    Name a successful team in the last 5 years wether club or country that plays the style we currently play? Last defensive oriented team won anything of note internationally I can remember was Atletico Madrid under Simeone and that was years ago. The final straw that made me realize Rohr is very full of bull shit even though he started well is his utterances after the games. Means he is okay with this mediocre standard. Isn’t he German and French? I’m pretty sure he watches Germany and France play so do they play like we do? If a good attacking system is good for his home country why should Nigeria accept his mediocre approach? How you know white men that look at you as substandard and will accept anything. I mean I really don’t blame them seeing the fools we have as our leaders. If Rohr had any integrity left he would either improve the team drastically or step aside honorably.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      Don’t worry. The new coach will satisfy all your needs including playing like a German and or French National teams. Look, Leopards don’t change skins. Nigeria don’t have what it takes to be a good footballing Nation. They can bring in anyone from heaven and earth, it doesn’t matter. No good stadium, No good goalkeeper, and no one like small Amoo to play like Messi. Bring in the new coach and lets see how Nigeria will beat Egypt in 8 weeks time.

      • OSAZUWA 2 years ago

        Gernot Rohr had his chance and blew it. We need a better Coach who can win Trophies for Nigeria!


      • Edoman I remembered in one of your post yrs back that you would slapped Gernot Rohr and his tooth would drop i into your hands… I can’t believed what I’m seeing in your post despite ur knowledge of football of the decades.

    • My brother, God bless you…This is precise.

      Rohr is truly less than mediocre right now. I don’t understand how his football acumen seemed to have plummeted over such a short time.

      He started well…the eagles attack in 2017, a couple months after he resumed duties with the team, was very sharp and deadly.

      How he grew static and unimaginative beats me.

      “We missed Iwobi and Ndidi…’

      I mean, what the heck was that?

      And then going back to exhume Ighalo???

      That was it guys. That was the last straw. Rohr’s best days are behind him. He should go.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      The last time I checked Atletico are the defending La Liga champions. Maybe your memory is shortsighted. Italy that won the Euros what pattern won them the Euros?? How entertaining were they with Bonucci and Chielini playing simple from the back? Abeg look for another excuse. Pattern of play ko. Pattern of play that didn’t make them qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS.

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 years ago

    What I told my caller today was I stayed away from discussions on this matter because NFF couldn’t have been in a technical meeting for the past 48hrs heading into 36hrs without a communique, what sort of meeting is that considering the fact that the Nation’s cup is few weeks away. What it means is that Coach Rohr is firmly on the driver’s seat. My only fear is the distraction might affect our success in Afcon.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Well said Rez at this junction whichever decision the NFF big wigs decides to take will determine the future of Nigeria. Keeping Rohr and remain average or going for a highly technical Coach and start delivering like our brother country Ghana or the Egyptian have taken and seen major improvement, either ways let the God of Soccer help us as a nation to do what is right.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      And one of your recommended top class coaches was the ethiopian coach…… Hahaha…. Chei….. See mumu wey get sense. Chai… Imagine….. Rohr don see something for this country…. Lol..

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    I laugh in arabic. Getting a cheap coach from eastern europe with little or no experience of african football….. Heheheheh…. If u cant get a coach better and obviously more expensive than rohr, then why should u nurse the ambition of sacking one that has been giving u results???? Is it not foolishness to sell a monkey and buy a dog??? They are all of this same class and the former is even better than the latter in terms nof intelligence. But we have neglected all these variables. Hate, wickedness and stupidity have clouded the minds of many. It has taken rohr five years to build a team, it toook him less than a year to build a tean that was able to win bronze against all reasonabe odds. Common sense should tell us that a team that went this far in It’s first attempt in an international competition has all the prospects of winning it in It’s next attempt. All it needs is just a little crossing of a couple of Ts and dotting a couple of Is such as getting a sound assitant for rohr. Somebody who is technically sound that would beef up the technical department. Send him on professional refresher courses that would help him broaden his scope of experience and expose him to modern football philosophies and practices. These are the critical areas that should be looked into by the technical dept not thinking of how to press the self destruct button. Rohr has met all the targets guven to him. He’s the best coach nigeria has ever had when u Consider statiatics and results. A word is enough for the wise. This konji wey dy worry everybody, na when una go release am ur eyes go clear. By that time, u don give mad woman belle….. Hehehehe.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Slave mentality. Why is it if Oyinbo man is not part of our daily activities we can’t move forward and survive. NFF have no shame at all.

    You have Amunike, Egbo, Manu Garba and Finidi including, Peter andEnyeama that are more qualified to lead the Eagles to the next Afcon and world cup if we qualify but your corruption, egotism and taking ourselves for granted will keep driving Nigeria back.

    Very simple. Give Amunike and co a chance to go to Afcon and if they fail, they are not going to be in charge of the Super Eagles at the world cup if we qualify.

    Am sorry for you NFF. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!
    Go ahead and fire another kerewa kerewawa coach.

    • Omo9ja just keep quiet. Which one is slave mentality now. Have other African nations not hired White coaches before and done well? We just use sentiments upon sentiments to talk rubbish. Style of football no sweet, slave mentality, this player, that player ???? You give an African coach now this opportunity, the very first thing you will hear is fight in Super Eagles camp or so on.

      • Papafem 2 years ago

        A lot of us here are yet to realize that this @omoaija guy deliberately chose to be like this just to remain relevant on CSN. Sometimes, when I read his comments , I see a lot of immature stuffs not expected of a dude in his teenage years and above. The kind of sentiment that runs in his blood is out of this world.

  • Chief Thomas Adeboye HRH 2 years ago

    Sura him fall my hand I no fit shout, why dis boi no dey hause nahhh? Anyways, hihihihi, my concern is not even that a coach from Eastern part of europe will be contacted but the person saying it, a former. Hihihihi, *former* Eagles Media Officer. See dem, dem are looking for how to obtain bribe, it is called negotiation bribe with a new coach. Abi no be nigeria we dey? Is Peter not a Nigerian? Hihihihi, lafftable

    • Chike 2 years ago

      @Chief Thomas Adeboye HRH.
      Mine chief, Peter is a full blooded Nigerian and he once held sway in the same accused corruption infested NFF. You see them? Instead to allow Rohr complete the good work he started, they are more concerned on how to be bribed by some quack coach from Europe. Fukoyoz

      • Chike 2 years ago

        Must you advertise your foolishness? You will be so stupid to believe in rumors from fake persons who are able to buy advertorial column of a news outlet. Was it not the same outlets lying yesterday that Rohr has been sacked? Stop it!

      • onwajunior 2 years ago

        I think the article is false. It’s just to justify the decision to sack Rohr.

    • Chief, you want to turn their comments to laughing matter. Which one is lafftable?

      • Daniel Aimakhu 2 years ago

        That’s Chief Thomas Adeboye HRH for you. I think he meant Peterside Idiot and cohorts are laughable

    • Coache 2 years ago

      Rohr cannot win nations cup because experience has shown that you mix home and foreign based players together. All the time Nigeria won, it was a mixture.

      The home-based play because they want breakthrough, so you can imagine their SWAG.

  • Hi Greenturf,

    I share your passion in this matter, trust me I do. Sadly Gernot Rohr hasn’t done himself much favours with some of his ghastly milestones for Nigeria.

    For me, I would have preferred for him to be allowed to see out his contract but I think that ship has sailed as lawyers are now involved. As reported by a reputable media outlet, legal representatives of the German tactician will be meeting NFF officials with a view to thrashing out a mutually acceptable severance package.

    My sense is that the relationship between Rohr and the NFF has hit rock bottom. Whilst retaining his role with Nigeria is not impossible, it is nonetheless highly improbable owing to the toxic atmosphere that has engulfed this issue following the much criticized 1:1 home draw to Cape Verde.

    _ Rohr’s Ghastly Milestones _

    Despite helping Nigeria climb in the FIFA rankings and qualifying for tournaments (often with games to spare), Gernot Rohr’s tenure as Super Eagles coach has been full of some truly horrendous results.

    These include:

    Nigeria’s first ever loss to South Africa in a competitive match.
    Nigeria’s first (on field) world cup qualifier loss in 39 years in humiliating circumstances against Central Africa Republic this year.
    Nigeria’s first loss to Cameroon across competitions in 32 years.
    Nigeria’s first home draw following a 4:1 lead in recent memory.
    The first time Nigeria will fail to record a win in a calendar year.
    Arguably one of the most painful elimination of Nigeria from the World Cup group stages.
    Another painful loss in the Afcon semi-finals.

    Not only are these milestones shocking, they are truly embarrassing and gravely unacceptable.

    To make matters worse, Rohr would inadvertently demonstrate an absolute lack of sensitivity to the sentiments of fans with misguided press statements. For example, downplaying the hugely significant losses to South Africa and Cameroon and forever nursing a “young team” that never matures.

    So, despite his many achievements (and Rohr has many high points with the Super Eagles), the magnitude of his shortcomings sadly cast a long shadow over his tenure.

    For me, it’s not whether Rohr goes, I am just apprehensive about the timing. Sacking a coach so close to a major tournament is never a good thing.

    Whatever happens, I hope (and pray) it works out for the Super Eagles.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      @deo. Nice points, but all those these includes are absolutely inconsequential they never had any impact whatsoever on our progress to the next round and qualifying for tournaments. All those results he made up by winning most matches away. I don’t he ever lost an away qualifier. Maybe only two he lost at home out of 24 matches. There is absolutely no justification in sacking a coach with that kind of record. I believe he needs a sound technically astute assistant. However, if the dust is settled that he should be relieved of his duty I expect them to replace him with something better. How can one decipher that a French German coach should be replaced by an Eastern European coach?? I don’t have a problem with Rohr been sacked after all this is Nigeria. That he can stay this long with Nigeria is a stuff of legend. I’m just like you worried about the timing when the AFCON is only 7 weeks away. I foresee calamity with the irrational decision if true. I really hope I’m wrong because of my passionate love for the SuperEagles.

      • I hear you Ayphilly. The Super Eagles does not need this sort of distraction ahead of a major tournament. God help us!

    • Correction in some of my stats above

      – Nigeria’s first (on field) world cup qualifier loss in around 16 years in humiliating circumstances against Central Africa Republic this year.

      – Nigeria’s first loss to Cameroon across competitions (in normal duration) in 32 years.

  • Fathi 2 years ago

    Chief, hahaha, lafftable and another said Peterside Idiot, you people are funny. But really won’t it be crazy to ever contemplate relieving a coach of his job all in the name of whatever? This guy qualified us for the next round even when the playing turf is known to be bad. Why not try SE in Uyo instead of Teslim Balogun? It is cleared these people don’t have the love of SE at heart, only after their pockets.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    Yes, It is true, we have spoken to one coach from Eastern Europe but I will not disclose a name at this juncture, please bear with us and all will be revealed in due course We also are looking at another German coach and one from South America, Finally there is also one guy from Iceland and another from Finland and the last one is from India, so again please hold your peace while we sort this out.
    In the end, maybe coach Rohr will retain his position.
    We out!

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Since contract renewal;
    Winning ratio = 43%
    Overall winning ratio = 51%
    Roar is not just good enough for the Super Eagles. He should apply to coach Rivers Angel.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Liar. Rohr has won 35 of his 54 matches. That’s overall 66%. Try and use your brain before exposing yourself on a public forum.

  • I am even surprised that NFF renewed the contract of Gernot Rohr when many us cried out that he is not good for the job.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Deo ; If anyone read this your brilliant write up dissecting the glaring flaws and technical deficiencies that are as clear as 7up with SE nose diving irrecoverable to such extent we gloat over beaten a war ravaged team as Liberia of population less than 20% of just Lagos state , that did not have a single stadium but played all their home and away matches in another country with just penalties, with some left over Rohr blinded supporters were jubilation like when Nigeria beat Brazil team for the first time ( then it shows SE has not only been completely destroyed in almost 6 years of Rohr in the team , but it also appears some are suffering from white man inferiority complex).

    I am ashamed that of all the 3 teams we played against , and struggled to qualify for next round ; none of the countries population is up to 20% of Lagos population, 2 of the 3 countries did not have one single stadium, as they played all their home matches away , including the team that beat SE at home; no single star among the 3 teams compare to avalanche of stars we have that are painting European clubs with goals .

    If anyone read your flawless analysis and still believe Rohr is a football coach ( not even qualified for mediocre , but at best can be described as ordinary team manager or PH ) ; then I will advise such person to leave Football and follow other lesser sports , as it will prove they are like mere blind spectators wasting their precious time in film house)

    @Greenfiled ; my dearest brother, when it comes to football, there is no sentiment; there is no single football loving Nigeria that would say his BP was not high and prayed fervently for SE not to loose against Liberia ( If there is any that did not engaged in serious prayer that time should please, prove me wrong ) ; If we now become prayer warriors playing against lowly team as Cape Varde that many could not spell their name let alone tracing their FIFA ranking number ; then , it shows Rohr has completely messed up and destroyed SE.

    Rohr is never a coach but a mere PH trainer, the relative achievement earned in the past were players prowess as that of Mikel, Victor Mosses , ageing Musa and retiring Igahalo.

    Gabon, Niger and Bukinafaso that sacked Rohr after a year on the job as he was adjudged to be a coach that has the required technical and mental ability to coach their lowly rated countries; while Oji Kalu who was the greatest ever football administrator in Nigeria did not waste his time to pass judgement on Rohr’s application to coach ordinary local club Eyimba ( It is a shame that a coach that knew his limited technical capability, and tried his luck with managing Eyimba local club , was entrusted with SE !!! what a corrupt nation !! ).

    Would anyone be surprised that Rohr has destroyed SE in his almost 6 years waste ;

    ….. No dependable goalkeeper for almost 6 years !!
    ……No preteen of play ( ask Rohr’s support) going to 6years !
    ……. No creative midfielder for 6 years !!
    ….. No designated players for free kick in the team !!
    …. Corrupt invitation of unmerited players

    Rather than sacking him because I know the 2m fraudulent severance package would be shared with his business partner NFF; NFF should rather be prevailed to retain him , humiliated him to work under Local coaches combo of Amunike- Manu Garba – Egbe + Rufai/ Cal Ikpeme/ Ike and frustrate him with unpaid salary without power to call players as Igahalo that can afford to bribe him

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Guys it Dare after all. Everything points to Dare. From the way things are going we might even get banned by FIFA for interference.

    Here’s the recent development: https://youtu.be/FPpHcc4aDyQ

    • He has no idea of what a report will recommend, yet He is blowing dust up and down the NFF. When you have incompetent people in power or in an organization, you are likely to chase dust, wind and hailstorms trying to say or act like you know. This is the problem with Nigeria always recruiting people with no idea of how to manage their houses, talk less of a whole ministry. Omo9ja, Larry and Co. See your Sports Minister.

      • Patrator 2 years ago

        Calm your nerves brother, let not emotion get the best of you.

        How could you have expected Dare to have an idea of what a report would recommend? a report that hasn’t been thoroughly subjected to scrutiny or don’t you know that whatever recommendation that would come from that will be strictly based on the outcome of analysis of such report?

        And for @Ayphillydegreat, you were writing off teams in one of your write-ups up there, talking about wisdom application as if those countries will be applying foolishness.

        Sacking Rohr at this moment is actually risky, and of course, Rohr needs to be sacked as it’s very obvious he’s so mediocre but I’ll say the timing is wrong as we are very close to Afcon; Good decision, bad timing

        But then, the time left between now and Afcon is actually enough for a good coach to arrange these boys and bring out a good outing in Cameroon. Our boys play in popular leagues, they are well known so the new coach got no problem identifying their qualities plus there’s a local person as assistant.

        Hopefully NFF don’t get us another mediocre coach like Rohr (not disrespecting all he has done tho).

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Fowl yash don open.

  • I don’t understand some people’s way of seeing reality. Rohr has nothing more to offer Nigeria. 5 years as Super eagles coach, you don’t have a team, no pattern of play, he is technically deficient and should be sacked. Excuses after excuses, my bro we are tired of this kick and follow football with all the talented players we have at the moment in Super eagle. We did not hear him to just qualify for tournaments, he should win trophies. So Super eagles should no longer go to tournaments with the aim to win it? Abeg let’s call a spade a spade. Rohr chapter is over.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    Shame of a Nation , that a coach that believes at best , he is only good to manage a local club as Eyimba, but after evaluation by Oji Kaju , he was adjudged to be a scam and not have required technical capacity to handle ordinary local club Eyimba Fc , but was corruptly packed by the fraudsters in NFF to unleash the clueless Rohr on the National team SE eagles for that matter … Corruption!!!

    @Ayphilldegreat ; there is nothing like FIFA ban here ; when Rohr was sacked by Gabon , Bukinafaso and Niger after a year on the job , was there any sanctions?

    Rohr is a product of fraud and corruption, and he has been sustaining himself with bribe from unmerited players like the retiring flopped Igahalo that can pay their way into SE or compromised like John Noble

    Tell me a valuable employee that will hold tenaciously to duty without salary for 8 months , if such employee is not stealing ? Rohr staying is destroying SE as he has to sustain on bribe ; if he continues , the likes of John Noble of this world and retired Igahalo and others would form 70% of players call up with our quality players fenced out .

    Rohr would be frustrated , make to work under competent coaches until he resigned as advised by NFF until he resign honourably to safe SE as we don’t have huge money to waste on him to share with his business partner NFF

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Oga stop preaching false news here. Rohr was never sacked by any of those countries. They did exactly what the NFF are trying to do by forcing him to resign. In the court of public opinion that is not sack. He left at his own right and received his payoff money from FIFA and CAF annual payments.

      When an FA fails to meet an obligation of a contract and refuses to pay the coach when he resigns. FIFA or CAF will take the money out and pay the coach and then send the rest to the FA. That’s how all the foreign coaches lawyers operate. If you don’t know that I’m letting you now.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        So that means if Nigeria is due to receive $2m from FIFA for annual football development that money goes to Rohr. Now tell me how can your football develop in that stratosphere?? That’s why all of you are deceiving yourself that we have talents better than any African country when your players are playing for Leicester and Napoli??? Lmao!! Your football will develop indeed with this kind of a joke of a minister. Lmao!!!

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          **when your best players are playing for Leicester and Napoli??***

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    @Ben you know what’s funnny? NFF will submit a report to the sports ministry and the ministry will persuade the federal government to use the tax payers money our oil money to pay off Rohr. Lmao!! Let’s if Buhari or Osinbanjo will agree to that dumb move. Lmao!! Nigeria we hail theeee!

    • @Aphillydegreat, the sports minister will get a shock of his life. Eguavoen doesnt take nonsense. This I know because I am from Edo State. Especially when there is no merit to it. After all it is the same Eguavoen that they said will handle the Nigeria vs Mexico match that didn’t show up. I guess that was to shut up Sunday Dare and all the other tongue waggers like Omo9ja, Larry and Co. Worse again for him, is that the FIFA ranking just came out and we haven’t dropped our position. Let’s wait and see.

  • Respect is Reciprocal 2 years ago



    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      But has the same Portugal sacked their coach?? Or has Italy sacked Mancini for not qualifying directly?? Nobody is sad about the sack of Rohr you should be smarter than that, but it seems the opposite is the case. Coaches comes and go but SuperEagles remains. Most reasonable fans are only worried about the timing. Rohr can not be SuperEagles coach forever. However, if a joke of a minister is the one influencing matters then my brother you can deal with the outcome eventually.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    This is the real thing… nobody respects Gernot Rohr… even his players see him as dumb…

    How indiscipline by players put Gernot Rohr in trouble
    The Eagles team has become an undisciplined and disorderly lot under Rohr.

    “The falling standards, laissez-faire attitude of some players, and player power are some reasons the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is looking for a solution to the position of Super Eagles manager, currently held by Gernot Rohr.

    Many instances, especially in the Qatar 2022 World cup qualifying rounds, have shown that some players in the Eagles squad no longer respect their manager enough to keep to agreed rules and regulations in the way and manner the players should conduct themselves on national assignment.

    This situation got to a head in the match against Cape Verde when the Eko Hotel camp of the Eagles was turned into a harem and carnival venue.

    A shocked Ahmed Musa, Eagles captain , at the complacency of the coaching team in curbing the wanton indiscipline, made his angst known to some NFF members, who on investigation, found players like Kelechi Iheanacho, Kenneth Omeruo, and Chidozie Awaziem missing from their rooms after the time agreed for them to turn in.

    This behaviour is not new in camp, with Rohr in full knowledge of what was happening under his watch, but he was not resolute nor decisive enough to put a stop to it by banning or fining the errant players.

    Another observation during the halftime interval in the match against Cape Verde was that the coach did nothing about the melee that broke out between Leon Balogun and Jamilu Collins. This disagreement almost came to fisticuffs, but none of the technical team took control to quell the situation.

    It has also been revealed that Balogun, Joe Aribo, Maduka Okoye, and William Troost-Ekong have deliberately missed flights that have cost the NFF extra in getting replacement flights to ensure they make the Eagles squad for matches. This was the reason Rohr benched Okoye for the match against the Central African Republic, which the Eagles lost 1-0 on October 7 with Francis Uzoho in between the sticks.

    Player entourages were also a constant distraction with Rohr unable to lay down the law, a situation the NFF believes will hamper the chances of the team at the 2022 AFCON and in the last World Cup qualifiers in March.

    Another argument for Rohr’s dismissal was his total dependence on a particular set of players, irrespective of whether they trained as hard or better than anyone else in their position.

    Both parties-the NFF and Rohr- are trying to work out an amicable solution between themselves while insiders say the NFF is already interviewing for the soon-to-be-vacant job.”


    • Please all these are unconfirmed rumours as there is no official document or press release to say so. A Super Eagles team that was never reported in the press to fight, will now from under the shadows fight abi? A team that possessed harmony never before seen in any generation will now have disunity. Your lies upon lies is defeaning. Several times because of social media I have seen unity, happiness and singing in the camp. I personally follow Awaziem, Senior Man, Troost Ekong, Ahmed Musa, Omeruo and On one on Instagram. There has never been a fight in that camp nor a breakdown of conduct. They are always singing at breakfast and lunch, while Nacho is always making the team laugh. Also Awaziem and Omeruo have a close the because of their time together at Legends. Plus, Awaziem doesn’t like wahala. I wonder where you heard that he went out with Nacho and crew. Such a disgraceful liar you are. Shame on you. Rubbish.

      • Their time together at Leganes

      • @Abdul, don’t mind him. That was how he was brought up to be telling lies all over the place. You know them by their fruits. Tribalistic, liars and idiots

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          @Ben a.k.a @Dr.Drey… the morphing masquerade… Lol. You have been exposed as the one using new aliases here all over the place… hahahaha. I have always know you were egoistic and will create fake, aliases just to post several comments supporting your jaundiced positions here on this forum… your desperation to win arguments have effaced the entity known as @Dr.Drey on this forum… “Mr.24 dislikes in one(1) minute” to any alias with a divergent and more superior submissions to yours… Lol.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Tjhe way Kelechi Iheanacho was bad in that match… and broke camp rules disappearing… lol, it wont be far-fetched he had a prostitute over and
    shagged her vigorously a night before that match… I heanacho should be
    discarded for Sadiq Umar or Taiwo Awoniyi… he is not by any stretch of
    the imagination, better than those two… I will prefer a Peter Olayinka
    to him anyday…the Notoriously Lazy and Indisciplined Kelechi Iheanacho.

    • Patrator 2 years ago

      Spot on brother

      Noticed how Iheanacho was playing when he came in against CV, man was playing carelessly. He has become so complacentl of late and I believe if hi spot is given to a worthy player, that spot will be utilized well.

      In general, the team morale is so low, it is the job of the coach to work on that. Rohr is so timid in all aspect.

      See Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea, he has his first team and he’ll call upon any bench players and they’ll perform just like the first team players.

      The weakness of Rohr far outweighs his strength

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    The way Kelechi Iheanacho was bad in that match… and broke camp rules disappearing… Lol, it wont be far-fetched he had a prostitute over and
    shagged her vigorously a night before that match…

    I heanacho should bediscarded for Sadiq Umar or Taiwo Awoniyi… he is not by any stretch of the imagination, better than those two… I will prefer a Peter Olayinka
    to him anyday…the Notoriously Lazy and Indisciplined Kelechi Iheanacho.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Let me kuku list out the full result.
    Contract Renewal : Apr/May 2020
    Matches Since contract renewal

    1. Nig 0 Algeria 1
    Belmadi took Roar to School
    2. Nig. 1 Tun. 1
    3. Nig. 4 S/Leo 4
    First time SE lost a 4 goal lead
    4. S/Leo 0 Nig. 0
    Dumbo couldn’t beat a team ranked about 100 below SE
    5. Ben. 0 Nig 1.
    6. Nig. 3 Leso 0
    7. Nig. 0 Cam 1
    First loss to CAM in regulation in 32yrs
    8. Cam. 0 Nig 0
    9. Nig 2. Lib 0
    10. C/Verde 1 Nig. 2
    11. Nig. 0 CAR 1
    National Embarssment. First qualifying loss in 40 yrs
    12. CAR 0 Nig 2
    13. Lib 0 Nig 2
    14. Nig. 1 C/Verde
    God bless Ndidi. His block saved us from elimination.
    # matches played = 14
    Won= 6
    Win ratio = 42.85%

    • You make it seem like records are not broken in football. Is Sir Alex Ferguson still in charge at Man Utd after failing to win Premiership because of Chelsea and Mourinho? Is Barcelona still playing till take with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi? Is Drogba still playing for CIV with them winning matches. Everything must remain constant in your life abi? No changes. Records should not be broken, players should not retire and teams should not lose matches because they haven’t in years. If it was your kind @Larry that filled this World, there will be frustration and sadness all over the place. Common sense is not existing in your skull. Bunch of ignoramus, idiota and tribalistic human beings.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Nothing will change the fact that Dumbo Roar’s best is not good enough for the Super Eagles.
    Win ratio against top teams in top 10 in Africa = 0%. Infact, it is negative 50%.

    • I hear you, Aphillydegreat said it was 66% In another thread. Yet you still came to this thread to say it’s 50%. Thank God you are not the Head of NFF Technical Committee. That is why a lot of things go wrong in Nigeria, judgements are passed because of lies, sentiments and idiots like Larry, JimmyBall and Omo9ja will be adding fire to it.

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        @ben, na now u know say these aforementioned are chronic liars!?? . Drey, myself, u and some other well meaning dudes here have busted their lies here on many occasions.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          @Oakfield… yourself, @Dr.Drey, @Dr Banks,@Ben, and @Greenturf are the same individual popularly known here as @Dr.Drey… stop fooling yourself! Lol… your sense dey some of our palms like this! I have used a pattern recognition software to detect your markers… I warned you not to continue with deception here…

  • Larry 2 years ago

    When they go low we go high..
    Records don’t lie..
    Scores don’t lie..
    Since contract renewal:
    WIN RATIO = Approximately
    GRADE = F
    WIN RATIO = 0% (NEGATIVE 50%).

  • Larry 2 years ago

    When they go low we go high.
    Records don’t lie..
    Scores don’t lie..
    Since contract renewal:
    WIN RATIO = Approximately 43%
    GRADE = F
    WIN RATIO = 0% (NEGATIVE 50%).

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Since contract renewal which is only a year ago Lmao!! See how dumb you are!! Why can’t you dig out the records from 2016 to early 2020??? Opurọ oṣi.

  • I am happy with any quality European coach. No Nigerian, please.

  • Whenever Ekong gets the ball next thing is to either play a long ball to Simon or lump it to Osimhen.

    Thats the bane of the team

    They ignore midfield lump it to Osimhen

    Rohr is not going anywhere until after WC. if they qualify

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Rohr’s score card..
    Total matches played in 5 years =54
    Won =28
    Win Ratio = 51.85%

    Since contract renewal:
    Total matches played = 14
    Won = 6
    WIN RATIO = Approximately 43%
    GRADE = F
    WIN RATIO = 0% (NEGATIVE 50%).

    • Salami Aminu 2 years ago

      Lying as usual. The link you paste hasn’t anything to do with your fiticious figures. The link simply states that Nigeria vs Egypt is 6 weeks away. It looks stupid in the eye of the World to start negotiations over a new coach when you barely have that time, not even considering the distractions/disaffection it’s going to cause to the boys. But here we are, Nigeria, with some foolish leaders otherwise someone should’ve been addressing us by now.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      @Larry shows the full previous matches of Rohr even his loss at home against DRC Congo and Uganda included. I wonder what is the problem of the dirty mechanic now? You people are acting naive as if you don’t know how long this coach has been messing up.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    There are two categories of commentators here; Those who are doing well in their professional and personal lives post positive comments. Those who blame the SE and Rohr for their economic woes and failures post venomous and negative comments.

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